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The Alumni organized in 1920 and presented this list of alumni in the Prairie Schooner of 1921, A.H.S.'s high school annual. The President of the Alumni was Dell Kirkpatrick '14; the Vice President was Doris Collins '19; and the Secretary-Treasurer was Inez Hively '19. The Alumni group expressed apologies for misspelling and incorrect information and so do I...yearbooklady.
We'll sing a song of loyalty,
To dear old Ainsworth High,
We ne'er shall pass her by,
For oh, she ranks so high.
And in the rules of knowledge,
Our teachers are the best,
And when it comes to discipline
They surely stand the test.
They've kept us on a steady grind
But we are alsways gay,
And anywhere we wander
You can alsways hear us say:
Hurrah! We'll sing a son
To dear old Ainsworth High,
We ne'er shall pass her by
For O, she ranks so high
And everywhere that we may go,
We'll sing to friend or foe,
Of all our happy times,
In Ainsworth High.

Elsie Holmes Butler, Sioux Falls SD
James Munson , Ainsworth
Art Nicholson, Omaha NE
Clara Pitzer, Pomona CA
Grant Pitzer, Pomona CA
Mary Warner Merchant, St Edwards
Mary Woodward Short, deceased
Belle Munson Howe, Ainsworth
Ada Sisson Parson, Bonanza OR
Oscar Nicholson, deceased
Loraine O. Paine, Lincoln NE
L. F. Coffee, Helena MT
William M. Ely, Ainsworth
Annettie Philbrick, Lincoln NE
Delbert Remy, Springfield, MA
Florence Smith, Beaumont Berkley CA
Clarence Bridgeford, Des Moines IA
Cora Eichar Hewitt, North Yakama WA
Ella Eichar Tiffney, Sunnyside WA
Maude Smith Miller, McCook NE
Merrill A. Wright, Casper WY
Mattie Boyd Cook, Des Moines IA
Lillian Dougherty, CA
Bess Jones Alexander, Whitewood SD
Nettie Smith Petty, Lincoln NE
Nena Wright Tuttle, Fishtail MT
Helen Boyd Hanna, Ainsworth
Minnie Herring Brewer, Ainsworth
Jennie McDonald Stephens, deceased
Waldo Remy, Idianapolis (sic) IN
Eva Sisson, deceased
Lulu Sisson Law, White River NM
Claude Smith, Otis CO
Maud Clark Allen, Norfolk NE
Monta Herring Smith, Ainsworth
Blanche Murray Ferguson, Ainsworth
Fred E. Baldwin, Ainsworth
Anna Boyd, Warren MI
Emma Burritt Cassel, Ainsworth
Mable Collins Halstead, Ainsworth
Ada Corbitt Marcellus, Evanston IL
Grace Murray Brechill, Burwell NE
Sheridan Murray, Council Bluffs IA
Bess Corbitt Bowen, Ainsworth
Ada Gould Johnson, Chadron NE
Mitchell T. Hughes, Ainsworth
Clara Martin Wantz, Johnstown
Jessie McAndrew, Ainsworth
Vern Remy Troxel, Casper WY
Laura Curry Sawyers, Ainsworth
Mary Hughes Huffman , Huffman NE
Mary Loomis Gates, Green River UT
Ethel Murray Cuplin, Ainsworth
Maude Shade Carpenter, Johnstown
Nettie Sisson Guthman, Murdock NE
Elizabeth Burritt, Lincoln University
Janet Hanna Jouvenat, Ainsworth
Ruth Hedrick McAndrew, Ainsworth
