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Picture courtesy of Ainsworth Star Journal
Ainsworth Cemetery

Turn south at corner of Hiway #20 and Pine Street and go south 1 mile.

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Ainsworth Cemetery P-R
P thru R

A (*) means No Headstone
An N in the Block number means the new section on the east side of the cemetery.

A big Thank you to everyone that contributed records to make this project possible, including the City of Ainsworth and Hoch Funeral Home.

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NameBirthDeathWhere bornBlockLotPlotNo stone
Painter, Gerald A.(son of Earl & Alta Painter)(hus of Mildred Jerred m. 11-09-1939)11-07-192010-26-2007Springview, NE1718D
Painter, J.J.Brandon(son of Tony &Anne Murer)05-30-1977 05-30-1977Buffalo, Wy.2011E
Painter, Karma Laree(dau of Larry & Roberta Fernau)10-31-1968 02-21-1970 Bassett, NE 368 C *
Palmer Plot, 2 graves ? ? ? 3 14 A& C *
Palmer, Stacy Dee (dau of Rodney & Susan Carman) 04-05-1965 08-09-1975Vermillion, SD1919AH
Palmeter, Charles 07-06-1875 11-07-1910 Wisc. 16 5 D *
Palmeter, Elvira Lusena Bertrel 07-12-1846 06-27-1936 Carbondale, Pa. 165 B *
Pancake, Clara Jane Woods(wife of Clarence) 04-29-1898 09-01-1983Verdigre,NE6N11E
Pancake, Clarence A. 05-04-1893 03-03-25-1984Farmington, ILL6N11F
Pancake, Kevin Ray(son of ay & Evelyn Weber) 1958 05-26-1959Ainsworth, NE3119H
Parker, Etta Ann Stowers(wife of #1 James Clausen, #2 Edward Zillig, #3 Omer Parker) 08-13-1907 07-20-1996 Wymore, NE 17 7 C *
Parker, Francis E.(dau of P.J.& L.)1874 11-22-1885?410A
Parker, Lydia A. Gray(wife of William B.) 04-10-1856 10-1925Ky.168E
Parks, Geraldine (dau of Wm. & Ada) 07-08-1930 01-05-1943 Dunning, Ne???
Parks, I. Lucile Fetherston(wife of Henry Parks m.1929)(dau of Joseph & Sophia Fetherston)191111-23-2005Giles, NE53C
Parks, Wm. Henry (husband of Lucille Fetherston m.1929) 11-29-1904 04-07-1983Giles, NE5N3E
Parks, James Walter(son of Wm. & Zora Bishop)11-20-1906 08-26-1952 Ne 17 8 H *
Patterson Plot, grave infant son ? 01-1912 ? 13 19 A *
Patterson, Baby Boy ? 06-24-1941?1117F
Patterson, John Levi 08-01-1868 06-1932Wisc.1117G
Patterson, Tina(mother) 09-18-1871 07-1935Germany1117H
Paulson, Emma Parks08-13-194207-18-2001Ainsworth, NE53H
Paulson, Kathryn Kay(dau of Roger&Emma Parks)05-27-1962 05-27-1962Ainsworth, NE5N3A
Paulson, Pamela Sue(dau of Roger &Emma)04-10-1966 12-10-1967?5N3B
Pease, Emogene Estella Lambert(wife of Paul)01-13-1886 08-25-1971 Davenport, NE???
Pearce, Malvina C.(wife of Wm.)1862 12-12-1885????
Peck, Mary Elizabeth Stuart(wife of William H.) 10-16-1847 01-28-1927Canada1610A
Peck, William Henry (husband of Mary F. Stuart m.1868)1839 04-14-1914 Blake's Prairie,Wisc.1610B
Pedersen, Marjorie H. Skillman(wife of Victor Pedersen m.12-22-1940)(dau of Harry F. & Grace E. Malia Skillman)10-31-191711-16-2004Ainsworth, NE1512H
Pedersen, Victor(husband of Marjorie Skillman)(WW11) 04-14-1912 04-31-1981Long Pine, NE15N12G
Peet, George Earl 1884 10-1970?1217C
Peet, Ida B. Stokes(wife of George) 07-26-1885 04-1919?1217D
Peet, Marlin Dennis(son of Burt S.)(husband of Pauline) 1846 10-1926?2819B*
Peet, Paulina Catherine Gillilan(wife of Marlin Dennis)(mother) 10-08-1851 07-04-1935Viola, Iowa2819D*
Pelc, Edward Joseph(son of Joseph Charles & Lydia Pokorney)(WWll) 10-03-1912 12-09-1953Spencer ,NE247E
Pelc, Lydia Frances Pokorney(dau of Frank & Anna Bonda)(mother) 03-10-1893 05-19-1969NE247F
Pelc, Mabel L.(dau of Joseph & Lydia Pokorney) (sister) 02-04-1915 01-23-1994Spencer, NE247G
Pelster, Emma Caroline(dau of Frank & Minnie S.) 07-22-1896 08-05-1955Brown Co., NE1710G
Pelster, Rudolph(son of Frank & Wilhelmina Schenk) 04-19-1894 06-24-1968Johonstown, NE1710H
Pemberton, Charles(husband of Grace Parks) 10-15-1901 05-06-1972Arcadia, NE5N6A
Pemberton, Grace Estelle Parks(wife of Charles) 02-05-1901 04-13-1974 Purdum, NE5N6B
Pemberton, Arabella Rosseta(dau of Wm. Virgil & Mary) 04-17-187908-19-1954Toledo, Ohio2617H
Pemberton, William Virgil(husband of Avella Rosella) 03-16-1872 11-07-1943Lappieer, Mich.2617G
Pender, Harriett Emily Hardy(wife of Jasper N.) 09-09-1853 04-24-1935Bentonsport, Iowa???
