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Brownlee Cemetery
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Located at Brownlee, Ne
Section 29, Range 28, Township 27.

Ayers, Clinton Dell01-04-187811-01-1901
Beer, Rivers A.(son of Sarah & George)07-04-188905-17-1965
Beer, Sarah Catherine King(wife of George Beer Jr. m. 08-18-1863)09-22-184102-09-1927
Beer, Unknown infant??
Brown, Infant??
Brown, Washing H.(husband of Clarabel Snyder m.1866)05-06-184005-27-1904Morrow Co., Ohio
Camel, Robert??
Chaloud, William Franklin(Bill)08-10-190007-26-1986Thedford, NE
Chaloud, E.R.Peedon(wife of Frank)11-10-188003-02-1907
Chaloud, Frances C.(dau of Frank)18991917
Clausen, ???
Crawford, William??
Dahlbom, Alfred M.18611943
Dahlbom, Marjorie18991925
Dahlbom, Mary P.18661959
Deitrich, ???
Eatinger, Claude??
Eatinger, Vera??
Faulhaber, Jennie18721958
Faulhaber, Roy L.18921945
Feicht, John G.11-08-188503-13-1947
Feicht, Rose G.07-20-188203-24-1946
Gallagher, James??
Gallagher, Marshall Leroy(son of James W.)08-14-190907-25-1927Cherry Co., NE
Geils, Leroy??
Goddard, Norman??
Guilfoil, Frank E.03-09-185912-22-1932
Hohstatt, Barbara C.(wife of Fredrick)18641963
Hohstatt, Frerick G.18521913
Higgins, James L.05-19-190510-23-1918
Higgins, M.H.(Doc) 18671932
Ireland, ???
Kerr, ???
Kissell, Anna12-20-183409-28-1898
Lawrence Infant??
Lee, Cora B.18821910
Lee, Jessie C.01-02-188312-12-1894
Lee, Maggie J.05-28-189103-05-1892
Lee, Thomas Roy02-1-189311-23-1894
Lund, Johanna(wife of Paul P.)18591894
Lund, Silas L.18821949
Marquard, Frederick Wilhelm??
McGuire, Infant??
Merriman, Infant??
Merriman, Rube??
Merriman, Mrs. Rube??
Merz, Anna18601954
Merz, Pauline12-24-189401-13-1900
Merz, Willie03-01-189601-26-1900
Merz, Wilhelm18631954
Montgomery, Robert D.09-10-189506-28-1899
Montgomery, Samuel D.03-01-186006-28-1905
Packenham, Sarah C.(wife of William E.)03-22-187312-19-1902
Pavlik, Maritta Jane??
Pedersen, Herman??
Pedersen, Katie??
Pickett, ???
Ramey, Charles A.18931965
Ramy, May B.19101965
Ramey, Robert F.19461949
Rink, Johnny(stepson of W.L.Merz)10-17-188901-10-1900
Roberts, ???
Robinson, Mrs.??
Smith, Tony?08-16-1966
Sopher, Pearl??
Sopher, Stella??
Spencer, ???
Tait, Roland G.19081910
Tate, Infant(child of Homer)??
Walker, ? ??
Warner, May Day6-01-188002-08-1965
Warner, O.D.(Deck)04-25-188308-25-1965
Williams, Charles06-8-190212-26-1918

2 teenage girls buried on the Holiday Place close to Brownlee.
1 boy drowned in river and buried at the bridge- No Markers.
There are 5 unknown graves and 2 moved.

The below listed people were cremated and scattered on the hill 4 miles north of Brownlee on NW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 Section 31, Range 28, Township 28. There are bronze markers on the hillside.
LEE, GRACE LeMASTER(wife of Forrest Stetson Lee m. 06-08-1931) 11-26-1911 04-01- 1977
LEE, FORREST STETSON11-24-190901-20-1984
We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Cherry County Coordinator. Information on births and deaths donated by Ruth Harms who walked the cemetery in 1974

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