In 1890 School was held in Milldale in a frame building oringinally built for a store,across the road from Alvin Harris Mill. Classes may have been taught in settler's homes prior to this. This school building burt in the Blizzard of 1903 and another was built nearby.
Teachers in Milldale School between 1890 and 1910 were:
Mrs. Minnie Griffith, Mattie Morrow, Izora Said, Annie Kunkel, H.C. West, Erma Blowers, Dessie Chambers, Addie Whaley, Edith Stevens, Herb Copsey, Millicent Orr, Gertrude Orr, Mamie McFate, Carey Macy, Nelly Rhea, Venda Thorp, Mary McCants, Bertha Fissure.
No Student lists are available.

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