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Ainsworth Cemetery

Turn south at corner of Hiway #20 and Pine Street and go south 1 mile.
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AinsworthCemetery A-C
A thru C

A (*) means No Headstone
An N in the Block number means the new section on the east side of the cemetery.

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NameBirthDeathWhere Born Block Lot PlotNo stone
No Last Name, Nellie(buried between Richardson's, Seymour's) 06-18-190005-05-1911????
Abbot, James Burton (son of Geo. &am; Addie Whaldon)11-13-1886 02-18-1960 Garfield Co., NE3319F
Abraham, Abe James(son of Charles & Elizabeth)(WW1) 06-14-190012-01-1957Watertown, SD341H
Abraham, Annie Sarkees(wife of Charles) 09-04-1891 09-28-1972Ferzel, Lebannon3512G
Abraham, Charles Sr.(Father) 1867 12-10-1940 Ferzel,Lebanon341A
Abraham, Charles(husband of Annie Sarkees)(WW1)02-16-188708-21-1966Ferzel, Lebanon3512H
Abraham, Dell (husband of Genevievea Saba m.04-06-1920)09-12-189303-10-1953Sioux Falls, SD341D
Abraham, Edward J.(WW11) 10-13-1922 12-14-1993Ainsworth, NE3512F
Abraham, Elizabeth(mother)187509-14-1961Ferzel, Lebanon341B
Abraham, Gaythel Elizabeth Hulshizer(wife of Salem)11-09-189712-23-1953Keya Paha Co., NE2717C
Abraham, Genevieve Margaret Saba(wife of Dell)08-16-189503-15-1963Mankato, MN341C
Abraham, George 06-26-1865 1942 ?2920 C*
Abraham, Robert Charles02-08-192511-1931Wood Lake, Ne2717E
Abraham, Salem(son of Charles & Eliz. Abdellah)(WW1)06-16-189507-01-1959Mankato, MN2717D
Adams, Chauncey E.(Father)187906-1965?911H
Adams, Gladys K. Weander(wife of George m.04-18-1935)12-09-1912 12-03-2000 Long Pine, NE257B
Adams, Mary C. Michelson(wife of Milo)03-22-188412-09-1971Iowa2413D
Adams, Milo Clarence(husband of Mary)06-11-188702-09-1964Knox Co., NE2413C
Adams, Myrtle Alice Taylor(wife of Chauncey Ernest)(mother)08-23-188409-26-1947Tilde, Ne911G
Adams, Raymond George Sr.(dad)(husband of Gladys)05-21-191110-31-1964NE257A
Adams, RaymondGeorge Jr.(son of George & Gladys Weander)10-08-195010-26-1969Ainsworth, NE257C
Admire, James Owen(husband of Susana)12-14-185812-17- 1933Lukus Co.,Iowa3413D-E
Admire, Mary Ellen (dau of James & Susanna) 01-11-189305-13-1934Springview, Ne3413C
Admire, Susannah(wife of James)10-30-185803-16-1948Letha, Iowa3413F
Akert, Cyla A. Moseley(wife of Paul) (dau of Walter & May Moseley)09-09-189010-10-1976Fremont, NE195G
Akert, Nellie Fern Osborn(wife of WM.)04-23-189703-26-1994Christian Co., Ill1920F
Akert, Paul (WW1)01-01-188910-14-1948?195H
Akert, Peggy(dau of Charles & Edith Rae Spearman)(wife of Walter Akert m. 08-14-1955)10-27-192512-05-2007?19N5A
Akert, Walter Carl(Bud)(husband of Peg m. 08-14-1955)(WW11) 02-25-192207-09-1989Wheatland, Wy195B
Akert, William(husband of Nellie Osborn)04-30-189204-4-1969NE1920E
Akins, Jesse W.08-14-1911 09-03-1914?916A
Alberts, Annibel(dau of Edw.&Minnie)01-17-191803-08-1921?168D
Alberts, Arlene May Eby(dau of Rex Alanzo & Alma Anna Marcellus Eby)(wife of George (Bud) Alberts m. 04-15-1938)05-30-191912-25-2007Stuart, NE27NX16F
Alberts, Bertha Ihrig(dau of Lousi Ihrig & Isabelle Keller)11-16-188702-05-1970ILL168G
Alberts, Charles A.04-10-1856 08-21-1918Germany1618
Alberts, Clarence Eugene (husband of Doris E.) 07-13-1925 01-22-1951 Brown CO., NE17 5 E*
Alberts, Elizabeth Jane Lowber(wife of Wm.)11-02-1902 07-11-1987Dresser, Ill2717G
Alberts, George(husband of Mary Pedersen Foster m.09-20-1913)(Son of Charles A. Alberts)04-14-188209-19-1964Waco, NE161D
Alberts, George V.(Bud)(husband of Arlene)(M.04-15-1938) 12-30-191608-15-1998?2716E
Alberts, Jeraldine(baby)(dau of Wm. & Elizabeth) 07-26-193107-27-1931Ainsworth, NE2717H
Alberts, Joseph Rudolph(husband of Violet Jerred)05-01-1895 08-04-1993Ainsworth,NE 179D
Alberts, John James(husband of M.Leone Peacock m.07-18-1936)06-19-190306-25-1969Brown Co., NE422D
Alberts, M. Leone Vargason(wife of John(Jack)Alberts m.07-18-1936)03-22-191103-10-2002Mariaville, NE422C
Alberts, Maggie Margaret Stephenson(wife of Charles)12-16-186207-21-1937Wales/England161B
Alberts, Marvin Lee(husband of Tannis Johnston m.08-28-1985) 07-25-1924 08-14-2000 Wewella, SD 1627 D
Alberts, Mary Pederson(wife of#1 Al Foster, #2 George Alberts) 07-08-188602-02-1971Jutland,Denmark168A
Alberts, Peggy Marie(dau if Robert & Janet Stec)05-03-197805-04-1978Bassett, NE3519E
Alberts, Phyllis Violet(dau of Joe & Violet)09-24-1932 01-28-1943Ainsworth, NE179E
Alberts, Richard Stephen(husband of Bertha)10-09-1883 02-21-1957Waco, NE168H
Alberts, Violet Emma Jered(wife of Joseph)03-28-189702-11-1968SD179C
Alibee Plot, Grave ? ? ?13 20 H *
Allen, CT&WJ Plot grave ? ? ?15 15 A*
Allen, Carmie G.(wife of Charles)07-10-189010-17-1977Browken Bow, NE2615B
Allen, Cebert L.(WW22,Korea)04-26-192610-05-1982?2615E
Allen, Charles Etchison Edward(husband of Carmine)03-10-188103-03-1962Atkinson , NE2615C
Allen, Clarence Harlan(husband of Martha Ferris m.03-28-1917)(son of John Austin Allen & Laura Isabel Bolich) 09-22-189409-20-1969Norden,NE6N8H
Allen, Dale Albert(son of Robert & Bernice Austin) 04-27-1942 09-30-1947 Ainsworth, NE 2818 E
Allen, Fred Albert(husband of Mabel Hewitt m.04-1911) 02-13-1865 07-06-1936 Rochelle, Ill. 28 18 D
Allen, Fred Albert(son of R. Edward Allen& Ruth Preist Allen) 07-14-1961 05-05-1979 Ainsworth, NE 28 28 A
Allen, Infant ? 04-17-1929 ? 34 6 D *
Allen, James Austin(son of Clarence & Martha)(WWll)06-17-191911-17-1983Long Pine, NE7N7D
Allen, James Dean(son of Jerry & Judy Rae)12-30-196612-31-1966Ainsworth,NE3519E
Allen, Jean Elizabeth Wolfe(wife of #1 Rolland Wolfe m. 1951, #2 Robert Allen m.??)(dau of Charles Robert & Ruth Alma Wieble Wolfe) 07-31-1932 12-22-2000 Gettysberg, PA2829C
Allen, Leonard A. (Infant son of Wm. J.& Ada Daywitt Allen)) 04-16-1929 04-17-1929 Ainsworth, Ne 34 6 D *
Allen, Lester Clarence (husband of Dora Ruth Bartholow m.10-06-1947) (WWll)01-20-192611-07-1979Ainsworth, NE2125B
Allen, Louis Albert(son of Fred & Mabel)(WWII) 03-09-1912 06-28-1977 Johnstown, NE 2818 F *
Allen, Mabel Henrietta Hewitt(wife of Fred)(dau of Drs. Etta Engle Hewitt & Henry F Hewitt) 08-24-1891 01-26-1978Sioux City, Iowa 2818 C
Allen, Martha Ellen Farris(wife of Clarence)(dau of James Madison Farris& Esther Ellen Ferrier Farris02-18-190110-13-1980Sioux City, Iowa6N8G
Allen, Marvin (Jack) Harlan(Husband of Nadine Frances Clyde m.12-24-1941)(WWll)03-19-192103-06-1988Ainsworth, NE7N10H
Allen, Michelle Jean 06-23-196808-15-1968????
