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Ewing Item

Ewing Item Jan 10,1884 Ewing Item Married on Christmas Day, George A Buffinton and Lucy Fiekert, both of Orchard Married on New Year's Day, Henry Drayton to Jenny Adams, both of Venus Sept 18,1884 Land claims proved- Jennie Graham, Ezra D Caffee, Flora E Graham, William McMonagle, Margaret E Slentz, Samuel Reynolds, H G Burlew, James H McFeetens, James L Frazier, Christian Hagadorn, Peter Kennedy, SusanA Sweet,John Hardinfook, Andrew Storm, Wiliam F Hanley,William VanCleeve, Edgar L Hines Sept 25,1884 Ewing Item Married Will Tindall and Anna Kline Oct 23,1884 Ewing Item Murdered Harry G Percival, his wife and infant child April 2,1885 Ewing Item A P Anderson of Cache Creek, got a boy on March 26th, weight 10 1/2 pounds

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