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Re-Union 1900

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Re-Union of 1900 of Old Soldiers

The annual reunion of the old soldiers of the central district of northwest Nebraska opened last Thursday on the court house grounds.

Speakers mentioned were Major powers of Chadron, J.E. West, C.F. Boyd, John Murray, Col. A.L Towle of Valentine,and also Col. J. Wesley Tucker.

This reunion was September 20,1900. Those who registered were the soldiers listed below.

Alder, L.K.I 22 IndianaAinsworth
Burgan, GeorgeG35 IowaJohnstown
Boyd, C.F.G15 IowaAinsworth
Barton, R.A.A29 IowaSpringview
Brewer, ThomasG72 IndianaAinsworth
Bakewell, G.C.E10 Illinois CavWood Lake
Grant, G.P.C 27 IowaNewport
Conn, A.J.B142 IndianaSpringview
Cowley, C.B1 Minnisota ArtJohnstown
Cory, W.H.C68 New YorkLong Pine
Crawford, C.T.A55 IndianaAinsworth
Cline, J.W.D39 IowaNewport
Crabtree, O.S.I 95 IllinoisLong Pine
Davis, J.J.A13 IowaAinsworth
Dwyer, C.Y.C1 VermontJohnstown
Davisson, J.S.I9 Iowa Cav.Long Pine
Day, L.F.I17 WisconsinAinsworth
Eichar, G.W.I99 OhioAinsworth
Foster, JerryI32 IowaNewport
Foster, J.M.D10 MissouriSpringview
Ferguson, J.A.F10 MichiganLong Pine
Ferguson, J.Y.F88 IndianaAinsworth
Fowler, I.F98 OhioLong Pine
Fernau, J.H. I29 WisconsinAinsworth
Ferguson, J. ND2IowaWood Lake
Ford, HerveyC51 OhioLong Pine
Fletcher, D.W.H95 IllinoisAinsworth
Guyton, J.W.E21 MisoouriJohnstown
Gould, J.E.R.E17 Illinois CavAinsworth
Godard, H.R.D30 IndianaAinsworth
Hartgraves, J.T.B28 IowaElsmere
Hallen, D.F59 IllinoisBassett
Herriman, J.L.I138 IllinoisAinsworth
Hershey, H. J.B192 OhioValentine
Jones, R.S.I151 IllinoisAinsworth
Johnson, S.H15 IowaNewport
Keech, Ed-navyAinsworth
Knowles, W.B.F44 IndianaLong Pine
Kirkpatrick, G.W.F57 IllinoisColeridge
Kimball, G.J.K35 IowaAinsworth
Kleinsmith, D.D104 PennsylvaniaNewport
Korns, P.I87 OhioAinsworth
Kenburg, AdamG83 PennsylvaniaAinsworth
Lewis, RalphD64 New YorkLutes?
Likens, J.D.C30 IndianaBassett
Lull, R.R.E98 IllinoisAinsworth
Mead, M.J.K125 OhioSpringview
Martin, RobertI99 OhioAinsworth
McGrew, SimonB126 illinoisNeola, Iowa
Maurice, DavidB17 IllinoisAinsworth
Magill, W.H.A21 New York CavLong Pine
McGrew, T.H.I28 IllinoisAinsworth
McAndrew, P.D.K9 Illinois CavAinsworth
Pixley, GeorgeK152 IllinoisAinsworth
Putnam, P.J.D183 New YorkThurman, NE
Page, I.G.H46 IllinoisJohnstown
Potter, C.W.G13 IllinoisAinsworth
Powers, T.F.R16 MichiganChadron
Paine, H.O.A41 WisconsinAinsworth
Roberts, J.T.E22 IowaLong Pine
Richmond, J.S.D26 IllinoisJohnstown
Rhoades, S.A.G63 PennsylvaniaNordon
Rupert, J.C.C139 PennsylvaniaAinsworth
Robinson, JayE24 New YorkAinsworth
Smith, George A.F5 WisconsinLong Pine
Sulivan, JnoL2 New YorkAinsworth
Smith, L.M.K7 illinois CavBassett
Smith, T.V.A10 IowaSpringview
Sawyer, D.W.B36 IllinoisLong Pine
Stewart, C.H.L12 IllinoisAinsworth
Toliver, J. C.H10 IowaAinsworth
Tucker, J.W.-80 IndianaValentine
Wood, G.W.D2 Wisconsin CavJohnstown
West, J. E.B2 Nebraska CavCrawford
Wisewell, C.A.D.H25 MichiganAinsworth
Wells, G.V.A141 PennsylvaniaLong Pine
Weyer, Sno?K80 OhioAinsworth
Wlld, L.D.D3 WisconsinJohnstown
Wanker, I.B18 IowaAinsworth
Webber, F.L.K103 OhioAinsworth

Postoffice addresses are or were in Nebraska unless noted.

Information provided courtesy of Marilyn Calver, local historian.

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