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Sod Methodist Chruch built 1885. A Chruch member A.B. Stahr, was a carpenter and put on a shingled roof and board floors.

In the early months of 1883 a group of Methodist friends came to settle near Arnold. They were the following families: A.H. Needham, John Houghton, Christopher Conat, William Mills, Nathan English, and Ira Mills.
Nathan English a lay preacher wrote to the superintendent of the western Nebraska mission asking that a minister be sent to them. none was available , so English was authorized to be in charge
The first chruch was organized on October 23, 1883. The official board was: William Mills-Class Leader, S.C. Tubbs, A.H. Needham, William Mills, and Ira Mills-Trustees; A.H. needham, Mrs. Christopher Conant, and S.C.Tubbs- Stewards .
In March 1885, members gathered in the sod house of William Mills and decided to build a sod church. The first service was held there on April 12, 1885. In 1888 a two room parsonage was built close to the sod church.

Frame Chruch built 1904, dedicated December 22, 1904.

Below is a list of Members in 1914
R.E. AllenLovira AllenM.S. Allen Mrs. N.S. Allen
Inex AllenGertrude Alexander Floyd AlexanderJohn Backes
Jennie BackesJames BontaLon BontaJean Bonta
Harvey BontaG.T. BaileyElizabeth BaileyMary Backes
James H. BaileyWalter S. BaileyJosephine BaileyJohn Bailey
Susan BaileyW.A.BrewerNellie BrewerMyrtle Brummett
Mary BlackEula BlackElizabeth BabcockLou Boyce
Grace BoyceFrieda BennettEverett BeardsleyIrene Breardsley
Anita BontaLucy CopelandPhoebe ChesleyMiriam Campbell
Leo Campbell Tellie Chambers Mary Chambers Lulu Chaplin
Sadie Bailey Leo Campbell Tellie Chambers Mary Chambers
Lulu Chapin James Croghan Mrs. James Croghan Raliegh Croghan
Edna Croghan Marie Croghan J.R.Downing Rebecca Downing
Lynn Downing Lulu Downing Gertie Downing Albert Dailey
Alice Dailey Earl Dailey Earl Gregory Meda Gettys
Harold Gettys Edna Gettys John Houghton Sophia Houghton
P.G. Houghton Mattie Houghton Catherine Hoffman Cora L. Haskell
Rosa Houtz Lzzie Hoskins Kate Imoden Mrs W.H. Jennings
H.K. Kruser Mable Kruser John Kelly Cora Kelly
I.V. Lathrop Dora lathrop LeRoy Lathrop Nellie Lathrop
Charles Leach Brittie Leach Rueben Leach Irma Leach
Carrie leach Sarah Leach Swain Leach John Leach
Alice Leach J.B. Lester Ella Lester J.M. Lucas
Myrta Lucas Mabel Lucas Floyd Lucas,/td> Lucinda Mills
Ira P. Mills Clara Mills W.G. Mills Mila Mills
Guy Mills Daisy Mills Charles Mills Merle Mills
John Mills Susie Mills Clarence Mills May Mills
Helen Mills Floyd Mills J.W. Maxsom Bertha Maxsom
Caddy Maxsom Rebecca Maxsom,/td> John McGuire Anna McGuire
Eddie McGuire Mabel McGuire Lola McGuire Charles McGuire
Blance McGuire Myrtle Magnusson John Meads Maud Meads
Hazel Meads Eula Meads Marshall Meads John Meanry
Laurine Meanry Bernice Menary Delphine Meyers Stella Meyers
F.E. Needham Ruth Needham Godfrey Nansel Sarah Nansel
Sarah Nansel Cecil Nansel Charles Nansel Vera Nansel
C.C. Parsons Maud Parsons Fay Parsons Raymound Parsons
Emory Parsons Gerite Parsons P.T.Phifer Elizabeth Phifer
Ray Phifer Vera Phifer Verneta Phifer Amy Phillips
Susan Pearce O.D. Pearce Maud Pearce Charles Pearce
Sylvia Pearce Vera Pearce John Pinkstone Florence Pinkstone
Phronia Pinkstone Homer Pinkstone Samuel Pinkstone Jennie Pinkstone
Mr. Peoples Eliza Peoples Anna Pierce Mellie Robinson
Orpha Reed Estella Root Loveday Ransier Warren Simms
Ethel Simms W.B. Spratt Mary J. Spratt Ira Spratt
Estel Spratt Della Spratt John E. Shaw Altina Shaw
Ella Steele Bertha Stockall Hattie Smith S.C. Tubbs
olive Tubbs Leota Tubbs Cora Tubbs Vernon Tubbs
Mable Tubbs Florence Vogel Nellie Wemple Milla Wright

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