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Ainsworth Cemetery

Turn south at corner of Hiway #20 and Pine Street and go south 1 mile.

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Ainsworth Cemetery J-L
J thru L
A (*) means No Headstone

An N in the Block number means the new section on the east side of the cemetery.

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NameBirthDeathWhere BornBlockLotPlotNo stone
Jackman, Albert Fred (husband of Effie Starr) 08-19-1887 2-23-1968NE2515D
Jackman, Eva Mae Johnson(dau of Thomas&Aamp; Lura Belle Stevenson) 02-03-1885 12-29-1966Johnstown,NE3218G
Jackman, Effie Jane Starr(wife of Albert) 08-03-1886 07-07-1973Johnstown, NE2515C
Jackman, Henry Lewis(husband of May) 09-16-1885 10-19-1957LeMarrs, Iowa3218H
Jackson, Infant ? 02-1911 ?13 2 H*
Jackson, Addie 1870 1957?1123A
Jackson, Alta C.(wife of J.V.)1864 11-23-1885?615D
Jackson, Alvin ? 09-1938 ? 6 12 B*
Jackson, Andrew(son of John & Mary Barber) 01-26-1884 07-19-1967Telle City, IND325G
Jackson, Andrew W.(husband of Ruby) (WW1) 05-02-1893 02-29-1960Long Pine, NE173C
Jackson, Andrew Wallace 11-08-1855 02-1920New York222C
Jackson, Corlas Shipley(husband of Estella Booth m.06-03-1918)(son of Gilbert & Florida)(WW1) 08-28-1891 10-05-1977 Jefferson, Iowa2811H
Jackson, Don H.(cremation)?05-30-2006?222G
Jackson, Donald Mark(son of Donald & Joan Callaway)(Vietnam) 01-12-1955 03-25-1975Ainsworth, NE222B
Jackson, Eddie 12-03-1999 06-09-2000 ? 35 15 Foot of A *
Jackson, Estella Mae Booth(wife of Corlas) 04-12-1896 12-14-1986Ainsworth, NE2811G
Jackson, Florida Amelia Haight(wife of Gilbert)(dau of John Boughton Haight) 06-16-1899 04-15-1919New York, New York2811B
Jackson, Frank S.(son of A.W.&Louise)10-27-1891 12-26-1916?222A
Jackson, G. Stephen(husband of Jessie Dowler Hartgrave) 07-30-1900 10-19-1995Rippey, Iowa???
Jackson, Gilbert Sisner(husband of#1 Florida Amelia Haight m.01-14-1877, #2 Hattie Wheeler m.08-06-1922) 04-14-1856 01-18-1947Galien, Mich.2811C
Jackson, Harriett(Hattie) Wheeler(dau of Gilbert Wheeler)02-02-1871 03-05-1957 Brown Co., NE???
Jackson, James Alva(husband of Maude May Hutchinson m.03-01-1908)(son of Gilbert & Florida) 10-03-1887 09-18-1939Bethany,Mo.1616A
Jackson, James Kenny 11-17-1856 09-03-1926Richmond, Va.132D
Jackson, Jessie M. Dowler Hartgrave(wife of G. Stephen m.1921) 01-25-1903 07-29-1998Dunnell, MN???
Jackson, Josephine Maye Wheeler(wife of Reynolds (Dick)Jackson m.03-29-1922) (dua of Fred & Myrtle Wheeler) 01-11-1901 09-29-1996Ainsworth, NE2811F
Jackson, Louise Woodhall01-16-1860 04-1917NY222B
Jackson, Lura Mae(wife of Rolan) 1917 1967?2420C
Jackson, Maggie Mae (wife of Andrew) 01-02-1888 01-23-1962 ?325H
Jackson, Mary Etta Pauline ? 09-06-2000 ?3515B
Jackson, Mattie Emma(wife of James) 03-19-186407-26-1947?132C
Jackson, Maude May Hutchinson(wife of James Alva) 05-03-1879 01-05-1951Barboa, Wisc.1616B
Jackson, Nydia Vera(dau of Gilbert & Florida) 05-23-1884 12-04-1917Jefferson, Green, Mo.2811A
Jackson, Raymond Lee(Husband of Maryetta) 04-16-1903 09-27-1955Lynch, NE3515A
Jackson, Reynolds(Dick)Andrew (husband of Josephine Wheeler m.03-29-1922) (son of Gilbert & Florida)(WW1) 10-26-1892 08-31-1978Rippey, Green Co., Iowa2811E
Jackson, Rolan C.(husband of Elaine Larrington) 07-12-1918 07-19-1987Springview, NE2420D
Jackson, Ruby Uzella Taylor(wife of Andrew) 04-06-1895 04-01-1969Iowa173D
Jackson, Theresa Ann (dau of RIchard & Ellen) 05-21-1954 05-24-1954Ainsworth, NE3319E
Jacobs, Henry Cordis(son of Bruno & Haskia Oltmans) 01-03-1894 12-23-1968Gage Co., NE421D
Jacobs, Mary Jane 11-09-1857 02-25-1912?109B
Jacobs, W.W. 03-27-185702-26-1912 ????
Jagerson, Mildred ? 04-1940 ? 1 2 B *
James, Francis Abigail Smith (wife of Richard)11-15-1841 07-1923 Jacksonville, Il. 27 9 G *
Jamison, Ella Patience Osborn(Wife of William) 04-29-1862 05-28-1955Cass Co., NE2613B
Jamison, Richard Hayter ? 03-1932 ? 26 13 G *
Jamison, William Laverne (infant) 04-03-1927 09-22-1927 Ainsworth, Ne 26 13 H *
Janes, Francis A. 11-15-1841 07-31-1923????
Jansen, Burdetta Viola Henderson(dau of Albert J. Henderson & Lula Reed Henderson)(wife of John H. Jansen m.05-05-1926)04-20-190811-10-2003Brown county, NE24 New17C
Jansen, Cecile Luella Smith 08-27-1897 05-09-1971NE1519B
Jansen, Charlotte?04-11-2005?1712F
Jansen, Clarence George(husband of Charlotte Jenkins) 07-28-1918 06-13-1983 Ainsworth, NE 17 12 G *
Jansen, Donald Harold(son of Jacob & Cecile Luelle Smith)(WWll Navy) 12-13-1925 02-05-1983Ainsworth, NE1519F
Jansen, Frankie E. Casselman(wife of George Jansen m.1917)(dau of Clarence & Georgia Casselman)11-15-189705-05-2005Johnstown, NE1712C
Jansen, George Henry(husband of Frankie) 06-20-1892 08-26-1948 Buck Grove, Iowa 17 12 D *
Jansen, Jacob Frederick(Jake)(husband of Cecile) 03-17-1899 04-12-1967Buck Grove, Iowa1519A
Jansen, John Henry(husband of Burdetta Henderson m.05-05-1926) 09-14-1904 04-06-1989Buck Grove, Iowa2417D
Jansen, Larry Greg(son of Clarence & Charlotte Jenkins) 10-06-1946 12-25-1969 Ainsworth, NE 17 12 H *
Jansen, Lillian Violet(dau of Henry & Mary Jansen)03-31-191603-13-2006Ainsworth, NE3410H
Jarvis, Teddy(son of H.S.&M.L.) 05-30-1906 07-22-1906?1016H
Jasperson, Marjorie Edna Rhoweder(wife of Kenneth Jasperson)(dau of Arthur & Eva Rhoweder)04-21-192311-02-2006Ainsworth, Nebraska1434B
Jay Plot, Grave ? ? ? 3 19 A *
Jay, Frederick Thomas(husband of Nellie M. Hicks) 07-31-1890 12-15-1972Ainsworth, NE5N9C
Jay, Emma Stoner(wife of Henry Barton Jay m.08-09-1851) 08-09-1851 07-07-1919Ohio319C
Jay, Henry Barton(husband of Emma Stoner) (Civil War-Co B 73rd Ind Inf) 09-22-184502-01-1901Indiana319D
Jay, Nellie M.Hicks(wife of Fred) 05-20-1892 12-20-1978Tobias, NE5N9D
Jay, Robert?11-06-2001?59B
Jeffres, JoAnn Hand(dau of Russel & Annie Warren) 10-20-1919 03-30-1994Miami, FL124C
Jeffres, Mary Ann(dau of Joann Hand & Thomas Jeffres) 10-31-1954 02-18-1974Sacremento, Calif.124D
Jefferis, Ardis Naomi(dau of Ralph & Grace) 12-24-191804-15-1920?1614E
Jefferis, Clifford Oren(husband of Ethel Reece)09-18-1899 09-16-1972 Iowa 202 F *
Jefferis, Donal D.(husband of Louise Skinner) 03-10-1933 10-03-1987 Ainsworth, NE2019A
Jefferis, Edmund David(husband of Sarah) 03-20-18590 11-05-1943Council Bluffs, Iowa202C
Jefferis, Ethel ? 06-1997 ? 202 E *
Jefferis, Sarah Jane Morris(wife of Edmund) 03-30-1862 05-06-1936Council Bluffs, Iowa202D
Jefferson, Henry Lee(husband of Lois Sears)(WW11)01-17-1912 06-16-1993Ainsworth, NE3620B
Jefferson, Gail (Jeff)(husband of Shirley Duffield m.01-07-1955)(son of Tomas L. & Dollie A. Ogden Jefferson) 12-14-1928 03-02-2001????
