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Ainsworth Cemetery

Turn south at corner of Hiway #20 and Pine Street and go south 1 mile.

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Ainsworth Cemetery W-Z
W thru Z

A (*) means No Headstone
An N in the Block number means the new section on the east side of the cemetery.

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NameBirthDeathWhere born BlockLot PlotNo stone
Waddell, Arzie(husband of Edda)(father) 02-07-1872 08-30-1936Iowa233B
Wade, George Franklin(husband of#1 Ruth Carmichael-1935,#2 Vida Gilliland Sylvester-1988 )07-22-1912 07-13-2000 Quincy, Ill.2215A
Wade, Ruth H. Carmichael 09-10-1906 07-19-1986?1522B
Wade, Vida Gilliland Sylvester(wife of George F. Wade m.1988)03-05-191804-04-2005?N3529C
Waggener, Erastttus Eugene 07-13-1859 03-15-1921 Canton, Mo. 12 19 C *
Waggener, Lenae Leota(wife of E.E.) 02-09-1867 02-11-1907Cameron, W.Virg.1218B
Wagner, Elaine Sammie(dau of W.M.) 03-22-1918 07-20-1918 ? 16 9 A *
Waits, Infant ? 07-1929 ? 28 15 E *
Waits, Infant(of Eugene & Elaine Larrington) 12-22-1963 12-22-1963 Ainsworth, NE???
Waits, Alton Henry(husband of Evelyn Nochols) (WW11)11-13-1910 07-19-1941?2810A
Waits, Amelia Lizzette Trumm (wife of Herman m.01-05-1908)09-3-1884 01-20-1968 Denison,Crawford Co., Iowa 333C
Waits, August Christus (Gus) 03-26-1888 04-27-1968 Marne, Germany 28 15 H *
Waits, Edward W. 07-19-1892 02-21-1919 Germany2815A
Waits, Emil Julius (husband of Gertrude Schimmel) 04-14-1894 04-12-1986 Ainsworth, NE2815G
Waits, Eugene Edward (husband of Elaine Larrington m.10-09-1955)(Korea) 11-16-1932 10-22-1967Ainsworth, NE248F
Waits, Eugene ? 12-1963 ? 24 8 E *
Waits, Gertrude Christina Schimmel(wife of Emil m.06-02-1921) 02-23-1902 03-23-1962 Brown Co., NE2815F
Waits, Herman Fredrick(husband of Amelia) 09-03-1877 12-30-1963 Marne, Germany333D
Waits, Hettie Elizabeth Deal Nobel(wife #2 of Rudolph) 05-26-1894 05-22-1965Aurora, NE248B
Waits, Magdalene Katherina Wulf(wife of Martin m.08-10-1873) 11-07-1852 07-16-1947 Marne, Schleiswig Holstein,Germany2815C
Waits, Martin John 05-04-1848 10-07-1925 East Friesen Islands, Germany2815D
Waits, Nellie Elizabeth Kackmeister(wife#1 of Rudolph m.10-09-1928) 03-11-1900 07-05-1952Ainsworth, Ne248C
Waits, Rudolph Martin(husband of Nellie)(WWl) 03-01-1896 02-05-1966Ainsworth, Ne248D
Waits, William Henry 11-27-1881 02-28-1919 Germany2815B
Wales, Gertrude Ada Oatman(wife of Francis Clair ) 12-05-1894 08-07-1978Lawrence, NE3516G
Wales, Francis Clair(husband of Gertrude ) 04-03-1896 05-26-1975Elsmere, NE3516H
Wales, Francis Fred(husband of Roseann Wescott)(WWll) 10-17-192007-16-1997Ainsworth, NE3516C
Wales, Richard Claire(husband of Dorothy Jean Berchemer m.01-07-1951)08-03-1930 10-11-2000 Ainsworth, NE 35 17 F
Wales, Salijo Ann(infant of Fred & Ann Wescott)09-04-1957 09-04-1957Ainswowrth, NE3516A
Walker, J. Rhea infant ? 06-1927 ? 1 2 H *
Wall, Alta M. Losh(wife of Russell) 06-04-1906 03-25-1986Lyons, Ne???
Wall, Edith F. Moore 10-20-1888 06-27-1928France1111B
Wall, Russell 08-29-1893 09-24-1964 Cass Co., Iowa?? ?
Wallace, Barton Eugene???222E
Wallace, Clara Bell (dau of Reuben &Lewella) 05-30-1926 01-03-1942Long Pine, NE222E
Walton, David Robert(husband of Esther) 03-22-1909 05-30-1967Creighton, NE1122D
Walton, Dorothy Violet Mielke(wife of Rueben m.03-30-1929) 06-22-1908 03-30-1997Gordon, NE???
