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George G. McVicker
RITINGS in the diary of Pierce E. Radisson indicate he was the first white man to enter Dodge County. Before he arrived, this country was the home of powerful Pawnee and Otoe Indian tribes. Radisson made his trip in 1656, two centuries before the country became permanently settled by white men, and traded copper kettles for the Indians' furs. Sixty-four years later an expedition of more than 150 Spaniards and Indians led by Villasuer came to the country about Dodge County searching for silver in the Platte river.
   Two hundred years ago, in 1739, Paul and Pierre Mallet led a party through Nebraska, and left in their diary the name of Nebraska's greatest river, the Platte. They had been following the Missouri river in the belief it would lead them to the Santa Fe country. Becoming confused, they went up the Platte to the Loup, and followed the valley of the latter. They spent the winter with a Pawnee tribe. During the early nineteenth century, trails were being established through what is now Dodge County. Over these paths, trappers and traders wandered, exchanging beads and gaudy fabrics for the Indians' furs. During the summer of 1813 Robert Stuart, Ramsey Crooks, Robert McLean and others of the Pacific Fur company enroute from Astoria on the Pacific coast to St. Louis passed through Dodge County on the bank of the Platte. During the next forty years the Dodge County region was traversed by many explorers, traders, trappers and missionaries, but none of these chose to make this region their home.
   In 1811 James Bradbury, a botanist formerly with the Lewis and Clark expedition, returned and journeyed up the Elkhorn valley through what later became Dodge County. His diary included notes which identified well known Dodge County landmarks. The United States Army expedition led by Major S. H. Long in 1819 was the first to record its travels so carefully that their trail could be retraced. After being brought to the Missouri shore from Pittsburgh by steam boat, the party made reconnoitering trips into Nebraska in the autumn of 1819, and the next summer traveled to the Rockies and then south to Santa Fe. Long's peak near Estes Park, Colo., is named after the leader of this expedition, for he was the first man to sight it. The Dodge County Historical Society has established granite markers along the trail this party followed in their county.
   In 1824 General Ashley, a fur trader in the Rocky Mountain area, established an overland trail to the Missouri river when Indian troubles along the upper Missouri forced him to abandon that route. His trail coincided with that made by the Long party through the north side of the Platte valley. In 1828 this trader went back to the mountains over the same path, and the members of his party took a small cannon mounted on wheels, the first wheels ever to make a track across the prairie between the Missouri and the mountains.
   Between 1820 and 1830 little record of other travelers in this area can be found, but it is believed there were many of them. Fort Atkinson, established in 1817 near the present site of Fort Calhoun, was the headquarters for a thousand soldiers and many trappers, traders and hunters during the ten years of its existence. Beginning with 1835, missionaries to Washington and Oregon traveled over the trail made by Ashley. Among them were Dr. Whitman, and the Rev. Samuel Parker.
   After this trip, the Rev. Parker wrote a description of the country between Elkhorn and Shell creeks: "It is covered with a rich and luxuriant growth of grass. No country could be more inviting to the farmer--the time will come and is probably not far distant when this country will be covered with a dense population ... Here shall be heard the din of business and the church going bells shall sound far and wide. The question is by whom shall this country be inhabited. It is plain that the Indian shall never multiply and fill it. They will melt away until nothing will remain of them but their relics in museums. God's civilized man and his homes shall cover the land."
   Major Clifton Wharton led a detachment of Dragoons on the first trip close to the Platte river in 1844. This group encountered a great deal of difficulty from the swampy land close to the stream, which mired their heavy wagons. Later travelers avoided these damp places and tributaries by staying farther from the river.
   The Mormons were the next travelers through Dodge County, making their trip in 1846-47. During the summer and fall of 1846 scouts ventured across the continent searching suitable land on which to make homes. The main body of Mormons spent the winter of 1846 on the Missouri river's west bank, resuming their journey to Salt Lake City the next summer. In April, 1847, the first ox drawn train of wagons passed through what later became Dodge County. Their trail entered south of Fremont and followed closely the path of the present highway No. 30. Some of them, however, turned north after leaving the Missouri and followed the Elkhorn to