Allen, Neil G.(husband of F.Lynn)(Creamains)02-04-191412-05-1984?2615F
Allen, Robert (Eddie)Edward(hus of Ruth Priest m.05-25-1959)(son of Robert H. & Bernice M. Austin Allen)03-12-193909-17-2003Ainsworth, NE2828C
Allen, Roland Leroy(Son of Robert & Bernice Austin) 03-01-1944 09-30-1947 Ainsworth, NE28 18 E
Allen, Tom (Big Tom) 04-18-1881 06-06-1969 Winchester, KY 223A B *
Allen, Wallingford Etchison(son of Charles & Carrie Griffith Allen)08-11-191508-22-1936Johnstown, NE2615A
Allen, Wayne Eugene(husband of Evelyn Louise Irwin m.12-28-1954)08-09-193401-01-1999Ainsworth, NE7N7C
Allen, William Howard(son of George)191004-03-1911?1317H
Allen, William Jackson(husband of Ada Lillian Daywitt m.02-25-1925)(son of John & Laura Bolich Allen)05-16-190009-21-1971Ainsworth,NE346C
Allison, Elmer Thomas (husband of Mary Amelia)(father)04-11-188810-12-1946Davis Co., Ne.2218B
Allison, Glen Wilford(son of Elmer & Mary Robins)12-18-190803-02-1976Hartington, NE2218E
Allison, Mary Amelia Thomas (wife of Elmer)(mother)10-22-188806-27-1968MO2218C
Allison, Thomas S.(grandfather)09-23-185003-1923Sinclair, Pa2218D
Allvin, Jeanette Lynn (dau of Jackie)06-12-195606-29-1956?2917G
Alvey, Infant ? ? ?5 4 D *
Andersen, Jens G.11-17-188412-10-1981?366D
Andersen, Kristen Marie(wife of Jens)01-22-189009-05-1983?366C
Anderson, Lillie Baker Thompson(wife of George) 05-19-1874 01-13-1950 Clarks, NE17 15 B *
Anderson, grave ? ? ?3117 G *
Anderson, Arlie C.(wife of Lee Keech)03-03-190001-25-1974Ainsworth, NE3117B
Anderson, Arthur Glen06-04-188908-21-1892?81H
Anderson, Beldon A.10-01-1907 09-26-1920?118A
Anderson, Cora B.18861959?219Street
Anderson, Darrel William(son of James &Barbara Gudgel)03-01-197506-20-1993Kearney, NE216F
Anderson, Elizabeth A.Williams(wife of Gerald Anderson m.09-02-1939)(dau of Thomas & Lelia Williams)10-23-192101-05-1996Ainsworth, NE327G
Anderson, Ellis Arthur(son of Orville & Fern Fitzgerald)(Korea)06-10-193108-21-1976Ainsworth, NE1727C
Anderson, Etta03-05-190206-1947?81B
Anderson, Fern V.Fitzgerald(wife of Orville A. m.03-17-1921)07-25-190306-20-1980Canton, ILL1727B
Anderson, Florence E.Crawford (wife of John)11-21-185704-1924?1017F
Anderson, Frank Robinson(husband of Tillie)(Father)187806-15-1956?1017H
Anderson, George William(husband of Hester Anna Owens m.05-21-1922)(son of Art & Susan (Belle) Bussell Anderson)05-19-190002-01-1997Bloomfield, NE820E
Anderson, Gerald D.(Bus)(husband of Elizabeth Williams)06-01-192211-01-1998Ainsworth, NE327H
Anderson, Glen12-09-190003-03-1920?81A
Anderson, Guy L.(husband of Shirley)06-08-188602-14-1964Brown Co., NE353G
Anderson, Hattie Marie Lockmiller(wife of Ray) 04-25-189206-08-1955Brown Co., NE249B
Anderson, Helen Marie Christensen(wife of Elmer) 04-07-1918 10-24-1964Minden, NE366B
Anderson, Hester Anna Owens(dau of Reace & Gertrude Galligan Owens)(wife of George Anderson m.05-20-1922)03-04-190611-27-2003Ainsworth, NE820C
Anderson, John J.07-28-185204-1934?1017E
Anderson, Kenneth Ray(son of George & Elizabeth Ann Williams)04-15-194004-15-1940Ainsworth, NE327A
Anderson, Lee(son of Wesley & Nancy Owens)06-18-189510-18-1958Brown Co., NE3117A
Anderson, Lena Jane Jones(wife of Ralph m.06-13-1924)(dau of John & Johanna Jones) 09-17-1901 12-27-2000 Ainsworth, NE354F
Anderson, Maemi (Nancy) K. Kano(dau of Rinzo & Tomeko Kano)(wife of Donovan E. Anderson m. 06-24-1959)08-05-193506-16-2008Kaapahu, Hawaii
Anderson, Magnus 09-29-1859 03-05-1935 Eastland, Sweden 33 7 E
Anderson, Mark Todd(son of Donavan & Nancy Kano) 04-03-196405-01-1965Ainsworth, NE366G
Anderson, Mavis Beth Sadia(dau of Guy & Shirley)03-26-191501-12-1966Brown Co., NE353H
Anderson, Myrna Rae01-21-193110-10-1976?3117C
Anderson, Nancy Owens(wife of Wesley)07-28-186507-26-1950Lincoln, NE81C
Anderson, Orville Arthur(husband of Fern Fitzgerald m.03-17-1921)(son of Art & Susan Belle Anderson)09-11-189801-20-1986Glenwood, Iowa1727A
Anderson, Ralph Ray(husband of Lena Jones)(son of Art & Susan Belle Anderson)01-10-190205-04-1983Bloomfield, NE354E
Anderson, Ralph11-08-1908 03-229-1909?81G
Anderson, Ray(son of Wesley& Nancy)(husband of Hattie)05-12-189301-13-1956Brown Co., NE249A
Anderson, Roscoe Louis(son of Roscoe&Clara House Anderson)07-27-192808-10-1928Ainsworth, Ne343A
Anderson, Shirley B. Bales(wife of Guy L.)10-15-188501-05-1985Martinsville, IND353F
Anderson, Theodore James(son of Osmond & Catherine Vavens)12-21-188004-10-1966Iowa Falls ,Iowa1711E
Anderson, Tillie Francis Wynkoop(wife of Frank)(mother)06-23-188204-14-1952Madora, ILL1017C
Anderson, Viola Jane Cole(wife of Theodore James)08-18-188312-29-1950Loup City, Ne1711F
Anderson, Wayne LeRoy (Andy)(son of Myrna Brewer m. 04-15-1950)(son of Lee & Arlie Keech Anderson)(hus of #1 Myrna Brewer m.04-15-1950, #2 Eunice Gilliland m.06-06-1980) 04-27-192901-03-2007Ainsworth, NE3117D
Anderson, Wesley04-23-185604-29-1934?81D
Anderson, William (Son of T.& M.)1864 12-14-1885?48A
Andrus, George Parker(husband of Marcie)(WW1) 04-29-189206-14-1966Newman Grove, NE257E
Andrus, Marcie A.Witman(wife of George)03-12-189706-25-1990Norwich, KS257F
Angle, Bertha Louise McAndrew(wife of David)12-18-187212-05-1953Cherokee Co., Iowa78G
Angle, David Long185510-05-1935Wisc.78H
Anson, Lillian Creete Brown(wife of Virgil m. 12-14-1952)01-30-190612-26-1996Geneva, NE2113G
Anson, Virgil Gene10-7-192607-21-1992Orchard, NE2113H
Appleman, Cherry Ann199809-27-1998?4N16A
Appleman, Marian(dau of Marion Lyman & Peral Van Pelt Fiagin)(wife of Theodore E. Appleman m.06-14-1931)01-01-191112-08-2007?416F
Appleman, Susan LeAnn(dau of Loren & Laurel Hunnel)04-26-197606-20-1976Ainsworth, NE4N16A
Appleman, Retha Weber<(wife of ? Weber)?09-24-2009?410F
Appleman, Theodore E.(hus ofMarian M. Feagin m.06-14-1931)(son of Taylor E. & Mary B. Upson Appleman)11-04-190509-04-2005Mammouth Springs, Arkansas416E
Appelt, Hillary Lauren(dau of Dan&Jill Brede)11-04-199311-05-1993Valentine, NE9N4B
Arent, Effie G.Jones(wife of Herman C. m.11-18-1924)04-24-190203-05-1986Elburn, ILL2415F
Arent, Herman Christian(son of Holger& Hedwig Peterson)06-21-190212-12-1964Cherry, NE2415E
Arent, Lorene Lucille(dau of Phillip & Louise Jones)08-06-192701-20-1995Gordon, NE6N15F
Arent, Louise Linda(wife of Phillip)06-02-190607-14-1975Ullysis, NE6N15C
Arent, Otto Severin(son of Halgen &Hedvig Peterson) 07-25-189810-17-1971Omaha, NE6N15E
Arent, Phillip C.190402-1987?6N15D
Arner, Elias (Co C. 178 Pa.Inf)184301-1918?75A
Arner, Elias Gressford(son of Elias & Frances)3 yr.9 mo. 12 day08-01-1891?75D
Arner, Frances E.(Civil War-Co C. 178 Penn Inf.)01-20-184604-1914?75B
Arnold, Friederike Karoline Dietz(Frieda)(mother of Ann Vaughan)01-17-190101-26-1984Pfedelbach, Germany5N17E
Ash, Eldon M.09-08-192006-1926?1315F
Ash, George Ira(husband of Marion)01-15-188411-22-1966Brown Co., NE711C
Ash, Infant ? ? ?13 15 E *
Ash, James04-11-184703-1918?711B
Ash, Marian E.18931977?711D
Ash, Stephanie(baby) No dates??711A
Ashbaugh, Eli(husband of Mary Ann)03-04-189011-28-1939Brown, Co., Ne1714D
Ashbaugh, Mary Ann Galligher(wife of Eli)01-31-188206-09-1952Keya Paha Co., NE1714C
Assarsson, Fred Rudolf(son of Adrian & Matilda Nelson Assarsson)(hus of Ruth Malone m.07-09-1936)03-28-190702-03-2010Knard, Sweden140B
Atwood, Arthur Henry01-22-1915 11-25-1990Norfolk, NE7N1A
Atwood, Ruth Aufusta Stern(wife of Arthur m.05-24-1958)11-17-192104-20-1991Johnstown, NE7N1B
Austin, Albert Delmer(Jack)(husband of Fern)(son of Roy & Anna Austin)04-29-190707-13-1965Sioux City, Iowa222E
Austin, Anna M. Briese(wife of Delmer)07-04-187809-26-1973Germany25F
Austin, Roy Delmer 11-08-187710-27-1943LaSalle, Ill25E
Austin, Fern L.Fry(wife of #1Albert Delmer (Jack) Austin m.1931, #2 Leslie Quinn m.1969)(dau of William & Lillian Fry)06-18-190811-04-1993Ainsworth, NE222F
Austin, George W.(son of Ray & Annie Brazie Austin)(WW11)04-29-190705-04-1959Sioux City, Iowa25H
Auterson, Sarah Jane09-26-190901-04-1942Whicita, Ks.341N
Babbitt, Lt. Homer Almon (Skip)3rd (son of Homer & Laurena Scott)(navy)04-15-194507-12-1984Norfolk, NE1719D*
Babbitt, Homer Almon(husband of Laurene Scott Frazier m.12-18-1942)(son of Rev.Homer & Mahala Moore Babbitt)05-23-1900 10-20-1959 East Lynn, MO171D
Bafford Plot, graves x 3 ?? ?? ?112 A *
Bailey, BobbieRobert Earl19361937?95H
Bailey, Charles A.(Civil)06-17-184103-18-1912?95B
Bailey, Hattie(wife of Cullison A.)01-20-185502-04-1907?95C
Bailey, James Stephen19451990?5N14F
Bailey, Marjorine Ruthello Johnson(wife of Ralph)01-17-191012-16-1973Mead, NE5N14F
Bailey, Mary Ethel Thorley10-14-188002-03-1941Atlantic, Iowa208B
Bailey, Ralph Rodney(husband of Marjorie Johnson)06-18-190509-02-1968Wellington, CO5N14E
Bain, Clarence Brice(husband of#1 MargaretSamples m.10-31-1916 #2 Ida Mills Marsh m.09-1945)04-21-188404-11-1962Peoria,Ill.189A
Bain, Howard Willard(husband of Vivian Alice Higginson m.09-02-1945)(son of Clarence & Margaret Bain)03-19-191707-21-1985Steinauer, NE181D
Bain, Jeanne Jo(dau of Howard & Vivian Higginson Bain)11-02-195012-04-1954Ainsworth, NE181F
Bain, Margaret Marie Samples(wife of Clarence m.10-31-1916)07-06-189411-14-1941Ill.189B
Bain, Margaret ??? 09-24-1990 ? 189 H *
Baker, Alice Emma(wife of Fred)12-29-188201-07-1966ILL2612G
Baker, Byron D.05-12-184905-19-1919Ill.213A*
Baker, Dale Levern(husband of Shirley McCoid m.08-03-1947)11-09-191402-28-1991Ainsworth, NE214C
Baker, Dylan J.(son of Patti Phillips&Paul Baker)01-18-1983 04-27-1989Ainsworth, NE4N17E
Baker, Ethel L.09-03-190512-03-1978?2612F
Baker, Fred R.02-08-188202-28-1940HooksPoint, Iowa2612H
Baker, George Blake(husband of Retta Barritt)(son of Ransom d.01-31-1891 & Mary Ann Dennison Baker)06-15-1855 08-1924LaSalle Co.,Ill.213D*
Baker, Isabell Headlee(wife of Samuel)10-01-184806-24-1914?99A
Baker, John(Civil War-Co 1,33rd Ind. Inf.)?1935?1518A
Baker, Laurel H.188310-1964?2619C
Baker, Lee06-20-186312-25-1943Martinsburg, Iowa18E
Baker, Myrtle Pearl(wife of William R.)10-20-188911-05-1976Lincoln, NE214B
Baker, Nina E.06-22-187106-1934Knoxville, Iowa18F
Baker, Paul Craig(husband of Patti Phillips m.05-27-1977)09-09-195404-27-1989Ainsworth, NE4N17E
Baker, Retta(Rita) A. Barritt(wife of William)12-30-186401-11-1952 Iroquois Co. Ill.213C*
Baker, Robert Arthur(Judge)(husband of Laurea)04-16-188411-08-1935Webster City, Iowa2619D
Baker, Samuel???99H*
Baker, William Ransom(husband of Myrtle Pearl Rucker m.12-25-1911)(son of George & Retta)05-01-188408-18-1962Onarga,ILL214A
Baldwin, Emma Jane09-08-194905-17-1929Harrisburg, Pa1417C
Baldwin, Elsie Fern Offill(wife of Joe)03-17-188906-10-1974?1417A
Baldwin, John Joseph(husband of Fern) 188005-19-1955Dennison, Iowa1417B
Baldwin, William Henry09-30-184704-27-1910South Bend, Ind.1417D
Bales, Joyce Elaine04-24-194004-25-1941?2918E
Bales, Martha Bethsada Farr(wife of Wm. Spencer Bales) 04-18-185703-30-1942Morgan Co.,Ind.353E
Ballard, Mrs. Ed? ? ?286 E *
Balm, Francis Andrew(husband of Fern Keim) 09-13-190809-30-1992Pittsburg, KS2419B
Balm, Leona Jane Leavenn(wife of Francis m.12-24-1929)06-25-191108-24-1979Burton, NE2419A
Banta, Gerda Elisabeth Massel(wife of Harold m.10-13-1956)cremains09-29-192611-26-1991Germany2127B
Banta, Harold Duane(husband of Gerda Elizabeth Masell)(son of Harold Leo & Lillian Creete Banta) 05-24-192601-11-2002Brewster, Ne2127B
Barber, Helen Y. Smith(dau of Everett & Irene Clapper Smith)(wife of R.B. Barber )193109-16-2010Enders Lake, Brown, Ne
Barbour, Moses Garven(husband of Mary Gertrude)08-10-186908-02-1952Davis Co., MO254D
Barnes, Clark Firman(husband of Esther Hester m.05-02-1875)(Civil War-Co.I.5th Wisc.Inf.)12-19-184712-19-1937Eexter,Monroe Co., Wisc.52A
Barnes, Esther A. Hester(wife of Clark F.)04-19-185510-18-1934Huntsville, Randolph Co., Ind.52B
Barnes, Firman Henry(son of Clark & Esther)08-04-188409-06-1889Brown Co., NE52D
Barnes, Ida Alice McAndrew(wife of LeRoy)(dau of William & Emily Dowding McAndrew)04-29-187704-16-1961Cherokee,Iowa52F
Barnes, Leroy Phinet(husband of Ida Alice McAndrew m.04-25-1907)(son of Clark & Esther)01-04-187804-14-1953New Point, Mo52G
Barnes, Urilla Mary(dau of Clark & Esther)07-30-187909-24-1889Mo.52C
Barngrover, Alvin Doyle(husband of Lousie)(WW11) 01-24-1894 06-17-1990 MO318 A*
Barngrover, Louise Anna Stevens(wife of Doyle) 06-12-1884 05-28-1964 Centerville, SD318B
Barr, Vern L. ? ? ?31 13 A *
Barritt, Grave ? ? ?129 H *
Barritt, Ada Blanche 7 weeks 1914 ?12 2 E
Barritt, Edith Gertrude 5 months 1906 ?122 E
Barritt, Elijah Lawlor08-28-185404-29-1908?129A
Barritt, Harriet ? 04-1908 ?129 C *
Barritt, Sara Elizabeth Moore ? 08-24-1925 ? 129 B *
Barta, Clifford?11-05-1988?3415E
Bartak, Jeanne Marie Keller (dau of Arthur & Thecla Wezwidk Keller)(wife of Steve Bartak m. 02-25-1984)04-27-195607-12-2008Bismark, ND814A/B
Bartholomew, George M.(husband of Thelma Alder m.04-17-1938) 02-11-1917 12-13-2000 Comstock, NE???
