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Picture courtesy of Ainsworth Star Journal
Ainsworth Cemetery

Turn south at corner of Hiway #20 and Pine Street and go south 1 mile.
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AinsworthCemetery D-F
D thru F

Located 2 miles south of Ainsworth.
A (*) means No Headstone
An N in the Block number means the new section on the east side of the cemetery.

A big Thank you to everyone that contributed records to make this project possible, including the City of Ainsworth and Hoch Funeral Home.

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NameBirthDeathWhere Born Block Lot PlotNo stone
Dahlberg, Lois M. Alexa(wife of Donald m.12-26-1974)09-18-1911 10-18-2000 Hollenberg, KS7N10F
Dalton, Francis E. 05-18-1860 12-26-1928?2314D
Dalton, Laura D.Huston(wife of Francis) 05-24-1865 01-05-1941Vevay, Ind2314C
Damahy, Michael 1795 02-22-1885????
Daniels, Ann Sofia Cassel(wife of Art Daniels)(dau of Erik & Anna Cassell)05-04-190404-13-2005Stockholm, SwedenN1924D
Daniels, Anna M. 1879 07-1959?105C
Daniels, Arthur L.(husband of Anna) 1879 09-20-1962?105D
Daniels, Duane (Dude)Dale(hus of Mary Harris m.06-27-1954)(son of Charles & Ella Daniels)10-29-192901-01-2005Ainsworth, NE318H
Daniels, Edsel Donald(sson of Charles & Mary Ellen Ella Daniels)(hus of Clara Mae Severson m. 06-24-1950)02-01-192711-02-2010Ainsworth, NE311E
Daniels, James M. 1848 07-09-1899?105A
Dannett, Elbert John 04-07-1871 11-12-1926 LaMAr, Iowa 286 D
Dannett, Evert B.(husband of Lena Porter) 06-23-1904 05-27-1974 Bronson, Iowa28 6 H
Dannett, Lena Lucretia Porter(wife of Evert) 11-14-1904 03-15-1984 Orchard, NE28 6 G
Dannett, Mary Jane Bacchus 1878 01-17-1957 ? 28 6 C
Dannett, Zeta Lolita Mercer(wife of Evert B.) 07-19-1902 06-07-1935 Grant, Iowa 28 6 B
Dather, Etta Ellen Wamsley(daughter) ???615A
Dather, Etta T. 1860 04-16-1898?615A
Dather, John Frederick 07-21-1863 09-1932?615B
Dather, Jennie (wife of#1 Alexander E. Patterson-d-1874, #2George Savage, #3 Jay Fred Dather) 09-26-1851 03-1930Wisc.1117A
Davis, Permilia May Haskins(wife of Smiley) 04-11-1875 07-15-1943 Lavalle, Wisc.13 14 A *
Davis, Baby ? 1912?1314E
Davis, Abbie May Martin(wife of Henry) 07-21-1880 03-23-1963Patolo, ILL1314C
Davis, Charlotte Ellen Flynn(wife of Jake) 09-06-1913 04-08-1981Gordon, Ne.821D
Davis, Clara E. 1909 1994????
Davis, Dan Hugh(son of Ruth Edwards & Ira) 04-04-1928 11-11-1982Springview, NE31A
Davis, Donald Dean(husband of Evelyn Nielson m.12-07-1946)(WWll) 06-27-1926 11-30-1982Ainsworth, NE4N10D
Davis, Donna(dau of Donald & Evelyn Nielsen Davis)10-13-194906-14-2003?410B
Davis, Dorma B. Caldwell(wife of Sterling) 05-25-1913 09-05-1974?2311G
Davis, Dorothy Faye Parrott(dau of Marion & Jessie Westlake Parrott)(wife of Ted R. Davis m.09-05-1932)05-03-191702-16-2008Corning, Iowa45A
Davis, Edmound D.(husband of Grace Cook) 03-19-1875 09-25-1944Lexington, NE1318H
Davis, Ernest W.(Rusty) (husband of Thelma Takushi m.10-13-1942)( son of Hardy & Mary Stass Davis)(WW11)08-03-1917 06-27-2000 Lyons,Ne.8N6D
Davis, Evelyn Marie Nielsen(wife of Donald D. Davis m.12-07-1946)(dau of Niels & Johanna Larsen Nielsen)03-09-192308-14-2004Enders Lake, NE410C
Davis, Goldie(wife of Paul L. Davis m.02-18-1924)(dau of Charles & Virginia Fisher Clark)09-26-190808-09-2007?512A
Davis, Harold Roy(husband of Clara) 06-16-1908 01-30-1966Ainsworth, NE1318 or 14G
Davis, Henry Wilson(husband of Abbie May) 03-28-1871 09-20-1949 West Plains, MO1314D
Davis, Ira Buck Allison(husband of Ruth Edwards m. 04-14-1925)02-15-1903 08-11-1968NE31H
Davis, Ina May08-19-1913 10-05-1927Ainsworth, Ne1314F
Davis, Jacob Jr. 05-30-1869 12-28-1909?1011A
Davis, Leo Rexford (Jake)(husband of Charlotte) 03-28-1907 07-20-1985Gordon, Ne.821C
Davis, John (son of Jacob) 01-21-1874 12-24-1931Eddyville, Ne1011H
Davis, M. Alma Collins (dau of Albert & Mary E.)12-30-1866 08-18-1887?511C
Davis, Marth E.1844 05-31-1902?1011B
Davis, Mary Louise Sellars(Dau of Nettie & Paul Sellars) 03-07-1922 11-12-1994Council Bluffs, Iowa121A
Davis, Melvin M.(WW11) 05-02-191611-15-1945?1314B
Davis, Paul L.(husband of Goldie Clark) 11-29-1900 10-10-1991Ramses, ILL5N12B
Davis, Richard Dale(son of Paul & Norma Dishman) 12-22-1951 06-28-1972Ainsworth, NE5N12H
Davis, Robert Lee(husband of Gloria Dobrovolny Reddington m.11-25-1987)(WWll) 02-15-1925 01-15-1991Brown Co., NE5N12C
Davis, Roy Harold ? 02-1966 ? 1318 F*
Davis, Sterling E. (WWll)1905 06-1982?2311H
Davis, Ted(husband of Dorothy Parrott) 03-31-1911 05-12-1998 Gordon, NE 4N 5 B *
Davis, Thelma T.(dau of Miwa Takushi & Ushii Mayashiro)(wife of E.W. Rusty Davis m. 10-13-1942)10-17-192304-02-2009Honolulu, Hawaii86D
Davison, Bryan E.(Mike)(hus of #1 Karen Voss m.05-23-1959, #2 Janet ? m. )(son of William Bryan and Fern Cheney Davison)04-30-194107-18-2005Long Pine, Ne725B
Davison, Effie Ann Briggs(wife of William)(dau of James & Kathryn Briggs)07-29-1869 05-16-1973Wabash, IND317A
Davison, Faith Ravenscroft(wife of Lewis) 1894 01-1973?324B
Davison, Fern Marie Cheney(dau of Edwin & Irene Sanger) 10-28-189911-14-1988Ainsworth, NE710G
Davison, Idora Rathburn(wife of Joseph Horn Davison) 08-10-1870 01-09-1945Lima, Ohio66A
Davison, J.D. ? 1945 ? 6 3D *
Davison, John D.(husband of Nellie M. Strand m.03-06-1936)(son of Joseph H. & Idora)10-05-1898 1964?322D
Davison, John ? ? ? 4 3 D *
Davison, Joseph Horn(husband of Idora) 06-30-1860 04-18-1945Oxford, NJ66A shared
Davison, Joseph H. Jr.(son of Joseph & Idora Rathburn) 10-03-1908 12-30-1975Ainsworth, NE66H
Davison, Lewis Augustus 10-08-1897 05-09-1971NE324A
Davison, Lucinda(wife of Nathan) 1838 07-12-1886?46C
Davison, Nellie Margaret Strand(dau of Otto & Anna Strand)(wife of John Davison m. 033-1936)03-02-191407-30-2007Koshopah, Ne223C
Davison, Mary Beth Bailey (cremation)(wife of Donald D. Davison m.11-22-1964)(dau of Ralph (Rod) & Marjorie Johnson Bailey)11-20-194202-26-2006Norfolk, Ne510F