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its headwaters, then followed the Niobrara river beyond the present western Nebraska borders.
   The Platte valley Mormon Trail was traveled by thousands of immigrants, gold seekers, traders and homesteaders during the next twenty years. The first military road in the west was surveyed along it between Omaha and Kearney in 1856. And it was along this trail that the first Dodge County homes were established.
   Both the Omaha and Pawnee tribes claimed the area which is now Dodge County. But Logan Fontanelle, acting for the Omahas, made the sale of it to the United States government in 1854. The Pawnees claimed they had been tricked, but were pacified when the government purchased from them the lands lying west of Shell creek in 1857.
   A proclamation of Territorial Governor Cuming on Oct. 21, 1854, established Dodge County, and it was organized in March of the next year by an act of the legislature.
   The original boundaries of the county extended some six miles farther east and west than they do now. When the Elkhorn river was made the eastern boundary in 1860, Fontanelle, until then the Dodge County seat, became a part of Washington County. Fremont, by this time a town of some size, then was made the county seat. The county was named for A. G. Dodge, Iowa senator who actively supported the Kansas-Nebraska bill in congress.
   The first home to be established in what is now Dodge County was that of Mrs. Wealthy Beebe, built in 1856, two miles west of the present Fremont. Her son-in-law, Abram McNeal and family, lived with her. McNeal's twin daughters born May 12, 1856, were the county's first white children. Another early home was established by George Emerson at the west end of the lake four and a half miles west of North Bend.
   Ann Bloomer first filed a homestead in Dodge County. Her land, on which she built a home, was on the south side of Maple creek in the northeast part of Nickerson township. She filed an affidavit in Washington, D. C., saying she moved into her home May 5, 1857. Robert Millar and George Young and their families established early homes in the North Bend area, and E. H. Barnard and John Kuntz erected the first residence in the Fremont townsite.
   The first Dodge County road was surveyed June 20, 1860, from a point two miles west of Ames to Robinson's mill on Maple creek. It was set up to make it easier for the North Bend settlers to cross the swampy valley.
   Fremont, the county seat which now has a population of 12,000, was established Aug. 23, 1856 by the Fremont Townsite Company, whose members were George Pinney, James G. Smith, Robert Moreland, Seth Marvin, E. H. Barnard, John A. Kuntz, and Robert Kittle. It was incorporated three years later. The chain which Barnard used in first surveying the town is now displayed in the Dodge County museum. James and Towner Smith operated the town's first business in a sod covered cave. Midland College, a Lutheran institution, was moved to Fremont in 1919. The city has suffered from several floods, in 1867, 1881, 1907, and 1912, all occurring in the spring season. However, a dike built in 1908 lessened this danger.
   North Bend, west of Fremont on the Platte, was the first Dodge County town to be chosen for permanent settlement. On July 4, 1856 a group of Scotch immigrants from Illinois went to the home of George Emerson, where they had a Fourth of July dinner. The next day they retraced their steps three miles east and built homes around where the North Bend Town Site company had platted a town. The first Dodge County election was held here in 1856. Two years later the town was getting mail by stage coach and a postoffice had been established.
   Today, even as in pioneer times, many travelers pass through Dodge County. It is crossed by one transcontinental federal highway, and an important state road, both hard-surfaced, in addition to many other state and county roads. But the wayfarer passing through Dodge County today views a far different scene than his predecessor of a century and more ago. Instead of a barren prairie, Dodge County is now dotted with well kept farm homes, thriving cities, cultivated fields and herds of livestock.

   ABBOTT, CHARLES EDWIN: Attorney; b Taylorville, Ill Dec 1, 1871; s of Miles J Abbott-Jennie Scribner; ed HS; U of N, LLB 1897; Phi Delta Phi; m Gertrude Sexton Nov 28, 1900 Fremont; s Theodore (dec 1903), Wade; d Katherine Folsom; with father published Hayes Co Republican when young man; 1898- ptr in law firm of Abbott, Dunlap & Abbott, son Wade, grad U of N, also ptr; has participated in many cases of statewide importance; was special counsel for Neb in state & U S supreme court in action against state involving constitutionality of a banking act, decided for state; practice also involves constitutionality of laws governing sch dists, electric dists & pub utilities; city atty 12 years; declined important fed judicial apptmt; mbr com which located Midland Coll in Fremont, 5 years mbr exec com of coll; acted for Charles P Veazie in bequest of funds for construction of Veazie Bldg at Masonic-Eastern Star home for children; continuous defender against outside adverse ints of Fremont municipal electric plant; pres Fremont Natl Bank; chmn of com aiding construction Dodge Co Comm Hosp; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; past pres C of C; YMCA, AF&AM; IOOF; MWA; St Jame; Episc Ch; hobbies, civic activities, livestock farm, fishing; father born in Pana Ill, was atty, judge & newspaper publisher, died 1908 in Fremont; mother born in Ky, died 1898 in Omaha; off Stephens Natl Bank Bldg; res 1401 Nye Ave, Fremont.

   ADAMS, ARCH T: Auto Dealer; b Elgin, Neb Feb 4, 1904; s of Thomas J Adams-Anna Trennepohl; ed Elgin HS; m Grace Jackson June 16, 1931 Madison; 1916-23 with father on ranch, Antelope Co; 1923-24 with Beckenhauer Construction Co, Elgin; 1924-28 bkkpr & salesman for Anderson Motor Co, Elgin; 1928-29 salesman Anderson Motor Co, Neligh; 1929-32 salesman & used car sales mgr Ryal-Miller Chevrolet Co, Norfolk; 1932-36 salesman Nielsen Chevrolet Co, Columbus; also sold Oldsmobiles; 1936-37 mgr Buick Agcy for Neilsen Co, Columbus; 1937- mgr of Buick agcy for Anderson Motor Co,


in Nebraska
Fremont; C of C, past mbr various coms; Kiwanis; Fremont Golf Club; Izaak Walton; BPOE; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; Mrs Arch Adams is former resident of Neligh, her father has been auto dlr in Neligh since 1915; off 733 N Broadway; res 425 W Military, Fremont.

   ALLEN, N A: Lumber & Coal Dealer; b Howells, Neb June 1, 1888; s of L A Allen-Mary Galbraith; ed Howells HS; m Marie M Chmeler Sept 10, 1912 Fremont; s Nathan A; d Ione M; 1904 with father in transfer bus, Howells; 1905 clk in various mdse stores in Neb; 1907 clk with Nye-Schneider-Fowler, Creston; 1916-22 traveling supt for Nye-Schneider-Fowler; 1922-37 gen mgr Cornbelt Lbr Co, Lincoln; May 1, 1937- with J H Melick in lbr & coal bus, Fremont; pres Melick-Allen Lbr & Coal Co; dir Neb St B&L Assn; past pres Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; past VP Natl Retail Lbr Dlrs Assn; past VP Midwest Interinsurance Exchange; dir C of C; Rotary; Izaak Walton; KP, Lincoln; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; off Melick-Allen Lbr & Coal Co; res 431 No 20th, Fremont.

