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    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891

Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Brown County
Ainsworth-- County Seat


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~ A ~

Abbott, E. C. Long Pine          Alton, C. G., Ainsworth            Arnold, Samuel, Ingallston 
Ackerman, J. G. Ainsworth        Altschuler, Alex, Ainsworth        Ash Anna M. Johnstown 
Agler, Wm. Y. Long Pine          Ames, Geo. N., Ainsworth           Ash Bros. Ainsworth 
Alberts, Charles, Ainsworth      Anderson, John, Long Pine          Ash, Eli Sr., Ainsworth 
Albertson, Chris, Long Pine      Anderson, Jno. P., Johnstown       Ash, James M., Ainsworth 
Adler, L. K., Ainsworth          Anderson, Jno., W., Meadville      Ash, John M., Johnstown 
Alderman, G. D., Ainsworth       Anderson, W. Ainsworth             Ashbaugh V., Johnstown 
Alderman, I. N., Ainsworth       Anderson, Y., Long Pine            Ashworth, Geo, Long Pine 
Alderman, T. B., Johnstown       Archer, Henry, Ainsworth           Altschuler & Rippey, Ainsworth 
Allen, Charles, Johnstown        Arner, D.E., Johnstown             Austin D., Ainsworth 
Allen, Thos. J., Johnstown       Arner, Elias, Ainsworth            Austin, H. E. Johnstown 
Allen, T. S., Johnstown          Arnold, Chas. E., Ainsworth         
Allen., Wm. J. Johnstown         Arnold, Numa, Pine Glen             
~ B ~
Backey Syver, Ainsworth          Bennet, James., Long Pine          Brewster, E J, Midvale 
Bafford Wm., Ainsworth           Bennet, Zora, Long Pine            Bridgeford, E M, Ainsworth 
Bailey, Abel Jr., Long Pine      Berger, J. A., Long Pine           Bridgeford, John, Ainsworth 
Bailey, Abel Jr., Long Pine      Beste, Henry, Lattin               Bridgeford, Thomas, Johnstown 
Bailey C. A., Ainsworth          Bicksel, Herman, Ainsworth         Briggs, Charles, Ainsworth 
Baker, B. E., Johnstown          Bednar, Frank, Ainsworth           Briggs, Ed, Long Pine 
Baker Bros., Long Pine           Billeter, Jackson, Ainsworth       Briggs, James, Ainsworth 
Baker, C. W., Long Pine          Bishop, Joseph, Ainsworth          Briggs, J L, Ainsworth 
Baker, F. G., Long Pine          Bissbe, H. R., Ainsworth           Briggs, John L. Ainsworth 
Baker, G. B., Ainsworth          Blair, L. G., Ainsworth            Brill, John W. Johnstown 
Baker, Ranson, Ainsworth         Blessington, Thos., Ainsworth      Broer, Henry, Johnstown 
Baker, Samuel, Ainsworth         Blessington, Wm., Ainsworth        Broscheit, Franz, Ainsworth 
Baldwin, W. H., Ainsworth        Blodgett, H. P. & C. W., Long Pine Brown, M H, Long Pine 
Banghart, Carrie, Johnstown      Blood, C. A., Ainsworth            Brownlee, John S. Ainsworth 
Barger, Isaac, Midvale           Bohle, August, Johnstown           Brownlee, T M, Ainsworth 
Barker, J. E. Long Pine          Bohle, Wm., Johnstown              Bryan, Alfred, Ainsworth 
Barker, N. A., Long Pine         Bolar, Geo. F., Johnstown          Bryson, G E, Long Pine 
Barker, A. S. Long Pine          Bond, E N, Wood Lake               Buchmeyer, F. Johnstown 
Barnard, C. C., Long Pine        Boody, J B, Long Pine              Buchmeyer, H. Ainsworth 
Barnard, S.D., Long Pine         Booker, Robert., Long Pine         Bunn, Absalom, Johnstown 
Barnes, C. A., Johnstown         Booth, G W, Long Pine              Bunn, John Sr, Johnstown 
Barnes C. F., Ainsworth          Borger, Geo. A., Ainsworth         Burgau, Geo., Johnstown 
Barnes, T. H. Lattin             Bosley, C W, Johnstown             Burge, Joseph, Long Pine 
Barnes, S.D., Long Pine          Bostwick, Jane S., Ainsworth       Burge, Sam'l, Long Pine 
Barnes, S. G., Johnstown         Botkin, R. Ainsworth               Burge, William, Long Pine
Barr, John L. Johnstown          Bower, Peter A. Ainsworth          Burger, E M, Long Pine 
Barr, W. F., Johnstown           Bower, Thomas, Ainsworth           Burger, 0. Long Pine 
Bartlett C & M Ainsworth         Bowley, Geo. Long Pine             Burleigh, C F, Valentine 
Bartlett, 0. C. Ainsworth        Boyd, C F, Ainsworth               Burley, Geo. W. Ainsworth 
