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Current cemetery is located 1 mile south of Long Pine. The first cemetery in Long Pine was located 1/4 mile east of Long Pine near the Railroad tracks. It was discontinued on Sept. 1,1888. Some of graves were moved to the new south cemetery and some were just left and abandoned with stones removed and lost. Some of the remaining bodies left at the old cemetery were not allowed to be moved because of death due to contagious disease. Anyone dieing before 1888 was buried in the old cemetery, and after Sept 1,1888 in the new cemetery. It was first opened for the buriel of C.T. Bannining who was the first interment there. There was no location given for that buriel. A big Thank YOU to Harriet Hulshizer, local historian for Long Pine who furnished records for all the information listed below. This was a joint effort by the Long Pine Clerks office , Harriet Hulshizer, and the Torguson's.

Legal Description: NW SE Section 31, Township 30, Range 20

Ohner, Mildred 01-10-1892 05-20-1901
Oliver, Charles V. 1882 07-15-1886
Oliver, Hazel G. 08-09-1890 12-18-1911
Oliver, Rhoda E.(wife of Samuel) 1852 03-10-1925
Oliver, Samuel J. 11-25-1855 02-24-1943
Olds, Frank 06-02-1876 06-10-1916
Olson, Basil Carl(husband of Nelle R. Bucklin) 04-30-1911 04-15-1998Hampton, Iowa
O'Neill, Steven Sean(son of James O'Neill & Sue Kyner O'Neill) 12-02-1956 11-14-1973Albuquerque, N. Mex.
Orr Ray A.(Bud)(husband of Sophie m.08-1934) 1897 1943
Owen, Mary Hane Halldorson(wife of ArbecHalldorson)(dau of Jess & Iva St.John McDaniel)06-21-192005-15-2011Johnstown, NE
Paddock, Glenn 02-03-1911 06-06-1912
Pailing, Arthur Leroy(husband of Lila Chester) 04-22-1891 12-27-1981Arena, Wisc
Pailing, Lila Belle Chester(wife of Arthur) 04-09-1894 07-18-1981Long Pine, NE
Painter, Jackie(son of Ward & Lois) 06-17-1947 01-20-1999
Painter, Lois Irene Peterson(wife of Ward B.) 12-13-1908 09-19-1984Springview, NE
Painter, Phyllis Beverly Libby(wife of Wendell Painter m. 08-09-1956)(dau of Walter R. & Macie El. Lampitt Libby)05-15-192708-22-2002Springview, Keya Paha, NE
Painter, Ward Bennett(husband of Lois Peterson m.05-04-1929)(son of Bennett & Lucy Ann Saylor Painter) 09-27-1907 12-11-1981Springview, NE
Painter, Wendell Roy(hus of #1 Alma Donason m. 10-09-1946, #2 Phyllis B. Libby m. 08-07-1965)(son of Earl K. & Alta J. Horton Painter)08-19-1926011-22-2003Springview, NE
Palmer, C.C. 08-15-1860 11-28-1930
Palmer, E.C. ???? 12-08-1930
Palmer, Emma Wagner 10-22-1866 09-24-1946Germany
Palmer, Ethel 1893 1967
Palmer, LeRoy 1890 1968
Parsons, Christy ashes scattered no dates
Parsons, John E.(Joe)(hus of Bynivere Upstill m.07-04-1941)(son of Rheuben & Hazel Berchle Parsons)02-13-19185?-2003Salina, KS
Pasek, Amelia Junek (wife of Joseph) 09-16-1873 04-02-1958Wisc.