   ANDERSEN, ANDREW E: Funeral Director; b Bang, Neb Feb 14, 1882; s of Christian S Andersen-Maren J Petersen; ed Fremont HS 1900; m Orpha G Palmer Aug 15, 1904 Wahoo; s W Dale; 1900-02 with Petersen Brothers Store; 1902-17 bkkpr & later dept mgr Eddy Brothers Dept Store; 1917-34 ptr of Charles H Hawley in Brunswick Restaurant; 1934- mgr & VP Fred Bader Funeral Home; instrumental in orgn of Fremont Hotel Co which erected Hotel Pathfinder; 1917 dir Fremont Hotel Co; dir Equitable B & L Assn; dir Midland Coll, past mbr finance com; 1930- mbr city park bd comm, chmn 1932-39; 1916 pres Fremont Ad Club; past dir city coun of BSA; 30 years dir YMCA; past dir C of C; dir Rotary; dir of SA; BPOE; Bapt Ch; off Bader Funeral Home; res Fremont.

   ARUNDEL, DON J: County Clerk; b Fremont, Neb Apr 19, 1909; s of Henry J Arundel-Amelia Koss; ed Fremont HS; m Marian E Briggs June 14, 1938 Cedar Bluffs; 1923-30 printer with Hammond Printing Co; 1930-35 clk in off of Dodge Co clk; 1935-38 Dodge Co dep clk; 1938-Dodge Co clk; Dodge Co Y D Club; St Patrick's Ch; off Courthouse; res 1410 N Nye, Fremont.

   BALDWIN, ARTHUR: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Fremont, Neb Feb 22, 1892; s of L W Baldwin-Carrie E Dunlap; ed Fremont Normal; m June E Breitenfeld June 29, 1917 Fremont; s William H; d Betty June; 1910-16 with Paul Colson Ins Agcy; 1916-22 acquired int in corp & acted as secy; 1918-22 with Reynolds, Morrison & Rathburn; 1922-31 with Reynolds, Morrison & Rathburn Ins Co as secy in chg of Fremont off, renamed Baldwin-Heckes Co 1922; 1923 real est div added; 1931 renamed Baldwin-Peterson Co, 1931- sr ptr; 1936- pres Merc Credit Co; handled sale of Fremont Tribune, & 1936 sale of Union Natl Bank Bldg; past secy Fremont Bd of Underwriters; past state dir Neb Assn of Ins Agts; Fremont Real Est Assn; past pres Neb Real Est Assn; exec & finance com mbr C of C, dir, chmn industrial com; trustee Midland Coll; VP & dir YMCA; past pres & dir Kiwanis; ch mbr, past pres, secy Izaak Walton, past state dir; AF&AM; chmn finance com Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, fishing, hunting; off 125 E 5th; res 1336 N Park Ave, Fremont.

   BAUER, PETER L: Treasurer & Assistant Manager Power Co; b Sutton, Neb Feb 27, 1892; s of William Bauer-Mary Reifschneider; ed Sutton HS; Highland Park Coll, Des Moines Ia PhG 1916; m Freda M Hanke June 15, 1921 Sutton; 1915-17 co-owner Bauer Drug Store, Scribner; after World War retd to drug store, sold int July 1919 & became asst cash of Scribner State Bank until resignation 1928; 1919 became treas Scribner Artificial Ice Co, reorg 1926 as Elkhorn Valley Power Co, 1928- treas & asst mgr; during World War enl Dec 10, 1917 in army base hosp 49, O/S July 1918 to Apr 1919; past comm post 121 Amer Leg, state del to Chicago & Detroit convs;. 1934-38 mayor of Scribner; C of C; trustee Masonic Home in Plattsmouth; past master AF&AM 132, Scot Rite, Tangier Shrine; chmn bd of trustees First Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, travel, bowlIng, golf; off & res Scribner.

   BEEMER, WILLIAM A: owner Electric Co; b Fremont, Neb Aug 28, 1889; s of Jacob R Beemer-Katherine M MacLamar; ed Fremont; m Irma C Dahl Sept 2, 1913 Columbus; 1907-12 lineman & groundman Northwestern Bell Tele Co, Fremont; 1912-15 electrician Barnett & Hawkinson Electric Co; 1915-18 foreman Wright Electric Co; 1918-36 opr Beemer & Beemer Electric Co; 1936- owner & mgr Beemer Electric Co; 1935- mbr city coun; C of C; Fremont Golf Club; AF&AM 15; past trustee Presby Ch: Rep; hobbies, golf, baseball; off 70 W 6th; res 2158 N Main, Fremont.

   BENTON, ALMA LOIS: Executive; b Fremont, Neb Aug 29, 1884; d of Edward Rogers Benton-Carrie Florence Somers; ed Fremont Normal 1905; 1905-08 off mgr, buyer, bkkpr & steno Hammond & Stephens Co, 1911- gen mgr, secy-treas also priv secy to Dan V Stephens, during his service in congress; 1917-19 secy Fremont Joint Stock Land Bank; past pres Altrusa, past state pres, first vice-gov dist 6; Congl Ch; Dem; hobbies, reading, travel, stamp collecting; off 553 N Broad; res 949 Eye, Fremont.