Bassett, A. L., Norden           Boyd, Frank, Ainsworth             Burley, Joseph, Ainsworth 
Bates, L. D., Long Pine          Boyd, 1. W. (J W?) Ainsworth       Burley, Jos & Sons, Ainsworth 
Baxter, T. F., Johnstown         Boyd J. B., Ainsworth              Burrett, Harvey, Ainsworth 
Beaman, Lizzie, Lattin           Boyd, Wm. W., Meadville            Burwell, A. Long Pine 
Bean, Peter W., Long Pine        Braddy, William, Ainsworth         Butler, A D, Long Pine 
Becker, Otto, Long Pine          Brandel, Jacob, Johnstown          Buttner, Charles, Long Pine 
Beebe, A. D., Long Pine          Branigan, Wm., Ainsworth           Butts, Barek, Johnstown 
Beebe, C. N., Ainsworth          Brant, C L., Ainsworth             Butzen, Julius, Ainsworth 
Beeman., J. S. Ainsworth         Brenizer, E D, Long Pine           Burgdorfer, Fred, Ainsworth 
Beeman, M.A., Ainsworth          Brenzier, Levi, Long Pine          Byron, Chas. B. Long Pine 
Beeney, Charles, Valentine       Brenzier, R U, Long Pine            
Bejot, Joseph C. Ainsworth       Brewer, Alden, Ainsworth            
~ C ~
Calver, J W, Ainsworth           Chetister, J W, Ainsworth          Corey, W H, Long Pine 
Cameron, T W, Ainsworth          Christy, Geo. F, Purdum            Cornish, Aaron, Ainsworth 
Campbell, S S Johnstown          Christy, John C, Purdum            Cornish, G A, Ainsworth 
Campbell, N N, Johnstown         Chutterlock, T, Long Pine          Cornish, Millie W., Ainsworth 
Cantwell, James, Johnstown       Cisney, Stephen, Long Pine         Cornish, W A, Ainsworth 
Carpender, D D, Johnstown        Clark, Ben, Long Pine              Coryell, W F, Johnstown 
Carpender, G H, Johnstown        Clark, E, Ainsworth                Coryell, Wm., Johnstown 
Carpenter, T S, Ainsworth        Claussen, C, Ainsworth             Courtright, W J, Longpine 
Carr, T 1, Wood Lake             Claussen, D., Ainsworth            Covey, R W, Halstead 
Carr, Jacob, Ainsworth           Claussen, H., Ainsworth            Cowen, John J, Ainsworth 
Carver, David, Long Pine         Clay, John, Ainsworth              Cowen, Ruamy, Ainsworth 
Case, C E, Ainsworth             Clay, Mary, Ainsworth              Cowley, Chas, Johnstown 
Case, L M, Ainsworth             Clevenger, W F, Ainsworth          Cowley, E F, Johnstown 
Cassellman, H, Johnstown         Clifford, W S, Johnstown           Cox, Fred, Ainsworth 
Casselman, M S, Johnstown        Coad, Mary Mrs. Ainsworth          Cox, S M, Long Pine 
Castle, J C, Long Pine           Coffey, Noah, Ainsworth            Cox, Z B, Long Pine 
Catlin, Aurinda, Ainsworth       Colburn, J B, Long Pine            Crandall, J M, Ainsworth 
Catlin, J L, Ainsworth           Coldren, L T, Ainsworth            Crandall, M D, Ainsworth 
Catlin, W W, Ainsworth           Cole, G A, Ainsworth               Crandall, M J, Ainsworth 
Caylor, H K, Long Pine           Coleman, John, Long Pine           Crane, F 0, Ainsworth 
Cerney, Jacob, Midvale           Coleman, Wm., Johnstown            Crane, 0 H, Ainsworth 
Cerney, Sobeslav, Midvale        Collins, S C, Ainsworth            Crawford, W D F, Johnstown 
Chaney, S G, Ainsworth           Coltrin. M A, Johnstown            Crocker, G L, Ainsworth 
Chase, B M, Johnstown            Coltrin, W H, Johnstown            Cronen, Wm., Johnstown 
Chase, M. S., Ainsworth          Congdon, J, Johnstown              Crysler, H C, Long Pine 
Cheeseman, G W, Pine Glen        Cook, Adley, Long Pine             Cuney, Jules, Long Pine 
Cheny, C E, Ainsworth            Cook, T S, Long Pine               Cunningham, J C, Ainsworth 
Cheny, E F, Ainsworth            Coonen, H H, Long Pine             Cunningham, S., Wood Lake 
Cheny, Mrs. E F, Ainsworth       Coonen, James, Long Pine            
Cheny, John C. Purdum            Corey, Warren, Long Pine            
~ D ~
Daniels, James M., Pine Glen     Decker, E B, Ainsworth             Dougherty, Wm. Long Pine 
Dannahy, John, Ainsworth         DeLand, E 0, Long Pine             Doughty, Theo. Long Pine 
Davis, Geo. W., Long Pine        Delaney, J A, Ainsworth            Douglas, J A, Ainsworth 
