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Holt county Independent

Holt County Independent Sept 23,1948 Holt County Independent Died Joseph A Mann on Sept 20, son of John Mann and Mary Freeman Died Lloyd Abraham Phelps, Sept 19,1948, left four children, Loula Wells, Leo, Robert, Velma Conard Died Mary Katherine Libby Conard on Sept 17, left seven children, Mrs Ralph Stevens, Mary Peterson, George, Martin, John, Gertrude Shaffer and Edward. Ted McKenzie, who died on Aug 4,1944, was reburied in the Ft McPherson Cemetery Eric Robinson died on Sept 14, left a wife, Rachel Ellen Nickelsen. L Grossnicklaus died in a plane crash Calvin Crandall was reburied in the Chambers Cem Carol C Summer married Mary Young on the 12th Robert Adams married Ruth Smith on the 12th. Married Ardel Curry and Thomas Moore on Aug 4 Married Ardis Newman and Gerhard J Babl Sept 30,1948 Holt County Independent Marriage license to Darrell Nelson and Aletha Strohm Ila Mae Tetrick and Dean K French were married in Lamberton,Minn. Calvin D Crandall was killed in action on Cassino Beachhead,Italy, reburied in the Chambers Cem Gerhard Babl and Ardis Newman were married at St Patrick's Church on the 21st Mrs Tim O'Connell died on the 28th Oct 7,1948 Holt County Independent Ivan W Seger and Robert G Peltzer remains were returned to Chambers and Atkinson for reburial. John C Rossenback died on the 27th Margaret Buhlke died on the 25th.

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