Jefferson, Lois A.(dau of Willard & Hazel Sears)(wife of Henry L. Jefferson m.05-24-1943)08-30-192105-10-2009Dows, Iowa36N20A
Jefferson, Partrick Joe(Chip)(son of Gail &am; Shirley Duffield)02-28-1961 03-07-1975Valentine, NE221A
Jelinek, Augusta Grams(wife of Henry O.)03-17-189611-14-1918?2911C
Jelinek, Alvey (baby)??????
Jelinek, John W. 05-16-1871 04-1918?54E
Jensen, Infant (of Earl & Gertrude Swanson) 04-09-1951 04-09-1951 Ainsworth, NE???
Jensen, Infant Boy(son of Henry) 1 day 11-1913 ? 1 11G *
Jensen, Amy Caroline Bower(wife of Jens)06-14-1887 11-27-1966Brown Co., NE1216A
Jensen, Donald Calmor(husband of Norma Doutit)(US Army) 11-04-1936 06-24-1980Viborg, SD15N7B
Jensen, Dottie Edna McCloughan(wife of Jens) (mother) 07-30-1896 06-04-1981 St. Paul, NE3317F
Jensen, Earl (Infant son of Earl) 08-06-1949 08-06-1949 Ainsworth, NE 1 11 B *
Jensen, Hannah Marie Smith(dau of Andrew & Katherine Arvesen) 06-29-1885 05-01-1967Denmark5N14D
Jensen, Jens Christian(son of J.J.) 01-12-1885 04-03-1959Denmark1216B
Jensen, Sebilla Jay infant 12-02-1908 12-14-1908 ? 1216 H *
Jerred, Alice Amelia Brelsford(wife of Mannie) 03-02-1864 06-23-1943Springvalley,Minn.234G
Jerred, Edgar Erwin(son of Mannie& Alice Brelsford) 02-20-1891 11-07-1966Austin,MN2716C
Jerred, Lambert A.(husband of Viloet Alberts) 09-16-1889 09-09-1972Spring Valley, MN6N17D
Jerred, Mannie (husband of Alice) 09-07-1865 08-13-1948?234H
Jerred, Mannie J. 12-22-1898 01-25-1920Gregory, SD.234A
Jerred, Minnie M. 1893 07-1958?2716B
Jerred, Russell Albert 02-28-1916 05-1927Milboro, SD.2716A
Jerred, Violet Lucille Alberts(Wife of Lambert) 07-12-1897 03-05-1994Ainsworth, NE6N17C
Jessel, Infant(child of Paul) ? 02-18-1920 ? 13 9H *
Jessel, John C. 04-14-1856 09-1911Germany139A
Jessel, Maria S. 10-22-1859 02-1938Germany139C
Jessen, Harold N.(husband of Lois Gake)(cremains) 08-28-1900 01-12-1979?2014AD
Jessen, Julius Martin(husband of Mary A.) 04-21-1874 03-16-1952Holstein, Germany2014AA
Jessen, Lois R. Gake(wife of Harold) 08-16-1907 11-04-1974Beaver Crossing, NE2014AC
Jessen, Mary Allison(wife of Julius) 11-11-1874 02-03-1964Mich2014AB
Jessup, Christina E. 1875 1969 ????
Jessup, Frances Evermont 08-23-1866 05-1940Madison County, Iowa2817D
Jessup, Henry 11-16-1905 05-1942?2817F
Jines, Bobby Lee(son of Avert & Bonnie Pike Jines) 06-09-1960 01-03-1961Ainsworth,NE2511A
Jochem, Beulah M. 12-23-1919 10-15-1996?3213F
Jochem, Gustav Jr.(husband of Lena Neuman m.10-16-1918)(son of Gustav & Henrietta Grunau Jochem)(father) 03-21-1890 11-06-1961Zeyer, West Prussia156D
Jochem, Lena Neuman(wife of Gustav) 04-25-1897 04-16-1974Brewster,Blaine Co., NE156C
Joedeman, Rebekah Ruth(dau of Michael & Rosanna Elizabeth Skipper Joedeman)02-24-198410-16-2003Pensicola, Fl13 New14B
Johnson, Grave ? ? ? 14 4 A *
Johnson, Alfred(father) 1863 10-18-1949Sweden106C
Johnson, Anna Jean Shaner(wife of Hans) 03-23-1905 11-01-1991Ainsworth, NE138F
Johnson, Charles 1858 02-16-1923 NY 19 13 A *
Johnson, Cinncinnatus(Nate)(husband of Cora Stich) 05-05-1887 02-24-1936Bloomington, Ind.356A
Johnson, Cora Eva Stich(wife of Cinncinnatus) 12-21-1879 05-02-1977Macon Co., ILL356B
Johnson, Dwight Melvin(son of Harold & Mercedes Burrows) 03-01-1954 09-29-1977Ainsworth, NE1917D
Johnson, Effie Luella Gray(wife of Alfred m.1895)(dau of John & Henrietta Gray)(mother) 09-23-1875 06-12-1945So Harp., Ill106B
Johnson, Frank E. (WW1) 12-12-1894 06-12-1968?185D
Johnson, Geneva Sawle 08-09-1900 11-20-1974Arena, Wisc203F
Johnson, Grace(dau) 1901 02-1901?106H
Johnson, Gregg L.? 01-28-1951????
Johnson, Hans Christian Marioun(husband of Anna Shaner) 06-30-1896 04-10-1960Omaha, NE138E
Johnson, Harold Merle (husband of Mercedes Burrows) 06-16-1911 08-23-1975 Ainsworth, NE 19 32 D *
Johnson, Harold William(son of Harold & Margaret) 08-13-193608-17-1936Ainsworth, NE3411A
Johnson, Helen A.(wife of Robert) 1906 12-1985?106F
Johnson, Ingred Reed(wife of Samuel) 10-16-1861 11-06-1941?2614A
Johnson, John Gottfrid (husband of Ragnhild Johnson m.)(father) 07-03-1884 11-01-1945Smoland,Sweden1917AC
Johnson, Johnnie Ogden(son of Frank & Ruth) 01-07-1935 01-27-1935 Ainsworth, Ne816E
Johnson, Johanna M. 06-09-1936 03-30-1955?185F
Johnson, John Lind(son of Samuel & Ingrid) 09-17-1899 03-10-1935Big Stone,Mn.2614G
Johnson, John Robert(son of John & Ragnhild Peterson)(father) 01-29-1919 06-08-1986Ainsworth, NE1917AA
Johnson, Lloyd R.(husband of Nellie Jackson m.06-26-1946) 12-19-1922 12-12-1994Ainsworth, NE1917E
Johnson, Maurice S.(son) 03-1911 05-1911 ?106G
Johnson, Niels John(hus of Ruth)(son of Hans Christian Marius Johnson &Anna Jean Shaner Johnson)02-15-192603-22-2006Mary, Nebraska???
Johnson, Ragnhild Matilda Pettersson(wife of John Gottfrid m.08-09-1908)(mother)07-06-1887 09-28-1957Kalmas, Sweden1917AB
Johnson, Ralph Donald(son of Hans & Anna Shaner Johnson)(hus of Mary Alice Bloomquist m. 08-11-1957)10-15-193008-23-2008Ainsworth, NEAinsworth, NE1424C/D
Johnson, Robert G.(husband of Helen Flyr m.07-6-1938)(son of Alfred & Effie Gray Johnson)06-14-191306-24-2002Johnstown, Ne610E
Johnson, Ruthe Eva Ogden (wife of Frank Edward)07-02-1896 10-16-1939Ainsworth, Ne185C
Johnson, Samuel William(husband of Engred Reed) 10-21-1861 01-29-1934 Sweden2614B
Johnson, Wayne L.(husband of Ardis Beebout m.01-10-1943) 05-25-1921 11-25-1995Wrage, NE8N6B
Johnston, T.F. Plot, grave ? ? ?3 13 A *
Johnston, Kody A(son of Harley & Naomi Dishman) 11-06-197211-06-1972Bassett, NE15N3E-F
Johnston, Matther H.(father) 12-07-183702-12-1905?1520B
Johnston, Sarah N. 12-29-1837 03-05-1905?1520C
Jones, Anna Mary Steger(wife of Edd) 09-22-1886 11-30-1928?2311A
Jones, Anna M.Stanley(wife of Perley Jones m.07-12-1902)09-08-1875 08-07-1939Tama County,Iowa274G
Jones, Bernice Emily Bejot(wife of Melvin Jones )(dau of Amile & Alma Bejot)04-22-191701-09-2007Long Pine, Ne818C
Jones ,Calvin L.(son of Lloyd&Dorothy)1937 09-1957?924B
Jones, Clarence Clinton(husband of Lillian Hedrick) 07-02-1871 10-31-1944Oscalusa, Iowa118D
Jones, Daniel M.(son of Squire.&Viola) 02-22-1901 04-09-1901?117A
Jones, David Eugene(cremains)(son of Merle D & Lois A. Bejot Jones)(hus of Carol Schaller m. 08-21-1960)08-24-194001-21-2009Long Pine, NE1414G/H
Jones, Dorothy Irene Oakely(wife of Lloyd Jones m.05-13-1929)(dau of John & Cleo Oakley)07-06-191208-31-2004Brown CO, NE.9N24H
Jones, Edd (Thomas Edward)(husband of Anna) 01-14-1880 10-06-1966Kane Co., ILL2311B
Jones, Eunice M. 03-09-1878 01-16-1891?815G
Jones, Ethylen Maude Gorman Sprague(wife of #1 Sprague, #2 Leslie Jones) 08-10-1876 11-1930Michigan1914B
Jones, Floyd (Fat) Boyd (son of Henry &Mary Blair) 12-19-1911 05-16-1963Brainard, NE2415H
Jones, Frank E. (son of Thomas & Anna Steger)(WWll) 12-06-190712-23-1988Star City, Canada2326A
Jones, Harlan E.(husband of Charlyn Wakeley) 08-08-1940 07-08-1999Ainsworth, NE8N18G
Jones, Helen Ann(dau of Helen) 06-28-1940 07-06-1940?1018F
Jones, Helen Leona Salzman(dau of John & Anthone Schleuter) 07-04-1902 02-19-1975Ainsworth, NE1018E
Jones, Henry B.(husband of Mary) 02-04-1875 08-10-1966Elburn, ILL2415B
Jones, Jeanette ? ? ?14 5 E *
Jones, Jeanette(dau of Paul&Lucille Jones) 06-06-1931 08-04-1931Ainsworth, Ne.1412H
Jones, John Earl(son of Clifford &Hazel Jones)11-21-1938 05-29-1940Ainsworth,Ne.354F
Jones, John Leander(husband of Johanna Marie Waits m.11-27-1900)(son of Rufus & Mercy Jane Taylor Jones) 01-13-1874 06-18-1938Lafayette, Stark,Illinois354D
Jones, John Paul(husband of Lucille Easterly m.03-06-1929)(son of John & Johanna) 06-07-1905 02-19-1988Ainsworth, NE.1429D
Jones, John Turnest (Pat) 03-03-1884 01-22-1957Butler Co., NE2414I
Jones, Karl Casey(hus of Alma Huggins m.04-28-1935)(son of John Leander & Johanna Marie Waits Jones)11-05-191309-25-2006Ainsworth, NE???
