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This page will have photos that show how Boyd County looked in by-gone days. You may submit your Boyd County Photos for posting to this page. We can only post photos that are older than 1923, or where you have written permission to post them. Thank you for following these guidelines. Submit your photos by first contacting Connie Snyder   Please do not send images without first contacting me.

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The following photos are links to a larger image. If the small image does not have a border, we do not have a larger version of the image.

The following photos were submitted by Karla Tschannen
Naper 1912 Football photos
Naper 1912 FootballNaper 1912 FootballNaper-Dunlap 1912 game
Naper 1912 FootballNaper-Atkinson game

The following photos were submitted by Karla Tschannen
1904 Naper Public Schools Book
1904 Naper Public Schools Book Intermediate and Primary classes Grammar class back

The following photos were submitted by Karla Tschannen
School report cards for Maude Wadsworth, Naper
1911 School report card
age 16
1911 School report card page 2
age 16
1901 School report card
age 7

The following photos were submitted by Karla Tschannen
Maude Wadsworth, Naper
Maude J. Wadsworth
Maude J. Wadsworth
8th grade graduation
1910 Certificate of Award
1910 Certificate of Award
1884 Dance Card
1884 Dance Card from Naperville
Naper Class Photo
Summer School 1913
#1 Ode Ewing
#2 Murven Felton (twin)
#3 Stella Holbert
#6 Maud Felton (twin)
#7 Fern Anderson
#8 Harold Naper
#9 Lillian Santler
#10 Nell Ryan
#11 Maude Wadsworth
#12 Lela Weaver
There are 3 other names listed on the back of this post card without numbers stating who they are. Here are their names;
Abbie Horton
Clara Jones
Minnie Rohrer

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