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Current cemetery is located 1 mile south of Long Pine. The first cemetery in Long Pine was located 1/4 mile east of Long Pine near the Railroad tracks. It was discontinued on Sept. 1,1888. Some of graves were moved to the new south cemetery and some were just left and abandoned with stones removed and lost. Some of the remaining bodies left at the old cemetery were not allowed to be moved because of death due to contagious disease. Anyone dieing before 1888 was buried in the old cemetery, and after Sept 1,1888 in the new cemetery. It was first opened for the buriel of C.T. Bannining who was the first interment there. There was no location given for that buriel. A big Thank YOU to Harriet Hulshizer, local historian for Long Pine who furnished records for all the information listed below. This was a joint effort by the Long Pine Clerks office , Harriet Hulshizer, and the Torguson's.

Legal Description: NW SE Section 31, Township 30, Range 20
Upstill, Alfred 1859 1890
Upstill, Alice Flanders 1868 1914
Upstill, Edley E. 1863 01-09-1960
Upstill, Eugene Alfred(husband of Helen) 11-14-1894 01-03-1968Sioux City, Iowa
Upstill, Helen D. 1901 1986
Upstill, Mary Alice(wife of Edley Ellis) 05-07-1870 02-10-1939Grafton, Wisc.
Upstill, Plolemy 1875 1903
VanCleave, Lila Mae White(wife of Raymond Charles) 11-18-1906 05-08-1985Crookston, NE
VanCleave, Raymond Charles(husband of Lily May) 12-04-1908 01-11-1945Ord, Ne
VanCleave, Stanford LaMoine(son of Raymond & Lila Beed) 05-13-1933 06-30-1978Ainsworth, NE
Vandeventeer, Andrew Orville(husband of Alice Anne) 06-06-1908 12-17-1956Linden, Kansas
Vandeventeer, Alice Kasparie ???? 01-19-1999
Vanocker, Mary M. 1837 1919
Vanocker, ???? 1841 1922
VanDonselaar, Alice Marie Kasparie(wif of Dick) 08-21-1902 12-17-1986Danburg, Iowa
Vargason, John(Civil War-Co.F 88th Ind. Inf,name also appears as Ferguson on stone)02-04-183603-28-1884
Vesper, Fredrick John(husband of Phyllis Law m.06-14-1952)(son of Hilda & John) 02-28-1922 10-14-1984
Vesper, Hilda Sophia Johnson(wife of John Henry Vesper m.02-21-1921 )(dau of Frans Otto Johnson & Alma Sophia Anderson Johnson) 12-14-1895 06-22-1973Malvern, Iowa
Vesper, John Henry(husband of Hilda Sophia Johnson)(son of Henry Bartlett Vesper & Ella Margarette McElwain Vesper) (WW1 Co C. 7th Inf. 3rd Div.) 08-26-1895 11-15-1960Coggon, Iowa
Voss, Carol(dau of Hazel Wallace Voss) 1940 1940
Voss, Eula Aline Gloshen(wife of Kenneth)04-27-191402-05-1997Guss, Iowa
Voss, Kenneth Edmond(husband of Eula Gloshen) 07-27-1915 10-08-1976Laurel, NE
Wade, Mary E. 03-29-1832 07-07-1897
Wagoner, Alice (wife of George)09-11-1855 01-11-1937
Wagoner, George B. 11-23-1849 11-23-1924
Wagoner, Jessie Edward 03-03-1877 02-17-1899
Wagoner, Merta Alta Mae Clift 08-20-1879 12-02-1904
Wagoner, Ray Sgt.(WW1) 05-24-1926
Wales, Arville F. 08-30-1860 08-10-1917
Wales, Carrie Enders?09-03-1968
Wales, Claude Leroy(husband of Carrie Enders m.12-25-1907)(son of Henry & Mary Wales) 03-01-1882 09-05-1938Moore Co., Minn
Wales, Francis Clair 01-28-1852 08-12-1911
Wales, Henry A.(hus of Mary Wales) 1848 1920
Wales, LeRoy D.(son of Claude E.& Carrie) 04-09-1915 07-14-1918
Wales, Mary C.(wife of Henry) 1856 1928
Wales, Sterling Henry(son of Claude L. & Carrie L. Enders Wales)(hus of Dortha Fry m.07-08-1940) 04-16-191612-11-2003Enders Lake, NE
Wallace, Barton, Eugene(husband of Norma09-28-194110-17-2001Milford, Ne.