Davison, Nathan 1827 06-29-1900?46B
Davison, Tinnie(wife of Nathan)1844 08-30-1888 ?46A
Davison, William Bryan(husband of Fern Marie) 11-27-189609-22-1951Brown Co., NE710H
Davison, William Miller(hus of Effie Briggs 07-01-1889)05-29-1862 12-04-1941Little Oxford, NJ.317B
Dawson, George J.(hus of Ve Miles m.05-23-1948)(son of George D. & Gertrude Dawson)192007-03-2004Worchester, MA.30N11H cremains
Day, Ann Maria Herholtzer 05-18-1842 03-1917?913B
Day, Darnell Alva ? ? ? 29 13C *
Day, Harold Lee(husband of Ruby Heeb) 09-09-1903 09-04-1971Indiana2214D
Day, Jennie M. Williams08-03-1862 09-1924Plattsville, Wisc.2913A
Day, Lewis F.(Civil War-Co.1 17th Reg.Wis.Inf.) 02-14-1837 08-14-1908?913D
Day, Manuel Madison 06-17-1859 12-03-1929 Reedstown, Wisc. 29 13 B *
Day, Ruby Ella Heeb(wife of Harold m.09-05-1924)(dau of Joseph & Emma Brant Heeb) 08-28-1905 03-09-2001 Springview, NE 2214C
Day, Theron L. 1892 05-01-1959 13 D *
Debolt, John C.(father) 1858 1936?1118C
Debolt, Margaret O.(dau of E.A.&L.F.) 04-08-1907 04-12-1907?109H
Debolt, Mildred Osborn(dau of E.A.&L.F.) 04-08-1907 01-08-1908?109G
Debolt, Millie P.(wife of John)(mother) 10-26-1867 06-1928Savage, Wisc.1118B
Debolt, Ray S.(son of J.G.&M.) 01-22-1901 09-20-1901?1118A
Deiber, Elizabeth K.(dau of John & Mary Mahler) 12-15-1900 12-20-1976Dennison, Iowa188E
Deiber, John (husband of Mary) 04-11-1873 11-16-1945?188D
Deiber, Mary Mahler(wife of John) 01-04-1877 10-09-1955Rock Island, ILL188C
Delmer, J. H. ? ? ?25 D *
DeMaar, Boneita L. Jackson(wife of John) 03-23-1933 12-16-1970NE173F
Dennis, Bertha M. 1876 07-1964?332B
Dennis, Charles Elsworth(son of Emanuel & Mary Welch) 11-10-1864 07-13-1951Mansfield, PA332A
Dennis, Chester(son of Charles & Bertha Wyman) (WW11) 12-03-1908 02-09-1984Johnstown, NE332C
Denny, Effie 12-25-1905 11-01-1988?1418G
Denny, Rick Lee(son of Jerry & Connie Denny)(hus OF Kim Haszard M. 01-09-1999)07-19-197507-9-2009Valentine, NE109A
Densberger, Archie(husband of Ruth) 04-30-1891 04-27-1966Lincoln, NE256D
Densberger, Edith Josphine(wife of George) 05-09-1865 12-12-1959ILL162C
Densberger, Elmer W. 09-24-1889 01-1914?162A
Densberger, George Willliam(husband of Edith)(father) 04-12-1859 04-29-1938Peoria,Ill.162D
Densberger, Howard Herbert(husband of Millie Welke)(Nb. Army) 08-15-1893 04-03-1918?162B
Densberger, Lucille Cora Lewis(wife ofVirgil Densberger m. 09-13-1948)(dau of Justin W. ∓ Ida Lively Lewis) 07-26-192702-08-2011Norden, Ne162F
Densberger, Muzetta Thelma Brown(wife of Warren Art 06-09-191801-27-1982Norfolk, NE256B
Densberger, Ruth Ann Stone(wife of Archie) 04-29-1892 12-26-1972256C
Densberger, Virgil Hilbert(husband of Lucille, son of Archie & Ruth Densberger)12-14-191409-29-2001Wood Lake, Cherry, Ne162E
Densberger, Warren A. (Bob)(husband of #1 Muzetta Brown m.07-06-1937, #2 Freeda Cozad m.1982)(son of Arch & Ruth Ann Stone Densberger) 08-23-191704-29-2002Fairfield(north of Wood Lake), Cherry, NE256A
Denton, S.E. 1843 03-13-1886????
Denton, Viola Almeta Pender (wife of William) 03-10-1882 08-10-1953Bentonsport, Iowa192F
Denton, William Earl(husband of Viola) 04-15-1880 10-23-1946Macadonia, Iowa192E
Derri, Wilbert D. 09-22-1955 09-25-1955????
DeSilva, Minnie Christina Shultz(wife of Clyde m.11-22-1906) 07-08-1885 10-17-1909 Lincoln, NE 144 C *
Detrich, John (husband of Rosa)12-10-1886 05-07-1943Mankota, Kansas216D
Detrich, Rosa(wife of John) 10-17-1891 01-18-1961 ?216C
Dewell, Dr. Benjamin Charles (husband of Marian) 07-09-1886 06-04-1958Magnolia, Iowa1224H
Dewell, Mary M.Winn 1898 06-1979?1224G
Dewoody Plot, 2 graves ?? ?? ? 82 A both *
Dewoody Plot, 1 grave ? ? ? 82 B *
Dheiges, Harry 1869 1917????
Dickson, G.M. 08-28-1855 01-17-1905?1010A
Didier, Merle Eugen(Karen Hartshorn m.05-26-1957) 02-23-1932 09-03-2000 Wewela, SD
Dillon, Archibald E.(husband of Kittie Wanaker)(son of E.E.&M.) 189111-1918?167A
Dillon, Elder Emery Ellsworth(Missonary A.S.S.U.) 06-24-1863 02-1937Ill.167E
Dillon, Helen M.(dau of E.E.&M.) 1904 1914?167D
Dillon, Kittie E. Wanker 08-09-1894 12-26-1957Ainsworth, NE167B
Dillon, Minnie Mineivera Mooberry(wife of E.E.) 09-04-1865 12-17-1937Ill. or Ind.167F
Dimmitt, Wilson Emerson(son of Beal & Mary Robins) 01-19-1871 08-04-1958 Chatworth, Ill. 22 21 F *
Dixon, Alice Francelia Purdy(wife of Arthur) 10-14-1893 01-05-1981 Middletown, NY???
Dixon, Arnold M.(hus of Arthur A & Gladys Millard Dixon)(hus of Frances Worth m. 1964)06-05-191711-10-2005Springview, NEN2313Foot of A & B
Dixon, Arthur Alvin(husband of Alice) 1891 06-1980?2313B
Dixon, Elmer Ward(husband of Sarah Strong)(father) 01-19-188709-08-1947KeyaPaha, Neb.2312A
Dixon, Everett Elmer(son of Elmer&Sarah)01-19-1927 02-01-1927Ainsworth, Ne.2312H
Dixon, Frank(husband of Sarah Ellen) 03-27-1856 01-28-1945Patterson, NJ2312D
Dixon, Gladys Mae Millard(wife of Arthur) 09-13-1893 06-11-1969NE2313A
Dixon, Howard A.(son of ELmer & Sarah Strawn Dixon)(hus of Irene Hughart m.07-13-1941) 03-22-191904-05-2010Springview, NE23N26D
Dixon, Letha Irene Hughart(dau of Jeptha & Mable Jones Hughart)(wife of Howard Dixon m. 07-13-1941)11-24-191911-19-2008Witcherville, Arkansas2326C
Dixon, Sarah Ellen Eason(wife of Frank) 08-24-1865 01-05-1957Dundees, MN2312C
Dixon, Sarah J.(wife of Elmer)(mother) 01-01-1888 04-06-1972?2312B
Doane, Elizabeth Duncan 10-09-1803 09-25-1887?718A
Dodd, Cleo A. Jackman(wife of Floyd)08-08-191906-14-1996Johnstown, NE3020F
Dodd, Floyd (Irish) Russell(husband of Cleo)07-04-1917 01-28-1973Jasper Co, Iowa3020E
Dodd, Ivan Oren(husband of Mardella Smalley) 08-18-191307-29-1988Des Moines, Iowa3030D
Dodd, Lua Gladys Hindman(wife of Oren)07-16-1889 09-21-1971Iowa3020C
Dodd, Mardelle J.Smalley(wife of Ivan) 06-24-192406-16-1978Neligh, NE3030C
Dodd, Oren Waalace(husbandof Lua)03-10-189301-24-1959Baxter, Iowa3020D
Dodds, Arretha Swarm 1900 1992????
