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Ainsworth Cemetery

Turn south at corner of Hiway #20 and Pine Street and go south 1 mile.

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Ainsworth Cemetery M-O
M thru O

A (*) means No Headstone
An N in the Block number means the new section on the east side of the cemetery.

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NameBirthDeathWhere BornBlockLotPlotNo stone
Macek, John James(husband of Rose) 03-30-1893 03-20-1958Hemmingford, NE1021E
Macek, Nancy Elizabeth(dau of Captain & Mrs. Kenneth) 05-27-194909-16-1950?1021D
Macek, Rose Eleanor Koralewski(wife of John) 09-29-1893 12-09-1988Nenzel, NE1021F
Magraw, Lizzie E. Culver(wife of Henry) 04-10-1866 03-14-1932 Mt.Vernon, Iowa???
Magraw, Josiah(Civil War-Co G. 121 NY Inf.) 04-19-1846 03-04-1905?1015?
Magraw, Regina Winnie 04-08-1847 12-04-1927 NY ???
Maher, Lillian Alice Miller(wife of John) 11-11-1865 06-29-1956Shelby CO., ILL1010C
Malone, Doris E. Wood(wife of Robert m.11-06-1945)06-09-1920 09-12-1994 Murdo, SD15N3C
Malone, Robert J. 10-08-1920 09-10-1995Lakeview, SD15N3D
Manifold, George W. 1874 1-08-1945 ????
Mangus, Anna MaryJones(wife of Roland) 06-14-1898 11-21-1991David City, NE2414A
Mangus, Rollie(Roland) Morton(husband of Anna Mary) 11-22-1891 04-04-1955Norfolk, NE2414B
Mapes, Elva E.(dau of Henry & Lucille Feartherson Parks)(wife of Dale Mapes m.05-22-1976)10-19-193603-18-2006Purdum, NE
Mapes, Robert William(husband of Rosa May Boyer m.05-16-1917)(son of Ashbald M. & Martha Alamenda Vining Mapes) 10-12-1869 07-12-1918Agenda, KS295A
Mark, Infant ? 1918?289G
Mark, Grant ? ? ? 1 13 A *
Mark, Otis P. (Korea) 11-1-1923 12-07-1950?289C
Mark, Otis Paul(husband of Mary Etta) 07-03-1878 01-13-1943Attica, Iowa289D
Mark, Truman E. 1927 1927?289H
Marlatt, Lila Abigail Williams(wife of Samuel) 07-14-1903 02-02-1971NE3216C
Marlatt, Marie A. Esterly(wife of Wilson) 07-21-1909 08-15-1972Norden, NE1412A
Marlatt, Samuel Leonard(husband of Lila Williams) 01-01-1904 07-31-1975Long Pine, NE3216D
Marsh, Doris V. 192010-15-2009?215D
Marsh, Mervin B.(husband of Doris Sawle m.12-2-1945) 01-38-1918 09-09-2000 Colome, SD 2N15C
Marshall, Jesse G.(husband of Percepta) 04-17-1891 12-05-1965Dawes Co., NE367A
Marshall, Lavern Herbert(hus of Luella Anderson m.04-07-192)(son of Jesse & Percepta Churchill Marshall)07-30-191811-18-2006Hemingford, Ne36N12G
Marshall, Luella V.(wife of Lavern Marshall m.04-07-942)(dau of Orville A. & Fern Fitzgerald Anderson)05-26-192204-24-2007?36N12H
Marshall, Percepta A.Churchill(wife of Jesse) 08-14-1897 04-20-1989Lexington, Mich367B
Martin, Burton J. 1877 1900?119F
Martin, Mary Cochran(mother) 09-14-1843 02-1919Ohio119A
Martin, Robert (Civil War-Co K. 50th Ohio Inf.)05-18-183302-1913Ohio119B
Marvin, Donald Cecil(son of John & Ida Hunt) 02-28-1905 09-26-1955Bloomfield, NE1915E
Marvin, John Harington 05-27-1863 11-08-1937Maringo,Illinois1915C
Marvin, Ida Mae Hunt (wife#1 of John H.) 01-12-1868 10-1918Iowa1915B
Marvin, Mabel O.(dau of Reuben & Luella Jackson Wallace)(wife of Don C. Marvin m. 06-16-1931)10-29-190911-29-2007Long Pine, NE19N15F
Massman, Edna M. 01-31-1912 06-1928Norfolk,Ne.2720A
Massman, Johanna C. Warnka(wife #2 of John) 11-14-1879 01-1927Battle Creek, Ne2720B
Massman, John ? 1927 ? 27 20 C *
Massman, John Henry 1874 02-21-1949?2720O
Masters, Alice Faye Nickless (wife of Paul)(dau of aEd & Jessie Nickless) 08-16-1921 07-27-1977Ft. Dodge, Iowa5N5C
Masters, Glenn Claude(husband of Rose Childs)(son of Squire Winfield & Lulu Prudence LaPorte Masters) (WWl) 02-09-1896 06-19-1986Cumming Co., NE4N6D
Masters, Lulu Predmore LaPort 11-23-1874 02-27-1959Iowa338F
Masters, Melvin LaPort(husband of Verna McConnell)(WWll) 09-04-1914 10-06-1968Norden, NE5N11D
Masters, Paul Lavern(husband of Alice Nickless m.03-31-1941)(son of Glenn & Rose Childs Masters) 07-24-1918 05-13-1974Keya Paha Co., NE5N5D
Masters, Rose Childs(wife of Glenn) 1899 01-1997?4N6C
Masters, Squire Winfred. 05-15-1849 10-17-1932Fremont, INd338E
Masters, Verna O. McConnell(wife of Melvin) 04-28-1918 06-27-1999Ainsworth, NE5N11C
Mastick, Horton S. 08-12-1845 08-08-1902????
Mateer, Charles B.(Civil War-Co.K 6th W. Virg. Cav.)???89?
Mattern, Donald Ralph(hus of Mary Hazel Burgess m. 07-02-1942)(son of Ralph Horace & Cleve Thomas Mattern) 05-21-192102-18-2003Moorcroft, Wy87D
Mattsen, Fred H. 06-12-1886 11-01-1923????
Mattsen, Henry Frederick 11-01-1858 08-21-1925Germany???
Mauch, Elizabeth Jane Lovercheck(dau of Daniel & Armada Lovercheck)(wife of John Mauch m.1952)08-22-191205-27-2009Hebron, NE
Max, James Baby ? 03-03-1927 ? 11 23 C *
Maxwell, Anna Elizabeth Gates(wife of Bertum) 02-18-1884 04-06-1942Ohio331F
Maxwell, Bertrum M. 01-18-1863 04-18-1931Clinton, Iowa331E
Mayhew, Hazel Dell Saeger(wife of Max) 02-02-1896 02-09-1978Cody, NE15N7H
Mayhew, Max German(husband of Hazel) 08-24-1885 04-12-1987Villisca, Iowa15N7G
Mead, Merritt (Civil War-Co K. 135th Ohio N.G. Inf)09-15-184710-1905Portage, Ohio23A
Mead, Sarah M. 08-19-1848 03-1929?23B
Mefferd, Edith Louise 02-29-1912 05-1918?147E
Mefferd, Edna Marion Goodrich 09-14-1879 01-11-1924Sioux City, Iowa147C
Mefferd, Georgia May 05-22-190106-11-1910?147G
Mefferd, Helen Doris(dau of Ira & Edna) 06-04-190806-12-1910?147F
Mefferd, Ira Wilbert(husband of Elsie) 06-10-1872 08-12-1949Fremont, Ne.147B
Mefferd, Mary C.Bennett(wife of Wm.G) 07-22-1843 09-1922?147D
Mefferd, Mildred Cecil 09-21-190306-04-1910?147H
Mefferd, Ralph Leroy(son of Ira & Edna Goodrich) 09-09-1909 12-25-1964Ainsworth, NE147A
Mehrens, Kasey Lynn(son of David & Kim Wales)10-09-1981 10-09-1981Bassett, NE516H
Mensinger, Alleen D.(wife of George) 07-11-1930 03-26-1952?924C
Mensinger, Anna B.(wife of Fritz)(mother)07-21-1901 No death Date????