Pender, Jasper Lloyd (Nebr.Co. H.355 89th Inf.) 02-10-1897 11-06-1918?192B
Pender, Jasper N. 04-19-1846 12-1921Montrose, Iowa192C
Pendergast, Edna E. 1900 03-06-1967?2319K
Pendergast, Frank Lyle 1925 1985????
Pendergast, F.J.Ike 1922 1990????
Penn, Mary Etta Pauline Kucera(wife of #1 Raymond Jackson m.11-15-1926, #2 Lee Penn m.08-1959)(cremains)03-28-1908 09-06-2000 Mead, NE3515B
Pennell, Lewis Henry 11-09-183106-26-1923?920A
Percival, Barbara Jean Carbaugh(wife of Charles) 10-08-1941 08-18-1979Fairbury, NE2416B
Percival, Susan Roberta White(wife of Charles m.12-06-1985)(dau of Ivan & Constance White) 09-15-1952 10-08-1995 Ainsworth, NE???
Perkins, Getha Maxine Hollingsworth Lambley(dau of Ira & Anna Hollingsworth)(wife of #1 June Thomas Labmbley m. 08-16-1933, #2 David Perkins m. 10-26-1987)05-23-191602-09-2009Burton, NE922H
Perkins, William Plot, 2 graves ? ?? 15 2 A & H *
Perkins, Floyd Almond 1902 01-14-1911 ? 15 2 G *
Perkins, Mabel Helen(dau of Tom & Mary ) 12-22-1893 12-06-1956Leadville, CO235B
Perdee, Granville M. 1852 03-1941?1819E
Perdee, Laura Dell(dau of Granville) 12-02-1884 02-01-1953?1819G
Perdee, Margaret MCGregor(wife of Granville) 05-03-1846 03-03-1941Manchester, PA1819F
Peters, James L.(WW11) 09-24-1917 08-13-1963?3013H
Peters, Louise Augusta Geihe(wife of James Charles) 04-29-1890 09-15-1950 Lockport, Ill. 34 1 M *
Peterson, Arne Leroy(son of Axel & Martha Anderson Peterson)(hus of Barbara Greeder m. 08-02-1974)07-13-193107-12-2010Gregory, SD74E
Peterson, Freda Marie Schulz(wife of Martin) 11-08-1889 11-28-1979Brown Co., NE329D
Peterson, Jonas 1831 04-21-1903?1215B
Peterson, Louise A. 04-29-1890 09-15-1950????
Peterson, Martin C.H.(husband of Freda M. Schulz m.06-14-1910) 12-11-1881 01-20-1936Goose Lake, Iowa329C
Petrie, Mabel Sandy (dau of E.M. Sandy) 1896 12-1918 ? 29 18D *
Petty, Stacia Moore 1891 03-1960?338D*
Phelps, Charles Leland(husband of Ellen Grinnell Earl m.03-26-1867)(son of Isreal Edwin & Mary Ann Leland)(Civil War-Co.L. 16th NY HA) 02-14-1844 12-15-1917Ira,Cayuga Co., NY2814C*
Phelps, Ellen Grinnell Earl(wife of Charles Leland)(dau of John Morris Earl & Janette Raynor) 03-30-1848 05-09-1935Ira, NY2814B*
Philben, Amy Marie 02-05-1971 02-05-1971 Lincoln, NE 6N 5 C *
Philben, Duane George(husband of Marilyn Hollingsworth m.06-03-1951)(WWll) 02-28-1926 10-03-1984Burton, NE6N5B
Philben, Gary Duane(son of Duane & Marilyn Hollingsworth Philben)(hus of Bayla Richmond m. 09-13-2006)01-27-195605-02-2009Ainsworth,Ne. 65D
Phillips, Elizabeth May Irwin(wife of George) 10-06-1865 07-21-1941McDonald Co. Ill2618B
Phillips, George Franklin(husband of Lizzy May) 01-05-1863 09-11-1936Walnut Grove, Ill.2618A
Phillips, Mary A. (Wife of Robert) 1904 04-1994?6N9E
Phillips, Robert James(husband of Mary Kuhre)(WWl) 10-31-1896 08-14-1976Bayard ,Iowa6N9F
Pierce, Malvina ? 12-1885 ? 516 C *
Pierce, William H. 1835 11-07-1889?53A
Piersall, Baby(of Devey & Wife)? 1924?158H
Piersall, Emeline Pearl(dau of Samuel&Emalora) 07-13-188701-28-1910?158A
Pierson, Alma Meda May(wife of Gustaf) 05-05-1905 12-20-1984Des Moines, Iowa3619C
Pierson, Gustaf A. 05-19-1891 01-03-1980 Sweden3619D
Pike, Alice(dau of Frank&Minnie) 08-29-1896 03-1919 ?272D
Pike, Clyde(Husband of Lela Mills m.11-23-1961)(son of Frank & Minnie West Pike)(WW11) 05-20-1904 03-08-1981Brainaard, NE2423E
Pike, Frank(husband of Minnie Cornelia) 04-16-1870 05-10-1943Bloomington, Ill.272A