Pasek, Joseph A.(husband of Amelia) 04-10-1871 11-24-1963St. Louis, MO
Patching, Lucy Hoy 02-11-1860 09-29-1911
Patterson, Ora M. 01-01-1869 10-23-1898
Pederson, Alice Mabel(dau of Mable Culver & Hans B. Pederson) 05-06-1913 01-19-1991Long Pine, NE
Pederson, Hans Brink(husband of Mabel Calver) 11-28-1875 02-22-1953Varda, Denmark
Pederson, Mabel Calver 1882 1917
Peregoy, Herbert Lee(hus of Virginia (Jenny) Brown m.02-21-1956)(son of Rodney & Edith Grow Peregoy)11-20-193106-04-2003Royal, NE
Perkins infant no dates
Perry, Mabel Marie Duffy 11-07-1904 02-15-1972
Pettijohn, Carlton Jr.(son of Carlton Sr. Pettijohn & Mary Nightser)04-28-1915 10-09-1994 Long Pine, NE
Pettijohn, Carleton N. Sr.(husband of Lucy E. Smith m.1886 ) (son of Thomas & Harriet Clark) 08-13-1860 09-17-1958 Flora, ILL
Pettijohn, Earl(son of Carlton Sr. & Lucy E. Smith Pettijohn) 10-22-1887 08-09-1901
Pettijohn, Hugh C.(son of Carlton Sr. & Lucy Smith Pettijohn) 01-7-1895 09-17-1895
Pettijohn, Lucy E. Smith(wife of Carlton Sr. m.1886) ???? 1916
Pettijohn, Robert (Civil War) ? ? Illinois
Peterson, Clara P. 02-05-1889 02-08-1921
Peterson, Edward Peter(husband of Zoia McCarthney) 07-23-1903 03-10-1979Herman, NE
Peterson, Isaac (husband of Clara Beatrice Peterson) 06-22-1866 04-28-1931Sweden
Peterson, Julie 1895 1983
Peterson, Louisa J. 1867 1942
Peterson, Robert Peter(husband of Louisa Jane) 04-21-1865 04-28-1957Copenhagen, Denmark
Peterson, Sadie Margaret(dau of Isaac & Clara Bethage Peterson) 05-21-1897 04-09-1928
Peterson, Zola 1904 1985
Pharris, Ada I. 1910 1929
Pharris, Clyde C. 1891 1963
Pharris, Elizabeth M. 1886 1978
Pharris, John H. 1886 1978
Pharris, Muriel L. 04-01-1925 06-15-1984
Pharris, Nellie E. 1895 1972
Pharris, Wesley D. (WW11) 03-08-1925 07-15-1978
Pinson Violet Vern Henderson Kyner(wife of #1 Lloyd Kyner m.1921, #2 Jack Pinson m.1966) 06-08-1903 11-16-1981Brown Co.,NE
Plantz, Infant son no dates
Plantz, Muriel May Ashley 09-04-1887 12-21-1968Ohio
Plopper, Frank (Civil War) 01-17-1846 02-11-1933
Plopper, Priscillla(wife of Frank) 01-13-1842 09-21-1906
Plummer, Della K. 1885 1962
Polen, Janice Marie Wheeler(wife of Walter Harry Polen m.09-04-1971)(dau of Donald R. & Doris E. Anderson Wheeler)04-01-194607-25-2005Bassett, Ne
Porter, Arthur Frank(husband of Ruby Marie Slattery)12-16-1923 08-27-1985 Bassett, NE
Porter, Martin Stuart(husband of Dixie Luehrs) 07-18-1954 03-26-1977Grand Island, NE
Potter, Kenneth R. 12-01-1915 12-20-1973
Potter, Marion Osborn(husband of Myrtle) 11-14-1886 12-25-1965Henderson Co., ILL
Potter, Myrtle C. Dessie(wife of Marion Osborn Potter) 11-24-1890 03-27-1978Carson, Iowa
Powell, John T. 01-22-18?? 02-26-1898
Powell, Lottie A. 1896 08-06-1896
Powell, Sarah Lenora Fraser(wife of Wm. Andrew) 05-16-1877 04-13-1949Dixon, KY
Powell, William 1875 1952
Prelle, August F.W. 1880 1927
Putnam, Layton 1883 1916
Putnam, Lola J. ???? 1896
Putnam, Mabel 1913 1930
Putnam, Peter J. (Civil War) 10-9-1834 05-04-1906NY
Quick, DeWilton(son of William) 1909 1911
Quick, William 1881 1939