Wallace, Dean(son of Reuban & Luella) 1908 1927
Wallace, Laura 1913 1913
Wallace, Luella Emma Jackson(wife of Rueben) 07-29-1887 07-15-1966Long PIne, NE
Wallace, Ralph 1906 1907
Wallace, Ruben Henry(husband of Luella Emma Jackson) 04-04-1883 11-13-1977Keokue, Iowa
Warnke, Eldon Henry (son of Frank & Alice Hendricks Warnke)(hus of Rose Marie Seadore m. 10-16-1953)12-28-192702-12-2011Tilden,NE
Warnke, Stewart James(husband of Ruth Wallace) (WW11) 10-07-1910 11-02-1979Tilden, NE
Warnke, William Edward(son of Frank & Alice Hendricks) 03-10-1925 01-18-1984Tilden, NE
Warren, Addie 08-19-1882 04-19-1962ILL
Wash, Bishop A. ???? 05-15-1946
Wash, Mary Jane ??? 1948
Wash, Nancy Elizabeth (wife of Bishop) 10-06-1861 01-09-1948 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Weander, Arthur W. 07-21-1905 09-09-1995
Weander, Frank Arthur Sr. 11-14-1881 08-20-1959 Oakland, NE
Weander, Katherine Mary Krause(wife of Frank A.) 10-09-1886 09-04-1955West Point, NE
Weander, Kenneth Lee(husband of Sandra Edwards m.11-29-1963) 11-19-1943 02-26-1997
Weavere, G.F. 1863 1924
Weber, Carl Fred(husband of Elizabeth A. Henderson)(son of Carl Frederick & Bertha Louise Schulz Weber) 08-30-1898 06-03-1982Omaha, NE
Weber, Elizabeth(Sis) Ann Henderson(wife of Carl m.1945) 03-12-1917 05-17-1982Ainsworth, NE
Weigrief, Elizabeth 1837 06-08-1917
Weigrief, George ???? 1921
Welke, Colby Wynn (infant son of Gary & Sandra Wheeler)) 05-18-197305-18-1973Ainsworth, NE
Wens, Mattis Conrad(husband of Rose) 12-22-1886 06-22-1953York Co., NE
Wens, Rose Pauline Link(dau of Gustav & Catherine Fuger) 04-17-1887 08-17-1953Burwell, NE
Wheeler, Alice Etta Abrams(wife of James L. Wheeler) 08-08-1898 08-24-1985Knox Co.,NE
Wheeler, Clyde Willliam (husband of Marie Edith) 06-15-1893 04-01-1945Brown Co., Ne
Wheeler, Delta 1874 1922
Wheeler, Dewey Everton(son ofLuctus & Della Stults) 01-25-1899 10-10-1958Brown Co., NE
Wheeler, Donald Reed(husband of Doris E. Anderson m. 04-14-1945)12-24-192411-17-2001Dunlap, Ia
Wheeler, Gerdan Francis Tscharner(husband of Rosa Culbertson m.04-11-1923)(son of Lessie & Criss Tscharner, adopted by his grandparents,(after his mother's death), Elsie Wheeler & John Thomas Wheeler) 09-30-1902 08-02-1983Long Pine, NE
Wheeler, Grace Evelyn Casper(wife of Harvey) 01-01-1880 08-03-1971Iowa
Wheeler, Harvey Upton(husband of Grace Casper)(son of John) 08-19-1878 01-28-1948Keokeck, Iowa
Wheeler, Hattie Henderson 1893 1913
Wheeler, James Lafayette(husband of Alice Etta) 09-0-1890 02-17-1946Long Pine, Ne
Wheeler, Luctus 1896 1943
Wheeler, Lyle Eugene(husband of Dorothy McGuire)(son of Gerdan & Rosa Wheeler) 10-31-1930 11-03-1989Long Pine, NE
Wheeler, Mamie Edith Stults(wife of Clyde) 10-27-1891 11-30-1988 Maitland, MO
Wheeler, Roland Keith (WW11) 11-29-1923 04-27-1988
Wheeler, Rosa Bell Culbertson(wife of Gerdan Wheeler) 09-07-1907No date
Wheeler, Ruby 1892 1950
Wheeler, Shelly Lynn(dau of Lyle & Dorothy McGuire Wheeler) 07-02-1971 12-25-1971Ainsworth, NE
White, Infant(son of A.B.& Ava) 1897 6-26-1897
White, Alva B. 1858 1923
White, Ava I. Stephenson(wife of Alva B. White m.1881)(dau of Sherman Stephenson) 1864 1957Sharon, Wisc.
