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Ainsworth Cemetery

Turn south at corner of Hiway #20 and Pine Street and go south 1 mile.

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Ainsworth Cemetery S-V
S thru V

A (*) means No Headstone
An N in the Block number means the new section on the east side of the cemetery.

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NameBirthDeathWhere bornBlockLotPlotNo stone
Salzman, Albert Ray(husband of Leona)(son of Johon & Anthone Salzman) 03-05-1897 11-30-1968Cherry Co., NE363A
Salzman, Anthone (Tony)Alvina Theresa Schleuter(wife of John Salzman) (dau of Alvert C. & Matilda A. Hoefs Schleuter)(mother) 02-19-1874 07-28-1965Wisner, NE1018C
Salzman, Arthur Henry(Child of John & Anthone)12-04-190701-29-1908?1018H
Salzman, Edna May(dau of Johon & Anthone) 09-28-1899 01-1923?1018A
Salzman, John Henry(husband of Anthone Alvina Theresa Schlueter m.12-06-1894) (son of Henry & Marie Elizabeth Herbort Salzman)(father) 01-31-1859 12-19-1931 Uschlag, Germany1018D
Salzman, Harry Laverne(son of John & Anthone) 03-19-1911 03-27-1915?1018G
Salzman, Leona Claire Bower (wife of Albert Salzman) 12-21-1895 03-27-1981Kankokee, ILL363B
Sammons, Eugene Emerson(father) 04-23-1862 04-28-1929Marshalltown, Iowa346A
Sammons, Anatte Adelide(Nettie)(wife of Eugene) 08-26-1886 04-29-1933Tyndall, SD346B
Sams, Ianthia Mae Lower(wife of Elmer) 07-31-1869 12-03-1979Westerville, NE15N12A
Saner, Bradley Kyle(son of Wilber & Pat Latzel)10-02-1969 10-02-1969 Bassett, Ne6N7C
Saner, Charlene Mae Taylor(wife of Chester) 03-30-1913 04-21-1997Berwyn, NE6N7B
Saner, Chester Wilson(husband of Charlene) 04-12-1918 11-05-1967NE6N7A
Saner, Stacey Lynn(daughter of Larry & Rose Marie Sheer) 03-06-1971 03-08-1971Bassett, NE6N7D
Sanger, S.1836 04-26-1905?33G
Savage, George(Civil War-Co.G.45th Ill.Inf.) ? 06-17-1900?1117C
Sawle, Amelia Freda Waits(wife of Charles m.11-24-1915)04-14-1894 07-04-1965Brown Co., NE224B
Sawle, Arthur D.(husband of Lola Wescott) (WW1) 04-07-1895 06-01-1985Arena, WISC189E
Sawle, Charles Henry(husband of Amelia F.Waits) 01-15-1892 03-18-1986Arena, Wisc224A
Sawle, Henry 08-31-1864 06-17-1927Cornwall, England203C
Sawle, Kate Carrie McCutchins 01-04-1864 02-14-1943Arena,Wisc.203D
Sawle, Katherine (dau of Arthur & Lola Wolcott) 04-26-1951 04-26-1951Ainsworth, NE189F
Sawle, Lesli(husbnad of Rita Johnson) 08-22-1893 06-13-1980Arena, Wisc203H
Sawle, Lola Elizabeth Wolcott (wife of Arthur m.04-20-1932) 07-23-1907 09-20-1990Ainsworth, NE???
Sawle, Myrna Lee Preitauer(wife of Dwight) 09-09-1938 07-28-1987Gothenburg, NE1724C
Sawle, Rita Johnson(wife of Leslie) 02-28-1898 04-16-1963Mead, NE203G
Sawtell, Opal???917H cremains
Sawyer, George O. 12-18-1863 02-08-1910Maine1113A
Sawyer, Hazel A Hulshizer(dau of Arthur &a,p; Rose Scheider Hulshizer)(wife of Herb Sawyer m. 04-22-1943)10-18-191111-09-2008Brown County, NE21N26C
Sawyer, Herbert Charles(husband of Hazel Hulshizer) 06-19-1913 07-24-1978Bassett, NE2126D
Sawyers, Angeline G. Williamson(wife of Glen E.) 03-01-1911 03-21-1979Kansas City, MO1215F
Sawyers, Bessie Elizabeth Schafer(wife of Tillman) 10-27-1888 09-18-1974Salem ,NE1215G
Sawyers, Effie May(dau) 08-26-1898 04-26-1918?1210C
Sawyers, Eli Marion(husband of Laura Currie) 10-22-1862 01-15-1936Nashville, Tenn.1210A
Sawyers, Faye Dynell(dau of Laura & Eli) 09-17-1911 02-09-1937Ainsworth, Ne1210H
Sawyers, Glenn Eli(husband of Angeline Williamson) 01-25-1906 03-29-1977Ainsworth, NE1215E
Sawyers, Marion(son) 02-21-1904 02-24-1904?1210D
Sawyers, Mary(wife of Eli) 186604-01-1900?1210B
Sawyers, Maude Matie Baldwin(wife of William) 04-07-1878 12-09-1968Iowa1417F
Sawyers, Nicholas A.(husband of Phoebe) 10-26-1889 11-27-1957Ainsworth, NE1223A
Sawyers, Phoebe Lenore Snell(dau of Robert Snell & Anna Lovin) 08-25-1891 05-19-1966NE1223B
Sawyers, Tillman H.(husband of Bessie) 11-10-189112-24-1971Ainsworth, NE1215H
Sawyers, William Asbury(husband of Maude) 12-17-1871 06-04-1965 Mills CO., Iowa1417E
Saxton, Carey Crane(son of Wm. & Henrietta Crane) 11-14-1866 10-03-1952Peoria, Ill333A
Saxton, Etta Carrie Bixlar 03-13-1874 10-30-1957Jackson Co., Iowa333B
Saxton, Wallace Issac(son of Casey & Ella) 08-31-1903 04-14-1935 Griswold, Iowa334H
Scattergood, Arthur William(husband of Blanche) 12-13-1865 09-01-1932Staffordshire, England107B
Scattergood, Dorothy(dau of A.W.&M.E.) 11-12-1901 11-20-1901?107A
Scattergood, Minnieemo(wife of A.W.) 08-30-187 02-20-1908?107C
Schaffer, Ellen ? 07-1954 ? 2 7 H *
Scheer, Earl A.(Shorty)(hus of Beverly Fink m.1953)(son of George A. & Martha C Boje Scheer)07-16-192508-31-2005Winnetoon, Ne124G
Scheer, Gerhard Paul(Bud)(husband of Mary Steele m.12-26-1952)06-19-1908 04-01-1992Winnetoon, NE123B
Scheer, Mary Elizabethy Steele(dau of Rose Booth & Eugene Steel)(wife of Gerhard Bud Scheer m.12-26-1952)06-22-193011-28-2010Ainsworth, NE123A
Schelm, Adolp William(son of Charle F. & Lydia Uffman Schelm)(hus of Florence Lesdchmann m. 11-12-1945)04-17-191405-11-2009Ainsworth, NE23N16G
Schelm, Arthur Adolf(husband of #1 Margaret Madsen m.06-01-1938, #2 Ada Axford m.10-05-1969) 01-07-1911 10-21-1991Ainsworth, NE364B
Schelm, Amelia K.Blaue(wife of Gustav J. Schelm) 02-02-1884 05-02-1978Franklin, Co., MO364H
Schelm ,Charles Frederich(husband of Lydia) 12-27-1879 02-19-1962Iowa2316B
Schelm, Edna Anna 08-04-1908 07-30-1999?364F
Schelm, Florence G. Leschmann)(wife of Adolph W. Schelm m.11-12-1945)(dau of Berthold & Emma Rusteberg Lsechmann)06-24-192411-26-2005Chicago, IllinoisN2316H
Schelm, Gustav John(Gus)(son of Wm.& Elizabeth Trumm) 07-31-1883 04-27-1965Denison, Iowa364G
Schelm, Lydia E. Uffman(wife of Charles) 12-13-1884 02-01-1959Ne2316C
Schelm, Margaret Christine(wife Of Arthur) 01-14-1918 01-07-1959Omaha, Ne364A
Schelm, Olga Elizabeth(wife of Otto m.09-05-1909) 188807-1979?3416C
Schelm, Otto Frances(husband of Olga Elizabeth) 11-25-1885 08-14-1956Dennison, Iowa3416D
Schenk, Helen Bernice Foster(wife if Justus Shcenk m.03-10-1937)(dau of Guy Clayton & Ruth Gerda Barrett Foster)03-12-191908-29-2007Long Pine, Ne.316H
Schenk, Justus George(husband of Helen Bernice Foster m.03-10-1937) 07-23-1907 04-15-1991Johnstown, NE3N16G
Schiessler, Anna Margaret(wife of George) 12-20-1876 09-26-1960Russia359C
Schiessler, George(husband of Anna) 09-11-1879 07-05-1958Walter, Russia359D
Schiessler, Irma F.(cremains) 190905-1992?359G
Schiessler, Paul Elmer(son of Geo.& Anna Glass) 10-28-1920 06-22-1965?3518C
Schiessler, Theodor (Ted) Leonard 1908 02-1980?359G
Schiessler, William Gattlibe(son of George & Anna Mae Gies) 09-17-1910 03-24-1971NE359E
Schimmel, Harvey Conrad(son of Wm. &Henrietta Kaiser)(WW11) 05-14-1904 04-25-1988Ainsworth, NE321B
Schimmel, Henrietta Opal Kaiser(wife of WM.) 10-02-1881 07-23-1964Columbus, NE321C
Schimmel, William Edward(son of Conrad & Elizabeth Fernau) 06-23-1872 12-01-1965 Buchannon Co., Iowa321D
Schipporeit, Erna Johanna Gabbert(wife of Rudolph) 06-19-1901 08-08-1969Ainsworth, NE1022F
Schipporeit, Otto G.(father) 1902 02-1953?1024D
Schipporeit, Arthur Rudolph(husband of Erma) 04-27-1900 04-16-1964Brewster, NE1022E
Schipporeit, Sara Esther Athey(wife of Otto G. m.12-21-1932) 01-26-191009-20-1999Broken Bow, Ne1024C
Schlechty, Lillian Almeda (Lillie) Hamaker(wife of #1 Alert McDaniel, #2 Bill Sappington, #3 Bill Schlecty) 08-03-1912 01-17-1995Wood Lake, NE???