Dodds, Elizabeth T. (wife of Samuel Milton) 02-05-1832 05-1918Ohio1615H
Dodds, Lewis Ford(husband of Arretha Swarm) 08-22-1884 12-27-1962 Correctionalville, Iowa269D
Dodds, Irwin Spear(husband of Sarah Adeline Osborne) 11-15-1854 04-21-1933Ohio1615C
Dodds, Milton 12-11-1856 12-1916Iowa1615G
Dodds, Pearl A. 05-26-1899 07-18-1813?1615A
Dodds, Renona Mae Reed(wife of Wesley Frank(Doc) Dodds m.01-04-1947)(dau of Pearl & Elizabeth Sutherd Reed)07-21-192809-07-2002Virginia, Illinois15N4A
Dodds, Sarah Adalline Osborne Smith(wife of R.I>) 07-04-1860 12-1925Kansas1615B
Dodds, Vivian Kratina Davison(wife of Wesley m.06-18-1913)(dau of Joseph Davison & Idora Rathburn Davison)03-07-1893 09-03-1987Ainsworth, Ne15N4C
Dodds, Wesley Frank (Doc) Jr.(son of Wesley & Vivian Davison Dodds)(hus of Renon Mae Reed m. 01-04-1947)07-26-192409-10-2010Ainsworth, NE154B
Dodds, Wesley Frank Sr.(husband of Vivian Katrina Davison m.06-18-1913)(son of Irwin & Sarah Osborne Dodds) 11-26-1891 07-09-1976Hemmingford, NE15N4D
Dodds, William Ray (Bill)(hus of Marie Jeanette Farber m.1225-1965)(son of Floyd(Irish)Dodd & Cleo Alberta Jackman Dodds) 12-30-194504-11-2004Ainsworth, Ne30N20between E & F
Dodge, Frances B. Wallace(wife of Fred E. Dodge m.07-14-1934)(dau of Walter & Ethel Pancake Wallace)12-27-191410-31-2004Wood Lake, NE36N11C
Dodge, Fred Ebenezer(husband of Frances Wallace m.07-1934) 12-07-1903 11-19-1970Springview, NE3611D
Dodge,Fred F.(hus of Mary)(son of Fred & Frances Wallace Dodge)07-03-194207-31-2003Ainsworth, NE3611E
Dodge, Mary L.Richards(wife of Ralph Dodge m.05-22-1965)(Dau of John & Mayme Murer Richards)12-26-194112-27-2005York, NEN3611F
Donahy, Micheal ? 02-1889 ? 8 19 D *
Donaldson, Earl 1893 04-14-1911 ? 9 19 H *
Donnahoo, Cora Ellen Bishop(dau of Robert & Florence) 03-06-1891 12-18-1964NE2512B
Donnahoo, Glen(son of Jess & Cora Bishoop)(Korea War) 01-30-192912-12-1974Mary, NE2512D
Donnahoo, Jess T. 1882 1935?2512A
Donnahoo,Baby(Son) 1924?2512C
Donnahoo, Baby(dau)? 1925?2512C
Donahoo, Ida Marie Kuhre(dau of Frank & Jennie Thomopson Kuhre)(wife of #1 Frank J. Todd m. 02-1935 #2 Ralph J. Donahoo12-23-191404-12-2010Nordon, NE25N12G
Donnahoo, Ralph J.(husband of Ida Kuhre Todd) 03-20-1926 07-28-2000 Mary, Ne 25 12 H
Donoho, Charolett Predmore(husband #1 Frances M. Woods, #2 L.I.Donohoo) 02-14-1865 01-29-1944Virginia1510D
Doran, Mae Agnes Kelly(wife of Albert) 02-03-1890 05-24-1985Westport, Ireland1526A
Downing, Arthur Wright(son of Stephen & Esther) 09-08-1890 12-04-1918227A
Downing, Delmer Lee(son of Fred & Isabelle Wilson) 06-30-1934 09-15-1943Mullin, Ne234E
Downing, Esther M.Wright(wife of Stephen Downing)(mother) 09-10-1849 12-1922Conn.227C
Downing, Stephen G.Burt(husband of Esther Wright)(father) 12-27-1844 05-1920Ill.227D
Downs, John (husband of Lucy Dillon)(Civil War-Co A.32 Iowa Inf)03-04-184409-1923?13C
Downs, Millie May 04-11-1875 07-1943 LaVelle, Wisc. 33 16 C
Downs, Smiley Gene(son of Smiley) 09-14-1931 11-26-1933Omaha, Ne 3316 D*
Downs, Smiley ? 12-27-1960 ?33 16 D
Draubough, Fredrick Thomas 1881 08-1941 ? 116 C *
Drinkwalter, Grave ? ? ?27 8 O *
Drinkwalter, Archie Lewellyn 03-14-1866 04-06-1941Webster City, Iowa278J
Drinkwalter, Gale Wyoming(son of Archie & Louisa)(WW11)03-28-190710-19-1943Geneva, NE278M
Drinkwalter, Louisa Walter(wife of Archie) 02-14-1870 12-01-1937Navhoo, Ill.278K
Drinkwalter, Robert Allen 05-10-1925 05-13-1925Ainsworth, Ne.278L
Drueke, Leander Aelred (hus of Donna Rae Jansen m.05-05-1948)(son of William & Teresa Welding Drueke)10-28-192602-24-2006Spencer, NEN2418C
Drueke, Linda Lee(dau of Leander &Donna Jansen)) 02-02-1949 06-09-1985Ainsworth, NE2418A
Duffield, George L. ? 01-1953 ? 24 11E *
Duffield, George Thomas(hus of Dolly Elizabeth Mullen)(father) 02-17-1874 01-21-1966NE2411F
Duncan, Infant ? ? ? 7 18H *
Duncan, Adaline A. 03-20-1832 08-04-1899?718B
Duncan, Chester William 04-08-1854 10-1919?28 2 D
Duncan, Mary E.McConnell(mother) 01-14-1857 07-1923 ? 282 C
Duncan, Rev. Levi 01-18-1827 02-28-1908?718C
Dunn, Elinor Jean Grant(dau of Earl & Maude)(wife of Jack) 11-12-1924 01-17-1952Ainsworth, Ne2115E
Dunaway, Mary Martha Hartgrave Soloman(dau of Wesley & Violet Maxwell)02-05-1892 07-09-1970Vermillion, SD185B
Dunston Plot, 1 grave ? ?? 3 20 A *
Dutrow, Blanche L. Coleman(dau of Ralph L. & Elsie V. Kesler)(wife of Ernest(Eddie) Dutron m. 11-18-1939010-15-192212-31-2009North Platte, NE152B
Dutrow, Ernest Edward(husband of Blanche Coleman)02-06-1915 03-20-1972?15N2A
Dutrow, Scott L.(son of Wayne&Pat Jones Dutrow) 06-15-1967 04-16-1972Ainsworth, NE15N2H
Dygert, Sean Ian Morgan O'Ryan 02-17-1983 02-17-1983? 35 19 A *
Eby, Alma Anna Marcellus(wife of Rex) 09-02-1893 03-27-1979Dustin, NE3512A
Eby, Rex Alonzao(husband of Alma Ann) 01-18-1888 11-02-1954Stuart, NE3512B
Eckley, Edward M.(husband of Emma) 10-10-1877 02-16-1950 ?282A*
Eckley, Emma Januschenski 07-24-1900 02-13-1986Germany2017A
Eckley, Ethel Isadore Allen(wife of #1 Theodore George Witt m.02-08-1921 #2 Clay Eckley m.12-22-1949)(dau of John & Laura Allen) 04-28-1902 02-04-2001 Ainsworth, NE316G
Eckley, Lenna Agnes Duncan (wife of Edward Monroe Eckley) 02-18-1883 06-25-1940 Shelby Co., Iowa282B*
Eddy, Anley C. 1892 04-29-1917?1612D
Eddy, Christopher Lars(husband of Serena Seals)(father) 06-02-1857 05-14-1939Bergen,Norway1612B
Eddy, Lawrence Thomas(hus of Myrtle Grenawalt m.09-08-1920)(son of Christopher & Serena Seals) 07-10-1887 10-30-1974Minoca, ILL1612G
Eddy, Myrtle Grenawalt(wife of Lawrence) 10-20-1888 06-03-1968Wisc1612F
