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Ainsworth Cemetery

Turn south at corner of Hiway #20 and Pine Street and go south 1 mile.

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Ainsworth Cemetery G-I
G thru I

Located 2 miles south of Ainsworth.
A (*) means No Headstone
An N in the Block number means the new section on the east side of the cemetery.

A big Thank you to everyone that contributed records to make this project possible, including the City of Ainsworth and Hoch Funeral Home.

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NameBirthDeathWhere BornBlockLotPlotNo stone
Gabbert, Alfred Hans(husband of Margaret Duffy) 05-19-1912 08-01-1989Ainsworth, NE15N1D
Gabbert, Margaret Duffey(wife of Alfred) 04-30-1914 08-21-1973Long Pine, NE15N1C
Galas, Jessica Dawn(dau of Kenneth E. & Kimberly Gould Galas)04-20-198911-10-2005Bassett, Ne.32E
Galbraith, Bernice Winnifred Kuhre(wife of Orville) 08-07-1902 02-18-1963Keya Paha, NE201F
Galbraith, Edith Ciletha 07-12-1882 02-05-1961Laport Co., Iowa1819A
Galbraith, Frank Richard(husband of Edith) 12-03-1878 06-08-1952Wayne Co., Ne1819B
Galbraith, Orville Franklin(husband of Isabelle Irish) 04-16-1899 06-13-1988Tipton, Iowa201E
Galbraith, Wayne Paul 05-16-1909 11-1922?1819D
Galligan, Alice 01-1845 01-1929Scottford, Ontario, Canada813G
Galligan, Arthur T.(son of G.G.) 06-02-1872 05-23-1889?813B
Galusha, Charles Orville(husband of Maude) 09-15-1896 01-21-1962NE1717D
Galusha, Maude Susan Plock(wife of Charles Orville, dau of John & Delila Kness Plock)02-08-189906-19-2001Fairmont, Ne.1717C
Ganser, Cameron Joseph(son of Timothy & Lori Campbell) 01-03-197701-03-1977Ainsworth, NE5N5H
Ganser, Joy M.Williams(wife of William m.01-15-1927) 06-12-1908 10-14-1998Johnstown, NE4N8B
Ganser, William A. 08-22-1906 06-24-1984?4N8A
Gardner, Fred Irvin(husband of Sarah Ogden) 02-07-1897 03-24-1982Litchfield, NE2212C
Gardner, Hiram F.Sherman (son of Fred I.) 12-20-1918 05-12-1919?2212A
Gardner, Sarah B.(Sadie)(wife of Fred)(cremated) 1902 05-1998?2212B
Gaskins, Dolphus Leora (husband of Pearl Wolcott m.03-12-1911)(son of Jacob & Sarah) 04-22-1887 08-19-1964Gosport, IND218H
Gaskins, Jacob Nelson 03-26-1849 02-13-1929Sulivan Co., Ind311H
Gaskins, Opal C. Allen(wife of Orville m.11-24-1945) 01-09-1921 12-04-1995Yakima, Washington8N11A
Gaskins, Orville Alden(son of Pearl Wolcutt & Dolphus Gaskins)(hus of Opal Allen m.11-24-1945) 07-20-191601-21-2009Brown, County, NE811B
Gaskins, Pearl Losetta Marion Wolcott(wife of Dolphus)(dau of Charles & Mary Wolcott) 08-22-1888 07-11-1984Warren, ILL218G
Gaskins, Sarah Artimuss Miller(wife of Jacob) 01-10-1855 12-26-1941Morgan Co., Ind.311G
Gelsinger, Dale Emery(husband of Stella Meyer Smith) 10-16-1914 04-26-1980Johnstown, NE15N7D
Gelsinger, Stella Mmmarie Meyers(wife of Dale) 11-03-1910 07-30-1990Tilden, NE 15N 7 C
Genung, Lucy V.(dau of Thomas Hayes) 12-12-1878 08-03-1960Penn2510C
Genung, William 07-04-1868 02-1949 ? 2510 D *
Gerald, June ? ? ? 1 15 F *
Gerdes Plot, 1 grave ? ?? 5 6 G *
Gerdes, Henry No dates??56H
Gerdes, Hermann A. 05-05-1866 11-08-1888?56A
Gerhold, LaDoyt L.(husband of M. Louise Wilson m.02-03-1946)02-08-1911 10-15-2000 Greeley, Ks7N6H
Gerhold, Mary Louise Wilson(wife of LaDoyt Gerhold m. 02-03-1946)(dau of Roy E. & Catherine Beatty Wilson)03-25-191910-24-2007Wolf Creek, Montana76G
Genung, William Dove(husband of Lucy) 07-04-1868 02-11-1949Crystal Lake, Ill???
Gerths, Ernest(son of Hans & Anna Reier)(father) 06-23-1884 08-02-1953Holstein, Germany2012B
Gerths, Martin Henry(son of Henry & Rosalie Alberts) 11-07-1913 12-17-1995Scribner, NE2012G
Gerths, Otto Clarence (son of Ernest & Rose) 01-20-1921 12-26-1938Ainsworth, NE2012H
Gerths, Rosalia Augusta Alberts(Wife of Ernest) 07-19-1883 06-13-1947Schriebner, Ne.2012A
Gideon, Edwin D.Rev. 07-11-1863 10-19-1931Gentryville,Missouri3310D
Gideon, Elizabeth C.(cremated) 1869 1953?3310C
Gilbert, Donald Derry(son of Donald & Lois Jean Shipman) 09-22-1953 09-25-1953 Ainsworth, NE 35 10 A *
Gilbert, William L.?12-18-2008?125D
Gipson, Floyd M. (WW1) 1896 1967????
Gipson, Lillian C. 1909 1966????
Gilchrist, Andrew Robert(son of Frazier & Aurelia Baca) 06-04-1933 09-29-1947Brown Co., NE2112G
Gilchrist, Aurelia Baca(wife of Frazier)01-08-1908 12-29-1994Magdalena, New Mexico2112B
Gilchrist, Frazier T. 05-05-1900 08-16-1997Woodbine ,Iowa2112A
Gilchrist, Gilbert Bruce(son of Frazier & Aurelia Baca) 07-17-1929 09-29-1947Brown Co.,Ne 2112E
Gilchrist, Rolland Eugene(son of Frazier & Aurelia Baca) 07-13-1931 09-31-1947Brown Co., NE2112H
Gillian, Catherine Ann Knaif(wife of John F.) 01-29-1863 11-06-1933Benton, Iowa 33 14 C *
Gillian, Jessie M. 06-29-1885 06-25-1957 Rockville, NE 33 14 F *
Gillian, John F. 08-07-1858 04-1940 Tipton, Iowa 33 14 D *
Gillette, Burte 01-07-1877 07-25-1905?108D
Gillett, Cora Maude (Dau of Franklin & Nancy) 11-22-1874 05-18-1942Columbus, NE108H
Gillett, Frank E. 01-18-1850 05-07-1911?108C
Gillett, Luther E. 04-08-1876 05-29-1913?108A
Gillett, Nancy Maria Flanigan(wife of Frank E.) 02-27-1850 10-13-1929Michigan108B
Gilliland, Corben(husband of Florence Morehouse) 05-30-1905 08-22-1984Ozark Co., MO2319G
Gilliland, Della Lillian Morton(wife of Ralph) 04-07-1914 08-08-1983Cody, NE3515F
Gilliland, Florence Morehouse(wife of Corben) 10-12-1912 11-07-1985Brown Co., NE2319F
Gilliland, Herman F.(husband of Martha Ellen Hershiser m.01-27-1934) 01-17-1903 05-05-1983Ozark Co., Mo3528C
Gilliland, Martha Ellen Hershiser(wife of Herman)(dau of Lewis & Mary Hershiser) 04-01-1900 01-16-1988Johnstown, NE3528D
Gilliland, Ralph E.(husband of Della Morton) 08-26-1910 11-27-1974Ozark Co., MO3515E
Gipson, Floyd Melvin(husband of Lillian) 01-07-1896 06-18-1967Iowa285D
Gipson, Lillian Clara Larsen(wife of Floyd) 04-30-1909 08-01-1966Keya Paha Co,Ne285C
Gipson, Violet ? ? ? 13 11D *
Gipson, Violet Ann(dau of Oscar & Christina Smith Gipson)11-27-192301-18-2006Pine Camp. NE1311D
Glenn, Isabell Goodwin(wife of John Harris Glenn) 05-08-1863 11-21-1935 Manchester,Ohio 35 3 A *
Gola,, Leona 02-24-1912 05-17-1913????
