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Picnic at St. James
MWA Association enjoys an outing, 5000 attend.
Thursday, Sept 5, 1901 Front Page
Cedar County News

Contributed by: Carol Tramp
Reprinted here with permission of Cedar County News Editor Rod Dump.

Over 5000 people gathered in the beautiful grove near St. James August 22. The MWA Lodge of _______. in holding their annual picnic, all those present and there were many from Hartington were unanimous in pronouncing at one of the largest and best picnics ever held in Cedar County. Crowds came from all parts of this county and from South Dakota across the big muddy.

Anderson’s Grove had been properly prepared with seat and a speakers stand situated that thousands could sit and enjoy the forenoon program which consisted of selections by the Citizens Concert Band of Hartington. Songs by the Quartet (Mssrs. Oswald and Potter and Misses Oswald); several fine vocal solos by Miss Felber of Yankton and the pleasing and well appreciated address of the day by H. J. Millard of Hartington.

Dinner was followed and was taken from well- filled baskets and dining halls on the grounds.

After dinner the sporting program was carried out as follows: Egg race won by Stanley Felber of Yankton, John Rosenbach of Hartington, second; Lloyd Jones of St. James was third. Lots of Fun.

The three-legged race was amusing and was won by Oswald and Porter of St. James. Jenni and Whitney of Hartington, second.

In the Leap Frog contest Joe Ernst of Hartington and james Mallatt of Walcupona won.

The tug of war between Hartington and St. James Woodman was won by the latter team after a hard pull.

Charles Carter of St. James threw the sledge the greatest distance.

Jess Chamberlain of St. James was the champion spike driver.

Mrs. Thomas Barron was quick with a saw and won the log sawing contest.

Mrs. Griffith of St. Helena carried off the honors as a wood chopper.

Mrs. Hunt of St. James never the missed the nail on the hammering match.

The shooting match drew many lovers of this sport and was won by Louise Hoese, Paul Harder, George Jenkes and Chris Carter for second place.

The exciting event of the day was the ball game between St. James and St. Helena, and was a victory for the latter team, score 6 to 7.

The merry-go-round was well patronized and the “midway” was arranged to accommodate all.

The dance in the evening wound up a day long to be remembered by those present, for the good times furnished by St. James Woodmen.


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