   BLAIR, LLOYD C: Assistant Bank Cashier; b Colon, Neb Apr 26, 1900; s of Samuel H Blair-Etta Presba; ed Saunders Co; Cedar Bluffs HS; Royal HS; Grand Island Bus Coll; m Inez S Mickey Aug 28, 1920 Fremont; 1918 during World War enl in SATC; 1920-24 bkkpr & asst cash Home State Bank, Humboldt; 1924-25 mgr livestock brokers off at stock yards, Kansas City Mo; 1925-26 salesman at Fremont for Security Life Ins Co of Lincoln; 1926- mgr bookkeeping dept, teller, asst cash Fremont State Bank, renamed Stephens Natl Bank, asst cash since 1934; mbr city coun; master AF&AM: FOE aerie 200; 1923 adjt Humboldt Amer Leg; pres Neb St Bowling Assn, helped arrange schedule for tournament in Fremont Mar 1939, largest entry in history of assn; First Chris Ch; Rep; hobbies, bowling, baseball; off Stephens Natl Bank; res 428 North L, Fremont.

   BOLL, HANS F: President Power Co; b Berlin, Germany Dec 13, 1862; s of Edward C Boll-Catherine Hamen; ed Fremont; m Julia Sullivan Dec 5, 1885 Scribner; 1871 came with parents to Amer & settled in Fremont; 1877-83 worked in butcher shop; 1883-85 farmed with father near Scribner, later pur & farmed 240 A; 1919 moved to Scribner but still owns farm; an org & dir Scribner Artificial Ice Co, 1926 reorg & renamed Elkhorn Valley Power Co, pres since; 1921-22 chmn village bd of trustees; 1922-24 first mayor of Scribner; 1923 supvr paving project, procured required number of signers to pass city coun; an org Scribner Stock Show; promoter Dead Timber State Recreation Park (200 A) made into game reserve; C of C; AF&AM; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing, golf; off & res Scribner.

   BOTT, ROY E: Mayor; b Admah, Neb May 6, 1897; s of Julius R Bott-Augusta Marie Williamsen; ed Hooper HS 1916; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; m Ida Belle Duffack Oct 30, 1921 Omaha; 1917-18 with Acme Harvesting Machine Co, Omaha; 1918-22, off & credit mgr B F Avery & Sons, Omaha; 1922- owner & opr J R Bott & Sons Impl Co, Hooper; 1912- int in theaters, owner Amusu Theater since 1932; past pres & dir Hooper B&L Assn; 1932- mayor of Hooper; 1918 during World War served 11 mos in U S army; ch mbr Amer Leg post 18, past comm; 40 & 8, past chef de gare; Midwest Farm Impl Dlrs Assn, past pres & dir; past pres Dodge Co Fair Assn; Comml Club; Omaha Athletic Club; Variety Club, Omaha; KP 89; Grace Luth Ch; Dem; res Hooper.

   BOWERSOX, FRANKLIN P: Farmer; b Mt Pleasant Mills, Penn Apr 27, 1894; s of Foster K Bowersox-Catherine Rauch; ed Penn; m Mary L Hibler Oct 4, 1924 Fremont; s Franklin Lewis; 1908-10 worked on farm in Penn; 1910-14 emp in lbr bus, Penn; 1914 came to Neb & settled on 360 A farm near Hooper, became grain & livestock grower; during World War, served Apr 1918-Aug 1919 in naval aviation, O/S entire time; past comm post 18 & past Co comm Amer Leg; 40 & 8, past chef de gare; AAA, Wheat Program committeeman; past master AF&AM 72; OES; Grace Luth Ch; Rep; res RFD, Hooper.

   CHAMBERS, ARTHUR N: Mortician; b Fremont, Neb Dec 12, 1902; s of Henry Chambers-Clara Whitlock; ed Fremont HS; Midland Coll; m Pearl Jens Aug 17, 1928 Council Bluffs Ia; 1926- with Fred Bader Funeral Home; Feb 20, 1929 passed state board examination of morticians; 1929- pres, Fred Bader Funeral Home, Fremont; mbr vol fire dept; mbr Jr & Sr C of C; past dir Kiwanis; Neb & Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; YMCA; ARC; BPOE 514; FOE; IOOF; AF&AM 15; Episc Ch; Dem; hobbies, golf, sports; off 637 N Park; res 437 W Military, Fremont.

   CHERNY, JAMES E: Lumber & Coal Dealer b North Bend, Neb Mar 12, 1891; s of John Cherny-Victoria Sedlacek; ed North Bend HS; m Gertrude Banghart Apr 3, 1912 North


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Bend; d Ruth A (Mrs Clarence P Cooper), Elizabeth V, Gertrude A; 1909- with father in lbr & coal bus; 4 years mayor of North Bend; city coun mbr past 5 years; instrumental in obtaining North Bend $40,000 city auditorium; mbr advisory bldg com Dodge Co Hosp; past mbr C of C; past master AF&AM; past mbr IOOF; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, sports; off & res, North Bend.

   CHRISTENSEN, ALFRED F: Lumber & Coal Dealer; b Fremont, Neb Mar 16, 1893; s of Christian H Christensen-Anna K Jensen; ed Fremont HS; Fremont Normal 1911; m Maybel M Benson Nov 10, 1915 Fremont; s David L; d Marie L, Marjorie J; 1911-23 messenger, bkkpr, teller Fremont Natl Bank, asst cash 1918-23; 1923- with R A Luehrs estab Luehrs-Christensen Lbr & Coal Co, 1923- secy-treas; dir Colfax Finance Co of Schuyler, org in 1937; 1928- org Parkside Apts Inc, 1928- secy-treas; dir Midwest Lbr Mens Inter-ins Exchange; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; past dir C of C; Jr C of C; dir YMCA; Izaak Walton; SA, mbr advisory bd; Kiwanis, dist chmn inter-club relations com, past lt gov, past pres; AF&AM, RAM 8, R&SM 7, KT 9, Tangier Shrine; BPOE; KP; trustee First Bapt Ch, chmn finance com; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 201 S Main; res 306 E 8th, Fremont.