Davis, Perry, Johnstown          Dell, Frank J, Ainsworth           Doyle, Eli, Johnstown 
Davisson Bros., Ainsworth        Dewy, E, Ainsworth                 Doyle, L R, Mabelo 
Davisson, C E, Ainsworth         Dewey, M M, Ainsworth              Duell, Wm. E, Ainsworth 
Davisson, E J, Long Pine         DeWitt, Elsie, Ainsworth           Duncan, L P, Ainsworth 
Davisson, J S, Long Pine         DeWoody, John, Ainsworth           Dunn, C., Long Pine 
Davisson, J. H. Ainsworth        DeWoody, S, Ainsworth              Dunn, L G, Long Pine 
Davisson & Mastick, Ainsworth    Digby, John, Ingallston            Dunn, M R, Long Pine 
Davisson, N., Ainsworth          Dingman, C H, Halstead             Dunn, Nannie, Long Pine 
Davisson, W H, Ainsworth         Dingman, J S, Halstead             Dunn, 0 B, Long Pine 
Day, L F, Ainsworth              Dodd. Wm, Ainsworth                Dunner, C L, Johnstown 
Day, M M, Ainsworth              Donahue, W H, Long Pine             
Day, M V, Ainsworth              Donaldson Bros, Long Pine           
~ E ~
Earl, Elva J. Johnstown          Ellinwood, 0 W, Ainsworth          Engberg, L. Ainsworth 
Earl, John, Johnstown            Ellinwood, Wm. H., Ainsworth       Engler, C. Mrs. Ainsworth 
Earl, Nelson, Johnstown          Elliot, Chas. B, Ainsworth         Entwistle, James, Johnstown 
Eberly, I B, Johnstown           Ely, W B, Ainsworth                Erickson, Erick. Ainsworth 
Eddy, C. L., Ainsworth           Emo, Frank, Ainsworth              Erskine, Franklin, Ainsworth 
Edwards, Ellen W, Midvale        Enderly, Christ, Ainsworth         Etter Calvin, Ainsworth 
Edwards, Evan, Ainsworth         Enderly, E C, Ainsworth            Etter Taylor, Ainsworth 
Eells, C B, Ainsworth            Enderly, Geo., Ainsworth           Evans, F M, Ainsworth
Ellinwood, A C, Norfolk          Enders, J E, Ainsworth             Evans, John, Long Pine 
~ F ~
Fagar, J W, Ainsworth            Finney, J B Mrs., Ainsworth        Franklin, R B, Ainsworth 
Faucher, Elvira, Johnstown       Fish J, Ainsworth                  Freeman, B B, Ainsworth 
Farleigh, Helen, Johnstown       Fisher, Ellis, Ainsworth           Freeman, B., Ainsworth 
Farleigh, T 1, Johnstown         Fitz, Morris James, Midvale        French, A J, Ainsworth 
Fast, Abraham, Johnstown         Flanders, Willard, Long Pine       French, J M, Ainsworth 
Fast, Benj., Ainsworth           Floyd, E J, Long Pine              French, R S, Ainsworth 
Fast, D, Johnstown               Ford, Henry, Long Pine             Frye, David, Ainsworth 
Fast, Jesse, Johnstown           Fort, S J, Long Pine               Fuller, W W, Ainsworth 
Fender, Wilmhelm, Ainsworth      Fournier, H W, Ainsworth           Funk, Z T, Ainsworth 
Fergusson, J W, Johnstown        Fournier, L., Ainsworth            Furgeson, H, Long Pine 
Ferneau, John, Ainsworth         Fowler, Geo. E., Ainsworth         Furgeson, H D, Ainsworth 
Ferneau, John H, Ainsworth       Fowler, Isaiah, Ainsworth          Furgeson, J N, Johnstown 
Ferneau, John L. Ainsworth       Frame, Anna C, Johnstown           Furgeson, J Y, Ainsworth 
Ferneau, L E, Ainsworth          Frame, Dora R., Johnstown          Furgeson, T J, Ainsworth 
Ferneau, Wm. G., Ainsworth       Frame, Elias, Johnstown            Furgeson, W W, Ainsworth 
Fikes, John H., Ainsworth        Frame, Jacob S.. Johnstown          
Finney, J B. Ainsworth           Frame, J S. Johnstown               
~ G ~
Gallighan, G C, Ainsworth        Glover, C R, Long Pine             Gray, John M. Mabelo 
Gallighan, Jas, Ainsworth        Goettman, J P, Ainsworth           Gray, S W, Ainsworth 
Gamble, Chas. E., Ainsworth      Golden, Wm C., Long Pine           Green, David E., Johnstown 
Gannon, G T, Long Pine           Goodwin, V C, Ainsworth            Greene, E. P., Long Pine 
Garrison, S L, Long Pine         Graff, Frank, Mabelo               Griffin, A R, Ainsworth 
Gates, A D, Halstead             Grams, Wm. Ainsworth               Griffith, J W, Ainsworth 
Geary, S K, Ainsworth            Granberry, T W, Long Pine          Griswell, 0 F, Ainsworth 