Randall, Elmer(husband of Lucille) 11-20-1881 09-14-1968Hartington,KS
Randall, Ione(dau of Elmer & Lucille Fallert Randall)05-24-194210-27-2003Bassett, Ne
Randall, Lucille Frances Fallert(husband #1 DeWeese)(husband#2 Elmer Randall) 02-08-1901 01-23-1980Iowa
Redmond, Asa Enos(husband of Edith Barker)(veteran) 1897 09-22-1949
Redmond, Edith Baker(dau of George L. & Margaret Smith Baker)(wife of #1 Frank Sederstrom, #2 Asa Redmond)08-10-190312-20-2003Long Pine, NE
Rees, David 1913 1926
Rees, W.D. (civil) 1845 02-1896
Renner, Catherine T.(wife of G.W.) 08-14-1847 04-28-1893
Renner, Vera 08-04-1893 09-05-1894
Retzlaff, Clayton 02-27-1919 03-16-1920
Reynolds, John Raymond(husband of Kathryn Russell m.05-15-1937) 10-28-1915 8-31-1991Taylor, NE
Reynolds, Julia Regina Schlafer (wife of Wesley) 03-08-1895 03-26-1983Chicago, Ill
Reynolds, Wesley John(husband of Julia Schlafer) 03-28-1892 08-10-1977Anita, Iowa
Richards, Glenn E.(WW11) 07-28-1912 04-20-1969
Rickard, E.A. 04-10-1853 09-19-1910
Rickard, Edna Marian(dau of Charles Baruard & Francis Thompson) 03-25-1880 02-15-1960Iowa
Rickard, J.B. 03-13-1860 06-13-1911
Rickard,Lewis Levi(husband of Edna M.) 01-19-1878 05-31-1957 Seward NE
Riggs, Emaline (wife of H.P.) 11-26-1839 06-01-1908
Riggs, Hazel Peter 01-07-1836 06-15-1899
Ritterbush, Charles L.(son of Andrew & Sarah Neff) 12-31-1891 05-04-1955Crookston, NE
Ritterbush, Ezza M.(wife of Jacob) 04-21-1872 02-10-1898
Ritterbush, Sarah Francis(wife of Andrew) 05-09-1850 09-30-1931Madison, Ind.
Ritterbush, William Henry(husband of Anna Youngman) 09-12-1865 09-25-1954Petersburg, Ill
Roan, Bertha Leota Dimmit Banta 05-01-1874 11-01-1969Livingston Co.,ILL
Roan, Jess 10-23-1868 04-22-1948
Roberts, Pheobe A. 07-28-1833 09-24-1906
Robertson, Alvis A. 1867 1934
Robertson, Anna E. 05-15-1846 05-24-1921
Robertson, Jack Andrew(son of George & Eva Miner Robertson)(hus of Lena Berkheimer m.12-20-1938)03-18-191905-22-2009
Robertson, Lena Margaret Berkheimer(dau of John Dennis & Gertrude Schoettger Berkheimer)(wife of Jack Robertson m. 12-20-1938)Springview, Ne
Robertson, Lucile M. 1880 11-23-1968
Robinson, Anna Tjabine Spier(wife of John) 03-16-1875 03-24-1965Germany
Robinson, Jesse(Civil) no dates
Robinson, John (Jack)(husband of Anna Spier) 1871 1934
Robinson, Lyda(wife of Arba E.) no dates
Robinson, Margarett(wife of Joseph) 01-20-1843 10-17-1896
Robinson, Robert William(son of John & Sarah Richardson) 09-24-1881 08-05-1958England
Robson, Jennie 10-26-1881 01-01-1909
Robson, Joshua(husband of Jennie) 1875 1947
Roggasch, Arthur E. 1905 1979
Roggasch, Dennis Duane(hus of Eleanor Davis m.06-03-1959)(son of Arthur & Isabelle Mary Dunne Roggasch)07-04-193410-19-2005Duff, NE
Roggasch, Mary Isabell Dunn(wife of Arthur) 02-09-1908 11-11-1957Taylor, NE
Roggasch, Kenneth ???? 1999
Roland, James Thomas(husband of Hattie B.) 03-05-1861 09-07-1949 Lafayette, IND
Rouse, (dau of J.R.& Alice)1 mo 27 day01-24-1887
Rose, Janet Eldine(dau of J.D.& E.B.) 11-05-1910 11-09-1910
Ross, James A.(Spanish Am) 1875 1932
Ross, Marietta Powell 06-20-187408-13-1944Oregon, Ill.