Bartholomew, Thelma L. Alder(dau of Roy & Della Johnson Alder)(wife of Geroge M. Bartholomew m.04-17-938)09-27-191502-28-2004Loup county, NE218D
Bartholow, Minnie Geertrude05-25-187702-16-1948Mercer Co,Mo.315H
Barton Plot, (Son of Lloyd & Esther) 10-18-1949 10-18-1949 Long Pine, NE176 E *
Barton, Hester A. Snow(wife of Reuben)04-03-1863 02-15-1930?910A
Barton, Hugh M. (WWl) 05-13-188911-06-1951?910H
Barton, Lewis W. 08-24-1885 07-13-1941?910D
Barton, Mae J.(wife of Hugh) 1897 09-1961?910G
Barton, Reuben Alma(Civil War-Co A.29th Iowa Inf.)11-10-184202-1913?910B
Bassett, Andrew V. (son of George E. & Lena Vore Bassett)10-22-192009-06-2008 Brown County, NE`22N16E
Bassett, George E.(husband of Lena Vore) 02-20-1884 07-31-1972?2216D
Bassett, Lena V.Vore(wife of George) 07-28-1879 03-13-1948Crete, NE2216C
Bates, Bert Almond 06-15-1879 09-11-1929Seward, NE2114E
Bates, Christena Sara Allen(wife of Burt) 01-07-1889 06-15-1970?2114F
Bates, Nancy Sufronia McKee(wife of Edward) 10-24-1864 02-28-1948Tarkio,Mo.16D
Baum, Fern I. Keim05-02-20031916?216G
Baxter, Ardith H. Hass(wife of Robert m.06-21-1938) 01-19-1918 02-14-2001 Johnstown, NE2816D
Baxter, Augusta Marie Clara Schlueter(dau of Albert & Matilda Hoefs)(mother) 08-20-1895 12-26-1964 Cherry Co., NE 2816 F
Baxter, Byron Leroy (husband of Augusta Schleuter)(father) 06-13-1894 05-23-1976 Johnstown, NE 2816 E
Baxter, Cora Luthera Starr(wife of Thomas Franklin Baxter)(dau of Lovel & Luthera Starr) 02-106-187203-05-1944Wisc.79B
Baxter, Robert LeRoy(son of LeRoy Byron & Augusta Marie Schlueter Baxter )(hus of Ardith H. Haas m. 06-21-1938)07-26-191809-08-2008Johnstown, NE
Baxter, Thomas Franklin(husband of Cora)11-19-1861 01-25-1946Alexander, Ind79A
Bayles, Jane E.18931925?3010B
Bayles, Robert (Treatt)(WW11)190205-1943?3218D
Beal, Adaline Green(wife of John C.) 04-13-1883 08-13-1939 Meadow Grove, Ne???
Bean, D.Mildred (cremated) 1909 06-1998?2213Afoot
Bean, Emogene E.Pease(wife of Sidney) 1886 08-19712213B
Bean, John F.(cremated) 1909 06-1992?2213Bfoot
Bean, Sidney A. 1884 1943???
Bean, Ted ? 12-1943 ?2213 A *
Bearg, Vila Marvel Skinner 03-01-1907 02-20-1994Springview, NE1822E
Bechtold, DeAnna Susan(dau of Roger & Linda Blum) 02-16-199402-25-1944Kearney, NE6N6 Between E-F *
Beatty, Myrna Mae Kirkpatrick(wife of ? Beatty)(dau of John Croft & Mary Ann Buechell Kirkpatrick)02-19-193509-21-2005Ainsworth, NEN2627D
Bechtold, Roger Duane(husband of #1 Marilyn Mizner,#2 Linda Blum m.06-29-1987)07-08-1944 11-17-1999Ainsworth, NE125C
Beckwith, Ima L. 1902 07-1977?423C
Beckwith, Wilbur Joseph(husband of Ima) 04-30-1898 09-11-1969Gates, NE423D
Beebout, Leroy(husband of Rosa Akert m.1913)(son of William Larmer & Margaret L. Beebout)(dad) 10-05-1881 07-05-1945Annapolis,Ohio2719D
Beebout, Lois Pauline(dau of LeRoy & Rosa Akert Beebout) 01-12-191408-02-209Johnstown, Brown, NE2719E
Beebout, Jeree Jeaniine Schiessler(dau of William Bill & Vannie Lucille Schissler)(wife of Merlin Turk Beebout m.08-28-1949)03-04-193111-04-2010Dorsey, NE315B cremains
Beebout, Rosa Akert(wife of Leroy m.05-19-1913)(dau of Fritz & Pauline Roser Akert (d.05-13-1894) m.05-12-1883)(mom) 04-11-1894 03-14-1998Coleridge, NE2719C
Beebout, Willard Leroy(son of Leroy & Rosa Akert Beebout) 04-01-1917 04-21-1999 Johnstown, NE2719 F*
Beel, Henry Olie(husband of Mayde)(WWI) 06-12-1890 04-18-1974Anita, Iowa3510C
Beel, Henry Cincinnatus(hus of Becky Beelaert m. 11-19-1967)(son of Henry Olie & MayDe Pearl Johnson Beel)06-30-194001-07-2003Ainsworth, NE1035F
Beguin, Diane Kay Taylor(wife of Ernie) 03-30-1948 07-04-1972Alliance, NE6N10G
Beland, Mary A. Richardson(wife of Gary)(dau of Albert&AliceRichardson)01-17-1945 07-26-1984Ainsworth, NE1428C
Behrens, John(husband of Marie) 01-28-1877 05-08-1933Germany2611G
Behrens, Marie Louise Rehbein(dau of Fredrick) 03-23-1882 08-06-1968Scribner, NE2611F
Bejot, Agnes Marie Lotz(wife of Clayton m.03-29-1944)02-06-1921 06-07-2000 Salt Lake City, Utah7N12G
Bejot, Eugene Peter(husband of Grace)11-01-1882 08-24-1962Elveston,ILL365C
Bejot, Grace McMurtrey(wife of Eugene P.) 08-01-1895 04-28-1964Papillion, NE365D
Bejot, Jesse Francis (husband of Leah Primmer)(father) 11-14-1885 03-05-1979Ainsworth, NE245D
Bejot, Jerome(cremains)(hus of Stella Bejot m. 04-28-1931)?08-05-20071514D
Bejot, Julie M. Rathje(wife of Mark D. Bejot m. 06-08-1985)(dau of Alfred & Marie Nuebel Rathje)11-23-196104-02-2002Rising City, NEN810C
Bejot, Leah Ida Primmer(wife of Jesse)(mother)08-12-1907 05-26-1952Ainsworth, NE245C
Bejot, Lewis Eugene(son of Jesse & Leah Primmer)(Navy) 07-26-1940 01-13-1961Ainsworth, NE245B
Bejot, Stella Dorothy Jones(dau of Henry & Mary Blair Jones)(wife of Jerome Buck Bejot m. 04-28-1931)?05-20-2009Gordon, NE1514C/D
Bejot, Victor Calvin(son of Jesse & Leah)(Army) 06-23-1939 04-20-1975Ainsworth, NE245A
Bennett, Valerene Jean Lewis(wife of Ernie Bennett m.05-02-1981) 09-26-1960 01-03-2001 Ainsworth, Ne1821C
Benson, Mary Ellen Best04-18-1856 01-1933Indiana3412C
Benson, William H. 02-08-1860 03-03-1945Guernsey,Ohio3412D
Benton, S.E. ? 03-1886 ? 3 16 D *
Berckhemer, Charles C.189905-1984?3217D
Berckhemer, Gaetha Heinrietta Jackman(wife of Charles)10-27-191310-30-1949Johnstown, Ne3217C
Berkheimer, Helen Pearl Panoushek(wife of Harlan Berkheimer m.10-09-1943)(dau of Stanley John & Marie Wisner Panoushek)07-21-192201-23-2006Hampton, New York
Bettis, Abraham Lincoln(husband of Suzanna) 04-26-1863 12-23-1935Alba,Iowa355A
Bettis, Suzanna S. Willis 07-20-1867 04-16-1943England355B
Bickner, William H. 05-16-1854 06-03-1907?912H
Bierkercher, Bertha ? 05-29-1969 ? 175 C *
Bierkercher, Thomas ? 12-08-1943 Tyndall, SD 175 D *
Biltoft, Margaret Herron (wife of Foss) 06-13-1882 01-20-1950 Meadville, NE34 1 O *
Birdsall, Alice May Kell09-13-188701-1918Taylor, Ne.297B
Birdsall, George Alexander12-05-188712-1919?297C
Birdsall, Louis Floyd(son of Floyd& Idella)09-24-191804-01-1919?303H
Blackman, Betty Jean Clarence(wife of Harold m.08-19-1952) 03-30-192612-16-1997Hartington, NE15N6F
Blackman, Harold M.(Blackie)(husband of Betty Clarence ) 08-16-1911 05-01-2000Woodbine, Iowa15N6E
Blake, Alice G. Haun(wife of Clyde m.02-11-1925) 02-05-1905 07-12-2000 Keya Paha Co, NE 11 11 C
Blake, Margaret 1836 09-9-1914 ? 917 A *
Blanchard, Sylvester B. ? 05-1941 ?22 9 B *
Blanchard,Velura A.Janes or James 07-03-1871 02-16-1920 Ill. 22 9 A *
Blank, Anna Georgia(Wife of Homer Blank)?02-01-2009?34N7E
Blank, Anna E.Feyter 10-09-1871 05-18-1956Walling Hausen, Aurech, Germany347G
Blank, Frank William(husband of Opal Faith House) 04-27-1908 10-14-1952 Hildreth, NE172 D *
Blank, Harry John(husband of Hope Irene Halstead)(father)(WW1) 04-21-1896 11-29-1946Macon,Ne.347H
Blank, HomerC.H.(son of Hero(Harry) J. & Hope Irene Halstead Blank)(hus of Anna Georgina Madsen m.04-03-1942)07-29-192102-03-2008?34N7F
Blank, Opal Faith Troelson House Fernau(wife of #1 Fred House, #2 Frank W. Blank #3 Jum Fernau)(dau of Rassmus Troelson & Margrethe Holst)04-21-191301-23-2005Cherry County, NE172C
Blankinship, Joe ? ? ? 32 10G *
Blankinship, Lawrence 01-30-1920 04-07-1921 ? 3210 H *
Blessington, Frances Maria(dau of Thomas& Eliza)1880 10-22-1887?712A
Bloomquist, Emil Clarence(husband of Orpha Stufft) 12-14-1900 05-31-1966 Bolus, NE333 E
Bloomquist, John Curtin(son of Emil)10-192202-1923?3210F
Bloomquist, Lyle Wayne(son of Emil & Orpha)07-06-193212-14-1936Ainsworth, Ne3210E