Schlueter, Baby ? 01-1911 ? 15 1 G *
Schlueter, Adolph 08-30-1888 01-06-1909?151A
Schlueter, Aileen H.Peterson (wife of Arthur m.12-23-1934)01-24-1915 08-01-1996Johnstown,NE285F
Schlueter, Albert Carl(son of Charles & Reka Kreeger Schlueter)(hus of Mathilda Hoefs m.1873) 11-04-1848 03-28-1926Brandenberg, Germany151D
Schlueter, Arthur L.(Art)(husband of Aileen Peterson m.1934) 1909 03-11-1967?285E
Schlueter, Donald W.(son of Albert & Mathilda Hoefs Schlueter) 01-10-1912 01-25-1-1912????
Schlueter, Eudora (Dora)Tinkham(wife of Otto Schlueter)(dau of Tom & Luella Wilson Tinkham) 09-18-1887 07-06-1969NE151F
Schlueter, Herman 07-22-1878 02-01-1909?151B
Schlueter, Lee Leonard(husband of Madonna Marie Saxton) 11-07-1907 08-20-1987Wood Lake, NE151H
Schlueter, Madonna M. 1908 02-1991?151G
Schlueter, Mathilda Amelia Hoefs11-20- 1856 12-1922Wisc.151C
Schlueter, Otto August(husband of Eudora(Dora)Tinkham m.1907) 09-20-1883 05-16-1954Wisner, NE151E
Schmeichel, Dale Edward(husband of Lucye Snider m.06-23-1939)12-19-191306-09-1981Johnstown, NE15N16B
Schmeichel, Derald Calvin(husband of Edna Hartgrave)(WW11) 10-17-1925 07-17-1988Ainsworth, NE2520C
Schmeichel, Edna L. Hartgrave(wife of#1 Orman Killion, ? Walton, #3 Derald m.08-29-1965) 01-24-1917 06-09-1995Elsmere, NE2520B
Schmeichel, Lucye Snider(wife of Dale Schmeichel)?12-30-2008?1516A
Schmeichel, Velma Theordora Anderson(wife of #1 George Christ m.06-05-1933, #2 Glen Schmeichel m.12-03-1967) 02-19-190810-04-2000 Custer Co., NE1713B
Schmeichel, Zetta Alberta Halstead(dau of Harp & Mabel Jessie Halstead) 02-22-1919 11-25-1986 Ainsworth, NE???
Schmidt, Adam(husband of Hazel Marie Connell) 08-05-1903 04-08-1985Naper, NE2416D
Schmidt, Hazel Marie Connell(wife of Adam) 02-12-1908 02-15-1999Geddes, SD2416C
Schneider, George H.(Sohneider)07-06-1882 01-16-1923?135E
Schneider, Catharina Shepper 03-26-183908-29-1916?135H
Schneider, Willhelm Henry 05-19-1837 05-12-1918Germany135F
Schneidereit, Albert Emil(husband of Mary) 11-15-189307-16-1963Iowa264A
Schneidereit, Alvena R. 1899 08-1987?1811F
Schneidereit, Frederick Theodore(husband of Helena) 09-22-1885 08-22-1950Bergsdorf,Germany186D
Schneidereit, Helen A. Williams 1895 1994????
Schneidereit, Henrietta Danke Lockmiller(husband #1 Ludwig,#2 Schneidereit, #3 Lochmiller,) 12-13-1885 08-1944Germany186E
Schneidereit, Henry O. 1897 07-1993?1811E
Schneidereit, Martha Althea Huddle(wife of Albert) 03-11-189901-24-1944Keya Paha, Ne264B
Schnitger, Opal Talley(wife of WM.) 04-12-1912 09-13-1988 Des Moines, Iowa6 18 H *
Schnitger, William E.(husband of Opal) (WW1) 06-15-1901 02-20-1975Johnstown, NE618C
Schoettger, Emma Marie Wilhemine Miller (mother) 11-13-1861 11-12-1933Madison, Ill.3316B
Schoettger, Fredrick Jacb(husband of Emma)(father) 11-04-1854 06-27-1935Quincy, Ill.3316A
Scholtes, Luke?05-31-2006N3529B
Schrieber, Cleora Lillian Denton(wife of Herbert) 11-03-1914 12-22-1977Thedford, NE5N8D
Schrieber, Herbert H. 11-10-1912 02-05-1974Bloomfield, NE5N8C
Schroetlin, Wayne Leroy 02-07-1943 02-13-1943????
Schurman, Henry ? ? ? 8 9 E *
Seals, Infant ? ? ? 613 A *
Seals, Anna ? ? ? 6 13 B *
Seals, Fianna ? ? ? 6 13 D *
Seals, I. no dates?????
Sears, Redmond W.(husband of Myrtle) 08-08-1914 09-06-1992????
Sebilla J. Jensen 12-02-1908 12-14-1908????
See, Barbara Harriet(dau of Claude & Lois Burger See) 04-30-1926 12-31-1948 Ainsworth, NE1817F
See, Chester Vaden(son of Claude Vaden& Lois Emm Burger See)08-30-192205-21-2009Ainsworth, NE18N17H
See, Claude Harrison(husband of Lois Emma Burger m.01-04-1921)(son of James & Mary See) (WW1) 01-11-1891 04-29-1980Conway, Iowa1817E
See, Clude Raymond (son of Claude & Lois Burger See)(Nebr.Sgt Co. K. 14th INf.) 01-03-1890 09-25-1922 Pleasanthill, Ne.1817D
See, James V. 03-29-1860 08-1939Burlington, Iowa1817C
See, Josephine J.Grubaugh (wife of Cecil m. 05-07-1946)(dau of William Emery Grubaugh & Josephine M. Grubaugh 11-07-1924 10-01-1997Rising City, NE1728B
See, Lois Emma Burger(wife of Claude H.)(dau of John Burger & Barbara Rose (Polly) Burger) 03-22-1905 12-23-1980Silver City, Iowa1817G
See, Mary Harriet Higgins(wife of James) 05-24-1864 07-08-1952Yankton, SD1817B
Sellars, Nettie J. Boyd(wife of Paul) 11-09-1895 07-26-1973Salem, NE121G
Sellars, Paul Robert(husband of Nettie)(WW1) 07-11-1895 02-07-1970Aulo, NE121H
Sellors, Abbie Wilcox (wife of #1 Benj. Langdon Sellors, #2 H.N. Clement)) 08-02-1829 08-1912?611C
Sellors, Frank Wilcox 03-18-1852 10-11-1960?611B
Sellors, Nellie Kendall 05-04-1857 04-08-1937?611A
Seltzer, Nellie Maye (wife of Wendell) 03-06-192811-22-1991Lead, SD124A
Seltzer, Wendell Alan(cremains) 07-06-192811-17-1996?124A
Serr, Baby ? ? ? 11 23D *
Severns, Thelma H. 1906 05-1982?293A
Seymour, Mary Jane Depue(wife of Seldon W.) 08-23-184705-15-1915Canada146D
Seymour, Ross Jr(son of Ross&Mildred Jackman Seymour) 07-23-193107-23-1931Ainsworth, Ne146C
Shade, Mary Ellen Dieter 06-08-1850 12-30-1928Pa.51A
Shade, Peter P. 07-06-1849 03-1923?51C
Shade, Simon P.(son of P.P.& Em)1873 06-18-1890?51D
Shaner, Harold Howard(son of Howard & Minnie Tuttle Shaner) 03-1929 01-16-1930 Ainsworth, Ne 13 1A *
Shaner, Alice E.(wife of Frank) 10-30-1886 11-15-1937?131F
Shaner, Elizabeth Estella Hinds(wife of John W.)(mother) 10-08-1862 11-21-1946Mars, PA131C
Shaner, Frank Morse 07-16-1903 12-23-1958Brown Co., NE138H
Shaner, George L. 03-26-1921 02-1922?131E
Shaner, Irene Elizabeth ? 04-1919 ? 13 1 H *
Shaner, John Wainwirght(husband of Elizabeth E. Hinds m. 1882) 05-21-1861 10-30-1932Bridgewater, Pa.131D
Shaner, Lizzie Estella(dau of John & Elizabeth Hinds) 02-22-1885 06-18-1959Brown Co., NE138G
Shaner, Otis Wainwright 09-26-189901-01-1930Utah131B
Shannon, Bernice May Beilfuss Cunningham(wife of Sidney m. 03-07-1935)(dau of William & Grace Beers Cunningham)(mother) 01-03-1907 11-17-1997Six Lakes, MICH243F
Shannon, Sidney T.(husband of Bernice Cunningham)(son of William Shannon & Martha Colt Shannon))(father) 01-20-1886 03-07-1960Irwin, Shelby Co., Iowa243E
Sharp, Infant ?? ?? ? 1 10E *
Sharp, Florence ? 04-1995 ? 5N 2 B *
Sharp, Harold T.(son of Robert Lee Sharp & Jennie Mae West Sharp)08-05-191210-24-2003Ainsworth, NE51B
Sharp, Matilda (Tillie) Steiger(wife of Harold) 04-19-1905 03-06-1981 Menno, SD5N1A
Shaul, Eugene George (husband of #1 Mardele Osborn, #2 Joanne Smith m.1949)(son of Harry & Pauline Carter Shaul)(WWll) 07-04-1926 02-08-1966Cherry Co. NE6N2A
