First Baptist Chruch

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Sod Baptist Chruch built 1889
This Chruch was in use for 16 years by the Baptist congreation. it was then used as a hotel operated by Mrs. Kate Smith and later as "Evergreen School". When it was torn down about 1920 the walls were found to be in perfect shape. The ground had been the foundation, and when the floor boards were taken up, the buffalo grass was perfectly preserved.

This Chruch was organized at a meeting held on April 6, 1889, under the leadership of Rev. Benjamin Brisbane. The eleven charter members present were:
W.F. Moffitt, Timothy Maxsom-Deacons, Amos Gamble, W.H. Judkins, and Rufus Marrs-trustees, Ira Moffitt- treasurer, Lewis Moffitt-clerk, Mrs. Mary Marrs, Mrs. Electa Moffitt, Mrs. Ollie Judkins, Mrs Mary Gamble.

The following year the sod church was built at a cost of $500.00 It was hard going for the first few years for this little church. Often times no pastor was available. but by 1892 the following members had been added:

Mrs Mary Brown Mrs. Anna E. MoffittEffie Maxsom Millie Marrs
Mrs. Marion (Nora)Allen Mrs. Ella WalkerMiss Carrie Walker Miss Nellie Walker
Mrs. Caroline Bowers Harley GambleQuinn Marrs James Gamble
Wm. and Sarah Simpson

1892 Membership added:

Arthur Ansom Miss Alice AnsomMrs. Lucy McKinney George and Eliza Dailey
Samuel and Alice Reed Henry and Mary LehmkuhlerMrs. Lou Baker Herbert and ClarenceSimpson
Wm. LewisAlf Stockall Mrs. M. MarshJames Gentry
W.T. and Clara Moffitt Charles and Cora DavisElla Hutchens James and Alvina Judkins
Lucy Marrs Augusta Marrs A.J. and Fanny SkinnerLeonard Gunter
Ester Skinner Serena ReedFrank Schminkey Anna and Fred Lehmkuhler

1894 These had become members:

J.J. and Ella HutchensDel RayLewis Schminkey
Martin MagussonGeorge and Phelina SimpsomLou Baker
Ester, Edna, Thomas and Jessie Skinner Mrs. Augusta(Clarissa) MillerOral Gunter
Nick Lehmkuhler
Mrs. John FinchHarry JudkinsErma and Myrtle Bowers

Additions by 1897:

Daisy MaxsomMr. and Mrs D. J. BriggsMillie Marrs
Thomas RickettsMarth IamsWalter judkins
Ralph and Lillie WilliamsNina Dailey

In 1905 a frame chruch ws built. Two years later the parsonage on the North was built. To raise money for the stained glass window six ladies from the chruch picked fifty six bushes of corn. School house at right of picture was used from 1906-1915. This chruch burned December 20, 1920.
By 1908 the following members had joined the congreation:

Mrs Silas AllenWinwood ReedMr. and Mrs. J.C. Robinson
Willie and Mary RimbleyPearl JudkinsGeorge A. smith
Mrs. Lether Simpson Joseph and Emma Shipley Mrs. Anna Veigh
J.J. and Alice Clifton Mrs Ella and Nellie WalkerEdith Judkins Mrs Gertie Simpsom
Miss Ida Ray C.J. Davis Charles Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Flora Davis Frank and Emma Noble and daughter Elsie
John Starr Walter Draper Tom and Lucy Newman
Mrs. Agnes Marrs Bartley Marrs Miss Anna Lehmkuhler

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