Eddy, Serena Elizabeth Seals(wife of Chris)(mother) 12-03-1859 09-11-1922Iowa1612C
Edwards Plot, 2 graves ?? ? 16 17 B-C *
Edwards Mrs. Charles ? ?? 34 D *
Edwards, Daisy?01-10-2007?1037C
Edwards, Edwin Owens 1881 07-15-1915 Wales 16 17 E *
Edwards, Elizabeth Ann Owens(dau of Richard & Jennie Davis) 06-1878 06-15-1964Cambrodge. WISC31D
Edwards, Ellen 1854 1890?31B
Edwards, Eugene 1929 1998?31South of E
Edwards, Eva Jane Cleal 1889 03-1965?1418B
Edwards, Evan Richard(husband of Eva Jane) 04-09-1873 01-10-1948Anglesea, North Wales1418A
Edwards, Everett Harold(husband of Susan Larabee) 05-20-1906 09-07-1982?31F
Edwards, Gladys(dau of Evan) 08-1910 04-1911 ? 1418 H *
Edwards, Leola Josephine Case(wife of Robert W. Edwards m.03-04-1938)10-15-191911-01-2001Ainsworth, NE1418B
Edwards, Mark Steven(son of Wayne & Margie L. Staal Edwards)) 06-30-1957 08-11-1967Ainsworth, NE369G
Edwards, Robert W.(hus of Leola J. Case m.03-04-1938)(son of Evan R. & Eva Jane Marks Edwards)03-11-191912-20-2002Ainsworth,NE1418C
Edwards, Richard (son of Richard & Vaneta)08-01-1943 08-02-1943 Ainsworth, NE 14 18 E *
Edwards, Susan Katherine Larabee(wife of Everett)02-06-1907 05-23-1969Ainsworth, NE31E
Edwards, Wayne L.(husband of Margie Staal m.11-04-1950)(WW11) 10-19-192202-15-1996Butte, NEi369E
Edwards, Theodore Charles(husband of Elizabeth) 11-17-1875 09-30-1961Iowa31C
Eggerts, Adolph(husband of Lillie Mae Lierman) 01-08-1890 06-20-1975Hiawatha, KS239D
Eggerts, Lillie Mae Lierman(wife of Adolph) 11-18-1892 07-05-1966Beemer, NE239C
Einsphahr, Dell Robin(son of Herman G. & Ida Finder Einsphahr)04-26-191703-01-2002Brown County, NE156B
Einsphahr, Herman Gustuff 01-16-1876 04-25-1971Chicago, ILL15N6D
Einsphahr, Ida G.Finder(wife of Herman) 09-08-1883 05-10-1973North Bend, NE15N6C
Einsphahr, Kenneth Leroy(son of Marvin & Darlene Lewis) 11-11-1949 03-17-1951 Loup City, NE 33 4 G
Einsphahr, Ruth Ann (dau of Marvin) 1948 03-27-1950 ? 33 4 G
Einspahr, Warren H.(WW11)(husband of Esther)07-04-1922 04-28-1989?14N6D
Einwalter, Mattie Josephine Peck(wife of Milton Charles) 10-07-1871 03-28-1942Bloomington, Wisc.1610H
Elhis, Annie R. 02-23-1886 08-31-1888?218A
Elhis, George Irvin 10-02-1868 02-12-1895?218B
Elhis, George Irvin Jr. 07-28-1895 07-30-1890?218D
Elhis, Walker M. 02-12-1892 05-17-1895?218C
Elifritz, ?evnie Lovejoy(husband of Rachel Elnora)08-08-1883 12-24-1944 Centralia, Ill.LilFairbanks lot
Elijah, David G.(husband of #1Fern Lovell, #2 Marie O'Linda Molzahn)(son of Henry & Nellie Emilo Slyvester Elijah)07-07-191204-26-2002Lewistonw, MT.1014D
Elijah, Marie Olinda Wagner(wife of David) 01-22-1907 05-04-1999Enid, OK14N10C
Ellenwood, Josephine(wife of A.G.)1857 12-29-1890?41B
Ellis, Fred Richaard (son of Wallace & Dagma)03-15-193907-22-1948Ainsworth, NE313E
Ellis, Harold W. 12-15-1900 06-20-1904719F
Ellis, Lady Maude 01-02-1903 06-20-1904
Ellis, Lila M. 05-02-1896 08-13-1897719D
Ellis, Robert Eugene(son of Walace & Dagma)(US Army) 12-08-193510-03-1992 Ainsworth, NE3513E
Ellis, Wallace Lyman(husband of Dagmar) 04-17-1908 11-15-1957Elsmere, NE313F
Ellis, Worley B. 12-10-1869 03-06-1904719C
Ely, Infant (Dau. of Samuel &Virginia)1941 03-1941211H
Ely, Grace Maude Chesnut(wife of William) 05-08-1881 11-18-1970Denver ,Co211A
Ely, Mary Francis Potter(wife of William B.) 07-06-1844 11-07-1926Marion, NY211C
Ely, Samuel C.(cremated) 01-09-1910 03-31-1982211E
Ely, Virginia D.Stoltenberg(wife of Samuel)(cremated) 1909 01-1996211F
Ely, William B. Dr. 03-105-1842 05-1921Vermont211D
Ely, William McLouth(husband of Grace M.) 09-21-1875 05-05-1955Marion, NY211B
Emerson, John Edward(son of Edward & Melissa Irwin Emerson)(hus of Agnes Anderson m.05-25-1940)02-21-191411-23-2003Custer county, NE418D
Emry, Kenneth Earl(husband of #1 Ortha Loretta Reynolds, #2 Alice Marsh Randall) 02-02-1914 05-05-1986Norden, NE7N7G
Enders, Delorus Amber Lewis Keim(wife #2 of Frank Graham m.11-1976) 12-21-1907 12-26-1989 15N 5B *
Enders, Emma Maria Day(wife of John Edward)01-07-1873 09-22-1953LaCross, Wisc291B
Enders, Ethel Pearl Krasch(#1 wife of Frank Graham) 11-14-1904 12-05-1975Arabia, NE291F
Enders, Frank Graham(husband of#1 Ethel Krasch m.06-1928, #2 Delorus Keim m.11-1976) 08-01-1904 01-04-1993 Ainsworth, NE 29 1 A
Enders, Harry Leland(husband of Hazel Lewis m.1913)07-02-1892 01-22-1959Ainsworth, NE291H
Enders, Hazel G.1892 02-1987291G
Enders, John Edward(Ed)(husband of Emma Maria Day m.06-1891)01-12-1858 11-24-1943Cedar Rapids, Iowa291C
Enders, Rachel Marie(dau of John Edward & Emma Day Enders)11-02-191310-1917Enders Lake, Ne.291E
English, P.H.(father) 08-08-183003-10-1906109A
Ensley, Clara Louise Keech(wife of John) 04-03-1895 02-10-1967Ainsworth, NE1910F
Ensley, Elizabeth Jennie Truax(wife of Joseph) 09-19-1871 10-09-1943Fulton Co., PA1910B
Ensley, James Harry(son of J.R.)(Co. K. 23rd Reg) 09-28-1895 06-28-19181910A
Ensley, James Harry(son of Roy & Clarissa) 02-07-1927 06-29-1932Ainsworth, Ne1910H
Ensley, John Lewis(husband of Clara) 08-19-1893 12-06-1964NE1910E
Ensley, Joseph Retner(son fo Peter & Sophie) 04-25-1860 10-169-1953Fulton Co., PA1910C
Ensley, Roy J. 03-29-1902 08-16-19711910G
Erickson, Donald Ray Jr.(son of Donald & Judy Swalley) 02-29-1964 05-10-1964 1 2 G *
Erickson, Matilda Kachmeister(wife of James Logan) 01-18-1888 04-24-1948 Sarpy Co, Ne. 29 6 H *
Erickson, Robert Dean(son of James & Matilda)11-18-192107-08-1942Kearney, NE296D
Ervin, Elbie Louis(father) 05-12-1864 01-17-1926Hooks Paint,Hampton Co.,Iowa2014E
Ervin, Emma Amelia Ames(wife of Elbie)(mother) 02-28-1865 09-06-1951Forrest City ,Iowa2014F