Gill & Chester, Long Pine        Grant, C G, Winfield               Gustafson, C R, Ainsworth 
Gill, Thomas, Long Pine          Graves, A B, Pine Glen             Guyton, Thos., Halstead 
Gillespie, 0 U, Pine Glen        Graves, J A, Pine Glen              
Gillette, F E, Ainsworth         Gray, Albert, Ainsworth             
~ H ~
Haas, Geo, Johnstown             Harvard, S, Long Pine              Hoefs, Otto, Johnstown 
Hagerman, C E, Ainsworth         Harvard, Wm., Long Pine            Hoffman, Frank, Wood Lake 
Hagerman, E, Ainsworth           Hathaway, G W, Midvale             Hoffman, Henry, Wood Lake 
Halderson, J C, Long Pine        Hawkins, D, Long Pine              Hohlfeld, Emil, Ainsworth 
Haley, George, Long Pine         Hayter, John, Ainsworth            Hoivranek, John, Midvale 
Hall, E, Johnstown               Hayter, Wm, Ainsworth              Holmes, N. Ainsworth 
Hall A M, Johnstown              Heck, Thos., Long Pine             Holt, A G, Johnstown 
Hall, R. S., Long Pine           Hedges, W G, Ainsworth             Holt, E W, Long Pine 
Halley, H C, Long Pine           Hein, K, Ainsworth                 Holt, H E, Johnstown 
Halstead, J M, Halstead          Henderson, John, Ainsworth         Holubar, F A, Ainsworth 
Hallstead, R E, Wood Lake        Henderson, Wm., Ainsworth          Hotz, Peter S., Ainsworth 
Hallstead, Wm, Ainsworth         Henry, Stephen, Johnstown          House, Hiram, Ainsworth 
Hammond, I A, Ainsworth          Henry, W A, Johnstown              House, John A. Ainsworth 
Hand, AS & CB, Ainsworth         Her, James, Ainsworth              House, R., Ainsworth 
Hanford, S 1, Long Pine          Hermsmeyer, H, Ainsworth           Hoyt, E W, Long Pine 
Hanna, David, Ainsworth          Herring, W H, Ainsworth            Hoyt, George W., Long Pine 
Harlan, Jehu, Long Pine          Herron, Jno. H., Ainsworth         Hoyt, S J, Wood Lake 
Harris, Benj., Ainsworth         Hess, W L, Long Pine               Hubbell, AT, Ainsworth 
Harris, Benj., Mrs., Ainsworth   Hetherington C, Long Pine          Hulburt, A, Johnstown 
Harris, C S, Johnstown           Hildebrand, H, Ainsworth           Hulburt, E, Johnstown 
Harris, Elijah, Long Pine        Hill, John S., Long Pine           Hulburt, Harry, Johnstown 
Harris, H C, Ainsworth           Hillberg & Boyselle, Bassett       Hullshizer, C, Ainsworth 
Hart, A D, Ainsworth             Hinton, S W, Ainsworth             Hullshizer, G W, Long Pine 
Hart, J M, Ainsworth             Hintz, Jacob, Johnstown            Hummer, D, Johnstown 
Hart, S P, McCook                Hintz, Lena, Johnstown             Humphreys, N J, Cuba 
Harter, W J, Ainsworth           Hintz, Minnie, Johnstown           Hurlbut, C E & G, Johnstown 
Hartley, J P, Ainsworth          Hintz T, Johnstown                 Huston, J M, Ainsworth 
Hartley, Susan, Ainsworth        Hoagland, E 0, Long Pine           Hutchins, M L, Johnstown 
Harton, C H, Ainsworth           Hoard, Clark, Ainsworth            Hutchins, S E, Johnstown 
Harton, R, Ainsworth             Hoefs, Ferd, Johnstown             Hutchinson, R B, Johnstown 
~ I ~
Ingalls, J F, Long Pine          Inman, Daniel, Ainsworth            
Ingersoll, Frank, Long Pine      Isenhour, D, Ainsworth              
~ J ~
Jackson, A, Long Pine            Janesek, John, Midvale             Johnson, M., Johnstown 
Jackson, J M, Long Pine          Jay, H B, Ainsworth                Johnson, Thos. J, Johnstown 
Jackson, L E, Long Pine          Jenkins, B P, Ainsworth            Johnston, John, Johnstown 
James, D E & Sons, Butka         Jennings, W, Ainsworth             Jones, I N, Ainsworth 
James, M D, Butka                Johnson, Laura, Johnstown          Jones, R. S., Pine Glen 
Jamison, W A, Ainsworth          Johnson, Harry, Johnstown          Jones, T W., Pine Glen 
Jamison, W W, Ainsworth          Johnson, J A, Johnstown             
~ K ~
Karstens, John, Ainsworth        Kingery, J M, Ainsworth            Knowles, Wm. B. Long Pine 
Kawelmacher, C, Long Pine        Kinsman, C W, Johnstown            Koontz, Amanda, Johnstown 
Keech, Edgar E, Ainsworth        Kirkpatrick, G W, Pine Glen        Koontz, Rebecca, Johnstown, 