Shaul, Joanne L. Sorey Snyder(cremains) (wife of #1Eugene Shaul m.06-20-1955)(dau of Jesse & Lena Lanz Sorey) 06-16-1930 09-25-1998Stuart, NE6N2B
Shaul, Keith Wayne(husband of Marlene Sorey)(Korea) 10-27-1930 05-11-1969Ainsworth, NE6N2H
Shaw, Gail Richard 06-27-1909 08-1910 ? 1 18 C *
Shaw, Orvil Leroy (husband of Ruby Rose) 07-06-1897 10-03-1968Mills, NE369A
Shaw, Paul Robert(husband of Cecelia McDaniel) 01-26-1928 07-13-1991Gregory, SD369C
Shaw, Rubie Ann Rose(wife of Orvil) 04-28-1903 05-31-1986SD369B
Sheldon, Grave ? ? ? 19 18 H *
Sheldon Plot, 1 grave ? ? ? 115 H *
Sheldon, George Lafayette(son of Lee Robert & Mary Larabee Sheldon) 04-03-1909 12-28-1928 Ainsworth, Ne 115 A *
Sheldon, Ceylon A. 07-27-1888 02-13-1906?115B
Sheldon, Florence 1867 1904 ? 1 13 F *
Shelden, George Niles (CivilWar-Co E. 9th Ill.Inf.) 12-02-184401-1917Rock Island, Ill.1918Between C-D
Shepherd, Henrietta S.(wife of B.L.)182607-31-1902?153A
Sherman, Theodore Harris 11-15-1879 04-13-1970Wisc5N15A
Sherman, James Clinton(husband of Louise) 12-08-1931 01-17-1968Keya Paha Co., NE5N15D
Sherman, MabelIva Higginson(wife of Harry) 04-05-1898 02-11-1989Springview, NE5N15B
Shipman, Olive Faye Lotspeich(wife of James m.12-17-1913)(dau of Albert Marion Lotspeich & Rhoda Elizabeth Vannest Lostspeich) 12-15-1898 09-26-1991Bingham, Ne2513G
Shipman, James Franklin(husband of Olive Faye Lotspeich m.12-17-1913)(son of Willaim Isaac Shipman & Nancy Josephine Farr Shipman) 01-11-1895 09-17-1985Trask, MO2513H
Shook, Pearl Ann(dau of Richaard & Helen) 09-09-195409-09-1954 Ainsworth, NE 11 23F *
Short, Charles H. 12-17-1882 05-08-1921 Ill.1310D
Short, Gerald Ivor(son of Charles & Edna) 05-23-1903 05-20-1975Greenfield, ILL1310C
Short, Louis McClouth(husband of Mary Ellis Woodward m.11-1891)(son of Duane Bealy Short & Cornelia Potter Short) 10-02-185312-08-1951on Susan B. Anthony farm near Rochester, NY103C
Short, Mary Ellis Woodward(wife of Louis M.) 02-24-1870 08-10-1900?103B
Short, Sterling(son of Chase H.&Edna V.) 1909 03-1915 ?1310A
Showalter, Bonnie Marie Fielder(wife of Max m. 11-23-1952) 09-18-1933 03-04-1995Fairbury, NE15N16F
Showalter, Max D.(son of John & Addie Wright Showalter)(hus of Bonnie Fielder m. 11-23-1952)08-01-193207-24-2008Fairbury, NE1516E
Shrimpton, Infant ? ? ? 5 4G *
Shrimpton, Benjamin Franklin(husband of Nellie Helen ) 09-12-1869 12-14-1957ILL3120D
Shrimpton, Nellie Helen J.(wife of Benjamin) 1872 12-24-1962?3120C
Shroetlin, Wayne L. ? 1943 ? 813 E *
Sielaff, Margaret Elizabeth 1901 01-20-1955?1222C
Sielaff, Robert A. (husband of Esther) 1898 11-22-1968?1222D
Sindlinger, George John(husband of Nancy Edwards) 03-28-1854 06-22-1935 Ann Arbor, Mich 26 12 A *
Sindlinger, Nancy Elizabeth Edwards 09-08-1856 12-1924Virg.2612B
Sisson, Alfard L.(son fo Augustus L.& Minnie Sisson) 12-16-1884 04-03-1885?84D
Sisson, Augustus Lorenzo(Gus)(husband of Minnie Swett m.02-25-1872)(son of Lorenzo & Elizabeth Warner Sisson) 08-22-1850 04-28-1926Geauga County, Ohio84E
Sisson, Dennis Duane(infant) 11-25-192608-28-1927Ainsworth, Ne74E
Sisson, Elizabeth Warner(wife of Lorenzo) 09-07-1828 06-26-1911Leroy, Ohio71D
Sisson, Ella Lockmiller(wife of Lloyd) 07-09-1903 06-19-1996Ainsworth, Ne74F
Sisson, Fern Elizabeth (wife of Lee) 11-08-1888 10-31-1966Brown Co., NE1221E
Sisson, Frank Alton(husband of Grace Miles m.01-19-1898)(son of Augustus & Minnie Swett) 03-28-1875 02-28-1958Shelby Co., Iowa74A
Sisson, Fred W.(son of Elizabeth & Lorenzo Sisson) 10-09-1852 12-28-1921Ohio71A
Sisson, Grace Belle Miles(wife of Frank)(dau of Sam J. Miles) 03-22-1880 01-10-1958Shelby, Iowa74B
Sisson, Lee A.(husband of Fern Elizabeth Harris)(sono of Gus & Minnie) 10-03-1887 05-24-1972Ainsworth, NE1221F
Sisson, Lloyd Alton(husband of Ella)(father of Dennis) 01-30-1901 12-01-1945Ainsworth, NE74G
Sisson, Marvin Lee(husband of Opal Marie Zwiebel m.06-0-1939) 09-19-1912 01-20-1985 Ainsworth, NE14N2D
Sisson, Meryl Lorenzo(son of Thelma& Darrel) 10-01-1930 06-16-1937?74H
Sisson, Minnie Terressa Swett(wife of Agustus(Gus) Sisson)(dau of Alanson Swett) 05-08-1854 (first white child born in Shelby County, Iowa) 01-19-1950Harlan, Shelby, Iowa84F
Sisson, Opal Marie Zwiebel(dau of William & Metha Boehl Zwiebel)(wife of Marvin Sisson)06-25-191810-31-2003Ainsworth, NE142C
Sisson, Stella E.(dau of F.W.& S.)1880 07-08-1899?71C
Sisson, Stella May(wife of Fred) 09-05-1860 01-29-1905Cleaveland, Ohio71B
Skillman, Bert E. 1882 01-1954?2610D
Skillman, Dorothy(dau of Bert& Rena)? 10-17-1913?2610C
Skillman, Ellah Park(husband of Stella Percival) 10-29-1858 02-04-1935Johnson Co., Ne2610A
Skillman, Esther L. Ulrich(wife of Gene Skillman m.05-25-1943)(dau of Erwin & Lois Ulrich)07-20-192404-17-2007Ainsworth, Ne18N12G
Skillman, Grace Ellen Malia(wife of Harry) 04-29-1899 10-23-1944Sioux City,Iowa261B
Skillman, Harry Frank(son of Park & Stella Percaville) 06-9-1895 09-30-1969Johnson Co.,NE261A
Skillman, Ralph Everett(husband of #1 Rachel Kyner, #2 Mary Barr Schneidereit) 10-27-1895 06-10-1976 Brown Co, NE26 25 A *
Skillman, Ralph Eugene(Gene)(husband of Esther L. Ulrich m.05-25-1943)(son of Ralph Everett & Rachel Kyner Skillman)08-26-192310-18-2002Ainsworth, Ne1812F
Skillman, Rena Anna Neilson(wife of Bert E.) 04-25-1889 07-13-1976Ainsworth, NE2610C
Skillman, Stella N. Percival(wife of Park) 02-11-1860 03-28-1935Napolean,Ohio2610B
Skinner, Albert Washigton(husband of Mary Ellen Erickson) 08-20-1874 11-01-1974Hamburg, Iowa1822A
Skinner, Benjamin H. 1887 01-12-1963?253E
Skinner, Bruce Dean(son of Albert & Mary Erickson)(Korea) 09-03-1926 01-18-1976Brown Co. ,NE1822F
Skinner, Christian Leroy(son of Philemon & Amanda) 01-20-1942 11-19-1944 Ainsworth, NE 33 16 H *
Skinner, Cora Ann 12-20-1962 12-20-1962 Ainsworth, NE 33 10 Foot of E *
Skinner, Ellen Mary Erickson(wife of Albert m. 12-02-1903) 2-22-1883 12-24-1971Sweden1822B
Skinner, Ethel G. (wife of Robert)(mother) 12-22-1884 12-1942 Springview, Ne.3310F
Skinner, Fred Walter(wife of Janettee Ezada Phelps m.12-18-1901)(Nebr. WW1) 07-15-1877 10-31-1956Marshalltown, Iowa1918D
Skinner, Gerald Albert(hus of Lyla L. (Dolly) Brown m.01-01-1935)(son of Albert W. & Ellen Erickson Skinner)07-17-190910-30-2002Springview, NE2127C
Skinner, Janette Ezada Phelps (twin)(wife of Fred m.12-18-1901) 07-19-1883 02-28-1969Hudson, MI1918C
Skinner, Lyla L. (Dolly)Brown(wife of Gerald A. Skinner m. 01-01-1935)(dau of Calvin & Mae Fager Brown)04-24-191006-21-2005Shickley, NEN2127D
Skinner, Shirley Marie(dau of Loyd B. & Marie Wilhelmena Schumann White)(wife of MOrris Frederick Skinner m. 10-03-193003-22-190907-05-2007Ainsworth, NE19N18AA