Pike, Glen Tom (husband of Nettie Harvey) 05-02-1915 01-14-1984Brown Co.,NE272F
Pike, Jerry Lee(son of Pete&Evelyn Hamilton)12-16-1957 12-24-1957Ainsworth, NE1123B
Pike, Lee(husband of Lucy Mae Donoahoo m.01-1934) 05-11-1913 10-02-2000 Brown Co., NE2511C
Pike, Lloyd(son of Frank & Minnie West)(WW1) 12-20-1894 10-18-1966Brainard, NE272H
Pike, Lucy Mae Donohoo (wife of Lee) 01-18-1917 12-27-1997Brown Co., NE2511B
Pike, Minnie West(wife of Frank) 07-30-1874 02-14-1961Independence, Ohio272B
Pike, Vaden Lee(Pete)(husband of Evelyn Hamlton m.12-23-1957) 03-25-193711-04-1977Ainsworth, NE2511D
Pixley, Arrad Edward 01-24-1863 05-30-1907?114H
Pixley, Charles Oscar 1869 07-22-1951?114E
Pixley, George(Civil War-army corps) 10-12-1831 07-18-1908Ill.114C
Pixley, Howard Elmer(son of Joseph & Ida Barton) 10-23-1898 12-07-1984Blair, NE1518F
Pixley, Joseph Enich 11-16-1866 06-10-1939 West Salem, Ill. 15 18 D *
Pixley, Larrissa A. (dau of L.C.&E.) 01-22-1902 09-28-1903?114A
Pixley, Laura Etta Strickland 09-26-1859 01-19-1930?114F
Pixley, Larrissa J. (wife of George) 09-11-1831 01-23-1911?114B
Pixley, Myrtle(dau of Joseph & Ida Barton) 09-10-1901 12-02-1983Fontanelle, NE1518G
Pixley, Sarah Elizaabeth Barton(wife of Joe) 01-05-1869 02-06-1961 Edgewood, ILL 15 18 C *
Plantz, Mary Elizabeth Shue (wife of Merritt Plantz m.07-03-1949)(dau of Mock & Ann Shue)01-06-192508-04-2004Reeds, Mo.310A
Plock, Maud Galusha???1717C
Plummer, Cora Mae 09-15-1893 10-20-1968 NE 24 4A *
Plummer, Nicholas Wayne 11-17-1877 07-06-1964Crete, NE 24 4 B *
Pokorney, Anna Marie Greder(wife of Fred James Pokorney) 01-06-1905 12-18-1991Buck Grove, Iowa5N18H
Pokorney, Fred James 09-02-1897 10-20-1978Leon, Iowa 5N18G
Pond, Donald Clifford(husband of Elaine Skinner)(cremains)(WW11) 10-22-1906 04-17-1976El Reno, Okla.1932B
Pond, Elaine Skinner 09-11-1909 02-08-1995????
Poore, Alice Laura Seely(wife of Oliver H.) 08-25-1883 08-18-1976Juanita, Ne308C
Poore, Ernest Leroy(son of Oliver Henry & Alice Laura Seely) 07-12-1908 03-21-1986 Midvale, NE308B
Poore, Lawrence H.(Link)(husbnd of Bessie Fletcher m.11-15-1941) 07-06-1913 02-12-1997Midvale, NE4N8F
Poore, Melvin Lawrence 12-5-184007-14-1919 NY308E
Poore, Oliver Henry(husband of Alice Laura Seely) 03-02-1880 12-11-1938Vale, Iowa308D
Popham, Margaret Fredricka Doretta Schelm(wife of Ward)02-23-190812-21-1980Johnstown, NE329E
Popham, Ward D.(wife of Margaret m.02-14-1937) 02-11-1911 04-27-1991North English, Iowa329F
Post, Anna(wife of J.A.) 12-09-1879 03-04-1931Little Rock, Ark.3213C
Post, Jeff Arthur 11-04-1872 05-21-1946?3213D
Potters Field Plot, Infant ? ? ? 1 4 F *
Potter Plot, grave ? ? ? 10 20 H *
Potter, Charles Wesley(Civil War- Co.I 56th Ill. Inf.) 10-19-1841 10-10-1924Union Grove, Il.1020D
Potter, Clayton W.(Co L. 2nd Nebr.Inf.Sp Am War) 06-14-187612-10-1935????
Potter, Desse Dodds(wife of Marion J.) 06-12-1882 01-14-1976Woodbury Co., Iowa1020F
Potter, Harriett Shorett(wife of Charles) 07-04-1848 04-27-1928Quebec,Canada 10 20 C *
Potter, Elizabeth Irene Briggs 09-1876 07-1907?1020B
Potter, Marion Jefferson(husband of Desse) 05-17-1876 10-25-1958Harlan, Iowa1020E
Powell, Thelma Henne) (wife of Bill Powell)(dau of Fred & Mamie Hulshizer Henne)07-10-192210-10-2006?18N24E
Powell, William (Bill)(husband of Thelma Henne m. 07-26-1943)(WW11) 02-19-1917 04-05-1984Long Pine, NE1824F
Powell, Dan Allen(son of WM. & Thelma Henning) 01-11-1952 01-06-1970Ainsworth, NE1824D
Pratt, Infant ? 12-30-1924? 15 11 G *
Pratt, Al 1873 1929????