Kennedy, Gilbert, Ingallston     Kizer, J, Johnstown                Koontz, S W, Johnstown 
Kenner, Chas, Long Pine          Klapperick S, Ainsworth            Kruzenbeck H, Ainsworth 
Kenyon, Milton, Johnstown        Kleckner, D W, Long Pine           Kuhre, A, Johnstown 
Kernan, Mary, Long Pine          Kleckner, I N, Long Pine           Kuhre, Wm. M., Ainsworth 
Kenaston, J A, Springview        Kniss, A K, Ainsworth              Kyner, S H, Long Pine 
Kilpatrick, James, Ainsworth     Kniss, A K Mrs, Ainsworth          Kyner, S H Mrs., Long Pine 
Kimball, G J, Pine Glen          Knowles, I N, Long Pine            Kyser, P., Long Pine 
~ L ~
Lachtrop, Amelia, Long Pine      Lesse, Leander, Johnstown          Love & Logan, Ainsworth 
Lamar L, Ainsworth               Lesse, Minnie, Johnstown           Love, L V, Mrs., Ainsworth 
Lancaster, B. F., Ainsworth      Lehn, Frank, Ainsworth             Lovitt, John W, Johnstown 
Landis, A, Mrs. Ainsworth        Lein, Ole P, Midvale               Lovitt, Johanna, Ainsworth 
Landis, Joseph, Ainsworth        Lessig, William, Meadville         Lovitt, J L, Johnstown 
Langworthy, C. Ainsworth         Levi, David, Ainsworth             Lovejoy, Daniel, Pine Glen 
Large, Edmund, Johnstown         Lindell, C A, Pine Glen            Lowe, A, Long Pine 
Lathrop, A B, Ainsworth          Lochmiller, C, Ainsworth           Lowe, Geo. W., Long Pine 
Lathrop, A B, Mrs. Ainsworth     Lochmiller, H, Ainsworth           Ludke, Wilheim, Long Pine 
Lattin, L M, Ainsworth           Lochmiller, Wm., Ainsworth         Luehrs, F, Johnstown 
Laverty, A, Mrs., Long Pine      Logan, R M, Ainsworth              Luehrs. Henry, Johnstown 
Learn, H W, Long Pine            Loofborough, J, Ainsworth          Luehrs, William, Johnstown 
Lee, Ed, Long Pine               Loomer, A E, Ainsworth             Lull, D T, Ainsworth 
Lee, Esom, Long Pine             Loomis, W B, Ainsworth             Lull, R R, Ainsworth 
~ Mc ~
McAndrew, P D, Ainsworth         McDowell, C H, Ainsworth           McLain, J S, Ainsworth 
McAndrew, W D, Ainsworth         McGrew, Thos. 0., Ainsworth        McLain, R T, Ainsworth 
McArthur, J B, Long Pine         McHenry, A, Johnstown              McLaughlin, Jas., Johnstown 
McBith, Neil, Pine Glen          McHenry, A, Mrs., Johnstown        McLaughlin, J W, Johnstown 
McClure, C H, Ainsworth          McHenry, B. H., Johnstown          McLaughlin, R B, Johnstown 
McConnell, A C, Long Pine        McHenry, J N, Johnstown            McMindes, Chas., Long Pine 
McCord, W D, Ainsworth           McKay, Charles, Long Pine          McMonagle, W A, Long Pine 
McCumber, J M, Ainsworth         McKay, James, Long Pine            McNurlin, J B, Ainsworth 
McCumber, Thos, Ainsworth        McKnight, H P, Long Pine           McOwat, Jane, Ainsworth 
McCutchan, J A, Ainsworth        McKnight, Mattie, Long Pine        McPherson, C C, Long Pine 
McDonald, E, Ainsworth           McLain, John, Long Pine
~ M ~
Madden, James, Long Pine         Merritt, E 0, Long Pine            Moore, I M, Long Pine 
Magary, John, Johnstown          Merritt, Michael, Johnstown        Moore, J G, Ainsworth 
Magary, M. K., Johnstown         Meyer, John, Ainsworth             Morford, J, Long Pine 
Magary, Robt. Johnstown          Miles, S J, Ainsworth              Morlan, E A, Lattin 
Magill, W. H., Ainsworth         Milholen, Stephen, Norden          Morris, James, Johnstown 
Magraw, Joseph, Ainsworth        Miller, B A, Ainsworth             Moseley, A., Ainsworth 
Malloy, M B, Long Pine           Miller, Fannie M, Lone Pine        Moser, August, Johnstown 
Mann, Smith, Long Pine           Miller, G T, Long Pine             Moser, Mary, Johnstown 
Markmann, Wm. Ainsworth          Miller, H G, Winfield              Moses, C W, Johnstown 
Marlatt, W C, Ainsworth          Miller, Jopeth. Lattin             Moses, D A, Mrs., Johnstown 
Marsden, Chas,, Ainsworth        Miller, J W, Ainsworth             Moses, E R, Johnstown 
Martin, Robert, Ainsworth        Miller, Lizzie, Mrs. Long Pine     Moses, L. M., Johnstown 