Skinner, Marie Louise Klindt(wife of Benjamin) 08-06-1905 09-13-1989Emerson, NE253F
Skinner, Melvin Kenneth(husband of Marjorie) 12-26-1907 09-24-1945Springview, Ne.3316F
Skinner, Morris F.(husband of Shirley Marie White m. 10-03-1930)(son of Fred & JanettePhelps) 09-14-1906 12-15-1989Springview, NE1918B
Skinner, Randolph Ray(Randy)(son of Marvin & Phyllis Peters) 09-03-196002-10-1986Pierre, SD252A
Skinner, Robert (father) 1874 09-1951?3310F
Slonecker, Infant 1892 1901 ? 2 7 F *
Slonecker, Abraham Turner(son of W.P.& Blanche) 07-1904 10-05-1904?22A
Slonecker, Blanche M. 12-31-1871 07-1940?22H
Slonecker, Fern S.(child of J.W.) 06-1901 10-1901 ? 2 7 C *
Slonecker, John Wesley 03-13-1871 11-1925?27 A
Slonecker, Ellen J.Nellie Shaffer (wife of J.W.) 1881 06-27-1954?27north of A
Slonecker, Sarah E. McGrew(wife of J.W.) 11-23-187508-13-1901?27 B
Slonecker, William Perrin 1862 04-1933?22G
Smith, infant ? ? ? 14 8 H *
Smith Plot, grave ? ? ? 3 2 A *
Smith, Infant ? ? ? 14 8 B *
Smith, baby ? ? ? 1 23 C *
Smith Plot, grave ? ? ? 8 20 A *
Smith, Anna Isabel Hollopeter(wife of Syrus Herbert Hollopeter) 02-18-1865 07-02-1955Blaine Co., NE2317F
Smith, Benjamin Frances(son of Pete & Louise Ann Stevens) 07-12-1908 07-07-1971Brown Co., NE318D
Smith, Benton Ross(son of WM. & Elvira Shepard) 03-22-1881 09-29-1958 Schyler, NE14 8 E *
Smith, Bonnie Omita ? 01-1927 ?1519 H *
Smith, Charles A. 06-28-1863 09-23-1912Pa.1519G
Smith, Clara A. Dickersbach)(wife of John Smith)?10-18-200618N24A
Smith, Clifford?2001?1713E
Smith, Curtis John(son of John&Vada) 11-19-1960 07-27-1963Ainsworth, NE1824G
Smith, Cyrus Herbert(husband of Annie Isabelle Hollopeter m.12-23-1884)(son of Zebulon & Jeanetta Cavill Smith) 09-09-1861 09-22-1930Stubin Co., NY2317G
Smith, Dagma C. Frederickson(wife of Wallace Ellis m.1934)(dau of Hans & Dagmar Fredericksen)06-14-191510-29-2006Wheeler County, Nebraska31N3C
Smith, Dean(son of Earl L. & Lois E. Barrington Smith)06-06-193806-10-2005?1114H
Smith, Edith Kitty Poore (wife of Ervin) 08-30-1906 10-03-1970NE6N18G
Smith, Edward E.(hus of Ethel M. (Polly) Bartholow m.10-15-1949)(son of Ervin L. & Edith K. Poore Smith) 07-03-192602-17-2003Enders Lake, NE716E
Smith, Elmer J.(husband of Bessie Tatro) 01-26-1888 04-24-1968Iowa51H
Smith, Eleanor Sharron(dau of Jessie Lea & Hervian Rose Chase Luther)(wife of Robert Leroy Smith m.06-05-1955) 11-21-193703-28-2008Ainsworth, NE718F
Smith, Elvira Flavilla Shepard(wife of William R.) 1845 02-1922Wheeling, W.Virg.148C
Smith, Ervin Lloyd(husband ofg Edith Poore) 07-25-1904 04-10-1986Brwon Co., NE6N18H
Smith, Everett Sterling(husband of Irene Clapper) 08-18-1902 04-01- 1986Midvale, NE1713D
Smith, Florence Amelia Haas(wife of Omar m.12-27-1926) 09-20-1907 01-20-1982Ainsworth, NE5N7F
Smith, Gladys Pearl Kackmeister(wife of William Hiram Smith m.11-28-1934) 07-01-191610-01-1980South Brown Co., NE3514C
Smith, Gordon Eugene(son of Stanley& Shirley Pickinpaugh) 10-09-1958 10-10-1958 Ainsworth, NE???
Smith, Gordon LeRoy(son of Everet & Irene Clapper) 01-23-1939 08-06-1940 Ainsworth, NE 17 13 F *
Smith, Gwendoline Mae Fairbanks(wife of John Elroy Smith) 1896 01-1922?2912B
Smith, Hannah Isabelle Morter(wife of William H.)(dau of Hiram Edwin Morter & Mary Elizabeth Brink Morter) 10-20-1886 07-24-1944Lyons, Ne312B
Smith, Hazel Mae 1917 11-04-1959?1912F
Smith, Heather Lynn (Baby dau of Danny & Lynn Kay Grossnicklaus)05-12-1976 05-12-1976Ainsworth, NE820B
Smith, Helen Virginia (husband of WM.Jr.) 09-12-1913 04-19-1961Lincoln, NE2514G
Smith, Howard E.(son of Cyrus & Anna Hollopeter) 06-11-1898 12-25-1973Brown Co., NE2317I
Smith, Irene Alma Clapper(wife of Everett Smith m.09-29-1928)(dau of John D. & Glennie L. Larson Clapper)09-16-191006-02-2004Enders Lake, Ne1713D
Smith. James Dallas(son of Everett Smith and Irene Clapper)(hus of Beverly Jones m. 06-04-1960)07-09-193612-25-2010Enders Lake, Brown, NE
Smith, Jesse Harold(son of Pete & Louise Stevens) 04-13-1906 09-14-1981Ainsworth, NE318E
Smith, John Francis(husband of #1 Vada Ellen Snow m.11-11-1953, #2 Clara Sieker Anderson m.07-29-1984)03-23-192901-18-2002Enders Lake, NE1824B
Smith, Kenneth Elroy(husband of Lilly Kaiser)(son of John & Gwendoline Fairbanks) 05-21-1918 08-17-1969Brown Co., NE3313H
Smith, Leslie R.(cremains) 12-26-1904 03-10-1987?259F
Smith, Lilly M. Kaiser(dau of Fred H. & Herietta Strupot Kaiser)(wife of Kenneth E. Smith)02-04-192005-04-2010Ainsworth, NE
Smith, Louise A. Stevens(wife of Pete Smith) 1885 06-1964?318B
Smith, Mary Isabelle Carter(wife of Wm.F.) 05-08-1875 12-11-1934Cleavland, Ohio1519C
Smith, Monta Marie Herring (wife of Ross) 11-13-1881 04-03-1936 Seward, Ne 14 8 A *
Smith, Omar Leslie(husband of #1 Florence Haas m.1926, #2 Lorena Pike m.1982) 03-18-1902 05-14-1990Plainview, NE5N7E
Smith, Pete(husband of Louise Stevens m.1899)(son of Thomas &l Mary Smith) 06-08-1861 05-1929Cherokee,Scott Co., Iowa318C
Smith, Robert Leroy(hus of Eleanor S. Luther m.06-05-1955) (son of Ervin L. & Eidth K. Poore Smith)08-07-192712-09-2005Elsmere, NE718E
Smith, Shirley Etta Pickenpaugh(wife of Stanley E.) 12-20-1939 10-03-1990Bassett, NE4N17H
Smith, Tamara Sue Welch(wife of Craig A. Smith m.05-11-1984)(dau of Gale & Ramona Green Welch)06-08-196105-21-2004Valentine, NE417A
Smith, Vada Ellen Snow(wife #1 of John) 07-10-1931 07-06-1983Arnold, NE1824H
Smith, Velda Vee Lewis(dau of John & Belva Lewis)(wife of Deam Smith m. 02-11-1956)08-01-193809-04-2009Ainsworth, NE424F
Smith, Velva M.(wife of Leslie) 12-26-1904 03-10-1987?259F
Smith, Vernon Leroy(husband of Dorthea Fink)(son of Hannah Morter Smith & William F. Smith) 10-21-1905 09-12-1941Lyons, Ne.312A
Smith, William F.(husband of Hannah Morter) 1868 05-20-1953?1519D
Smith, Willaim Hiram(husband of Dagma Frederickson) 08-31-1912 09-19-1987Ainsworth, NE3514D
Smith, William Riley 02-05-1845 11-08-1907Ill.148D
Smolik, Frank Plot, grave ? ? ? 141 E *
Snell, Anna E. Lovin 09-08-1853 11-18-1916Richmond, Ind. 1919D
Snell, Claude Henry(husband of Sena Marie) 10-30-1881 12-25-1947Cherokee, Iowa1919H
Snell, Joan Charlotte 07-05-1925 05-21-1927Ainsworth, Ne1919F
Snell, John Lawrence (Jack)(husband of Odess) 02-20-1883 11-23-1958Iowa1919A
Snell, Milo P.(cremains) 1914 11-1998?1919nw corner of F& A
Snell, Odessa Valentine Tisue(wife of John m.1912) 02-14-1893 03-20-1991Keya Paha, NE1919B
Snell, Robert S. 08-31-1851 11-29-1920Monroe, Ida co., Mi.1919C