Russell, Elias H.(husband of Ora Draper 11-07-1886 10-06-1972Iasso, MICH
Russell, Ora M. Draper(wife of Elias) 07-12-1889 09-01-1972Genoe, NE
Sanford, W.P. (Civil War) no dates
Sawyer, Lydia (wife of Floyd) 1898 1918
Schaller, Charles(son of Charlie & Clara Pridemore Schaller)(hus of Charlotte Snelson m. 05-20-1939)01-23-191912-23-2009Bloomfield, NE
Schaller, Charlotte Snelson(wife of Charlie Schaller m.05-20-1939) )(dau of Emel & Iva Goodwin Snelson)05-10-192107-04-2003Newport, NE
Scott, Harvey J. 1861 1924
Scott, Rosetta 1866 1939
Scott, Sarah 09-03-1851 06-1939
Seadore, Ella May Fleck(wife of John m.11-21-1928)09-14-191009-13-2001Lakin Township, Morrison, Mn
Seadore, John Alfred Sr.(husband of Ella Mae Fleck m. 11-21-1928) 10-24-1900 08-03-1984Wood Lake,NE
Seadore, Larry A.(son of John) (Vietnam) 07-09-1949 07-17-1970
Seadore, Richard John(Korea) 04-17-1927 04-18-1951
Seaman, Clara C. Bundrook(dau of August) 10-15-1872 07-11-1966Kilbourn City, WISC
Seaman, Edward (husband of Clara) 04-20-1868 08-07-1945Portage ,Wisc.
Seaman, Lola(dau of James & Mary) 11-07-1888 12-09-1904
Seaman, May E. 08-28-1890 12-09-1904
Searles, Albert 09-06-1874 03-30-1890
Searles, Charles Henry (Civil War)1842 no date
Searles, Elizabeth K. Goodsheller no dates
Sears, Baby(dau of Viola & Dale) 04-19-195004-19-1950Ainsworth, NE
Sears, Viola M. Brown 1931 1970
Seier, Anna C.(dau of John & Sophie Wulf) 02-15-1890 06-01-1983Duff, NE
Seier, Johnnie 06-28-1896 10-28-1978
Seier, John C. 11-25-1858 02-21-1941
Seier, John William 07-14-1922 12-10-1997
Seier, Louise (dau of Johnnie C. & Lydia Martens Seier)09-05-192011-19-2002Duff, NE
Seier, Lydia (wife of Johnnie)12-23-1895 05-09-1955
Seier, Sophie Marie Wulf(wife of John) 03-23-1866 08-24-1944Schleiswig Holstein, Germany
Shade, Floyd M.(husband of Gertrude Masters)(WW11) 08-19-1920 11-30-1980 Spencer, NE
Shaneyfelt, Donald Lyle(hus of #1 E. Louise Rowley, #2 D. Lynn Robertson m.1977)(son of Lyle & Elizabeth Shaneyfelt)03-01-192305-23-2005Omaha, NE
Shaneyfelt, Elizabeth Burrett(wife of Lyle m.10-18-1921)12-10-1889 12-03-1967IND
Shaneyfelt, Lyle O.(husband of Elizabeth)(WW1) 04-06-1891 07-26-1990Marquette, NE
Sharp, Elnora May(wife of Glyde Davis) 04-29-1926 11-11-1997 Long Pine, NE
Sharp, Ethel(husband #1 Lewis Sharp)(#2 Ed McClurg) 11-02-1896 04-03-1993
Sharlp, Laverna J. Woodhead(wife of Vernon L. Sharp m.04-29-1938)10-10-191812-10-2001Ong, NE
Sharp, Louis 06-25-1884 01-11-143