Goodbreast, Annie I.(dau of Wm. Swift & Lucille Redgoose) 1931 12-1986Rosebud, SD125B
Goodrich, Gerald Glen(husband of Vera Stuft)(cremated) 01-02-1927 05-11-2000Cody, NE14N7E
Goodrich, Vera Ellen Stufft(wife of Gerald m.05-19-1957)(cremated) 6-04-1934 05-11-2000Brown Co., NE14N7E
Goff, Janette Louise(dau of Eugen& Marcella Hayes) 01-28-1965 05-04-1971Tilden, NE5N2F
Goff, Marcella M.Sally 11-11-1937 12-16-1987?5N2G
Goff, Warren Eugene(Gene)(son of Frederick Otoe & Lynette Elizabeth Goff)(hus of Marcella Marie Hayes m. 09-11-1954, #2 Sharon Ward m. 07-06-2002) 05-10-193210-21-2009Nebraska City, NE52H
Goochey, Chester C.(husband of Lois M. Easterly m.07-14-1941)(WW11) 08-25-1916 09-14-1995Burwell, NE3622B
Goochey, Lois M.Easterly(wife of Chester) 01-17-1924 08-07-1995Ainsworth, NE3622A
Gordon, Mrs. Ella ? ? ? 8 9 F *
Gordon, Mrs Ella ? ? ?89 C *
Gordon, James H. 06-11-1839 05-25-1908Boston, Mass.143B
Gorman, Emariella Westover(wife of Thomas) 11-01-1855 12-1916Canada1914D
Gorman, Thomas 03-13-1850 08-1927Bellfort, Ireland1914C
Gossard, Ernest Fredrick(husband of Florence) 12-25-1896 12-31-1969NY5N2A
Gossard, Florence E.Sharp(wife of #1 Ernest m.04-1923, #2 Clayton Sharp m.09-1972, #3 Harold T. m.06-04-1986) 03-24-1905 04-17-1995Jamison, NE5N2B
Gould, Infant(daughter) ? 12-08-1941????
Gould, Anna Weaver(wife of Edwin R.) 09-03-1838 04-26-1927 Marshall, Michigan 5 20A *
Gould, Carrie E. Kendall 1870 07-12-1958?135C
Gould, Evalyn D. Smith(wife of Floyd Gould m.05-24-1942)(dau of William F. & Hannah I. Morter Smith)10-21-191110-10-2004Ainsworth, NE31N2G
Gould, Fannie Pearl (dau of James B.) 06-16-1898 11-21-1911 ?13 5 A *
Gould, Floyd U.(husband of Evelyn Smith m.1942 ) 05-26-1907 02-10-1992Cuba, NE31N2H
Gould, James Bird 06-07-1870 11-1937?135D
Gould, James E.R. (Civil War-Co E. 17th Ill Cav) 02-22-183611-1917?520D
Gould, Nancy 05-05-1836 03-17-1889?520B
Gracey, Ralph D.(son of Edwin & Jennie Gracey)(hus of Joanne Parr Staab m.1953) 11-09-192204-10-2004Anselmo, Ne811cremation
Graff, Arthur C.(husband of Velma Casselman)(son of Oscar& Emma Amanda Swanson) 05-02-1886 05-15-1960Brown Co., NE258A
Graff, Betty Jean Anderson(wife of Leslie m. 06-12-1940) 03-05-1921 05-08-1998 NE2523A
Graff, Emma Grace Thompson(wife of Frank) 10-27-1884 08-10-1965Brown Co.,NE258G
Graff, Frank J.(husband of Emma Thompson)(father) 03-04-1884 04-09-1975?258H
Graff, James Stanley(husband of Sheryl Snover)(son of Leslie & Betty Jean Anderson) 07-19-1944 12-18-1985Ainsworth, NE2524B
Graff, Kenneth Earl(son of Frank & Emma Thompson) 04-22-1909 02-21-1962Brown Co., NE258E
Graff, Mardella R. Williams(wife of Miles) 06-10-1932 03-13-1977Ainsworth, NE258C
Graff, Velma Grace Casselman(wife of Arthur (Chuck) Graff m.1920)(dau of Clarence & Georgia Curry Casselman) 10-07-1902 01-31-1994Johnstown, NE258B
Graham, Frank 08-01-1904 01-04-1993????
Grams/Atkins Plots, 2 gravesNo Dates? ?16 9 F-H *
Grams, Mary E. Henne(wife of Wm.) 01-09-185601-07-1938Ostrndorf,Germany169F
Grams, William J. 11-18-1853 06-1936Germany169E
Grant, Earl Ulysses (Husband of Maude Jackson, Minnie??)(son of Waldo & Louisa)(Pfc.Nebr. Co. WWl) 05-11-1895 01-25-1966Ainsworth, NE2115D
Grant, Gwenda Chloe(dau of Earl & Minnie) 09-03-1921 05-30-1944Ainsworth, NE2115F
Grant, Lee E.(son od Waldo &Louisa) 06-17-1900 09-09-1970NE2115H
Grant, Louisa (Liza) Sophia Salzman(wife of Waldo Kelus Grant m.04-18-1889)(dau of Henry & Marie Elizabeth Herbert Salzman)(mother) 09-08-1861 10-19-1956Iowa Couonty ,Wisc.2115B
Grant, Maude Irva Beth Jackson(wife of Earl Grant m.12-15-1920)(dau of Gilbert & Florida Jackson) 03-10-1899 05-29-1928Rippey,Iowa2115C
Grant, Pearle Irene(dau of Waldo K.& Louisa Salzman)) 08-13-1898 11-27-1955Brownlee, NE2115G
Grant, Waldo Kelus(husband of Lousia Salzman ) (Co D. 1st. Iowa Cav.K.)08-23-1847 01-31-1940Zanesville, Ohio2115A
Graus, Susan Theis(wife of Todd m.05-22-1982)(dau of Harold & Marlenna Scaffer) 12-23-1960 06-11-1984Creighton, NE7N14B
Grazier, Joseph Earl(hus of Opal Mae Allen m.04-04-1927)(son of Jesse B. & Blanche Burgess Grazier)12-20-190502-08-2006Atlantic, Iowa1511H
Grazier, Opal Mae Allen(wife of Joe E. m 04-04-1927)01-07-190902-26-2002(Rural) Johnstown, Brown, NE1511G
Greder, Clara Margaret(dau of Peter & Salome) 08-02-1907 11-26-1938Buck Grove, Iowa2013A
Greder, David R.(husband of Violet Stern)(son of Peter & Salome) 04-28-1916 08-14-1998Buck Grove, Iowa7N4G
Greder, Gail E. 1943 03-1986?7N1C
Greder, Peter(husband of Salome) 08-30-1873 07-04-1953Mieseheim, Alsace, Germany2013H
Greder, Salome Deiber(Wife of Peter) 12-19-1877 11-25-1954Osthein, Germany2013G
Greder, Violet I. Stern(wife of David m.12-29-1939)(dau of George & Emma Stern) 12-19-1916 10-07-1996Johnstown, NE7N4H
Green, Adam C. 01-08-1872 01-1942Rochester, NY2719G
Green, Albertine Amelia(mother) 05-03-1873 07-1942Marshaltown Co., Ks.2719H
Green, James Duane(son of John & Helen Packard) 12-25-1912 01-12-1970 Boone Co., NE11 H roadway *
Greenough, Edward Fred(husband of Harriet Witt m.04-03-1931) 01-26-1904 10-03-1983Keystone, SD7N15C
Greenough, Harriett Laverna Witt(wife of Edward Greenough m.04-03-1931)(daughter of Charles & Emma Kaiser Witt)06-16-191210-17-2002Ainsworth, NE715D
Greenough, Larry Lee(son of Ed & Harritet Witt) 10-13-1940 07-02-1983Long Pine, NE7N15B
Griffith, Ada J.(dau of M.& S.E.) 1877 10-16-1883?618A
Griffith, Bessie Elizabeth Johnson(wife of Ira) 12-24-1890 08-09-1985?3218F
Griffith, Ella (dau of M.& S.E.) 05-188404-26-1885?618B
Griffith, Ira Lamont(husband of Bessie) 02-20-1889 07-27-1965Custer Co., NE3218E
Griffith, Levetta Mary Underwood(wife of Wallingford) 09-30-1864 01-11-1940Manchester, Iowa2616B
Griffith, Wallingford(husband of Laveta) 07-18-1859 10-25-1938Peoria , Ill.2616A
Grooms, Eugene Gardner(Bud)(husband of Mildred Louise Brown m.1954)(son of Clarence & Ruby Mae Coon Grooms) 12-22-1931 03-16-1999Cherry Co., NE3N14G
Grubaugh, Merle J.(Zeke)(husband of Ardelle Bittner) 06-01-192107-30-1998Rising City, NE144G
Grubbs, Infant ? 10-1979 ?3123 D *
Grunke, Calvin Louis(husband of Jeanne Fournier m.1954)02-06-192405-05-2002Verdel, NE1414F
Grunke, Jeanne Fournier(wife of Calvin) 11-06-1925 11-24-1974Ainsworth, NE1414E
Grunke, Lois L.(wife of Clyde Grunke )?01-20-2011????
Grunky, Carl W. ? 10-1930 ? 22 20 F *
Gudgel, Baby (Dau of WM. & Blanch)08-25-1947 08-25-1947Ainsworth, NE216G
Gudgel, Amos(husband of#1 Emily May Ogden m.12-07-1912, #2 Mabel Curlisle Echout m.1949) 02-04-1891 08-20-1973Athens, ILL216A
Gudgel, Emily M.Ogden(wife of Amos) 12-08-1893 05-16-1948Ainsworth, NE216B
Gudgel, Francis I.(husband of Helen Allen m.10-1937) 12-29-1913 12-24-1981 Ainsworth, NE 2123 A *
Gudgel, Helen Mae Allen(dau of Fred Albert & Mabel Henrietta Hewitt Allen)(wife of Francis I Gudgel m.10-14-1937)11-22-191312-18-2003Johnstown, Ne2123B
Gudgel, Mabel Alice Curlisle(wife of Amos) 10-21-1904 12-29-1993Calloway, NE216B
Gudgel, Myra G.(wife of Charles Bump Gudgel m.11-22-1951)(dau of Martin & Claudia Schmidt Lee03-11-193105-26-2009Fairbury, NE21N2G
Gudgel, Phillip Sheridan(husband of Ida Belle Nash ) 01-17-1865 06-03-1941Athens, Ill.216H
Gudgel, William?212E
Gudgel, William LeRoy (Bill)(hus of Blanche Becker m.05-03-1946)(son of Amos & Emily Ogden Gudgel)05-03-192103-20-2006212E
Gustin, Roberta Gladys Jones Gum(wife of #1 Everett Gum m.05-21-1955, #2 Orville Gustin m.11-18-1980)01-15-193204-12-2001Ainsworth, Brown, Ne???