Snell, Sena MarieNelson 12-14-1883 01-04-1959Denmark1919G
Snell, Sidney Claude(son of Claude & Sena Nelson)(WW11) 10-05-1910 02-10-1980Ainsworth, NE1930A
Snow, Archie Adelbert(husband of Esther Bruce) WW1 11-04-1889 12-03-1982Oro, NE1729A
Snow, Colbie M.(son of Meldon & Camile Magnusson Sonw)08-05-198603-09-2003Gillette,WY0808A
Snow, Dean A.(husband of Samona Wynia m.11-21-1950)(son of Arhcie & Lillian Landholm Snow)01-16-192209-03-2002Callaway, NE88H
Snow, Esther Maude Bruce(wife of Arnold) 05-13-1898 04-10-1983Pine Camp, NE1729B
Snow, Karla Dee(dau of Dean & Samona Snow)09-07-195103-22-2010Ainsworth, NE8N8F
Snyder Plot, grave ?? ?? ? 11 2 A *
Snyder, Effie Geneva(wife of Richard) 12-20-1881 07-30-1954Octavio,NE309A
Snyder, Howard Rogers(son of R & L) 06-11-1902 10-18-1921David City, Ne.309C
Snyder, Jesse James(husband of Margaret Zillig) 03-09-1910 02-28-1981Brown Co., NE309G
Snyder, Margaret Hilda Zillig(wife of Jesse) 07-03-191203-27-1989Ainsworth, NE309F
Snyder, Melva Lee(dau of Jesse & Margaret Zillig) 11-03-1949 11-15-1949Ainsworth, NE309H
Snyder, Richard Lewellyn(husband of Effie G.) 11-07-1872 11-03-1961Berks County, PENN309B
Snyder, Roy Ellis(husband of Velna R. Clark m.11-25-1925) 08-25-1902 10-13-1996Elk Creek, NE7N6B
Snyder, Velma Ruth Clark(wife of Roy m.11-25-1926) 08-16-1903 10-01-1990Oakand, Iowa7N6A
Soesbe, Alveretta Bronson(wife of Joseph)(mother12-09-1860 01-24-1949 Ill914G
Soesbe, Elwin Day(son of Joseph & Etta) 05-02-1902 12-08-1944Shelby Co.,Iowa914H
Soesbe, James Clayton(son of Joseph E.& Etta Bronson)05-05-1882 05-06-1957Harlan, IOwa914F
Sojka, Margaret Elizabeth Winn(wife of Stanley Sojka)(dau of Merrill & Leona Veeder Winn)08-01-192403-30-2007Bassett, Ne146G
Soles, Lewis (son of Wm. Soles)) 1937 05-11-1957?3317G
Sollman, Charles ? ? ? 13 12 F *
Solomon, Charles Ivan(son of Wesley &Violet, Maxwell) 11-24-1890 12-14-1960 SD 1 19 H *
Solomon, John ? ? 21 3A B *
Solomon, Walter Lawrence(husband of Eliza Laura) 05-01-1887 06-05-1947Vermillion, SD185A
Soper, John Wesley(son of Simon & Violet Maxwell) ?07-26-1963?123B
Soper, Annette Van Epps ?08-1927?123A
Sopher, Hazel M. 03-31-1902 03-1923 ? 123 H *
Sopher, W.(confederate) ? 1905 ? 12 3 E *
Sorensen,Chris(husband of Maggie) 06-06-1876 10-22-1954Copenhagen, Denmark811E
Sorensen, Glen Anthony (Husband of Marie Sherman)(WW11) 01-17-1916 09-14-1969Ainsworth, NE811H
Sorensen, Maggie Martha Alberts(wife of Chris) 01-06-1889 10-31-1938Ainsworth, NE811F
Spanel, Richard William(husband of Glenna Hickman) 02-13-1925 08-03-1969Anselmo, NE6N13D
Spann, Burton(Husband of Arta) 1914 1989????
Spearman, Barbara F. 07-02-192907-02-1929Ainsworth, Ne2717L
Spearman, Charles C. JR.(son of Charles C. & Edith Roe) 01-19-1901 05-15-1966 Papillion, NE???
Spearman, Charles Cornelius(husband of Edith Maude)(father) 02-21-1870 01-25-1947Springfield, Ne.2015AD
Spearman, Edith M. Rea(wife of Charles C.)(mother) 05-18-1879 11-13-1966Boone, Iowa2015AC
Spearman, Eva E. Schelm(wife of John Rea m.08-23-1936) 06-22-1916 02-11-1999Ainsworth, NE2015AF
Spearman, John Rea(husband of Eva Schelm) 09-27-1914 11-21-1988Papilion, NE2015AE
Spearman, Kirk(husband of Lucille Everingham) (WW11)02-11-1916 09-30-1989Papillion, NE2812D
Spearman, Lucill Everingham(wife of Kirk m.07-22-1935) 09-10-1918 12-07-1995Ainsworth, NE2812C
Spearman, Marion Agatha Reed(wife of Neil) 11-20-1905 01-09-1952Ainsworth, NE1023B
Spearman, Neil 1901 05-1966?1023A
Spearman, Roger Paul(son of John Rae & Eva Schelm)(Vietnam) 07-04-1946 02-12-2000Ainsworth, NE2026D
Spearman, Sam 1947 1994????
Spearman, Tom(cremains) 1912 04-1986?2015AD
Spicer, Fremont Elijah 10-31-1856 12-11-1941?219H
Sprague, Claude Eugene (Tubby)(husband of Jessie Woods m. 02-18-1935) 06-12-1895 02-25-1960Mich1914H
Sprague, Daisy E. Smith 11-18-1896 11-1918?1914E
Sprague, George W.(husband of Mary Rooker Campbell m.06-17-932) (son of William Henry & Helen Lovinaf Helmer Sprague) 11-15-1872 02-05-1961Tama Co.,Iowa281H
Sprague, Jessie M. Woods(wife of Claude) 01-23-1905 02-28-1986Bassett, NE???
Sprague, Luester McConnell(wife of George Sprague m.02-25-1900)(dau of Charles & Mary Lemmons McConnell) 1872 10-31-1958Iowa206B
Sprague, Mary T. Rooker(wife of George W.) 03-27-1895 05-10-1999Spencer, SD281G
Springer, John(wife#1 Hilda L. Springer, #2 Mary Koblin)(Sp AM War) 11-15-1865 07-1934Germany3413G
Stalcup, George Earl(father) 1900 04-21-1952?2221D
Stalcup, Irva A. Summers(wife of George)(mother) 02-04-1900 02-06-1985Iowa2221C
Staley, Infant dau. 02-11-1891 02-118-1891?513C
Staley, Ama(dau of J.N.& L) 10-08-1886 10-18-1886?513A
Staley, Della (dau of J.N.) 1874 01-21-1890?513B
Stanley, Agnes R. 06-16-1881 12-05-1918Iowa2712A
Stanley, Dean Austin(son of Vic & Alice Purdy) (WW11) 12-16-1924 02-26-1960Ainsworth, NE2712H
Stanley, Kennard J. 09-05-1880 09-03-1945Iowa2712D
Stanley, Lionel E. 1849 1923?2712C
Stanley, Teresa Catherine Baradell 04-22-1851 01-1922England2712B
Stanley, Wilfred Victor(husband of Alice) 11-20-1887 01-11-1965NE2712G
Stauffer, John Edward(Mayor) 07-07-1873 11-1919Correctionville, Iowa212D
Stauffer, Katherina M. Chesnut(wife of J.E.) 1878 05-20-1962?212C
Stec, Joseph John(husband of Delores Abraham m.05-24-1949)(WW11) 01-13-1914 09-24-1992Omaha, NE341E
Stech, Roena(Rani) Mae Davis(wife of William Arden Stech m.11-18-1951)(dau of ?& Dorothy Davis)06-13-193403-02-2007Gordon, Ne45G
Stedry, Vannie Lucille Newman Schiessler(wife of #@ William Schiessler m.08-30-1930, #2 Vern Stedry m.10-29-1977)(dau of Oscar & Vannie Hooper Newman)02-11-191303-29-2006?N359F
Steele, Abba Buck(wife of Milo Steele) 01-19-1854 01-11-1926 NY 27 9 O *
Steele, Axie Belle Dix(wife of James)(mother) 03-19-1870 06-02-1945Rushville, Ind.3314B
Steele, Eugene Kenneth(husband of Rose Leahl Booth m.10-09-1920)(son of James William &Amp; Axie Belle Dix Steele)(WW1) 06-09-1899 09-22-1965Valentine, Cherry Co., NE123D
Steele, Eugene K. Jr.(husband of Klyda )07-06-192301-19-2002ASinsworth, NE44H
Steele, James William(husband of Axie Belle) (father) 09-28-1859 11-03-1933 Gosport, Ohio3314A
Steele, Milo(husband of Abba Buck)1850 ??? Berlin Center, Ohio279P
Steele, Rose Leahl Booth(wife of Eugene K. )(dau of Hugh & Elizabeth Peudon Booth)06-11-1899 01-15-1999Brown Co., NE123C
Steele, William Edgar(husband of Joyce Ferguson)(Dad) 10-03-1900 05-09-1973Valentine, NE3314G
Stenson, Dora Alma Weak(dau of Alvin Loton Weak & Mary Dawson) 08-15-1899 01-12-1967Oakland, Iowa???
