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Drawing For Big Draft

The Government's Big Human Lottery Finished

Boyd County's List Shows Surprises

Extracted from The Butte Gazette, July 26, 1917

Last Friday and Saturday were anxious days for many Boyd County people, and the task of arranging the numbers, checking the contradictory ones, informing registrants and their wives of the standing of their husbands or sons continued the excitement until Tuesday, when the fairly accurate list published herewith was finally arranged so that anxious ones could be posted.

Arthur Ficenec was the first man to be on the Boyd County list. It was not long before the numbers below 824 began to pile up, and on Friday evening the names of 40 were on the list. All who had received last week's paper could compare the list with the numbers drawn and know their chances.

William Horst was the first Butte township man on the list. Paul Weber and Frank Lechtenberg were the only others known on Friday night.

Saturday, four more Butte township men, Guy C. Thatcher, Homer B. Orr, Ivan H. Bright, and Robert L. Wills, landed in the 100 column, being 51, 86, 89, and 100. Roy Hendricks drew No. 57, bus will not be called on account of his physical condition.

On account of the contradictory figures given, it has been hard to make a list that is accurate, but the one given below, which only goes far enough to include the names from which Boyd county's 59 will be taken, is fairly accurate. It is expected at this time to continue the list next week, so that those not in the first drawing may have the satisfaction of knowing just where they stand.

1-258Arthur Ficenec Spencer
2-458David JensenBristow
3-337Emil AndersenAnoka
4-257Vernie IrwinSpencer
5-509Edward A. JohnsLynch
6-564John Sedlacek, Jr.Gross
7-596Geo. L. LewisMonowi
8-536Wm. VeichLynch
9-548Amasa D. CoheeGross
10-126Clabe D. StoneNaper
11-107Orvil FernauButte
12-616Wm. H. StaufferLynch
13-373Don R. BecknerLynch
14-486Josef BohacBristow
15-600Frank MorleyDecatur
16-507Frank J. HromekBristow
17-309Horace PattonSpencer
18-437Ambrose TomanSpencer
19-604Mads D. NielsonMonowi
20- 43Donald HamannNaper
21-420Fred H. PetersonSpencer
22-614Vaclav J. KoskanLynch
23-433Geo. SchemmSpencer
24- 10Claude E. BalcomNaper
25-487Joe BastaLynch
26-140Kem. A. CliftonFairfax, S.D.
27-432Arthur J. SinclairGross
28- 18Ben ClausenNaper
29-601Leo MulhairLynch
30-606John PierceDayton, Ohio
31-132William HorstButte
32-513Albin A. KalkowskiLynch
33- 46Louis J. KortmeyerNaper
34-223Paul WeberButte
35-117V. KingsburyBonesteel, S.D.
36-602Guy M. MulhairLynch
37-390Daniel T. HathawayGross
38- 75Harman H. SeeversNaper
39-280Stanley A. JermanSpencer
40-332Lynn A. WoodsSpencer
41-379Leslie O. CardGross
42-542Arthur L. BrunerLynch
43-194Frank LechtenbergButte
44-552Floyd M. LongLynch
45-298Irwin S. UlrichSpencer
46-343Emanuel GuthmillerAnoka
47- 15John F. CaminNaper
48-452Clarence FrostromBristow
49-355Charles PritchettAnoka
50-530Andrew PritchettLynch
51-218Guy ThatcherButte
52-620Carl WaechterMonowi
53-550Carl J. LondbergLynch
54-574Frank R. BessertLynch
55- 31Henry FischerNaper
56-525James T. MulhairLynch
57-183Roy HendricksButte
58- 56Grover D. McKennaNaper
59-  5Elmer A. AlberyNaper
60-350Earl W. LuedkeSpencer
61-  54Abraham MayerNaper
62-549Otis ChapmanLynch
63-440William T. WhiddenSpencer
64-623Cecil R. ZinkLynch
65-269Anton Hambek, Jr.Spencer
66-335Thomas ZidkoSpencer
67-493James E. DavisLynch
68-341Grover DelaneyFairfax, S.D.
69-391Andrew HafsaasGross
70-353George W. MonsonAnoka
71-360Harry E. WieseSpencer
72-571William T. AlfordMonowi
73-488Cyrus E. ClydeLynch
74- 72Jacob StahleckerNaper
75-356Henry G. SalmenFairfax
76-112Theodore HinrichsButte
77-128John J. SextroButte
78- 11George L. ByersNaper
79-363Leonard AndersonLynch
80-  6Herman AndersenNaper
81-327Henry WuldneckSpencer
82- 93Manning J. WeberNaper
83-345Harvey E. GustafsonAnoka
84-193William DixButte
85-556Bruce PrescottLynch
86-134Ivan H. BrightButte
87- 51Martin Manche, Jr.Naper
88- 30Albert DalldorfNaper
89-499Homer B. OrrButte
90-388Albert J. HamlingSpencer
91-608Jay G. PostMonowi
92-406Wm. E E. LandholmLynch
93-519Guy MelshaLynch
94- 25Jesse ClausenNaper
95-392Edgar L. HypseBristow
96-383Ervin L. EllsworthSpencer
97-588William JohnsonMonowi
98-576Clemen W. ChristiansenLynch
99-122Joe MooreButte
100-222Robert L. WillisButte
101-297Grover MahlendorfSpencer
102-321Chas. SedlacekSpencer
103-398Homer BlitzkieSpencer
104-320Anton SedlacekSpencer
105-121Earl O. LeistButte
106-221Joe VossButte
107-292Albert F. LoockSpencer
108-104John J. GilliganLynch
109-470James W. MyersBristow
110-312Emil PrchalSpencer
111- 90Harry S. VanceNaper
112-181Edward L. KimballButte
113-477Aug. J. PavlackeyBristow
114-130Seth F. ThorntonBonesteel
115-168Gottlieb ErlenbuschButte
116-424Ed PrchalSpencer
117-175Charles GradyButte
118-300Keith MowrerSpencer
119-278Patrick A. JohnsonSpencer
120-524Elmer R. MarshallLynch