Walton, Esther Fern Zillig(wife of David)(dau of John & Katherine Zillig) 12-18-1914 06-25-1991Ainsworth, NE1122C
Walton, Francis Edwin (husband of Laura Dalton) 05-18-1860 12-21-1928 Athens, Ohio???
Walton, Gary Dean(son of Dave) 1938 11-01-1955?1122E
Walton, Gary Justin(twin son of Douglas & Cindy Mitchell) 09-12-197901-18-1980Omaha, NE3519G
Walton, Gerry Jay(twin son of Douglas & Cindy Mitchell) 09-12-1979 09-13-1979Omaha, NE3519G
Walton, Harry Joe Edward(son of Henry & Lenora LaBranch) 12-29-1913 09-29-1974Burke, SD1122F
Walton, Henry W.(husband of Le Nora) 07-07-1880 02-27-1951Creighton, NE1122A
Walton, James Harvey(husband of Viola) 04-11-1907 11-09-1963Creighton, NE1122H
Walton, Nora M.LaBranch(wife of Henry W. m.05-19-1906) 04-17-1891 01-27-1973Creighton, NE1122B
Walton, Rueben A. (Rube)(husband of Dorothy Mielke) 10-15-1907 08-09-1981Creighton, NE???
Walton, Viola C.Larrabee(wife of James Harvey Walton) 06-07-1915 04-01-1990Hartley, Iowa1122G
Wanker, Igancious (Civil War-Co B. Iowa Inf)01-17-1845 04-30-1924France59C
Wanker, Louis(son of I& Sarah) 07-30-1867 07-11-1888?59A
Wanker, Sarah C.(wife of Ignacious) 11-12-1847 12-30-1900?59B
Walz, Warren Leo(husband of Winifred A. Leach m.02-20-1946) 11-22-1920 04-15-1994Vermillion, SD2514D
Wantz, Adda Adaline(wife of Peter) 09-19-1851 12-27-1937Wisc.207C
Wantz, Austin E.(son of Levi)(Co F. 325th INf. 83rd Ohio) 04-25-189503-29-1920Iowa2710A
Wantz, Clara E.(wife of Leroy) 09-28-1882 07-08-1977Ohio???
Wantz, Leroy Emmette(husband of Clara) 09-06-1879 11-24-1960ILL119D
Wantz, Peter E. 11-20-1854 04-1938South Whitney, Ind.207D
Ware Plot, infant ? ? ?4 20 A *
Wardrobe, Mary A.Fisher(wife of James) 07-04-1864 02-27-1952 Montford, WIsc. 1318 C *
Warner, Annie E.(wife of A.D.)1863 061-14-1890?84C
Warner, Asher 01-24-1825 01-21-1903?84A
Warner, James B.(soon of A.D.& E.)1873 10-09-1884?84B
Warner, Kathrine Cornelia 12-07-1837 07-12-1929 NY84H
Warrick Plot, grave ?? ?? ? 9 3 C *
Warrick, A. J. Judge 12-03-1832 05-13-1918 ? 9 3D *
Warrick,Ellen M. Housen(wife of A.J.) ? 08-03-1908NY93B
Warwick, Naomi Louise(dau of Floyd Warwick & Lorene Clapper Warwick) 02-04-1928 11-28-1963Brown Co., NE1014D
Watkins, Anna Marie Einspoker(wife of Fred) 09-06-1874 09-17-1956Cook Co., ILL314D
Watkins, Fred(husband of Anna M.)(Co B. 2nd Reg. Inf.) 01-27-1875 06-25-1945Morrison, Ill.314A
Watkins, Wiley F. 12-22-1912 02-17-1986?3122B
Weaber, Jonas P.(husband of Nancy Houcher d.1896)(Civil War-Co K. 153rd Ind.Inf.) 11-26-183605-06-1925Montgomery County,Ohio278I
Webb, Bessie Leora Quick (wife of Ferguson Wm. Kramer m.1909) 09-15-1893 03-07-1975Gibbon, NE173H
Weber, Alice LaVern Frazier Ryan(wife of #1 George Weber m.06-02-1934, #2 Charles Ryan m. 02-14-1973)(dau of James & Lulu Frazier) 03-25-191410-18-2002Crookston, MN6N4B
Weber, George William(husband of Alice LaVern Frazier m.06-02-1934)(son of George & Mary Babl Weber) 07-12-1911 08-22-1970Stuart,NE6N4A
Weber, Irene F.Paine(wife of Paul m.05-06-1933) 02-13-1909 07-07-1994Oxford, NE3615A
Weber, Minnie(wife of Raymond) 1905 03-1996?5N18C
Weber, Paul L.(husband of Irene Paine) 08-06-907 08-08-1996Elizabeth, NE3615B
Appleman, Retha Kay(dau of Robert T. & Wilma J. Nelson Appleman)(wife of Mike Weber m. 12-31-1982) 12-14-196009-18`-2009Ainsworth, NE
Weber, Raymond J. 1907 10-1967?5N18D
Weed, Lloyd Prouty(husband of Dorothy Mitchell) 02-15-1912 06-07-1971North Loup, NE6N8D
Weiss, Grace M. Hively(wife of Roger W. m.10-21-1924) 08-22-1902 02-05-1990Gordon, NE???