Dana Mutz, deceased
Gertrude Nichols, Moline IL
Grace Peck Stine, Ainsworth
Maud Scott Akin, Mountain View MO
Ralph Williams, Green Bay WI
Hilda Wyriel Pinney, Wilwaukee OR
Ben Burritt, Ainsworth
Frank Corbitt, Ainsworth
Winifred Eichar McKee, Carcaran CA
Guy Finney, Chadron NE
Jackson Goddard, Grants Pass OR
June. Lambley, Ainsworth
Anna Marsden Calver, Ainsworth
Clara McMillan McCrillis, Porterville CA
Sterling Mutz, Lincoln
Meda Rising, Hollywood CA
Arthur Sisson, Seeley CA
Florence Baker Glenn, Turlock CA
Effie Fauver Adams, Ralston NE
Bess Gould Metcalf, Omaha NE
Katherine Kriezenbeck, Riverton, (sic)
Lilly Martin Phelps, Spokane WA
Elsie Murray Roach, Ainsworth
Dennis Mutz, Lincoln NE
Harold Williams, Whittier CA
Geo Ackerman, Ainsworth 1907
Winifred Ferguson, Norfolk NE 1907
Grace Gould Humphreys, Chadron
Mable Gustafson Quiller, Nemaha NE
Irwin Jamison, Ainsworth
Anna Kreizenbeck Teeters, Shoshone WY
Sherman Eddy, Stanton NE
Charles Kenneth Paine, Oklahoma City OK
Dela G. Needles, Long Pine
Alta Seals Coleman, Ainsworth
Helen Skillman Everingham, Ainsworth
Donald DeLong, no information
Lillian Gustafson More, Johnson NE
Echo Jarvis, Scottsbluff NE
Eunice Mutz Heard, Pasedena CA
Ralph Barnes, Carona CA
Irwin Briggs, Upland IN
Edwin Coleman, Ainsworth
Ethel Coleman, Ainsworth
Cloyd Hastings, Ainsworth
Cyla Moseley Akert, Chadron
Marie Sisson Debolt, Ainsworth
Vera Williams Millay, Gregory SD
Ben Calver, Ainsworth
Irene Larson, deceased
Grace Osborn Howarth, Berthoud CO
Nell Sherman, Wasco CA
Fred Sisson, Tampa FL
Alta Williams, Carlisle PA
Annette Burritt Neihus, Valentine 1912
Ralph Chappell , Omaha NE 1912
Frank Kreizenbeck, Chadron NE
Frank E. Barnes, Hartford CT
Verna Briggs Flowerdew, Ainsworth
Eunice Burewell, Ainsworth
Margaret Evans, Wymore NE
Minnie Hicks Brown, Lone Pine NE
Olive Jamison Williams, Ainsworth
Mabel Morgan Boyer, Lakeview TX
Alma Moseley , Ainsworth
Viola Armstrong, Harper Allen NE
Roy Elliott, Lone Pine
Dell Kirkpatrick, Ainsworth
Carl McAndrew, Ainsworth
Lois Moseley Ulrich, Ainsworth
Edith Osborn Hicks, Mt Pleasant IA
Laura Salzman Firoved, Stanford MT
Worth Shrimpton, Ainsworth
Hazel Waggoner Turnquist, Wood Lake NE
Will Akert, Ainsworth
Althea Armes VanArsdale, Cody WY
Vivian Baldwin, Ainsworth
Sarah Berryman, Scott Sherman NE
Stella Booth Jackson, Ainsworth
John Burley, University Lincoln NE
Ida Campbell Hammond, Marshalfield OR
Mae Debolt, Tilden NE
Nellie Ferguson, Dinnell Ainsworth
Eva Fournier, Rodweder Ainsworth
Grace Hammond, Jefferies Millboro SD
Ethel Morrow Clark, Ainsworth
Albert Salzman, Ainsworth
Cecil Smith, Oelrichs SD
May Stoll, Johnstown
Inez Ames Wardrip, Omaha NE
Leona Bowers Salzman, Ainsworth
Lovell Burley, Ainsworth
