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Ft. Niobrara Burials Reinterred at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas,
Courtesty of Martin Nollett

(Article from The Rupublican, Valentine, Nebraska Friday, June 14,1907) E. Maed, Frank Mead and Herbert Carson of Chadron are busy this week in the exhumation of bodies at the Fort Niobrara burying ground in accordance with a contract awarded them by the war department. The Red Front Merchatile Co. in assisting them in tinnig the caskets for shipment to the National burial ground at FOrt Leavenworth, Kansas.
Abbott, George(10th US Inf)09-11-1900G 0 3527
Ball, Owen Dement(Co H 5th) 12-30-1904F 146
Barrett, Henry C.(Co F 5th US Cav Cr 7/07) 06-25-1881G 3545
Barbour, Emma L.(inf dau of Sgt)05-11-1906G3620
Beaman,Infant (child of Fred) 03-22-1894G3589
Bivens, George10-04-1902G 0 3521
Bland, Robert E.(9th US Cav) 07-12-1889 G3566
Bratton, James(25th US Inf) 09-16-1903 G03540
Cahota, J. Anna Halstensen(wife of Edward)02-15-18913625
Carroll, John J.(Cpl Co. F 6th US Cav) 06-08-1888 G3562
Carter, John M.(Music Co. A.9th US Cav ) 10-01-1891 G3566
Cathopper, John O.(citizen) 10-02-1883 3546
Coleman, James (civilian) 01-22-1896 G3606
Crane, Lawrence(2nd US INF) 08-14-1886 G3546
Cunningham, Annie(wife of Sgt Cunningham) 04-27-18983543
Custard, Elijah(Cpl Co. M. 25th US INF) 09-17-1905 3536
Davis, William J.(25th US inf ) 03-28-1906 G03537
Dillon, Frank 04-06-1900 G03536
Dive, John(civilian) 1885 civilian
Donavon, John (8th US INF) 09-21-1894 G3593
Edwards, Joseph(25th US inf ) 05-15-1906 G3534
Farrell, Joseph(12th US inf ) 04-01-1898 G0 3612
Finch, Elenor(dau of Albert& Mary) 07-31-1887esG3568
Flick, Ferdinand 03-04-1888 8th US Inf
Frosted Bear, Squaw( )PVT 6th US Cav) 08-17-1883 G0 3586
Furtsch, George(Pvt Co G w US INF) 09-29-1886 3564
Gardner, George W. Pvt Co. G 6th Cav) 05-08-1893 G3582
Gehringer, AntonPvt G US Cav) 05-09-1893 G3583
Gibson, Newman(Pvt Cp G 9th US Cav) 06-29-1888 G3564
Green, Theodore(Child of Charles)02-07-1894 G3588
Green, Fannie(1st Lt. Highley, Asst. Surgeon)03-02-1899G3526
Green, Myrtle(inf dau of Charles A.) 03-16-1898G3611
Grimes, John Maston(child of Sgt. E.P.Grimes) 07-02-1881 3547
Hale, James M. Pvt F 12th US Inf) 10-12-1897 G3610
Harmon, Cordelia(Wife)(W.G.Harmon on headboard)(born 09-19-1864)09-19-1896G3604
Harris, David (Pvt Co. L. 25th US inf ) 05-25-1905 3535
Hawk, Iron(Pvt Co L. 6th US Cav) 03-30-1894 G3590
Humm, Child (of Pvt. Humm) 05-11-1892 J3589
Irwin, Carl(b. 11-23-1892)(civilian) 05-07-1900 G3617
Jenkins, Samuel Daniel(Pvt Co A. 9th US Cav ) 12-31-1889 3568
Jones, Thomas(Pvt Co. K. 25th US INf ) 05-06-1904 3522
Kane, John J.(Pvt Co A. 8th US Inf ) 11-10-1890 3571
Kane, John(Pvt Co G. 8th US Inf ) 12-08-1894 3595
Kannigiesser, (Sgt. Band 12th US Inf)09-26-1897G3609
Kennedy, James(Pvt Co. K. 2 US Inf) 12-29-1886 3555
King, George(citizen) 06-23-1888 3561
King, Ida Marion(dau of Thos.)(Citizen) 07-15-1889 3534