   CHRISTENSEN, ARTHUR G: Building & Loan Representative; b Fremont, Neb Aug 6, 1880; s of Christian Christensen-Maria Paulsen; ed Fremont; Colo Sch of Mines 1899-1900; m Mary Roberta Hammond Oct 24, 1906 Fremont; s William Hammond; d Roberta Jeanette (Mrs Sterling J Bemis), Mary Elizabeth; 1900-14 cash, Comml Natl Bank, Fremont; 1914-21 VP First Natl Bank, Fremont-, 1921-23 with Union Natl Bank; 1923-28 in real est & ins bus; 1928-39 in real est dept, First Trust Co, Lincoln; 1939- with Equitable B & L Assn, Fremont; 1918 mbr natl auditing com; C of C; Lincoln Assn of Credit Men; 1923-24 commr Pawnee Coun BSA; BPOE, ch mbr Fremont, past exalted ruler & past dist dep; AF&AM 15, Fremont; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, philately; res Fremont.

   CHRISTENSEN, MRS MARY ROBERTA: Homemaker; b Fremont, Neb Aug 10, 1882; d of Frank Hammond-Jeanette Hammer; ed Fremont HS; Ohio Wes 1901-02; Gamma Phi Beta; m Arthur G Christensen Oct 24, 1906 Fremont: s William Hammond; d Roberta Jeanette (Mrs Sterling J Bemis), Mary Elizabeth; 1924 pres Fremont Womans Club; NFWC, publicity chmn 1926, editor Neb Clubwoman 1929-30; GFWC, regional publicity chmn 1926-28, chmn dept of press & publicity 1932-35; League of Women Voters; 1939- res Fremont; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, writing, author of column Us Girls for The Clubwoman; res Fremont.

   COLLETTE, ROSE V: Creamery Manager; b Superior, Neb Dec 14, 1900; d of Adam Young-Elizabeth Connell; ed Superior; Chariton Ia HS; m A J Collette Feb 16, 1928 Superior (dec); 1919-23 clk Farmers Union Co-op Creamery at Superior, 1923-29 bkkpr & asst mgr; 1929-31 mgr Farmers Union Co-op Creamery at Aurora, 1931- mgr at Fremont; pres B&PW Club; secy Fremont Bowling Assn; St Patrick's Ch; Dem; hobbies, bowling, fishing; father came to U S when 18 years of age, settled in N Y later in Kas, came to Neb 1888, active in farm groups of Superior; mother born in Kas, married 1885; off 230 E Jackson; res 339 E 9th, Fremont.

   CONNETT, L W: Chiropractor; b Oto, Ia. Nov 23, 1892; s of John W Connett-Mary Heisler; ed Waterloo Ia HS; Highland Park Coll of Pharm, Des Moines Ia 1914-15; Palmer Sch of Chiropractic, Davenport Ia 1922-23; Delta Sigma Chi; m Edith K Thorp Aug 15, 1915 Oelwein Ia; s Leo Windle; d Evelyn Jeanne, Arlyse Virginia, Laura Lee, Geraldine Lavern; 1906 with Brody Brothers Drug Co, Waverly Ia; 1907-13 with Calvin J Miller Drug Co, Waterloo Ia; 1913 with Jacobsen Drug Co, Wayzata Minn; 1915-17 with Dankenbring Drug Co of Oelwein Ia; 1917-19 owner Maynard Drug Co, Maynard Ia; 1919 with Charles Ehlers Drug Co, Cincinnati O; 1920-21 with Bengtson Drug Co, Davenport Ia; 1923-32 chiropractor, Nebraska City; 1932- chiropractor, Fremont; instrumental in having chiropractic treatments made available in Dodge Co Hosp, only one in US where such treatments are offered; Neb & Natl Chiropractic Assns; Drugless & Bloodless Manipulative Surgs of Amer; C of C; past mbr Lions; Atlas Club of Omaha; PTA; AF&AM; OES; Meth Ch: Rep; off 5461/2 N Main; res 1335 Park Ave, Fremont.

   COOK, JOSEPH C: Attorney; b Arlington, Neb Sept 17, 1875; s of William S Cook-Jennie A Unthank; ed Arlington HS; U of N, LLB 1895: m Maude D Clark Aug 2, 1905 Fremont; s Morris D; d Jennie (Mrs George Brown); 1895-97 law prac, Arlington: 1897-1901 with firm of Dolezal, Cook & Cook, Fremont: 1901-32 indep law prac; 1932- with firm of Cook & Cook, son Morris now jr ptr; police judge 6 years; Dodge Co atty 10 years: past pres Dodge Co & Neb St Bar Assns; C of C; BPOE; KP; MWA; Rep, 8 years chmn Dodge Co Central Com; hobbies, fishing, hunting, big game; off 314-317 Stephens Natl Bank Bldg; res 1505 N Broadway, Fremont.