Sharp, Vernon L.(hus of LaVerna J. Woodhead m. 04-20-1938)(son of Lewis & Ehtel Firth Sharp)07-08-191310-02-2006Elsmere, NE
Shawler, William 1859 1927
Sheehan, Bridget B. 1831 11-1908
Sheer, Nellie M.Mason(wife of Henry James) 04-08-1861 01-24-1947London, England
Sheldon, Alice Arlene Coen(wife of #1 Lawrence Cornell m.09-1949 #2 Ed Sheldon 01-21-1971) 03-06-1932 01-19-2001 Custer County, NE
Sherman, Franklin 1852 1918
Sherman, Mary 1872 1930
Shrider, Almeda M. 1888 1951
Shrider, Charles D. 1874 1960
Simons, Charles John(husband of Nellie) (WW1) 12-09-1895 07-15-1971Norden, NE
Simons, Nellie Gretchen Bahr(wife of Chalres J.) 02-12-1894 02-09-1981 Pine Camp,NE
Simpson, Eva Mae(wife of H.B.) 02-09-1860 01-06-1908
Simpson, Iva Mae(dau of H.B.& M.B.) 04-18-1915 04-20-1915
Skillman, Rachel G. Kyner(wife of Ralph) 1899 1976
Smith, Aaron Jr.(husband of Mary Jane ?? ) 02-23-1874 07-18-1893
Smith, Alicia (wife of George Sr.) 1851 1942
Smith, Bessie Tierner(wife of Glen) 09-26-1882 11-07-1950Blair, NE
Smith, Charles N. 05-15-1873 03-20-1902
Smith, Clyde J. 1872 1962
Smith, Earl George 1908
Smith, Elsie M. Wallace(dau of Reuben H. & Luella E. Jackson Wallace)(wife of Lawrence L Smith m. 05-26-1935)09-13-191605-06-2010Long PIne, NE
Smith, Frank E. 1867 1936
Smith, Glenn Irvin (husband of Bessie) 1887 09-04-1958
Smith, George A. (wife of Alicia)(Civil War-Co.F Wisc. Onf.) 1842 1924
Smith, George A. Jr. 1884 1947
Smith, Grace Ellen Beckwith (wife of Wm.Sr.) 01-16-1885 01-14-1969Co
Smith, James 12-17-1839 1911
Smith, Jessie Baker(wife of James) 12-17-1839 01-19-1995
Smith, Mary Jane ??(wife of Aaron Jr.) 07-08-1817 05-29-1892
Smith, Nathan Arthur(husbandof Nellie Barker) (buried on lot with Shirley Brown) 11-20-1893 09-6-1983Ute, NE
Smith, Nettie Ann Booker (wife of Frank E.) 03-08-1870 10-29-1960Iowa
Smith, Nellie Ethel Randall Barker(wife of#1 Freeman Barker m.09-20-1914,#2 Nathan A. Smith m.03-10-1961) 09-20-1914 03-10-1961 Prairie Home, NE
Smith, Nellie Nicholas(wife of George Jr.) 1874 1908
Smith, O. A. (Civil War) 1842 05-10-1924
Smith, Samuel F. Rev. 08-02-1820 09-18-1898
Smith, William Chester Jr.(son of Wm Sr. & Grace)(wife #1 Helen Lindburg)(#2 Doris Lyman O'Halloran) 05-30-1909 05-22-1979Long Pine, NE
Smith, William Chester Sr.(husband of Grace Ellen Beckwith) 12-14-1881 01-29-1966Exeter, NE
Sorey, Raymond(husband of Neola (Bode) Anderson)(WW11) 05-02-1923 01-10-1990Phoenix, AZ
Spore, J.H.(Co. 3 63rd Ind Inf) no dates
