Nebraska Resident Military Roster on June 1, 1891

Roster of Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines of the War of 1812, the Mexico War, and the War of the Rebellion, residing in Custer County Nebraska June 1, 1891


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Surname Given Name Rank Company City State



Pool Aaron Private B, 86 Infantry Anselmo Illinois

Woods Daniel Sergeant K, 29 Infantry Anselmo Iowa

Cruett Samuel Private G, 94 Anselmo Ohio

June Isaac Private 7 SS Anselmo Ohio

Hamilton DK Private F, 101 Anselmo Pennsylvania

Lewis WL Corporal D, 171 Volunteers Anselmo Pennsylvania

Porter Nathan Private E, 83 Infantry Anselmo Pennsylvan


Surname Given Name Rank Company City State

Daniels TT Private I, 2 Cavalry Ansley Illinois

Gleason WM Sergeant H, 150 Infantry Ansley Illinois

Lawson William TB Private F, 119 Infantry Ansley Illinois

McCarger TH Private M, 97 Cavalry Ansley Illinois

Moody WH Private A, 156 Infantry Ansley Illinois

Owens Enoch J Private G, 117 Infantry Ansley Illinois

Snell GH Private L, 3 Cavalry Ansley Illinois

Stark SF Private G, 1st Light Artillery Ansley Illinois

Stemman Jacob Private H, 47 Infantry Ansley Illinois

Wentworth Milton H Corporal D, 130 Infantry Ansley Illinois

Wentworth Milton H K, 45 Infantry Ansley Illinois

Wentworth Milton H A, 77 Infantry Ansley Illinois

Williams TT Private K, 152 Infantry Ansley Illinois

Fleming Abraham Private F, 118 Ansley Indiana

Messler TN Private H, 8 Ansley Indiana

Price FC Private A, 57 Infantry Ansley Indiana

Sommerville JB Private G, 2 Cavalry Ansley Indiana

Thomas James S Private E, 73 Ansley Indiana

Brown CH Private 2 Battery Ansley Iowa

Miller SC Private H, 5 Cavalry Ansley Iowa

Miller William K Private E, 3 Cavalry Ansley Iowa

Morsman TJ Private D, 8 Infantry Ansley Iowa

Porter Manley J Private F, Cavalry Ansley Missouri

Tidyman R Private E Ansley Missouri

Adams JD Private D, 76 Infantry Ansley New York

Brand Jasper H Private I, 26 Cavalry Ansley New York

Gureman OM Private G, 169 Ansley New York

Hagin Daniel Sergeant G, 109 Infantry Ansley New York

Varney Edgar Private D, 4 H Artillery Ansley New York

Klick Jacob H Private H, 83 Ansley Ohio

Baxter Daniel Private K, 40 Ansley Tennessee

Fears James Private A, 14 Infantry Ansley Tennessee

Sheldon KW Private A, 19 Infantry Ansley Wisconsin

Weston Byron Private C, 41 Infantry Ansley Wisconsin



Surname Given Name Rank Company City State

Baker Stephen Captain F, 2 Infantry Arnold California

Long CL Sergeant G, 83 Infantry Arnold Illinois

Troy William Private A, 62 Arnold Illinois

Walker E Private B, 104 Arnold Illinois

Brown AD Private A, 132 Arnold Indiana

Ferguson A Private A, 2 Arnold Iowa

Gunter Marion Private M, 3 Cavalry Arnold Iowa

Leach R Private D, 21 Arnold Iowa

Mills William Lieutenant H, 23 Arnold Iowa

Needham AH Steward 2 Infantry Arnold Iowa

Sharp Casvill Corporal B, 38 Arnold Iowa

Calahan RC Sergeant B, 11 Arnold Kansas

Gambol AS Private H, 23 Infantry Arnold Missouri

Blowers CM Private I, 15 Arnold New York

Beach THB Private B, 9 Cavalry Arnold Ohio

Malone Stephen Captain F, Cavalry Arnold West Virginia



Surname Given Name Rank Company City State

Beebe Samuel Private I, 1 Light Artillery Broken Bow Illinois