Ether Burwell Shrimpton, Ainsworth
Frankie Casselman Jensen, Ainsworth
Marjorie Chapin, Ainsworth
Lloyd Eller, Missionary in China
George Farman Jr, Ainsworth
Grace Fournier Jarnigan, Ainsworth
Henry W. House, McCook NE
Harley McCold, Ainsworth
George Monroe, Omaha
Hope Reed Madison, Ainsworth
Faith Richardson, Chadron NE
Mirth Richardson Engle, University Place NE
Violet Sandstrom, Scottsbluff NE
Isabel Smith Lane, Mitchell NE
Percy Stringer, Norden NE
Gladys Thompson, Booth Ainsworth
Gail White McAndrew, Ainsworth
Karl Williams, Green Bay WI
Dorothy Ackerman, Hartung Pipestone MN
Marie Anderson, Ainsworth
George Blank, Ainsworth
Charlotte Briggs Dillon, Ainsworth
Loren Daugherty, Lone Pine NE
John Davison, Ainsworth
Edna B. Decker Kenyon, Ainsworth
Violet Irwin, Ainsworth
Guy Kenyon, Ainsworth
James Lessig, Ainsworth
Harvey Morter, Ainsworth
Avis Munson, Lincoln NE
Auretha Oatman, Ainsworth
Nell Osborn, Harrison NE
Ruby Rasmussen, Ainsworth
Edna Salzman, Hobson MT
Elizabeth Schelm, Ainsworth
Hazel Smith, Ainsworth
Wayne Walker, Gordon NE
Rose Booth Steele, Ainsworth
Orie Briggs, Ainsworth
Eunice Chappell, Ainsworth
Mary Gideon, Sioux City IA
Dorothy Green, Ainsworth
Ynez Hendrickson, Solbrook CA
Ione Holmes, Gordon NE
Ruth Holt, Johnstown
Kenneth Jones, University Lincoln
Orva Lessig, Ainsworth
Marthena Morris, Wood Lake
Ruth Morrow, Ainsworth
Beatrice Morter Graham, Ainsworth
Josie Reman, University Lincoln
Armgarde Rex, Ainsworth
Hilegarde Rex, Ainsworth
Francis Rodwell, Ainsworth
Elsie Rolston Oatman, Wrage NE
Tillie Salzman, Newman Grove NE
Frieda Schalzthawer Dalney, Wood Lake NE
Harvey Seaman, University Lincoln
Ruth Shaner, Ainsworth
Eugene Steele, Ainsworth
William Steele, Ainsworth
Sadie Trumm, Ainsworth
Clarissa Woods, Ainsworth
Glenn Baldwin, Ainsworth
Nellie Beaty, Goodland KS
Lella Brewer, Ainsworth
Edith Cassel, Ainsworth
Doris Collins Kirkpatrick, Ainsworth
Marian Conkling, Ainsworth
Alice Esterly Raucher, Ainsworth
Carrie Fernau Smith, Ainsworth
Frazier Gilchrist, Ainsworth
Inez Hively, Ainsworth
Charlotte Holt, deceased
George Kirkpatrick, Ainsworth
Abbie Lambley Horner, Ainsworth
Ralph Morgan, Ainsworth
Elmo Olson, Johnstown
Eva Patterson Haller, Ainsworth
Daisy Sandstrom, Ainsworth
Addie Sprague, Ainsworth
Inez Syfert Claussen, Long Pine
Velleta Baker, Ainsworth
Velma Casselman Graff, Johnstown
John Crabstree, Ainsworth
Ruth Fancher, Ainsworth
Gladys Foster Lewis, Ainsworth
Frank Fowler, Ainsworth
Esther Gordon, Valentine
Pearle Grant, Ainsworth
Lois Holst, Johnstown
Vernace Kelley, Wood Lake NE
Marie Kirkpatrick, Ainsworth
Edith McCrillis, Ainsworth
Edna Morgan, Ainsworth
Mae Rasmussen, Ainsworth
Lyman Ross, Johnstown
Ida Ruble, Ainsworth
Velma Steele, Ainsworth
Helen Troxel, Ainsworth