Mensinger, Fritz E.(husband of Anna)(father) 06-14-1900 07-27-1960?924E
Mensinger, George S. 02-03-1923 03-26-1952?924D
Menter Plot, grave ? ? ? 4 1 C *
Menter, Mary Hanson(wife of George) 12-06-188007-09-1924?41D
Metcalf, Anna Mariah Steinman(wife of Nelson Archibald Metcalf) 01-23-1866 10-23-1925 Calesberg,Iowa 2710 D *
Meteer, Charles Benton(per family)(stone says Mater.)(husband of Frances Williamson)(Co K 6th W.Va. Cav)09-03-184203-30-1910?89D
Meyer, Emma L. Mattson(wife of Fred) 04-03-1892 11-29-1989Ainsworth, NE???
Meyer, Fred(son of John & Elizabeth Brandel)(WWl) 12-08-1887 01-10-1965NE2015F
Meyer, Ida(dau of John & Elizabeth Brandel) 02-07-1891 02-09-1987Ainsworth, NE2015G
Meyer, John 09-23-1872 12-10-1951 Altoona,PA???
Meyer, John (father)03-12-1840 03-1931Germany2015C
Meyer, Elizabeth (wife of John) 06-25-1851 10-1918Baden, Germany2015D
Meyer, Joseph 05-20-1876 11-24-1945Bellvue,Iowa2015B
Meyer, William(son of John & Elizabeth Brandel) 01-02-1872 04-09-1949Debuque, Iowa2015A
Meyers, Albert James (son of Henry & Briget Welch) 02-23-1897 09-24-1964 Tilden, NE 259 H
Meyers, Anna Jane Hollopeter(wife of Vern Meyers)(dau of Esther Jane Raven Hollopeter & Josiah James Hollopeter)07-02-1903 12-12-1975Brown Co., NE 15N 8 A
Meyers, Bridgette Bertha Welsh(wife of Henry Meyers) 11-09-1873 08-17-1956PA2617C
Meyers, Bessie Louise Bassett(wife of#1 Herman Koehn, #2 Charles Meyer m.02-28-1929)(dau of Thomas A. & Augusta Fredricka Bassett) 07-09-1890 12-19-1961Fairmont, NE204G
Meyers, Charles A.(husband ofBessie) 12-26-1875 05-12-1961Iowa204H
Meyers, Dana ? 12-1999 ? 1 2 C *
Meyers, Elizabeth Oga Henne(wife of Albert) 02-09-1897 09-05-1983Atsndorf, Germany259G
Meyers, Henry Conrad Bridgwelch(husband of Bridgette Bertha Welch)(father) 10-02-1869 08-23-1944Jackson Co.,Iowa2617B
Meyers, Janice Skinner?01-30-2003?1822G
Meyers, John Joseph(husband of Martha Alma) 08-08-191101-21-1943Tilden, NE2617B
Meyers, Lloyd Martin 11-28-1904 05-04-1953Norfolk, NE2617A
Meyers, Marvin James(cremains)(WW11) 05-1-1924 09-12-1989?259G-H
Meyers, Toney (Roy Anthony) 10-08-1907 12-04-1953?2617E
Meyers, Vern Francis(husband of Anna Jane Hollopeter m.1923)(son of Henry & Bridgette Meyers) 01-23-1901 08-26-1983Osmond, NE15N8B
Micheel, Carl Henry(son of Otto P. & Gerda Theil) 08-20-1896 04-04-1965Wood Lake, NE2413J
Micheel, Dorothy I. (Pinky)Adams(dau of & )(wife of Otto Micheel m. )03-23-191302-03-2011Mills County, Ia.24N13E
Micheel, Doug Eugene(son of Wm. & Ruth Emry) 04-14-1967 07-29-1968Ainsworth, NE6N18D
Micheel, Herbert Rudolph(Doc)(son of Otto & Gerda Thiel) 06-26-1902 11-07-1975Wood Lake, NE2413K
Micheel, Lela G. McCathron(wife of Carl) 1910 10-1979?2413I
Micheel, Otto Werner(husband of Dorothy Adams) 08-06-1904 06-21-1978 Wood Lake, NE 24 13 F *
Micheel, Rita R.(dau of Carl & Lela) 04-25-1925 05-01-1934?294E
Miles, Alvina Marie Charlotte Hermsmeyer(wife of Milo Albert Miles m.03-24-1903) 11-1-1878 05-21-1975Storm Lake, Iowa117B
Miles, Annice Sarilda Sweet(Wife of Sam James Miles) 09-12-1857 06-30-1928Shelby, Iowa3011A
Miles, Clarice Alvina(dau of Samuel & Alice Sweet) 01-11-1901 02-19-1982Ainsworth, NE3011E
Miles, Edna E.(dau of S.J.& A.S.) 08-27-1882 11-26-1904?414H
Miles, Ethel Dimp Elizabeth Honaker 1902 03-1978?3011C
Miles, Henry Samuel(husband of Ruth Amspoker) 09-24-1905 04-23-1978Johnstown, NE117C
Miles, Milo Albert(husband of Alvina) 11-26-1875 10-20-1964Shelby Co., Iowa117A
Miles, Ruth Francis Amspoker(wife of Henry) 10-31-1910 09-12-1983Springview, NE117D
Miles, Samuel James(husband of Annice) 09-29-1853 09-20-1944Lafayette Co.,Wisc.3011B
Miles, Thomas Lester(husband of Ehtel Elizabeth) 05-23-1891 05-28-1957Brown Co., NE3011D
Milks, Infant (of Kenneth & Vanetta M.) ? 11-02-1913 ? 12 5 F *
Milks, Berney B.(son of B.U.&Lydia) 09-01-1887 06-24-1911?125A
Milks, Gerald Roosevelt 05-30-190508-19-1951?125H
Milks, HaDasso E. 02-25-1910 08-21-1910?125E
Millard, Alma Florence Dixon(wife of Myron) 09-18-1896 10-19-1989Springview, NE???
Millard, Helen Almyra (dau of Myron & Alma Dixon) 03-15-1923 11-25-1967 Keya Paha, NE 252 F *
Millard, Myron L.(WW1) 1896 02-1959?252D
Miller, Baby(of Kay & Janet Smith) 04-30-1959 04-30-1959 Ainsworth, NE 11 23B *
Miller, Algern Leroy(husband of Flora M. Kepler m. 05-08-1945) 05-24-1918 2-28-1994Froid, MT1316E
Miller, Amanda Gustafson(wife of William E.) 08-04-188211-16-1905?116D
Miller, Ernest Guy(husband of Lila Eunice Lehn) 01-23-1890 05-03-1948Syracuse,Otoe Co., Ne2917A
Miller, Flora M. Kepler(wife of Algern) 07-24-1925 08-12-1992Broadwater, Ne1316F
Miller, Garold Ernest(husband of Odetta Mae Millard m.06-01-1935) 07-06-1910 05-19-1992Ainsworth, NE2917C
Miller, Henry Rathburn(husband of Georgia Faye) 07-25-1912 11-26-1959Iowa187E
Miller, Janet Smith(dau of Les & Velma Smith)(wife of David Miller)06-06-194003-11-2008Stuart, NE2510H
Miller, Lee 06-05-1888 07-25-1965?254G
Miller, Lewella A. 01-27-1874 04-1919Ohio119H
Miller, Lila Lehn(Wife of Ernest Guy Miller) 09-19-1893 01-29-1955 ?2917B
Miller, Loren Donovan 1914 08-1917?2917H
Miller, Marvin (Bud) Dean (husband of Esther Joan Greathouse m.08-17-1950) 10-15-1928 10-16-2000 Eddyville, NE 4N13C
Miller, Mayme R.Rathburn(wife of William B.) 04-16-1888 07-23-1967Ainsworth, NE187C
Miller, Sharon Marie Zoerb(dau of Benjamin Edward & Dorothy Bain Zoarb) 12-27-1943 11-27-1990Ainsworth, NE???