Gustafson, Albert Malcom(husband of Dora Lee) 06-02-1874 12-19-1934Oxford, Ne2619A
Gustafson, Dora Lee Berkhemer 03-04-1872 08-1940Iowa2619B
Gustafson, Gilbert A.(husband of Minnie Jay)(son of John M. & Mary C. Gustafson)(father) 1876 04-16-1944?1113D
Gustafson, John M. 03-08-1848 01-04-1909?116B
Gustafson, Lloyd E.(son of Russell & Leona) 1905 12-1967?1113E
Gustafson, Mary C. 06-12-1848 01-31-1920Sweden116A
Gustafson, Minnie L. Jay(Wife of Gilbert Gustafson m.12-31-1903)(dau of Henry B.& Emma Jay) 02-03-1885 12-05-1978Bristow,Iowa1113C
Gustafson, Victor Leroy 06-05-1907 06-02-1908?116F
Guy, Virginia Margaret 1920 02-02-1924 ? 3210 D *
Haak, Beatrice Fast(wife of Luke) 01-04-1889 04-09-1960 ???? *
Haak, Earl Eli(son of Luke & Beatrice Fast Haak) 06-06-1921 04-16-1930Ainsworth, Ne3411C
Haak, Lawrence Vedo(son of Luke &Beatrice) 08-22-1916 04-18-1930Ainsworth, Ne3411D
Haak, Leo Exeter(husband of Mary Millhouse 05-01-1881 04-24-1930Creighton, Ne345A
Haak, Luke Zeno(husband of Beatrice Fast)(father) 06-11-188411-10-1935Creighton,Ne.3411E
Haas, Charles (husband of Minna) 05-30-1885 05-26-1965Ohio257AA
Haas, Edward Lloyd(son of Fred & Josephine Trumm) 08-03-1905 05-24-1972Ainsworth, NE5N7H
Haas, Fred (husband of Josie)01-18-1874 03-09-1961Chillocothe, Ohio 17 8 A *
Haas, Josephine (Josie)(wife of Fred) 09-25-1882 01-04-1942 Denisonn,Iowa 17 8 B*
Haas, Minna L. Kernin(wife of Charles) 11-24-1888 05-15-1974Hay Springs, NE257AB
Haas, Othella Blanche Hollingsworth(wife of E.Lloyd) 01-01-1908 11-07-1980Brocksburg, NE5N7G
Haas, Vernon L.(husband of Helen) 1919 03-24-1962 ? 177 E *
Hagel, Charles Leo(son of Herman Chris & Bertha Davis) 09-06-1894 05-05-1966Pineridge,SD1716D
Hagel, Nellie Josephine Hubbard(wife of Charles) 10-15-1890 01-12-1963Chambers, NE1716C
Hagerman, Dora Marie Rauscher(wife of Worthie)(dau of Max & Charlotte Schultz Rauscher) 06-30-1889 10-25-1973Johnstown, NE3419B
Hagerman, Edgar Isaiah(husband of Maybelle) 0-19-1877 10-08-1963Wisc.329B
Hagerman, Laurence E.(Peb)(husband of Lillian Anthens) 07-17-1910 06-03-1993Brown Co., NE329G
Hagerman, Lulu May Pratt 01-07-1882 05-1936Adams Co,Ne.329A
Hagerman, Mabelle H. 1885 08-08-1970?3518H
Hagerman, Richard L. (Dick)(husband of Venita Warner m.02-15-1958) 10-16-1933 07-19-1996Ainsworth, NE7N9E
Hagerman, Worthie Myron(husband of Dora Rauscher) 04-29-1881 03-07-1972 Grand Island, NE3419A
Hakes Plot, 1 grave ? ? ? 217 A *
Halabur Plot, 1 grave ? ? ?87 B *
Hall, Claude Devoe(son of Dan L. & Nettie Pike) 08-11-1880 09-09-17-1958Syracuse, NE3415A
Hall, Cory Travis (son of Lois Clapper Hall &Larry Hall) 08-27-1975 01-06-2000Loveland, CO221C
Hall, Daniel 03-06-1852 04-1941?24E
Hall, Deloss?04-25-1999?3415E
Hall, Devoe C.(Butch)(husband of Zoreda Dillon) 10-25-1910 11-16-1977Atkinson, NE3415H
Hall, Lenora L. Rohweder Strange(wife of #1 Walter Strange, #2 Dale Hall)(dau of Arthur & Eva Fournier Rohweder) 05-28-192003-27-2003Ainsworth, NE1419F
Hall, Lula Mae(wife of Claude)(mother) 02-09-1886 06-1943Ohio3415B
Hall, Milo Axel(Bob)(husband of Darlene Staal)(WW11) 01-16-192606-03-1992West Point, NE3415C
Hall, Robert Jr.(son of Robert &anp; Charlene Fisk) 02-26-1979 02-26-1979Ainsworth, NE15N4H
Hall, Roy(son of Henry Clay Hall) 1880 01-14-1965NE 1 1 E *
Hall, Roy ? ? ? 1 4G *
Hall, Zoreda Flora Dillon(wife of DeVoe Hall m.12-26-1938)10-11-191311-12-2001Fremont, NE3415G
Halpin, Rose Ann 11-20-1874 07-10-1929Livingston Co., Ill.2718D
Halpin, Thomas 10-15-1871 04-14-1930Livingston Co, Ill.2718B
Halstead, (Betty) Zoreta Elizabeth Dau of Harp Hiram & Mabel Jessie Collins) 03-29-1917 03-05-1919Ainsworth, NE???
Halstead, Dr. Harp Hiram(husband of Mabel J.Collins) 09-27-1881 05-31-1948Fremont, NE???
Halstead, Heath Holcomb 03-28-1892 12-20-1930Ainsworth, NE298B
Halstead, Homer Holcomb 03-10-1894 03-31-1916Ainsworth, Ne298A
Halstead, Mabel Jessie Collins(dau of WM. & Francis Hutchinson) 01-19-1880 07-03-1958Sloan, Iowa?? ?
Hamilton, Alice E. Pixely(wife of C.W.Hamilton) 01-24-1856 06-08-1912?114D
Hamilton, Ginevra Elizabeth Lewis Piper(wife of #1 Wesley Piper, #2 Leander Hamilton) 06-29-1853 10-07-1927?2210B
Hamilton, Leander L. 02-08-185009-01-1919Ill.2210C
Hamilton, Rita B. 1920 06-1956 ?3518A
Hambleton, Hans L.(husband of Ruby Gelsinger m.10-30-1932) 03-12-1910 03-13-1994Drakesville, Iowa367H
Hambleton, Bonnie L.Pike(wife of Merlyn) 02-12-1935 10-18-1987 Ainsworth, NE2511H
Hambleton, Ruby May Gelsinger(wife of Hans L. m.10-30-1932) 07-22-1912 04-08-2000Johnstown, NE367G
Hammond, Grace ? ? ? 38 C *
Hammond, Mary C.Murray(wife of I.A.) 11-09-1866 06-04-1913Iowa1614B
Hammond, Marye E.(dau of I.A.& M.C.) 04-06-189512-1904?38A
Hanna, Carrie(wife of D.W.)1868 01-09-189034B
Hansen, Albert(son of H.P. & Christine Rassmussen) 07-24-1884 10-05-1958O'Neill, NE41F
Hansen, Barbara Jean(daughter of Melvin & Margaret Sawyer) 03-09-1943 01-27-1950Ainsworth, NE358C
Hansen, Bertha Christina Jensen(wife of Frederick W. Hansen)08-08-1873 03-1936 Marshalltown, Iowa 33 12 D *
Hansen, Christen(husband of Johanna Catherine) 05-15-1866 04-21-1942Holstein,Germany18C
Hansen, Dora (mother)1892 1958????
