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Deuel County
Berea Lutheran Church Cemetery

Cemetery layout and
tombstone thumbnail photos
WWII Monument thru Section A

This cemetery layout was provided
by Kermit B. Karns and Freda Johnson,
May-June 2002.  Our thanks go to them for
all of their work in doing this layout and the cemetery index.
They also photographed the headstones.  It is divided in divisions
A-1, A, B, etc. and will be listed thusly.
Return to the Bereas Cemetery page and click on the highlighted names
to see photos of the tombstones.

If you have additional information about any of the persons listed below,
please contact us.  That information will be noted in RED
with the contributors name and e-mail address.


WWII Monument


Section A-1

A1-10 A1-9 A1-8 A1-7 A1-6 A1-5 A1-4 A1-3 A1-2 A1-1
A1-11 A1-12 A1-13 A1-14 A1-15 A1-16 A1-17 A1-18 A1-19 A1-20
A1-30 A1-29 A1-28 A1-27 A1-26 A1-25 A1-24 A1-23 A1-22 A1-21

Section A

A-10 A-9 A-8 A-7 A-6 A-5 A-4 A-3 A-2 A-1
A-11 A-12 A-13 A-14 A-15 A-16 A-17 A-18 A-19 A-20
A-30 A-29 A-28 A-27 A-26 A-25 A-24 A-23 A-22 A-21

Section B

B-10 B-9 B-8 B-7 B-6 B-5 B-4 B-3 B-2 B-1
B-11 B-12 B-13 B-14 B-15 B-16 B-17 B-18 B-19 B-20
B-30 B-29 B-28 B-27 B-26 B-25 B-24 B-23 B-22 B-21

Section C

C-10 C-9 C-8 C-7 C-6 C-5 C-4 C-3 C-2 C-1
C-11 C-12 C-13 C-14 C-15 C-16 C-17 C-18 C-19 C-20
C-30 C-29 C-28 C-27 C-26 C-25 C-24 C-23 C-22 C-21

Section D

D-10 D-9 D-8 D-7 D-6 D-5 D-4 D-3 D-2 D-1
D-11 D-12 D-13 D-14 D-15 D-16 D-17 D-18 D-19 D-20
D-30 D-29 D-28 D-27 D-26 D-25 D-24 D-23 D-22 D-21

Section E

E-10 E-9 E-8 E-7 E-6 E-5 E-4 E-3 E-2 E-1
E-11 E-12 E-13 E-14 E-15 E-16 E-17 E-18 E-19 E-20
E-30 E-29 E-28 E-27 E-26 E-25 E-24 E-23 E-22 E-21

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