Pratt, Almira Elizabeth07-11-1849 08-05-1927Wisc.283C
Pratt, Anna Belle Jackson(wife of Ernest m.03-01-1908)(dau of Gilbert & Florida Jackson) 08-27-1884 10-29-1977Rippey,Green Co., Iowa2618C
Pratt, Ellen(wife of Daniel) 1828 12-12-1903?19C
Pratt, Ernest(husbanf of Anna Belle)(father) 08-17-1879 01-06-1937Iowa2618D
Pratt, Frances M.1837 12-12-1885?19A
Pratt, Gertie Orilla(wife of Al) 12-04-1881 09-01-1953NE1514C
Pratt, John B. 06-1827 06-15-1886 ?19B
Pratt, Lee Milton 04-11-1907 09-01-1908?1514H
Pratt, Mabel Alma(dau of Orrin & Almira ) 04-17-1888 01-08-1971 Fremont, NE283 E
Pratt, Nellie(dau of D.&Emma) 1900 10-20-1901?1214A
Pratt, Orrin Luther(son of Wm.& Gertie) (US Army WWll)03-11-1902 09-13-1956Ne1514B
Pratt, Orrin A. 02-06-1850 03-1918Stevenson Co., Ill.283E
Pratt, William Albert(Co.1 12th Inf. Sp Am War)? 11-11-1929Nebr1514D
Preble, LeRoy Harold(son of Wyman Howard & Lucille Helen Ofe Preble)(hus of Patricia Jones m. 05-20-1978)08-15-194204-11-2009Dawes County, NE354D
Presler, Ada Case Westover(wife of Leroy L.) 09-20-1862 09-29-1932 Ontario, Canada???
Price, Esther Julia Winn Einspahr(dau of Merrill B. & Leona A. Veeder Winn)(wife of 1. Warren H. (Pat) Einspahr m.12-26-1972, 2. Blaine Price 10-28-1989)02-28-192303-12-2008Midvale, Ne.146C
Priest, Larry Eeugen(son of Gerald & Betty Breitkreutz) 05-06-1960 11-16-1980Ainsworth, NE2517A
Priest, Odis V.(Jack)(husband of Vere Killion) 10-22-1910 03-24-1996Kinsley, KANSAS8N5H
Primmer, Diane Patricia(mother) 1942 1988????
Primmer, Doris C. Hagel(wife of Kenneth C. Primmer)(dau of Charles L.& Nellie J. Hubbard Hagel) 09-08-191602-21-2006Rushville, Ne.1716F
Primmer Fern Irene Morton(wife of Simon E. m.11-16-1937)(dau of Lem Morton &Amp; Elizabeth Minark Morton) 08-27-1916 03-09-2001 Cody, NE 244G
Primmer, Herman Edwin(husband of Sylvia) 05-19-1885 12-13-1968ILL201A
Primmer, Kenneth2002Ainsworth, NE1716E
Primmer, Larry E.(son of Edwin) 1944 07-12-1962Grand Island, NE244E
Primmer, Simon Edwin(husband of Fern Morton) 08-01-1912 01-26-1977Ainsworth, NE???
Primmer, Sylvia May Thrush(wife of Herman) 04-17-1888 07-22-1968NE201B
Propst, Gladys Dorothy Strong(wife of Henry m.11-11-1933) 03-31-1912 10-06-1987Elgin, NE7N12C
Propst, Henry Richard(husband of Gladys) 11-11-1912 07-23-1987Norden, NE7N12D
Propst, Susan Kay Driewer(wife of William H.m.05-02-1965)11-24-1945 05-16-1986York, NE7N13A
Purdy, Alice Francelia(wife of#1 Victor Stanley,#2Arthur A. Dixon) 10-14-1893 01-05-1981?2713A
Purdy, Elizabeth Jane Bates(wife of George H.)06-29-1866 02-06-1956Monticello, NY2713C
Purdy, George Harvey(father) 07-20-1855 03-21-1920NY2713D
Purdy, George W. 03-06-1888 02-05-1980?2713B
Purdy, Margaret 1892 09-1974?2819C
Quinn, Grave ? ? ? 4 11 A *
Quinn, Bessie McCowville 11-17-1901 09-21-1925?412H
Quinn, Clayton Alvin(husband of Marie Elvira Thompson m.10-29-1900) 12-03-1872 07-17-1952Winterset, Iowa412A
Quinn, Dean Ivan(son of Alvin & Gladys Lewis Quinn)(hus of Marlene Engler m. 11-22-1958)03-02-193303-28-2011Ainsworth, Ne1027D
Quinn, Eva Belle 1869 06-14-1953?412G
Quinn, Everett Glen(son of Clayton & Marie Thompson) 01-03-1903 05-26-1992Ainsworth, NE411D
Quinn, Louisa Eliza Eldridge (wife of James H.) 12-21-1844 01-16-1933Shelbyville, Ind412F
Quinn, James H.(husband of Louisa Eldridge)(Civil War-Co C. 29th Iowa Inf.) 11-27-1837 02-20-1885Shelby Co., Ind412E
Quinn, James Harrison (husband of Marjorie Rykman)(son of Clayton & Marie) (WW11)(cremated) 11-27-1906 09-14-1977????