Stephenson, Thomas (Co D. 18th Wisc. Inf.) ? 1906 ? 13 D *
Stern, Everett1032D
Stettler, No Name ? ?? 5 9H *
Stettler, Flora Wanker03-01-1878 02-1930?59E
Stettler, Mary ? ? ? 5 9 G *
Stettler, Viva ? ?? 5 9F *
Stevens, Harold B.(Hus of Rachel Anna Hart)(son of Gage hill & Ruth Morlock Stevens)06-01-192301-17-200736N15D
Stevens, Rachel Anna Hart(wife of Harold Stevens)(dau of Ralph & Dorothy Wigent Hart)07-27-192606-02-2003Holt Co., NE3615C
Stevens, Susan Ann(dau of Harold & Rachel) 01-01-1948 12-11-1950Ainsworth,NE351F
Stevenson, Thomas (Civil War-Co. D. 18th Wisc Inf)??????
Stockwell, Harriet E.(wife of F.E.)04-161843 01-07-1917?516B
Stockwell, Francis E. 1844 12-10-1929?516A
Stoltenberg, Harry Wilson(husband of Edna Bernice) 11-03-1899 11-19-1951Omaha, NE???
Stoltenberg, Harry ? 11-21-1951 ? 9 23 A *
Stokes, Edward D. 02-08-1846 01-16-1909?1217A
Stokes, Mary R.(wife of Edward) 04-10-1854 12-19-1933?1217B
Stoley Plot, grave ? ? ?4 13 A *
Stone, Celia Louise Bradley(wife of Edson) 02-07-1864 02-12-1929Michigan517A
Stone, Edson 02-05-1853 06-1924?517B
Story, Fred ? ? ?1312 G *
Strand, Laura Ellen Anderson(wife of Ole) 04-03-1914 05-31-1970NE313B
Strand, Ole(husband of Laura)(WW11) 10-07-1911 08-17-1948?313A
Strand, Richard(Ricky) Carl(son of Richard & Linda Strand)07-30-197601-18-2004Ainsworth, NE102C
Strand, Richard Parker(husband of Barbara Rice m.12-22-1948)(son of Otto & Anna Elizabeth Crooker Strand)07-28-192610-12-2002Koshapah, NE102D
Strain, Mary E.Hartgrave(wife of William m.02-10-1922) 07-18-1901 01-13-1993 Brown Co., NE15N4F
Strain, William Alfred(husband of Mary) 09-17-1899 12-24-1978Mills, NE15N4E
Strawn, Walter Baby 01-25-1885 04-20-1886?315A
Strawn, Baby 12-05-1893 12-22-1893?315B
Strawn, Carlton J. Baby 12-20-1899 03-30-1900?315E
Strawn, James Carlton 04-07-1850 04-08-1925South Cumberland, Ohio315D
Strawn, Melora C.(wife of J.C.) 11-25-1861 10-22-1908?315C
Strenger, Donald Leroy(son of T.H.&M.L.) 02-11-1905 02-27-1905?277H
Strenger, Gail(dau of T.H.&M.L.)05-22-1903 05-22-1903?277G
Strenger, Leroy C. 1880 1892?277E
Strenger, Mary Ellen Hibbs(wife of Theodore) 11-21-1843 12-22-1927Ohio277D
Strenger, Minnie Louise Jones(wife of Theodor H. Strenger m.03-04-1894)(dau of Rufus & Mercy Jane Taylor) 07-31-1869 03-06-1952Lafayette, Ill277A
Strenger, Theodor H.(son of Theodore & Mary Ellen Hibbs) 02-15-186603-16-1926Iowa277B
Strenger, Theodor(husband of Mary Ellen Hibbs) 01-20-1838 03-1922Germany277C
Strom, Ira ? ? ? 3 12 F *
Strong, Bessie P.Smith(wife of #1 Wm. H. Strong, #2 Elmer Smith) 05-18-1895 07-13-1989Concordia, KS51G
Strong, Jane M. Morehouse Welke(wife of #1 Carl Welke, #2 Virgil Strong m.11-02-1947)(dau of James & Merle West Morehouse) 04-06-1920 03-03-2001 Ainsworth, NE 32 17 F
Strong, Robert Allen(son of WM.)(WW11) 08-27-1926 12-09-1943Red Cloud, NE51E
Strong, Virgil Ronald(hus of Jane Morehouse Welke m.11-02-1947)(son of Orville & Nellie Ward Strong)06-01-192011-04-2004Cope, CO.32N17E
Strong, William Harrison(husband of Bessie Pearl Tatro) 08-06-1878 08-08-1950Buffalo, NY51F
Strong, William Harrison Earl(son of Wm. & Bessie Pearl Tatro)(WW11) 02-26-1914 10-18-1985Elsmere, NE424E
Stucker, Michelle(dau of Jackie Funkhouser) 06-23-1968 08-15-1968 Lincoln, NE 3519 E *
Stubbs, Arthur E. 1875 04-1953?716H
Stubbs, L.Ova 1879 12-1952?716G
Stufft, Foster Allen(husband of Ruby Stewart)(son of George Curten Stufft& Sarah Elizabeth Elsworth Stufft)(WW1) 09-19-189302-09-1975Fairfield, Ne15N7E
Stufft, George Curtin(husband of Sarah) 08-23-1863 12-10-1939Bedford Co., Pa.3116B
Stufft, Harold Edwin(hus of Doris Barr m.03-02-1955)(son of Foster & Ruby Stewart Stufft)04-09-193009-02-2003South Brown County, NE147F
Stufft, Ruby Stewart(wife of Foster A. Stufft m.04-21-1920)(dau of James & Kathryn Stewart 05-20-1900 03-27-1995Omaha, NE15N7F
Stufft, Sarah Elizabeth Ellsworth (wife of George C.) 04-10-1866 10-10-1937Eldon, Iowa3116A
Summers, Addie Elzora VanCleave(wife of Benjamin)(mother)02-05-1878 12-22-1951Green Co., Iowa???
Summers, Benjamin(husband of Addie)(father) 07-19-1867 09-12-1943Iowa???
Summers, Blanche P. Wigent(wife of Guy m.02-11-1924)08-30-1908 07-06-1996Ord, NE15N1G
Summers, Gordon E.(son of Janice &Waldo) 02-19-1951 06-09-1973?6N17E
Summers, Guy B.(husband of Blanche Wigent) 09-21-1904 11-11-1977Ripper, Green Co., Iowa15N1H
Summers, Kevin Floyd(son of Waldo & Janice Gibson) 11-02-1954 07-17-1971Ainsworth, NE6N17H
Summers, Lesley W.(son of Guy & Blanche) 06-24-1937 06-24-1937Ainsworth, Ne2110H
Summers, Melvin James (Jim)(hus of Nettie Pratt m.05-18-1940)(son of Ben & Addie Vancleave Summers)07-10-191603-14-2006Ainsworth, NE141A
Summers, Nettie Anita Pratt(wife of Melvin m.05-18-1940)06-28-1920 06-12-1997Inman, NE14N1B
Summers, Waldo Earnest(hus of #1 Janice Gibson m.06-18-1947, #2 Amelia Morales m.12-11-1976)(son of Guy & Blanche Wigent Summers)11-11-192408-27-2004Ainsworth, NE617F
Sutton, Earl (son of H.P.& E.B.) 03-03-1887 08-09-1887?58A
Swain, Jerry Ernest(husband of Geraldine) 02-09-1888 02-16-1948Nebraska City, NE133F
Swaincutt, Leslie B.(son of David & Francis) 11-17-1878 11-28-1955 Green Co., Wisc 22 17 E *
Swan Plot, 1 grave ?? ??? 42 H *
Swan, Howard Clark(son of Wm. & Mary) 07-22-1871 09-06-1943 Hebron, Ill42F*
Swarm, Arretha Oatman 02-13-1900 09-30-1992 Franklin, NE 26 9 C *
Swazy, Green ? ? ?12 11 C *
Sweet, Otis T. 1868 1941????
Swett, Alanson R.(husband of Jane Tinsley m.1852)(son of Trustram & Patti Smith Swett) 02-18-1831 10-25-1913Ohio414C
Swett, Amanda Jane Roper 07-26-1858 03-13-1930Bowling Green, Ind.414G
Swett, Bernard Giles(husband of Margurrite Smith) 07-30-1909 08-25-1979Ainsworth, NE3014H
Swett, Caroline 11-28-1830 08-28-1884?414B
Swett, Charles Nathaniel(husband of Amanda Jane) 08-11-1851 03-25-1935Yuba City, Ca.414F
Swett, David Karney(son of Donald & Karolyn Nelson)? 10-28-1958Ainsworth, NE1123G
Swett, Elmer L. 04-08-1875 03-1916Shelby Co.,Iowa414E
Swett, Erman Milton(hus of Pauline N. Wright) 03-08-1911 11-22-1979Ainsworth, NE5N1D
Swett, Frederick Leonard(son of Leonard (Buck) &a,p; Mary Davison Swett)(hus of Sharon Haszard m. 09-15-1958)12-25-193705-02-2008Burwell, NE64G
Swett, Harry Hays(husband of Hazel Henderson) 12-10-1876 05-26-1958Harlan, Iowa3014A
Swett, Henry Erving 05-11-1851 01-24-1927 Harlan, Iowa 23 18 A *
Swett, Hazel Bertine Henderson(dau of Hugh & Evelyn Burns Henderson) 09-10-1889 01-10-1962Ainsworth, NE3014B
Swett, Jane Tinsley(wife of Alanson Swett) 07-18-1837 01-23-1888?414D
Swett, Leonard A.(Buck)(husband of Mary Davison)(WW1) 02-05-1899 08-13-1981Athelston, Iowa 64B
Swett, Lysander 04-09-1827 06-24-1901?414A
Swett, Mary E. Bridgmen 1856 1888?414H alley
Swett, Mary Susan Davison(wife of Leonard) 09-22-1906 02-20-1984Ainsworth, NE64A
Swett, Pauline N. Wright(wife of Erman Milton Swett m.06-14-1931)(dau of Ephriam Burdette(Sam)Wright &Fanny Lenora Shelley Wright) 08-16-1913 09-19-1990Oak, Ne5N1C
Swim, Amelia Elizabeth Miller(wife of Charles)(mother)08-11-1872 07-21-1968?1016B
Swim, Charles C.(husband of Millie)(father) 07-17-1867 11-19-1942Des Moines, Iowa1016A
Swim, Lillian (Opal) Adams)(wife of Ora Swim )(dau of Chauncey & Myrtle Adams)01-17-191002-25-2003Council Bluffs, Ia1016C
Swim, John E. 1853 1920????