Mason, W G, Long Pine            Miller, Murray H., Ainsworth       Moses, 0. C., Johnstown 
Mastick, B B, Ainsworth          Miller, W S, Winfield              Mulick, James, Long Pine 
Mattsen, H F, Ainsworth          Mills, I N, Long Pine              Mum, Andrew A, Johnstown 
Mead, Chas. Long Pine            Mills, Martha, Long Pine           Munn, Asa, Johnstown 
Mead, J M, Long Pine             Mills, R A, Pine Glen              Munson & Ackerman, Ainsworth 
Mead, M 1, Meadville             Mills, W S, Pine Glen              Munson, R M, Ainsworth 
Meier, Jacob, Johnstown          Monroe, H F, Meadville             Murphy, P J, Ainsworth 
Merica, S J, Pine Glen           Monroe, L. Meadville               Murray, John, Johnstown 
Merkel, W R, Ainsworth           Moore, Chas., Ainsworth            Mygutt, S N, Long Pine 
Merrill, Joseph, Johnstown       Moore, E R, Johnstown 
~ N ~
Navotna, Rosalie, Midvale        Nesbit, R M, Ainsworth             Norris, Henry, Ainsworth 
Neff, E C, Long Pine             Nevers, Wm. H, Ainsworth           Norris, Horatio, Johnstown 
Neilson, Neils, Ainsworth        Nichols, J J, Ainsworth            Nye, Wm, H, Johnstown 
Nelson, Andrew, Johnstown        Nicholson, John, Ainsworth          
Nermut, Frank, Ainsworth         Nicholson, Frank, Pine Glen 
~ O ~
Oakley, A, Ainsworth             Oens, Samuel, Ainsworth            Osborne, E V, Johnstown 
O'Connor, John A, Ainsworth      Oens, William, Ainsworth           Osborne, N Hogan, Ainsworth 
O'Connor, Martin, Ainsworth      O'Leary, A J, Long Pine            Osborne, N J, Ainsworth 
O'Connor, T A, Ainsworth         O'Neil B F, Long Pine              Owens, Wm., Ainsworth 
Oens. George, Ainsworth          Orcutt, Lois Mrs. Ainsworth         
Oens, S A, Ainsworth             Orcutt, W H, Ainsworth 
~ P ~
Page, I G, Ainsworth             Peterson, Hans, Ainsworth          Pokorney, John, Midvale 
Paine, H 0, Ainsworth            Peterson, J P, Ainsworth           Poland, S., Ainsworth 
Paine & Rogers, Ainsworth        Pettijohn, Carl, Long Pine         Porter, A C, Johnstown 
Parker, P J, Ainsworth           Pettijohn, Mrs. C. Long Pine       Porter, J K & Co., Johnstown 
Parsons, John Johnstown          Pettijohn, Chas., Long Pine        Porter, J M, Johnstown 
Patching, John, Long Pine        Pettijohn, J C, Valentine          Porter, Orion, Johnstown 
Patching, Thos., Long Pine       Pettijohn, Robt. S, Long Pine      Potter, C W, Ainsworth 
Patton, Frank C, Ainsworth       Pettijohn, Thos. Long Pine         Potter, H S, Ainsworth 
Patton, Geo. J, Ainsworth        Pfiederer, W G, Ainsworth          Powell, Amos, Long Pine 
Pearson?, P F, Johnstown         Pfiefer, John, Johnstown           Powers, J M, Ainsworth 
Peed, Chas F, Ainsworth          Pierce, Adna N, Ainsworth          Powers, L F, Ainsworth 
Pelster, Frank., Johnstown       Pierce, W H, Ainsworth             Powers, Thomas, Ainsworth 
Pelster, R, Johnstown            Piersoll, Geo. W., Ainsworth       Pratt, Daniel, Ainsworth 
Pence, J W, Ainsworth            Piersoll, John N, Ainsworth        Pratt, John, Ainsworth 
Penell, F A, Ainsworth           Piersoll, Sam'l, Johnstown         Prince, J H, Johnstown 
Penell, L H, Ainsworth           Piper, B N, Johnstown              Prochaska, Joseph, Midvale 
Perkins, W L, Ainsworth          Plank, 0 H, Ainsworth               
Peterson, C F, Ainsworth         Plopper, F, Long Pine 
~ Q ~
Quick, Homer, Johnstown          Quinn, Eliza, Mrs. Ainsworth 
~ R ~
Raasch, A, Johnstown             Remy, W H, Ainsworth               Roberts, Victoria, Ainsworth 
Raasch, Minnie, Johnstown        Reome, Chas., Ainsworth            Robertson, C C, Ainsworth 
Raasch, Otto Jr. Johnstown       Richardson, D, Johntown            Robertson Chas, & Sons, Ainsworth 
Raasch. Otto, Sr., Johnstown     Richmond, J B, Johnstown           Robinson, J C, Ainsworth 
Raasch, Paul, Johnstown          Richmond, J S, Johnstown           Robinson, K, Long Pine 
Rac, Hattie, Ainsworth or (Rae)  Riggs, H P, Long Pine              Robinson, W A, Ainsworth 
Rac, John, B, Ainsworth or (Rae) Rightsmire, J A, Ainsworth         Rodinbangh, D J, Ainsworth 
