Dakota County Newspapers

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Dakota County, Nebraska Newspapers
Name Publisher Frequency Year
The Argus E.B. Wilbur, South Sioux City, NE Weekly 1891-1902
Covington Weekly News Erwin Wood, Covington, NE Weekly 1872
Dakota City Mail MacDonagh & O'Sullivan, Dakota City, NE Weekly *July 29, 1870-Jan. 12, 1877
Dakota County Democrat Harry A. McCormick, South Sioux City, NE Weekly 1891-1897
Dakota County Enterprise S.E. Cobb, Emerson, NE Weekly 1902
Dakota County Herald J.L. McKean, Dakota City, NE Weekly **Aug. 28, 1891-Feb. 25, 1965
Dakota County Mail John T. Spencer, Dakota City, NE Weekly 1877
Dakota County Record Eimers & Keefer, South Sioux City, NE Weekly 1887-1919
The Dakota County Star Mrs. H.N. Wagner, South Sioux City, NE Weekly 1942-1969
The Dakota Mail John T. Spencer, Covington, NE Weekly ***Jan. 25, 1878-Mar. 1, 1878
The Eagle F.W. Pace, South Sioux City, NE Weekly Jan. 17, 1930-Dec. 25, 1958
The Emerson Echo Nelson Feauto, Jr., Emerson, NE Weekly 1883-1885
The Emerson Enterprise W.F. Bancroft, Emerson, NE Weekly 1892-Abt. 1914
The Emerson Era Joshua Leonard, Emerson, NE Weekly 1885-1892
The Emerson Tri-County Press M.R. Blakee, Emerson, NE Weekly Bef. 1934--1985
The Jackson Criterion Wm. T. Bartlett, Jackson, NE Weekly 1896-1902
The News J.L. Kroesen, South Sioux City, NE Weekly 1888
The North Nebraska Argus Martin & Dibble, Dakota City, NE Weekly May 7, 1880-Nov. 1891
North Nebraska Eagle Hart & Jay, Dakota City, NE Weekly ****1876-1928
The South Sioux City Mail J.W. Ockerman, South Sioux City, NE Weekly 1922- 
The South Sioux City Nebraska Eagle Mell A. Schmied, South Sioux City, NE Weekly 1928-1930
South Sioux City News J.L. Kroesen, South Sioux City, NE Weekly Apr. 1, 1887-Feb. 17, 1888
South Sioux City Press Will E. Gantt, Jr., South Sioux City, NE Weekly 1897
The South Sioux City Star Star Printing & Pub. Co., South Sioux City, NE Weekly 1969- 

*Issue for Dec. 27, 1872 not published
**Issues for Apr. 17-24, 1952 not published due to flood
***Published in Dakota City, NE, Feb. 22-Mar. 1, 1878
****Published in South Sioux City, NE, Sept. 20, 1923-1928

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