Swim, Ora Francis(husband of Lillian Opal Adams)(father) 11-24-1902 08-02-1988Norden, NE1016D
Swim, William E.( infant son of Ora & Opal) 1932 06-23-1932Ainsworth, NE1016E
Syfert, Andrew Jackson (wife of Emma) 02-17-1859 12-1921Ohio325C
Syfert, Emma Maliasa Stivenson(wife of Jackson) 08-01-1863 06-09-1925Logan,Ohio325B
Syfert, Gaynold Mowrey ? 12-1955 ? 32 5 E *
Syfert, Jennings Bryan(husband of Olive) (WW1) 01-27-1898 11-01-1965Moweaqla, IL325F
Syfert, John Edward(husband of Lura)(Cremains) 06-27-1890 03-25-1949Marquette, Ill.134E
Syfert, Lenna M. 10-08-1900 12-13-1991?134G
Syfert, Lester Raymond(husband of Lenna M. Copeland)(WW1) 08-24-1892 06-29-1982Mowenqua, Ill.134H
Syfert, Lura B.(cremains) 1891 01-25-1971?134F
Sylvester, Willard B.(husband of Vida Gilliland) 12-27-1909 06-27-1987Burton, NE3829D
Tabor, John P.(father) 11-07-1854 05-1939Ky.348J
Tabor, Mary E.(mother) 09-19-1853 05-1945Charles City, Iowa348I
Tabor, Melvin A.(son) 1886 03-1973?348K
Tanner, William Fredrick 05-19-1878 09-1921Iowa2216A
Tanner, Zella Vera Voss(wife of William) 09-30-1877 10-20-1961NE2216B
Taylor Plot, 2 graves ?? ?? ? 915 G-H *
Taylor, Arthur M.(son of C.R.) 02-28-1912 03-01-1913?915A
Taylor, Billy E.(husband of Carol J. Simonson m.1945)(son of Myrtle Costerisan Taylor & William E. Taylor) 07-16-1924 02-18-2001 Whitman, NEN610E
Taylor, Carol June Simonson(dau of Carl & June Kemp Simonson)(wife of Billy E. Taylor m. 04-28-1945)06-01-192602-23-2009Mullen, NE610F
Taylor, Charles Leroy(husband of Theresa m.07-23-1949) 06-28-1915 12-27-1998?915F
Taylor, Charles Richard(Dick)(husband of Lilla Downing m.04-06-1911)(son of Geo.) 09-24-1888 04-6-1966Brown Co., NE915D
Taylor, Clifford Warren(husband of Hilda Wheeler) 01-22-1904 09-02-1978Moorhead, Iowa729D
Taylor, Eugene (Gene) Joseph(son of William J. & Julia Brosnihan Taylor)09-12-191912-15-2007Omaha, Ne35NX11E
Taylor, Dollie Evelyn Carter (wife of Edgar) 11-04-1871 04-13-1944Springfield, Ill179G
Taylor, Edgar William 11-29-1866 12-02-1946Iowa179H
Taylor, Frank Stephen(husband of Ruby Nicewander)(WWll) 12-03-1919 12-25-1979Ainsworth, NE915E
Taylor, George M. 11-12-1924 12-22-1931?915B
Taylor, Hilda Mary Wehler(wife of Clifford W.) 06-30-1904 03-18-1984Belle Plains, Iowa729C
Taylor, Lilla Dette Downing(wife of Charles Richard(Dick) Taylor)(dau of Stephen & Esther Downing) 02-11-1880 05-28-1959Iowa915C
Teleen, Albert Lewis(son of Andrew F. & Kristine Olson Teelen) 1839 10-10-1918????
Teleen, Andrew Fredrick(husband of Christina Olson m.1885) 03-06-1857 06-25-1943Esbelstuna,Sweden87B
Teleen, Carl F. Percy(son of Andrew & Christina Olsen Teelen) 01-28-1896 07-15-1976Ainsworth, NE3016D
Teleen, Christina Olson(wife of Andrew) 04-11-1857 11-1924Sweden3016A
Teleen, Fred William(son of Andrew & Christina Olsen) 08-16-1890 01-16-1963Brown Co., NE3016C
Teleen, Nettie Magdalene Hildebrand(wife of Wallace m.03-17-1921) 08-29-1887 04-20-1981Ainsworth, NE1120B
Teleen, Sarah Elizabeth ? 08-1925 San Bernadino, Ca. 8 7 H *
Teleen, Wallace H.(husband of Nettie Hildebrand) 04-06-1886 03-07-1962Brown Co., NE1120A
Terry, Bonnie Lee Brandenburg(dau of Orville & Mary Brandenburg)(wife of Earl Terry)03-01-193709-24-2009Carroll, Iowa51G
Terry, Earl G. (hus of #1 ???, #2 Bonnie McLaws m.03-28-1982)(son of Jesse & Lillie Pelster Terry)07-07-192303-13-2003Johnstown, Ne51H
Terry, Edith Sophia Smith 09-02-189309-19-1968 Hastings, NE 17 1 B *
Terry, Francis Wesley(dau of Jessie & Lillie Pelster) (Pfc.Neb.Korea) 09-09-1927 10-10-1969Johnstown, NE243C
Terry, Jesse G. (Cpl.Neb.WWl) 11-02-1895 03-03-1959?243A
Terry, Leroy Ashley(husband of Edith) 07-29-1900 03-17-1962 Johnstown, NE 17 1 A *
Terry, Lillie E.Pelster (wife of Jesse) 01-26-1904 08-01-1975Johnstown, NE243B
Terry, Mabel Woods(wife of Leroy) 06-29-1901 06-08-1948Macadonia, Iowa3112B
Terry, Mildred Stanley(wife of Everett) 03-04-1917 04-25-1983Ainsworth, NE2713H
Terry, Robert, Otis(army) 01-12-1928 02-06-1999?4N7B
Teupel, Gertrude M. Mills 05-12-1889 03-09-1968?125G
Thackrey, Ruth Marie Keim(dau of Frank & Gertrude Arnold) 10-06-1902 07-09-1979Union CO.,Iowa???
Theis, Harold E.(son of Elmer A. & Anna Finck) (hus of Marenna Roni R. Shaffer m.11-11-1959)06-19-193512-25-2010Eden Valley, Ne714D
Thiede, Son (of Edwin & Freda May Wicher)11-15-1954 11-15-1954Ainsworth, NE1123G
Thoman, William J. 03-06-1866 05-02-1933Bloomfield, Ind.17E
Thomas Plot, 3 graves ?? ?? ? 1 7 A-D-F *
Thomas, Anna 05-17-1884 04-19-1949?279H
Thomas, Jerry(Chan)(husband of Ellen Hazard) 11-19-1939 07-12-1974Burton, NE122G
Thomas, Manuel C.(husband of Susan Brown) 12-01-1918 12-23-1980Wheeling, W. Virg.2131C
Thompson, ??? Inez( son of Charles & Margaret 05-17-1936 02-07-1937Ainsworth, Ne 28 7 C *
Thompson,Infant (son of Ben& Grace) ? 1914?2817H
Thompson, Addelaid 07-19-1866 05-1918 Madison Co., Ohio 28 7 B *
Thompson, Albert 04-27-1895 02-25-1972Brown Co.,NE3518F
Thompson, George Norman 03-13-1850 01-19-1936 West Jefferson, Ohio???
Thompson, Jessie William(husband of Florence Elizabeth) 05-07-1863 04-30-1935 Cinncinnati, Ohio 287 D *
Thompson, Lillie Anderson 1874 1950????
Thompson, Mary Corrrine Kelllsion(wife of Wm.) 10-18-1863 05-06-1957Oscaloosa, Iowa2615D
Thompson, William Bradley(husband of Lillie) 09-12-1867 01-22-1937Pittsburg, Pa.1715A
Thorley, Elmina Marshall(wife of George) 02-07-1856 04-18-1933Louis Co.,Iowa208C
Thorley, George Howard(husband of Almina Miranda) 11-14-1852 09-02-1941West Salem, Ohio208D
Thorley, Esther Anderson 12-08-1926 05-23-1990?183F
Thorley, Roger Sterling (husband of Esther)(WW11) 01-09-1925 07-06-1961Ainsworth, NE183E
Thornberg, Gayle 06-17-1909 06-1937 ? 13 16 D *
Thornberg, James Andrew(son of Geo. & Katie Clark) 05-07-1908 02-15-1962 Ainsworth, NE???