Bloomquist, Orpha P.Stufft(wife of Emil) 10-18-1898 08-25-1984 Southern, NE33 3 F
Blum, JoDeen Baltes (wife of Richard) 11-27-1936 04-15-1976Scottsbluff, NE6N6F
Blum, Richard Allen(husband of Jo Deen Baltes) 07-23- 1934 09-02-1970White Clay, NE6N6E
Boggy, James Edward 03-10-1927 04-1929 ? 17 B *
Bolich, Infant ? 01-15-1931?3411 H above *
Bolich, Dale(son of Lee& Anna) 12-17-1931 07-11-1948Brown Co., Ne.3416H
Bolich, Dean(son of Lee & Ona Dewitt Bolich) 01-15-1931 01-15-1931Ainsworth, Ne346E
Bolich, Lee H. 04-26-1908 03-22-1965Brown Co., Ne3416B
Bolich, Lorna Gertrude Marie Jones(wife of Otto m.08-11-1931)(dau of John & Johanna Jones) 05-10-1908 08-23-1980Ainsworth, Ne.354A
Bolich, Onna 08-08-1908 12-09-1997Brown, Co., Ne.3416A
Bolich, Otto Harlen 12-20-1901 03-14-1988Brown Co., Ne.354H
Boller, Cloyd Albert(husband of Opal Lotspeich m.05-18-1935) 09-06-1910 08-22-1981Brown Co, NE2221A
Boller, Doris L.(dau of Henry & Elma)10-23-191912-01-1997Brown Co., NE3018G
Boller, Infant(child of Guy & Mary Hannah) 12-08-1941 12-08-1941 Ainsworth, NE312 F *
Boller, Elma R.(wife of Henry)12-12-188702-15-1972Minden, NE3018F
Boller, Guy M.(husband of Mary Hannah)11-12-191711-24-1991Brown Co., NE312D
Boller, Henry Elmo(husband of Goldie Lewis) 03-28-1912 04-21-1987 Minden, NE7N 3 B *
Boller, Henry F.(husband of Elma R.)10-09-188105-26-1955Gage Co. NE3018E
Boller, Mary Genevieve Hannah (wife of Guy Maurice Boller m. 05-28-1939)(dau of Herber Ray & Birdie Willetta Ward Hanna)03-28-191905-06-2002Cody, Cherry, NE312C
Boller, Opal Matella Lotspeich(wife of Cloyd m.05-18-1935)(dau of Albert Marion Lotspeich &Amp; Rhoda Elizabeth Vannest Lostspeich) 05-27-1907 11-27-2000 Hyannis, Ne2221B
Bolton, Charles Wesley(husband of Alice)11-28-187701-20-1945Laramie, Wy.317E
Bolton, Ollie L.Weeber(dau of James Weeber) 03-21-188212-16-1955Winterset, Iowa317F
Bomer, Lisa Gay(infant dau of Leslie & Wanda Sumit) 02-02-1966 02-03-1966 Ainsworth, NE11 F *
Booth, Allen Oscar(son of Oscar & Gladys) 05-24-194205-24-1942Ainsworth, NE818F*
Booth, Anna May Ewing(wife of John G.)10-28-1880 01-24-1929Lincoln Co., Ill.2220A
Booth, ElizabethPaydon(Peudan)(wife#1 Benjamin Harris m.11-18-1880 #2 Hugh Booth m. 07-17-1892) 06-10-1860 04-05-1931Fayatville, Perdue Co, Ohio818G
Booth, Mary Emma Wightman 03-16-1860 05-14-1891?818A
Booth, Gladys Isabelle Thompson(wife of Oscar) 12-16-1898 11-01-1976Ainsworth, NE833D
Booth, Harris ? 03-1890 ? 818 C *
Booth, Hugh(husband of#1 Mary Emma Wightman,#2 Elizabeth Paydon(Peudon) 11-06-1850 08-29-1931Forrest Lake, Susquehanna Co., Pa818B
Booth, John G. 1877 08-03-1950?2220B
Booth, Oscar(wife #1 Gladys Thompson,#2 Lois Fling)(WW1)07-27-1893 12-04-1989 Springview, NE833C
Bortz, Jean Elizabeth Jacques Herrmann(wife of #1Robert Herrmann-1946,#2Wayne Bortz-1989) 11-22-1927 08-23-2000 Springview, Ne.15 12 F*
Botsford, Frank Edger(husband of Letitia Jane Gard m.1889)(son of William Hiram & Margaret A. Johnston Botsford) 01-20-1856 04-03-1947West Union,Iowa202A
Botsford, Helen Frances Anderson(wife of William m.06-24-1925)(dau of Andrew Lewis & Martha Augusta Frauen Anderson) 03-31-1905 04-20-1973Pender, NE343G
Botsford, Letitia(Nettie) Jane Gard)(wife of Frank) 10-21-1866 05-18-1936Younkers,NY201B
Bostford, William Edgar(husband of Helen Fraances Anderson)(son of Frank & Letitia Gard Botsford) 08-17-1891 08-10-1990Arcadia, NE343H
Bothwell, George Grant(wife of Isabelle) 10-04-1866 03-14-1934Jones Co., Iowa125C
Bothwell, Isabelle Finlayson(wife of George) 01-04-1868 11-22-1951Cullom, ILL1221A
Bourn, Marie Josephine Cold(dau of Frances & Peter Cold)(wife of Maynard Bourn m.03-29-1937)11-16-191409-20-2010Revelstoke, BC, Canada33N1G cremains
Bourn, Ralph J.(son of Maynard & Marie Cold) 02-15-1938 07-25-1996 Ainsworth, NE 331 C
Bowen Infant (Child of Bess & Chester)? 02-1954?21 18 D*
Bowen, Chester T. 1881 04-1963?2118A
Bower, Anna C. Hinz 10-05-1812 09-11-1891?36C
Bower, Darrel S. (hus of Lois M. Best m.08-25-1935) (son of Thomas S. & Fannie Baker Bower)09-27-190906-21-2005Ainsworth, NE99E?
Bower, Darwin Lowell(son of Oliver & Iva Ingwerson)06-09-191307-22-1983?3019G
Bower, Donovan Richard(son of Oliver & Iva Ingerson)191710-22-1956?3020A
Bower, Eva(wife of Oliver) 1892 09-1971? 30 19 B
Bower, Elizabeth T.(wife of Thomas) 02-05-1829 03-09-1886?36A
Bower, Fannie Baker McCoid(wife of Thomas Bower)(dau of Samuel & Isabelle Baker)(mother) 03-15-1872 05-12-1946Spencer, Ind99B
Bower, Francis Milton(son of Thomas & Fannie) 08-12-1911 01-07-1934Ainsworth, Ne99C
Bower, Herman J.(husband of Ida Chestnut) 03-17-1870 09-27-1933Iowa101A
Bower, Ida B. Chesnut(dau of Smauel & Rebbeca Hively) 10-07-1874 07-28-1963?101D
Bower, Ira Addie Ingwerson(dau of Wm.&am; Mary Folck) 08-14-1892 09-04-1971 Keya Paha, NE ???
Bower, Leah S.Hoffman 1856 1941Pottsville, Pa1216D
Bower, Lois M. Best(wife of Darrel S. m.08-25-1935) 10-16-1913 09-19-1996Wood Lake, NE99F
Bower, Myron S. 1908 1985????
Bower, Olliver O.(husband of Iva Addie) 06-13-1891 06-18-1947 Ainsworth, NE 30 19 A *
Bower, Peter A. 1853 04-22-1923Pa.12162C
Bower, Thomas Sylvestor(Husband of #1 Laura Wills, #2 Fannie Baker McCoid m.09-1907)(son of Thomas & Elizabeth)(father) 01-01-1870 02-29-1944 Redding,Birch Co., PA99D
Bowers, Earl Vinton(son of Peter) 08-05-1916 07-28-1921Iowa1216E
Bowers, Harvey Dewey (Husband of Alice) 01-28-1900 09-18-1938 Pauline, Ne.3116 D *
Bowers, Tyler Steven(son of Cara McCoy Bowers & Steve Bowers)07-25-198812-15-2004Atkinson, NE32D
Bowman, Grace E. Cook(wife of Edmund Davis #1, Tom Bowman #2) 06-24-1884 12-30-1979Montford, WIsc.1318G
Boyd, Della Ann Wolfguts(dau of Tom Wolfguts& Leona Goodbreast) 07-24-1942 05-16-1966Rosebud, SD11G
Boyd, Ellis J.(husband of Norma Lear) 1877 03-16-1952Iowa1021H
Boyd, George(son of Janes & Jessie Bell) 01-01-1880 08-08-1970 Ontario, Canada175 A *
Bradley, Carolyn Bernice Blanchard 07-02-1896 11-1938 Ill 22 9 D *
Bradley, Oscar O.(husband of Bernice) 12-19-1882 11-20-1967Hall Co., NE 229C
Brady, Helen Shrimpton Harris(wife of #1 Dr. Rolland Roy Brady m. 07-20-1935, #2 Herbert Harris m.02-1-1959)09-07-191109-21-2003Fremont, NE3120G
Brady, Dr. Rolland Rodney(wife Helen Shrimpton)06-28-190406-28-1957Atkinson, NE3120H
Brandenberg, Mary Amelia Grubaugh(wife of Orville m.10-28-1934) 01-22-1913 05-21-1987Rising City, NE5N1F
Brandenberg, Orville Hartley 12-02-1910 07-11-1979Merna, NE5N1E
Branson, Pheebe May White(wife of Charles) 01-17-190108-04-1960Brewster, NE183C
Brant, C.L. (Civil War-21st Ind.Bat.) 1906?35A
Brede Arthur Adolph Carsten(husband of Sufia Johanna Anita Vanderkilson) 01-03-1864 05-18-1934Suxsteatd,Germany 3315 A
Brede, George Henry(husband of Hazel Drake m.05-24-1931) 06-02-1904 06-26-1990 Keya Paha, Ne7N2D
Brede, Hazel Alma Drake(wife of George)(dau of Joseph Huston Drake & Mary Ellen Medcalf Drake)11-05-190205-01-2003Taylor, NE7N2C
Brede, Jo Ann(dau of Geo.& Hazel) 03-14-1935 03-14-1935 Ainsworth, Ne 3315 H *
Brede, Nell E. Fry04-21-190102-02-1999Aisworth, NE301C
Brede, Sophia Johanna Annette Hulsen 04-14-1870 06-25-1940 Breman, Germany 3315 B
Brenneman, Clarence Ivan(husband of Mildred Hibnes) 01-28-1907 06-14-1985Burwell, NE2417B
Brenneman, Mildred Mae Hibnes(dau of George & Mary Brown Hibnes)(wife of Clarence Brenneman m.06-30-1929) 05-04-191210-02-2008Ochltree, TX24N17A
Brenneman, Shirley Faye(baby) 1932 1932????