Weiss, Roger L.(husband of Janice Carlson m.06-01-1958, son of Roger & Grace Hively Weiss)04-18-193306-08-2001Omaha, Dodge, Ne815D
Weiss, Roger W.(husband of Grace Hively) 08-26-1896 09-19-1983Grass Creek, N. Car.???
Welch Plot, Grave ? ?? 5 4 A *
Welch, grave ? ?? 33 9 E *
Welch, Lori Lyne Infant(dau of Delain & Joyce Marie Carrier) 03-09-1966 03-09-1966Bassett, NE339G
Welch, Martha Oliva McDowell(wife of Thomas) 02-14-1872 03-31-1935 Waterloo, Iowa 33 9 F *
Welch, Mattie(dau of J.L.& Annis) 1868 09-03-1886?45D
Welch, Merrel Malinda McCloughan(wife of Raymond) 11-12-1900 02-07-1935Cedar Rapids, Iowa339E
Welke, Carolin Jeanne(dau of Otto & Esther Williams) 11-23-1939 07-29-1960 Ainsworth, NE 17 1E *
Welke, Edward Richard (husband of Marcella Johnson m.03-24-1942)(son of Fred & Anna) 10-06-1920 05-25-1990Sturgis, SD356D
Welke, Esther Marjorie Williams(dau of Amos E. & Laura Stout Williams)(wife of Otto G. Welke m.04-18-1939)08-28-191304-07-2004Neligh, NE17N1G
Welke, James Matthew(Sam)(husband of Zella J. Beal m.07-19-1942)(WWll) 10-05-1918 06-19-1995Wood Lake, NE7N9G
Welke, Margaret Brewer(wife of Victor m.10-10-1943) 01-28-1923 10-11-1987?255G
Welke, Otto G.(husband of Esther M. Williams m.04-18-1939) 10-15-1907 09-20-1997 Wood Lake, NE 17 1 H *
Welke, Victor(Vick) William(hus of Margaret Brewer) 09-04-1922 05-12-1990?255H
Welsh, Eva Sisson 1882 02-1913?97A
Wendler, Arthur Max(husband of Isabelle Landon)(father)(son of Max & Ida Born Wendler) 10-29-1900 03-19-1952Dresdan, Germany1124A
Wendler, Dorla Dee Denny(wife of Marion(Curly)Wendler)(dau of Vern & Gladys Ayres Denny)08-22-193107-22-2003Ainsworth, NE1126C
Wendler, Isabel Landon(mother)(wife of Arthur) 1904 03-1987 ?1124B
Wendler, Marion A.(Curly)(husband of Dorla Dee Denny m.06-05-1949) 07-16-1929 12-30-1985?1126D
Wenzel, Blanche Emily Herron 03-30-1890 09-17-1968 Springview, NE34 9 O *
West, Ida F. 1867 1950?2319B
West, Elizabeth Ellen McConnaughy 04-13-1849 08-26-1946New Bedford,Pa.1813C
West, James Henry 12-11-1863 11-23-1926Ocean City, NJ2319A
West, Parley Brown(Civil War-Co B. 65th Ill.Inf.) 06-25-1843 01-1923Ohio1813D
Westcott, Dr. Francis Lee(husband of Joanne Elizabeth Peters)(Korea) 04-06-1937 12-07-1993Columbus, NE4N8H
Westcott, Joanne Peters?07-06-2006?48G
Westover Plot, 2 graves ?? ?? ? 10 19 A & H *
Westover, Arthur ? ? ? 1019 E *
Westover, Beulah Marie Smith(wife of Vern)(Mother) 03-15-1898 05-21-1990Cherkee Strip, Ok.3518B
Westover, Fern(dau of A.E.& S.C.)? 2 weeks old?157H
Westover, Glen R.(Bud)(WWll) 06-20-1922 02-21-1996?3518D
Westover, J.E.? 09-09-1905?1019C
Westover, Roy Amos(son of A.E.&S.C.) 10-31-1893 03-12-1912Seward, Ne157A
Weyer, Anna Maria Elizbeth Sweitzer(wife of John) (mother) 03-25-1850 07-17-1939New Philidelphia, Ohio2813D
Weyer, Dean(son of Lewis Edwin & Montana Hans Weyer)10-04-192010-07-2003Ainsworth, Ne2813E
Weyer, Frances Craig 1919 1984????