Jones, Kenneth D. 03-05-1949 11-01-1994????
Jones, Laura M. Hughes(wife of Jack A. Jones)191702-21-2008
Jones, Lillian Hedrick(wife of C.C.)09-13-1869 08-02-1955Norway, IOwa118C
Jones, Lloyd L.(husband of Dorothy I.)(father) 1910 1990????
Jones, Lucille M. Esterly(wife of John Paul)(dau of Oscar & Anna Fischer Esterly)06-02-1902 06-04-1988Mt. Clemens, Iowa1429C
Jones, Lyman Dean(son of Paul&Lucille)(Vietnam) 08-14-1940 04-01-1973Ainsworth, NE.1412F
Jones, Johanna Marie(Mary) Waits(wife of John L. m.11-27-1900) 11-30-1879 06-19-1977Marne, Schlesiwig Holstein,Germany2620D
Jones, Mary Dorcas(dau of Wm.Blair & Maty Newton Blair)(wife of Henry B.) 01-05-1874 04-02-1957Brainard, NE2415A
Jones, Maynard Edward(husband of Dorothy Naylor m.12-21-1941)(son of John & Johanna) 07-27-191902-23-1987Ainsworth, Ne.354B
Jones, Melvin Leroy(husband of Bernice Bejot) 12-17-1913 03-06-1995Cherry Co., Ne8N18D
Jones, Merle Dean(WW11)(husband of Lois Bejot m.02-02-1940) 04-11-191807-29-1983Gordon, NE14N14A
Jones, Mercy Jane Taylor(wife of Rufus m.03-1866)(dau of Clarinda Conner Taylor & Jerome B. Taylor)10-05-1845 12-28-1929Kentontown, Ky.274B
Jones, Myrtle Violet Farris(wife of Thomas Frederick Jones m.12-30-1914)(mother)(dau of James & Esther Farris)12-17-1898 08-04-1963Iowa2116B
Jones, Perley Clifford(husband of Anna Stanley m.07-12-1902)(son of Rufus & Mercy Jane Taylor Jones) 04-27-1877 08-08-1926Lafayette, Stark, Ill.274F
Jones, Raymond Sheridan(son of John & Johanna) 07-05-190301-21-1977Ainsworth, Ne.354A
Jones, Richard L.(husband of Nancy Stech m.08-13-1961)02-17-1937 09-18-1996 Norfolk, NE818E
Jones, Rufus Sheridan(husband of Mercy Jane Taylor m.03-1866)(son of Sheridan & Anna Meeks Jones)(Civil War- Co I 151 Ill.) 08-20-1841 09-26-1917ILL.???
Jones, Thomas Frederick(husband of Myrtle Farris)(father) 12-13-1892 09-05-1969?2116A
Jones, Theodore W.(husband of Marcella Cuttler) 1853 1924Buffalo, NY3018C
Jones, Viola Alta Steel(wife of Squire Jones) 05-30-1867 04-07-1903?117B
Jones, Walter Woodrow(son of John&Johanna Marie Jones)09-09-1917 09-09-1934Ainsworth, Ne2620C
Jorgensen, Mildred (dau of Jens & Emma Peterson) 11-04-1939 04-02-1940 Ainsworth, NE???
Kabella, Girl(dau of Jack & Carolyn Kabella) 1-03-1977 10-03-1977Atkinson, NE3519F
Kackmeister August ? 11-1937 ? 29 6 E *
Kackmeister, Arthur William(husband of Selma Martha Greder m.06-18-1939)(Son of Stella & Bill) 03-03-1910 09-23-1978Ainsworth, NE285A
Kackmeister, Donald D.(son of William & Stella Hill Kackmeister)(hus of Evelyn Marlatt m. 12-21-1954)02-02-193203-23-2004Mission, SD35N27B
Kackmeister, Henry 07-06-1878 05-1933Hamburg, Germany296G
Kackmiester, John 07-21-1894 01-28-1990?2925A
Kackmeister, Joyce A. 10-02-1940 10-02-1940?2013B
Kackmeister, Larena M. Alberts(dau of Wm. & Elizabeth Alberts)(wife of Robert Kackmeister m.04-01-1941)09-02-192212-27-2003Ainsworth, NE2513E
Kackmeister, Minnie Klugy(wife of Henry) 10-12-1878 01-19-1951Lake Mills, Wisc.296F
Kackmeister, PaulineRose Skuffa(wife of Alan)(mother) 11-01-1961 12-17-1982Cheyenne, Wy3527C
Kackmeister, Raleigh Robert(husband of Erva) 06-09-1942 01-11-1966Ainsworth, NE2513D
Kackmeister, Robert S.(husband of Larena M. Albets m.04-01-1941)10-14-191307-02-2001?2513C
Kackmeister, Selma Martha(wife of Arthur) 02-19-1914 08-26-1966Dennison, Iowa285B
Kackmeister, Sophie Schumann 01-05-1856 02-09-1928Germany296B
Kackmeister, William 10-25-1857 02-1917Kisdorf, Holstein, Germany296A
Kackmeister, William(husband of Stella Mary Hill)(son of William Henry & Sophia Minnie Schuman Kackmeister) 02-14-1884 8-07-1955Douglas CO. NE3514B
Kaiser, Anna Marie Nagel(wife of Edward) 06-19-1887 10-11-1977Eart Prussia,, Germany424C
Kaiser, Dorthy Idora Dodds Mefferd(dau of Wesley Frank Dodds Sr. & Vivian Davison Dodds)(wife of #1 Ralph Leroy Mefferd Sr. m.08-31-1931, #2 Frank Kaiser m.11-10-1967)04-07-191411-03-2003Ainsworth, NE321H
Kaiser, Edward David(husband of Anna) 10-17-1879 01-28-1967Germany424D
Kaiser, Frank Arthur(son of Edward David & Anna Marie Nagel) 05-12-1913 12-26-1994Brewster, NE424B
Kaiser, Frank H.(husband of #1 Ina Kramer,#2 Dorothy Dodds Mefferd) 11-17-1912 03-26-1990Ainsworth, Ne.321F
Kaiser, Fred Henry(son of Wilhelm & Justine Brochulat) 10-24-1880 02-28-1965Germany321E
Kaiser, Harold Edward(husband of Phyllis L. Boller m.10-03-1954)12-06-1930 10-17-2000 Brewster, NE 7N3D
Kaiser, Henrietta(wife of Frank) 07-04-1885 07-15-1970Germany321F
Kaiser, Ina Beatrice Kramer(wife of Frank)09-26-191906-23-1967Gregory, SD221G
Kaiser, W.M. 08-27-1847 01-12-1934????
