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The Stuart Advocate

Jan 7,1915 Stuart Advocate Allen Bakery in Atkinson destroyed by fire last Sun night Born to George Robertson, Dec 28, a fine baby girl Born to Clements Olberding, Dec 25, a baby boy. Born to Fred Ziska, Dec 28, a girl Conrad Strake and Johanna Kollman, both of Atkinson, granted marriage license by Judge Carlson last Mon Wash Eaton, died about noon Wed, after brief attack of pneumonia, unmarried, age 60 years Jan 14,1915 Stuart Advocate Wash Eaton funeral held last Sat, in Cleveland Church near Dustin, interment made in Cleveland Cem. Jan 21,1915 Stuart Advocate Born to Al Robertson, Wed, Jan 13, a girl Born to Del Poage, Fri, Jan 14, a girl Born to William Ashburn, Sat, Jan 16, a son. J F McGrew died suddenly of heart failure, in Krotter Co office. John Finley McGrew born Oct 7,1857 , died Jan 19,1915, married Jan 1882 to Cora Hopkins, had 3 children, Earl, Murray, girl who died in infancy. Cora died shortly after the birth of the dau, buried Neligh Cem. JF married Rose Rice, who died after the birth of a boy, who lived but a few months. JF married Mabel Haskins, had 2 boys and 3 girls. JF buried Stuart Cem. Born to Fred Stracke Jan 20, a boy Born to Henry Shald, Tue, Jan 20, a girl Jan 28,1915 Stuart Advocate Rose Louis Timmerman born Sept 4,1843, died Jan 24,1915, age 72 years, married Simon Timmerman in 1865, had 13 children, 7 boys, 6 girls, buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart. Born to Cliff Humphreys, Jan 23, a girl Feb 4,1915 Stuart Advocate Emily S Wright probate notice Feb 11,1915 Stuart Advocate Anna Lunger Deseive born April 10,1870, died Feb 5,1915, married John Desieve (died fall 1890), had seven children, 4 boys, 3 girls. Buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart Born to Boyd Planck, Feb 1, a boy William Bell funeral, had daughters, Mrs Berry Radcliffe and Mrs Richard Moon Joseph Winkler married Lena Weber Feb 8,1915 at St Boniface Church, Lena dau of George Weber. Frank Seberger farm sale William G Henry married Mrs Emma Obershaw Feb 25,1915 Stuart Advocate Bertha Gertrude Jackson born Feb 14,1895, died Feb 21,1915 of pneumonia, age 20 years 5 days, buried Stuart Cem Irvin Clubine farm sale Mrs Gorman died, left dau, Mrs Al Thurman Born to Charles Lofquest, Feb 14, a girl Joel S Dennis probate notice J F McGrew farm sale Infant of John Denning of Dustin, little one lived but a short time. March 4,1915 Stuart Advocate Born to Earl Estes, March 1, a girl Born to Noah White Cotton, Feb 27, a boy Will Bohne died, son of Charles Bohne Mr and Mrs John O'Neill died, he was 96 years, she 86 years, bodies arriving in town. Mathias Schneider probate notice March 11,1915 Stuart Advocate Dr H D Duncan killed fell into 20 ft snow drift and broke neck March 18,1915 Stuart Advocate William Bohne shot and killed, buried Hillside Cem (Grey bull Wyo Standard of March 5,1915) Born to Andrew Hoffman on March 11, a boy Born to L T Shank on March 12, a girl W L Foxworthy chattel mortgage John Desieve- being judged as to mental condition March 25,1915 Stuart Advocate John Deseive taken to Norfolk asylum April 1,1915 Stuart Advocate Born to John Schneider on March 28, a boy April 8,1915 Stuart Advocate Born to Aloys Deermer, on April 5, a boy, lived only two days, buried Catholic Cemetery April 15,1915 Stuart Advocate Born to Harry Fuller on April 11, a girl Married Fred Scharff on April 7 at Belmont, Wis April 22,1915 Stuart Advocate Herman Wruck and wife, killed, house set on fire, April 29,1915 Stuart Advocate Elizabeth McKee Butterfield, married William Butterfield on Feb 18,1851, born April 13,18?5, died April 23,1915, buried Stuart Cem, had six children, two boys, four girls. Alice Axtell, Nettie Shepherd May 4,1915 Stuart Advocate Married John Hytrek and Theresa Miksch on April 5th at St Boniface Church Married Louis Sigl and Frances Ketterrl on May 6,at St Boniface Church May 20,1915 Stuart Advocate A T Bohl died suddenly of acute indigestion, age 54years 8 days, had three children, Mrs J L McCoy, Florence age 7 years, and Earl age 13 years May 27,1915 Stuart Advocate Daniel W Greenfield killed in car accident, age 72 years, had two children, R and Anna Cresby Fritz Hytrek died of intestional trouble, age 67 years, farmer, buried St Boniface Cemetery June 3,1915 Stuart Advocate Born to Aloys Kaup on May 28, a girl Andy Sheldon died June 10,1915 Stuart Advocate Syrenus Deming probate