Weyer, Glen H. ??2813B
Weyer, John LeRoy(son of John & Elizabeth Switzer) 03-04-1885 09-09-18-1958Ainsworth, NE2820B
Weyer, John (Civil War-Co K. 80th Ohio Inf) 08-19-1839 09-1917Switzerland2820A
Weyer, Montanta Helena Hans(wife of Lewis W.) 05-30-1891 05-23-1987Blair,NE???
Weyer, Muriel Elizabeth(dau of Lewis & Montana Hans) 10-31-1914 07-09-1989Ainsworth, NE???
Weyer, Lewis Edwin(husband of Montana) 04-08-1881 07-13-1969Ft. Dodge, Iowa2813G
Weygent, Donald Gene(son of Harold & Lena) 04-17-1932 03-29-1933 Ainsworth, Ne 515 F *
Weyrough, Maria P.Johansen(wife of #1 G.F. Heglund, #2 August Weyrough) 05-29-1838 10-15-1927 Amskoldsvic,Sweden 12 15 A *
Wheeler, Infant (son of Dale Keith & Ruth) 05-13-1932 05-21-1932 Ainsworth, Ne???
Wheeler, Infant(of George) ? 11-10-1913 ? 18 H *
Wheeler, Emily(Blanche) 1890 1968 ????
Wheeler, Etta Lovelia Fernau(wife of George) 1883 06-1974?3217G
Wheeler, Felix William(son of W.Flowerdew) ? 1927? 1 8 H *
Wheeler, George Courthouse(husband of Etta) 01-02-1881 02-18-1949Hamilton Co., NE3217H
Wheeler, George Marshhart(husband of Mary E. Grams) 03-05-1866 01-03-1944Rinard, Ill.18A alley
Wheeler, Landon Jackson(son of Thomas)(WWl Ky.) 04-06-1895 06-19-1966Butler, MO221E
Wheeler, Mary Elizabeth Graws(wife of George M.) 07-11-1880 08-09-1969Germany18A
Wheeler, Robert Milton(husband of Rosa) (Pvt.Mo.Inf Spanish Am)06-14-1879 01-04-1932Lamont,Mo.221D
Wheeler, Rose Mary Belle Woods(wife of Landon)(mother) 11-25-1894 10-23-1961Knox Co., NE221C
White, Charles James 09-05-1879 01-24-1965?3013A
White, Constance Yolanda (Connie)Peters(wife of Ivan White m.05-15-1946)(dau of Charles Lloyde & Louise Augusta Geike Peters)01-06-192605-21-2003Rapid City, SD349N
White, Donn Lee(son of Ivan & Constance Peters) 12-07-1949 04-28-1970Ainsworth, NE349P
White, Florence Louisa (dau of James) 05-09-1892 05-25-1954Fairfield, NE???
White, Gordon Eugene(husband of Norma J.Young m.01-09-1979)(son of Ivan & Constance Yolanda Peters White )(Vietnam)11-30-1946 07-05-1990Ainsworth, NE3416M
White, Ivan William(husband of Constance Yolanda Peters m.1946)(son of William Harold White & Margareet Herron WHite)(WW11) 08-20-1909 11-29-1988Ainsworth, NE349M
White, Margaret B. 1882 1950????
White, Maria Wihelmina Schuman)(wife of Lloyd B. d.1930)(mother) 03-25-1869 10-12-1945Malhebaumen,East Prussia, Germany 1918AH
White, Norma P. Lear 11-10-1886 01-27-1971NE1021G
White, Josie(wife of James) 01-21-1887 04-05-1947Stanton, Ne.3013B
White, Violet Elizabeth Maxwell 06-12-1872 01-20-1941Iowa116A
White, William H. 1872 08-1926Polk Co., Iowa341P
Whitehorn, Edna Viola Parrish(wife of John P.) 06-28-1872 11-07-1937Kewanee, Ill.1715F
Whitney, George Quinton(husband of Susan Muriel) 07-12-1879 01-09-1968Tilden, NE1822H
Whitney, Susan Murial Gillespie(wife of George Q. Whitney)(dau of Bennett & Elenor VanFleet) 01-29-1885 01-03-1964NE1822G
Wigent, Baby 1970????