   COPPER, O BYRON: Register of Deeds; b Crawford Co. Wis May 13, 1878; s of Oscar Byron Copper-Viola M Wilcox; ed Wis; m Bernice Rosencrans Nov 20, 1902 Wauzeka Wis; s Keith W, O Byron Jr, Hubert M: d Sarah H (Mrs Harvey Clarke), Doris R (Mrs John L Wilson); 1898 started in printing trade in off Kickapoo Chief, Wauzeka Wis: 1899 with Union of Prairie Du Chien, Wis; 1901 editor North Iowa Times, McGregor Iowa; 1901-20 newspaper critic on the Natl Printer-Journalist founded by Benjamin B Herbert; 1902 founded Bi-County Argus in De Soto Wis, later leased paper to Fred J Perrin; foreman Pocatello Idaho Advance short time; editor Devil's Lake N D paper short time; 1905-07 foreman Yakima Wash Republic; 1907 retd to De Soto Wis, pur Perrin int & oprd the Bi-County Argus, sold in 1918; 1915-20 P M; De Soto Wis; 1920-27 editor Fremont Herald; 1927-28 pur Fremont Herald & oprd untitl suspension in fall of 1928; 1930- register of deeds; writes short fiction, verse & articles for magazines; 1902 poet laureate for United Amateur Press Assn; AF&AM; Dem; hobby, writing; off Courthouse; res 1816 N Union, Fremont.

   COURTRIGHT, W J: Attorney; b Wheatland, Ia July 29, 1862; s of Ira Courtright-Mary Shirley; ed Clarence Ia; s Carrol; d Marie C (Mrs Royal G Betts); ptr in Thomas & Courtright Drug Store 1885; in real est & ins work before admittance to the Neb bar in 1888: 1888-91 prac law, Long Pine & Ainsworth,: 1891- prac law, Fremont; ent law prac with S S Sidner in 1899, said to be oldest law ptrship in state; special counsel in drainage litigation; atty for C&NW RR & CB&Q RR; dir of Fremont B & L Assn 40 years; 1936 special city atty in viaduct matters; represented 11 drainage dists; dir Fremont Hotel Co; past dir Fremont State Hank; past dir Courtright Hdw Co; past pres Fremont Tele Co; 1933 donated 40 A land to Fremont for Wild Court Park; past pres Dodge Co Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; past pres YMCA; C of C; hon mbr Rotary; past mbr IOOF; Meth Ch, trustee 35 years; hobbies, flowers, gardening; off Stephens Natl Bank Bldg; res 1010 N Broad, Fremont.

   CUTRIGHT, JOHN L: Attorney; b Lincoln, Neb Oct 31, 1891; s of John W Cutright-Hannah Hultgren: ed HS, Lincoln & Omaha; U of N, LLB 1914; Alpha Tau Omega; apptd by Secy of State William Jennings Bryan as vice-consul & dep consul gen at Coburg, Germany, arrived in Germany July 1, 1914, tsfrd Oct 1914 to Nottingham England as vice-consul; did not accept position & was recalled by state dept; 1915-16 clk in law dept of UP RR, Omaha; summer 1916 spent 1 mo at CMTC, Plattsburg NY; 1917-18 asst atty gen of Neb, resigned to enter World War service; 1918-19 prac law, Omaha; 1919-21 with Abbott Rohn & Robins law firm, Fremont; 1921- prac law in Fremont; secy Dodge Co Bar Assn; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; mbr exec com U of N Alumni Assn 3 years, past pres of Dodge Co section; during World War enl in AS at ground sch Univ of Ill, also trained 3 mos at Camp Dick, Dallas Tex, later in heavy arty sch of fire Fort Monroe Va until Nov 11, 1918; Amer Leg; 40 & 8; Indep; Dem; hobbies, swimming & handball; off 208 Stephens Natl Bank Bldg; res 442 West 21st, Fremont.

   DANIEL, E M: Druggist; b Omaha. Neb Nov 24, 1903; s of L S Daniel-Leona Hamilton; ed Omaha HS; Creighton U, PhG; Phi Delta Chi; m Myrtle Haugness Jan 9, 1924 Omaha; s Verne E; d Nancy, Patty S; 1923 pharm with Brunner Drug Co, Fremont; 1928- ptr & mgr Charles H Brunner Drug Co: pres Neb Rexall Club; Neb Pharm Assn; NARD; chmn of retail div C of C; Kiwanis; Fremont Golf Club; BPOE; past mbr FOE; AF&AM 16; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res 1915 N Park, Fremont.

   DATEL, F B: Retired; b Fort Madison, Ia Apr 15, 1868; s of Joseph Datel-Anna Sukova; ed North Bend; m Lillian Bartosh May 8, 1894 Wahoo; d Mabel L (dec Mar 6, 1938); 1880-88 clk for A Peller & Co gen mdse store; 1888-90 in gen mdse bus, Morse Bluff; 1900-05 with John Jonovec gen mdse store at North Bend, 1905-15 owner & opr, 1915-30 ptr of


in Nebraska
nephew, J F Datel in store; 1930-38 owner & opr gen mdse bus, North Bend; 1938- ret; past dir First Natl Bank; past chmn Morse Bluff city coun; ch mbr & dir Fedn of Neb Retailers; past mbr C of C; MWA; ZCBJ; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; father early settler & homesteader in Saunders Co; off Datel Bldg; res Fremont.

   DRENGUIS, J F: Grocer; b Savannah, Ga May 21, 1870; s of John Drenguis-Meta Mohr; ed Scribner; Fremont Normal; 1871 came to Neb; 1888 with Booth-Ross Gen Store, Scribner; 1891 with Frank Houston Gen Store; 1892-94 with Win Kramburg Gen Store; 1894 assoc with S E Street Gen Store; 1896 with Gus Martin Gen Store; 1896-1936 owner & opr gen store; 1936-39 with J E Beaver in groc bus; 1900- an org & pres Farmers Tele Co; past dir Farmers & Mchts Bank of Scribner, Farmers State Bank of Rosalie & Magnet State Bank; an org Elkhorn Valley Power Co, dir & past treas; helped org city sanitary swimming pool & stock & agrl show; past mbr city coun; past mbr city election bd; C of C; Ben Hur; AF&AM 132, treas 30 years; OES; AOUW; Congl Ch, trustee 25 years; Rep; hobbies, radio & golf; res Scribner.