Miller, William Bornhard(husband of Minnie R.) 09-13-1878 01-07-1945Colmer, Iowa187D
Millhouse, George W. 02-20-185109-15-1937?345D
Milligan, Glenn R.(son of J.L.&Lillian)03-06-1890 11-11-1905?1010D
Mills, Lawrence Oliver(son of George Alfred) 11-17-1927 07-17-1932Rapid City, SD515H
Mintun, Donald (son of Max Wm. & Ruth)01-29-1934 01-30-1934Ainsworth, NE???
Miodek, Frank J.(wife of May) 01-20-1889 02-29-1932Brownsville, Minn.2611A
Miodek, Mae Troy(wife of Frank) 1893 12-26-1932New York City,NY2611B
Mitchell, Jacob 1861 08-24-1928Germany2114C
Mitchell, Richard Martin(husband of Alice Coad m.03-16-1960) 06-25-193703-29-1993Lewis,Delaware???
Mizner, Augsuta Georgia (wife of WElmer Sidney Mizner m. 08-27-1939)(dau of George M. & Mary E. Grumm Wheeler)02-15-191710-10-2007Brown County, NE29N11B
Mizner, Bonnie Ruth( infant dau of Geo. & Irene) 12-23-1930 1-29-1932Elsmere, Ne308H
Mizner, Ellie Charles Dick(husband of Lila)(M.11-09-1938)10-14-1901 01-22-1949?2510A
Mizner, Elmer Sidney(husband of Augusta Georgia Wheeler m.08-27-1939) 07-31-1908 01-13-1999Arcadia, NE2911A
Mizner, George W.(husband of Irene Poore) 04-16-1906 05-19-1986Arcadia, NE308F
Mizner, Irene A. Poore(dau of Oliver & Alice Poore)(wife of George W. Mizner m. 06-22-1929)07-26-191109-03-2009Brown County, NE30N8G
Mizner, Jessie Louise Bellinger(wife of William) 02-28-1879 04-04-01-1970MO2616G
Mizner, John William 05-05-1874 03-19-1943Ohio2616G
Mizner, Michael Ray(son of Elmer Sidney & Augusta Gerogia Wheeler Mizner)(hus of Charlotte Prentice m. 05-29-1981)03-12-196106-24-2010Ainsworth, NE2932A
Mock, Felicitas Alice Ruther Heineman(wife of John Mock) 11-29-1862 09-25-1947Wuerttemberg, Germany73C
Mock, Lula V. Patterson(wife of Ora Mock) 08-27-1894 02-27-1996Springview, NE5N17C
Mock, Ora Leo(husband of Lula Patterson) 12-31-1890 07-02-1970NE5N17D
Mock, William Lain Jr.(son of WM. & Adaline White) 02-27-1901 11-05-1970Kansas3518G
Mohanna, Abraham Joseph(Curly)(husband of Elizabeth Bolus) 07-12-1895 10-14-1980Ferzol, Lebanon1827A
Mohanna, Elizabeth A.Bolus (wife of Abraham m. 09-12-1920) 04-23-1904 08-21-1999Kearney, NE1827B
Mohanna Kawcab Mena(Wife of Joseph) 12-25-1869 09-11-1955Furzel, Lebanon186H
Mohanna, Richard J.or Rasheed J.(husband of Wilda May)(WW1) 06-12-1892 02-17-1949Firzol, Syria186A
Mohanna, Wilda M.(wife of Richard) 1901 12-1983?186B
Moll, Austin George 03-19-1877 06-05-1947Canada911E
Moll, Earl H. 1921 1923?163H
Moll, Gladys May 10-06-1924 04-1926Unity, Sask,Canada163G
Moll, Olga W. 02-15-1884 12-21-1973?911F
Monroe, Archie Jacob(son of Herbert & Evie Decker) 10-09-1877 09-24-1958Mich213F
Monroe, Eva 01-01-1857 01-1936?213H
Monroe, Herbert Leslie 07-05-1852 08-1941?213G
Monroe, Pathena 1832 1892?213C
Monroe, Spencer (Civil War-Co H. 19th H VRC) ?1906?213D
Monroe, Spencer Leslie(son of Herbert & Eva Decker) 01-14-1882 05-17-1962Mich213E
Montagne, Anna 1884 04-1966?149H
Montagne, Anton 1852 12-1932?149C
Montagne, Dena 03-04-1863 04-004-1908Lyons, Iowa149B
Montagne, Lena 1886 03-1966?149D
Moody, Bryan Lee(son of Dan&Mary Smith) 11-25-196210-24-1981 Tilden, NE15N10A
Moody, Daniel B.(husband of Frances Alderman m.05-06-1908) 02-21-1887 10-17-1975Rock Co., NE15N10D
Moody, Daniel J.(son of Joe & Doris Moody)(hus of Mary Smith m. 11-24-1957) 09-19-193806-28-2009Ainsworth, Ne1510E
Moody, Dilas Marian Marcellus)(wife of Dwight B. Moody m.05-10-1937)(dau of Samuel & Georgianna Brunson Marcellus)12-25-191802-10-2005Naper, Ne1513H
Moody, Doris A. Spillman(wife of Joe Moody m.05-22-1937)(dau of Roxcoe & Cynthia Arter Spillman)03-29-191612-19-2006Kirkwood, Ne1510H
Moody, Dwight B.(husband of Dilas Marcellus m.05-10-1937)(son of D.B.Moody)06-01-191008-07-1996Newport, NE15N13G
Moody, Francis Alderman(wife of Daniel B.) 09-10-1888 12-15-1973Brownville, NE15N10C
Moody, Jean Paul(son of Dan & Frances Alderman) 11-29-1918 05-01-1971Knox Co., NE15N10B
Moody, Joseph(husband of Doris Spillman m.05-22-1937)(WW11)05-23-191602-26-1972Brown Co., NE15N10G
Moody, Leland Donald(husband of Evelyn Stufft m.04-21-1957) 05-02-1929 02-05-1996Newport, NE14N15B
Mooney, R. P. 10-16-1846 04-1911Ohio133D
Mooney, Emma Weightman(wife of Lewis) 11-01-1852 04-19-1948Cambridge Ridge, Canada133C
Mooney, Lewis P. (Civil War-Co L.8th Ohio Cav.) ???133B
Moore, Abe(husband of Dora Jorn) 02-11-1870 11-04-1957Richardson Co, NE1313D
Moore, Anna Jane Cocklin(wife of Edgar) 12-05-1858 04-30-1930Pa.1111A
Moore, Cass(father) 12-25-1859 08-1931?1316C
Moore, Cora I.Thompson (mother) 09-28-1875 02-1933Unionville, Mo.338B
Moore, Delbert Lincoln(D.L. or Del)(husband of Maude Catherine Higbee m.11-15-1905)(son of Arthur Leslie Moore & Abigail Ames(Eames from England to New Hampshire) Moore)(father) 11-17-1886 02-07-1964Meadow Grove, NE1121B
Moore, Derald D.C.(son of Delbert & Maude Higbee Moore)(hus of Mary Ann( Molly) Finley m. 09-1946)08-08-192210-08-2008Meadowgrove, NE1121G
Moore, Dora Riena Jorn(wife of Abe Moore m.02-22-1903)(dau of Henry & Louise Jorn) 05-14-1879 02-16-1968Fairfax, MO1313C
Moore, Dureene(dau) 1911 1942????