Hansen, Frederick W.(husband of Bertha Jensen) 04-05-1866 03-01-1935 Denmark3312E*
Hansen, Howard Douglas(son of Fredrerick & Bertha Hansen) 06-20-1892 05-1929 Plainview, Ne 3312 C *
Hansen, Johanna Catherine Schneider(dau of Wm. & Cahterine Shepler) 06-24-1874 11-27-1956 New Haven,CONN18B
Hansen, Melvin William(husband of Myrtle)(father) 08-17-1913 09-10-1964Brunswick, NE358B
Hansen, Myrtle Mae Lawyer(wife of Melvim William Hansen m. 07-14-1937)(dau of John & Beatrice McDermott Lawyer)07-13-191806-14-2002Redfield, SD358A
Hardman, Bert David 1868 04-03-1933 Iowa 110 B *
Harlow, Marvin(son of Lester & Anna Kidd Harlow) 03-19-1929 06-06-1930 South Brown Co, Ne 21 11 E *
Harp, Dorothy Ilene Vargason(wife of Richard) 01-23-1927 01-19-1971NE2515F
Harp, Richard (Dick) W.(son of Guy & Bessie Parsons Harp)(hus of #1 Dorothy Vargason m. 1948, #2Joyce Schnieidereit m. 1978, )06-05-192709-14-2009Ainsworth, NE25N15E
Harr, Bessie Ellen Wintermute 06-02-1892 08-19-1980Hay Springs, Ne.1911G
Harr, Bessie Ross(wife of Evan) 08-06-1895 09-14-1918Quick, Iowa1911C
Harr, Charles Newton 1862 05-14-1956Centralia, Ill.1911A
Harr, Edythe Ingeborg Cassel(wife of Maynard O.)10-17-1899 08-25-1970Stockholm, Sweden6N16B
Harr, Evan A.(husband of Bessie) 05-23-1890 04-30-1987Friend, Ne.1911F
Harr, Gertrude Jefferies(wife of Lillford)(cremains) 11-02-1910 01-29-1994Honey Creek, Iowa202D
Harr, Grace Cora Burleigh(wife of Charles N.) 09-23-1870 08-29-1942Mindon, Ill.1911B
Harr, Lillford B.(husband of Enid A.Alexander) 04-11-1899 10-25-1983Edison, Ne.1911D
Harr, Maynard Otis(husband of Edyth Cassel) 01-12-1901 01-28-1980Edison, Ne.6N16A
Harr, Robert Ellis 12-28-1924 08-05-1933?1911H
Harris, grave ? ? ? 22 19 C *
Harris, Benjamin(husband of Elizabeth Payden(Peudon m.11-18-1880) 1838 03-02-1890 ?818C
Harris, C.S. ? ? ? 66 D *
Harris, Ebenezer Delos(Civil War-Co A. 33 Ill. Inf) 184012-1921Plymouth, Mass.198D
Harris, Henry 01-01-1846 01-1927NY2219B
Harris, Helen Shrimpton Brady(wife of #1 Dr. Rolland Roy Brady m. 07-20-1935, #2 Herbert Harris m.02-1-1959)09-07-191109-21-2003Fremont, NE3120G
Harris, Herbert G.(husband#2 of Helen Shrimpton Brady)(cremains) 10-23-1908 06-16-1994?3120G
Harris, Jobe ? 1920 ? 22 19 D *
Harris, John Merle 06-07-1884 03-11-1936?818D
Harris, Rebecca Ridgeway(wife of Henry) 1852 1940?2219D
Hart, George Henry(husband of Myrtle Hunt) 05-16-1908 08-22-1989Jamison, NE5N5E
Hart, Lucy L. Arnold(wife of Amos) 06-14-1900 11-01-1973Sundance, WY124H
Hart, Myrtle Mary Hunt(wife of George) 06-16-1906 12-30-1974Verdell, NE5N5F
Hartgrave, Andrew John(husband of Willa Miller)(son of Charles Hartgrave) 08-25-1912 11-12-1992Ainsworth, NE1827C
Hartgrave, Archie Ervin(son of Wanda Wantz & Ben Hartgrave)(Vietnam) 09-19-1954 10-07-1978Ainsworth, NE5N4E
Hartgrave, Benjamin M.(WWll)(son of John Francis Hartgrave) 05-29-1926 01-12-1992?5N4G
Hartgrave, Charles R.(son of John Parker Hartgrave) 1871 07-03-1954 ? 13 12 A *
Hartgrave, Della Zoa & Baby(wife of Harry Hartgrave) ? 08-10-1884 ? 13 12 B *
Hartgrave, Frank M.(son of Norman & Lelah Hazelrigg Hartgrave) 05-22-1910 01-23-1988Elsmere, NE143F
Hartgrave, Fred E.(twin of Frank)(husband of Vera N. ??)(son of Norman & Lelah Hartgrave)05-22-191010-05-2002Elsmere, NE2516C
Hartgrave, Janet Sue(dau of Robert & Janice Jones) 05-18-1962 05-12-1963Lexington, NE1412G*
Hartgrave, John Frances(hus of Lillie Beivins)(son of Norman & Lela Hazelrigg) 07-26-1897 04-10-1960Buffalo Co., NE143E
Hartgrave, John Martin(son of John Parker & Sarah Leek Hartgrave) 02-07-1873 04-25-1963Iowa173G
Hartgrave, John Parker (Civil War-Co B.28th Iowa Inf.)(hus of Sarah Leek)(son of Noah Hartgrave) 11-04-1844 03-28-1919 Ind.1312D
Hartgrave, Lelah May Hazelrigg(mother)(dau of Francis M. Hazelrigg) 04-13-1878 10-14-1957Iowa143G
Hartgrave, Lenora A.Youman(wife of Oscar Hartgrave)(dau of Carl & Nellie Youman) 09-21-1934 07-20-1965?322B
Hartgrave, Leroy Dile(son of John Martin Hartgrave) 1907 1926????
Hartgrave, Lewis Moses(hus of Velma M. Crawford)(son of Norman & Lelah Hazelrigg) 12-09-1899 04-29-1984Minden, NE5N6D
Hartgrave, Minnie Esther Jessup McDaniel Gale(Wife of #1 George McDaniel m.12-24-1919, #2 Albert Gale m.09-1958,#3 William R.Hartgrave m.11-09-1962)(dau of Francis E. Jessup & Christina Elizabeth Beaman Jessup) 04-07-1900 07-04-1981Adair Co., Iowa1422A
Hartgrave, Norman Robert(husband of Lelah Hazelrigg)(son of John Parker Hartgrave) 07-28-1866 09-27-1947Pawshek Co.,Iowa143H
Hartgrave, Oscar Norman(husband o #1 LenoraYouman m.1951, #2 Arlene Huerta m.05-22-1980)(son of John Francis Hartgrave) 07-26-1924 08-08-1988Elsmere, NE322A
Hartgrave, Sarah Elizabeth Leek(Wife of John Parker Hartgrave)(Dau of Thomas Leek) 09-24-1848 07-1942Ohio1312C
Hartgrave, Tommie H.(son of Charles & Mary Soloman Hartgrave) 03-10-1909 07-01-1984Elsmere, NE185G
Hartgrave, Velma Marie Crawford(wife of Lewis m.04-26-1926) 03-25-1908 04-04-1997Esbon, KS5N6C
Hartgrave, Vera N (Vid)(wife of Fred) 01-06-1917 07-28-1998Elsmere, NE2516D
Hartgrave, Willa E.Miller(wife of Andrew J. m.12-06-1932) 06-24-1917 05-31-1994Brewster, NE1827D
Hartgrave, William R.(Bill)(husband of Faye McNamee Ingalls)(son of Norman R. Hartgrave)08-04-190401-17-1994Elsmere, NE1422B
Hartley, John D. 1808 11-17-1866?618D
Hartley, Samuel G.(son of J.P.& C.)06-1884 10-06-1885?618D
Hartley, Susanna 1813 01-24-1891?618D
Harvey, Peter Clayville(husband of Queen Victoria) 07-16-1862 07-10-1952Knox Co., Ind353C
Harvey, Queen Victoria Farr(wife of Peter) 10-08-1859 05-31-1942Morgan Co., Ind.353D
Haskell, Charles Hubert 09-10-1910 10-22-1968?356F
Haskell, Charles Moody(husband of Vivian B. Wells) 07-27-1914 12-06-1944Millwaukee,Wisc.215A
Haskell, Charles W.(husband of Florence)(father) 04-15-1876 09-28-1953NY2117B
Haskell, Douglas G.(son of Hubert & Nalellia Johnson)(hus of Helen Brown m. 06-09-1962)06-26-194212-08-2010Ainsworth, Brown, NE
Haskell, E.Allica(wife of Hubert Johnston Wells) 06-09-1882 02-1920Wisc.215C
Haskell, Florence Elizabeth Crump(Wife of Charles W.)(mother) 05-07-1884 02-01-1951Sheboygan, Mich.2117C
Haskell, Florence Ilene(dau of Charls W. & Florence E. Westover Haskell)04-05-191201-27-2004Brown county, NE2117A
Haskell, Hubert John 01-12-1869 05-12-1927Freedom, NY.215D
Haskell, Hubert (husband of Nattellia )(son of Charles & Florence Crimp)09-10-1910 10-27-1968 Brown Co., NE???
Haskell, Joan(dau of Jack& Elnora) 01-15-1945 01-15-1945 Ainsworth, NE???
Haskell, John Daniel(Jack)(husband of Eleanor I. Yearick) 05-26-1913 12-14-1974Johnstown,NE217B
Haskell, Lexa Ann(daughter of Hubert & Natalie) 04-12-194005-30-1941Ainworth, Ne356H
Haskell, Nattellia?08-02-2006?N356G
Haskell, Penny Coralee(wife of Donald Pike)(dau of Hubert & Nattellia Johnson Haskell)10-20-194609-25-2004Ainsworth, Ne21N17D
Haskell, Troy Print(husband of Jackie Kohl m.1996)04-19-197308-11-2001Ainsworth, Brown,Ne.2117E
Haskins, Marietta (wife of A.H.)1851 04-26-1884 ?620B
Hastings, Plot, Infant ? ? ?12 1 H *
Hastings, Barbara Ann ? 01-28-1937 ? 121 D *
Hastings, Beckley M.(son) 1885 06-28-1897?121A
Hastings, Floy Airene Isabelle 07-01-1892 04-1920 Ill. 121 G *
Hastings, Ida Ellen Pixley(wife of Thomas) 12-17-1857 11-24-1948West Salem,Ill.121B
Hastings, Thomas Jefferson(husband of Ida Ellen) 03-17-1853 08-07-1938Commerce,Tenn.121C
Hasty, William Alfred 08-08-188806-20-1914Napier, Miss.1618A
Hathaway, James Alphonso(husband of Lulamae Kershner) 04-10-1901 09-14-1972Ionia, KS1222G
Hathaway, Lulamae Kershner(wife of James m.04-09-1939) 05-12-1919 12-21-2000 Formoso, Ks.1222H
Haun, Margaret Tanner Kidd(wife of James W. Kidd m. 04-08-1928, #2 CXecil R. Haun m. 09-17-1965)(dau of J. Clifford & Edith MOnroe Tanner)04-02-191105-14-2008Springview, NE22N11E
Hawley, Blanche G. 1892 09-03-1975?29G
Hawley, Richard Clyde(husband of Blanche) 01-22-1878 12-24-1954Rock Island, Il.29H
Hayter, Barbara Ann(dau of Richard & Bernice) 09-26-1934 01-26-1937 Ainsworth, NE???