Kaiser, Wilhelm 08-27-1847 01-12-1934East Prussia, Germany221B
Kamas, Margaret Ann(dau of George&Ramona Abraham) 07-12-1962 10-14-1962Ainsworth, NE349F
Kamas, Ramona Jean Abraham(wife of Geroge Kamas m. 1958)(dau of Dell & Genny Saba Abraham)10-27-192811-15-2007Ainsworth, NE34N9C
Karstens, Johanna Gertrude Batfeur(wife of John ) 03-16-1839 04-23-1925 Holstein, Germany 5 6 C *
Karstens, John Henry 02-21-1842 05-1912 ? 5 6D *
Kasal, James(husband of Mary Prohockey) 1828 06-1920Bohemia3015D
Keech, Anna Belle Jay(wife of John) 10-07-1875 04-14-1965Bristow, Iowa155G
Keech, Edward Anthony(husband of Lillis Kemelia Cross) (Navy)06-13-1837 09-21-1903Great Bend, PA155B
Keech, Jessie M. (dau of John Henry Keech &Anna Bell Jay Keech)) 188809-13-1900?155A
Keech, John Henry(husband of Anna Bell Jay m.01-16-1894) 07-19-1875 01-05-1933Dannabrog, Ne.155F
Keech, John Henry Jr. Son Of John Henry & Anna Bell Jay Keech) 03-1913 03-1913 Ainsworth, NE 155 H *
Keech, Lillis Kemelia Cross(wife of Edward Anthony Keech m.04-14-1868) 06-14-1850 06-19-1928 South Gibson,Susquehanna Co., Pa. 155 C*
Keim, Clair G.(son of Frank & Gertrude Arnold) 08-29-1905 02-04-1973Creston, Iowa15N5A
Keim, Clark Eugene(son of Ralph & Gwen Clark Keim)(hus of #1Sue Seberger m. 06-1973, #2 Jeannie Morrow Saar m.07-1986)09-05-195405-02-2009Ainsworth, NE232D
Keim, Delorus A. Enders (wife of Clair) 1907 02-1989?15N5B
Keim, Donna Rogers 06-23-1932????
Keim, Esther Hastings (Husband#1 Willard Fernau, #2 Ray Keim)10-26-1915 09-23-1998Springview, NE231C
Keim, Francis May(daughter of Frank & Gertrude Arnold Keim) 03-07-1912 06-11-1931Johnstown, Ne216C
Keim, Frank Miles(husband of Gertrude Frances Arnold m.12-25-1901)(son of George W. & Caroline Pebbler) 02-22-1878 08-18-1968Creston,Union Co., Iowa216E
Keim, Gertrude Frances Arnold(wife of Frank) 10-17-1879 05-11-1964Galesburg,Ill216F
Keim, Gwendoline B. Clark(wife of Ralph m.09-17-1946)05-31-1921 10-21-1991Meadville, NE134C
Keim, Ralph(husband of Gwendoline Clark) ? 1976 ? 1 16 H
Keim, Ray H.(husband of Esther Hastings m.05-26-1973)03-11-1910 12-21-2000 Johnstown, NE231D
Keim, Ruth Marie Thackrey 1902 07-1979 ? 2 16 D *
Keller, Dorsey Everett(husband of Floy V. Hazen)(son of Jay R. & Gertie Simonton Keller) 02-28-1901 07-08-1987Cherry Co., Ne79F
Keller, Floy Vivian Hazen(wife of Dorsey) 04-19-1904 12-19-1979Republic Co., KS79G
Keller, Gertie(Gertrude)Simonton(wife of Jay) 03-25-188006-01-1952?1124C
Keller, Jay Ralph(husband of Gertie) 01-29-1879 10-25-1951Omaha, NE1124D
Keller, Phyllis Maxine(dau of Dorsey & Floy) 01-16-1931 03-29-1944Omaha, NE79H
Kelly, Grace Gipson(wife of Marvin Kelly m. 08-02-1941)(dau of Oscar & Christina Gipson)09-20-191904-06-2002Pine Camp, Keya Paha, NE1326B
Kelly, Hattie Lake 04-04-1894 07-1924?2920A
Kelly, John(husband of Laura) 09-21-1883 03-08-1964Iowa1311A
Kelly, Laura B.Smith(wife of John) 07-27-1895 08-04-1987Ainsworth, NE1311B
Kelly, Marvin Henry(husband of Grace Gipson)(WW11) 03-01-191908-28-1977Long Pine, NE1326A
Kelly, Virginia(Ginger)Ellen Denny(wife of Gary Kelly m.04-20-1968)(dau of Cecil & Erma Denny)01-15-194708-09-2006Ainsworth, NE91G
Kendall Plot, 2 graves ?? ?? ? 16 13 B & H
Kendall, Clarence 1903 1919?1613G
Kennedy, Baby(Bruce &Joanne) 10-14-195810-14-1958Ainsworth, NE1123B
Kennedy, Orlando 06-29-1874 07-14-1916 Illinois 16 5 C *
Kent, George Foster(husband ofCecelia ) 02-21-1879 08-09-1956Troy, KS182F
Kent, John A.(husband of Mary Taylor) 02-02-1914 03-09-1999Troy, KS182C
Kent, Lynda Ann(dau of John) 03-23-1950 07-19-1950Ainsworth, NE182E
Kidd, Betsy Okie(wife of Wm.) 12-08-1840 08-22-1930England2211D
Kidd, Freda Evelyn Yenglin(wife of Marlin) 07-05-1933 11-17-1984Todd Co., SD2211B
Kidd, James 12-31-1834 06-1917England2211C
Kidd, James William(husband of Margaret Lower)04-14-1902 09-25-1954Madison, SD2211south of H
Kienke, Ernest W.(husband of Gertrude Propst) 05-03-1900 01-11-1984Burton,Ne4N15A
Kienke, Gertrude C. Propst(wife of Ernest m.03-02-1927) 06-18-1907 07-22-1988Norden, NE4N15B
Killion, Catherine Ann(dau of Orman & Agatha Vargason) 07-27-196105-14-1977Ainsworth, NE251E
Killion, Donald Orman(Butch)(husband of Kathleen E. Goff)07-15-195108-23-1980Ainsworth, NE2520A
Killion, Everene Henry(son of Raymond & Phoebe Fairbanks) 06-26-1907 08-26-1984Lincoln, NE 251A
Killion, Oram(Pat)(husband of Ethel Bearhorse) 03-10-1928 03-09-1975Ainsworth, NE251D
Killion, Orman Alvin(husband of Agatha Vargason) 09-30-1912 02-14-1985Elsmere, NE251G
Killion, Phoebe Jane Fairbanks(wife of Raymond) 10-24-1882 09-26-1973Juanita, NE251C
Killion, Raymond Patrick(husband of Phoebe Jane Fairbanks m.01-16-1901) 10-31-1879 08-05-1964Muscatine, Iowa251B
Kimball, Ada Ohle (dau. of Garrett) ? 05-31-1938 ????
Kimball, Catherine E.Grover(wife #2 of Garrett) 1860 03-1935?109F
Kimball, Garrett Jerome (Co K 35th INf.) 10-02-1843 05-28-1923Columbus, Ohio217G
Kimball, Jerome J.(Civil War-Army Corps)184205-28-1923Ohio???
Kimball, Martha (dau of Garrett & Sarah Ruby) 07-13-1882 03-20-1971 ?217D
Kimball, Sarah Viola(wife #1 of Garrett) 05-31-1852 10-14-1898?217C
King, Anah May Cornish(wife of James R.) 1881 12-1928?218D
King, Bessie 1907 11-07-1953 ? 31 11 G *
King, Darlene(wife of William Jack King m. 0 7-07-1950)(dau of Harry & Pearl Bowen Fletcher)08-15-193311-22-2007Sargent, NE1035D
King, Jack(husband of Darlene J.Fletcher m. 07-1950)09-30-192603-31-2002Bassett, NE1035C
King, Martin Joseph(son of Valentine & Barbara Hutchinson)09-12-1878 11-08-1964 Creston, Iowa224AG*
Kingery, Bartie Lillian ? 1898 ? 6 8 A *
Kinkead, Alberta Jean Crawford(wife of McDonald B. Kinkaid)(dau of Ruth Salzman & Lloyd Crawford) 03-25-1926 01-25-1972Ainsworth, NE6N1E
Kinkead,Donald B.(son of Robert Adelbert & Nora Elizabeth Jackson Kinkead)10-31-191904-27-2007?61F
Kirkpatrick, Grave ? ? ? 2613 F *
Kirkpatrick Plot, 2 graves ?? ? 6 9 G-H *
Kirkpatrick, Infant (of Max & Gladys) ? ?? ? 7 2 D *
Kirkpatrick, Agnes Ruth (dau of Charles & Cora Lash) 02-22-1906 03-05-1967 NE 27 14 G *
Kirkpatrick, Alva Dell(Pink)(husband of Inez) (WW1) 09-16-1895 02-06-1981????
