May the winds of time be ever kind to your precious memory,
May your hopes your fears echo endlessly through all the passing years....

Powel Canyon Cemetery

Transcribed by Sandra Sanchez

This Cemetery was first called Rosebud it is located on Highway 92 five miles northeast of Arnold

BAILEY, Leona, 1898, age 10 mos.
BAILEY, William 1915-1916
BRAY, Susan 1834-1910
BROOKS, Fred 1883-1931
BROOKS, Gerald W. 1919-1946
BROOKS, George Frederick 1946
BROOKS, Phoebe 1925
BROOKS, Floyd 1925-1927
BROOKS, Florence 1925 nine mos.
CADY, Infant 1945
CHESLEY, Charles 1828-1905
CHESLEY, Phoebe 1830-1928
CHESLEY, Candis 1852-1896
COPELAND, Warren 1859-1942
CHESLEY, Lucy 1866-1940
EWING, Carrie 1894
GUARTNEY, Arvilla 1825-1908
JUNE, Elmer 1869-1927
JUNE, Carl 1915-1916
KELLY, Bernice no dates
KELLY, Charles 1911-1913
KRUSER, Infant 1936
McGUIRE, Arthur 1878-1887
MYLAR, Mary 1888-1889 daughter of Joseph and Etta
MYLAR, Walter 1889-1890 son of Joseph and Etta
SAMUELSON, John 1863-1950
SAMUELSON, Mary 1889
SAMUELSON, Infant 1889
SANDERSON, Edwin 1890-1891 son of Charles and M.
SEANEY, Twin boys no dates
SHELDON, William 1889 infant son of W. H. and Diantha
SHUCK, William 1849-1930
SHUCK, Jeanette 1865-1944
SHUCK, Everett 1908-1921
SHUCK, Clarence no dates
TIETJEN, Katie 1862-1895
WALKER, Harrold 1891 infant son of Henry and Lucy
WALKER, Norman 1889-1900 son of Henry and Lucy

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