Hazard, Grace Bernice Roan(dau of George & Eva Julyan Roan)(wife of Walther Thomas Hazard m. 11-25-1932)10-20-191301-06-2009Ainsworth, NE22N31A
Hazard, Walter Thomas(husband of Grace Roan m.11-25-1932) 10-10-1906 03-16-1999Bassett, NE2231B
Hedrick, Charles M. 10-28-1883 01-02-1908Iowa118G
Hedrick, Hannah Jane Wilkins 07-16-1843 04-16-1911?118H
Hedrick, Mrs. Nathanial ? ? ? 11 8 E *
Hedrick, Nathanial C. (Civil War-Co H. 42nd Iowa Cav.) ?1900?118F
Heerten, Anna R.Radmacher(wife of Eilert)(mother) 10-31-1854 03-21-1928Germany236C
Heerten, Annie 07-26-1880 10-09-1889?236A
Heerten, Dick(son of Eibert& Anna Rademacher) 02-13-1878 06-19-1964ILL235D
Heerten, Edward (husband of Mabel)WWl) 09-13-1890 10-30-1963Keya Paha Co., NE236E
Heerten, Eilert(father) 01-21-1846 01-30-1929Hanover, Germany236D
Heerten, Emma Anna Keohnken(wife of John)(dau of Goerge & Mary Anna Hufker) 02-22-1878 12-22-1974Mason City, Iowa233C
Heerten, Frank 03-22-1887 11-21-1917?236B
Heerten, Grace?01-04-2009?83C
Heerten, Herman 01-14-1884 10-03-1892?236A
Heerten, John (husband of Emma) 09-14-1879 12-20-1960Mason Co., ILL233D
Heerten, Linda(twin)? 11-15-1958?233E
Heerten, Louise(twin)? 11-15-1958?233E
Heerten, Mabel Lillian Busic(wife of Ed) 06-05-1887 05-05-1971 Kansas236F
Heerten, Mary Daniel 09-27-1870 07-23-1926England235C
Hegeland, ?? ? ? ?15 A *
Heiges, Harry D. ? 1917 ? 2313 D *
Heineman, Norris D. 05-24-1931 07-13-1956?173E
Helton, Clara Effie Everine(dau of Thomas & Rebecca Alexander) 08-16-1879 06-21-1962 Glenwood, Iowa174C
Helton, Willis Hammond(husband of Clara Effie) 12-12-1874 07-13-1954Macon City, MO174D
Henderson, Anna 09-30-1881 10-1906 ? 2 6 B *
Henderson, Dessie H. Miles 01-26-1885 04-17-1919Pa306A
Henderson, Emma Elizabeth Fernau(dau of WM. & Lavina Fye) 07-16-1884 10-25-1965Wisc.3215G
Henderson, James Andrew(husband of Leora Jamison) 03-22-1881 03-13-1955Clarks, NE3012F
Henderson, Jacqueline Louise(dau of Milton ) 03-01-1932 03-13-1933Ainsworth, Ne306D
Henderson, Leonard 1914 1935?3215H
Henderson, Jessie E.Barr (wife of E.B.) 07-04-188808-13-1910Lincoln Co.,Wisc.1410B
Henderson, John Wallace(husband of Sarah McCune) 02-22-1856 02-09-1948Boliver, PA26C
Henderson, Luura B. Johnson Fisher 04-04-1867 08-25-1942????
Henderson, Leaura J. Myme Miles(wife of James) 12-07-1887 04-18-1967Brown Co., NE3012H
Henderson, Martha Anderson(wife of William) ? 1892? 4 8 C *
Henderson, Milton Cyrus (son of Hugh & Evelyn )(husband of Frances Krish) 11-16-1885 03-15-1959Ainsworth, NE306B
Henderson, Nadine Ursel(dau of Clyde) 05-1920 06-13-1920 ? 3014 D *
Henderson, Ralph Milton (son of Oliver & Mary Sinclair)? 10-12-1958 Ainsworth, NE ?? ?
Henderson, Sarah McCune (wife of J.W.) 04-21-1863 01-05-1903?26A
Henderson, William 1827 12-1911 Pa. 4 8 B *
Henderson, William J.(husband of Emma Elizabeth) 09-25-1879 05-13-1946Clarks, Ne3215E
Henkle, Carl 07-07-1863 05-1939 Frankfurt, Germany 3420 A *
Henne, Baby (dau of Fred & Mannie) 10-25-1933 10-25-1933 Ainsworth, Ne17G
Henne, Donna M. Anderson(wife of Larry) 09-24-1942 09-05-1992Ainsworth, NE249C
Henne, Freddie DeWayne Jr.(son of Fred & Mamie Hulshizer) 01-03-1938 01-13-1961Ainsworth, NE2015B
Henne, Fredrick Otto(husband of Mamie Hulshizer)(WW1) 08-12-1894 10-30-1973Autzendorf,Germany 124E
Henne, Frederick Sr.(husband of Rose) 01-23-1871 11-16-1936Astendorf, Saxan,Germany17H
Henne, George A.(son of Fred & Mamie)(WWll) 05-01-1926 03-16-1945Ainsworth,, NE2015AG
Henne, Mamie Alvina(wife of Freddie Otto) 09-26-1902 09-24-1975Ainsworth, NE2015AA
Henne, Rosina Paulina(wife ofFred) 12-13-1862 01-15-1946Howghelt, Poland2015AH
Henne, Walter03-09-190607-25-2001Atzendorf, Germany???
Hepburn, James A.(father of Herbert John Hepburn & grandfather of Orval)) 1852 12-1929?2220E
Hepburn, Mary Alta Minshall(wife of Orval M. hepburn m.11-15-1935)(dau of Carl & Anna Finlayson Minshall) 03-03-191502-09-2003Meadville, NE2235C
Hepburn, Orval M.(husband of Mary Alta Minshal m.11-15-1935)(son of Herbert John & Lillian Bell Bechtel Hepburn) 06-03-1909 07-07-1990 Newport, NE2235D
Herbaugh, Lawrence H.(husband of Marie Herbaugh)05-17-1913 09-19-1973 ? 318 F *
Herbaugh, Marie E. Smith Burke(wife of #1 Roland Burke, #2 Lawrence Herbaugh)(dau of Pete &l Louise Smith) ? 03-1980 ? 31 8 G *
Herbert, Myrtle Belle Hollett(dau of Orrin & Mary Blair) 12-18-1894 12-27-1979Brainard, NE2415G
Herman, Frank Moved to Ainsworth Cem from Heerton Cem 06-01-1928 No info????
Hermsmeyer, Edna Mabel Shannon(wife of Henry)(dau of Martha Colt Shannon & William Shannon) 11-26-1879 02-19-1975Audobon, Iowa117F
Hermsmeyer, Friedrich Albert(Fritz)(husband of Leoba Louise Ross m.01-20-1945)(son of Friedrich August & Doretta Schelm Hermsmeyer) 10-31-1914 10-08-1990Johnstown, NE5N11A
Hermsmeyer, Henry August(husband of Edna Mabel Shannon m.08-30-1910) 12-19-1876 07-08-1967Holstein, Iowa117E
Hermsmeyer, Leoba Louise Ross(wife of Friedrich) 05-11-1914 08-30-1969Bancroft, NE5N11B
Hermsmeyer, LeRoy Merle(son of Henry & Edna Mabel Shannon) 02-03-1920 12-28-1986Johnstown, NE117G
Herre, John R.(son of Julius T.) 1917 09-26-1927?3313A
Herrman, Robert Donald(husband of Jean) 03-10-1929 03-20-1981Dallas, SD15N12E
Herring, Beverly Rademacher(wife of Phillip D. m.11-20-1966) 02-15-1944 11-24-2000 Beatrice, Ne74B
Herring, Charlotte Christ(wife of Burch)(dau of Phillip Christ & Louella Roat) 11-16-1890 09-13-1958Lakeside, NE3414C
Herring, Dale Dean(husband of Emily V. Vaughn)(WW11) 07-23-191503-14-1993Ainsworth, NE3414B
Herring, Frank L. 12-18-1890 05-20-1901?1116H
Herring, Lois Fern(dau of Ruben & Alma Everingham Williamson)(wife of William (Bill)Henry Herrring ) 03-17-191501-03-2009Ainsworth, NE34N14E
Herring, Katherine Ellen Barrett(Kate) 09-20-185010-17-1918?1116G
Herring, Patricia ? 1827 ? 11 16H *
Herring, Philip Christ(son of Burch) 02-10-1913 10-1934?3414A
Herring, Phillip H. Jr.(son of Phil & Beverly Radmacher) 05-06-1975 08-14-1993Atkinson, NE7N4C
Herring, William Burch (husband of Charlotte Christ)(father) 08-14-1883 01-01-1949Brown Co.,Ne3414D
Herring, William Henry(husband of Lois) 06-13-1911 11-19-1965Ainsworth, NE3414F
Herring, William Henry(Husband of #1 Katherine Barrett D-1918, #2 Mayme McGee) 08-28-1851 11-06-1934Ind.1116F
Herron Plot, Grave ? ? ? 8 15 A *
Herron, Daughter(of J.H.& J.W.)05-1890 08-24-1890?815B
Heerten, Grace?01-07-2009?83C
Hershiser, John Ameritus(husband of Mary Ida Siders m.06-14-1920)(son of Lewis & Mary) 03-15-1892 08-14-1949Hyannis, NE1920AB
Hershiser, Leona Gilliland(wife of Earl) 02-10-1909 01-29-1994Ainsworth, NE1030D
Hershiser, Lewis Earl(husband of Leona Gilliland)(son of Lewis & Mary) 01-22-1895 01-18-1981Hyannis, NE1030C
Hershiser, Lewis Harry(husband of Mary Davis m.01-31-1891)(son of John & Anna Diehl Hershiser)(father) 02-07-185808-23-1931 Manna Choice, Bedford Co., Pa.1011C
Hershiser, Mary Davis(wife of Lewis H.)(dau of Jacob J. & Martha Brant Davis) 02-21-1867 01-01-1908 Iowa1011D
Hershiser, Mary Ida Siders(wife of John ) 12-18-1894 08-11-1945Tripp Co., SD1920AA
Hershiser, Naomi(dau of Lewis& Mary Davis ) 07-23-1893 10-07-1955Grant Co., NE1011E
Heuer, Marilyn J. Brooks(wife of Kenneth m.04-18-1952) 05-14-1932 05-02-2000Gothenburg, Ne.3N13B
Hewett, Elmer 1892 1952?263B
Hewitt, Etta Engle Dr.09-12-1865 07-20-1922Waterloo, Iowa2818B
Hewett, E. Floyd(father,brother,son) 11-24-1919 09-25-1991????