Moore, Edgar 03-16-1848 12-1906Pa.1111C
Moore, Emma R. 1853 1888?1111D
Moore, Harold J.(son of Abe & Dora Jorn Moore) 01-28-190401-04-2005Stella, NE1313B
Moore, Jessica M. Buoy(child of Jim&Zelda Yenglin Moore)? 03-05-1981????
Moore, John Ira(husband of Mabel Knapp m.09-03-1931)(son of Edgar Moore) 1879 03-18-1967Iowa1111F
Moore, John S. 10-30-1840 12-27-1901?127B
Moore, Katherine Heineman(wife of Walter Moore) 12-01-1885 12-28-1966Keya Paha Co., NE127G
Moore, Kenneth(husband of Viola May Packard) 05-13-1906 08-16-1942Norden, Ne73A
Moore, Lester(son of Walter & Katherine Heineman) 08-24-1908 08-01-1955Keya Paha, Ne127H
Moore, Mabel Edith Knapp(wife of John Ira) 06-13-1905 05-30-1954Clear Lake, Iowa1111E
Moore, Martha Mae Grubaugh(wife of Elvin Delbert Moore m.1936) 12-01-1917 08-14-1976Rising City, NE1121F
Moore, Maude Catherine Higbee(wife of Delbert L.)(dau of William Tyler Higbee &Elmira Ellen Albright Wakefield Higbee) 12-12-1885 12-16-1986North Bend, NE1121C
Moore, Melissa A. Shafer(mother)01-18-1856 02-1935Rushville, Il.1316B
Moore, Melvin(son of Walter James Moore & Catherine Heineman Moore) 09-20-1914 10-08-1930Keya Paha Co., Ne127E
Moore, Paul H. 03-05-1896 05-1912?1316A
Moore, Robert Allen(son of Everett & Marianne Lewis) 01-15-1968 01-15-1968 Ainsworth, NE 11 11 left corner 0f H *
Moore, Roe (WW1) 04-30-1872 01-23-1948Dawson, Ne.338C
Moore, Samantha Ellen Riggs 04-17-1847 08-1919 Ohio 15 9 A *
Moore, Sara Elizabeth Barritt ? 08-24-1925 ? 129 B *
Moore, Sarah Katherine Daughrty(wife of Shelly Moore) 1873 03-24-1969 ?33 7 G *
Moore, Sarah C.(dau) 1873 1969????
Moore, Shelley Cessna(dau of Ira & Harriett) 09-20-1877 10-15-1933 Sidney, Ne.337H*
Moore, Walter James(husband of Katherine Heineman)(father)05-05-1886 01-03-1938Keya Paha, Ne127F
Moore, William Shepard(Civil War-Co B 16th Ohio Inf.)03-27-184504-03-1911Homer Co., Ohio159B
Moore, Willis Abraham(husband of Delores Pemberton)(son of Delbert & Maude)(WW11) 04-20-192511-01-1951Meadow Grove, NE1121A
Moos, Delores D. Bichle(wife of Lyle) 02-06-1928 03-21-1987Norfolk, NE1527C
Moos, Lyle Wayne(hus of Delores (Dee) Biehle m. 05-16-1954)(son of Fred (Fritz) & Esther Moerike Moos)09-03-192412-01-2006Burke, SD1527D
Moran, Infant ? ? ? 37 E *
Moran, Lawrence A. Dr. 08-28-1867 11-03-1929Nevada, Iowa347D
Moran, Mary Ellen(cremains) 1917 08-1941?347A
Moran, Ralph Patrick(son of Viola & Lawrence) 01-25-1912 09-27-1936 Ainsworth, Ne347B
Moran, Viola B.(cremains) 1885 12-01-1962?347C
Morehouse, Eunice M.(dau of James) 05-21-1914 10-1918?1613E
Morehouse, Roxy Murl West(wife of James) 1890 1966????
Morehouse, James Orville(husband of Roxy Murl West m.11-14-1908) 12-03-1883 06-28-1957Polk Co., NE1613D
Morgan, Beverly Schiessler(dau of William & Lucille Newman Schiessler)(wife of Ralph Morgan JR. m. 08-31-1952)07-23-193308-06-2010?1317D
Morgan, Marjorie Violet Davis(Wife#1 of Ralph)(dau of Ed & Grace Davis) 12-16-1902 12-10-1968NE1317B
Morgan, Mary Rosella Wagener(wife of Morris ) 12-28-1862 12-06-1936Ft. Scott, Kansas301F
Morgan, Morris John(husband of Mary Rosella Wagner) 08-14-1862 07-04-1932Altoona,Ill.301E
Morgan, Ralph Vernon(husband of #1 Marjorie Vida Davis m.05-12-1924, #2 Ruby Hagerman Hosehouer m.10-01-1970)(son of Morris & Mary Morgan) 12-29-1900 06-14-1995Schyler, NE1317A
Morgan, Ralph Vernon(son of Ralph & Marjorie Davis Morgan)(hus of Beverly )08-29-193303-2008Ravenna, NE1317C
Morgan, Ruby Hagerman Hoschouer(wife of#1 Leland Hoschuer,#2Ralph Morgan) 04-08-1907 12-29-1998Ainsworth, NE262G
Morgan, Vaughn(son of Roy)1917 03-19-1924 ?15 9 H *
Morrison, Dewett Percy(husband of Ethel Leota) 05-31-1883 08-29-1955Rock Co., WISC359B
Morrison, Ethel Leota Davis(wife of Dewitt) 077-27-1891 05-03-1993Atkinson, NE359A
Morrison, Vernon Davis(husband of Delores Cook m.01-19-1941) 07-31-1916 05-11-1993 Newport, NE3623D
Morrow, Grave infant ? ? ?278 D *
Morrow, Charles Edward(husband of Eva Myrtle Martin m.02-13-1895, )(son of William Jennings Morrow & Martha Hubbard Morrow)(father) 07-09-1871 12-18-1950Modale, Iowa278C
Morrow, Clarence Dean(husband of Veletta Baker m.06-14-1922)(son of Charles & Eva Myrtle Morrow) (WW1) 12-27-189602-15-1977 Modale, Iowa278H
Morrow, Edward William(son of Charles & Myrtle) 10-15-1908 08-07-1924Iowa278A
Morrow, Eldon?12-27-2005315D
Morrow, Eva Myrtle Martin(wife of Charles E.)(dau of Minor Martin & Rose McCrillis Martin)(mother) 06-20-1876 08-03-1948Modale,Iowa278B
Morrow, John J.(husband of Kathryn Anderson m.12-11-1930) 04-16-1906 04-21-1980Modale, Iowa2519D
Morrow, Lawrence Eldon(hus of Leona Beebout m.07-16-1944)(son of Clarence & Velleta Baker Morrow)03-22-192312-27-2005Ainsworth, Ne315D
Morrow, Velleta Baker(wife of Clarence m.06-14-1922)(dau of George & Retta Baker) 04-16-1902 12-12-1993Ainsworth, NE278G
Morter, Golda Ida (dau of Hiram & Mary) 12-18-1891 04-02-1947Lyons, NE307D
Morter, Hiram Edwin(husband of Mary Elizabeth Brink m.1884) 06-07-1856 08-17-1917Okee, Wisc307C
Morter, Mary Isabelle Brink(wife of Hiram Edward) 02-22-1870 12-24-1941Minn.307B
Morton, Charles William(husband of Rose) 10-26-1885 12-01-1957Jewett, ILL3515D
Morton, Rose Barbara Kuchera(wife of Charles) 10-04-1889 02-02-1973Prague, NE3515C
Moseley, Albert D. 08-23-1848 08-1920NY102F
Mosely, Bess(dau of Mary&Albert)188509-12-1900?102D
Moseley, Eugene W.(son of Walter & May McAndrew Moseley) 01-09-1899 05-04-1970????
