Christian Chruch

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Photograph taken 1914

The meeting to organize a Christian Chruch in Arnold was held April 1, 1883, in a Log house at Henry Brothers Ranch. Landis Correll presided . The following is a list of those who signed up as members at that time.

Landis and Martha CorrellWilliam and Laura FrazerCharles and Mrs Trummel
Mr. and Mrs. MoffittAmos GambleAnna Saunders
Allen Holeman

With Landis "Pappy" Correll in charge the group met weekly at various homes until 1885, when a farme building was built for the Church. By that time the following members had been added

Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Mc DanielsAbner and May ThompsonMattie Morrow
Sarah SchloatmanFranklin and Lillian AnsonStephen and Ella Kinney
Cornelius and Catharine HolidaySamuel and Sarah CattersonSamuel and Effie Simmons
Janes and Anna GreeneEoria Spangle John W. Owen

The new Chruch was dedicated on November 29, 1885, and Elder Correll reported:
Mrs Hardin presented the Church with a fine communion service and two large diamond lamps. At the close of the meeting a plesant incident took place that so affected my noble woman and myself that we hardly knew where to look. A gentleman came forward and unrolled a budget (leather pouch) that had a fine coat and vest for myself and a fine dress pattern (length of fabric) for my wife. And to think that he was not even a member ot the Church!
Nathan Englis Preacher for the Methodist Church did not approve of the way the surprize had been arranged and voiced his opinion in an open letter to the Custer County Repuplican. Correll replied in like manner in an April 1886 issue.
In 1890 in order to raise money for a new bell and tower the church decided on a black face minstral show. The cast included: Ben Harden, Chas Kuhns, James Parrot, John Menary, John Morrrow, Allen Crosby, Brice Mitchel, Joe Sauders and Austin Brown.
Hitching Posts were installed in front of the church in 1897 for the convenience of the congregation.
The last pastor to serve the Christian was Rev. L.S. Burnham serving from 1928 to 1933 when the group disbanded. In 1977 the building was improved for the use of the Arnold Commuinity Center.

Below are a list of members over the years:
1886 Additions to Membership:
Jennie and Lizzie HollidayJesse SargentRoy Frazier
john MorrowJohn and Lydia Backes

Stephen and Temberance Leland

Joseph,Josephine and Harriet BurkeCharles K. and Ellen J. ChamberlainJames A., Emma and Martha Burke

Jerry A. and Sarah CopelandEdner L. HardinLovira Allen
Ester MorrowJames and Martha E. MarshJohn Meads
Letta ManionLucy ReedC. Champion Correll
John Meads

Samuel and Jannie Shaffer
Fanny CorrellAlonzo LelandFanny Ray
Harry FrazierJohn MenaryDavid R. and Sarah L. Parks
Lee SargentOla MarshLetta Rempley
Abner and Matilda BrownIsaac BartlettAlbin and William Lewis
Jesse SkinnerJoseph MylarWilliam Harris
Homer Hardin

Membership almost doubled in 1894 with these additions:
Richard, Lizzie and Gertie EubankForest , Estella and L. BrownBertha Weste
Emma JollyDeWitt MooreM.A. Bowers
Josep G. PeaseMarion and Mary C. GunterGrace Rogers
William Harris Sr.Henry ChesleyEster A. Skinner
Jacob and Lydia SauterHenry and Emma GrautmanMaude and mary Bowers
Ella GilbertHamilton and Grace RogersJonas and Mary J. Skinner
John SamuelsonZackery and Julia A. ParsonsLydia and Leota Parks
John, Minnie and Edward W. KochWscol CopelandMarion, Nora and Flora M. Allen
Sophia and Maria Wilhelmine LuttichPierre and Matilda SteffinOtto West
Loretta RimpleyLawrence BrownLaura Rogers
Emma BeltzElmer SieboltEdna Skinner
Minnie, Alvin and Christina HarrisEdward and Nettie HoggStephen, Seth F. and Lucinda Baker
Emma WoukCharles GeissCora Browning
Pauline RayEmma and Almetta FergusonGarret G. and Johnny Gunter
George, Cora and Margaret ReedKate SmithJimmie and Lizzie Holliday
Joseph and Dora TidayLevi and Sarah WillsLether Shroder
Christian GrautmanMary Louise KochLaura J. Rogers
Mary and Jesse Manion

Joel and Emma PrichersonAlbert and Mary HansberryOwen and Maude Owens
Ida PeaseAdelis WildEmily Cudmore
Lilly ParksCharles and Maria ChesleyLemuel Hansberry
Brice MitchelIvy AnsonAlma Parsons

Ellie AlexanderLillian AnsonJohn BackesLydia Backes
Alma BackesThomas BakesAndrew BackesEtta Backes
George BackesBeulah BackesGeorge Bailey Louis Bailey
Wyona BaileyLaurita BaileyBeulah Bailey Lee Bailey
Zelma BaileyMildred BaileyLaura Bailey Fanny bassett
William BaldwinIda BaldwinEmma BeltzHenry Bishop
Rilla BishopForrest BrownMatilda Brown Oma Brown
Earl BrownSarah BrownBernice BrownOna Burnham
Mildred BurnhamHelen BurnhamRuth Burnham Grace Burns
Carrie BurnsJohn BurnsHoward CaudleLulu Chaplin
John ClinebellMillie ClinebellGerad ClinebellBernard Clinebell
Mary Virginia ClinebellWarren CopelandRoy Davis Vala Davis
George DavisMau DavisVirgil DavisCharlotte DeLossh
Frank DraperWalter DraperJ.B. Farrell Henry Freeland
Mrs. Henry FreelandClara GunterMaud Gunter Bessie Gunter
Bernard GunterKatie GunterEthel GunterBoyd Gunter
Orel GunterMary GunterOwen GunterMildred Gunter
Garret GunterEda HamiltonPhylis HamiltonMrs. Hamilton
Thelma HamiltonEdner HardinHomer Hardin Della Henry
Lottie HoldenJessie HoldenWalter Holden George Huntley Jr.
Sylvia HuntleyJohn HutchinsonMyrtle HutchinsonJames Jarmin
Eva JarminRachel JohnsonHannah Johnson Homer Koch
Edward KochMinnie KochMarjorie KochAddie Koch
Alonzo LelandArchie LelandAlta Leland Sarah Leland
Walter LindholmSophia LindholmMyrtle LindholmMary Livingstone
M.D. LivingstoneIlla LuceLeota Luce Glen Luce
Thomas McCantsGertrude McCantsGenevive McQuireMercedes Magnusson
Grace MorrisonMartha MorrowGeorge Morrow Charles Morrow
Sophia MorrowMaud MorrowLeona NorgaardClara Paine
Margaret PendletonDicey PhiferEdward H. PotterAmanda M. Potter
Bryan PotterGeorge RansierLaura Ransier George Reed
Fanny FutnerJohn SamuelsonIvy Samuelson Charles H. Sanderson
Mary c. SandersonValentine SandersonArthur Scott Mrs. Arthur Scott
Kate SmithArvada SmithLester ShivelyJesie Sommers
Vada SommersRoy SteeleAgnes Steele G.M.stevenson
Ella B. StevensonMonty StevensonE.L.Twist Millie Twist
Clark TwistUlysses TwissUlysses TwissPearl Twiss
Lawrence TalmadgeMarie VanWormerHelen Will Vivian Will
William WoodMyra WoodGeorge Woods Sr.
Dorthy WoodsNadine Woods

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