Breitinger, Frederick R.(son Of Herman& A) 09-01-1910 11-13-1919 ? 2816 A
Brewer, Bertha Cecelia Roach(wife of Lloyd)11-14-1895 01-02-1960Assumption, ILL255B
Brewer, Donald Dean(husband of Esther Boyd)(WW11,Korea) 08-18-1924 07-11-1980Ainsworth, Ne255C
Brewer, Esther Grace Durham(cremains) 11-15-1917 01-30-2000?255D
Brewer, George Owen(son of Owen & Minnie Herring) 04-01-1905 11-22-1968Ainsworth, NE1116D
Brewer, Lloyd Henry 02-09-1900 03-05-1939Ainsworth, NE255A
Brewer, Mary Ezoa Phelps(wife of #1 Luther Lee Williamson,#2 Owen Brewer)(Twin) 07-19-1883 07-18-1973 Hudson, MICH28 14 A
Brewer, Minnie Herring 10-14-1877 04-1923Ind.1116A
Brewer, Owen 11-09-1874 07-04-1954 Stockwell, IND28 14 D
Bretz, Gabrilla A.Watkins(Billie)(wife of Nial)09-24-191503-11-1995Brown Co. NE 314G
Bretz, Nial Dea(husband of Billie)03-18-190910-11-1968Oakdale, NE314H
Bridgford Plot graves X 4 ? ? ?4 18 A,B,C,F *
Briggs, Charles A. 02-1862 08-1910Wabash Co, Ind.1013D
Briggs, Clinton Lane(husband of Marcia)12-19-185708-30-1929Wabash Co, Ind.3219C
Briggs, J.Ivian(son of J.L.& V.L.)? 10 mo 2 day?716A
Briggs, James T. 10-22-1829 07-04-1915?716D
Briggs, James W. 1871 1951?716B
Briggs, Katherine Elizabeth Thrush03-15-1856 03-27-1922?716C
Briggs, Marium India(wife of Clinton)186801-03-1956?3219B
Bristol, Cora Anna Retta Quinn(wife of Frank) 07-24-1879 10-23-1970Winterset, Iowa412C
Bristol, Lyman(husband of Nellie Baker Burley) 04-15-1864 1-31-1931Mich.126D
Bristol, Nellie Baker Burley (wife#1 John Burley m.11-10-1898,#2 of Lyman Bristol) 07-14-1870 06-11-1953Spencer, IND126C
Broekemeier, Glen(hus of Lois A. Streich m.06-26-1949)(son of Emil & Ester Dewey Broekemeier)12-26-192601-30-2005?1023E
Bronson, Edward Clark 08-01-1864 01-17-1926?914A
Bronson, Hattie M. Hardisty (wife of C.J.) 04-04-1939 04-23-1911?914B
Bronson, William(son of Chester ) 1870 01-23-1952 Ill. 914 D *
Brooks, Alma Alberta Allen(wife of#1 Amile Joseph Bejot m.07-26-1916, #2 Gerald Brooks m. 10-09-1944)(dau of John & Laura Allen)(mother) 12-05-189810-06-1988Ainsworth, NE15N14E
Brooks, Ethel Beatrice Roan(wife of Lyle)Dau of Geroge & Eva Roan) 11-02-1902 09-28-1978Plainview, NE225G
Brooks, Joseph F.1900 04-1991 ? 3310 A
Brooks, Laveer Joseph(son ) 06-17-1930 10-20-1945 Elsmere, Ne. 33 10 H *
Brooks, Luella E.Uehling(wife of Joe Brooks)(dau of John M.& Amelia Charlotte Uehling) 11-09-1902 11-1968 ?33 10 B
Brooks, Lyle Donovan 10-30-1902 10-26-1982Cresco,Iowa225F
Brooks, Marvin Harland (son of Joseph & Luela) 10-30-1934 01-14-1936 Dunning, Ne 33 10 G *
Brown, Calvin Elias(husband of Lillian May)01-23-1880 10-18-1947Cook,Ne2113A
Brown, Francis M.(dau of C.& E.) 02-19-1884 08-31-1884?514D
Brown, George A. (son of J.H.& M.A.) 10-07-1904 10-09-1905?514E
Brown, George 11-14-1852 03-1918?514A
Brown, Hattie S.(wife of Everett)188502-1950?317C
Brown, Ida Mae Eggers(dau of Hiram & Cora Zinsmaster Eggers)(wife of Orville Brown m. 1936)06-23-191304-16-2008Tecumsceh, NE???
Brown, John Lyle (Jug)(husband of Sally) 10-04-1911 09-10-1984Shickley, NE2130A
Brown, Labon A. 05-24-1856 03-1931 Iowa 2219 B *
Brown, Lewis Lyle ? 10-1935 ?5 14 G *
Brown, Lillian Mae Fager(wife of Calvin) 05-27-1878 03-09-1965ILL2113B
Brown, Leola Lenore 03-1902 05-1903 ?514F *
Brown, Ruth Christene 10-03-1912 10-1920Fremont, Ne2219H
Brown, Sarah Signora(wife of George) 02-15-1862 05-15-1936Ohio519B
Brown, Sara H. Davison 12-24-1909 01-30-1995Ainsworth, NE66I
Brown, Silas Sylvester 03-16-1899 09-3-1905?514B
Brown, Thomas F. 11-18-1893 12-25-1893?514C
Brown, William Everett 188412-1941?317D
Brown Plot, grave ? ? ?5 14 H*
Browning, Joyce Ann Hathaway(dau of James) 08-11-1932 06-08-1958?1222A
Browne, Cora Rosetta(Honey)Creamer 02-20-1878 12-24-1966Burt Co., NE3412F
Browne, Harris C. 1907 01-12-1952Keya PahaCo., NE3412G
Browne, Russell P.(husband of Cora Creamer)(Co G.32nd Vol.Sp.Am.)10-15-1873 05-21-1944Culpepper, Va3412H
Bruce, Minnie Fern (wife of William)1888 03-03-1969?1217E
Bruce, Phyllis(dau of Wm. &Minnie) 04-18-1917 09-10-1918?1217H
Bruce, William Clark 1892 12-1942?1217F
Bruveleit, Albert Jacob(husband of Matilda) 04-08-189402-22-1965Stanton, NE1022A
Bruveleit, Harold V.(hus of Ione Rauscher m. 10-06-1946)(son of Albert & Mathilda Dahnke Bruveleit)01-24-192404-16-2005Tilden, Ne.1035A
Bruveleit, Ione(dau of Max W> & Alice C. Esterly Rauscher)(wife of Harold Bruveleit m.10-06-1946)09-15-192511-03-2007?1035B
Bruveleit, Mathilda Marie Dahnke(wife of Albert) 12-28-190004-25-1989Tilden, NE1022B
Bruveleit, Robert W.(Nebr, Korea)12-13-1931 09-30-1951?1022D
Buchanan, Ellen Meyers(Mother)05-13-1848 12-05-1933 Ottomwa,Iowa3413B
Buchanan, Viola(daughter) 10-13-1871 01-10-1949Ottumwa, Iowa3413A
Buckley, Euvah Ranae(dau of Richard & Myrna Ackerman 05-28-1959 03-25-1980?2423C
Buckley, James Michael(son of Kim & Sue Mc Cue) 08-23-1990 08-23-1990?133A
Buckley, Myrna Elaine Ackerman(wife of Jerry & Christina Buesing Ackerman)(wife of Richard Buckley m. 07-12-1950) 09-27-193003-24-2009Gothenburg, Ne24N23A
Buckley, Richard Oliver(R.O.)(hus of Myrna E. Ackerman m.07-12-1950)(son of Herman & Hilda Sandine Buckley)06-28-192605-21-2003Cozad, NE2423B
Budde, Anna M. Thun(wife of Henry) 05-23-1880 05-15-1977Valpraiso, Ind2715G
Budde, Conrad Hibbo (husband of Ella)04-01-188503-04-1957Germany3113B
Budde, Ella Anna Schlueter (wife of Conrad)11-06-189307-11-1974?3113C
Budde, Henry(husband of Anna M)(son of Conrad & Gesine) 11-20-1886 04-04-1956Logabeileer, Germany2715H
Bunn, Joseph Arthur(son of John &a,p; Lula Allen)01-23-189801-26-1969Johnstown, NE3013D
Bunn, Lillian Ruth White(wife of Joseph)08-09-190604-23-1987Wood Lake, Ne3013C
Buoy, Jessica Mae(dau of Ricky & Sherry Moore) (infant) 03-05-1981 03-05-1981 Omaha, Ne 11 41 C at foot *
Burchell, Minnie Pelster(dau of Frank & Wilhelmina Schenk Pelster )(wife of Con Burchell m. 11-26-1941)07-19-191109-06-2008Johnstown, NE68B
Burchell, Con (husband of Minnie Pelster) 07-03-1890 01-03-1972Minden, NE6N8A
Burden, Elizabeth(Mrs P.J.) 02-01-1844 01-29-1919????
Burden, Patrick James 09-24-1872 07-11-1926????
Burdick, Clyde E.(husband of Getrude Becker m.10-18-1930) 04-12-1907 06-1995Wilton, ND7N6C
Burdick, Gertrude Mae Becker(wife of Clyde) 03-04-1912 06-25-1993Plymouth, Wisc.7N6D
Burdick, Jerome(husband of Jessie) 10-03-1866 03-17-1950Peru, NE254A
Burdick, S. Delbert E. 01-29-1881 01-1934 LaPort, Ind 110 H *
Burge, Ida Bell(dau of M&Marion Burge)12-02-192412-02-1924?1311G
Burger, Alan Lee 1947 08-1953?246A
Burger, Arthur J. (WW1) 09-21-1893 11-15-1918?191D
Burger, Barbara (Polly) Rose Fernau(wife of John E.) 07-05-1870 10-07-1938Independence, Iowa191B
Burger, Blanche E. Fredrickson(wife of Clarnece Burger m.1937)(dau of Malta & Mae Jameson Fredrickson)10-03-191601-22-2007Upland, NE24N6B
Burger, Clarence?01-21-2006?246B
Burger, Ethel F.Henderson(wife of Paul)01-30-1897 06-25-1992Long Pine, NE26I
Burger, John Edgar(husband of Barbara (Polly) Rose Fernau m.12-25-1890) 01-29-1869 01-23-1939Henderson,Hall Co.Ne191C
Burger, Mildred M. Casselman (wife of Paul) 05-26-1902 209-07-1996 Johnstown, Ne17 7 G *
Burger, Paul Bernard(husband of Mildred)(WW1) 03-20-1897 12-15-1962 Hastings, Iowa17 7 H *
Burger, Paul Duane(hus of Shirley Ann Beebout m.06-02-1946)(son of Paul Bernard & Mildred Casselman Burger)03-30-192408-07-2007Johnstown, Ne314C
Burger, Stella L. Thompson(wife of Tom) 01-06-1880 08-19-1965LaCrosse, Wisc241C
Burger, Thomas Eli(husband of Stella ) 02-10-1891 10-06-1952Long PIne, NE241D
Burke, Donald LeRoy(son of Roland L. & Marie Smith Burke) 12-17-194607-15-2003North Loup, NE2432D
Burke, Harold Wayne(son of Roland L. & Marie Smith Burke)11-17-193106-08-2001Mission, Todd, SD3224C
Burke, Margaret Pauline Hoschouer(wife of Robert) 01-23-1918 10-16-1995Keya Paha, NE2624A
Burke, Robert Joseph(husband of M. Pauline Houschouer m.11-14-1961) 05-14-1918 01-26-2001 Denison, Iowa2624B
Burke, Roland Lyman(husband of Marie)11-29-191101-30-1964NE318H
Burley, John S.(husband of Nellie Baker m.11-10-1895) 12-22-1854 12-06-1900?126A
Burleigh, Carolyn Erickson(wife of John) 03-10-1893 10-1918Lincoln, Ne.196D
Burleigh, John Samuel Sr.(husband of Margaret) 05-27-1866 12-09-1950Mindon, Ill.196G
Burleigh, John S. 04-16-1893 12-14-1977Geneva, Ne196C
Burleigh, Maggie C. Johansen(wife of John 06-17-1891 05-13-1968Cedar Bluffs, NE196A
Burleigh, Margaret Liddle Sands 11-16-1870 07-06-1965Scotland196F
Burritt, Infant ? ? ?6 2 H *
Burritt, Alma May Moseley(wife of Benjamin)(dau of Walter & May Moseley) 07-11-1892 09-23-1954Fremont, NE195F
Burritt, Benjamin Harvey(husband of Alma) (WW1) 08-13-1887 12-11-1949Brown Co., NE195E
Burritt, Harvey???? 08-13-1896?62B
Burritt, Hilda Jones 07-24-1855 02-06-1933?62C
Burrows, Earl Carlton(husband of Mabel Culp) 08-03-1885 12-25-1974 Filley, NE1823E
Burrows, Mabel Sarah Culp 07-11-1886 04-10-1982Columbus, Ohio1823F
Butler, Homer Judson(WW1)(son of Warren & Nellie)11-04-189609-10-1918Butler Co, Ne309D
Butler, Mae Pike(dau of Frank&Minnie Pike)06-10-1898 05-15-1985Brainard, NE272C
Buxton, Edwin R.(Korea War)02-13-193110-17-1951?349A
Buxton, Roberta Jean(dau of Norman & Barbaara Gooch) 03-17-1957 03-17-1957 Ainsworth, NE 34 9 B *