Quinn, Leslie K.(Husky)(husband of#1 Zeta Jackman, #2 Fern Fry Austin)(father) 1912 02-1991?2525D
Quinn, Marie Elvira Thompson(wife of Alvin Clayton Quinn) 08-13-1880 04-29-1946Clark Co.,Iowa412B
Quinn, Martin Melvin(husband of Alice Alderman) 06-12-1867 01-31-1935Madison Co., Iowa412C
Quinn, Zeta Jackman(wife of Leslie)(mother) 1917 03-1977?2525C
Query, William1826 10-11-1899?154D
Raitt, Charles E.(Chuck)(son of Roy & Luella Berendes) 12-06-1933 03-26-1993Burton, NE711F
Raitt, Luella Marie Berenders(wife of Roy) 03-22-1900 10-23-1967Schleswig, Iowa711G
Raitt, Roy D.(husband of Luella) 04-28-1897 10-19-1970Dodge Co. Ne711H
Ralston, Clyde Antoine 06-24-1875 01-28-1971Iowa279A
Ralston, Emma(wife of Clyde) 07-15-1880 06-24-1949?279F
Ralston, Mamie O. Cowgill(wife of Clyde) 06-28-1879 07-09-1926Albian, Iowa279B
Ramsey, Andy T.(son of George & Ruth) 12-01-1876 03-17-1951 Detroit, Mich 25 4 H *
Ramsey, Rev. Owen L. 10-24-1847 04-22-1909?920D
Randall, Erma Frances Stufft(wife of Earl Francis) 10-04-1892 01-05-1944Lawrence, NE3116G
Randall, Robert Glen 07-03-1924 07-07-1950Centerville, SD3116F
Randle, Ralph George(husband of Vesper Agnes Rogers) 09-22-1898 02-23-1980Centerville, Iowa2623D
Randle, Vesper Agnes Rogers(wife of Ralph) 09-20-1904 11-11-1982Gresham, Ne2623C
Rap, Larry Wesley(husband of Lola Lotspeich m.06-14-1960)(son of William & Edith Rap)06-18-193904-17-2002Lincoln, Lancaster, NE1515D
Rasck, Dr. Alfred G.(husband of Laura) 01-13-1882 10-16-1955?2011B
Rasck, Maude May Thorley(wife of Dr. Alfred G.) 12-17-1882 06-21-1948Atlantic, Iowa2011A
Rash, Anna Hauf(wife of Nelson) 05-15-1889 08-30-1969Tripp, SD5N10C
Rash, Nelson Elroy(husband of Anna Hauf) 08-07-1886 07-01-1977Humprey, NE5N10D
Rathburn, Augustus 01-25-1852 03-22-1901?610F
Rathburn, Lulu 01-06-1881 09-27-1889?610A
Rathburn, Susan Shobe 1850 01-13-1920?610E
Rathburn, Winnie & Wayne(twins) 07-27-1890 09-18-/25-1890?610B
Rau, Dora Jane Tomlinson(wife of Verner m.03-15-1937) 03-23-1914 03-06-1987Dunning, NE7N18C
Rau, Varner Herman(husband of Varner) 02-10-1914 10-03-1988Murdock, NE7N18D
Rauscher, Alice Cordelia Esterly(wife #2 of Max)(dau of Oscar & Annie Esterly) 07-11-1899 07-12-1970Iowa3419C
Rauscher, Lillian Marie Lockmiller(wife of Otto) 05-15-1898 03-30-1985Ainsworth, NE3418A
Rauscher, Max Wilhelm(husband of #1 Henrietta Bratthauer m.03-08-1910, #2 Alice Esterly m.02-16-1921)(son of Max & Charlotte Schultz Rauscher) 11-12-1885 12-20-1964Brown Co., Ne3419D
Rauscher, Otto Edward (husband of Lillian M.)(son of Max & Charlotte Schultz Rauscher) 11-07-1883 01-28-1957Brown Co., NE3418B
Raven Plot, Grave ?? ?? ? 2 12 A *
Raven, Jane E. 08-23-1841 04-01-1900?212B
Ravenscroft, Hazen Dean(son of Washington)(WW1) 04-06-1891 10-09-1918Olrick, SD1820D
Ravenscroft, Nettie Day Shiech(wife of Washington) 03-14-1855 11-13-1946Koshachton, Ohio1820B
Ravenscroft, Washington 02-19-1854 09-30-1942Ohio1820A
Raymar, Infant (of Harold & Sandra Kay Wygent) 08-01-1970 08-01-1970Ainsworth, NE 35 1 G *
Rea, John Douglas(husband of Susan Strom) 07-12-1861 01-16-1928Newcastle, Pa.311A
Rector, Effie Eurinda McLean(wife of Geo.) 06-17-1874 09-15-1965Flint, MICH351C
Rector, George Monroe (husband of Effie) 12-19-1872 08-27-1957Mattfield, Gren, Ks351D
Reece, Anna C. Jones 1876 04-05-1952 ? 14 5 B *
Reece, Joseph Claude(husband of Anna Cornelia) 03-23-1873 12-02-1949 Miss. 14 5 A *
Reece, Nathan M.(husband of Anna B.) 1865 11-12-1909 ? 14 5 C *
Reed, J.W. Plot, grave ? ? ? 4 9 A *
Reed, Francelia E.(Liza) Fournier(wife of Ira) 11-29-1866 07-03-1934Central City,Lima Co., Iowa120C
Reed, Hugh (son of Ira & Francelia Reed) 12-07-1890 04-15-1909?120A
Reed, Ira Melvin(husband of Francelia E.(Liza) Fournier) m.04-28-1886) 06-11-1862 03-22-1941DeKalb Co., Ill.120D
Reed, James William(son of Ira & Francelia Reed) 01-31-1909 02-14-1909?120H
Reed, Maude(dau of Ira & Francelia Reed) 04-04-1903 03-20-1915?120B
Reiman, ALfred Gene(son of Willie & Llydia Honaker Reiman)04-08-193309-26-2007Ainsworth, NE912E
Reiman, Lydia Gertrude Honaker(wife of Willie)(mother) 12-29-1905 04-25-1988Elmo. NE912C
Reiman, Willie Alfred(husband of Lydia)(father) 02-24-1894 01-28-1961Germany912D
Reimers, John Sydney(son of John & Louise)06-06-1939 12-12-1939Ainsworth, NE1816G
Reinert Plot, grave infant ? ?? 15 12 E *
Reinert, Anna Elizabeth Tolson(wife#2 of George) 01-30-1872 11-16-1949Nottingham,England1112C
Reinert, Arthur C.(11 Div. Tank) 12-18-1895 12-11-1923Nebr.1815D
Reinert, Bertha M.Schenk(wife of Roy m. 09-16-1945)(dau of John Adolph Schenk & Lina Minna Stahl Schenk) 04-20-1913 08-12-1999Johnstown, NE1815G