Ervin, Violet Mildred(dau of Elba & Emma Ames)(sister) 03-12-1897 02-23-1975Meadow Grove, NE2014G
Estabrook, Frank A.(husband of Hazel Kackmeister) 06-18-1910 05-17-1985Johnstown, NE2711E
Estabrook, Hazel?06-17-2006N2711F
Esterly, Infant ? ? 311 C *
Esterly, Alice Jane(Infant)(dau of Oscar&Annie)?02-20-19141412E
Esterly, Albert Calvin(husband of Anna Louise Schipporeit m.05-02-1934)(son of Charles & Susan Esterly) 05-26-1888 01-07-1963St. Anthony, Iowa3213H
Esterly, Anna Louise Schipporeit(wife of Albert)(dau of Fredrick & Anna Wendt Schipporeit) 07-10-1896 12-14-1975Brewster, NE3213G
Esterly, Annie Fisher(mother) 10-24-1874 05-06-1947St. Center, Iowa1412B
Esterly, Charles 12-22-184410-07-1927Milford, Pa. 311D
Esterly, Charles Floyd(husband of Vera Fernau) 07-28-1913 10-06-1983Springview, Ne3621D
Esterly, Floyd(son of Oscar&Annie) 06-3-1907 08-21-19111412D
Esterly, John Adam(son of Charles & Susan Ball)(father) 07-11-1880 05-02-1952Iowa143D
Esterly, Kenneth Charles(son of Charles & Vera)(son,Brother) 07-18-1936 12-24-1996Ainsworth, NE3621B
Esterly, Marguerite Avis(dau of Albert & Ruth Honaker Easterly)05-13-192807-13-19293213A
Esterly, Myrtle Rosie Swim(wife of John)(mother) 01-01-1891 08-18-1985 Keya Paha Co., NE143C
Esterly, Oscar(husband of Johanna B.)(father) 03-08-1874 11-27-1944Ill.1412C
Esterly, Susanna Beck(Wife of Charles) 10-27-1852 10-22-1935Pa.311C
Esterly, Vera Doris Fernau(wife of Charles m.05-09-1935)01-09-1915 12-17-1988Ainsworth, NE3621C
Eule, Addie Helen Sprague(wife of John m.08-14-1922)( dau. of George & Luester McConnell Sprague)03-23-190103-31-2002Mills, Keya Paha, NE281B
Eule, John (husband of Addie Sprague) 08-24-1883 07-06-1969TX 281 C
Eule, Minnie Louise 05-08-1890 10-1918Rising Sun, Ind. 281 D
Evans, Bernice L(dau of John & Anna Bjorklund)(wife of Vere Evans m. 05-21-1936)12-21-191406-28-2009Sutton, NE65H
Evans, Darwin 04-12-1912 01-17-1980Whitman, NE15N12C
Evans, Dorothy Jane Devore(wife of Darwin) 08-20-1916 04-28-1989Westerville, NE15N12D
Evans, Lewellyn Vera(husband of Bernice Bjorklund) 10-13-1913 02-23-19816N5G
Eveland, Child(Dau of Samuel & Bertha)1899 03-09-190878E
Everingham, Allen George (husband of Helen) 10-27-1885 09-18-1964Hutsonville, Ill 28 12 E
Everingham, Elizabeth (dau of Allen & Helen) ? 01-21-1916 2812 H
Everingham, Helen Rebeccah Skillman(wife of Allen) 10-16-1891 07-13-1982Ainsworth, NE 28 12 F
Ewing, Frances Phoebe Nichol(wife of Newton) 11-03-1897 02-15-1977 Ill.
Fairbanks, Floyd Erwin(husband of Mary K. Jansen) 10-26-1894 07-24-1955Highland, KS3410A
Fairbanks, Lillie Belle 03-24-1880 08-1937 Adams Co.,Neb.30 17 C *
Fairbanks, Mary Kate Jansen(dau of Henry Jansen & Mary Deiber)(wife of Floyd) 12-29-1893 07-14-1971Bucks Grove, Iowa3410B
Fairbanks, Rose Marie(dau of Floyd & Mary) 05-17-1935 05-17-1936Ainsworth, Ne3410G
Fairbanks, Rozells Z. 03-24-1886 08-1925Waunita, Ne.3017A
Fancher, Edward Davenport(son of Edard D. & Elvira Carpenter) 03-02-1885 04-08-1965Johnstown, NE244D
Fancher, Verge Florence Shannon(Wife of Edward) 11-14-1887 04-02-1954Shelby Co., Iowa244C
Farman, George Alfred Jr.(husband of Hertha Lockmiller)(WW1) 11-19-1898 02-09-1971Ainsworth, NE2320D
Farman, George Afred Sr.(husband of Lou)(father) 08-23-1859 03-24-1946Lockridge, Iowa2320A
Farman, Hertha H.Lochmiller(wife of George Jr.) 02-22-1904 10-30-1992Ainsworth, NE2320C
Farman, Lou Irene Richmond(wife of GeorgeSr.)(mother) 12-09-1867 09-08-1918Ill.2320B
Farris, Birdeen McDermott ? 11-1990 24 22 C *
Farris, Dennis Leroy(son of Leslie & Birdeen McDermott) 06-06-1953 02-03-1980Ainsworth, NE2422D
Farris, Esther Ellen (wife of James)(dau of James & Josephine Irone/Casidy Ferrier) 11-06-1877 09-18-1953218G
Farris, James Madison(husband of Esther Ellen Ferrier m. 06-04-1895)(son of Martin Ferris & Mary Ann Marine Ferris) 06-28-1876 05-04-1958Union CO.,SD218H
Farris, Martin Louis (husband of#1 Edith I. DeWitt m.03-25-1920, #2 Mattie Elizabeth Hopkins m.11-17-1927) 01-03-1903 11-12-1981Sioux City, Iowa2421C
Farris, Marvin James(husband of Stattah Agusta Clink m. 03-12-1928)10-30-1909 07-15-19686N7H
Farris, Mattie Elizabeth Hopkins(Wife of Martin Farris m.11-17-1927)?03-29-2005?N2421D
Farris, Stattah (cremation)?01-30-200667G
Fast Plot, 3 graves ?? ?? 7 15 E,F,H *
Fast, Benjamin M. 01-15-1867 03-06-1910Mercer Co., Ohio715A
Fast, Sarah J.(wife of B.M.)08-03-1870 08-05-1893715B
Fast, Sarah ? ? 715 C *
Fast, Verona Elizabeth Greathouse(wife of Walter)(dau of Bryant Greathouse & Edith Mae Bowlby Greathouse)08-26-1902 12-19-1988
Fast, Son(of M.B.& S.J.) 02-18-1883715D*
Fegley, Berdena Idona McConnell)(wife of Kenneth Fegley m. 1944)(dau of Iva Lucille McKim and Chester Washington McConnell)08-09-192107-02-2009Brown County, NE47C
Fegley, Lucy Pearl Childs(wife of Lynn) 07-23-1895 09-04-19801823C
Fegley, Lynn George(husband of Lucy Childs m.1913)(son of George & Laura Delaney) 06-13-1892 06-23-1980Norden, NE1823D
Fender, Augusta Caroline Bucholtz(wife of Fred) 05-29-1852 10-1925 Germany 26 5 C *
Fender, Bertha ? 01-1933 26 5 A *
Fender, Nora Augusta 02-24-1907 04-22-1907 26 5 C *
Fender, William Fredrich ? 1924 26 5 D *
Fenton, Edward C.(grandchild of George Reinert) 02-17-1920 10-22-1920NY2214H
Ferguson, Blanche K.(wife of E.Ross) 1881 08-14-1956 1119G
Ferguson, Caroline M. Stanislaus(wife of Chester m. 08-25-1950)(cremains) 07-05-1912 04-20-2000?224AA
Ferguson, Chester 1907 04-08-1994224AA
Ferguson, Donald Boyd(son of Joseph & Sarah Bowmart)(US Army) 11-05-1929 09-12-1994Ainsworth, NE1110F
