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This page will have photos that show how Boyd County looked in by-gone days. You may submit your Boyd County Photos for posting to this page. We can only post photos that are older than 1923, or where you have written permission to post them. Thank you for following these guidelines. Submit your photos by first contacting Connie Snyder   Please do not send images without first contacting me.

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1949 blizzard Scenes from the blizzard that hit Spencer in 1949.
It is remembered as "the big one."
Parade, 1921 The traditional "parade down Main Street" following the wedding ceremony of Edith Olson (seated on the road cart) and Clarence Anderson (leading the horse), followed by well-wishers, 1921. The Bristow Hotel, in the background, was built about 1900.
Main Street The main street in Bristow had two hotels. One was named Hotel Phenix. The school was at the end of the block.
Iron Post Landing The Iron Post Landing in Gross had an army of freighters hauling grain and provisions to the Missouri for shipment. There was a town pump in the middle of the main intersection, and the schoolhouse on the hill.
Political Rally A big turnout for the political rally in Gross in the early years.
Lynch Bath House The Lynch bath house (above) with 88 degree water from the artesian well, 1903 (below). A second well furnished power for mill and electricity.
Monowi Monowi's peak population of 123 came in the 1930s. It is now Nebraska's smallest incorporated towns, with just 2 residents.
Monowi Chautauqua Chautauqua brought people from far and wide to Monowi. Families rented tents and camped.
Naper mail carriers Naper mail carriers pose for portrait, 1910.
Winter in Naper Winter in Naper, 1913. Wm. Krotter Company and others dig out of the snow.

The following photos were submitted by Steve Frevert < >
Spencer School, 1913 7th and 8th Grade, Spencer School, 12 November 1913. Roy Adams is at front right, Orene Spicknall is Row 2, 2nd from right. *The following is an exerpt from the Spencer Advocate August ????, 1913. The Public schools open Monday with everything in readiness for another successful year. Prof. Claar and the corps of teachers are here to begin their work with much enthusiasm. The teachers are: C. E. Claar, Supt; Miss E. G. Outhouse, Prin; Miss Stasia Walsh, Asst. Prin:; Miss Golden, Arithmetic, Spelling; Miss Trulock, Reading, Grammar; Miss Dennis, Geography, History; Miss Pucelik, 2nd Primary; Miss Flint, Primary. *This was provided by the volunteer work of Bill W.
Spencer SchoolSpencer School, early 1900s.
Spencer, early 1900's. Spencer panorama, early 1900s, "Taken by Harry House." The small blue arrow points to the high school
1st National Bank Interior of 1st National Bank, Spencer.
First bank building First bank building in Spencer. U.S. Adams, left; Mr. Angel, right.
Methodist Episcopal Church Sunday School, 1913 Methodist Episcopal Church Sunday School, Spencer, about 1913.
Front Row: Bertha Bradstreet, Ora Parsons, Luella Spicknall, Myrtle Parson, Olive Bradstreet.
Row 2: Hazel Dorothy, Selina Adams.
Back Row: Myrtle Lantz, Edith Smith, Ethel Mildon, Vera Reynolds, Mabel Carlson, Susan Bradstreet, Blanche Adams, Ethlean Spicknall, Olive Nelson, Anna Nelson, Minnie Christensen.
Downtown Spencer, about 1920. Downtown Spencer, about 1920.
St. Mary's Catholic Church, Spencer. St. Mary's Catholic Church, Spencer.

The following photo was submitted by Roxie McCoy
8th grade graduating class, Anoka, 1905 Photo of Anna Gertrude McAnally who organized the first 8th grade graduating class in Boyd Co., Nebraska in 1905. (Dist. 65) She homesteaded in South Dakota but taught School in Anoka, Nebraska Making the round trip of 90 miles by Horse and Buggy. One of her students was in another photo 50 years later her name was Mrs A.C. Allison Sr. who was one of her students in Anoka.

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