The following information appears here courtesy of Jody Boyd with my sincere thanks!

Township Cemetery Name(s) Status
Covington Roost Cemetery Abandoned
Covington St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery  
Dakota Boals Family Plot Abandoned
Dakota Cedar Heights (or Bridenbaugh Family Plot)  
Dakota Dakota City City Cemetery  
Dakota Sand Ridge Cemetery Abandoned & Destroyed
Emerson Wilke Cemetery
(or the Old German Cemetery) (or the Jopp Cemetery)

Note: This cemetery was cleaned up by an Eagle Scout several years ago. He and his family keep up the mowing etc.

Hubbard Hilltop (or Epidemic) (or Hubbard) Cemetery Abandoned
Hubbard St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
Omadi Green Valley Cemetery  
Omadi Hale (or Fiddler Creek) (or Grove) Cemetery Abandoned, but being revived
Omadi Hoyt Family Plot Abandoned
Omadi Omaha Valley Cemetery  
Omadi St. Cornelius Cemetery  
Omadi Taylor Cemetery  
Omadi Taylor Family Plot Abandoned
St. John's Old Danish (or Drake) Cemetery Abandoned
St. John's St. John's Catholic Cemetery  
Summit Friend's Church (or Elk Creek) (or Old Log Church) (or Oak) Cemetery Abandoned
Summit Woods Family Plot Abandoned

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