Thornton, Alice Marie(dau of Wallace & Lottie Wolcott) 05-08-1898 09-08-1992Warren, Ill2013AA
Thornton, Alma Marie Clark(wife of Charles) 03-07-1906 08-12-1993Frontier Co., Ne2013AF
Thornton, Charles Dickson(husband of Alma Clark) 04-22-1909 12-25-1987Johnstown, NE½2013AE
Thornton, Lottie L.(wife of Wallace D.)(mother) 06-12-1875 04-20-1961Sutter Co., Calif2013AC
Thornton, Louis S. 09-11-1863 06-13-1931 Ankeny, Iowa 33 6 B *
Thornton, Mona Mae(dau of Wallace & Lottie Wolcott) 02-21-1903 04-06-1981Marcus, Iowa2013AB
Thornton, Petrea L.(wife of Louis) 02-12-1853 10-1921Stevagol, Norway336A
Thornton, Seth infant ? ?? 336 G *
Thornton, Seath infant ? ? ?33 6 H *
Thornton, Virgil A.(husband of Ruth Brown m.04-15-1937) 03-22-1916 01-15-1993North Bend, Ks7N1E
Thornton, Wallace Dixon(husband of Lottie S.)(father) 02-19-1867 08-01-1946Warren, Ill.2013AD
Thrush, Katherine Elizabeth 03-15-1856 03-27-1922????
Thun, Hans(father) 09-11-1849 06-11-1929Holstein, Germany2715C
Thun, Pete Henry 11-12-1878 09-23-1915?2715A
Thun, Sophie Frederika Harstan White(mother)(Wife of Hans) 08-16-1847 09-29-1925Holstein, Germany2715B
Thur, A.B.? No dates????
Thurston, Grave ? ? ? 5 15 A *
Thurston, Lull ? ? ? 5 15 B *
Tinkham, Jennie Mae McNare(wife of Lloyd) 05-21-1901 06-02-1988Arabia, NE1717B
Tinkham, Lloyd (husband of Jennie Mae McNare)(son of Tom & Luella Wilson Tinkham) 07-26-1897 05-08-1986Oak, NE1717A
Tinsley, Phillip R.S.(Civil War-Co 8. 36th Iowa Inf.) 11-11-182304-1906Shelbyville,Ky.142C
Tisue, Bessie L. Woods(wife of George) 10-30-1888 09-04-1910Knox. Ne.1510A
Tisue, Cora May 1889 09-1974 ?1816F
Tisue, George Oren(husband of Rebeka) 01-07-1885 09-28-01948Centerville, Iowa357A
Tisue, Rebecca Jackson(wife of George) 10-11-1892 01-17-1974Meadville, NE357B
Tisue, Roy L.(husband of Cora) 11-28-1881 04-28-1958Iowa1816E
Tisue, Teresa Katherine Stanley 1886 10-02-1946?2712E
Tisue, Selmon E. 1884 03-1959?2712F
Toliver, A.C. ? 1905 ? 10 12 G *
Toliver, Ella(wife of J.C.)1850 01-30-1902 ?1012B
Toliver, Frank S.(son of James & Ella) (Nebr. Yeoman 2 US Navy)09-26-189012-16-1942Ainsworth, NE1012C
Toliver, James C.(Civil War-Co H 10th Iowa Inf.)05-22-184406-1915?1012A
Toliver, Wood C.(cremains) 07-07-1867 03-05-1944?1012D
Tompkins, (son of Bert) ? 08-11-1912 ? 13 13 A *
Torguson, Edward Ivan(hus of #1 Phyllis Strehlow, #2 Doris Kaye Jones m. 08-12-1994)11-12-192212-19-2003Pierpont, Day, SD361A
Toulson, Enoch 01-19-1865 12-06-1942 England 11 12 H *
Toulson, Jane(wife of William) 06-23-1840 04-04-1909Weston, England1112B
Toulson, William 07-04-1837 11-21-1916England1112A
Townsend, Glen R. 01-12-1888 02-03-1914?34C
Townsend, Leona Ella Hagerman(wife of Warren) 09-25-1865 09-04-1946Vernon Co.,Wisc.134A
Townsend, Warren G. 10-22-1858 08-1925Wisc.134B
Tracy, Nancy 06-09-1862 02-1920 IND. 33 5 A *
Travis , 2 Graves ? ? ? 19 13 C & F *
Travis, Charles G. 08-30-1901 10-1920Norton, Ks.1913B
Travis, Grace(dau of Charles& Susan) 02-03-190604-28-1910?1913E
Troelson, Rasmus(son of Andrew) 05-30-1881 12-10-1964 Omaha, NE 17 2 E *
Troxel, David Hubert(husband of Mae) 02-22-1874 11-25-1961Ashland, Ohio???
Troxel, Mae E. 1878 1933????
Trumm, Arthur Henry(son of Henry & Louise Mary Danyale) 06-13-1898 02-12-1971NE2810H
Trumm, Edward(son of Henry)(WW1) 08-12-1886 10-09-1918Dennison, Iowa2810B
Trumm, Henry J.(husband of Lousea Mary )(father) 11-21-1857 12-04-1938Cinncinnati, Ohio2810D
Trumm, Louesa Mary Danyale(wife of Henry)(mother) 09-26-1859 11-21-1936Troy, NY2810C
Trumm, Luella Rebecca Hollingsworth(wife of Arthur) 07-18-1889 01-06-1971NE2810G
Trumm, Louise (dau og Henry) 16 yrs. ? ? 28 10 D *
Turner, Abram ?? ?? ? 2 1 A *
Turner, Theda Haas(dau of Albert & Alma Clark)(cremains) 03-0-1924 02-10-1994 Johnstown, NE ???
Ulrich, Erwin Gottfried (husband Lois Moseley m.09-03-1919) 08-19-1893 03-24-1987Napolean, Mo1812B
Ulrich, Gottfried(husband of Henrietta Gaebler) 08-21-1862 10-1936 Gasconade,Mo.1812D
Ulrich, Henrietta Gaebler(wife of Gottfried Ulrich) 1867 05-1945?1812C
Ulrich, Lois M. Moseley(wife of Erwin Ulrich)(dau of Walter & May McAndrew Moseley) 12-04-1894 09-04-1989Ainsworth, NE1812A
Underwood, Murial Bell Forester(wife of Eddy) 12-08-1880 08-08-1953Lucas Co., Iowa2411H
Utter Plot, Grave ? ? ? 318 A *
Vanderlinde, Lee Kole 07-1916 04-1917?2916H
Vanderlinde, Mary Ardena 02-22-1923 02-26-1923?2916G
Vanderlinde, William Elmer(husband of Martha) 03-18-1887 01-22-1950Holland2916A
Van Epps, Anzenetta(Nettie) Reilley Sopher(Husband #1 Warner Sopher d.10-1897, #2 Wm. Harry VanEpps) 05-20-1846 07-31-1927 Prince Wm. County,Virg. 12 3 G *
Van Epps, W.H. 04-21-1841 11-1932 NY 8 8 D *
Valentine, Mary Ann Manne(wife of Edward M.) 05-04-1857 09-08-1943Ill.218F
Van Winkle, Roy Wendell(son of Lee & Alberta Hartford Van Winkle)(hus of Patricia Anne Mattern m.11-15-1954)01-13-193409-21-2007Burwell, Ne87B
Vaughan, Warren A.(husband of Ann Arnold m.09-20-1947)03-06-192712-26-2001Pulaski County, MO.517G
Vawser, Geneva Katherine Sharkey(wife of Harold Sharkey)(mother) 07-19-190810-31-1950Clay Co., SD2318D
Versaw, Pauline Elizabeth (dau of Paul & Fern) 09-05-194512-24-1946Ainworth, NE1513North side of F
VonHeeder, Benjamin B.(husband of Edith Jane Woodcock m.07-30-1922)(son of Jergens Henry & Wilhelmina Katherina Offerjost Vonheeder) 11-30-1897 05-31-1986Wisner, NE3422D
VonHeeder, Edith Jane Woodcock(twin)(wife of Ben Von Heeder)(dau of Clayton Edward Woodcock & Jane Mary Johnson Woodcock) 08-07-1901 03-13-1978Newport, NE3422C
VonHeeder, Forest E.(son of Ben & Edith) 1929 02-10-1929?343F
VonHeeder, Gretchen Ether(wife of William) 12-18-1890 04-21-1949Kyle, Tx281F
VonHeeder, Lavern Benjamin Byron(husband of Wanda)(son of Ben & Edith) 12-20-1926 07-31-1962Ainsworth, NE343C
VonHeeder, Minnie K. 08-04-1857 06-03-1947Germany343E
VonHeeder, William Edgar(husband of Gretchen) 08-12-1883 08-17-1945Laurenceburg, Ind.281E
Voss, Henry Detlef SR.(husband of Mabel Wrage m.09-09-1907)(son of William & Anna Christina Voss) 09-27-1883 04-04-1973Renzburg, Germany1024B
Voss, Henry E.(Sonny)(hus of Marjorie Johnson) 1908 12-1987?1024H
Voss, Leslie Lee(husband of Irma Wallace)(son of Mabel & Henry Voss)(father) 01-12-1911 03-07-1952Douglas Co., NE1024A
Voss, Marjorie E. Johnson(wife of Henry E. m.05-13-1933)(dau of Fred & Pearl Daniels Johnson) 02-09-1916 08-07-1993Elsmere,NE 1024G

This cemetery was walked by Edward &Doris Torguson fall of 1999. The information was taken from the tombstones. We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Brown County Coordinator.

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