Randall, Elais, Wood Lake        Riley & Olsen, Ainsworth           Roe, Wm F, Ainworth 
Rapp, Charles, Long Pine         Riley, Z H, Ainsworth              Rogers, J. H., Ainsworth 
Rathburn, A, Ainsworth           Ringsrad, Nels, Long Pine          Rogers, M R, Pine Glen 
Raven, John, Midvale             Rippey, Nelson, Ainsworth          Rosenberry, A., Ainsworth 
Reckard, B, Long Pine            Rippey, 0 B, Ainsworth             Rouse, James, Long Pine 
Reckling, Wm, Pine Glen          Risdon, Amie, Ainsworth            Rowley, Frank, Ainsworth 
Rector, Wm. E, Johnstown         Risdon, C N, Ainsworth             Ruby, Henry, Ainsworth 
Reeves, Ambrose, Long Pine       Rising, R S, Ainsworth             Rust, R S, Pine Glen 
Reeves, S. Mrs, Long Pine        Roberts, C M, Ainsworth            Ruxton, John R, Johnstown S 
Reinmuth, M C, Long Pine         Roberts, James, Long Pine           
Remy, G 0. Ainsworth             Roberts, J F, Long Pine             
~ S ~
Salings, James, Long Pine        Shemler, Wm., Long Pine            Spencer, J C, Ainsworth 
Sallee, W G, Ainsworth           Sheppard F, Long Pine              Spenner, A, Long Pine 
Sanford, W P, Mrs., Long Pine    Shipman, Alfred, Ainsworth         Sprouse, John, Long Pine 
Sanger, L M, Mrs. Ainsworth      Shipman, J E, Ainsworth            Staley, Joe H., Ainsworth 
Sanger, Simeon, Ainsworth        Shore, G. W., Ainsworth            Staley, Abner, Ainsworth 
Sawyer, D H, Ainsworth           Short, D B, Ainsworth              Staley, John N. Ainsworth 
Sawyer, Eli, Ainsworth           Short, L M, Ainsworth              Staley, L, Ainsworth 
Scattergood A, Johnstown         Showers, 0 J, Long Pine            Stanley, Jasper, Ainsworth 
Scattergood, C, Johnstown        Shumway, Wm. P., Johnstown         Stanley, M E, Mrs. Ainsworth 
Scattergood, 0 W, Valentine      Siemonson, Sam[. Midvale.          Stanton, James, Long Pine 
Schenk, Justus, Johnstown        Sinclair, F B, Ainsworth           Stephenson, F A, Ainsworth 
Schienost, E., Ainsworth         Sise, Frank, Ainsworth             Stephenson, P L, Ainsworth 
Schienost, Frank, Midvale        Sisson, A L, Ainsworth             Stevens, C M, Long Pine 
Schienost, Matey, Midvale        Sisson, E W, Ainsworth             Stevenson, J F, Johnstown 
Schmelik, Anna, Midvale          Sisson, Fred W., Ainsworth         Stewart, W W, Long Pine 
Schoonhardt, F, Johnstown        Skadden A, Ainsworth               Steinmeyer, Wm, Johnstown 
Schroeder, Carl, Ainsworth       Skillman, Clarissa, Pine Glen      Stigile, R B, Winfield 
Schultz, F C E, Johnstown        Skillman, Park, Pine Glen          Stiles, G, E, Ainsworth 
Schultz, F W, Johnstown          Slafter, C J, Long Pine            Stiles, Wm. M, Ainsworth 
Schultz, H, Long Pine            Slayton, Emery, Ainsworth          Stockwell, F M, Long Pine 
Schwartz, Wm., Long Pine         Sloenker, Sam, Ainsworth           Stockwell, W J, Long Pine 
Scofield, J W, Ainsworth         Sloenker, Wm., Ainsworth           Stochr, M, Ainsworth 
Scott, Thomas, Ainsworth         Smalley, A J, Ainsworth            Stone, N M, Mabelo 
Scott, W, Long Pine              Smith, C C, Ainsworth              Sloneker, A, Ainsworth 
Seal, Iver, Ainsworth            Smith, Frank, Johnstown            Storts, David, Wood Lake 
Seaman, James, Ainsworth         Smith, G A, Long Pine              Story, Z, Ainsworth 
Sellors, F T, Ainsworth          Smith, James, Long Pine            Strahm, Fred, Ainsworth 
Sellors, Nellie K Ainsworth      Smith, J B, Ainsworth              Strait, J L, Ainsworth 
Settles, J A, Ainsworth          Smith, J. E, Long Pine             Stringer, M E, Ainsworth 
Sexton, John, Long Pine          Smith, N F, Ainsworth              Stulz, N D, Long Pine 
Shade, Peter P, Ainsworth        Smith, Roland, Ainsworth           Sullivan, John C, Ainsworth 
Shafer, W H, Ainsworth           Smith, T J., Ainsworth             Sullivan, Tim, Long Pine 
Shaner, John W, Ainsworth        Smolik, Joseph, Ainsworth          Sutton, H P, M'Cook 