Moseley, Mary Lyndon 12-16-1853 12-1936?102G
Moseley, May E. Nesbit 1871 12-1956?195C
Moseley, Walter Elsworth(husband of May E. McAndrew) 03-02-1867 04-1915Hamilton, NY195D
Mowrey, Gaynold E. Syfert 10-04-1921 12-20-1955?????
Moyer, Aaron L. 03-12-1857 12-17-1943Hancock co.,Ohio261D
Moyer, Arthur L.(Bob)(son of Carl & Laurel E. Everingham) 01-28-191505-22-1993Newville, ND261G
Moyer, Carl Clarence(husband of Edith) 11-26-1886 12-12-1959Ohio261E
Moyer, Ida May Bolton(wife of Aaron L.) 04-02-1865 02-14-1954Martinsville, ILL261C
Moyer, Laurel Edith Everingham(wife of Carl) 04-26-1888 07-27-1979Hutsonville, Ill261F
Moylan, Georgia Clare White(wife of Patrick) 11-10-1940 01-09-1989Omaha,Ne233B
Moylan, Patrick Francis(husband of #1 Georgia White, #2 Caroline Butterfield)(son of Harold Thomas & Margaret Ellen Emery Moylan) 12-13-193806-22-2002Bayard, Iowa233A
Mundhenke, Elbert Lindon(husband of Kathleen Porter m.06-06-1940, son of Delmar & Eva Corner Mundhenke)11-16-191610-02-2001Lewis, Ks.718G
Mundorf, Nellie Eleanor Phillips (wife of Wilber Mundorf)(dau of George & Elizabeth Irwin Phillips) 10-14-1905 11-11-1987Dell Rapids, SD6N12H
Mundorf, Robert Franklin(son of Wilber &l Martha Gossard Mundorf)(cremated) (Korea) 02-21-1931 10-15-1987Cherry Co., NE6N12H
Mundorf, Wilber Lee(husband of Nellie(Nell) Eleanor Phillips m.05-26-1925)(son of Quincy Hannibal Mundorf & Martha Leaha Gossard Mundorf)03-05-1901 02-23-1983Pierce, Ne6N12G
Mundt, Teresa Elizabeth Hartgrave(wife of Frank) 05-08-1868 06-07-1952 Iowa 13 12 H *
Munson, James A. 10-04-1870 08-1922Mich.58D
Munson, Katherine Burns 07-04-1836 05-13-1917Ireland58B
Munson, Reuben M. 10-17-1834 09-1931?58C
Murer, Jeffrey Scott(son of Julius J.&Doris Jones)01-28-1965 01-28-1965Lincoln, Ne.2011E
Murer, Joseph S.(husband of May Stockdale m.12-06-1922)(son of Joseph E. &l Louise Schussler Murer) 04-29-1900 02-10-1961Beaver Crossing, Seward Co.,NE2310A
Murer, May Lisbeth Stockdale(wife of Joseph)(dau of John & Lucy Burgett Stockdale) 08-25-1903 09-22-1970NE2310B
Murphy, Infant ? 1911 ? 9 4 F *
Murphy, Edith T. Heck 1877 01-1931?94C
Murphy, Jeffrey Phillips(son of Wesley & Evonne) 01-07-1948 04-28-1948Ainsworth, NE2617F
Murphy, Mary Catherine(dau of P.W.&Edith)08-27-1910 11-04-1911?94E
Murphy, Neil J.(son of P.W.&Edith)08-15-1904 09-15-1904?94H
Murphy, Patrick James 09-24-1841 07-09-1926 Bradford, PA 6 14 C *
Murphy, Mrs. Partick James 02-1844 01-1919 ? 6 14 D *
Murphy, Thomas O. 05-03-1866 09-1917?614A
Murray, Elizabeth Ann Lovitt 10-27-1849 11-15-1901Ohio1119B
Murray, John(Civil War-Co G 90th Pa. Inf.) 05-02-1839 02-20-1918Dublin, Ireland1119C
Mutch, Wendel Keith(of James & Agnes) 03-18-1936 01-29-1937Gann Valley, SD2618H
Myers, Dana Edward 04-21-1978 12-08-1999North Platte, Ne???
Myers, Harold E. Pat(husband of Janice Skinner m. 06-05-1929) 05-24-1900 07-14-1978?1822D
Myers, Janice Meredith Skinner(wife of Harold)(dau of Albert & Ellen Erickson Skinner)(cremains beside husband)02-14-190501-03-2003Keya Paha County, NE1822C
Mygatt, Sylvester Nelson(husband of Velma) 11-17-1844 12-25-1935South Port, Wisc.???
Mygatt, Velina Helena Williams(wife of Sylvester) 08-22-1846 07-04-1929NY???
McAndrew, Charles A.(son of W.D.& Emily) 1875 04-09-1894?78D
McAndrew, Donavan Clyde(Scottchie)(husband of Leota M. Woods) 12-17-1908 05-23-1977Ainsworth, NE5N15H
McAndrew, Edwin Ross(husband of Barbara Anderson)(Ne.Inf Korea) 09-12-1937 08-07-1970Ainsworth, NE5N15E
McAndrew, Emily Downing 10-08-1851 02-20-1908England78B
McAndrew, Leota M.Woods(wife ofDonovan) 12-28-1912 11-08-1992Rock Co., NE5N15G
McAndrew, Ruth(wife of Ray Kirkpatrick) 1885 11-10-1967?118A
McAndrew, W.W.(Civil War)06-16-187301-0-1933?118?
McAndrew, Wilbur W. 01-20-1881 01-1933Iowa118B
McAndrew, William D.(husband of Emily Dowding m. 1868)(Civil War-Co C.13th US Inf, One of Gen. Sherman's Body Guards)05-16-184312-11-1919Glasgow, Scotland78A
McAtee, Charles 09-04-1855 06-29-1930Manard Co., Ill.2317E
McAtee, Charles F.(husband of Blanche Kizer) 02-17-1892 01-25-1927Ill.2317A
McAtee, Floyd M.(son of Charles & Irene Anna) 01-13-1899 08-08-1977Alma, NE2317N
McAtee, Irene Ellen Anno(wife of Charles) 04-20-1868 08-21-1944Mason Co.,Ill.2317D
McAtee, Raymond Geisler(son of Charles & Ellen Auria) 04-11-1886 08-24-1960Greenview, ILL2317M
McBride, Aletha Bessie(wife of John) 1923 1959?206F
McBride, Ella Mae Ahrens(wife of Oliver) 05-21-1911 10-07-1974Rankin, NE212A
McBride, Greg Alan(son of Victor(Bud) & Betty McBride)05-04-197003-14-2008Ainsworth, NE21N22C
McBride, Louise Frances Crooker(wife of Morton A.) 08-10-1932 03-09-1991Ainsworth, NE2819H
McBride, Oliver Herbert(husband of Ella) 05-10-1899 08-25-1985Mason City, NE212AB
McCathron, Fred T. 11-06-1866 07-1940Jamesville, Wisc.294C
McCathron, Dale A.(Co C. 20th Reg. 5th Div.) 05-27-1894 06-04-1927Angola, Ind.294F
McCathron, Dora Augusta Dutter 11-03-1867 05-14-1954Annapolis, Ind294D
McCatheron, Fred (WWll) 12-12-1912 03-27-1964?225H
McClain, J.S. ? ? ? 2 5A *
McCloughan, Dennis Lewis(husband of Dollie) 08-24-1878 06-09-1952?3317H
McCloughan, Frank F. (Father) 08-01-1869 10-12-1956?3317B
McCloughan, John ? ? ? 33 17 A *
McCloughan, Sarah L.(wife of Frank) (mother) 08-4-1877 05-16-1949?3317C
McClure, Frank Wilbur 04-30-1874 07-31-1931Mt.Ayre, Iowa311E
McCoid, Carrie Baier(wife of Harley)(cremains) 1886 03-1995?6N6C
McCoid, Harley Samuel (WWl) 09-28-1897 02-16-1969?6N6D
McConchae Plot, grave ? ? ? 8 9A *
McConchae, Conchie ? ??8 9 H *
McConchae, David ? ? ? 89G *
McConnell, Charles (husband of Mary Lemmons m.12-03-1868) 08-06-1846 02-07-1939Brownsville, Ind.206A
McConnell, Chester Milo(husband of Virginia Fletcher) 10-29-1919 07-04-1980Ainsworth, NE2019D