Wigent, Robert C.(son of Robert & Alfreda) 11-09-1946 12-01-1948Ainsworth, NE351H
Wigent, Robert Wayne(son of Fred & Beulah Legate Wigent)(Hus of Mary Lemon m.07-15-1946)11-03-192510-25-2010Chadron, NE35N1B cremains
Wilcox, Florence Mabel Moon(wife of Warren m.1919) 10-29-1896 05-19-1975Madison NE202G
Wilcox, Mary M.Steere(dau of Thomas & Sally Steere)(wife of Benjamin Wilcox)(grandmother of Frank Wilcox Sellors) 1803 1886?611D
Wilcox, Warren (husband of Florence) 03-30-1878 10-15-1943Saunders Co., Ne202H
Wiley, Grace 05-05-1888 05-29-1966 Gentry Co., MO 1 1 H *
Wiley, Elizabeth Maxine 12-05-1859 08-1943 Mo. 23 11 C *
Wiley, George W. 07-28-1860 12-27-1929 Gentry Co.,Mo. 2311 D *
Wilkins, Bryant Paul(son of Chester & Marjorie Davis) 07-22-1971 02-24-1991Bassett, Ne4N12A
Wilkins, Chester Duane(husband of Teresa Downing m.08-01-1941)04-11-191109-03-2001Keya Paha county, Ne49H
Wilkins, James Emery(husband of Martha) 02-20-1881 05-12-1966NE5N18A
Wilkins, Martha Ellen Clay(wife of James m.08-01-1906) 09-03-1886 07-16-1979Albion, NE5N18B
Willer, Donna R. Hazard(dau of Walter & Grace Roan Hazard)(wife of Frank Willer m. 11-22-1957)06-06-193305-06-2010Ainsworth, NE22N5B
Willard, Lillie May Blevins(wife of Wm.) 12-02-1902 07-28-1978Kearney, NE5N13G
Willard, William D.(husband of Lillie)03-12-1891 05-08-1981Keya Paha, NE5N13H
Williams Plot, Grave ? ? ? 7 14 D *
Williams, Adaline Alvina Weyman(dau of Manley & Mary) 01-27-1874 07-19-1960Ne2910D
Williams, Amos E.(husband of Laura) 02-02-1884 05-04-1954Iowa3019E
Williams, Angela Ann ?11-02-1968?6N12B
Williams, Archie Byron(husband of Luthera Thompson) 07-06-1887 12-11-1974Greeley, NE5N5A
Williams, Charley Henry(husband of Adaline) 08-14-1874 02-20-1948Dayton, Ohio2910A
Williams, Claire(cremains)?09-20-2008?54H
Williams, Clyde E.(husband of Mabel G. Ellis) 06-106-1893 12-27-1983Johnstown, NE15N14A
Williams, Everett Wayne(Cow)(husband of Marian Lorene Meyers m.06-20-1948)(son of Thomas &l Lelia Williams) 10-03-1924- 05-19-1998Ainsworth, NE15N9D
Williams, Glen Edward(husband of#1 Susan Cory m.1946, #2Mabel Irene Phillips Thompson m.1959) 12-10-1915 04-22-1986Millard, NE327B
William, Glen Emerson(hus of Rita Lavonne Roberts m. 08-18-1937)(son of Clyde & Mabel Ellis Williams)02-04-191401-16-2007Johnstown, NE36N12D
Williams, Harvey Ernest(husband of Olive Ann m.06-01-1919)(son of William & Sarah)(WW1) 05-26-1892 11-08-1954Brown Co, NE2918A
Williams, Helena ? 02-01-1994 ? 18 2 C *
Williams, Jacob C. Welliever 04-11-1817 11-03-1899?312A
Williams, Laura Elizabeth Stout(wife of Amos ) 10-18-1879 08-12-1951Utica, Ohio3019F
Williams, Lelia May Rose(wife of Thomas J.) 09-18-1886 01-10-1967Ohio327F
Williams, Leroy L. (Wyo 154 Aero SA) 05-09-1885 06-25-1925 ?312B
Williams, Leslie A.(husband of Mary A.) 09-03-1848 06-15-1885?312D
Williams, Luthera Aruilla Thompson(wife of Archie m.05-29-1907) 06-25-1887 11-08-1975Johnstown, NE5N5B
Williams, Mabel Goldie Ellis(wife of Clyde) 10-06-1893 12-05-1970Iowa15N14B
Williams, Marian Lorene Meyers(wife of Everett m.06-20-1948) 11-07-1928 11-17-2000 Brown County, Ne159C
Williams, Mary S. 1856 12-11-1931 ????