Caldwell, Hattie I.(dau of T.F.& Eliza) 01-11-1887 02-01-1887?39A
Caldwell, Ora Ethel Wiley(wife of Thomas E.) 03-29-1891 01-23-1951Gentry CO., Mo2311F
Caldwell, Thomas Edgar 1870 01-02-1957?2311E
Callaway, Allen Lowell(son of Connie & Margarette Bruns) (Korea) 0-26-1932 10-22-1955Holt Co., NE241A
Callaway, Connie C.(wife of Laurene Adeline Scott Frazier Babbitt m.08-18-1960)(WWll) 01-16-1907 05-08-1982Alexandria,NE241H
Callaway, Lawrence A. ? 06-1998 ?17 1 C *
Callaway, Margaret Wilhelminea Bruns(wife of Connie) 07-28-1910 08-08-09-1958Palmer NE241G
Calif, Rodney(hus of Ellan Ann Jensen)02-19-193912-31-2004?12F
Calver, Alice L.Spicer(wife #1 of John) 11-27-1852 10-07-1882219C
Calver, Allen L.10-25-1892 11-27-1892 ?219F
Calver, Benjamin Harrison(WW1) 07-21-189011-28-1958?2515A
Calver, Charley(son of Alice & Charley) 12-188806-25-1889?219D
Calver, Elizabeth Julia Spicer(wife #3 of John)02-01-1859 07-08-1936Marselle, Ill.219E
Calver, John William 02-10-1847 01-16-1910Australia219B
Calver, Maude Estelle Dodds(wife of Ben) 03-05-1889 01-28-1981?2515B
Calver, Minerva Spicer(Wife #2 of John)11-29-1849 12-04-1903?219A
Campbell, Francis Merritt(Shorty)(husband of Lois Bennett)(WWll) 01-26-192509-27-1975?6N11D
Campbell, Irene Margaret McCord (wife of Perry) 12-08-1893 10-16-1985Kearney, NE6N11B
Campbell, John Alexander 07-24-1856 12-26-1924?819C
Campbell, Josephine Amanda Faulkner(wife of J.A.)08-24-185505-01-1919?819B
Campbell, Perry O.(husband of Irene) 04-28-1899 09-16-1985Deuel Co., NE6N11A
Campbell, Randy Otis(son of Franis & Lois Bennett Campbell)07-25-195711-19-2001Ainsworth, NE611H
Campbell, Richard Raymond(husband of Aurelia Stickwe) 05-29-1923 05-27-1991?6N11G
Campbell, Sidney Roscoe(son of Benjamin & Emma) (WW11) 01-31-190101-10-1951Fairfield, NE1518H
Capwell, Caroline P.Seely(mother) 09-20-182910-08-1913?125D
Carley, Grace J. Fladebo(wife of Lloyd) 11-15-1904 02-16-1998Storden, MN15N16H
Carley, Lloyd E.(husband of Grace Fladebo) 05-24-1902 02-26-1995Macedonia, Iowa15N16G
Carlisle, Della E.(wife of Frank) 1874 06-22-1960?2319I
Carlisle, Frank Julius(husband of Della Evelyn Akins) 01-11-1870 01-08-1946Brock, Ne 2319J
Carlson, Cecil Martin(husband of Margaret Jackson) 01-02-1910 12-07-1981Geddes, SD2420B
Carlson, Margaret Elizabeth Jackson(wife of Cecil m.06-02-1936)12-18-1914 01-08-1994Springview, NE2420A
Carnoali, Adam(son of Ed&Jean)?04-21-1995?233F
Carr, Darrell E.(WWll)(husband of Ramona Ludemann m.01-05-1947) 03-18-1924 08-27-1986Keya Paha, NE1530D
Carr, Vera Louise(dau of John E.Carr) ? 03-19-1924????
Carstens, Johanna G. 03-16-1839 04-23-1925????
Carstens, John H. 02-21-1872 05-26-1912????
Case, A.N. 01-31-1854 11-30-1909?1019F
Case, Arthur Franklin (husband of Bertha) 09-20-1909 03-13-1962Ainsworth, NE157C
Case, Bertha Cornelia Sherbourne(wife of George) 05-30-1913 08-22-1963?157B
Case, William Stanley (Bill)(husband of Schultz m.1973)(son of Don & Helen Kurjuweit Case)05-27-195102-09-2002Ainsworth, NE1831B
Case, Esther Emeline(dau of George & Lela) 02-19-1918 07-05-1918?1019G
Case, George Franklin(husband of Lela Esther) 12-13-1884 04-07-1950Lapier,Michigan157E
Case, L. Everett 05-19-1912 07-12-1938Ainsworth, Ne157D
Case, Lela Esther House(wife of George) 04-24-1888 02-16-1975Ainsworth, NE157F
Cassel, Anna Marie (wife of Erik Sr.)11-29-185712-24-1937Varmlan,Sweden197C
Cassel, Efraim(son of Erik & Anne Hultberg) 04-12-1887 01-31-1981Stolkholm, Sweden197A
Cassel, Emilie Anna Giske(wife of John K. m.03-15-1939) 03-15-1908 05-15-1997Dixson, SD197F
Cassel, Erik Sr.(husband of Anna Maria Aaronsdotter)(Karlsson in Sweden, name changed to Cassel 04-50-1914 on Naturalization Certificate ) 06-05-1859 02-27-1939Vingoker,Sweden197B
Cassel, Erik Nathanial(husband of Iva Ervin) 07-28-1892 03-08-1976Stolkholm, Sweden2014C
Cassel, Esther Mary(dau of Erik & Anna) 06-04-1896 06-29-1979Stolkholm, Sweden197E
Cassel, Gunar K.(Co C.9th Bat.) 05-17-1894 11-10-1918Stolkholm, Sweden 197D
Cassel, Iva Myrtle Ervin(wife of Erik) 03-09-1893 10-14-1962Meadow Grove, NE2014B
Cassel, John Karlson(husband of Emily Gishe)(son of Erik Karlsson & Anna Marie Aronsdotter Karlsson) 07-14-1890 12-25-1953Stolkholm, Sweden197G
Cassel, Infant ? ? ?2014 A *
Cassel, Robert Larry (son of John K.&Emily Gishe))02-14-1941 02-14-1941Ainsworth, Ne197E
Cassel, Samuel(son of Erik & Anna (WW1) 08-22-1888 05-06-1981Stolkholm, Sweden197H
Cassel, Emma Burritt(wife of John Sr. m.02-14-1917) 02-22-1882 09-03-1937Kearney, Ne.62D
Cassel, John Burritt (husband of Evelyn Miratsky M.06-12-1947)(son of John K. & Emma Burritt Cassel)07-11-1922 06-21-1981 Omaha,NE 19 23 D *
Casselman, Merale (infant dau of Clarence&Stachia Henderson Casselman)08-25-193208-25-1932Ainsworth, Ne305D
Casselman, Clarence Vane(son of Charles & Mary Patterson) 01-1875 10-06-1960Peoria, ILL365A
Casselman, Cora Aletta Thompson(wife of John)04-09-188206-28-1981Viroqua, WISC3012B
Casselman, Georgia E. Curry(wife of Clarence) 11-12-1876 10-17-1964Wisc365B
Casselman, John Alexander(husband of Cora Thompson)01-17-188103-04-1950Aurora, Ill.3012A
Castle, Carrie Amelia(wife of Jon) ? 03-24-1954 ????
Cate, Rhoda M.(wife of William)188801-12-1959?3111C
Cate, William Byron(Red)(husband of Rhoda May)06-07-188409-19-1949York Co., Ne.3111D
Chappell, George W. 1870 1941Pike Co.,Ind. 288 D
Chappell, Hila Virginia 12-12-1874 04-1924 Renick, Mo. 28 8 C
Chappell, James F. 02-16-1867 02-1957Ind.276D
Chappell, Mary E.DeMott 1864 10-1957?276C
Chase, Chester W.(grandson)(cremated) 12-20-191405-07-1974?226A
Chase, Larry Ray 08-23-1952 11-14-1969Ainsworth, NE5N7A
Cheney, E.S. ? 1851?710F
Cheney, Edwin F. 12-30-185106-1936Iowa710A
Cheney, Esther Irene Langer(Wife of Edwin) 11-12-18671923?710E
Cheney, Floyd no dates??710D
Cheney, John C. ? ? ?6 9 C *
Cheney, Lloyd E. (son of Edwin) 12-23-189307-21-1915?710B
Cheney, Martha Cole ? 11-1906 ? 6 9 B *
Cheney, Mary D. 05-02-1834 02-18-1886?616D
Cheney, Samuel G.(Civil War-Co C. 102nd Ill. Inf) no Dates?????
Cheney, Tressa Irene 09-05-188803-1907?710C
Chesnut, Rebecca Angeline Hurley(wife of Samuel) 01-21-1856 05-08-1932Gallipolis, Ohio101F
Chesnut, Samuel W.(father in law of William Ely) 05-06-1844 06-1922?101E
Chesnut, Sidney(son of Samuel) 1889 01-1904?101G
Chetister Plot, grave ? ? ?110 A *
Chetister Plot, grave ? ?? 1 10 F *
Chetister, John T. 1832 03-1912 ? 110 C *
Childs, Arthur Benson(husband of Carrie Irene) 01-15-1869 12-19-1936Well City, Minn1715D
Childs, Carrie Irene Thorton 09-12-1875 10-18-1966LeMars, Iowa1715C
Childs, Eshter N.(wife of Billy J. Nelson m.07-10-1992)(dau of Gerald & June Goslin Childs),/td>08-06-195107-02-2007Ainsworth, NE???
Childs, Ivan Donald (son of Ivan &Mary)07-10-1937 08-05-1937Ainsworth, NE2610H
Childs, George Edwin(husband of Gladys) 06-30-1893 11-15-1965Tilden, NE1716B
Childs, Gerald Eugene(wife of June Esther Gaslin) (Coast Guard) 05-16-1918 09-15-1987Nordon, NE1716G
Childs, Gladys P. Lindholm 1896 01-1993?1716A
Childs, June E.Goslin Trahin(wife of #1 Gerald E. Childs m.03-18-1949, #2 Trahin)(dau of Milo & Bertha Carter Goslin) 06-11-192210-14-2005Wewela, S.D.1716H
Christ Plot, grave ? ? ?29 2 D *
Christ Plot, grave ? ? ?29 2 H *
Christ, Arthur(husband of Gertrude Wood) 08-04-1881 09-1934?275E
Christ, George Richard (husband of Velma) 08-17-1899 12-17-1962Custer Co. NE
Christ, Gertrude B.Wood(wife of Arthur) 07-06-1889 02-05-1985 NE275F
Christensen, LaVerne A. Doran (wife of Marlin m.03-08-1947)(cremated) 07-15-1919 01-27-1998Chicago,ILL1526B
Christenson,Marlin(Bud)(son of Mads & Minnie Warp Christensen)(hus of LaVerne Doran m. 03-08-1947)09-05-191909-07-2007?1526C
Clapper, Charles J. 03-03-1883 07-10-1941 ? 10 14 G *
Clapper, Doris Mae Zweibel(wife of Lawrence m.07-04-1943)(dau of Wm. & Metha Zwiebel)10-08-192212-13-1995Brown Co. Ne3127A
Clapper, Frank E. 03-13-1888 06-07-1904?1014A
Clapper, Francis (Frank) Sutherland(husband of Mary E. Wilson m.07-04-1879)(Civil War-Co. F 5th Wisc. Inf) 01-17-1846 02-11-1933Elk Horn,Wisc.1014C
Clapper, Glennie Naomi Larson(wife of John)04-08-188506-18-1959Iowa3114A
Clapper, Jack Dudley(husband of Francina Kurtz) 12-15-1911 08-13-1968NE324D
Clapper, John Dudley (hus of Glennie Lucille Larson m.02-26-1908)(son of Frank & Mary Wilson)11-08-188401-13-19501st white child born in Blaine Co., Ne.3114B
Clapper, John Dudley(Jack)(son of Jack & Francina Kurtz)(Vietnam) 11-05-1943 11-09-1994Ft.Robinson, NE221D
Clapper, Lawrence Francis (Swede)(husband of Doris Zweibel m.07-04-1943)(son of John D. &anp; Glennie)09-11-191510-18-1993Brown Co.,NE3127B
Clapper, Mary E. Wilson 06-18-1858 04-28-1927Independence, Iowa1014B
Clapper, Neva Mabel McCathron(mother)(wife of Charles) 03-17-1890 10-1934?1014F
Clapper, Ted Forrest(husband of Margaret A. Kurtz m.01-10-1943)(WWll) 04-22-1919 04-04-1997Ainsworth, NE3N18C
Clark, Anna Eliza 02-17-1856 04-1914Cordovin, Il.24C
Clark, Benjamin(father) 08-17-1859 12-1923Ky.137C
Clark, Benjamin Franklin(husband of Ethel Morrow m.11-25-1917)(son of Benjamin & Martha Blackerby) 09-11-1891 03-11-1967KY348C
Clark, Byron D. 1849 1919????