Staal, Hazel Esther Wheeler(wife of Leonard Stall)(dau of Lou & Dora Wheeler) 08-16-1903 10-29-1968Brown Co, NE
Staal, Leonard Jake(Sonny(husband of Hazel Esther Wheeler) 10-24-1897 08-26-1982Creston, Iowa
Staal, Shirley(dau of Leonard & Hazel) 1927 1928
Stec, Agnes Theresa Lazarowiez(wife of Anton) 12-27-1900 12-10-1978Omaha, NE
Stec, Andrew Stanley 10-20-1887 08-08-1959
Stec, Alfred A.(hus of Noreen Jo Duffy m. 05-21-1981)(son of Anton & Agnes Lazarowicz Stec)12-18-192806-25-2011Rock County, NE
Stec, Anton Joseph(husband of Agnes) 05-04-1895 02-25-1989Tarnov, Poland
Stec, Anthony S.(husbnd of Delores M. Davis) 09-11-1933 06-1-1998Long Pine, NE
Stec, Edward Leo(son of Andrew & Katherine Bosak Stec)(hus of Jeannine Ramona Nelson m. 12-29-194703-21-192007-19-2009Long PIne, NE
Stec, Gregory T.(son of Anton & Agnes Lazarowicz) 09-03-1992 11-12-1999Rock Co., NE
Stec, Jeannine Ramona Nelson(wife of Edward Stec) 10-16-1928 07-19-1990Norfolk, NE
Stec, Joseph M. 11-28-1939 11-28-1939
Stec, Kathrine C.(wife of Andrew m.05-24-1910)10-10-1893 02-19-1945
Stephens, James Woodrow(Jim)(husband of Viola M. Weander) 11-07-1912 02-09-1984Creighton, NE
Stephens, Viola Marie Weander(wife of James W.) 12-04-1914 01-11-1983Long Pine, NE
Stephenson, Eliza J. 03-15-1852 11-27-1890
Stephenson, Florence (dau of Wm& Eliza) 07-01-1890 08-16-1890
Stevens, Olive E. 1886 1979
Steward, Alva Emanuel(husband of Gertruude Wilcox) 07-02-1891 06-05-19-1971Iowa
Steward, Sarah Gertrude Wilcox(wife of Alva m.01-13-1914) 02-28-1894 10-13-1985
Stigle, Robert B. (Civil War) 03-24-1884
Still, Anthony Jerod 12-22-1985 06-106-2000
Stocks, Jean Eleanor 1927 10-19-1944
Stouffer, Marcele Kay(dau of Irvine & Sheryl Crawford) 02-10-197502-10-1975Bassett, NE
Stouffer, Norman( husband of Wretha Dickinson m.11-15-1945) 12-16-1907 07-23-1997Mapton, MO
Stout, Dollie E. Bunning(wife of Everett m. 03-06-1946)04-20-191003-21-2002Long Pine, NE
Stout, Edward Everett 07-18-1910 06-22-1991
Storm, Frank H. 1881 1927
Strange, Walter Redding(husband of Lenora) 01-30-1916 09-03-1947Sioux Falls, SD
Strelow, Anna Koehn 12-06-1867 05-15-1644 Pierce Co., Ne
Strelow, Ella A. Zabel(wife of George) 10-02-1888 07-04-1964
Strelow, Goerge Frederic(son of Herman & Anna) 04-15-1888 11-10-1966Norfolk,NE
Strelow, Gordon(son of George F. & Ella A. Zabel) 06-13-1914 02-27-1976Long Pine, NE
Stultz, Charles B. 1878 1932
St.Loors, Mildred H. 11-12-1901 04-23-1903