   DREW, FRED D: Mayor; b Brasher Falls, NY Sept 3, 1873; s of George M Drew-Helen Delano; ed Wisner HS; m Nellie Hawley Oct 18, 1894 Fremont; 1892 came to Fremont; 1896-1920 bkkpr Fremont Creamery Co, 1920-28 secy, 1928-34 gen mgr; 1934 ret; 1935 mayor, Fremont; instrumental in bldg city auditorium & bringing many improvements to Fremont; baseball player in city league several years; secy Rotary; BPOE, past exalted ruler; AF&AM; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, baseball, fishing; parents moved to Wisner, 1883 father contr & builder; off City Auditorium; res 320 West 8th, Fremont.

   DUNLAP, RODNEY S: Attorney; b Dawson Co, Neb May 18, 1893; s of S C Dunlap-Mary James; ed Hastings HS; Hastings Coll; U of N, BA, BSc, LLB 1922; Delta Chi; m Beth Wood Oct 24, 1926 Sheridan Wyo; d Beth, Margaret; 1914-17 sch tchr, Stromsburg; 1922- in law prac with firm Abbott, Rohn, Robins, now Abbott, Dunlap & Abbott; 1917 enl in U S army at Fort Snelling, capt of inf Camp Dodge, comdt Co M of 351st inf, promoted comdt of 1st batt of inf; VFW; Dodge Co & Neb St Bar Assns; C of C; BPOE 514; YMCA; Episc Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off Stephens Natl Bank Bldg; res 1715 Nye Ave, Fremont.

   EHLERS, CLAUS: Livestock Dealer; b Holstein, Germany Dec 29, 1861; s of Claus Ehlers-Margarette Maria ___; ed HS in Germany; m Mary Stieper Mar 15, 1893 Scribner; s Bill, LeRoy; d Margaret (Mrs Earlan Robinson), Francis (Mrs Joe Stecker), Mildred (Mrs Fred Guivenose); 1885 came to Moline Ill, 1886 emp as butcher; 1887 butcher in Schultz Retail Meat Shop, Omaha; 1887 owner meat market, Scribner; 1900- in livestock bus; 1903-19 VP of First Natl Bank, 1919- pres; past dir sch bd; past dir town bd; past dir stock & agrl show; Neb & Amer Bankers Assn; C of C; AF&AM; MWA; Sons of Herman; made 2 trips to Germany since coming to America; res Scribner.

   ELDER, D M: Store Manager; b Trenton, Mo Mar 12, 1890; s of D T Elder-Laura Stone; ed State Normal, Pittsburg Kas; m Clarice Kruger Sept 16, 1922, Glenwood Springs Colo; 1910-17 sch tchr, Beloit Kas; 1920-24 tchr, Antlers Colo; 1925 tchr, Marble Colo; 1926-35 with Montgomery Ward & Co at Kansas City Mo, Beatrice, Hastings, Oklahoma City; 1935- mgr of Montgomery Ward Store, Fremont; 1917 enl in U S army 2nd div stationed at Honolulu, OTC Camp Schofield, Hawaiian Islands, disch 1918 Camp Grand; Amer Leg; C of C; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, books; res Park Side Apartments, Fremont.

   FAUQUET, EPHRAIM J: Farmer; b Cedar Bluffs, Neb Dec 12, 1878; s of M Fauquet-Mary Jane Prince; ed Saunders Co; Fremont Normal; m Faye Martin Mar 3, 1915 Fremont; s Earl M; d Ruth V, Irene (Mrs Clark Hodges); worked on father's farm until 1899 then farmed on shares with father; while ptr of father & brother pur & sold several farms in Saunders Co; 1912 with Ernest Fauquet & W G Luehrs pur 640 A farm near Fremont; 1914 discontinued ptrship, now farmer & livestock raiser on 200 of the 640 A, has pump irrigation system on 60 A; past dir sch bd; Farmers Union, past pres; past committeeman AAA; dir Farmers Union Co-op Assn; First Bapt Ch, deacon; Rep; father came from France to Amer in 1858, settled in Cedar Bluffs; hobby, reading; res RFD, Fremont.

   FAUQUET, MRS FAYE: Homemaker; b St Charles, la Jan 4, 1879; s (sic) of Thomas C Martin-Viola Jordan; ed David City HS; Fremont Normal, BSc 1907; m Ephraim Fauquet Mar 3, 1915 Fremont; s Earl M; d Ruth V, Irene (Mrs Clark Hodges); 1900-06 tchr, Dodge Co; 1907-15 HS tchr, Waterloo & Scribner, Lander Wyo; 1915- homemaker, Fremont; past pres & secy Garden Kensington; pres Progressive Extn Club; mbr Dodge Co extension club chorus; Farmers Union aux secy & past pres; Deaconess First Bapt Ch, mbr womans coun; Rep; hobbies, flowers, crocheting, specializes in raising Rhode Island Red chickens & Pekin ducks; res RFD, Fremont.