Hewitt, Henry Franklin Dr.(husband of Etta Engle)11-03-1869 03-03-1934Rockford, Il.2818A
Hewitt, Lawrence W. 1898 09-1946?2818H
Hewett, Leslie May Farner 03-08-1895 02-15-1932Sturat, Ne263C
Hicks, Edith Maude Osborn(wife of LuVerne) 03-07-1895 01-06-1986Cristian, ILL520H
Hicks, Elizabeth E.(wife of Orville) 1897 10-1974?205F
Hicks, Ida Ankeny(wife of John) 09-09-1865 03-17-1935Peoria, Ill.205B
Hicks, John Wesley(husband of Ida) 11-10-1863 05-25-1947Springfield, Ill.205C
Hicks, Rev. Luverne C. 1894 01-1975?205G
Hidges Plot, grave ? ?? 3 17 A *
Hill, Harold E.(husband of Evelyn Allen m.04-02-1955)(son of Ralph & Nora Clark Hill)01-15-192402-17-2010Johnstown, Ne
Hill, Lana O. DeBoise(#2 wife of Charles Lesley Hall(Hill m.01-13-1896) 11-03-1875 09-24-1941Republic County, Ks.295D
Hildebrand, Baby(of Charles&Bertha) ?02-06-1923?1120G
Hildebrand, Bertha J.(wife of Charles) 1890 01-1980?1120F
Hildebrand, Charles E. 1893 09-1962?1120E
Hildebrand, Elizabeth Bowers(wife of Herman) 08-21-1866 08-28-1961Redding, PENN1120C
Hildebrand, Herman Albert 03-08-1857 02-1924Germany1120D
Hildebrand, Ruth(dau of Charles&Bertha)10-31-1917 11-08-1917?1120H
Hines Plot, grave ? ? ? 166 D *
Hinkel, Carl 07-07-1863 05-27-1939????
Hinrichs, Elizabeth Ann Lake(wife of Theodore)(dau of John Lake) 04-02-1896 12-11-1964Harbine ,Iowa323C
Hinrichs, Frank Theodore(husband of Freda Elizabeth Dutton m.05-22-1943) 06-14-1923 04-15-1986Belton, NE323B
Hinrichs, Theodore Edward Wesley(husband of Elizabeth Ann Lake(Bessie) m.10-15-1919)(son of John Theodore & Laura Evelyn Wassom Hinrichs)(WW1) 05-23-1896 01-15-1997Harbine, Ne323D
Hitchcock, Esther Mae Christian(wife of George) 09-04-1907 01-21-1972Soldier, Iowa513E
Hitchcock, Florence Annette (Nettie) Flick (wife of Hugh Wesley Hitchcock)(dau of Samuel & Elizabeth Flick) 02-17-1869 02-19-1946Perkin, Ill319C
Hitchcock, Frank Barney(husband of Vera Arlene Smith m.06-23-1934)(soldier) 01-04-189908-30-1948Mandamin, Iowa3118B
Hitchcock, George Edwin(husband of Esther Christianson) 02-15-1907 02-19-1985Mondamin, Iowa5N13F
Hitchcock, Howard S.(husband of Edna Pelster m.11-10-1939) 06-15-191212-11-1992?319E
Hitchcock, Hugh Wesley(Wesley)(husband of Florence Annette(Nettie) Flick m.11-1894)(son of Jacob & Elizabeth Birney Hitchcock)02-10-185803-1935Indian Springs, Ind.319D
Hitchcock, Julian Paul(son of Wesley & Nettie Flick) 01-18-1902 02-22-1966Mondamin, Iowa319B
Hitchcock, Vera Arlene Smith(wife of Frank Hitchcock )(dau of Hannah Morter Smith & William Smith 10-09-1904 02-26-1949Dodge, Ne3118C
Hively, Mary Lee(wife of #1 Fred Moffett, #2 Napoleon Hively m.10-08-1895)(dau of Thomas(Tom) Clark & Zaradah(Sarada) Sanders) 09-25-1869 03-05-1960Maulton, TX339C
Hively, Napoleon 06-16-1869 10-1933Salem Co., Mo.339B
Hively, Raymond(husband of Mildred Kirkpatrick)(cremains) 08-15-1904 09-16-1984Ainsworth, NE339A
Hoard Plot, 3 graves ? ? ? 9 11 B,C,D *
Hoard, P. B. ? 1905 ? 9 11 A *
Hodge, Cheryl Louise Poore(wife of Al Hodge m.09-27-1973)(dau of Lawrence & Bessie Fletcher Poore)05-1-194908-28-2003Ainsworth, NE37C
Hodge, Glen Lawrence(son of Ellis & Cheryl Poore) 05-12-1975 11-25-1997Cheyenne, WY3N7D
Hodge, Laura Eule Cadwallader(wife of #1 Miles Cadwallader m. 05-20-1944, #2 Chester Hodge m. 1965)(dau of John & Addie Eule)08-12-192312-25-2006Keya Paha County, Ne28N1A
Hoefs, Fredricka Augusta Shock(wife of Theodore m.07-29-1879) 02-23-1861 01-28-1950Labia,Germany163B
Hoefs, Hugo 05-30-1880 05-27-1912Wayne, Ne.163A
Hoefs, Theodore Ferdinand(husband of Fredericka Matilda Shock) 10-17-1858 07-11-1934Huntsford,Wisc.163C
Hoft, Ruth ? 08-1984 ? 1410 A *
Hohlfeld, Teresa P. 1860 06-21-1889?812C
Hollingsworth, Alma B. Evans(wife of I.F.Bus m.05-31-1931) 06-02-1910 07-07-1993Norden, NE6N5F
Hollingsworth, Ira Farrell(Bus)(husband of Alma) 04-15-190408-27-1971Brocksburg, NE6N5E
Hollopeter, Alfa L.(wife of William) 01-14-1880 11-01-1959?3119B
Hollopeter, Darrold Dean(husband of Nancy)(Korea) 01-04-193805-02-1964Ainsworth, NE3114H
Hollopeter, Esther Jane Raven(wife of Josiah Hollopeter) 10-04-1880 01-06-1962Canada212C
Hollopeter, Florence Almeda Clapper(wife of John)04-1883 11-09-1963Kansas3111B
Hollopeter, Galena L.Ingwerson(wife of June E. m.05-19-1934) 12-20-1910 08-01-1997Brown Co., NE3114C
Hollopeter, Gertrude D.(wife of Willard Gene)01-29-1917 10-26-1994?3114F
Hollopeter, Josiah Joseph (husband of Esther Jane Raven)04-02-1866 01-16-1947Iowa Co., Iowa212D
Hollopeter, James Josiah(Jim)(son of Joshiah & Esther Raven) 06-12-1909 01-15-1974Ainsworth, NE212E
Hollopeter, John(husband of Florence A.) 11-27-186709-19-1949Kosta, Iowa3111A
Hollopeter, John J.(husband of Mildred Ann Belcher) 03-22-190311-04-1982Elsmere, NE14N7B
Hollopeter, June Edwin(husband of Galena Ingwerson) 06-01-1905 01-18-1970Brown Co., NE3114D
Hollopeter, Mildred A. Belcher(wife of John Jr. m.04-28-1928) 08-07-1910 10-22-1997St. Joseph, MO14N7A
Hollopeter, Willard Eugene(husband of Gertrude)(WW11) 06-13-191612-15-1967?3114G
Hollopeter, William(husband of Alfa Lewis)(son of Uriah& Eliza Zigler) 10-27-1870 05-05-1956Kasta, Iowa3119A
Holt, Ada Hannah Coryell(dau of Wm. & Mary Slocum) 08-24-1869 06-01-1962Kuylenville, NY322B
Holt, Charles(husband of Ada Hanna) 10-10-1867 10-15-1936Gainsville, Tx322C
Holt, Charlotte Iola(dau of C.&A. Holt)04-25-1901 03-23-1920?322A
Homan, Bessie Nanetta(Nettie) Sheppard 09-03-1865 03-09-1965Jackson, Ohio 224A
Honaker, Avis Lenore Bolton(wife of Harley) 11-20-1902 03-31-1971Parker, SD3110C
Honaker, Benjamin Syver(husband of Viola Maerer) 01-23-1902 12-06-1941Elmo, Mo.3110H
Honaker, Esther(dau of Fred & Nancy Lamar Honaker)08-03-191711-01-2002Ainsworth, Ne3110G
Honaker, Ethel Elizabeth Marvin(wife #1 of Harley Honaker)10-29-1902 03-05-1978 Marne, Iowa??