Ferguson, Elmer Ross 04-28-1879 01-1940Iowa1119H
Ferguson, Edward Leroy(husband of Leona) 04-08-1904 07-03-1967Mt. Jackson, PA1112E
Ferguson, Freddie 1889 12-1992224C
Ferguson, Ida Colene McCaskey(mother)02-07-1852 02-04-1941Tipton,Iowa224A
Ferguson, John Newton(huband of #1 Mabel ??, #2 Ida McCaskey)(Civil War-Co.D. 2nd Iowa Inf.) 04-18-1838 05-19-1918Iowa224B
Ferguson, J.G. (Civil War-Co F. 38 Ind. Inf) 09-24-1844 09-29-19001110C
Ferguson, Joseph Winn(husband of Sarah Malinda) 05-06-1881 08-30-1941Independence,Iowa1110H
Ferguson, Leona Helen Reinert(wife of Ed)(dau of George H. & Anna Toulson Fenton Reinert) 05-07-1907 10-20-1988Ainsworth, NE1112F
Ferguson, Mellissa Winn (Mrs. J. Y.)03-30-1855 05-29-1913 Wisc. 11 10B *
Ferguson, Ruth Irine 12-22-1914 06-20-1932144D
Ferguson, Teressa Grace(dau of J.Y.&M.) 01-23-1875 02-26-1910Iowa1110A
Ferguson, Willis J. 01-20-1877 09-29-1958Iowa 11 10 E *
Ferguson, Winefred Aletha 06-16-1900 06-27-19371110D
Ferguson, Winifred ? 09-15-1900 22 4 D *
Fern, Joseph 05-12-1856 07-29-1941 Anita, NY 1 16 B *
Fernau Plot, Graves X 4 ? ? 4 7C,D,E,F *
Fernau, Anna G.(wife of John) 1817 11-30-1889 47B
Fernau, Child (of George& Iva) ? ? 4 8F *
Fernau, Infant (son of Dave & Ella Mae) 02-02-1933 02-02-1933 4 8 G *
Fernau, Infant ? ? 4 8 H *
Fernau, Arthur C.(husband of Bernice Henning m.06-01-1928)(son of Joseph Levi Fernau) 11-07-1907 09-22-1997Ainsworth, NE917E
Fernau, Bernice I. Henning(wife of Art Fernau)(dau of Henry Henning & Laura Stromberg Henning) 08-13-1910 10-22-1997Atkinson, NE917F
Fernau, Calvin D.(Korea) 12-07-1924 04-12-1951712F
Fernau, Caroline C. Fry (wife of John H.)(dau of Balthaser Fry & Barbara Zepp Fry) 02-14-1842 10-18-1929Alsenze, Bavaria, Germany 7 7B *
Fernau, Dale Richard (husband of Fern)(Korea) 05-19-1931 05-10-1966Ainsworth, NE6N2E
Fernau, David Harvey(husband of Ella May Wolcott) 02-17-1893 07-30-1972Brown Co, NE712D
Fernau, Donald Eugene(son of Warren A.) 06-19-1928 06-21-1928Ainsworth, Ne3211H
Fernau, Elizabeth(dau of John & Anna) 12-12-1859 05-20-1943 Washington Co.,Wisc. 4 7 G *
Fernau, Ella May Wolcott(wife of David m.03-0-1914) 03-07-1891 12-07-1978712C
Fernau, Etta Lovelia Weyer(wife of Joe) 10-08-1883 06-10-1974 Fort Dodge , Iowa
Fernau, Elsie Lillian Johnson(dau of John G. & Ragnhild M. Petersson Johnson) (wife of Lawrence C. Fernay m. 10-12-1935)04-22-191301-14-2009Ainsworth, NE32N11B
Fernau, Flossie Cunningham(wife of John) 08-17-1887 12-29-1943Brown Co., Ne326C
Fernau, Franklin George (son of Marvin & Lola) 05-21-1947 06-18-1947Ainsworth, NE3315G
Fernau, Galen ? 10-1948 32 20 B *
Fernau, George Henry (husband of Iva Henderson) 06-13-1886 11-20-1973NE326B
Fernau, Iva LaDora Henderson(wife of George) 04-18-1887 10-14-1974Ainsworth, NE326A
Fernau, John G.(husband of Anna)1813 04-03-189147A
Fernau, John Carl Son of Wm. & Lavina Fye) 08-07-1881 03-03-1965Slinger, WISC326D
Fernau, John H.(husband of Caroline C. Fry m.09-03-1861)(son of John & Anna Fernau) (Civil War-Co B 45th Wisc Inf) 09-9-1838 04-04-1907Castle Prov., Germany77D
Fernau, Joseph ? 01-1988 31 19D *
Fernau, Joseph L.(husband of Etta)(father) 08-29-187305-14-1957Independence ,Iowa917D
Fernau, Jum(husband of Opal Faith House Blank )(son of Joseph) 1903 1987
Fernau, Karma Laree(daughter) 10-31-1968 02-21-1970
Fernau, Katherine Henderson(wife of Joseph)(mother)02-07-1880 07-28-1948Clark, NE917C
Fernau, Lola Beryl Sisson(wife of Jum) 11-04-1905 11-09-1959Ainsworth, NE3119C
Fernau, Laura Juaneta Hambleton(dau of Hans & Ruby Gelsinger) 08-31-1933 02-23-1965Eads, CO2513A
Fernau, Larry William(son of Lawrence & Elsie Johonson) 05-01-1952 10-01-19723211A
Fernau, Lawrence Carl(husband of Elsie L. Johnson m.10-12-1935)(son of John Carl Fernau& Flossie Cunningham Fernau) 03-13-1906 04-18-1998Ainsworth, NE3211C
Fernau, Lee Milton(husband of Lorraine Staal)(son of Joseph) 09-17-1905 01-29-1987Ainsworth, NE368G
Fernau, Lottie May 02-20-1932 02-20-1932
Fernau, Lovina Emma Fye(wife of Wm. G.) 11-24-1859 09-15-1929Wausa, Wisc.3215B
Fernau, Lyle D.(son of Lawrence C. & Elsie Johnson Fernau)(hus of #1 Darlene Williams m.02-06-1955, #2 Marlene Serbousek m. 06-02-1986)05-25-193604-04-2004Ainsworth, NE33N11between A & C cremains
Fernau, Maryan 11-16-192111-16-1921326H
Fernau, Matthew Eugene (infant son of Caren Haake &Brett) 01-27-2000 01-27-2000Ainsworth, NE14N7C-D between
Fernau, Milton Lee(son of Lee & Donna Staal) 1942 07-22-1965Ainsworth, NE368A
Fernau, Mother 02-14-1842 10-18-1929
Fernau, Neil H.(son of George & Iva L. Henderson Fernau)(hus of Betty Hollopeter m. 02-14-1948)06-15-192607-19-2009Ainsworth, NE
Fernau, Nellie ? 03-08-1999 32 25 A *
Fernau, Opal Faith Troelson House Blank(wife of #1 Fred House, #2 Frank W. Blank #3 Jum Fernau)(dau of Rassmus Troelson & Margrethe Holst)04-21-191301-23-2005Cherry County, NE172C
Fernau, Ruth Irene(dau of John & Flossie Cunningham Fernau) 10-30-1907 03-30-1940Ainsworth, Ne326E
Fernau, Willard Gordon (husband ofPeggy Butler)(son of Esther Hastings& Willard)12-02-1944 10-13-1996Ainsworth, NE231B
Fernau, William George(husband of Lovena) 03-10-1855 10-28-1948Washington Co.,Wisc.3215C
Fernau, William 1896 07-19843225B
Fetherston, Martin James(husband of Nancy Ellen) 09-15-1896 05-13-1953 Blaine Co., NE 176 D *
Fetherston, Nancy ? 04-01-1991 176 C *
Fiala, Donald John(son of Frank & Helen Jacobs)(WWll) 05-13-1926 04-15-1991David City, Ne314B
Finder, Augusta Coline Bucholtz 05-29-1852 10-13-1925Germany