Shaw, Frank, Long Pine           Snell, R S, Ainsworth              Sweitzer, Sam W, Ainsworth 
Shaw, Mary L., Johnstown         Snider, Fred, Lattin               Swett, A R, Ainsworth 
Shaw, S B, Johnstown             Snook, J, Wood Lake                Swett, Chas, Ainsworth 
Shedeck, Frank, Midvale          Snyder, J F, Ainsworth             Swett, H 1, Ainsworth 
Sheldon, Geo, N. Johnstown       Southworth, M, Ainsworth           Swett, H Jr., Ainsworth 
~ T ~
Tabler, Henry, Long Pine         Thomas, J H A, Long Pine           Tracey & Coldren, Ainsworth 
Tatman, C S, Ainsworth           Thompson, A E, Pine Glen           Trantow, Albert, Johnstown 
Taylor, Fred A, Johnstown        Thompson, J, Long Pine             Trantow, A, Johnstown 
Taylor, G M, Ainsworth           Thompson, W P S, Johnstown         Trotter, Oscar A., Long Pine 
Taylor, J J, Ainsworth           Thorn, J C, Ainsworth              Tscharner, C, Long Pine 
Taylor, Joseph, Ainsworth        Thurber, H C, Long Pine            Tscharner, J M, Long Pine 
Taylor, Joseph, Johnstown        Tinsley, J S, Ainsworth            Tschudy, Sam'l, Midvale 
Taylor, 0 0, Johnstown           Tinsley, P R S, Ainsworth          Turner, Harriet, Ainsworth 
Taylor, Sam, Ainsworth           Toliver, J C, Ainsworth            Turner, John, Long Pine 
Teleen, A F, Ainsworth           Toulson, Wm, Ainsworth             Turner, S B, Ainsworth 
Terry, James, Johnstown          Townsend, A W, Ainsworth           Tyrell, E, Mrs., Ainsworth 
Terry, J W, Johnstown            Townsend, Lena, Johnstown          Tyrell, Fred, Ainsworth 
Thill, John, Ainsworth           Townsend, W G, Johnstown           Tyrell, Horace, Ainsworth 
~ U ~
Uffman, Fred, Ainsworth          Upstill, Alfred, Long Pine         Upstill, Richard, Long Pine
~ V ~
Valandingham, A, Pine Glen       Van Orsdel, S, Johnstown           Vickers, W. H., Ainsworth 
Vaness, G W, Ainsworth           Vaughan, D 0, Long Pine            Virgin, E W, Long Pine 
Van Housen, E W, Pine Glen       Vaughan, W M, Long Pine            Voos, Ed, Johnstown 
Van Orsdel, Jac, Johnstown       Vervalin, J B, Long Pine           Vreeland, J E, Mrs., Ainsworth 
~ W ~
Wales, Arvilla F., Ainsworth     Wheeler, C H, Long Pine            Williams, W H, Ainsworth 
Wales, F A, Ainsworth            Wheeler, J L, Long Pine            Williams, W N, Ainsworth 
Wales, H A, Ainsworth            Wheeler, John F., Long Pine        Wilson, F M, Long Pine 
Walker, D P, Long Pine           Wheeler, W, Long Pine              Wilson, S J, Long Pine 
Weimer, Theod, Ainsworth         Whipple, E S, Johnstown            Winkley, Frank, Long Pine 
Ware, H E, Ainsworth             White, H J, Long Pine              Winter, T, Long Pine 
Warnefeld, Geo, Johnstown        Whitney, Chas, Long Pine           Wiswell, W L, Johnstown 
Warnefeld, H, Johnstown          Whittecar, Wm, Ainsworth           Wood, Geo. W. Johnstown 
Warner, A, Ainsworth             Whitemore, A B, Long Pine          Wood, Henry, F. Johnstown  
Warner, A G, Ainsworth           Whitemore, F A, Long Pine          Wood, L D, Johnstown 
Warren, Lydia L, Pine Glen       Whittemore W L, Long Pine          Wood, W G, Ainsworth 
Warren, S B, Ainsworth           Whittemore, W L, Mrs., Long Pine   Woods, Asa, Norden  
Warrick, A J, Ainsworth          Whittig, W H, Ainsworth            Woodward, H., Ainsworth 
Webster, Josephine, Norden       Wiesmiller, G F, Meadville         Wrightsman, J E, Ainsworth 
Wells, G V, Long Pine            Wilbert, Robt., Mabelo             Wulf, Fritz, Ainsworth  
Westover, A E, Johnstown         Wilburn, John, Ainsworth           Wulf, Herman, Ainsworth 
Westover, J E, Johnstown         Williams, D B, Ainsworth           Wyvel, Inez, Mrs., Ainsworth  
Westphal, H, Ainsworth           Williams, M A, Johnstown           Wyvel, J F, Ainsworth 
Weyer, John, Long Pine           Williams, Morris, Long Pine         
Weymouth, E F, Long Pine         Williams, T R, Midvale
~ Y ~
Young, Edwin G, Long Pine        Young, Louis L, Ainsworth           
Young, Fremont, Long Pine        Yunke, Gustav, Midvale
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