Chapel Charles Sergeant C, 17 Broken Bow Illinois

Coon William H Corporal I, 103 Infantry Broken Bow Illinois

Dorris William H Private K, 83 Infantry Broken Bow Illinois

Gardner JM Private D, 7 Broken Bow Illinois

Hartley Ner Private D, 27 Infantry Broken Bow Illinois

High Sam Private I, 8 Cavalry Broken Bow Illinois

Luse WC Corporal G, 19 Infantry Broken Bow Illinois

Manlick JC Private C, 106 Infantry Broken Bow Illinois

McCoy Harvey Private H, 130 Broken Bow Illinois

McNeill James Private I, 37 Infantry Broken Bow Illinois

Moore JT Private I, 143 Infantry Broken Bow Illinois

Noonan Thomas Private A, 15 Broken Bow Illinois

Scott FE Private A, 102 Infantry Broken Bow Illinois

Staley A Private D, 39 Infantry Broken Bow Illinois

Whaling Eben Private C, 16 Infantry Broken Bow Illinois

Beebe OR 1st Sergeant E, 151 Infantry Broken Bow Indiana

Hauser Leopold Private K, 150 Broken Bow Indiana

Kirkpatrick GW Corporal I, 38 Broken Bow Indiana

Shoemaker AH Private F, 7 Cavalry Broken Bow Indiana

Weemer DF Private F, OVI Broken Bow Indiana

Boyce WS Corporal E, 34 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa

Gandy AW Private E, 3 Cavalry Broken Bow Iowa

Gandy LJ Private H, 7 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa

Maxwell AB Private F, 3 Broken Bow Iowa

Newton GW Private F, 4 Broken Bow Iowa

Penn Charles Private H, 24 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa

Tuttle WH Sergeant A, 27 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa

Wantz WJ Private K, 36 Infantry Broken Bow Iowa

Underhill OT Private I, 4 Cavalry Broken Bow Michigan

Dorris William H Private H, 3 Infantry Broken Bow Mexican War

McWilliams JL Private I, 49 Infantry Broken Bow Missouri

Smith James Corporal L, 2 Broken Bow Missouri

Booth CW Private F, 136 Broken Bow New York

Curtis LO Sergeant K, 8 Broken Bow New York

Kelley Martin Private H, 37 Infantry Broken Bow New York

Farris Samuel Private F, 36 Broken Bow Ohio

Graham JH Private G, 1 Infantry Broken Bow Ohio

King James L Private A, 66 Broken Bow Ohio

Kirkpatrick GW Private H, 180 Broken Bow Ohio

Gilmore WA Private E, 4 Cavalry Broken Bow Pennsylvania

Jackson JL Private K, 4 Broken Bow Pennsylvania

King George W 1st Lieutenant H, 32 Broken Bow Wisconsin

Lowe GA Private K, 2 Broken Bow Wisconsin

Whitehead James Private D, 19 Infantry Broken Bow Wisconsin



Surname Given Name Rank Company City State

Nickinson W Private H, 71 Infantry Callaway Illinois

Stout Joseph Private F, 31 Infantry Callaway Illinois

Douglas JS Private I, 100 Infantry Callaway Indiana

Ike JW Private C, 123 Infantry Callaway Indiana

Jacks FM Corporal A, 6 Cavalry Callaway Indiana

Wymore James Private B, 139 Infantry Callaway Indiana

Robinson AE Private K, 14 Infantry Callaway Iowa

Graves Ira P Private A, 2 Cavalry Callaway Michigan

Stivers HR Private H, 18 Infantry Callaway Michigan

Baker RR Private K, 12 Callaway New York

Farrell John B Private G, 98 Infantry Callaway Ohio

Green WH Private D, 80 Infantry Callaway Ohio

Knorn Joseph Private C, 143 Infantry Callaway Pennsylvania

Vincent HK Private E, 33 Infantry Callaway Wisconsin


Surname Given Name Rank Company City State

Kern William Private N, 28 Infantry Custer Pennsylvania

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