Clark, Charles G.(hus of Vergie Fisher m.1904)(son of Sam & Susan McLeary)02-26-187912-24-1972?305A
Clark, Clara Lori Levere Baker(wife of Clarence) 11-11-1900 02-02-1927 Ainsworth, NE.213G
Clark, Clarence Dean(wife #1 Iris Booth)(#2 Lottie Green Troxel) 04-23-1920 12-01-1999 Ainsworth, NE213E
Clark, Clarence Edward(husband of Clara Baker m.08-06-1919)(son of Ben & Martha Blakerby Clark 03-21-1893 01-16-1961ILL213F
Clark, Dorothy(dau of George) 03-25-1905 06-02-1915?24A
Clark, Earl H.(son of Earl E. & Mary Bolich Clark) 09-03-1941 04-27-1944 Long Pine, NE
Clark, Ella Cornish(wife of Ben F.)07-13-1864 11-1928Washington, Ky.324B
Clark, Elmer Bell(son of Ben & Martha Blackerby) 07-09-1886 01-14-1976KY137F
Clark, Ethel Mae Morrow(wife #1 of Benjamin) 12-25-1895 08-21-1932Modale,Iowa348B
Clark, Evan Wayne(husband of #1 Yvonne Koch m.1975, #2 Freida Ohlmann, #3 Aliene Fletcher,son of Ben & Ethel Morrow Clark)02-01-192306-14-2001Ainsworth, Brown, Ne348A
Clark, Floyd C. 02-20-1906 09-28-1927Il.2110A
Clark, George B.(father) 1855 1924????
Clark, George W. 03-25-1895 03-1921Il.137G
Clark, Infant grave(dau of Lafayeete & Dorothy Keefer Clark) 10-08-1932 10-08-1932 Johnstown, Ne 13 7 H *
Clark, Infant (Twins of Ralph & Doris McKinney) 06-04-1951 06-04-1951Ainsworth, NE25 3 C *
Clark, Iris I. Thompson(wife of Dean m.02-22-1942)09-04-192106-25-2001Ainsworth, Brown, Ne833B
Clark, James William(husband of Mary)(WW1) 08-08-1894 05-04-1976Centerville, Iowa134A
Clark, Kenneth ? 1923?213H
Clark, Lavina ?1927Ainsworth, NE213H
Clark, Lillian J. Botsford(wife #2 of Benjamin m.11-01-1940) 11-15-1902 01-21-1996Arcadia, NE348D
Clark, Martha (mother)(wife of Benjamin) 06-06-1865 08-1911Ky.137B
Clark, Martha F.(wife of David) 03-28-1851 01-1932 Springfield, Mo.137E
Clark, Mary Betsy Williams(wife of James W.) 09-12-1894 10-20-1986Meadville, NE134B
Clark, Rachel Blanche Skadden(wife of Charles G.)12-04-1878 02-01-1947Pa.305B
Clark, Retta A.(wife of George B.)(mother) 1864 1952????
Clark, Ruth May Cloudman(wife of Kenneth) 10-31-1931 09-11-1967Crookston, NE11B
Clark, Senator David 03-04-1845 07-1913?137D
Clark, William 1845 1898?24D
Clarkson, Herman 07-20-1870 10-10-1895?16A
Clausen, Etta Ann Stowers(wife of James) 1907 1996????
Clausen, James Krestian(hus of #1 Inez Marie Syfert, #2 Etta Ann Stowers m.1930) 12-13-1892 09-20-1948Sundby Parish, Island of Mors, Denmark177D
Claussen Plot, (4 graves) ? ? ? 6 7 A,B,G,H *
Claussen, Claus Jacob(buried Here)(wife Antje Katharina Carstens m.09-19-1852, b.01-03-1828 d.04-29-1920 buried in Wiota, Iowa) 04-13-1831 07-05-1892Germany61C
Claussen, Detlaf Friedrich(husband of Gerehardine) 04-01-1855 10-23-1939Holstein, Germany67D
Claussen, Gerhardine Catherine Gerdes(wife of of Detlaf m.04-14-1881)05-24-1860 06-16-1940Marne, Holstein, Germany67C
Cleal, Charles Leslie(husband of Geneva Baker) 03-26-1902 05-01-1984Donovan, NE4N14D
Cleal, Eva Jane Mark(dau of John Mark & Princess Jane Goodin) 05-26-1889 02-28-1965 Keya Paha, NE 1418 B*
Cleal, Geneva C. Baker(wife of Charles) 11-27-1899 04-12-1998Ainsworth, NE4N14C
Clemmons/Sutton Plot (2 graves) ? ? ? 5 19 A & G *
Clemmens, Edith N. Crandell(wife of Virgil) 02-23-1901 09-06-1972Minburn, Iowa15N3H
Clemmens, Virgil L.(WW11) 10-03-1906 09-30-1972Savannah, MO15N3G
Cleus Plot, infant ?? ?211 A *
Cline, Grace May Wilkins(wife of Mark) 09-16-1889 02-09-1977?201G
Cline, John Wesley(husband of Laura Lehn) 08-14-1910 09-17-1975Elm Creek, NE2016A
Cline, Mark Marian(husband of Grace) 09-22-1884 02-15-1962Ohio201H
Clopton, David A. 05-10-1857 01-1922Iowa2213D
Clopton, Dorothy Jayette (dau of N& Ray) ? 02-1923 ? 22 13 E *
Clopton, Kate Eunice Blakley 04-08-1864 10-09-1940Bedford,Iowa2213C
Coad, Charles H. 10-1934?323H
Coad, Effa08-11-1874 01-02-1931Nora, Ill.323B
Coad, George Whitney(husband of Ruby Kackmeister)04-14-1895 02-16-1982 WISC 32 3 F *
Coad, Henry06-17-186610-29-1944Cornwall, England323C
Coad, Mary Jolly(wife of Joseph)10-12-1843 11-1921Redruth,Cornell, England323A
Coad, Ruby Lillian Kackmeister 02-18-1908 11-03-1976 Ainsworth, NE 32 3 G *
Coats, Walter Edward(husband of Abbie M.) 06-07-1868 10-12-1950Trout Co., Wisc.218E
Cobb, Helen Hurless 02-27-1900 10-17-1988Ainsworth, NE164D
Coble, Mary Louise Wolcott(wife of Keith m.01-17-948) 05-30-1927 08-04-2000 Ainsworth, Ne 33 2 C
Cochran, Matilda J. Alberts(wife of Henry C.)02-15-1891 10-13-1914?161C
Cockrell, Jack(husband of Hazel Yates) (WW11)08-16-1920 09-01-1990Sunset, TX423F
Cockrell, Maud Phillips(dau of Frank) 02-25-1881 05-27-1966TX423E
Cold, Frances Joann Vifquain(mother) 06-07-1893 08-08-1992 Keya Paha, NE 33 1 B
Cold, Peter Christianson(husband of Frances)(father) 09-23-1884 03-12-1931 Denmark 33 1 A
Cole, Clarence Marvin (son of Garvelle & Pearl Swett) 07-13-1906 07-27-1988?96D
Cole, Earl Rex(husband of Dorothy Brown)(Korea) 10-10-193401-25-1982Ainsworth, NE96F
Cole, Garner Melvin 11-11-1912 01-26-1913?96G
Cole, Garner Marvin 12-23-1869 08-27-1917?96C
Cole, Glen A.(husband of Lena Jones)(dad) 07-13-1904 09-15-1985Ainsworth, NE921E
Cole, Kenneth(son of G.A.&E.M.) 01-01-1900 08-04-1901?1511H
Cole, Laura L.(dau of Garner M.&Pearl)06-19-190203-07-1911?96H
Cole, Lena Mary Jones(wife of Glen Cole m.01-03-1931)(dau of Eddie T. & AnnaSteger Jones)12-31-191107-26-1999921F
Cole, Linda Sue(dau of Alanson & Viola)12-25-1954 12-25-1954Ainsworth, NE921B
Cole, Pearl Elizabeth Sweet(wife of Garner M.)10-05-1875 10-18-1952Harlan, Iowa96B
Cole, Twin daughters(of Dave &Judy Cole) 02-15-1965 02-15-1965Ainsworth, NE921D
Coleman Plot, 2 graves ?? ?? 1 1 A & C *
Coleman, Eugene F.(husband of Velera)(WW11) 01-02-1920 05-05-1967Ainsworth, NE224E
Coleman, John V. (son of Thomas) 02-24-1899 08-20-1917?334A
Coleman, Lettie Clark(wife of Frank Coleman) 03-1888 09-24-1913Ky.137A
Coleman, Janene Belvin(cremains)?08-01-2008?820ft of E
Coleman, Linda Mae (dau of Rex & Ardith)04-27-194704-28-1947Ainsworth, NE314F
Coleman, Lula?07-08-2004?22N6ft of G
Coleman, Vera B.Gustafson(wife of Robert Coleman )(dau of Gilbert & Minnie Jay) 09-09-1909 03-31-1995Ainsworth, NE1113F
Collins, Aimee(dau of Albert& Mary E.) 06-20-1873 04-14-1904?511B
Collins, Albert T. (Civil War-Co L. 10th Ill Cav.)01-31-184012-1915Georgetown, NY511H
Collins, Anna Charlotte Arent(wife of Harley)(dau of Holger & Hedvig Arent) 03-25-1900 12-12-1989Omaha, NE
Collins, Ben F. 04-19-1888 05-30-1967Iowa217C
Collins, Charles(husband of Vera Rodwell Finney)(Cremated) ? 08-1966 ?321 G-H *
Collins, Cindy Lou(dau of Frank & Mary Lou Purvis) 10-02-1961 09-18-1975Ainsworth, NE2116F
Collins, Dennis 02-17-1833 12-22-1907?511E
Collins, Frances Amelia Hutchinson(wife of Wm.) 02-13-1848 11-05-1929 Cazanovia,NY 2919 B *
Collins, Hannah 06-10-1835 06-1920 ?5 11 F *
Collins, Harley Edward (husband of Anna Arent m.10-01-1924)(son of Marion & Nellie Collins) (WWl) 10-01-1893 05-19-1958Ogallala, NE2116H
Collins, Infant(0f Donald Schultz & Lois Collins) 07-12-1966 07-12-1966 Ainsworth, NE2116 G *
Collins, Electa Anna (wife of Benjamin F.) 10-30-1870 09-30-1955Taylor Co., Iowa217D
Collins, Maude 03-14-1883 01-1937 ?29 19 H *
Collins, Sidney L.(son of Harley)(Korea) 08-23-1929 07-28-1950?2116E
Collins, Vera R. Rodwell Finney(wife of #1 Walter Finney, #2 Charles Collins)(cremated)1892 11-1967?321C
Collins, William (husband of Frances) 11-24-1835 01-1921 Georgetown, NY 29 19 A *
Coltrin, Infant Dau. ?1901?817B
Coltrin, Joseph V.(son of M.H.& M.A.) 1892 1893?817A
Combs, Baby(son of Laverne) 08-23-1947 08-23-1947 Ainsworth, NE???