Williams, Mary Sandra(dau of Mary Camilla&Dwight) 05-10-1948 06-01-1948Ainsworth, NE3019D
Williams, Nila M. Linn(dau of George Linn & Mabel Heston) 11-19-197 04-20-1978Blair, NE3130B
Williams, Olive Ann Jamison(wife of Harvey m.06-01-1919) 08-07-1894 05-15-1991Ainsworth, NE2918B
Williams, Rita LaVonne Roberts(wife of Glen E. Williams m.08-18-1837)(dau of Mayfield & Rita Wilsey Roberts)03-08-192105-04-2003Lancaster, MO3612C
Williams, Robert Dean(son of Archie Byron &Luthera Arvilla Williams)( hus of Eleanor Gean Kidd m. 04-08-1947) 07-03-192606-06-2010Ainsworth, NE22N11H
Williams, Roy L.(cremains) 07-27-1911 03-24-2000?15N11E
Williams, Russel Wayne(husband of Wilma)(WWll) 06-06-1922 09-26-1969Ainsworth, NE6N12D
Williams, Sarah Fina White(wife of Wm. N.) 11-18-1867 04-26-1934Des Moines, Iowa3216B
Williams, Thomas Jay(husand of Lela May Rose Gaffney m.1920)(son of Pleasant & Mary Ann Williams) 01-31-1888 12-24-1965MO327E
Williams, Thomas R.(husband of Ruby Hayter)(WW1) 06-17-1894 12-1934 ? 3216 H *
Williams, Velma(cremains)?08-30-2008?1511E
Williams, William Nicholas (husband of #1 ?? Davis, #2 Sarah Finney White m.1884)12-05-1850 02-13-1919Carmarthenshire, Wales3216A
Williams, William R.(husband of Louise Ann Weber)(Korea) 08-25-1927 11-23-1994Ainsowrth ,NE5N18E
Williamson, Grave ? ? ? 28 4 A *
Williamson, Alma Jean(wife of Reuben) 09-01-1882 07-10-1961ILL284C
Williamson, Jenneh ?? ?? ? 27 13 E *
Williamson, Mary(infant dau of Ezoa & Luther) ? 1921?2814E
Williamson, Reuben O.(son of Albert & Emma Winders) 04-22-1885 12-30-1971NE284D
Williamson, Virginia Gladys(dau of Reuben) 12-27-1920 12-27-1920?284E
Wilson, Bettie(Elizabeth Rosetta)Cullison(wife of Howard O.) 01-13-1878 12-04-1933Earlham, Iowa344C
Wilson, Clarissa Whighoton(wife of A. Douglas) 03-14-1848 12-30-1941Stanbridge Ridge, Canada344B
Wilson, Frank Alfred 10-04-1868 02-1914Ill.1311C
Wilson, Frank E.(son of Mr&Mrs Wilson)01-1912 08-23-1912?1311H
Wilson, Harry Howard(husband of Helen Ruth Enders m.02-14-1925) (son of Howard O. & Bettie Cullison Wilson) 12-15-1902 07-26-1929Dennison, Iowa344A
Wilson, Howard O.(husband of #1Audrey #2 Bettie Cullison)(son of A.D.Wilson) 12-07-1875 06-20-1943Newill,Iowa344G
Wilson, Lewis Milton(husband of Minnie Clarkson) 05-18-1861 05-19-1922 ? 32 4D *
Winchell, Edward Henry 08-25-1869 04-1911Shelby Co., Ill.1415C
Winn, Anna Mary(dau of Merrill & Leona Veeder Winn) 03-11-1929 09-16-1929South Brown Co., Ne1012H
Wisewell, Charles A. ? ? Halifax, Nova Scotia 16 11 A *
Wisewell, Lee 02-21-1869 02-09-1908?1611C
Wisewell, William L. 09-23-1860 11-20-1919 Portland, Maine 16 11G *
Witt, Anna B. 1874 1904????
Witt, Carol Joanne Thompson(wife of Walter Witt m.02-14-1953)(dau of Earl & Mabel Williams Thompson)01-13-193610-01-2003Ainsworth, NE422G
Witt, Charles John(husband of Emma) 09-23-1876 01-05-1953Ill316A
Witt, Emma Amelia Kaiser(wife of Charles J.) 09-02-1880 01-12-1967Norga, Russia316B
Witt, Gary Ray(Hus of Phyllis Ilene Allen m. 12-07-1968)(son of Lloyd & Leona Case Witt)06-01-194912-08-2006Ainsworth, NE21N24D
Witt, Grace Delores Tays(wife of Walter m.04-05-1931) 01-19-1911 12-16-1974Blue Springs, NE421H
Witt, Jesse A. 1867 1961????
Witt, Phyllis Ilene Allen (wife of Gary m.12-08-1968)04-04-195107-29-2000Ainsworth, Ne24 21 C
Witt, Shirley Ann 1936 1938????