McConnell, Chester Washington(husband of Iva McKim m.1905)(son of Charles McConnell & Mary Lemmons McConnell) 09-20-1874 12-17-1938Monroe Co., Iowa206D
McConnell, Iva Louise McKim(wife of Chester W.) 06-10-1883 12-19-1963Monravia, Iowa206C
McConnell, Virginia R.Fletcher(wife of Chester M. m.09-21-1945) 07-09-1925 08-28-1994Rockville, NE2019C
McCoy, Albert Clyde(husband of #1 Joann? ,#2 Jerri??)(cremains) ? 07-31-1997 ? 2 23ashes in B *
McCoy, Clyde Edward (husband of Rachel Shaner m.12-01-1909) 07-07-1888 03-14-1964?223D
McCoy, Elisha Allen(husband of Margaret Moseman m.10-27-1880) 02-07-1858 12-26-1934Jefferson,Iowa267A
McCoy, Infant(of Roger McCoy & Mary Elizabeth Welke) 09-26-1966 09-26-1966 Ainsworth, NE 17 1 F *
McCoy, Margaret Genevieve Morman(wife of Earl A.) 09-21-1860 05-08-1939Cascade,Iowa267B
McCoy, Martha R. Morrow(wife of Victor McCoy m.06-11-1942)(dau of Charles & Myrtle Morrow) 01-09-1910 10-27-1995Ainsworth, NE223A
McCoy, Rachel(dau of John & Elizabeth Hinds) 04-01-1890 02-09-1966Brown Co., NE223C
McCoy, Victor Allen(husband of Martha Morrow)(son of Clyde & Rachel McCoy)(WW11) 11-24-1910 08-03-1980Ainsworth, NE223B
McCulley, Alma Mae Huggins Jones(wife of#1 Karl Jones,#2Darwin McCulley)06-18-191704-11-1985Ainsworth, Ne.361C
McCulley, Darwin Roscoe(WW11) 12-30-190801-15-1996Spirit Lake, Iowa361D
McCulley, Princess N. McClain(wife of Roscoe) 01-26-188411-29-1975Keya Paha Co.,NE361F
McCulley, Roscoe Conklin 05-31-1882 01-29-1974Colfax, Iowa361E
McCune, John 10-14-1861 03-1924LaSalle Co., Ill.2718C
McCutchin, Jane Guthrie 11-24-1824 07-07-1922NY.65D
McCutchins, Charles O. 05-25-1868 12-01-1938 Arena, Wisc.20 3 E *
McDaniel, Albert Russell(husband of Lillian)(WW1) 01-17-1891 08-20-1954Wood Lake, NE???
McDaniel, George Lewis(husband of Minnie E. Jessup m.12-24-1919, #2 Sarah Bowman Ferguson m.09-09-1961)(son of Charles & Buena Vista McDaniel)(WW1) 04-30-1895 08-14-1968Wood Lake, NE322E
McDaniel, Sarah M. Bowman Ferguson(wife of #1 Joseph Ferguson,#2 George McDaniel) 06-08-1897 07-31-1998Meade Co. ,SD1110G
McDermott, Anna C.(wife of Lloyd A. McDermott m. 1935)(dau of Hans & Dagmar Hansen Fredericksen)04-17-190812-15-2006Erickson, Ne31N6C
McDermott, Birdeen Selma Crooker Farris 03-13-1934 11-26-1990Ainsworth, NE???
McDermott, Lloyd Albert(husband of Anna Fredrickson) 11-27-1898 03-11-1949Callaway, NE316D
McDonald, Harvey M.(husband of Geneveve) 03-10-1864 02-25-1951 ILL.???
McDonald, Ione Charlotte Summers (wife of Lloyd m.08-08-1929) 01-29-190911-18-1982Brown Co., NE14N2B
McDonald, Lloyd E. 09-20-1906 11-18-1987Manchester, Oklahoma14N2A
McGrew, Charles Thomas 01-18-1876 02-05-1958Logan, Iowa29B
McGrew, Julia Charlotte Lytle 04-22-1854 02-22-1952Akron, Ohio29C
McGrew, Rome Hudson(son of Thomas & Julia Lytle) 09-22-1884 01-26-1963Neola, Iowa29A
McGrew, Thomas O.(Civil War-Co K. 140 Ill Inf.) 07-25-1845 1905Rock Island, Ill.29D
McGrew, Virginia Ann(Virgie) Fischer(wife#1 Charles Gilbert Clark m.07-17-1905 #2 Walter McGrew)(dau of Theodore & Nancy) 08-08-1890 02-14-1967Griswold, Iowa???
McGrew, Walter V. 11-01-1886 01-05-1978Brown CO, NE29F
McGill, Robert P. Bob(son of Robert Phillip & Marie Burr McGill)(hus of #1 Joeanne Paulson m. 02-1956, #2 Loretta Joy Edwards m. 09-03-1960) 06-19-193210-31-2010Omaha, NE42E
McGown Plot, 2 graves ?? ?? ? 4 17 A-B *
McGown, Elbert ? ?? 4 17 C *
McGown, Pauline baby 1910 1910?417D
McGuire, Harold (Hal)(hus of Judy Beel m.05-16-1965)08-13-194004-26-2007Bassett, NE35N15G
McIntosh, Farrabie Ann 1867 04-11-1949?324G
McIntosh, John R. 05-18-1858 12-1929Missouri Valley, Iowa324H
McIntosh, Leona 05-30-1897 07-17-1897?122H
McIntosh, Viola 05-30-1897 09-25-1897?122G
McIntyre Plot, 2 graves ?? ?? ? 3 3 A-B *
McLaughlin, Mrs. ? ? ? 2710 E *
McLean, Edith E. Burley(wife of Thomas J.)08-21-863 07-19-1890?814B
McManigal Plot, grave ? ? ? 1 15 B *
McManigal, baby ? ? ? 1 15 G *
McManigal, Letha ? 08-1924 ? 1 15 H *
McMurtry, Albert W. 10-13-1863 06-27-1948Grandview, Ind.3214C
McMurtry, Amy M.(dau of Albert & Mary Daub) 02-20-1905 11-08-1991Bridewater, SD3211G
McMurtry, Glenn W. 02-13-1920 06-13-1943?3214G
McMurtry, Harold Windell(son of Wm. &Jenice Hewitt McMurtrey) 12-10-1922 06-08-1929Buffalo Flats, Ne.3214H
McMurtry, Jane Helen Hewitt(wife of Wm. Lyman) 07-26-1898 05-28-1946Council Bluffs, Iowa3214A
McMurtry, Mary Ruth Daubs(wife of albert Wilson McMurtry) 11-01-1866 01-05-1938Mt. Ayre, Iowa3214D
McMurtry, Robert Leland(husband of Clara) 12-16-1893 07-27-1953Bellvue, NE3214E
McMurtry, William Lynn 11-25-1897 09-11-1946Papillion, Ne.3214B
McNally, Dale?06-20-200661B
McNally, Dale Junior(son of J.W. & Verda Woodward McNally)(hus of 1. Maxine Shaul m. 01-15-1945, 2.Mavis A. Wallace m.12-26-2001)10-11-192706-20-2006LaJunta, Co
McNally, Michael Lee(son of Dale & Maxine Shaul McNally)(hus of 1. Iree Philben m.02-10-1973, 2. Cindy Sear m.07-03-1996)06-10-195101-26-2008Ainsworth, NE61A
McNally, Maxine Pauline Shaul(wife of Dale J. McNally m.01-26-1945) 02-04-1928 10-08-2000 Wood Lake, NE 6N1C
McNally, Steven Dale(son of Dale & Maxine Shaul McNally) 06-09-1952 06-10-1970Ainsworth, NE6N1D
McNeece, Justin J. 09-26-1969 10-06-1990?3513A
Naiberk, Loretta Belle Hershiser(wife of Joe m.08-04-1922)(dau of Lewis & Mary Hershiser)11-14-1901 06-27-1990Johnstown, NE1030B
Naiberk, Bert C.(husband of Lettie Carter) 01-09-1887 03-06-1976Ravenna, NE1222E
Naiberk, Donald B.(hus of Janice Schnegelberger m.1961)(son of Bert C & Lettie Carter Naiberk)08-13-194011-28-2002Ainsworth, NE89E
Naiberk, Joseph (husband of Loretta Belle Hershiser) 02-15-1897 07-04-1988Buffalo Co.,NE1030A
Naiberk, Lettie Marie Carter(wife of Bert) 04-22-1894 01-30-1963Lynch, NE1222F
Neilson, Carrie 1865 1935????
