MAE KLUMP 1875-1964

Contributed by, Peggy Struwe

The end of a perfect day is the memories of a Dear and beloved Aunt.

It is a life that meant so much to us all. Next to Mother.. her love, her teachings, and her purpose in life as it touched into ours from a wee infant, to youth and to adulthood Aunt Mae was a precious person.

Her last days seem like;..when a little girl she listened to her Sunday School teacher tell of "Enoch who walked with God", and how god finally took him to heaven. In trying to tell her Mother what she learned the little girl said "Enoch was a good man and he took long walks with God everyday. One day they were so far from Enoch's home when evening came that God said "Enoch it is so far for you to go back alone, why don't you just come on home with me for tonight" So Enoch went with God and just stayed there with him."

What a beautiful way to explain steping over into heaven: And so one by one our fellow members go home to stay with God. we are left for a short while to take their places and to carry on the unfinished tasks that are about us.

Aunt Mae was born on May 28, 1875 at Willow Illinois. Her parents were Jacob and Jane (Parkinson) Klump. She was the seventh child of eleven children. When she was ten years old her parents moved to York, Nebraska for one year then on to Custer County Homestead near Merna.

Mae was one that took advantage of her educational opportunities. She was one of a class of thirteen that graduated from Broken Bow Highschool in 1895. She took up Nurse's training, also teaching, of which she did most of her life. During her teaching years she traveled over much of the United States. She retired to her home near Ringgold in 1933. She wasn't one to truly retire as she kept busy with her garden and flowers and enjoyed her rural tasks each day. She had compassion and extended aid in some way to her relatives, neighbors and friends.

Her wit and good humor, really had meaning to the words "TO KNOW HER WAS TO LOVE HER". She hid her own trouble, greeting all with a smile or a cheerful word, sympathizing with others in their sorrow, cheering and helping to make each day brighter. An inspiration to all who knew her.

The master called her to rest on the ninth day of June, 1964 at the age of 89 years and 12 days. as her life was a labor of love so her death was of peace... falling asleep in Jesus.

She leaves a sister Mrs. Olive Roachie of California, and twenty living neices and nephews and much other relatives and friends.