Kirkpatrick, Charles Dean 06-22-1872 09-27-1956?2714D
Kirkpatrick, Cora Inas Lash 09-12-1878 12-1936Iowa2714C
Kirkpatrick, Dale Dean(husband of Inez Caswell m.06-11-1935)(son of James Deal &Letti Cheney Kirkpatrick) 12-06-1901 11-02-1956Ainsworth, NE3417B
Kirkpatrick, Della Sherman(wife #1 of Ray)07-09-1883 02-08-1955?1619B
Kirkpatrick, Donald Austin(son of Max & Gladys) 1934 06-1935?72F
Kirkpatrick, Edith Lucille 04-03-1917 12-1933 ? 27 14 F *
Kirkpatrick, George W.(husband of Martha Taylor m.02-02-1865)(CivilWar-Co.F 57th Ill. Inf.) 03-18-184209-26-1928Knox,Ohio1620D
Kirkpatrick, George Wayne (husband of Helen Schelm(son of James D. Kirkpatrick & Lettie V. Cheney) 01-23-1910 12-21-1979 Ainsworth, NE69E
Kirkpatrick, Harold L.(son of Charles & Cora) 1909 05-1922 ?27 14 E *
Kirkpatrick, Helen G. Schelm(wife of George Wayne m.08-14-1931)(dau of Otto Schelm & Olga E. Claussen) 03-10-1910 01-03-1996Ainsworth, NE69F
Kirkpatrick, Inez E. Hively(wife of Alva Dell m. 08-24-1922) 07-03-1900 10-14-1990Gordon, Ne.3325B
Kirkpatrick, Inez Leone Caswell Drake(wife of #1 Dean Dale Kirkpatrick m.06-11-1935, #2 Oscar Drake m.1966)(dau of Alfred & Anna Olin Caswell)06-11-191312-06-2002Crookston, Ne3417A
Kirkpatrick, James Deal(husband of Lettie Vashti Cheney m.10-23-1895 )(son of George W. & Martha Taylor Kirkpatrick) 12-09-1867 08-07-1939Panora, Iowa69D
Kirkpatrick, Jessie Reed(wife of John C.)(mother) 01-22-1887 12-24-1929Marshalltown, Iowa2613C
Kirkpatrick, John Croft(husband of Mary Burchell)(son of John Kirkpatrick & Isabelle Croft)04-12-1883 11-08-1976Custer Co., NE2613D
Kirkpatrick, Laneer J. 1930 1945????
Kirkpatrick, Lettie Vashti Cheney(wife of James D.) 01-08-1870 05-21-1953Linn, Iowa69D alley
Kirkpatrick, Martha Ann Taylor(wife of George W. m.02-02-1865)(dau of Clarinda Conner Taylor & Jerome B. Taylor) 10-29-1843 10-19-1915Kentontown, Robertson Co.,Ky.1620C
Kirkpatrick, Marvin H. 1934 1936????
Kirkpatrick, Mary Ann Burchell(husband of John Croft Kirkpatrick)08-03-1900 03-14-1986Minden, NE2613E
Kirkpatrick, Max Everett(husband of Gladys Austin m.03-20-1932) 09-07-1896 02-21-1960Coleridge, Ne.72H
Kirkpatrick, Millie Ursula Cheney(wife of Willism C. m.11-01-1892) 06-11-1865 08-29-1942Grove Creek , Iowa72B
Kirkpatrick, Ray Jerome(husband of #1Della Sherman, #2 Ruth McAndrew)(son of George W. & Martha) 04-12-188312-31-1958Ainsworth, NE1619C
Kirkpatrick, Rita(dau of James Deal Kirkpatrick & Lettie V. Cheney Kirkpatrick) 8-06-1904 04-10-1911Ainsworth, Ne616H
Kirkpatrick, Ruth Irene(dau of Wm. C.&Millie) 04-09-1893 07-16-1894Butte, Ne72C
Kirkpatrick, Ruth Elzora Hedrich 08-31-1885 11-07-1967 Marengo, Iowa???
Kirkpatrick, Ruth(dau of Ray & Della) 02-18-1910 03-31-1913?1619A
Kirkpatrick, William Courtney(husband of Milley Cheney)(son of Martha & George Kirkpatrick) 11-26-1865 01-26-1949Penora, Iowa72A
Kizer, Alice Etella Alden 04-21-1858 04-23-1886?517C
Kizer, Loreta A.(daughter) 07-24-1883 08-20-1884?517D
Klassen, Herbert Ivan(son of Fred & Alma Payne)(US Army) 03-02-1939 02-07-1980Newton, KS1327A
Kloppel, Anita Lewis(dau of Ruth R. Saxton & Roy M. Lewis)(wife of Dean Kloppel m. 06-26-1955)06-22-193611-16-2010Ainsworth, NE33N22C
Kloppel, Joyce Darlene(dau of Roy & Floe Daniels Austin)(wife of Glen Kloppel m.06-26-1966)Ainworth, NE?19N31B
Klugy, August 01-22-1842 08-1920Germany2711D
Klugy, Caroline Minnie Wilhelmine Fender 03-07-1847 05-1932Germany2711C
Knee, Walter (Plot) 2 graves ?? ?? ? 16 9 C-D *
Kneifel, Quana Lee(dau of Richard & Marjorie Doering) 11-01-1970 12-26-1975 Monroe, Wisc 19 G *
Kobiela, Frank Bernard (cremains) ?? 05-22-1986 ? 9 17G *
Kobiela, Mabel Evelyn 1904 02-1967?917G
Koch, Christina Brushauren)(wife of Jacob) 06-15-188808-07-1963?3419G
Koch, Dale Roy(son of Glen) (Vietnam)11-14-1946 06-30-1967Ainsworth, NE6N3A
Koch, Fredrick Carl(son of John Jacob & Anna Zeller)(uncle) 07-27-1888 03-28-1970Bolus, NE3419F
Koch, Glen O.(husband of Ruth Saner) 03-11-1912 07-04-1989Rockville, NE63C
Koch, George Daniel(husband of Gertrude Kurpjuweit) 06-15-1909 02-24-1975Rockville, NE6N6A
Koch,Gertrude A.Kurpjuweit (wife of George) 03-15-1911 11-14-1979German Valley, NE6N6B
Koch, Jacob (husband of Christina) 12-26-1884 02-14-1960Howard Co., NE3419H
Koch, Katreen M. Pfister(wife of Loenard) 03-28-1887 11-28-1980New Castle, NE1718B
Koch, Leonard Frances(husband of Catherine) 04-07-1884 05-13-1960Wynoth,, NE1718A
Koch, Ruth Mae Saner(wife of Glen O. Kock m.12-23-1935)(dau of Oliver S. & Loisa Weideman Saner)10-22-191508-26-2003Dunning, NE63B
Koehn, Harry Edward (son of Herman & Bessie Bassett Koehn) 06-05-191203-21-1929Springview, Ne204A
Koehn, Herman(husband of Bessie Bassett) No Dates?????
Koenig, Adolph(son of Thomas & Antonia Clodec) (father) 08-20-1874 03-07-1959NE357D
Koenig, Emma Louisa Paris(wife of Adolph)(mother) 07-28-1880 10-29-1948Cresent,Iowa357C
Koenig, Milo Adolph(son of Adolph & Emma Paris)(WW11) 06-13-1904 05-18-1963Carns, NE357F
Kolb, Infant (son of Reuben & Effie) 01-1906 03-1906 ? 29 7 H *
Kolb, Effie T. Stevens ? 11-15-1953 ? 29 7 G *
Kolb, Reuben(husband of Effie J. Stevens) 11-01-1861 04-1921 ? 29 7 F *
Koller, Janis R. Ingwersen(dau of Lloyd F & Alta Pike Ingwersen)(wife of #1 Howard L. Hunlock, #2 Koller)01-03-194709-10-2010?24N9E
Kollman, Helen May Chase(wife o #1 Carl Houdesheldt, #2 Aaron Kollmar) 05-02-1908 03-23-1997 Reliance, SD???
Koszut, Genevieve Bojnowski(wife of Walter)03-10-1911 11-06-1999Chicago, ILL4N7F
Koszut, Walter A.(husband of Genevieve) 12-29-1911 05-31-1994?4N7E
Koyen, Billy(William) Joseph(son of Bernard & Joan Chicoine) 07-20-1954 12-07-1955Fremont, NE2413A
Krish, Grave ? ? ? 30 15 H *
Krish, Frank W. 09-02-1878 12-1922Bohemia3015B
Krish, Frank Jr.(son of Frnak W. & Mary Kasal) 09-27-1901 11-12-1969Comstock, NE3015A
Krish, Mary Kasal(wife of Frank) 02-02-1879 09-03-1962 St. Joseph, MO3015C
Kuhre, Beryl Kathryn Edwards(wife of Loring E. Kuhre m.09-21-1949)(dau of Everett & Susan Larabee Edwards)09-22-193102-13-2006Nebraska174H
Kuhre, Ines Elsie Helton(wife of Nilo) 07-28-1904 11-26-1990Council Bluffs, Iowa174F
Kuhre, Kimberly Ann(dau of Douglas & Carol Marie Bussinger) 08-14-1984 01-22-1985Bassett, NE174between B-C
Kuhre, Loring Eugene(husband of Beryl Kathryn Edwards m.09-24-1949) 07-26-1927 08-10-1986Ainsworth, NE174G
Kuhre, Nilo L.(husband of Ines Helton) 05-27-1901 07-15-1987Johnstown, NE174E
Kulek, Robert E.Jr.(husband of Linda Holthaus m.06-12-1966)12-25-1945 03-14-1993Nelson, NE4N5D
Kunce, Carol(dau of Otto & Lucy Moore)) 04-05-1955 04-30-1955 Valentine, ne 1123 C *
Kurpjuweit, Albert Earl12-11-190407-07-2001Prussia267D
Kurpjuweit, Bertha Newman(wife of Herman) 06-01-1874 10-20-1944Bladian, East Prussia,Germany156B
Kurpjuweit, Bertha 01-04-1890 05-25-1969 Southern Russia???