Neilson, Neil S. 05-05-1844 06-02-1921Denmark811B
Nelson, Anna Catherine Clausen(wife of Henry) 06-19-1878 04-04-13-1970Germany1813F
Nelson, Chester Randolph(husband of Getha Carr m.06-06-1942)04-01-192002-25-2002Minden, NE413F
Nelson, Dorothy Hope Green&Infant son(Wife of Arthur) 07-31-1900 08-1924 ?2719A
Nelson, Esther(dau of Gerald & June Goslin Childs)(wife of Billy J. Nelson m.07-10-1992)09-06-195107-02-20071716G
Nelson, Henry Lewis(husband of Anna Catherine) 02-11-1874 05-26-1947Fremont, Ne1813E
Nelson, Leonard(hus of Rita R. Moffitt m. 03-14-1944)(son of Peter & Sophia Schunneman Nelson)03-17-191412-28-2002Dallas, SD818B
Nelson, Lyle Victor(son of Milan & Wilda) 11-07-194212-03-1942Ainsworth, Ne284F
Nelson, Margaretha Minnie Marie Schmidt(wife of Wm.) 06-21-1899 06-14-1938Naper, Boyd, Ne1224B
Nelson, Rita R. Moffit(wife of Leonard m.1944) 03-14-1925 12-03-1993 Gregory, SD8N18A
Nelson,Terisa(cremains)???N284F-foot of
Nelson, Vera I.Hall (wife of Victor) 10-01-1900 11-27-1990Ashland, NE2217A
Nelson, Victor Emmanuel(husband of Vera Hall) 11-02-1891 04-11-1974Tilden, NE2217B
Nelson, William Arthur(husband of Margaretha m. 06-28-1919)(WW1) 04-02-1894 12-02-1957Montieau, Mo.1224A
Nesbit, D Mavis (dau of Samuel)02-09-1903 09-15-1919? 15 17 C *
Nesbit, Elizabeth (infant) ? ? ? 15 17 D *
Nesbit, Elsie Bidon(wife of S.H.) 11-30-1876 09-02-1913Mo.1517B
Nesbit, Lois Jane 09-01-1897 09-02-1998?2319H
Nesbit, May Elizabeth McAndrew(wife of Samuel)06-03-1871 12-18-1956 Cherokee, Iowa???
Nesbit, Martha Ramsy (wife of Adam T.) 11-13-1834 04-07-1923 ????
Nesbit, Samuel Howard(husband of Mary Elizabeth) 09-12-1870 12-14-1936 Canton,Mo. 15 17 A
Newcomb, Alice Nellie May (dau of Wm.& Sarah Goings Newcomb)) 07-17-1918 04-19-1928Mary, Ne.2110C
Newcomb, Sarah B.Goings(mother) 1876 08-1959?2110F
Newcomb, William Henry(father)(wife #1 Matilda Hollaway, #2 Sarah D. Goings) 07-31-1858 10-25-1938Chattanoga co., NY2110D
Nicol, George Robert(son of Robert & Margaret Calder)(WW11)08-27-1902 05-21-1965Assumption, ILL???
Nicol, Robert(husband of Margaret Calder)(father) 05-10-1866 09-06-1949Scotland???
Nielson, Carrie Sophie Fredrickson Sorenson(wife of Neils) 04-17-1865 08-20-1935 Copenhagen,Denmark 8 11 A *
Norman, Infant grave ?? ??? 19 5 Between F-G *
Nomann, Alta E. Schelm(wife of Arthur) 05-25-1907 10-22-1988Ainsworth, NE367C
Nomann, Arthur Bahrend 10-01-1908 07-18-1991Whittier, CA367D
Norman, Gladys A. 1909 07-1992?192G
Norman, Luella A. Strenger(wife of Fred) 02-16-1875 01-20-1936Iowa277F
North, Vera Maude Ritter(wife of Dale) 03-26-1932 04-06-1959Ft. Dodge, Iowa1313F
Nutter, Dwayne Thomas(son of John & Violet) 01-14-1932 04-26-1935 Eli, NE. 29 3E *
Oakley, Augustus 09-01-1846 03-03-1941 England 17 8 F *
Oakley, Martha A. 06-04-1862 01-2-1889?65C
Oatman, Dale Rolston(husband of Delmira)04-09-192507-02-2001Keya Paha County, Ne269F
Oatman, Elsie M. Rolston(wife of LeRoy) 04-16-1900 02-18-1979Marshalltown, Iowa269G
Oatman, Estella May Redinger(wife of Fred) 04-03-1871 08-12-1949Eaglesville,Mo.269B
Oatman, Fred LaSalle(husband of Estelle Mary) 08-28-1867 03-08-1948Arlington, Vermont269A
Oatman, Leroy L.(husband of Elsie Rolston)(WW11) 02-12-1896 02-03-1974Lawrence, NE269H
Ogden Plot, grave ?? ?? ? 8 8 E *
Ogden Plot, 4 graves ?? ?? ? 9 2 E-F-G-H *
Ogden, Charles Samuel(husband of Sarah) 09-28-1861 05-20-1946Batesville, Wisc.816B
Ogden, Charles Robert(WW11) 11-09-1909 11-08-1966Omaha, NE816H
Ogden, Chester (Civil War-Co. G. 33rd Wisc. Inf.)01-04-18271901?88B
Ogden, Chester Jr. infant ? 1901 ?8 8 E *
Ogden, Christina Elizabeth Beman(dau of Henry &a,p; V. Harris) 02-21-1875 05-26-1969 IND 28 17 C *
Ogden, Emily May 11-14-1837 04-28-1924Trumball, Ohio88C
Ogden, Flo Lillian 02-07-1900 11-1918 ? 8 16 D *
Ogden, Iva Marie Paxton(Peggy)(wife of Charles)(dau of George & Ruth Highley) 04-23-1908 11-17-1955Cathage, MO816G
Ogden, Lee Walter(son of Rose) ? 12-28-1926 ? 9 2 A *
Ogden, Lena Lidy ? 02-1895 ? 8 16A *
Ogden, Opal Emily (wife of Walter m. 11-12-1921)05-09-1903 07-30-1982?214C
Ogden, Ray 08-20-1893 10-27-1971 ? 8 16 F *
Ogden, Rose Lydia Reinert(wife of Sherman W. Ogden)10-05-187609-27-1940Raddon, Pa92B
Ogden, Sarah Reinert(wife of Charles) 10-05-1871 01-07-1941Hershey, Pa.816C
Ogden, Sherman Taylor(husband of Christina)05-27-1869 06-07-1960Elmwood, NE92D
Ogden, Sherman William11-22-1923 12-15-1980?214A
Ogden, Walter Lee 07-22-1901 12-28-1926Ainsworth, NE214H
Olburg, Grave ? ? ? 37 A *
Olin, Martin S.(husband of Nellie)(Civil War-Co.G.117th NY.Inf) 10-09-183905-01-1933NY146E
Olin, Nellie Mullen(wife of Martin) 08-15-1863 07-22-1939Oneida Co.,NY146F
Oliver, Edna Agnes(dau of Frank & Elizabeth Schneidereit) 06-28-1908 05-17-1981Ainsworth, NE2718A
Oliver, Elizabeth Charlotte Schneidereit(wife of Frank) 01-10-1887 05-04-1983Bergsdorf, Germany2718G
Oliver, Frank (son of Patrick & Margaret McCune) 07-12-1881 02-22-1965Chatsworth, ILL2718H
Olmstead, grave ?? ?? ? 20 4 E *
Olmstead, Annie Louise Moore 10-03-1866 02-13-1943Iowa1710C
Olmstead, Harold R. ? 08-1937 ? 20 4 F *
Olmstead, Issac Blen 10-20-1856 01-14-1942Delvin, WIsc. 1710 E *
Olmstead, Jay Wright 06-09-1860 12-23-1938Delvin,Wisc.1710D
Olson Plot, 2 graves ?? ??? 13 20 A-B *
Olson, Carl 1830 02-20-1910?87A
Opperman, Donald F. 1922 06-1940?158E
Opperman, Willaim Henry(husband of Myrtle Belle) 11-09-1877 06-07-1934Jessup, Iowa158F
Orcutt, Mabel L. 08-05-1837 11-15-1891?77A
Osborn, Annie E. Isbell 1871 1923????