Part Two follows after this short message from me...

This project was extracted by Darilee Bednar. ... the yearbooklady. I've been collecting high school and college annuals for 10 years and have a listing of the collection in yearbooklady's attic The actual collection is part of a free genealogy library located in at 3rd St Book Exchange, 1615 3rd St., downtown Marysville, WA 98270.

1921 Class Lists of 
Ainsworth High School

The yearbook created by the class of 1921. Each student was pictured individually. They are grouped by classes but presented in alphabetical order (they are listed as presented). Following the custom of this time, they did not smile for the camera, they wore their very best, and silly quotes were given. All the students in the lower grades were from Ainsworth. Three exceptions were in the Senior class and their home city are listed. There are no autographs in this particular book.


Rickety, Rickety Russ
The point we'll not discuss,
But nevertheless
You'll have to confess,
There's nothing the matter with us.
S E N I O R S !


Fred Enders of Enderslake. Class President; A Club; Academic. Fred believes in turn dark clouds inside out.
Daphine Bailey Class Vice-President; Normal Training. Her family's pride and Edwin's joy.
Jeanette Troxel Class Treasurer; Normal Training. Bright, witty and pretty; it seems that fortune simled on her.
Lester Irwin Editor-in-Chief of "Prairie Schooner:; A Club; Basket Ball; Commercial. The girls knock on his heart in vain for an alumnus holds the key.
Gladys Anderson Business Manager :Prairie Schooner; General. Say, I think Lester is "tip! top!", don't you?
Julian Hitchock Adver. Manager "Prairie Schooner" Basket Ball; A Club; Academic. Hercules has nothing on him.
Ethel Marvin Cartoon Editor "Prairie Schooner", Girls Basket Ball; Commercial. I don't care; my thoughts are miles and miles and miles anyway
Ernest Purdy Athletic Editor "Prairie Schooner"; Basket Bal; A Club; Academic. My love is far from me to-day; Get thee behind me girls, I pray.
Beryl Doods Alumni Editor "Prairie Schooner"; Girls Basketbal; Normal Training. I'm tall, fair and true; in lone, Oh! Shucks, that's enough
Ruth Ames Joke Editor "Prairie Schooner". Soft of voice, good and fair, truly she is gifted.
Herbert Ulrich Photo Ediotr "Prairie Schooner"; Academic. Gee whiz! I'm busy, Girls and Study make me dizzy.
Donald Jessen Basket Ball; A Club; General. If you teachers want to get along with me, go slow and easy.
Harry Patterson Commercial. Filled with thoughts sublime, Give me a Sophomore every time.
Grayce Holt of Johnstown. Academic. For pep she is a winner, For flirting, a sinner.
Eva Burger Girls Basket Ball; Academic. She is a Senior, dignified and all, But few people know her at all.
Dean Kirkpatrick Commercial. One of any most studious boys, also likes Freshmen.
Ethel Reece Normal Training. Polite, discreet and sweet, Enought to bring me to her feet.
Helen Gilchrist Normal Training. Fair faced firl with dreamy eyes, Tell us why all those sighs.
Andrew Gilchrist General. A puzzle for all teachers and students.
Inez Zweible Normal Training. Watch those eyes, they are tricky.
Lydia Slonecker of Meadville. Normal Training. Strong, sturdy and steady, Holds to the truth, always ready.
Clarence Petit Academic. Gosh, If I can only get the Valedictory.
Ruth Reece Girls Basket Ball; Academic. If she gives you her promise, you can bank on it.
Gladys Fling Normal Training. She is a maiden small and fair. With curls of golden hair.
Ethel Roan Normal Training. The longer you know her, the better you like her.
Aubrey Jones Academic. What I can think of doing to-day, I can do tomorrow.
Zeta Mercer Commercial. The joy of her life, the worry of her day, the downfall of her independence, is Everett.
Katherine Briggs Normal Training. Mr. Diggs, don't you think French is interesting?
Jennie Green Normal Training. Oh, what a world for worry, Some people always hurry.
Walter Reynolds A Club; Academic. Oh, how I like to wind myself up, and talk on and on and on.
Ella Lockmiller Academic. Once I was in love.
Edith Wilson of Johnstown. Normal Training. A stranger in our midst.
Frank Fowler Normal Training; Post Graduate. He is studious and determind to be a school teacher.