Kurpjuweit, Emil Frederick(husband ofMarjorie T. Baker) (WWl) 12-16-1887 07-28-1975Columbus, NE5N13B
Kurpjuweit, Frederick Henry (husband of Hazel Freeman) 11-20-1907 12-13-1981Ainsworth,Ne.1823B
Kurpjuweit, Hazel M. Freeman (wife of Fred H. m.10-15-1940)(dau of Bart & Leona Thoman Freeman)06-03-1916 06-14-2000Ainsworth, NE1823A
Kurpjuweit, Herman Ernest(husband of Bertha) 04-14-1874 04-15-1956East Prussia, Germany156A
Kurpjuweit, Ida May(wife of Albert)02-11-1908 11-07-1992?267C
Kurpjuweit, Mazie Doreen (dau of Albert & Ida) 12-17-1926 04-10-1943Ainsworth, NE267F
Kurpjuweit, Marjorie Baker(wife of Emil)(dau of Samuel & Mary Elizabeth Scattergood) 02-11-1901 09-04-1991Johnstown, NE???
Lake, Alice Matilda Austin 05-24-1866 08-19-1942Sack Co., Wisc.2920B
Lake, Francis J.(husband of Goldie Luehrs) 08-02-1893 12-06-1918Iowa2910F
Lake, Fred Louis(husband of Lillian Newberry) 09-20-188907-28-1942Newcastle, Ne2920D
Lake, George Abraham 1865 1942????
Lake, Marvin Francis(husband of LuVerne(Bunny) Dodd m.10-10-1941, son of Jay & Goldie Lake O'Hare)11-15-191809-16-2001Johnstown, Ne3030B
Lamb, Austin James(son of Tom&Tamara) 09-17-1995 09-18-1995?1918E
Lamb, Billy Joe(son of Howard & Becky Christ Lamb)01-21-198305-17-2001Ainsworth, Brown, Ne3224A
Lamb, ??(son of A.L.&B.J.) ? 06-03-1956 ?1918AG
Lamb, Theresa Marie(dau of Alan & Barbara Skinner) 08-04-1954 12-26-1974Ainsworth, NE1918AF
Lambley, Abbie Hyde(wife of George m.02-18-1885)(dau of O.J.Hyde)(mother) 03-16-1864 02-01-1938Princeton, Wisc.98B
Lambley, Bonnie B.Stoltenberg(wife of Marion Benton Lambley m.06-25-1944) 01-27-1926 06-18-1993Omaha, NE923C
Lambley, Col. George William(June) 12-31-1885 10-22-1956Keya Paha, NE922B
Lambley, George W. Dr.(husband of Abbie Hyde m.02-18-1885)(son of Thomas & Amanda Jane Miller Lambley)father)06-16-1861 05-16-1932North Henderson, ILL.98C
Lambley, Jerry June(son of June T. & Getha M. Lambley)(hus of Waltraud Schmidt m. 12-20-1958)02-11-193803-31-2011Ainsworth, NE9221
Lambley, June Thomas(husband of Getha Hollingsworth m.08-16-1933) 01-16-191407-14-1978Ainsworth, NE922G
Lambley, Larry 01-19-1932 10-01-1992?922foot of A
Lambley, Lucille E.(wife of Ulyse)(mom)11-26-1915 12-26-1989?922E
Lambley, Marion B.(husband of Bonnie) 07-10-1925 07-03-1981Ainsworth, NE922F
Lamblely, Marion C.(Mayme) Christine Herre(wife of George) 07-24-1890 06-27-1974Hooper, NE922A
Lambley, U.Tom(son of Ulyse & Lucille Stevens) 08-11-1936 12-17-1954Ainsworth, NE922C
Lambley, Ulyse Herre(husband of Lucille)(dad) 10-07-191503-18-1967Ainsworth,, NE922E
Lampitt, Cecil Elgin 04-24-1905 07-1928Meadville, Ne.1516E
Lampitt, Edith Fern (dau of William & Nettie Hartman Lampitt)04-18-191209-15-2003Meadville, Ne1516D
Lampitt, Marion Glen(Shorty)(son of Wm. & Nettie Hartman) 03-22-1914 01-06-1972Meadville, NE1516F
Lampitt, Mary E. King(wife of Wm.) 06-15-1842 01-05-1926England1516A
Lampitt, Melvin Fred(son of Wm. & Nettie Hartman)(WWll) 11-27-1909 05-16-1979Meadville, NE1516C
Lampitt, Nettie May Hartman(dau of John & Ellen Hoyle) 05-18-1878 12-31-1969Polk Co., NE1516H
Lampitt, William 11-09-1871 01-02-1932England1516G
Lampitt, William 12-31-1838 06-15-1912England1516B
Landry, Mylo Clayton 1908 06-1926?1810C
Langer, Helen Patricia Ryan(wife of Ralph W.) 03-05-1926 08-02-1984Norfolk, NE3526C
Langer, Martha A.Fruen(wifeof Rudolph A.)(mother)12-03-1884 11-21-1976Elmsorn, Germany3511C
Langer, Ralph W.(Swede) 04-17-1921 10-16-1998?3526D
Langer, Rudolph Anton(husband of Martha Augusta Frauen Anderson m.1916) 07-26-1880 05-11-1955Austria3511D
Langer, William L.(husband of Thelma Ensley) 10-18-1907 06-09-1977Norden,NE1925D
Langley, Mazzie I. Finney(wife of Jay W.) 11-26-1883 07-1911Missouri1114B
Langston, Emma Evelyn Hamer (wife of#1 ? Prugh,#2 William Joesph Langston) 03-03-1901 05-24-1981 Valentine, NE6N17B
Langston, William Joseph(husband of Emma Hamer) 09-26-1886 01-23-1972Mapleton, Iowa6N17A
Lantis, Fred ? ? ? 21 11 G *
Larabee Plot , 1 grave ?? ?? ? 11 3 F *
Larabee, Alvena (dau of James & Clancy) 03-04-1925 03-04-1925 Springviw, Ne. 11 3 A *
Larabee, Cecile Daphine(dau of Charles) 1911 04-1913?2010F
Larabee, Charles Edward(husband of Catherine Ann Lehn) 05-28-1883 07-12-1941Lynn County,Iowa2010B
Larabee, Charles R. 1923 1924?2010G
Larabee, Cloma Isabell(wife of James) 09-17-1889 05-09-1948?113D
Larabee, Esther E. 03-16-1909 04-1910?2010F
Larabee, Ida 11-23-1878 03-03-1903 ? 11 3 G *
Larabee, James W. 1872 04-17-1949?113E
Larabee, Jennie Bronson 1862 1935????
Larabee, Katherine Anna Lehn(wife of Charles E.)03-05-188305-26-1957Wisc.2010C
Larabee, Lafayette(husband of Jennie) 04-21-1853 01-27-1932 LaSalle Co., Ill.???