Osborn, Gerald Ervin(wife #1 Wilda June Clopton m.06-1926, #2 Betty M. Lucas Overturf 12-27-1955)(son of Richard Ervin & Hilda Elizabeth Schelmand) 11-01-1906 09-25-1991 Ainsworth, NE1917E
Osborn, Glenn (Manny) Douglas(hus of 1. Virginia L. (Jenny) Skinner m.05-02-1958, 2. Shirley Duffield Jefferson m.06-25-992)07-30-193801-01-2008Ainsworth, NE1916C
Osborn, Helen Alvina Rausher (wife of Stewart) 01-08-1911 05-24-1987Ainsworth, NE1917G
Osborn, John W. 1859 12-05-1949????
Osborn, Hilda Elizabeth Schelmand(wife #1 of Richard Ervin Osborn) 1889 04-1916Iowa1920D
Osborn, Lena Rose Finney(wife #1 Oscar Cleavland Osborn m.03-28-1908)(dau of James Briggs Finney & Katherine Rose Finney)(mother of Helen L. & Howard F. Osborn) 10-12-1885 04-16-1919Nebraska328D
Osborn, Mary Winter(wife of Richard Frances)(dau of Valentine & Rosina Winter) 06-10-1863 01-19-1944Boody, Macon Co.,Ill.1920B
Osborn, Mildred (Dot) Madge Rucker (wife of Raymond m. 10-14-1925) 05-27-1907 10-11-1990Longmont, CO1916B
Osborn, Pauline B.(wife of #2 Richard Ervin Osborn) 01-05-1881 09-21-1973Ne.1920G
Osborn, Raymond Martin(husband of Mildred Rucker)(son of Richard Francis & Mary Winter Osborn) 11-03-1902 11-22-1986Radford, Christian, ILL1916A
Osborn, Richard Francis(Dick)(husband of #1 Lumina Coater m.1874, #2 Mary Winter m.01-1882)(son of Alanson & Sarah Pruitt Osborn) 03-13-1854 04-29-1944Radford, Christian, Ill.1920A
Osborn, Richard Ervin(husband of Hilda Elizabeth Schelmand)(son of Richard Francis & Mary Winter Osborn) 01-05-1883 07-22-1983 Radford, Christian, ILL1920C
Osborn, Sheldon Harold (son of Harold& Elnor Thompson Osborn) 04-26-1928 04-28-1928 Ainsworth, Ne ???
Osborn, Stewart Wayne (husband of Helen Rausher)(son of Richard Ervin & Hilda Elizabeth Schelmand Osborn) 09-18-1908 01-30-1983Ainsworth, NE1917H
Osborn, Wilbur Isaac (husband of Rena Staal)(son of Luther Andrew & Anna Christina Zeitz Osborn from Holland)) 11-29-1891 10-29-1918Christian Co., Ill.199D
Osborn, Wilda June Clopton(wife#1 of Gerald)06-10-1907 11-04-1992Springview,Keya Paha, Ne.2213F
Osborne, Lewis Waland(son of Alanson & Sarah Elizabeth Pruitt Osborn)(don't know why he changed surname spelling)09-14-186306-12-1921Macoupin Co, Ill.109D
Osborne, Margaret L. English(wife of Louis W. Osborn/Osborne)(dau of Patrick Henry & Mary Moore English)abt 1862 10-21-1931Ohio109C
Ottman, Charlie Gottlieb (husband of Laura) 12-02-1861 06-13-1945Rockport,Mo.1811D
Ottman, Dorothy F. 1909 11-1976?3211F
Ottman, Elizabeth Allmereth 01-13-1866 01-1924Germany1811C
Ottman, Fred J.C.(husband of Dorothy Faye McMurtrey m.01-22-1930)07-14-190201-28-2002Pemder. NE3211E
Outhouse, ?? ?? ?? ? 1 3 A *
Outhouse, Phoebe L.(dau of F. H.) 10-23-1899 11-021-1918 ? 2220 D *
Owens, Fred H. 10-1908 04-1927?813D
Owens, Gertrude Galligan 07-26-1887 08-22-1924?813C
O'Bear, Mildred Hively(cremains) 1911 03-27-1999?339A
O'Bear, Raymond (cremains) ? ? ? 33 9 A *
O'Brien, Ned Bentley(husband of Helen Frink)(WW11) 09-14-1909 04-17-1953St. Joseph, MO1123E
O'Conner, Frank Michial(husband of Hazel White) 03-29-1930 01-05-1993 Gusnif, Iceland923E
O'Dell, Paula Jean(dau of David & Joy Lee Rothwell) 03-07-1967 03-07-1967 Ainsworth, NE 35 19 E *
O'Hare, Goldie Luehrs Lake(wife of#1 Patrick Kennedy O'Hare, #2 Francis Lake )10-31-1896 12-15-1988Wood Lake, NE2910G
O'Hare, Janeth Lynn Turpin(dau of Clifford & Leona Jones Turpin)(wife of Corby O'Hare m.05-19-1979) 12-17-194904-26-2010Bassett, Ne911E 1/2 of H
O'Hare, Patrick Kennedy (Ted)(husband of Goldie) 04-21-1876 10-16-1959Iowa2910H
O'Mara, Bret Gordon(son of Ray &l Pat Davis) 04-01-1959 04-08-1976Gordon, NE826A
O'Mara, Jessie Ray(son of Shawn & Becky Killion) 10-14-1984 07-16-1985?826B
O'Mara, Patsy Joanne Davis(dau of Jake & Charloette Flynn Davis)(wife of Ray E. O'Mara m. 11-23-1958)03-29-193701-15-2011Gordon, Ne826C cremains
O'Neal, Dureen Moore 04-01-1911 01-1942 ? 33 8 N *
O'Neill, James (husband of Mary Catherine Peacock) 11-03-1864 09-30-1939Springfield,Ill.262D
O'Meill, Laura Mae(Cremation)???153B
O'Neill, Lella K. 1900 12-1953?1116B
O'Neill, Mary C. 1875 1954?262C
O'Neill, Patricia B. 07-30-1927 07-30-1927 Ainsworth, Ne ???
O'Neill, Ralph E.(husband of Laura Duffy)(WW11) 08-29-1915 03-18-1972Long Pine, NE15N3A
This cemetery was walked by Edward &Doris Torguson fall of 1999. The information was taken from the tombstones. We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Brown County Coordinator.

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