Get off the earth.
Give us the view,
We're the class of '22


Vesper Rogers President Like gold in every way
Lola Devereax Vice President. Her class appreciates her sterling worth
Marvel Ballard Secretary. Oh! quit your kidding. Rae Fournier Treasurer Modesty is my motto.
Dell Jamison I think I'm very diligent, don't you?
Mary Decker A girl worth calling a friend.
Anna Cassel Oh divine woman, where comest thou?
Wesley Bolton I'm a little boy, just big enough to figger; pleas girls, don't bother me till I'm a little bigger.
Lois Hurless A steady, industrious girl, but always giving pleasure a whirl.
Grace Hively Soul of my soul was Jimmy.
Leonore Bolton Our love, our honored and much respected friend.
Leland Houshouer One hour for study, one hour for play, and 22 hours for sleep.
Janice Shrimpton Activity spells happiness for her--she has the ability to do and dare.
Leah Houshouer Her voice is soft, gentle and low; an excellent thing in woman.
Graham Enders Basket ball my tonic.
Leona Haak A quiet modest girl who is serious and studious.
Flossie Niles Small and quiet but--you'd be surprised.
Mae Niles Blessed with a smile that seldon wears off.
Neva Wolfe A girl of sterling worth, quiet and unassuming.
William Ingwerson Silence is golden.
Hazelle Bailey Society queen, society bell, The rest, I shall not tell.
Marjorie Davis She's engaged--almost.
Mary Orr They can't leave me in the dust.
Pearle Decker This is a "hello" girl.
Helen Stoltenburg Liked for herself, adored for her intellect.
Janice Skinner Watch that roguish eye, While the men do sigh.
Hale Decker May she never change eaxcept in name.
Bernice Nesbit Learning, without doubt, is labor lost.
Jessie Oatman Still waters run deep.
Everett Dannatt His Ford and his Zeta are his whole life.




Mildred Frank President. Do she sing? We'll say whe do.
Robert Kelly Vice President. God made green apples, but I'm not an apple.
Rodney Bailey Secretary and treasurer. You guys better let me alone.
Eva Clopton A winning way and a pleasant smile.
Fern Syfert Can you tame wild women?
Howard Ames A heavenly boy, fills this earth with joy.
David Genung What is so rare is a man to sterling worth!
Ruby Morrow Oh, what will the Morrow bring!
Glenn Osborn Let all this is work perish.
Ruth Gideon Quiet and unassuming.
Don Whitney Great men are not all big.
Margaret Kelly Where the Shamrocks love to grow.
Leslie Willard A bashful man.
Velma Morrow Words can't express her worth.
Henry Miles Sought by all the girls.
Lydia Gould Fair Haired thing, what tidings bring.
Ellis Chase Most great men are good, but few are understood.
Nellie Blanchard Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
James Spearman Wooed, but not won ??????
Sharlet Beckner She's the pride of our Harry.
Lloyd Wolfe If I am a wolf, you don't hear me howl.
Grace Ellis Subline, soothing, and sisterly.
Lloyd Langley My papa was butcher onece.
Gladys Fisher Men man come and men may go, but I love them all.
Lysle Townsend Mercury was not swifter of foot.
Etta May Giles Studious to the Nth power.
Vivian Smith Tall and slim and full of vim.
Clara Haak Gentle as a fawn
Garnet Haggerman She has a winning smile.
Hertha Lockmiller Small, but smart.
Alice Chapin Love lies and lies in woman's eyes.
Lilla Williams A clever lass withal.
Marie Jaques Our bird of paradise.
Joe Troxel The original Peck's bad boy.
Helen Painter Gentle as a fawn.
Mary Genung A charming lass to all who know her.
Grace Hollopeter A girl who studies for the knowledge in this world.