Reinert, Charley Walter (son of Peter & Mary Cummings Reinert) 10-27-1859 08-28-1929Cottonsville,Wisc.1815B
Reinert, Daniel A. 07-02-1843 08-05-1919Pa.1512C
Reinert, Daniel Jr. 07-31-1869 10-16-1907Pa.1513B
Reinert, Ellen Martha Bowland (wife of Charley W.) 09-30-1865 07-26-1939South Bend,Ind.1815A
Reinert, George Hofman(husband of#1 Katie M. Moore m.1891 #2 Anna Toulson Fenton m.1902)(son of Daniel & Sarah Hoffman Reinert) 09-26-1867 01-09-1957Redding, PA1112D
Reinert, Roy P.(husband of Bertha Schenk m.09-16-1945) (WW11) 03-31-1909 08-03-1998Burt Co. Ne1815H
Reinert, Sarah A.(wife of Daniel A.) 03-10-1873 08-01-1910Pa.1512D
Reinert, Walter ? 04-1903 ? 15 12 G *
Remy, Anna Matilda 09-07-1846 03-04-1929New Hope, Ind.1413B
Remy, Bertha Flick(wife of Dr. Charles Remy)(dau of Samuel &Elizabeth Flick) 07-18-1881 05-30-1912York Co., Ne.1420H
Remy, George Arthur(son of WM. H.& Anna Essex) 06-19-1871 09-09-1948New Hope, Ind.1413C
Remy, Dr. George Oliver(husband of Margaret Elizabeth Barrett m.05-16-1871) 10-01-1851 10-23-1937New Hope, Ind.1420E
Remy, Margaret Barrett(wife of Dr. George) 02-12-1852 10-19-1933New Hope, Bartholomew Co., Ind.1420F
Remy, William Henry 03-03-1844 03-03-1912Brooksville, Ind.1413A
Resso, Lawrence(husband of Wavie) 05-25-1869 11-22-1957New York City, NY3115H
Resso, Wavie Irene Cunningham(wife of Lawrence Resso) 10-05-1890 11-17-1979Ainsworth, NE3115G
Reynolds, John Wesley(husband of Margaret Ann Forley) 04-19-1852 08-1923Laughton, Maine1818B
Rice, Ernest Joseph Axtel(husband of Myrtice) 01-07-1866 03-08-1936Grinnel, Iowa219H
Rice, Meredith(son of Ernest Joseph Axtell Rice & Myrtice Mygatt Rice) 07-14-1902 03-1923Minneapolis, Minn.219A
Rice, Myrtice Mygatt(wife of Ernets J.A. Rice) 1871 08-1954?219G
Rice, Nelda May Dennis(wife of Gerald) 02-17-1903 03-31-1944Johnstown, NE332H
Richardson, William Plot, 2 graves ?? ??? 16 20 A & H *
Richardson, Infant ? 07-04-1913 ? 14 11 H *
Richardson, Albert Barker(father) 02-04-1850 04-1911Clayton Co., Iowa1411A
Richardson, Albert L.(husband of Alice W. Morrow m. 06-10-1941) 10-19-1912 07-26-1996Ainsworth, NE1428A
Richardson, Alice Minerva Werthner(wife of Charles) 02-07-189010-13-1971NE1411F
Richardson, Alice W. Morrow(wife of Albert m.06-10-1941)(dau of Charles & Myrtle Morrow) 04-28-1907 08-31-1994Modale, Iowa1428B
Richardson, Betty J. Bratthauer(wife of Charles RIchardson Jr. m.12-01-1946)(dau of Lewis Edward & Jeanette Dorthea Lochmiller Bratthauer),08-09-192409-07-2007Ainsworth, Ne1411H
Richardson, Charles Albert Sr.(husband of Alice Minerva Werthner m.12-06-1911)(son of Albert B. & Emily Richardson) 06-23-188608-01-1956Madison Co., NE1411E
Richardson, Charles A. Jr.(son of Charles A. Sr. & Alice M. Werthner Richardson)(hus of Betty J. Bratthauer m.12-01-1946) 09-29-192010-18-2003Ainsworth, Ne1411G
Richardson, Emily Marie Browning(mother)11-07-1851 10-14-1927Lockport, NY1411B
Richardson, Glenn E. (Shorty)(wife of Marjorie Lindquist m.1942)(son of Charles A. & Alice Werthner Richardson) 05-24-1924 10-26-1988 Ainsworth, NE6 8 F *
Richardson, Glen (son of O.E.& Lottie)? 08-31-1916?54A
Richardson, Jean Louise 10-17-1927 11-02-1927?1411C
Richardson, Lyle 01-191407-1914?1411D
Richardson, Marjorie F. Lindquist(wife of Glenn E. (Shorty) RIchardson m.09-17-1942)(dau of Leve Carl & Grace Azalia Hagerman Lindquist)01-16-192301-18-2005Council Bluffs, Iowa68E
Richardson, Robert D.(son of Albert L. & Alice W. MOrrow Richardson)(hus of Veta L. Wiley m. 04-05-1969)11-29-194603-21-2009Ainsworth, NE1425D
Richardson, Stephen Glenn(son of Glenn & Marjorie) 02-05-1951 10-26-2000 Ainsworth, NE68G
Richmond, Capt. John Sheldon(father)(Civil War-Co.D.26th Ill.Inf.) 11-25-1838 03-12-1926Middletown, Ohio2320K
Richmond, Jennie B. Parker(wife of John) 1843 1894?2320J
Richstein, Milton A.(son of Isidor & Jennie Hunnel Richstein)(hus of #1Emma Josephine (Jo)Campbell m. 02-28-1944, #2 Agnes Mae Snyder m. 06-14-1970)08-26-191807-26-2008Oshkosh, Ne614B
Richmond, Reta H. 1872 1888?2320I
Richstein, Emma Josephine Campbell(wife of Milton) 05-13-1922 02-04-1968Oshkosh, NE6N14C
Ridling, Mary(cremains)?04-09-2009?1215ft of F
Ridson, John ? 02-1806 ? 7 9 D *
Riffenberg, Bailey Elizabeth(dau of Ron & Sandy Welke) 06-11-1992 06-08-1993 Sault Sainte Marie, MICH 17 1 F *
Ringsted, Conrad N.(husband of Florence) 09-13-1868 06-16-1935Copenhagen,Denmark2716L
Ringsted, Florence D. (wife of Conrad) 09-02-1872 03-17-1949?2716K
Rippey, Emma J. Pierce (wife of N.S.)1852 11-11-1897?53C
Rippey, Baby no dates??53D
Rippey, Son (of Nelson &Lella M.)?04-14-1914?102C
Risdon, John 02-02-1806 02-14-1892????