Larabee, Mabel Louise Behrens(wife of Sidney Glen Larabee m. 03-02-1931)(dau of John & Marie Rehbein Behrens)11-24-190811-07-2002Scribner, NE69H
Larabee, Marie Rose 1934 02-1934?2611E
Larabee, Mary Ann(wife of W.L.) 12-02-1831 03-31-1897?113B
Larabee, Sidney Glen(Husband of Mabel Behrens m.03-02-1931) 12-21-1905 07-23-1986Ainsworth, NE6N9G
Larabee, Sibyl Gladys 01-01-1918 05-1923?2010G
Larabee, Virginia (Jennie) Bronson(wife of Lafe) 06-05-1861 03-19-1935 Ogle Co., Ill. 914 C *
Larabee, Willet L. 12-23-182511-09-1904?113C
Larsen, Bernard Dean1938 05-12-1961?228H
Larsen, Bessie L. Heerten (wife of John)(dau ofEilert & Anna Rademacher) 02-02-1896 10-31-1971NE6N4F
Larsen, Hans Peter(husband of Henreeta Winters m.1906) 07-17-1879 12-04-1946Vadim, Denmark1920AD
Larsen, Henrietta Christina Winter(wife of Hans) 02-21-1883 12-12-1945Aalborg, Denmark1920AC
Larsen, John C. (WWl)07-04-1896 04-22-1971?6N4E
Larsen, Leona AdalineSwim(wife of Wm. H.) (mother) 03-20-1893 06-01-1948Keya Paha, NE228A
Larsen, Robert Dale(son of Melvin & Lena Swan) 05-17-1943 11-21-1998Chadron,NE228G
Larsen, Rose Marie Green(wife of Lewis Larson) 05-22-1936 07-11-1975 St. Francis, SD 1 9 H *
Larsen, William Henry (husband of Leona)(father) 10-18-1891 02-24-1962Springview, NE228B
Larson, Infant(dau of E.L.&Bee)?01-12-1915?97D
Larson, Alice Mae Jensen(wife of Hans) 09-15-1905 09-03-1995Sioux City, Iowa5N14G
Larson, Charles L.(husband of Hannah Nystrom) 09-28-1858 10-09-1926Sweden1912E
Larson, Hans Ludwick(husband of Alice ) 12-29-1893 05-02-1969MN5N14H
LaRue, Charles Hurley(husband of Harriet Abegail) 04-03-1853 12-30-1943 Miami, Ind. 17 11 C *
LaRue, Harietta(wife of C.H.) 11-27-1889 03-08-1947 ? 17 11 D *
LaRue, Charles Lester(son of Charles & Harriet Board) (WW11) 03-05-1887 05-14-1940 Keya Paha, Ne 17 14 A *
Lash, Lloyd Leslie 07-12-1896 07-27-1924?2714H
Lattin, Claude Sylvester (husband of Florence) 09-10-1886 12-14-1967Brown Co., NE223G
Lattin, Lewis Milton 07-31-1845 03-1915Beaver Lake,Ind.223B
Lattin, Florence Daisy Travis(wife of Claude) 03-28-1892 11-06-1985Pocahantas, Iowa223H
Lattin, Nancy Ann Owens(wife of Louis) 06-30-1851 02-26-1933Missouri223C
Lauer, Ethyl Ardath Winn(wife of Harold m.08-30-1947)12-07-1925 03-29-1998Brown Co, NE14N6A
Lauer, Harold Milton(husband of Ethyl Ardath) 07-01-1920 11-20-1992Franklin, NE14N6B
Laverty, Errette Alonzo(husband of Marguerite Hill) 09-29-1902 08-20-1968NE5N14A
Laverty, Marguerite A.(Marge) Hill(wife of E.A.Bud Laverty m.09-01-1926)(dau of E.C. & Mary Agnes Murphy Hill)02-09-190510-31-2004Dawson, NE514B
Law, Bob(Robert Forrest Melvin) 12-14-1905 11-19-1927Ainsworth, Ne342C
Law, Frank Martin(husband of Lula Edna) 07-26-1872 07-13-1954Elkhorn, NE342B
Law, Lula Edna(wife of Frank) 1882 10-24-1958?342A
Lawson, Eldora Milks(wife of Dr. T.J.)10-21-1860 02-08-1953Elk Creek, NY207B
Lawson, Dr. Thomas James(husband of Eldora) 06-12-1862 01-24-1938Toronto, Canada207A
Leach, Albert Ivanhoe(Bert)Husband of Dagmar m.1920) 11-13-1888 04-12-1961Arcadia, NE2514A
Leach, Dagmar Jensen(wife of Bert) 08-13-1896 09-22-1972Dawson Co., NE2514B
Lear, Eilean 1909 07-13-1999?1224F
Lear, Kermit 10-10-1904 09-19-1970Springview, NE1224E
Lear, Ruth Agatha Chatfield(wife of Wm.D. m.01-24-1924) 04-03-1904 03-23-1964Omaha, NE241E
Lear, Dr. William D.(husband of Madaline) 12-20-1897 02-10-1958Springview, Ne1224D
Leek, George W. 1853 05-1926?1312E
Lefler, Baby ?? ?? ? 1123 B *
Lehn, Anna Januschewski(wife of Frank) 08-01-1893 11-10-1974Hamburg, Germany5N13C
Lehn, Emma Barbara(dau of Frank & Catherine) 12-24-1887 08-04-1934Johnstown, Ne3311C
Lehn, Frank(husband of Catherina Fernau m.1877) 03-19-1854 02-1-1937Milwaukee, Wisc.3311A
Lehn, Frank John(husband of Anna) 12-10-1885 12-06-1973Brown Co.,NE 5N13D
Lehn, Gail William(husband of Pauline Carr) (WW11) 10-07-1923 12-03-1974Brown Co., NE2720F
Lehn, Goldie Jane Gaskins(wife of William)(dau of Jacob Nelson Gaskins & Sarah Artimess Miller Gaskins) 02-18-1890 04-10-1964 Ind2720G
Lehn Herman(son of Frank & Catherine Fernau) 12-22-1880 10-21-1964WISC3311D
Lehn, John A.(husband of Twilla Woodsm.06-12-1954)(Korea) 06-29-1931 04-14-1992Ainsworth, NE4N11B
Lehn, Katherine Fernau (wife of Frank) 01-11-1853 07-23-1930Wisconsin3311B
Lehn, Kenneth(son of Darrell & Julia) 12-05-1942 01-08-1943 Ainsworth, Ne 33 11H *
Lehn, Pauline Georgena Carr(dau of George & Josephine Dillon Carr)(wife of Gail Lehn m. 02-01-1947)04-27-192704-07-2010Bassett, NE27N20D
Lehn, William Edward(husband of Goldie Jane Gaskins m.1913)(son of Frank & Catherina) 03-12-1890 07-31-1964Brown Co. ,NE2720H
Leighty, Lizzie(Elizabeth Francis Ansley(wife of George C.)1847 11-1923Illinois209C
Lemar, John J. 08-25-1938 04-23-1979 ?3416O
Lemar, Susan R. (Percival) 09-15-195210-08-1995?3416P
Lensch, Ruth Eleanor Jochem(dau of Gustave & Lena) 04-04-1924 01-16-1965Brewster, NE156E
Lentz, Infant(twin sons of Elmer & Viola)09-06-1944 09-06-1944Ainsworth, NE217E
Leonard, Victor R.(Vic)(husband of Mildred)(WW11) 10-10-1919 07-27-1993????
Leslie, Junia A.(wife of Wm. Crane) 1872 1955????
Lessig, James Arthur(husband of Katherine Jansen m.06-10-1922) 12-06-1899 08-11-1973Ainsworth, NE6N6G
Lessig, Katherine Louise Jansen (wife of James) 07-31-1901 07-23-1978Red Oak, Iowa6N6H
Lessig, Lillian Violet(dau of Henry & Mary Lessig)03-31-191603-10-2006Ainsworth, Ne3410H
Lewis Plot, 2 graves? 07-1940 ?20 13 both in E *
Lewis, Albert Morris 03-21-1860 04-1930 Exira, Iowa 33 4 D *
Lewis, Albert Vaughn 07-10- 09-03-1963Valentine, NE 18 21 D *
Lewis, Belva O. McConnell(wife ofJohn Sidney Lewis) 08-05-1909 02-06-1997Ainsworth, NE424G
Lewis, Charles O.(husband ofJessie) 10-14-1896 01-10-1971423A
Lewis, Charlotte ?? 12-12-1983 18 21 E *
Lewis, Charlotte Hope Gaskins(wife of Ellis m.06-09-1934) 07-19-1912 04-20-1986Ainsworth, NE2027A
Lewis, Clarence Chester(son of John Sidney & Belva Opal McConnell Lewis)(hus of Virginia M. Cooley m. 06-07-1959)01-06-193111-13-2007Ainsworth, Ne417E
Lewis, Clyde G. 02-28-1890 10-21-1902124H
Lewis, Earl(husband of Lillie Fry) 01-28-1902 07-01-1982Grinnell, Iowa124D
Lewis, Eliza Lida Slonecker (wife of E.M.) 10-26-1870 07-1946 Newton, Ohio 33 4 C *
Lewis, Elbert M. 1860 1930????
Lewis, Ellis Lee(husband of Charlotte Gaskins) 02-21-1905 05-24-1986Ainsworth, NE2027A
Lewis, Elizabeth Phyllis Merrill(wife of John A) 01-27-1864 09-13-1928Toronto,Canada218A
Lewis, Gladys Mabel Foster(wife of Romi) 12-21-1901 06-05-1959Meadville, NE194C
Lewis, Idonna(dau of John & Belva McConnel Lewis) 02-22-1932 03-15-1932 Ainsworth, Ne 2013 F *
Lewis, Jessie Mary Schneberger)(wife of Charles Lewis) 01-31-1902 10-05-1995Verdigre, Ne423B
Lewis, John Ernest 11-27-1881 11-15-1970NE124E
Lewis, John F.(son of Elbert) 04-02-1904 08-20-1917Audoobon,Iowa334B
Lewis, John Sidney(husband of Belva McConnnel) 08-01-1907 10-26-1968Brown Co., NE424H
Lewis, Joseph O.(Civil War-Co.D 12th Ill. Inf)08-09-184303-1916Penn.124G
Lewis, Lida Slonecher(wife of Elbert) 10-26-1870 06-29-1946New Town, Ohio???
Lewis, Lillie B. Fry(wife of Earl) 09-07-1900 01-31-1984Ainsworth, NE124C
Lewis, Nancy Emily Fry(wife of Raymond)03-10-1879 09-27-1934Woodbine, Iowa2013C
Lewis, Rae L.Dodds(wife of Karl) 01-11-1890 12-28-1962Correctionsville, Iowa???
Lewis, Raymond Orlonzo(husband of Alta May) 04-23-1876 06-06-1953Grand Island ,NE2013D
Lewis, Romi Todd(husband of Gladys Mabel Foster) 1896 04-1979Iowa194D
Lewis, Roy Morris(husband of Ruth Saxton) 01-14-1892 04-24-1937Exira,Iowa334D
Lewis, Ruth Rea Saxton(wife of Roy Morris Lewis m.02-07-1917)(dau of Cary Saxton) 07-31-1897 12-02-1980Crawford Co., Iowa334F
Lewis, Susie V.Hayter(wife of Joseph)(mother) 08-20-1850 04-29-1941Tilden, Ne124F
Lewis, William Karl(husband of Rae) 10-20-1888 02-06-1964Harrisville, PA???