Finder, Bertha Boepple(wife of Emil) 10-17-1896 01-14-1933 Russia
Finder, William 1844 1924
Fink, Diane Patricia ? ? 244 H *
Finney, James Briggs(husband of Katherine Rose m.11-21-1885)(father) 03-09-1835 04-21-1919New Plymouth,Ohio328B
Finney, Katherine Rose(wife of James)(mother) 07-01-1853 08-1921New Plymouth, Ohio328A
Finney, Alyce L.(Burt) 11-25-19291999
Finney, Frederick Stanton(husband of Martha E.)(father) 01-08-1862 02-08-1932Athens, Ohio1114D
Finney, Genevieve Artus(wife of James ) 09-05-1909 01-26-1977Bassett, NE321E
Finney, James R. Jr.(husband of #1 Genevieve Artus m.1938, #2 Alyce Burt)(son of Walter & Vera) 1913 02-17-1995321F
Finney, Martha Elizabeth Jackson(wife of Fred)(mother) 08-24-1861 01-13-1941Nodaway,Mississippi1114C
Finney, Walter Vernon(husband of Vera Rodwell)(son of James Briggs Finney & Katherine Rose Finney) 03-18-1889 11-06-1918Ainsworth, NE321D
Firth, Lee Palmer(son of John Henry & Amy J. Walker Firth) 06-28-1889 08-04-1966NE3219E
Firth, Janice Lea (dau of Lee & Verna Briggs) 05-18-1937 02-04-1980Long Pine, NE3219G
Firth, Verna Namie Briggs(wife of Lee) 12-08-1894 10-31-1954Brown Co.,NE 3219F
Fischer, Branden Dean03-06-1973 11-18-1985516F
Fischer, Bryan Scott(son of Benny & Vicki Wales) 08-19-1971 11-11-1971Bassett, NE516E
Fischer, Robert James 12-10-1975 07-1999 5N16 G *
Fish, N.E. ? ?? 16 9 H *
Fish, Z. ? ? 1 4 D *
Fisher, Emma A. 1901 19083010H
Fisher, Ernest(Pat)(son of Theodore & Nancy) 1883 01-20-1932Iowa
Fisher, Ethel(wife of ?? Gardner)(dau of Theodore & Nancy Fisher)08-24-1901 04-02-1919Ne.1320D
Fisher, Everet ? ? 1320 G *
Fisher, John 05-16-1846 1921Bohemia3010D
Fisher, Josephine(wife of John) 03-19-1858 09-1921Bohemia3010C
Fisher, Lura Bell Stevenson Johnson 04-04-1867 08-25-1942 Canton, Ohio 3218 A *
Fisher, Theodor William(husband of Nancy Jane Brewer m.01-16-1879. She is buried in Montana.)(son of King David & ophia Prichard Fisher) 06-20-1859 11-22-1925Hendale, Iowa1320C
Fisk, James Edward 10-28-1854 08-1928Ohio273D
Fisk, James William(son of James & Susan Hollenbeck)(WW1) 05-22-1891 06-09-1963Sargent Bluffs, Iowa273E
Fisk, Susan Sadie Hollenbeck(wife of James) 08-17-1850 08-1917NY273C
Fisk, Theodore Harry (Ted)(husband of Judy Amsel Alding NiceWander) 04-20-1919 07-02-1992Ainsworth, NE273G
Fisk, Walter V.(son of James & Susan Hollenbeck) 10-13-1892 12-07-1971Iowa273F
Fitch, Clarinda Conner Taylor(Husband #1 Jerome Taylor, #2 Thomas Fitch)(stone only-Her remains are at Pine Glen Cem.)01-04-182108-28-1899Harrison Co.,Ky.274D
Fitch, Thomas Nelson(wife #1Lucy Baldwin, #2 Clarinda Taylor)(Stone only-His remains are at Pine Glen Cem.) 02-02-180602-26-1888Cooperstown, Oswego, NY.274D
Fitzgerald, Ida Lavilla Elkins(wife of William)(dau of George & Martha Mills Elkins) 12-05-1869 04-14-1956 Brown Co.,IND 17 14 G *
Fitzgerald, William Collins(Bill)(husband of Ida Luvilla Elkins m.11-23-1886 )(son of Wm. & Sara Jane Collins Fitzgerald) 03-26-1863 02-27-1941 Fulton Co.,Ill. 1714 H *
Fletcher, Harry Arnold(husband of Lenora Pearl Bowen m.05-15-1912 )(father) 12-25-1890 10-28-1950 Sidney, NE1021A
Fletcher, Lenora Pearle Bowen(wife of Harry)(dau of William Bowen) 07-07-1896 06-19-1963Boelus, NE1021B
Flower, George Earl 1884 1939
Flowerdew, William 04-22-1877 09-1940 Cole Co., Iowa 1 8 D *
Forbes, Tansy Marie(dau of Fred & Shirley Daniels Pitcher)(wife of Jason Forbes m. 05-07-1996)05-23-197308-10-2005?103B
Ford, Andrew Thomas(son of Tom & Amy Ford)06-16-198705-11-2009Norfolk, NE34B
Ford, Ashley(dau of Tom & Amy Ford?05-04-2009?34A
Ford, Esther Geneva Huggins(Husband #1 Elmer Titus,#2 Harold Ford m.04-14-1956) 11-20-1908 01-05-1996Knob Lick, Mo.3616B
Ford, Harold Harvey(husband of Esther) 06-11-1905 02-10-1981Springview, NE3616A
Forsyth, Evelyn Cleaveland(wife of Eugene m. 11-05-1938) 03-04-1912 04-21-19952415C
Forsyth, Claude Eugene(husband of Evelyn) 07-13-1913 07-03-1964Anselmo, NE2415D
Foster, Bryan Kenneth(hus of #1 Kari Olson m.09-01-1970, #2 Bernadine Pierce m. 1994)(son of Kennth Clayton& Clovis Leta Barron Foster)10-09-195106-01-2009Bassett, Rock, NE19N4F
Foster, Clayton Guy ? 08-25-1962 194 H *
Foster, Frank Farland(husband of WIlma) 04-09-1878 10-07-1955Nebraska City, NE3512D
Foster, Gertrude Mable Mead (wife of Z.R.) 02-16-1879 06-14-1916Thayer Co., Neb.194B
Foster, James Rue(son of James W. & Rhuama "Emma" Bridgewater Foster) 11-21-1867 07-06-1954Schuyler Co., Ill242B
Foster, Kenneth Clayton(husband of Helen Sass) 12-15-1920 04-19-1995Springview, NE1835D
Foster, Merle Eugene(son of Glen &Elsie Lang Foster) 05-28-1918 07-09-1931 Ainsworth, Ne194 E *
Foster, Ruth Gerda Barrett(wife of Clayton Guy Foster) 09-15-1899 01-08-1975Rockford, ILL 19 4 G *
Foster, Wilma Laurette (wife of Frank F.) 08-15-1877 02-16-1966MO3512C
Foster, Zackarih Ralph (husband of Gertrude Mabel Mead)03-21-1873 12-26-1944Atlantic, Iowa194A
Fournier, Cornelia L.(wife of Lorrent) 01-12-1838 05-21-1911Oswego, NY210B
Fournier, Edward Raymond 11-18-1880 01-01-1934210A
Fournier, Gladys Herring(wife of Ray) 03-19-1887 03-03-1968210Above A
Fournier, Harry Lyle(husband of Myrtle Criss) 06-24-1894 06-08-1980Ainsworth, NE1414B
Fournier, Herbert Warren 12-18-1860 01-1924Linn Co., Iowa1419D
Fournier, Lilley Margaret Coquillehe(wife of Herbert) 09-22-1867 08-1918 Ill.1419C
Fournier, Lorrent(Civil War-Co H 20th Iowa Inf.)06-05-1835 07-17-1896210C
Fournier, Myrtle Isabelle(wife of Harry) 05-04-1900 09-02-1990Alliance, NE1414A
Fournier, Nellie (dau of William H.) 1900 05-05-1911 1414H*