Ritter, Charles Garfield(son of Smauel) (father) 1893001-30-1965ILL1313H
Ritter, Earl ? 12-1969 ?1 2 D *
Ritter, Earl ?? 06-1939 ? 1 10 D *
Ritter, Loren Alton(husband of Margaret Nelson)(WWll)10-15-1916 09-15-1971ND5N6H
Ritter, Loren Scott(son of Loren Alton & Margaret Nelson Ritter)(hus of #1 Mary Louise Madison m. 04-20-1968,#2 Marla Jean Hansen m. 07-15-2005)02-22-194801-14-2011Ainsworth, NE56G cremains
Ritter, Lucile Kathurah McCord(wife of Theodore) 09-29-1890 09-30-1962????
Ritter, Margaret Elizabeth Nelson(wife of Loren Alton Ritter m.09-14-1935)(dau of Robert Nelson Jr. & Mary Butterfield Nelson)06-28-191401-02-203Wood Lake, NE56H
Ritter, Maude Lea Erwin(wife of Charles) 01-28-1890 02-13-1964?1313G
Ritter, Theodore (Ted) Eugene(husband of Lucille) 08-28-1887 06-30-1962COLO???
Roach, Baby? 1yr,1 mo.,19 days?1213H
Roach, Charles S. 1887 07-1915Ill.1213B
Roach, Edward Barthalmew(husband of Elsie) 09-23-1881 04-13-1959ILL1213F
Roach, Elsie L.Murray(dau of John & Eliza Lovitt) 04-17-1889 08-07-1966Brown Co. NE1213E
Roach, John F. 08-18-1884 07-1911Ill.1213A
Roach, John D.(father) 05-05-1856 09-1936Conn.1213D
Roach, Margaret(mother) 05-11-1864 06-1921Iowa1213C
Roan, Eva Maude Julyan(wife of George)(dau of Jacob Julyan) (mother) 01-20-1877 06-27-1949Bellvue, NE225C
Roan, George W. Jr.(son of George W.&Eva) 04-24-1901 04-15-1916Plainview, NE225A
Roan, George Washington Sr.(husband of Eva Maude Julyan m.06-15-1898)(son of Asa & Nancy Myrtle) 01-22-1874 05-04-1963Macon, Mo.225D
Roberts, Paul D.(son of Andrew Jackson & Lucy Mary Paul) 09-14-1881 10-19-1954Belfountain, Ohio1124F
Roberts, Vernon Edward (husband of Susie Luther)(WW11) 02-02-191703-05-1979Bayard, NE3123D
Robins, Levina Jane(wife of Samuel)(mother) 05-29-1861 11-03-1920Mo.2215B
Robins, Samuel Frances(father) 10-05-1857 03-20-1946Ill.2215C
Robinson, Charles A. 1873 1887?138C
Robinson, Clara(dau of W.A.& Anna) 10-08-1883 08-20-1886?310A
Robinson, Nettie 1864 1892?138B
Robinson, Sarah S. 1834 1898?138A
Rockafellow, John 04-17-1801 09-15-1893?214D
Rodenbaugh, David (Civil War-Co I. 60th Ohio Inf.)?1906?719H
Rodwell, Ruth Edna(dau of E.L.) 1921 07-1922?1919E
Roe, Grave ? ? ? 64 D *
Rogers, Bertha W. 1884 06-1977?293B
Rogers, Clyde Odell(son of George & Florence Luther) 04-15-1884 06-21-1958 Ainsworth, NE 28 7 G *
Rogers, E. Elva Kelly(wife of Willard) 12-10-1911 09-26-1999Bassett, NE2626A
Rogers, Harry H.(cremains) 1908 09-1988?6N18E
Rogers, Hubert M.(husband of Bertha Rogers Dodds)(Co 1 Ky.Inf.Sp Am War) 02-14-187701-24-1921Louisville, Ky.293C
Rogers, Leota (cremains)(wife of Harry) 1908 09-1989?6N18E
Rogers, Nellie Irene Strickler(wife of William) 11-23-1882 01-28-1968Waco. NE???