Witt, Tate Theodore George(husband of Ethel Isadore) 06-06-1900 06-23-1948Rushville, Ne.136H
Witt, Walter William (husband of Grace) 07-07-1908 03-16-1969Ainsworth, NE421G
Wolcott, Charles Marion(husband of Mary L. Moll) 08-17-1863 09-20-1944Davis Co., Ill76D
Wolcott, Ena L. 1899 03-1978?222C
Wolcott, Mary Lucilla Moll(dau of Samuel & Mary Elizabeth Kaiser) 09-25-1869 03-28-1969ILL76C
Wolcott, Oliver W. 1895 02-1968?222D
Wolf Plot, grave ? ?? 15 3H *
Wolf Mary Elizabeth(dau of Milton & Clara Owens) 12-14-1945 12-14-1945Ainsworth ,Ne 188G*
Wolfe, Cora Elizabeth Ensley(wife of Ova Harold Wolfe) 08-22-1884 01-22-1980ILL???
Wolfe, Freddie Jr. 02-27-1931 02-27-1931????
Wolfe, Joseph Albert(hus of Ruby Gladyce Genung m.12-24-1932)(son of Ova Harold Wolfe & Cora Elizabeth Ensley Wolfe)05-20-190711-26-2004Keya Paha County, Ne29N15C
Wolfe, Ova Harold 07-01-1881 12-02-1918????
Wolfe, Ruby Gladys Gening(wife of Joe ) 09-11-1914 06-03-1986Millboro, SD???
Wood, Jacob B. 1852 1918?275D
Wood, Lois Esther Wheeler(wife of Orad Wood) 11-24-1905 03-17-1975Ainsworth, NE???
Wood, Ora Douglas(husband of Lois) 04-09-1885 11-19-1963Columbus, NE???
Wood, William F. 09-07-1849 02-1918Mo.275A
Wooden, Irene Larson(sister of Mrs. John Clapper) 11-09-1891 09-1917Omaha,Ne.1912B
Woods, Doris V.(wife of Mervin Marsh m. 12-20-1945)(dau of Leslie & Rita Johnson Sawle)06-06-192010-10-2009Brown County, NE
Woods, Eva J. Crane(wife of Francis U.Woods m. 10-23-1944)(dau of John & Jessie Crane) 05-20-192012-10-2007Long Pine, NE
Woods, Francis V.(Husband of Eva Crane m. 10-23-1944) 07-12-1918 02-16-1998Ainsworth, NE215E
Woods, Francis Marion 10-24-1855 02-02-1915Mo.1510B
Woods, Harold Oscar(husband of Helen) 03-25-1903 09-23-1951Lucas CO., Iowa1124H
Woods, Helen M. (Woody) Mack(wife of Harold Oscar Woods m.01-30-1937)(dau of William R. & Agnes hendry Mack)03-01-191312-30-2002Dixon, SD1124G
Woods, Iona Myrtle Eddy(wife of Roby V. Woods Sr. m.02-23-1948)(dau of Lawrence & Myrtle Eddy)01-03-192304-07-2002Ainsworth, NE1510G
Woods, James H.(son of Harold & Helen Mack Woods)08-01-193905-21-2005???
Woods, Jerry(hus of Carol Marsh m. 06-21-1980)(son of Francis U.& Eva J. Crane Woods)07-16-194502-13-2003Ainsworth, NE215F
Woods, John W.(WWll) 09-05-1900 07-30-1989?1510F
Woods, Perry William (Nb.WWl)12-04-1891 10-19-1919Verdigree, Ne.1510C
Woods, Roby Vern Sr.(husband of Ione Eddy) (father) 12-26-1896 03-16-1971Knox Co., NE1510H
Woodward, Margaret R. 1840 1905?103A
Wright, George B.(husband of Emma Seeley) 03-17-1843 09-21-1921 ?6 3 A *
Wulf, Infant ? ? ? 6 1 E *
Wulf, Billy Lee(son of Alta Mundorf & Walter Wulf) 03-04-1923 04-1923 ? 6 13 E *
Wulf, Gerald Dean(Korea) 05-27-1934 05-26-1999?2113E
Wulf, Herman Nicklas(husband of Magdalena) 03-10-1856 12-30-1933Marne, Schleswig Holstein, Germany61A
Wulf, Herman Walter(husband of Mary Etta Morehouse m.06-25-1920)(son of Herman Nicholas & Katherine Magdalena Claussen Wulf)(WWl) 11-28-1886 11-22-1967Brown Co, NE2113D
Wulf, Katherine Magdalena Claussen (Wife of Herman N. m.04-28-1883) 10-04-1858 02-21-1931Germany61B
Wulf, Mary Etta Morehouse(wife of Herman Walter m.06-24-1920) 06-24-1892 04-06-1948Seattle, Washington2113C