Conley, William Jr. ? 1920 ?1 15 A *
Connelly, Anthony Miles(Tony)(husband of Dorothea) 04-14-1898 07-12-1968Dunlap, Iowa1810A
Connelly, Dorothea Lochmiller(wife of Anthony M. m.06-01-1922) 12-28-1894 08-29-1981?1810B
Cook, Donna L. Switzer(wife of #1 Dick Liska, #2 Milford Cook m. 02-16-1963)(dau of Lloyd & Orpha Wyman Switzer) 06-17-193306-15-2004Clearwarter, NE14N11C
Cook, Henry E. 1898 06-1953?199A
Cook, Henry M.(husband of Mary Fisher) 12-05-1857 11-28-1913Wisc.1318A
Cook, Irwin John(husband of Josie Fisher)10-29-189110-19-1918Hyannis, Ne.302C
Cook, Ida Mae(dau of Henry & Mae Fisher Cook) 05-05-1884 01-24-1935Grant Co., Wisc1318D
Cook, Mary A.(Mother)(wife of HenryCook#1,James Wardrobe#2) 07-04-1864 02-27-1952????
Cook, Milford(husband of Donna Switzer n.02-16-1963) 09-19-1917 05-06-1996Niobrara, NE14N11D
Cook, Ralph Edwin(infant of Elvin) 01-18-192701-25-1927Ainsworth, Ne.1318E*
Cooper, Dale H.(son of Howard B. Cooper & HazelD. Green)(hus of #1 Bernice Carson m.1950, #2 Bea Vruce m. 1973)11-01-19211-21-2010Hastings, Ne45D
Copes, Everett E.E. (hus of Jeanette Ernestine Lewis)(son of RIchard Duncan & Nora Mae Sigerson m. 10-29-1938)05-10-191502-06-2007Page, Ne
Corbitt, Bess Bowen 1883 1944 ? 21 18 F
Corbitt, Paul? 1916?2118E
Cords, Lena Josephine Schrieber(wife of Wilhelm) 12-19-1891 10-09-1978Westbrook, MN1713G
Cords, Wilhelm Carl Chrstian(husband of Lena) 08-25-1888 11-23-1961Purdum, NE1713H
Cornish, Dale Lee(son of Orville& Nettie) 10-29-1938 11-12-1938 Ainsworth, Ne21 11 B *
Cornish, Frances Margaret Matlock 11-06-1858 01-16-1941Creston, Iowa218C
Cornish,David Guy(Husband of Elvina Valentine) 11-18-1896 02-02-1935O'Neill, Ne.2111H
Cornish, William John 02-02-1849 05-28-1930Md.2111A
Costello, Bernadette Carroher(wife of Gerald m.11-27-1954) 05-05-193609-12-1990Spalding, NE345B
Costello, Gerald Eugene(husband of Bernadette)(Korean War) 06-08-193304-11-1993Grand Island, NE345C
Costello, Mitchell Robert(son of Jim & Delonna Welch) 08-09-1985 08-16-1985O'Neill, NE339G
Costello, Stephanie Meriel (dau of Jim & Delonna Welch)07-14-1984 07-14-1984 Norfolk, NE339 G
Cotton, John Morgan(husband of #1 Lilla Johnson, #2 Nancy Lillian Remy m. 06-24-1900)(son of Isaac & Sarah) 11-19-1853 03-17-1927Park Co., Ind.294A
Cotton, Nancy Lillian(Nannie) Remy(wife of John Morgan Cotton)01-30-1873 10-28-1957Hope, Ind294B
Cottrell, Grave(Infant) ? ? ? 3312 H*
Cottrel, Charles H. 04-14-1866 03-1921 Iowa3312 B
Coulthard, Fern June Young(wife of Walter m. 08-12-1918) 06-28-1900 01-23-1994 Buffalo Center, Iowa337C
Coulthard, Walter Granger 08-12-1893 03-04-1989Blair, NE337D
Coutts, Dana Lee(son of Gary & Birdie Coutts)(hus of Cheri Mit chell m. 11-21-1984)03-28-196109-24-2007?32NX22D
Cox, E.(Infant of Grace Ann Cox) 12-21-1969 12-21-1969 Ainsworth, NE1 2 E *
Cox, Lydia Milks Bothwell(wife of George)(mother) 12-15-186303-14-1935Jones Co., Iowa125B
Cox, Ralph Smith(husband of Sadie Trumm) 04-10-1897 07-05-1965Iowa2810E
Cox, Sadie Louise Trumm(wife of Ralph) 08-21-1897 02-16-1976Ainsworth, NE2810F
Craig, Frances Weyer(son of Lewis & Montana Hans) 07-19-1919 09-15-1984 Ainsworth, NE 28 13 H *
Crandall, Wynn M.(son of James & Mercy Kinsey) 07-07-1904 03-16-1982Ainsworth, NE14N3A
Crane, Harry M.(husband of Matilda Cochran m.07-08-1936)08-3-1915 12-24-2000 Ainsworth, NE215?
Crane, Jessie Oakley McCutchins 01-04-1887 09-04-1978?178E
Crane, Jennie B.(wife of F.O.)07-08-1863 02-15-1903 ?215B
Crane, John E.(son of Fred & Jinnie Binnley) 02-05-1887 12-08-1977Ainsworth, NE215C
Crane, Junia Leslie ? 01-15-1955 ?27 16 I *
Crane, Lila Irene(dau of John & Jessie Oakley McCutchin) 07-15-1924 12-15-1975Ainsworth, NE215D
Crane, Matilda(dau of Henry & Matilda Alberts Cochron)(wife of Harry Milo Crane m.07-08-1936)10-11-191403-21-2007Ainsworth, NE215H
Crane, Vincent Clarence(son of John & Jesse) 04-18-1914 08-24-1940Brown Co., Ne178D
Crane, William Alfred(father) 10-21-1862 01-27-1926Hoopstown, Il.2716J
Cranford, Rosa Eliza Harris(wife of Alva E.) 07-28-1887 10-1921?2219A
Crawford, Charles T.(Civil War-Co A. 55 Ind. Inf.)12-03-1833 02-25-1922?1017C
Crawford, Lloyd P.(husband of Ruth Salzman) 05-27-1900 01-18-1984Dundee, MN6N1G
Crawford, Lola M Londer(wife of #1 William Webster m.1944, #2 Russ Crawford m.1958, dau of John & Ida Smith Londer)06-02-192906-19-2001Ainsworth, Brown, Ne2317J
Crawford, Robert Dale(cremains)(son of Russell & Lola Londer Crawford)05-14-196210-22-2008Ainsworth, NE64H
Crawford, Ruth Viola Salzman(wife of Lloyd m .07-06-1925)12-27-1904 12-21-1992Ainsworth, NE6N1H
Crawford, Sarah Storm(wife of Charles) 12-12-1834 01-31-1907?1017B
Creamer, Sophie H. 1874 06-1960?3412B
Creamer, James Issac(husband of Sophia)(Sp-Am War)08-17-187310-07-1934Stanton, Madison, Ne.3412A
Crist, Cody W.(son of Willi&Maryann) 08-13-1982 10-19-1996?9N3C
Crist, Ethel L. Herbaugh(wife of Theodore m.03-16-1950) 09-02-1926 04-04-1993Cascade, NE8N4D
Crist, George(son of George& Velma Anderson) 08-30-1940 08-30-1940 Ainsworth, NE17 13 A *
Crist, Isaac Sherman(son of WM. & Minnie Fairbanks) 11-09-1908 07-18-1964 ?292F
Crist, Israel03-23-190010-1917Clay Co., Ne.292A
Crist, Infant Girl ? ? ? 1713 A-B *
Crist, Infant daughter ? 08-30-1940????
Crist, Mary A. 10-29-1846 07-1926 Bedford Co. Pa. 292 C *
Crist, Minnie Ellen J. Fairbanks(wife of William)05-11-187611-1920CrawfordCo.,Pa.292A
Crist, Robert Eugene(son of Issac) 04-1937 05-20-1950 ?29 2 G *
Crist, Theodore(Ted) Curt(husband of Ethel Herbaugh m.03-16-1950) 03-08-1914 05-13-1993Brown Co. ,NE8N4C
Crist, William I.(husband of #1 Ellen Jane(Minnie) Fairbanks ,#2 Zilphia Statman)07-10-186906-20-1930Bedford, Pa.292B
Crist, William(Bill) Edward(husband of Velda Fletcher) 01-29-1910 02-29-1992Lincoln, NE8N4F
Crocker, Esther F. 10-23-1921 04-23-1984?125A
Crone, Evan J.(husband of Minnie) 01-21-1884 07-27-1959Iowa3318D
Crone, Minnie Marie Blumenthol(wife of Evan) 12-27-1892 05-22-1967Blue HIll, NE3318C
Crook, Blanche(Flo) Daniels 04-28-1919 01-18-1990?1919AB
Crook, Frances Joan Connaughton(wife of Jack m.08-1930) 04-02-1906 10-10-1999O'Neill, NE246C
Crook, Ida Geneva 10-13-1906 11-22-1907?116E
Crook, Jack Muffley(husband of Frances) 09-02-1906 02-09-1987Meadow Grove, NE246D
Crook, Robert William(son of Steven & Almeda Harris) (WW11) 09-12-1901 09-18-1975Mt. Clare, NE1919AA
Crook, William Benson(Ben)(son of Jack & Francis) 03-03-1934 02-20-1954McCook, NE246E
Crooker, Esther Fern Cheney(wife of Ira Glen)10-3-1921 04-23-1984 Sidney, NE???
Crooker, Grace Lillith Wallace(wife of Joe) 05-06-1881 12-28-1952Stacton, Ks.2411A
Crooker, Grace Mae Smith(dau of Peter & Louise Stevens Smith)(wife of Joseph W. Crooker m.05-04-1929)07-25-191102-24-2004Chain Lakes, NE2411D
Crooker, Joe W.(husband of Grace Smith) 03-03-1906 12-08-1974Exeter, NE2411C
Crooker, Larry Lee(son of Carl&Alice McCullam)01-14-196001-14-1960Ainsworth, NE313G
Crooker, Max Marion(WWll) 07-11-1909 01-09-1971Exeter, NE2411B
Crum, Dyer 12-25-1865 02-1910 ? 82 D *
Cunningham Plot, 2 graves infants ? ??4 15 G-H *
Cunningham, Grace(dau of J.C.& Jennie) 10-26-1883 12-17-1884?415A
Cunningham, James C. 1850 08-1894?415B
Cunningham, Olive Erena Latin10-22-1879 02-21-1925Seward, Ne.3115A
Cunningham, Robert M.1882 09-15-1964?3115B
Cunningham, Roy(son of Jennie & J.)? 09-18-1921?4 15 F *
Cuplin, Ethel Claire(wife of Ezra) 10-31-1886 10-19-1963?1212C
Cuplin, Ezra Wallace(husband of Ethel) 04-05-1878 06-07-1961?1212B
Cuplin, John Milton(husband of Ada Marie Westbeck) 06-20-1870 12-25-1940Jessup,Iowa189D
Cuplin, Matilda A. Craton 05-09-1842 01-29-1911Ohio1212A
Cuplin, Myrle 08-16-1889 11-04-1969?189C
Cuplin, Ruth(dau of E.W.&E.C.) 01-11-1911 08-16-1911?1212H
Curry, James Madison(husband of Mary Florence)(father) 02-26-1849 10-17-1930Ill.1210E
Curry, May Florence Patton(wife of James M.)(mother) 09-13-1854 02-27-1945Wisc./Ohio1210F
Cushing, Adelia Jane 10-19-1857 05-04-1935 Howard Co., Iowa???
Cushing, Lester Earl(father) 1886 08-12-1946?1410B
Cushing, Ruth O.(mother)(wife of Lester) 1899 1984????
Cutsinger, Ann(wife of #1 Dr. Barnett Shonecher,#2George W.Cutsinger) 09-04-1842 11-1918Pa.226D
Cutsinger, George William (Civil War-Co 1 2nd Mo. Prov. Eng.) 03-13-184102-24-1931Ky.226C
Cutsinger, Jennie Mary(wife of John)(Mom) 1876 06-1961?226B
Cutsinger, John Terry(Dad) 1873 04-27-1957?226A
Cutsinger, Orville Walter(son of John) 04-09-1903 01-1922?226F
Cutsinger, Wayne Allen(cremated) 1907 11-1983?226G
Cutsinger, Winifred Ellen(dau of John L.) 05-26-1907 09-1921Meadville, Ne.226E
This cemetery was walked by Edward &Doris Torguson fall of 1999. The information was taken from the tombstones. We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Brown County Coordinator.

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