notice June 17,1915 Stuart Advocate Elizabeth Robertson born Dec 9,1858, died June 10,1915, married Andrew Robertson on Feb 12,1892, buried Stuart Cem, had son, Lewis born May 30,1893 Andrew J Shelden born 1865, died May 28,1915, age 50 years, died of apoplexy, buried Walla Walla, Washington Johannus Schwarz, age 50 years, married Mrs Charlotte Stockmann, age 65 years June 24,1915 Stuart Advocate Born to B V McDermott, on June 19, a boy Emily Wright sale July 8,1915 Stuart Advocate Frank Kazda's daughter, Anna married Benjamin H Wright, the son of Robert Wright Maria C Arter died at home of her son, Charles Arter, northwest of Stuart, on Sat evening, July 3. buried Stuart Cem July 22,1915 Stuart Advocate Sarah Jane Alderman, mother of R C Alderman, died July 11, age 76 years, buried Newport Cem July 29,1915, Stuart Advocate Irene Stewart, daughter of W N Stewart, married Earl Emmert Edgar Zack married Evelyn Jones Born to T S Mains on July 13, a girl, named Margaret Evelyn Born to Albert Timmerman on July 17, a girl Aug 5,1915 Stuart Advocate Born to Dave Deming on Aug 3, a boy Born to Jesse Cobb on Aug 4, a boy Born to Lyle Pillman, on Aug 4, a boy Aug 13,1915 Stuart Advocate Neil Brennman died Sept 2,1915 Stuart Advocate Robert Morrison married Joy Miller on Aug 29 Mrs W T Hayes died, buried St Joseph Cem James S McCartney died, Aug 27,1915, buried Stuart Cem Fred L Wilson married Bessie Coats on June 25,1915 at Fremont, Nebr Sept 9,1915 Stuart Advocate James S McCartney born Dec 24,1837, died Aug 27,1915, married Susan Green in 1861, she died 1870, had six children, two boys, four girls. James married Matilda Norton, who died 1888. James married Sarah Clarke. James buried Stuart Cem Sept 16,1915 Stuart Advocate Thelma Pearl Paxton died Sept 13,1915, age 3 years 4 months 2 days, dau of R L Paxton, buried Stuart Cem Sept 30,1915 Stuart Advocate James Green died, age 70 years, buried Sexton Cem, east of Dustin Oct 7,1915 Stuart Advocate John Kollman married Katherine Strock in Atkinson on Oct 5 Oct 14,1915 Stuart Advocate Joseph Ramm married Johanna Batenhorst on Oct 12 Born to John C Kaup on Oct 9, a girl Oct 21,1915 Stuart Advocate Mrs Laport and Mrs Heelan shot and killed Oct 13 W H Smith killed Born to Fred Botts on Oct 19, a boy Born to Mahlon Shearer on Oct 20, babe did not live long, buried Stuart Cem Mrs Roswell A Haskin died, buried O'Neill Cem, had two children Oct 28,1915 Stuart Advocate Born to F P Murphy on Oct 16, a boy Born to Murray McGrew a boy Born to George Pongratz, on Oct 21, a boy Nov 4,1915 Stuart Advocate Joseph Kunz married Anna Meiergerd Nov 18,1915 Stuart Advocate John Vinzenz married Eleonora Schmuecker Dec 2,1915 Stuart Advocate Mrs Mathias Hirsch died, buried St Boniface Cem Born to Warren O Ballard, on Nov 23, a boy Dec 9,1915 Stuart Advocate Theresa Blosel Hirsch born Sept 21,1845, died Nov 25,1915, married 1864 to Matthaus Hirsch, had 6 girls and 1 son, buried St Boniface Cem. Her son deceased Sherman Fox died Dec 16,1915 Stuart Advocate James S McCartney farm sale Dec 23,1915 Stuart Advocate Grandma Jeisma died Dec 30,1915 Stuart Advocate Alice Ingleman Jeisma born Jan 14,1846, died Dec 21,1915, married Zachariah Jeisma in 1870, he died 1896- had six sons and three daughters, buried Stuart Cem, children- John, Fred, Jesse Lawrence W Inglis died Dime Short died Jan 6,1916 Stuart Advocate Nels Lofquest died, buried Cleveland Cem Born to Albert Runnels, on Dec 31, a girl Three year old daughter of Patrick Doyle, living near Goose Lake, burned to death Sunday, by the explosion of a lamp Mrs John Coy taken before insane board Jan 13,1916 Stuart Advocate Nelson L Lofquest born Sept 25,1858, died Jan 3,1916, age 58 years 3months 8 days, married Oct 28,1882 to Emma Krien, had five children, buried Cleveland Cem Mrs A M Short died at insane hospital, age 83 years, buried Prospect Hill Cem, Norfolk 6 or 7 year old son of C M Anderson died Jan 20,1916 Stuart Advocate John Clout Chaney born Aug 18,1834, died Jan 15,1916, age 81 years 4 months 28 dayys, married Sarah E Iler, had son John , had ten children, buried Hamburg Iowa cemetery Cressel Anderson, 6 year old son of C M Anderson, died of Bright's disease Elizabeth McClure Root born Sept 7,1840, died Jan 18,1916, age 75 years 4 months 10 days, married Joseph W Root, had ten children, seven boys, three girls, Frank, buried Stuart Cem Born to Fred Scharff on Jan 18, a girl..

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