Wulf, Warren(hus of Eunice Townsend m.08-27-1949)(son of Walter & Mary Etta Morehouse Wulf)06-25-92112-29-200721N30B
Wyant, Viola Fern Mundt(wife of Virgil W. m.08-26-1937) 06-29-1921 08-15-1997Wood Lake, NE4N17C
Wyant, Virgil W.(husband of Viola)(WWll) 03-11-1911 08-20-1998Clinton Co.,IND4N17D
Wysong, James Wright 02-07-1859 09-09-1936 Logan Co.,Ohio 34 11 H *
Wysong, Joseph John(son of John & Mildred) 06-19-1940 06-26-1942Ainsworth, NE3411G
Yagel, Myrtle Aleta Hammond(wife of John) 05-12-1881 10-03-1943Olitha, Kansas1816C
Yankowski, Angel Jeanne (baby dau of Ron & Kim Smith)11-07-1994 02-1995Omaha, NE1713F
Yearick, Evelyn Katherine Gatzemeyer(wife of George W.) 04-11-1887 02-25-1976 Bancroft, NE 21 7 F *
Yearkick, George W.(husband of Evelyn) 05-19-1886 10-09-1981 West Point, NE 21 7 E *
Yenglin, Aileen Elizabeth Malone(wife of Mayford H.) 02-01-1915 07-06-1988Cherry Co., NE1919AD
Yenglin, Mayford Harold Sr.(husband of Aileen)(WW11) 02-10-1909 10-01-1976Spencer, NE1919AC
Yeoman, Alma Payne(wife of #1 Fred W. Klassen, #2 Charlie M. Yeoman m.05-13-1976 ) 04-04-1916 05-09-1986Springfield, MO1327B
Yeoman, Carl Frank(husband of Nellie Lively) 05-27-1910 10-14-1982Halsey, NE324E
Yeoman, Charles(hus of Alma Payne m. 05-13-1976)10-12-191511-15-2010?1327C cremains
Yeoman, Nellie A.(wife of Carl m.11-02-1932) 1915 04-1983 ?324F
Youmans, William H.1834 12-08-1883?510C
Young, Edwin Chester 01-10-1860 12-05-1937New Hampton, Iowa337B
Young, Ella E. Warner 10-15-1862 10-1931Iowa337A
Young, Robert E.(son of Leonard) ?(age 11 mo.1 day)?146H
Young, Sherri Lee Walton(dau of Harry Joe &Ester Lucht Walton)11-10-194405-20-2009Ainsworth, NE
Zeitz, Carl H. 07-04-1856 04-10-1940Hardis, Ill.1310E
Zeitz, Emma Anna Winter(wife of Charles) 02-10-1861 09-1944Ill.1310F
Zillig, Albert Thomas(husband of Zelma Brandel m.08-25-1925) 12-18-1901 06-13-1982Crawford Co., Iowa15N6G
Zillig, Edward George (husband of#1 Lorena Smith, #2 Etta Stowers Clausen m.1949) 08-08-1897 11-06-1961Dennison, Iowa1920AE
Zillig, Eugene?01-03-2010?155G
Zillig, Lorena E. Smith(wife of Edward) 01-27-1900 12-29-1946?1920AF
Zillig, Nicolas(husband of Louisa Hoffman Danyale) 05-06-1842 09-07-1914Germany146B
Zillig, Zelma Fern Brandel(wife of Albert T.) 07-30-1905 05-288-1976Johnstown, NE15N6H
Zoerb, Benjamin Edward(husband of Dorothy Bain m. 06-08-1942) 02-09-1914 02-17-1989 Callaway, NE 4N 3 A *
Zurcher, Cindy Yola(wife of Kim m.10-06-1979) 05-25-1958 04-10-1991?3N11B
Zwiebel, Charlotte Amelia Seefus 08-26-1865 04-21-1954Streeter, Ill1711B
Zwiebel, Donald E.(husband of Karen Williams m.08-12-1955) (Army) 04-04-1929 11-07-1995Ainsworth, NE14N2G
Zwiebel, John Lewis(husband of Charlotte) 03-12-1863 05-25-1940Sarpy Co., Ne.1711A
Zwiebel, Metha Lucille Boehl(wife of William m.09-06-1917) 06-12-1895 07-20-1976Grand Island, NE15N1A
Zwiebel, William J.(husband of Metha Boehl) 05-06-1893 02-20-1979Papillion, NE15N1B

This cemetery was walked by Edward&Doris Torguoson fall of 1999. The information was taken from the tombstones. We apoligize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. Please contact Brown Co. Coordinator with any corrections.

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