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Simeon General Store-Simeon, Ne.(circa 1897-1905)

Simeon General Store-era 1905
Solomon Linville Ellis-owner of Simeon General Store-Simeon, Ne.
The Simeon General Store was located 25 miles south of Valentine, Ne., on what is now the P.H.Young Ranch.

Solomon Linvill Ellis was born FBeb. 26,1865 in Springfield, Iowa, the son of George Paris Ellis and Francis Amelia Linvill. Lin as he was called grew up in Springfield with his brother Robert and his sisters Avis And Estell. As his parents has each been previously married , he also had 3 half brothers, Gus, Grear and Lo Wilson, and 6 Ellis half siblings, William Andrew, George, Phoebe Foster Overfelt, Isabelle Kelvey , and Mary Francis McAdams. Lin attendd Kansas Agricultural School in Manhatten, Kansas, and than moved to Sioux County Nebraska, where he was a teacher for a short while and than was elected to the postion of County Surveyor for Sioux County.
While living in Sioux county, Lin met Anna Luella Morgareidge, daughter of Willard Davis Morgareidge and Rachel Maitlda Marquis Morgareidge, one time residents of Valentine, Ne. When Lin and Ella(Anna Louella) decided to marry, they took a train to Valentine and were married December 28,1892.They returned to Sioux county for a while and than in 1897 they decided to move to Simeon, Ne. They had 5 children, Willard Theodore-1893, Frank Raymond-1896, Fred Davis-1898, Linvill Isaac-1901 and Walter M.-1904.
While living in Simeon, Lin Ellis was the owner and operator of the Simeon General Store, and his wife Ella assisted in the Post Office. On the 31st of May, 1905, Lin Ellis and the Hobbs brothers, Will, Charles , Ed and Harvey were conducting a land survey between their two places. Lin was carrying the metal survey rod while Harvey, Will and Charley were in a wagon and Ed was on horseback. Lin's son Willard was also on horseback.
Out of nowhere lightning struck Lin Ellis, killing him instantly. Lin's grey hat was torn to shreds, his hair singed and head scarred. The lightning went zigzaging across his body from the right side of his head to his heart and his watch, which was partly melted stopped at 2:17. One of his shoes was torn to pieces.
Harvey Hobb's hand, hip, and leg were burnt, Charley Hobbs who was in the wagon was knocked unconcious, and, Ed and Will Hobbs were also shocked. Two horses were knocked down, but Lin's son, Willard, was not injured.
Solomon Linville Ellis was buried in the Simeon Cemetery. His wife Ella sold all the land and what possessions she had and the 5 boys didnt need and moved out to Moscow, Idaho. She later married Lorenzo Wilson, half brother to her husband, Solomon Ellis.They had 2 sons, John-1911 and Harold-1914.

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