Krummenacher, Arnold(Pvt. Co A. 12th US Inf) 01-05-1897 C3605
Kurtzebaum, Fannie(mother of Sgt. Dyer) 05-21-18963600
Layden, James (Sgt. Troop G 6th Cav ) 12-31-1891 3578
Mangan, Grace(wife of James) 04-19-18943591
Maxwell, Albert E.(Pvt Co. L 25th US inf) 03-24-1905 3539
McFerrin, Jesse L. (Cpl Co. C. 5th US INF)04-21-19033532
McKee, Henry(Pvt CO. D USS Inf)09-17-1902G3524
Meissner, Child (of Wm. Miesner) 04-19-1884 G3560
Moles, George T.(1Cpl Co A. 12th US inf ) 10-26-1897 ??
Mosby, Thomas<(Pvt Co G. 9th US Cav.)/td> 05-12-1886 3551
Muller, Anna Marguerite(child of Pvt Muller) 08-09-1894 G3551
Noisy Owl,Infant 07-05-1891 H3576
Noland, Howard(Sgt Co G. 9th US Cav ) 06-15-1888 G3563
O'Brien, John( Pvt Co B.8th US Inf ) 10-24-1890 G
Perkins, Sioux(inf dau of Sgt Perkins) 05-05-18913575
Pine, Benjamin P.(Pvt. Co F. 5th US Inf ) 01-16-1881 3530
Ross, Reva(Pvt. Co B. 25th US inf) 05-29-1906 3538
Rudman, John J. (Pvt. Co E. 21st US Inf ) 01-16-18913572
Schall, Mrs. Alice(wife of Pvt Schall) 06-17-1893 3587
Schmidt, Frances J.(Pvt. Co F. 12th US inf ) 01-08-1896 3596
Schuler(Schooler), Inf Child 07-27-1897G3603
Shaw, Annie 06-30-18883625
Simmons, Frank E.(Pvt. Co F 5th MD Cav ) 03-05-1881 G3520
Sperling, Edith M.(child of Pvt Sperling) 07-20-1895G3597
Sperling, Edwin Joseph(child of Pvt Sperling) 07-17-18953596
Steele, Charles(Corp. Co D> 5th US Cav) 04-22-1884G3550
Stokes, Henry (Pvt Co D. 25th US Inf) 08-07-1904 3544
Tarpy, Infant(of David) No dates3631
Tarpy, F.F.(son of David) 08-01-18893636
Tozoski, Victor(Pvt Co L. 6th US Cav) 05-20-1893 G3584
Torvend, W.T. 10-06-1898G3613
Tully, William (Pvt Co I Us inf) 07-02-1904 3542
Unknown, Indian Women No dates
Walser, Charles( )Pvt Co G 6th Us Cav MO) 12-24-1892 Plot G(Ft. Niob#44)
Walters, Emily(child of Wm& Rose Walters) 06-25-1881G3548
Weaver, Joseph R.(Saddler Co F 6th US Cav) 02-19-1891 G3574
Weaver, William D.(Pvt Co C 12th US Inf ) 06-27-1896 3601
Webb, William R.(Sgt Co C 25th US inf) 02-07-1903 3533
Weden, Jacob(1st Sgt Co D 5th US Cav) 07-05-1880 G3529
Wheelan, Felma D.(Inf Dau of Crp Wheelen) 02-06-19043618 or C5618
Wheeler, Samuel B. Jr. (son of Corpl.S.B.) 06-10-1905 G3619
Whipple, Joseph(halfbreed citizen) No dates G3619
Wildt, Frank M.(Pvt Co F 12 US Inf) 08-30-1897 G3607
Williams, JohnPvt Co L 25th US Inf) 07-03-1903 3523
Williams, Henry(Pvt Co B 5th US Cav Penn Latin Cross) 06-26-1881G3549
White, White Boy 12-01-1892 G3580
Wiggins, Thomas J(sgt Post QM Sgt USA)) 06-22-1899G3549
Wilson, Jacob D.({vt Cp G/ 9th US Cav ) 02-08-1891 G3573(Ft Nio#35)
Woods, Eugene(Cpl Co G 9th US Cav) 12-30-1889 G3567
Yates, James 12-09-1898 Troop G
Yours, Robert 04-17-1903 25th US inf

We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Cherry County Coordinator. Information donated by Martin Nollett, local Cherry County Historian. Picture of Ft. Niobrara courtesy of Cherry County Historical Society.

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