Honaker, Fred(husband of Nancy Jane) 08-07-1875 03-09-1950Elmo, Mo.3110A
Honaker, Harley A.(husband#1 of Ethel Marvin, #2 Avis Lenora Bolton m.1923) 05-20-1899 02-07-1986Elmo, Nodaway Co., MO3110D
Honaker, Kay L.Graff(wife of Donald)(dau of Leslie & Betty Jean Anderson) 04-19-1942 11-07-1983Ainsworth, NE2523C
Honaker, Marilyn G.(dau of Lydia Reiman)09-15-19901-10-2008Ainsworth, NE31N11H
Honaker, Nancy Jane(wife of Fred) 09-13-1876 03-24-1960 Clinton, MO3110B
Hood, Beverly J.(wife of Donald m.10-06-1956) 08-16-1935 11-11-1985?7N7F
Hood, Donald L.(husband of Beverly June Hollopeter) 01-17-1932 08-31-1998Springview, NE7N7E
Hooker, Bernice Maude Borden (wife of Harold) 12-02-1906 11-23-1969Spencer, NE6N7F
Hooker, Dr. Harold Edward(husband of Bernice)(dentist)07-23-1900 07-22-1968 Leigh, NE6N7E
Hoover, Lelia G. McCathron(wife of Jerry)04-26-1910 10-23-1979 Ainsworth, NE
Horner,Child(son of Roy&Abbie)04-23-193004-23-1930Ainsworth, Ne98A
Horner, Amos Roy(Jack)(husband of Abbie Lambley m.07-12-1920)(son of Amos & Mary Delcina Watkins Horner)(father) 10-01-189405-14-1966Corning, MO98H
Horner, Abbie Lambley(wife of A. Roy)(dau of Dr. George W.Lambley & Abbie Hyde Lambley)(mother)01-24-1900 05-29-1983Ainsworth, NE91D-E
Horstman, John Frederick 01-01-1850 04-1922Holstein, Germany2715E
Hoschouer, Elizabeth Belle Tanner(wife of William m.03-15-1903) 02-01-1883 03-01-1952Saline Co., NE262B
Hoschouer, James Leland(Husband #1 of Ruby) 06-05-1904 05-22-1966Friend, NE262H
Hoschouer, William Reed(husband of Elizabeth Bell)06-22-1880 06-10-1950Dark Co.,Ohio262A
Houdesheldt, Carl H. 1904 07-16-1951?3112H
Houdesheldt, Helen M. Kollmar 1908 03-19973112G
Houdesheldt, Pamela Sue(dau of Wm. K. & Betty Jo Brooks) 10-06-195410-01-1990Bassett, NE2230A
House Plot, grave ? ? ?3 11 A *
House, Conrad 02-04-1820 01-06-1886?311D
House, Ernest Anson(husband of Wealthy) 07-26-1885 10-23-1961Wakefield, NE1618D
House, Esther C. 12-19-1822 04-25-1914?311C
House, Florinda Alice G. (wife of Hiram) 06-11-1863 1920Iowa1618F
House, Hannah Bowers(wife of Ransom m.1917)???311A
House, Hiram W. 1858 1923?1618E
House, Joseph Ethern(husband of Katherine)(WW1) 09-11-1893 07-29-1957Ainsworth, NE311G
House, Ransom E. 07-15-1849 12-21-1917Canada311B
House, Wealtha Ravenscroft(wife of Ernest) 09-03-1886 06-20-1975Ogden, Utah1618C
Houts, Lucy Idell (dau of Aman & Lucinda Miles Houts) 03-26-1889 08-07-1970 Dodge Co., NE2618F
Houts, William R.(son of Aman & Lucinda Miles Houts) 1889 01-0-1949?2618E
Howard, Dora Matie ? 11-24-1958 ? 35 8 H *
Howe, Charles F. 06-22-1869 03-29-1925Dennison, Iowa58E
Howe, Lettie Belle 1871 12-16-1937?58F
Howell Plot, 2 graves infants ? ? ? 810 C,D *
Howell, Alex C. 09-14-1860 04-15-1938810F
Howell, Arthur 1911 1922 ? 8 10E *
Howell, Clarence A.(husband of Mae)(WWl) 04-08-1895 01-13-1971Norden, NE2214A
Howell, Ella May Coleman 05-10-1874 03-14-1969?810G
Howell, Mae Isabelle Reinert(wife of Clarence Howell m.11-01-1920)(dau of George & Anna Toulson Reinert)04-15-190308-02-2003Ainsworth, NE22 New14B
Howell, Mary Anne Rose(wife of #1 J.W. Tonner, #2 John Howell)(mother) 07-18-1857 07-25-1931Newton, Iowa278I
Hubble, Aaron (son of Eliza) 12-25-1859 12-08-1929Ill.or Canada1218C
Hubbell, Eliza A. 12-07-1838 08-26-1907Canada1218B
Huddle, Eva A. 01-02-1906 03-20-1989?264F
Huddle, Florence Mae(dau of Forrest) 07-04-1926 05-14-1927Ainsworth, Ne264D
Huddle, Forest C. 08-0-1900 08-09-1989?264C
Huelle, Arnold H.F.(husband of Mildred Rucnick)(WW11) 07-12-1921 04-18-1984Tilden, NE3612B
Huelle, Mildred L.Rudnick(wife of Arnold) 1923 07-1991?3612A
Huff, Goldie Lewis Boller(dau of Raymond a& Nancy Fry Lewis)(wife of #1 Henry Boller m. 05-26-1935, #2 Bert Huff m. 04-15-1990)10-05-191306-28-2010Brown County, NE73A
Huffman, Mary J.(dau of Riley L.&U.B.) 12-10-1915 01-18-1916?285H
Huffman, Oma Estelle Hughes(wife of Ora David Huffman)(dau of Wm. & Lettie Jane Walker) 12-12-1888 05-05-1974Oelrich, SD918D
Huggins, Infant girl (dau of Edward & Anna) ? 1923 ? 2011 F *
Huggins, Alan Wayne(son of Donald &Alta Moon)09-30-1963 12-07-1963Ainsworth, NE362D
Huggins, Alvin Jay(Ted)(WW11)(Husband of Mildred Hart)(twin to Alma)06-18-1917 10-08-1978Ainsworth, NE362H
Huggins, Donald Raymond(US Army)(husband of Alda Moon)03-06-1936 01-17-1987Ainsworth, Ne.362E
Huggins, Edward Andrew(father)(Husband of Anna Cooper) 12-05-1880 06-14-1959Mill Creek, Mo.362A
Huggins, Glenwood Charles 10-20-1913 05-19-1993Ten Mile, Mo.362F
Huggins, Raymond Everett(husband of Stella) 08-10-190704-29-1989Ten Mile, Mo.362B
Huggins, Stella Esther Daywitt(wife of Raymond m.12-29-1930) 10-29-1908 07-01-1983Ainsworth, NE362C
Hughes, Dorothy Elizabeth Meyers(wife of Lyle Hughes m. 07-05-1939)(dau of Albert & Elizabeth Meyers)01-15-192010-29-2006Ainsworth, NE)815G
Hughes, Ellen(wife of M.E.) 02-09-1891 06-07-1912Winside, Ne.1013A
Hughes, Elmer(husband of Etta) 08-07-1890 02-03-1953Olrichs, SD923H
Hughes, Emily F. (wife of James)1849 09-20-1902Beach Creek, Pa1013B
Hughes, Evea L.(wife of M.E.) 1893No death date?1011H alley
Hughes, George F. 1883 1942?1013G
Hughes, James(Civil War-Co E. 5th Pa.R.E.S. Inf) 04-21-184708-19-1916?1013C
Hughes, Lettie Jane Wallace(wife of William) 08-07-1860 09-09-1952Milton, Cabot CO., Virg.918A
Hughes, Lyle?01-27-2006815F
Hughes, Michael Keith(son of Lyle & Dorothy Meyers Hughes)08-09-194911-08-2010Ontario, OR815E cremains
Hughes, Mitchel E. 1881 1959?1013H
Hughes, Rocky Lee(son of Charles & Mary Lou) 07-01-196309-02-1983Ainsworth, NE6N3D
Hughes, Ruth Myrtle Sage (wife of Thomas)(dau of George Sage) 02-27-1894 12-18-1970Milford, NE6N8F
Hughes, T. Donald (husband of Laura V.Teleen) 11-19-1916 07-29-1997Elwood, KS3016E
Hughes, Thomas(husband of Ruth Sage m.07-1909) 01-03-1883 11-20-1978Meadville, NE6N8E
Hughes, William 10-08-1855 02-13-1913?918B
Hughes, William W.(Bill)(husband of Doris Anderson m.02-08-1941)(son of Walter & Lydia Link Hughes)04-06-1914 09-12-2000 Long Pine, NE7N13G
Hulshizer, Baby (Son of Raymond & Mildred) 11-08-1929 11-08-1929 Ainsworth, NE
Hulshizer, Alfred R. 1916 03-1972?2317F
Hulshizer, Arthur(husband of Rosina Paulina) (father) 01-28-1879 12-17-1949Seward, NE2217G
Hulshizer, Nellie Blanche Slonecker(wife of Roy m.02-25-1914)02-19-1897 02-21-1982 Meadville, NE 22C
Hulshizer, Rosa Pauline Schneider(husband of Arthur) 03-19-1880 03-13-1959Iowa2217G
Hulshizer, Roy(wife of Nellie Slonecker) 05-27-1888 08-15-1944Brown Co,Ne 22D
Hulshizer, Wanda ? 1915 ? 2 2 B *
Hulshizer, William Cornelius(husband of Eva May Hamilton) (WW11) 02-20-1929 07-31-1976Ainsworth, NE22E
Hunnel, Charles Walter(husband of Eleanor Kuntz)(son of Walter & Alice Noice Hunnel) 03-17-1927 09-15-1989Burns, WY4N16H
Hunnel, Eleanor Doreen Kuntz(wife of Charles) 01-10-1930 02-24-1998Weiser, Idaho4N16G
Hunt, Kenneth Roland (husband of Helyn)07-22-1904 02-02-1963NE246H
Hurbaugh, Lawrence H. 1913 1973????