Rogers, Newton Lee(son of H.M.) 03-07-1900 05-1918Shelby Co., Ky293D
Rogers, Walter Scott(husband of Nellie) 03-17-1880 12-08-1965Utica, NE266H
Rogers, Willard W.(husband of Elva Kelly) 09-13-1913 11-13-1985Ainsworth, NE2626B
Roggow, Fredrick A.(son of Marvin & Dixie Jenkins) 02-10-1976 08-14-1993Laramie, WY4N2D
Rohweder, Arthur Aalfred Frank(husband of Eva) 08-03-1897 02-23-1963Ainsworth, NE1419A
Rohweder, Caroline Rachel(dau of Art & Eva Fournier)(cremains) 09-29-192112-14-1997Ainsworth, NE1434A
Rohweder, Eva E.Fournier(wife of Arthur) 09-02-1897 11-23-1986O'Neill, NE1419B
Rohweder, Ralph Hans(husband of Barbara Ann Fernau) 11-21-1925 01-08-1979Ainsworth, NE1419H
Rohwer, Hans(husband of Nora Wulf) 07-11-188508-24-1974Jevenstadt,Germany268C
Rohwer, Marci Colleen Andrus(wife of Rollin m.08-27-1949)12-04-192710-01-1999Aberdeen, Washington268F
Rohwer, Nora Matilda Wulf(wife of Hans m.12-14-1911)(dau of Herman Wulf & Katherina Magdalena Claussen Wulf) 12-30-1884 08-23-1957Buffalo Flats, Brown, Nebr.268B
Rohwer, Rollin Sterling(Rip)(husband of Marci Colleen m.08-27-1949)(son of Hans & Nora Wulf Rohwer)06-30-1924 02-18-2001 Glendora, Ca268G
Rook, Ida J.(wife of John) 1869 04-1939?201C
Rook, John C. 1869 08-30-1955?201D
Rose, Elizabeth Dunkel(wife of George Rose) 01-13-1860 10-11-1931McArthur,Ohio327C
Rose, Fred Warren (husband of Mary Slemmons) 03-06-1926 09-10-1992Loomis, NE3417C
Rose, George Washington(husband of Elizabeth) 07-21-1851 05-03-1938Wahington, Ohio327D
Rose, Mary Elizabeth Slemmons(dau of Frant T. & Annay Ayars Slemmons )(wife of Fred W. Rose Jr. m.07-28-1947)04-05-192511-03-2010Mitchell, NE34N17C cremains
Ross, Garnette Mabel Hagerman(dau of Edgar & Lulu Pratt Hagerman) 06-101-1905 04-18-1957Brown Co., NE329H
Rowan Plot, 2 graves ?? ?? ? 4 16 A & D *
Rowden, Johnny Ray(infant son John Franklin & Joyce Van Hiney)) 05-26-1977 07-12-1977 Norman, Okla. 1 2 A *
Royce, Jennie Henderson Cunninghama(wife of Wm. S.) 02-15-1857 11-22-1935Boliver, Pa.415C
Royce, William S. 1853 05-1900?415D
Rubble, Edward Lawerence(wife #1 Alice Penroy,#2 ?)(father) 09-11-1857 12-01-1927Hillsboro, Ohio3313C
Rubble, Tonna Hlousek (mother) 01-10-1882 03-15-1928Prague, Austria3313D
Rucker, Augusta Coraline Fahrenfeld(dau of Wm. & Hannah Peterson) 02-15-1868 07-25-1962Germany25C
Rucker, William Harvey (husband of Margarett) 05-07-1897 09-16-1966Lincoln, NE618E
Rucker, Johnathan Pierson 04-23-1859 11-30-1925Jackson County, Ind25B
Ruder, Baby(of George & Mona Stoltenberg) 03-27-1955 03-27-1955 Ainsworth, NE 11 23 F *
Rudnick, Arnold Gustav(husband of Frances E. Grubaugh) (WWll) 09-18-192207-08-1978Tilden, NE2238D
Rudnick, Bruno Albert(son of Wm. & Remine Budde)(Korea war) 06-20-1926 09-24-1952?259A
Rudnick, Emil??????
Rudnick, Francis Elizabeth Grubaugh(wife of Arnold) 04-07-1919 07-29-1991Rising City, NE2238C
Rudnick, Particia Lynn(dau of Emil & Valetta Lambley)) 1949 04-26-1964?2222F
Rudnick, Remine M. Budde(wife of William m.02-13-1921) 02-16-1902 06-22-1999Loga, Germany259C
Rudnick, Valeta Lambley(wife of Emil) 02-16-1923 07-18-1978Ainsworth, NE2222G
Rudnick, William Fredrick 04-18-1899 02-15-1973Germany259B
Runolfson, Gertrude(wife of Sigmador) 07-19-185703-11-1932Iceland271B
Runolfson, Hilda Pelster(wife of Eugene) 05-20-1909 08-14-1941Johnstown, Ne1710B
Runolfson, Sigurdur 06-21-1857 05-16-1926Iceland271C
Rush, Lola Jackson(wife of William M.) 07-06-1920 06-29-1968 Ainsworth, NE 1 22 B *
Rush, William Thomas(husband of Lola Jackson) 04-27-1913 08-09-1983 Philadelphia, Pa 1 22 C *
Rynerarson, Edryce Belle(dau of Frank M. & Ethel Jaques Carr)(wife Of Waldron(Bud) Rynerarson m. 04-28-1943)10-06-191712-06-2008Springview, NE418A

This cemetery was walked by Edward &Doris Torguson fall of 1999. The information was taken from the tombstones. We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Brown County Coordinator.

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