Sullivan, Joseph 1853 05-23-1930
Summers, Ira Clifford(husband of Nora Diehl m. 03-18-1913)12-18-1892 12-14-1987Boone, Iowa
Summers, Nora Alice Diehl(wife of Ira) 03-21-1892 03-14-1985Missouri Valley, Iowa
Swanson, Charles 1874 1960
Swanson, Isabelle A. 1906 1977
Swanson, Kate C.(wife of Charles) 1883 1959
Swanson, Leonard(WW11) 12-26-1906 04-05-1978
Swanson, Robert 1908 1976
Swett, Wayne W.(son of Bernard & Marguerite Sweet)(hus of Marvel Masters m. 12-02-195509-12-193103-23-2009Ainsworth, Ne
Swim, Laura 11-17-1825 06-19-1900
Tabler, Henry ???? 1936
Tabler, Nettie Jane 1884 11-19-1950
Tautkus, Mabel Emma Shauler(wife of John) 02-10-1900 05-06-1941York,Ne
Teeters, Fern Gladys Kirk(wife of Jeff) 07-12-1900 10-17-1951 Oberlin, Kansas
Tegerdine, Annie (wife of George) 11-30-1860 11-14-1944Wisbec,England
Tegerdine, George R.(son of George & Annie) 01-10-1895 04-13-1981Ewing, NE
Thomas, Eli Anson 1857 1942
Thomas, Elizabeth 1860 1942
Thomas, Flora M. 1829 1905
Thomas, Gertrude E. 1889 12-11-1917
Thomas, Harry 1855 1926
Thomas, Hoyle ???? 1924
Thomas, Lucy May 1890 1919
Thomas, Minnie L. 1865 1918
Thomas, Orrin R. (WW11) 1913 1998
Thomas, Susie Mary Gee(wife of Harry E.) 12-06-186306-15-1945Nashville, Tn
Thomas, Theodore Rieter 04-23-1861 04-20-1944Springfield, Ill
Thomas, Viola Curry(wife of William) ??? 1901
Thomas, William Francis ?? 1924
Thompson, Alice M. 09-04-1871 02-04-1896
Thompson, Anna Napier(dau of John & Nancy Shrunk) 11-05-1869 06-10-1965Filmore, MO
Thompson, Charles Fred 06-02-1893 03-15-1946Maitland, Mo.
Thompson, Flora 03-24-1829 03-05-1905
Thompson, Francis A. 12-28-1852 01-31-1923
Thompson, Gladys Marie Duffield(wife of Ted m.08-01-1929) 02-19-1910 01-18-1991Weeping Water, Ne
Thompson, James M. 12-03-1853 11-04-1923
Thompson, Jared 1819 1901
Thompson, Mary J. 1825 1915
Thompson, Merle 1894 1918
Thompson, Owen Elmer(husband of Anna) 03-21-1870 04-15-1949Maryville, MO
Thompson, Raymond W. 11-23-1909 04-16-1985
Thompson, Reubon A. 1884 1941
Thompson, Ted O.(husband of Gladys Duffield) 10-20-1908 03-15-1986Bedison, MO
Thralls, Michael J.(Civil War-Pvt. Co C 57th Ind. Inf)
Thralls, Martha 07-1847 05-04-1897
Titler, Edna Pearl McCullough(dau of James McCullough & Cora Johnson) 01-29-1885 01-21-1958
Troutman, Edward 1889 10-01-1956
Troutman, Nellie A. 1892 05-26-1947
Tyler, Gwyneth L. Wright(Wife of Bob) 03-30-1912 05-18-1991 Yankton, SD

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