Here we are, on the floor,
We're the class of '24! Can't you see us?
Get your specks,
We;ll send a nurse with our respects.


Helen Sawyers President To be good, is too good.
Mary Davison Secretary A mite but mighty.
Helen Rogers Treasurer A queer combination of fun and brains.
Edna Urlich Don't monkey with the band wagon if you can't toot the horn.
Doris Ewing It is a few things that she can't do and do well.
Margaret Ballard My aim in life is to scatter sunshine.
Anna Shaner Great oaks with little acrons grown.
Verna Snow Beauty lies with kindness.
Helen Anderson Have more that thou knowest; Speak less than thou knowest.
Carl Short Most great men are either dead or dying and I don't fell well myself.
Emma Summers Never alone, her ideas are always with her.
Margaret Finney Away, loathed melancholy.
Clair Hoke May all good things be thine, Clair.
Helen Enders Thou, O Harry, art all I want.
Alta Foster Music hath charms, so has she.
Harold Moore Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more; men were deceivers ever.
Marie Stoltenburg As brimful of mischief, wit and glee, as ever a human can be.
Ruth Salzman She laughs, works and plays well.
Frank Beckner A jolly, good lad.
Paul Morter A young Hercules of modern times.
Jay Fling. A boy who is hard to know and know well.
Elizabeth Morrisey A good student, liked by all
Charles Witt A coming basket ball star.
Ardoth Arnold She holds that true worth is being, not seeming.
LaVerne Drinkwater Earnest, and one to be depended upon.
William Anderson Oh! what can all thee, gallant knight?
Mona Thornton A friend worth having.
Lila Kolb A girl of few words.
Lloyd Gustafson Has he a hobby?
Dorothy Hibbard A man hater.
Vivian Henderson A voice as sweet as birds, A way too dear for words.
Lorenz Sisson Calmness is a great advantage.
George Brewer Our"pleasing plump" boy.
Margaret Wilcox She's bound on a matrimonial career.
Harry Hartgrave Quiet in council and great in war.
Vera Smith She dances along with vague, regardless eyes.
Ellen Painter He cometh not, she said.
Mabel Rowlett One who stands firm in her convictions.
Beryl Sisson Maiden most perfect lady of light.
Lavern Carver A modest man, and true.
Alice Lynde I saw her smile.
Myrtle Homan Where shall we find her, how shall we sing to her.
Carol Mae Stump Fair harbinger, where comest thou?
Sidney Larabee A studious lad.
Leora Fielding Leora will be a heart-breaker someday.
Ortha Allen A general favorite.
Luella Williams Labor and wounds are not vain.
Ruth McGuire A royal little lady, loved by all.
Gladys Wolcott Praise is deeper that the lips.
Ruby Haggerman And I have labored some what in my time
Dorothy Brown Quiet, gentle and sincere, We like to have her near.
Ellen Burge A dainty little miss.
Helen Marsden "Tis the quiet people who do the work.
Lois Berger Sober, steadfast and demure.


Charles A. Diggs, Pd. B, Pd. M., A. b., M. S. Superintendent, French
Mrs. Chas. A. Diggs, Pd.B., Principal, English History
Miss L. Waleck, A. B. Domestic Science, Manual Training
Miss Ellen Gossin, Commercial
Miss Alma Mosely, Science, History
Miss Belle Gleasman, Normal Training, Latin
Miss Bertha Baier, Mathematics
Mrs. Harley McCoid, English
Miss Carrie Mae Diggs, Music

A good extractor only presents the stuff they an orderly manner...So...I have one observation and made one editorial decision. I thought some of the silly comments were rather cruel (that's my observation) and I did not use the Class Yell for the Sophomores. They had one...and while it was typical of that era I have chosen not to include it.

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