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Instructions for Ordering Prints

There was a photography studio in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE, that closed and sold its building many decades ago. At some point after the new business moved in, hundreds of glass plate negatives were found to have been left behind. Many of these negatives are identified, with some dating to the 1800s. These glass plates negatives now belong to the Cedar County Historical Society.

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To order prints of the glass negatives, please provide the following:

(1) $15.00 U.S. for each 5x7 OR 4x6 print payable to CEDAR COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY

(2) Glass Negative number(s) and name(s)

(3) Number of prints requested per negative

Mail To:     
P.O. Box 181

For additional information about Cedar County glass negatives, e-mail:
Cedar County Historical Society

Carol Tramp,
Coordinator for Cedar County


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