White, Ezra A.(Civil War) 04-02-1836 10-09-1906
White, Loris A. 1899 1922
White, Mary Louisa(wife of E.A.) 05-15-1838 01-14-1900
Whiting, Charlie E. 05-06-1851 01-30-1916
Whiting, Carl R.(son of Don & Nettie) 05-28-1915 06-20-1915
Whiting, Don E. ???? 1968
Whiting, Hannah Doris(wife of Charlie W.) 07-16-1855 01-12-1944Bedford, INd
Whiting, Mettie B.(wife of Don) 01-14-1891 05-28-1915
Whitney, Anna 05-24-1853 09-18-1899
Whitson, Amelia M. 1893 1990
Whitson, Ora K.(husband of Amelia)(WW1) 03-18-1892 07-05-1947
Whittmore, Cyrus 03-19-18?? 02-24-1887
Whittmore, Frank (Civil War-1st Lt. Co. F 21st Mo. Inf) no dates
Wicht, Becky 03-01-1951 01-26-1991
Wilcox, Lori 1883 1976
Wilcox, son (of Lori)10-01-1923
Will, Heannah Brown 05-20-1827 08-26-1901
Will, Joseph Milton(Civil War-Sgt.Co E. Ill. Inf) 11-01-1828 10-16-1899
Wilson, Elliot William 1882 1945
Wilson, Sophia Pearl 1880 1968
Wing, Francis L.(husband of Mabel Buckingham) (WW11) 10-10-1915 08-20-1982Memphis, NE
Wing, Mabel Irene 05-30-1914 02-14-1988
Winkley, Albert 09-15-1882 06-22-1912
Winkley, Elizabeth Johnson 09-05-1853 02-20-1920
Winkley, F.S. ???? 06-22-1912
Winkley, Mrs. F.S. (wife #2) 09-06-1854 08-06-1937
Wisbey, D.E. 1836 04-18-1912
Wolfe, Helen M. Weander(m.06-14-1934) 12-11-1906 05-12-1993
Wolfe, Jess T.09-02-1902 10-30-1992
Wolff, Margaret 1872 1928
Woods, Frank W. (Co D Wisc. INf. Sp.Am.) No Dates
Woods, Nancy Isabelle Black(wife of Oscar Edwin) 06-20-1875 01-02-1955Indianola, Iowa
Woods, Oscar Edward(husband of Nancy I.) 09-14-1869 06-27-1960Iowa
Woods, Wayne (son of Oscar & Nancy) 01-01-1911 02-08-1919
Wright, Alice Letitia Bortow(wife of Winfred) 08-20-1876 11-12-1945Sandusky, Ohio
Wright, Bertha L. 1883 1961
Wright, Clement Clifford(husband of Bertha L.) 01-12-1874 11-17-1947 Salem ,Oreegon
Wright, Clifford (Mike) 1910 1973
Wright, Frances S.(Husband of Amelia) 04-06-1888 06-28-1933
Wright, Grace Della Lyman(wife of Clifford m.10-03-1936) 03-16-1911 04-29-1991Pierre, SD
Wright, Henry (Civil War-Sgt. Co B. 13th Iowa Inf. )??PA
Wright, Stella Bell Humphreys(wife of T.C.) 07-30-1874 05-02-1957Harlan, Iowa
Wright, Thomas Curtis(husband of Stella) 12-10-1867 03-24-1944Ottawa, Canada
Wright, Winfred Charles(husband of Alice) 04-13-1881 12-19-1950
Younkin, George Vaughn JR.(son of George Sr. & Rana Dalton Younkin)(hus of Becky Ruth Hoyt m.06-07-1959)10-08-193712-07-2003Mitchell, NE.

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