New Registrants

Extracted from The Butte Gazette, June 13, 1918

1Walter James PritchettLynch
2Harold Lee CoakleyLynch
3Joseph TurecekSpencer
4James ZidkoSpencer
5Albert L. KenastonButte
6Walter Edward NicolausNaper
7Grover LeRoyMonowi
8Earnest K. DarnellLynch
9Charley HavranekSpencer
10Elmer Jennings Tischendorf     Fairfax, S. D.
11David H. AllgorButte
12William E. LeathermanNaper
13Jessias BettcherNaper
14Richard J. FuehrerButte
15Earnest Henry RuffSpencer
16George HamlingSpencer
17Phillip RennerLynch
18Eldred L. FernauButte
19Sidney James BakerLynch
20Jacob Boes Jr.Naper
21Ludvig J. PlacekLynch
22Charles F. BartlettBonesteel S. D.
23Frank ConnetSpencer
24Carl Henry SchmidtSpencer
25Edward StatemannNaper
26Alfred Peter AndersenNaper
27Harry JohnsonMonowi
28Andrew Albert SedivyLynch
29Arthur John LondborgLynch
30Warren WellsSpencer
31Glen Walter StracksNaper
32Theodore HermsenNaper
33Rudolph John SedivyLynch
34Johnnie Ruben BowmanSpencer
35Henry Albert MahlendorfAnoka
36James FordButte
37John Leroy FernenLynch
38Axel Edward AndersonGross
39Perry SkeltonSpencer
40William McKinley DresslerLynch
41Mel Jay McCrightGross
42Tamer Marshall JacobySpencer
43Michael C HeiserButte
44Lester O. GriggsLynch
45Joseph B. HalburButte
46Harry W. MulhairLynch
47Corydon M. WaldenLynch
48Joe V. RysavyLynch
49Raymond Earl DavyLynch
50Albert FuehrerButte
51Hillery O. ClintonLynch
52John FuehrerButte
53Herman Henry BergNaper
54Lyman T. WillsButte
55Joseph Henry HemingLynch
56Glen J. KrissGross
57William J. EdwardsSpencer
58Clarence Craig PotterLynch
59Alfred LeRoy JohnsonGross
60Lewis KocumAnoka
61John RabeNaper
62Anton Joseph PesickaLynch

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