Lindholm, Gladys Pearl Rector(wife #1 George Childs m.03-18-1914, #2 George Lindholm m.1973) 11-28-1896 01-25-1993 Norden, NE???
Lindquist, Adolph F. 1852 02-1912Sweden1513A
Lindquist, Grace Azalia Hagerman(wife of Levi)06-03-1883 07-06-1967 Brown Co., NE6 8 C *
Lindquist, Hulda A. 01-17-1854 07-1934?1315B
Lindquist, Levi Carl 09-19-1882 12-1941 ? 6 8 D *
Lindquist, Margie Dunsmore(wife of Severt) 06-26-1898 03-01-1972Edinbourough, Scotland1315D
Lindquist, Severt(husband of Marjorie)(WW1) 04-03-1887 07-22-1944Omaha, NE1315C
Lindquist, Severt Axel Jr.(son of Severt & Margeie Dunsmore Lindquist)03-23-192802-18-2006Omaha, NE1315H
Lines, Emma E. 1873 02-1928?2210G
Lines, William H. 05-09-1865 04-1935New York2210F
Linmen, Castle ? 03-1937 ? 2315 B *
Liska, Gretchen M. 04-11-191303-30-1998????
Little, Catherine Elizabeth Featherstone(wife of Wm. Herman) 06-15-1898 03-10-1945 Blain Co., Ne 1711 H *
Little, William H.(husband of Dorothy Stall) 12-30-1905 06-28-1972 Carrol Co., MO 17 11 G *
Lively, Paul Regnal 08-02-1905 01-14-1935 Vernal, Utah 1 7 G *
Lochlin, Mary A. ? ?? 166 A *
Lockmiller, Alvina Gabbert(wife of Fred)(mother) 02-17-1874 08-10-1953Joseph Ruh, Germany1610C
Lockmiller, Bertha Margaret Kummer(wife of Wm.) 04-11-1890 05-20-1967NE299F
Lockmiller, Edith M.Smith(wife of Herbert) 11-23-1901 11-19-1985Ainsworth, NE1610F
Lockmiller, Edward Claus 06-07-1893 05-03-1967?299E
Lockmiller, Johan Fredrick(husband of Alvine)(father)03-29-1869 12-03-1946Dennison, Iowa1610D
Lockmiller, Henrietta(wife of Wm.) 12-13-1855 08-03-1944 East Prussia, Germany???
Lockmiller, Herman Henry (husband of Marie Helen Brashiet) 03-29-1861 06-11-1944Dennison,Iowa1810E
Lockmiller, Herbert M.(husband of Edith Smith) 09-14-1896 07-07-1985Ainsworth, NE1610E
Lockmiller, Herman Henry 04-01-1901 08-17-1967Ainsworth, NE1810D
Lockmiller, Helen Marie Brocheit(wife of Henry) 09-07-1864 08-10-1936Packroy,Russia1810F
Lockmiller, Mary???1627C
Lockmiller, Maude Smith (wife of Walter) 01-14-1890 03-06-1971Kansas6N12F
Lockmiller, Otto W.(son of William & Bertha) 05-12-1888 10-23-23-1954Brown Co., NE299D
Lockmiller, Rodney Glen(husband of Mary Fraun)(WWll) 10-05-1921 09-21-1980Ainsworth, NE1627D
Lockmiller, Runyon ? ? ?29 9 B *
Lockmiller, Walter Edwin (son ofCasper &am; Anna Bethge) 12-29-1893 07-18-1976Ainsworth, NE6N12E
Lockmiller, William Fredrich(husband of Bertha Margaret Kummer) 09-25-1889 04-16-1983Brown Co., NE299G
Lockmiller, William H. 01-05-186310-05-1916Crawford Co, Iowa299C
Loe, Diane J. Forsyth(dau of Claude & Evelyn Cleaveland ) 10-23-1940 10-15-1998Broken Bow, NE2415I
Long, Anna Elizabeth Rosenberry(wife of John) 12-25-1860 10-28-1933Harrisburg,Franklin Co., PA.3410C
Long, John M.(son of James & Mary) 09-20-1866 08-25-1952Harrisburg, PA3410D
Long, William Plot, grave ? ? ? 15 6 H *
Loomis, Grave ? ? ? 8 3 C *
Loomis, Mrs. R. ? ? ? 8 3 B *
Lotspeich, Anna Lois Boller(wife of Merritt) 05-16-1914 02-16-1999South Brown Co.,Ne15N15A
Lotspeich, A. Merritt 10-12-19803-18-1998Eastern Cherry Co., Ne.15N15B
Lotspeich, Duane Merritt(son of Merrit & Lois Boller Lotspeich)(Hus of Betty Kaiser m. 09-26-1961)04-26-193708-08-2010Hyannis, Ne1515G
Loub, Edward(husband of Mellie Mary) 08-16-1884 06-11-1954Wilbur, NE???
Loub, Idin(husband of May WHite) 02-12-1882 10-26-1970Salina Co., NE2514E
Loub, May Clara White(wife of Idin) 11-14-1889 07-07-1975Clay Center, Ne2514F
Loub, Nellie M. 07-1884 12-1967????
Lowe, Henry Albert(husband of Pina) 10-07-1892 07-02-1971Keya Paha, NE15N2D
Lowe, Pina Violet Balm(wife of Henry m.11-27-1928)07-20-1906 12-25-1975Fleming, KS15N2C
Lucht, Doris Aletha Kaiser(wife of Roy Lucht m.11-22-1959)(dau of Herman & Charlotte Lottie Kaiser)08-26-192605-05-2006Brewster, Nebraska610B
Lucht, Elmer John(husband of Minnie Oca (Mae) Moore m.01-01-1936) 04-28-1909 02-13-1982Battle Creek, Ne253H
Lucht, Larry Dean(son of Elmer & Minnie (Mae) Moore Lucht) 12-30-194912-31-1949Ainsworth , NE253A
Lucht, Leroy Herman(son of Roy& Doris Kaiser) 06-15-1966 06-02-1968Ainsworth, NE6N10A
Lucht, Leroy H.(husband of Doris A. Kaiser m. 11-22-1959)(son of John F. & Mary A. Fenske Lucht)05-28-191705-19-2002Battler Creek,Madison, NE610C
Lucht, Minnie Oca (Mae) Moore(wife of Elmer m.01-01-1936)(dau of Delbert & Maude Moore) 11-09-1914 05-14-1997Meadow Grove, NE253G
Luckett, Carol Edith ? (wife of Dean Luckett) 1943 10-18-1962????
Luckett, Henry 02-27-1865 02-10-1918 Salina, Ohio 29 10 C
Luehrs, Alma M.Gaskins(wife of Charles) (mother) 09-22-1897 01-26-1991Terra Haute, IND332F
Luehrs, Charles H. (husband of Alma)(father) 02-09-1899 07-05-1962?332E
Luehrs, Charles J. (Junie)(son of Charles H. & Alma M. Gaskins Luehrs)(hus of Dot Wheeler m.1949)03-26-192711-12-2005Oelrichs, SDN332G
Luehrs, Harry William(husband of Mabel Bell Westover) 02-18-1894 03-17-1930Johnstown, NE332D
Luehrs, Henry 02-27-1865 02-10-1918????
Luke, Ida Ann Groves(wife of Wm. ) 01-18-1868 07-05-1947 Douds, Iowa 21 11 D *
Lull, Matilda(wife of R.W.) 1864 02-18-1888?518A
Lull, William (son of E.W.& M.A.)04-1884 07-1884?518B
Luse, Ney ? ? ? 54 C *
Lutes, Christina(wife of John)1815 12-27-1886?44A
Lutes, John 10-12-1813 05-12-1888?44B
Luther, Annabelle ? 1904 ? 31 5 G *
Luther, Harold Lee(hus of #1 Lila Rosalie Edelman m.03-10-1945, #2 Esther Fletcher m.??)(son of Hervian Rose & Jessie Lea Luther)02-07-192509-22-2004Ainsworth, NE713Foot of D
Luther, Hervian Rose Chase(wife of Jese Lea Luther) 01-13-1899 09-12-1989Reliance, SD315B
Luther, Jessie Lea((husband of Herviana) 02-26-1896 01-09-1970Kansas315C
Luther, Jesse Andrew (husband of Annabelle)12-16-1867 11-05-1961 ILL 315 F *
Luther, Lila R. Edelman(wife of Harold) 06-08-1925 05-24-1999Seneca, NE7N13D
Luther, Raymond L.(WW11) 06-23-1923 05-22-1945?315D
Lynde, Abbie Josephine McKune(wife of Cassius) 12-11-1876 11-17-1960Iowa3315C
Lynde, Cassius D. (husband of Abbie McKune)(father) 01-25-1875 05-28-1937James Co., Iowa3315D
Lynde, John C. WW11) 01-26-1908 03-28-1962?3315F
Lynde, Merlin Paul(son of Cassius & Abbie McJune) (WW11) 11-29-1908 01-25-1979 Endicott, NE3315E
This cemetery was walked by Edward &Doris Torguson fall of 1999. The information was taken from the tombstones. We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Brown County Coordinator.

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