Fournier, LeNora Lillian Beach(wife of William) 03-17-1872 09-21-1944 Central City, Iowa1414C
Fournier, William Henry(husband of Nora Beach) 10-24-1872 01-20-1941Central City, Iowa1414D
Fowler, Alberta Belle ? 07-05-1898 2 8 A *
Fowler, George Eli 10-15-1867 10-02-1945Casper Co.,Iowa28D
Fowler, George Earl 09-17-1844 07-1939 Ottawa, Iowa 207 F *
Fowler, Howard Cherry(husband of Muirl) (WWl) 08-12-189512-31-1962NE1613F
Fowler, Isaiah(Civil War-Co F 98 Ohio Inf) 08-16-183903-08-1908Harrison Co., Ohio216A
Fowler, Jacqueline Joan Witt(wife of Gene) 11-05-1931 08-23-1971Norfolk, NE422B
Fowler, Mary Lida 1865 193228B
Fowler, Mary Margaret 05-20-1836 03-05-1911216B
Fowler, Robert George ? 11-19-1908 2 8A *
Fowler, Roxie Murl West(dau of James & Ida Funkhouser) 10-12-1890 07-01-1966 Iowa 16 13 C *
Fox, Robert Dillon(hus of Marion DeBolt m.06-09-1946)(son of L. J. & Hatie Gesiriech Fox)04-11-192203-07-2006Newport, Ne
Frauen, B.Fern(mother)(wife of Jacob) 1895 06-1963352F
Frauen, Clause(husband of Luella)(father) 11-15-1891 03-30-1951Holstein Germany355D
Frauen, Ernest Claus(son of Jake & Beatrice Rector)(WW11) 04-07-191702-05-1945Keya Paha, Ne352C
Frauen, Jacob C.(father) 1886 03-1984352G
Frauen, John Anton(husband of Theressa LaRue) 12-25-1891 12-10-1934Holstein,Germany2614D
Frauen, Luella I.(mother) 1896 1940 355C
Frauen, Marcus Ludwig(husband of Rebecah)(father) 11-04-1857 02-21-1946Holstein, Germany2614E
Frauen, Rebecca Augussssta Niehus(wife of Marcus)(mother) 07-09-1858 10-29-1946Schleswig Holstein, Germany 2614F
Frazier, Clark J.(husband of Inez Mae Skillman m.01-10-1910)(son of William H. Frazier & Miriam(Mae) Jackson Frazier) 11-12-1883 01-13-1977Fenton, or Kinzua, NY3610F
Frazier, Inez Mae Skillman(wife of Clark)(dau of Stella & Park Skillman) 09-10-1885 05-09-1971Buffalo Flats, Ne3610G
Frederickson, Bernard James(B.J.)(hus of Irma Langer m.01-15-1944)(son of Fred & Catherine Hanika Frederickson) 12-31-192308-15-2004Pender, Ne711B
Frederickson, Chester Raymond(Chet)(husband of Teri Sawle m.1976)(son of B.J.& Irma Frederickson) 11-08-1956 06-24-2000 Ainsworth, Neb. 7N11 A
Fredericksen, H.L.(son of Hans & Minnie) ) 02-06-1944 02-06-1944Ainsworth, NE1714F
Fredericksen, George Henry(son of Hans & Dagma Hansen) 05-28-1920 10-26-1985Ainsworth, NE3513F
Fredericksen, Hans L.(husband of Minnie Frederickson) 09-01-1913 05-24-1978Ne1821H
Fredericksen, Jake A.(son of Hans & Dagma) 02-17-1904 12-08-1982 Garfield Co., Ne3513H
Fredericksen, James Peter(son of Hans & Dagma Hansen) 08-14-1900 10-25-1971NE
Fredericksen, Julius Meyers(son of Hans & Dagma Hansen) 09-12-1906 01-13-1970NE1714E
Fredericksen, Minnie L. (wife of Hans) 01-31-1916 03-11-19711821G
Fredericksen, Niels S.(son of Hans & Dagma)(WW11) 07-02-191107-09-1983Garfield Co., NE3513G
Freeman, Andrew Jackson(husband of Bertha May) 09-24-1871 11-08-1946 Knox Co., Ky. 1 19 A *
Freeman, Anthony Val 08-08-1954 08-08-1954Ainsworth, NE1813C
Freeman, Barthalomen (Bart)(husband of Leona May Thoman m.1907) 06-24-1883 06-02-1947 Gresham, NE1813H
Freeman, Blanche(dau of B.S.& M.A.) 1875 03-24-1885619A
Freeman, C.H. ? 1905 1 19 C *
Freeman, Donal Walton(son of Bartholmew & Leona Thoman) (Korea) 02-05-1930 01-09-1992Martin, SD1823G
Freeman, Elsie Lucille 09-19-1936 10-16-1936
Freeman, Eugene Wyatt(husband of Louvaine Kane)(WW11) 06-24-1914 10-05-1986Ainsworth, NE14N3D
Freeman, Franklin Morris(son of Bert & Leona May ) (WW11) 10-15-1922 04-26-1952Ainsworth, NE1813A
Freeman, Leona May Thoman (wife of Bart) 09-02-1892 12-23-1981Blue Springs, NE1813G
Freeman, Mary? 09-10-2009?143C
Freeman, Maynard S.(Korea) 01-08-1935 09-09-1995
Freeman, Robert ? 08-1959 1 19 B *
Freeman, Roberta Gay Louise 1934 06-24-19561813B
Freeman, Ronald Leroy (son fo Bart&Leona) 03-28-1909 01-29-19641823H
Freeman, Ruby D. ? 11-1919 1 19 D *
French, Lou ? ? 17 C *
Frye, Ida Mae(mother) 1900 19322710F
Fry, Andrew 04-11-1841 05-05-1898122A
Fry,Barbara Dickens 12-11-1844 06-1920Indiana122B
Fry, Bessie P. 09-26-1890 10-13-1907122F
Fry, Charles H. 1888 1969
Fry, Charles Jackson(husband of Mary Smith) 07-16-1864 06-30-1940Harrison Co.,Iowa301B
Fry, Clarence Harvey (husband of Ethel Morgan) 10-28-1888 07-27-1969 Brown Co., NE 30 1H *
Fry, Ellen G. 02-03-1910 04-10-1917193H
Fry, Ethel Louise Morgan (wife of Clarence) 04-13-1893 10-17-1987Schyler,NE301G
Fry, Eugene F.(husband of Hazel m.06-01-1949)(WW11) 12-12-1908 06-12-1993Ainsworth, NE193D
Fry, Frank A. (son of A.D.&M.L.) 04-20-1899 04-25-1899122C
Fry, Gervaise Montana 05-07-1914 05-1923301D
Fry, Ida May Metcalf(wife of Leo) 02-03-1899 03-06-1933 Makelton, Iowa
Fry, John C.(husband of Zella) 08-25-1870 09-13-1945Logan,Harrison Co., Iowa193A
Fry, J.Orval 04-03-1896 09-1918301A
Fry, Lillian Clara Lewis(wife of Wm.) 01-16-1874 05-06-1967Grand Island, NE2012C
Fry, Neil M.(hus of Ella Mae Hoover m.06-03-1937)(son of Clarence & Ethel Morgan Fry)07-24-191607-07-2004Ainsworth, Ne30N2F
Fry, Ray Albert(son of John & Zillah Lewis)(WW1) 04-19-1896 02-06-1981Ainsworth, NE193G
Fry, William Eli(husband of Lillian Lewis) 04-08-1868 03-13-1941Missouri Valley, Iowa2012D
Fry, Zillah Effie Lewis(Wife of Ray) 01-29-1878 03-18-1959Hall CO., NE193B
Funk, James Eddy(husband of Maude Hawkins) 10-19-1880 11-19-1943Grayson Co., Virginia179A
Funk, Maude B. 05-19-1888 07-1948Neb.179B
This cemetery was walked by Edward &Doris Torguson fall of 1999. The information was taken from the tombstones. We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Brown County Coordinator.

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