Hurbaugh, Mary E. Burke 1916 1980????
Hurlbut, Gaylord(Jack)(husband of Mary Chase) 04-05-1911 06-25-1975Ainsworth, NE5N4D
Hurlbut, Johnnie Jackson(son of Gaylord & Mary Chase) 08-29-1955 11-09-1999Ainsworth, NE5N4B
Hurlbut, Mary Leona Chase(wife of Gaylord(Jack)m. 01-24-1953)11-23-192501-31-2002Ainsworth, NE5C
Hurless, George William(son of James & Lucy Smith) (WWll) 11-21-189807-14-1965Keya Paha, NE164A
Hurless, James Franklin 10-03-1851 01-25-1911Ohio164C
Hurless, James S.(son of James & Lucy Smith)(WWll) 03-11-1906 11-14-1981Ainsworth, NE164E
Hurless, James G.(hus of Shirley Peoples m.04-16-1955)(son of James Shepherd & Lilly Gabbert Hurless)08-01-193102-04-2006Belle Fourch, SD164G
Hurless, Lilly Elizabeth Gabbert(wife of James) 12-13-1904 02-16-1966Ainsworth, NE164F
Hurless, Lucy Angeline Smith(wife of James F.) 12-27-1866 08-16-1934Harrison Co.,Iowa164B
Hurless, Shirley Jeannette Peoples(dau of Robert Landon & Mary Alice Litton Peoples)(wife of James G. Hurless m.04-16-1955)12-21-193201-27-2006Bristol, Va.164H
Husenetter, Wesley 12-03-1897 07-22-1904?1115H
Hutchins Plot, Grave ? ? ? 6 12 A *
Hutchins Plot, Grave ? ? ?1 14 E *
Hutchins, M. Lydia J.? 1888 ? 114 E
Hutchinson, Charles M. 08-17-185608-23-1914Ohio1616D
Hyde, Abigail Lester Bowerman(wife of Oliver)05-14-1838 01-09-1928 Connetville, Pa.91B
Hyde, Oliver Jenks("OB")(husband of Abigail Lester Bowerman m.11-19-1858)(son of Joseph Hyde &l Amanda Jenks Hyde)(Civil War-Co.F.1st Wisc.Cav.) 08-29-1831 03-21-1913Crawford Co., Pa91C
Hyland, John F. ? 10-10-1963 ?1 1 D *
Ikenberg, George Henry(husband of Kate Ann Clark)03-10-1867 01-1927 Pa 27 1J *
Ikenberg, James Charles A. 1908 02-1962?271K
Imm, Charles Given(husband of Lois) 04-29-1909 05-29-1969Gresham, NE15N11A
Imm, Lois Koehler(wife of Charles Imm m. 06-26-1932)(dau of John & Rose Koehler)03-30-191303-26-2007Osceola, Ne1511B
Ingalls, Ann E. 1842 08-1901?128B
Ingalls, Ethel(wife of Fred) 1877 11-1904?128G
Ingalls, Fred R. 1864 1906?128F
Ingalls, Joseph F. 1836 07-1909?128D
Ingwersen, Alta A.Pike(dau of Frank & Minnie West Pike)Fort Meyers, FL.N249D
Ingwersen, Carl Raymond(son of Raymond & Effie)09-26-191805-14-2001Bassett, Ne2410E
Ingwerson, Effie Campbell(wife of Raymond) 05-04-1881 02-23-1968KY2410D
Ingwerson, Hager L.(husband of Lanore) (Army) 03-31-1907 12-03-1979?2410G
Ingwerson, Lloyd F. 05-02-1915 02-07-1956?2410A
Ingwerson, Mildred Lanore(dau of George Patrick Harkin & Julia Fanny Farnsworth)04-04-191902-06-2004Sheldon, Iowa2410F
Ingwerson, Raymond Fredrick(son of Wm. & Jane Heath)02-01-1876 12-02-1957Weeping Water ,NE2410C
Ingwerson, Sharon K.(dau of Lloyd & Alta Pike) 09-27-1948 09-14-1979Scottsbluff, NE2410B
Ingwerson, Vivian Valentine(dau of Ray & Effie Campbell) 02-14-1909 08-23-1963?2410H
Irwin, Adam Charles (son of Lewis & Caroline Ikenburg) 01-20-1911 11-29-1965Brown Co., NE304A
Irwin, Hettie Alberta Good(wife of Axel) 1917 10-21-1957?304F
Irwin, Axel Alderman(husband of#1 Alberta Good, #2 Opal Summers Kaufman) 12-21-191310-15-1950Ainsworth, NE304G
Irwin, Benjamin Johnson(husband of Lucinda Marie Alderman m.03-31-1848)(Civil War-Co K 12th Wis. Inf)09-22-1838 06-14-1923Van Wert Co.,Ohio1220D
Irwin, Bennjamin Lewis(son of Axel& Alberta) 05-04-1954 10-08-1957Ainsworth, NE304C
Irwin, Carolyn Ikenburg(wife of Lewis Marion Irwin)(dau of Adam & Mary Hamilton Ikenburg) 07-15-1878 12-01-1950Pittsburg, Pa1220G
Irwin, Charles(son of Ben & Lucinda) ? ??27 17 M *
Irwin, Edwin Everett Forrest 02-18-1889 12-12-1927Ord, Ne1220B
Irwin, Effie 1905 08-1980?2717N
Irwin, Ethelyn Ruth(dau of Markus & Rachel) 05-22-1925 06-12-1926Ainsworth, NE1220E
Irwin, Harold Floyd(husband of Anna Matilda Good m.01-03-1932) 04-01-1905 02-13-1950Brown Co., NE304B
Irwin, Hazel B.(dau)06-15-190004-14-1910Garfield Co.,Ne.1220A
Irwin, James C.(husband of Mary) 1869 06-14-1952Iowa1023D
Irwin, James Charles04-07-1928 05-07-1928Ainsworth, Ne
Irwin, Jeanie Joann(dau of Axel & Alberta Good) 01-26-1949 10-08-1957Ainsworth, NE304C
Irwin, Josephine Geneva(dau of Lewis & Carolyn Ikenburg Irwin) 03-17-1908 01-10-1977Ainsworth, NE304B
Irwin, Lewis Marion(husband of Carolyn Ikenburg m.09-01-1897)(son of Ben & Lucinda) 03-17-1878 01-14-1949Bondurant, Polk Co., Iowa1220F
Irwin, Lucinda Marie Alderman(wife of Benjamin) 03-31-1848 08-11-1930Mason Co., Ohio1220C
Irwin, Marquis(Mark) Benjamin(husband of Rachel Mary Wigent m.06-11-1924)(son of Lewis & Carolyn) 08-11-1902 03-31-1980Ainsworth, NE1234B
Irwin, Mary Ellen Angus(wife of James) 10-24-1874 04-13-1966Iowa1023C
Irwin, Myrna Beth (dau of Mark Benjamin & Rachel Wigent) 11-30-1943 03-14-1945Ainsworth, NE1220H
Irwin, Nadine(dau of Lewis & Carolyn) no dates?????
Irwin, Phyllis(infant dau of Wm.) 05-13-192605-13-1926 Ainsworth, Ne.2717P
Irwin, Rachel Mary Wigent(wife of Marquis B.)(dau of Charlie & Anna Wigent) 10-27-1900 01-12-1990Olean, NE1234A
Irwin, Silas Vincent(son of Lewis & Caroline Ikenberg) 02-09-1918 12-30-1963 Brown Co., NE304E
Irwin, William A. 1900 11-1971?2717O
Isbell, Anna L. Winter(wife of Charles M.) 08-25-1871 06-1923 Ill. 19 20 H *
This cemetery was walked by Edward &Doris Torguson fall of 1999. The information was taken from the tombstones. We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Brown County Coordinator.

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