   FITL, BESS ROSE: Lecturer & Educator; b Swanton, Neb Aug 7, 1895; d of Joseph F Fitl-Anna Moravec; ed Swanton HS; U of N; Komensky Club; Midland Coll; U of Chicago; 1911 tchr in Neb rural schs; 3 years prin Milligan HS; matron 18 mos at Girls Industrial Sch at Geneva, studied social problems; psychiatrist 6 years Fremont schs; now supvr of recreation in Fremont & of WPA in Dodge Co; lecturer in Neb to Girl & Boy Scouts, YMCA, YWCA, patriotic, religious, service & tchrs groups, also lecturer in Czech language; student internatl affairs; org for a fraternal ins co; Girl Scout commr for Dodge Co; during World War chmn woman's div Saline Co coun of defense, VFW aux; Altrusa; Womans Club; Chris Sci Ch; hobbies, reading, gardening, collecting folklore & songs of all nations; parents came from Czechoslovakia to Neb in 1882; res 1015 Somers Ave, Fremont.

   FORMAN, ARTHUR J: City Clerk; b Crystal Lake, Ill Nov 1, 1862; s of Benjamin S Forman-Rebecca A Ward; ed Oshkosh Wis HS; m Hattie F Walker Apr 1888 Fremont; 1884-92 with Fremont Foundry & Machine Co; 1892-99 mgr European Hotel; 1899 founded Forman Cigar Co, mfrs of cigars, active mgr until 1922; 1922- city clk, Fremont; C of C; YMCA; past chmn League of Neb Municipalities; ARC; FOE; KP, past chancellor comm; past chmn & mbr bd of trustee, Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, yard work; off City Auditorium: res 539 W 6th, Fremont.

   FUHLRODT, FRANK WILLIAM: Postmaster; b Apr 10, 1878 Chicago, Ill; s of Conrad Fuhlrodt-Elizabeth Hausfeld; ed Fremont HS; Fremont Normal, 1899; m Lucinda Mallette June 15, 1904 Fremont; 1899-1903 abstract clk & acct for C&NW RR; Sept 3, 1903-1913 clk in the Fremont PO, 1913-15 supt of mails; 1915-19 asst P M, 1919- P M & custodian of P O bldg; BPOE; AF&AM; C of C; Rotary; hobbies, fishing, hunting, gardens; off P O Bldg; res Fremont.

   GALLAGHER, JOHN J: County, Sheriff; b North Bend, Neb Aug, 1, 1889; s of John Gallagher-Margaret Gillespie; ed North Bend; m Ida M Nelson Jan 16, 1912 North Bend; s John: d Evangeline (Mrs Lester Jensen), Evelyn (Mrs Charles Kocour) Elaine, Helen; 1911-23 farmed in Dodge Co; 1923-29 mbr police force at Fremont, 1929-30 chief of police; 1931- Dodge Co Sheriff; owner farm near Scribner; C of C; BPOE; FOE;. Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off. Courthouse; res Fremont.

   GEESAMAN, DONALD E: Implement Dealer; b Shippensburg, Penn Jan 3, 1884; s of George K Geesaman- Martha E ___; ed Osceola HS; LSC; m Mrs Hallie Bittner Aug 9, 1929 Omaha; step-s Robert, Jack; 1904 clk CB&Q RR, Omaha; 1905 clk Kingman Plow Co, Omaha; 1910 traveling representative Lininager Impl Co, Omaha; 1910-16 with Parlin Orendorff Plow Co, Omaha; 1916 with Herring Motor Co, Omaha; 1919 blockman for Internatl Harvester Co; Fremont; 1937- owner Fremont Farm Equipment Co; Midwest Farm Impl Dirs Assn; C of C; Rotary; Golf Club; AF&AM, Scot Rite, Tangier Shrine; past mbr BPOE; YMCA; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, collecting newspaper clippings, coins & stamps; res 1616 N Broadway, Fremont.

   GERICKE, A F: Farmer; b Dodge Co, Neb Aug 28, 1884; s of Charles L Gericke-Fredericka Wiershausen; ed Fremont Normal; 1909-31 with father farmed & raised stock; 1913- indep farmer since father's death; dir & VP Neb Farmers Union Creamery Co; dir Douglas Co Diking Dist; dir Dodge Co Mutual Ins Co; agt Farmers Union Co-op Ins Co; twp pres Dodge Co Taxpayers League; clk Elkhorn twp; past mbr & treas sch bd dist 4; Farmers Union, 14 years Dodge Co pres, past pres 6th dist; KP; trustee Calvary Evang Ch, SS supt 20 years; Rep, past mbr Dodge Co Central Com; hobby, farm orgn; brother Dr W F Gericke who lives in Cal, has made outstanding contributions to the science of soil-less crop growing; res RFD Fremont.


Who's Who
   GILBERT, RALPH V: Clergyman; b Mercer Co, Penn Mar 20, 1891; s of Valentine Gilbert-Annie Stoyer; ed Fredonia Penn Inst, 1910; Grove City, Penn Coll, BA cum laude 1913; Western Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh Penn, STB 1916; Dubuque Ia U, hon DD 1937; m Hazel Hockenberry July 31, 1913 West Sunbury Penn; d Abigail Ann, Rebekah; 1916-17 Presby pastor Atlantic Penn; 1919-23 pastor, Girard Penn; 1923-29 pastor, Independence Ia; 1930- pastor, Fremont; author English Writers, The Church & Printer's Ink; contributor to religious press; past moderator Dubuque Presbytery & Presbytery of Omaha; 3 times commr to gen assembly; secy Fremont Ministerial Assn; Rotary; AF&AM 15; res & off, 430 East 5th, Fremont.

   GILMORE, ALAN L: YMCA Secy, b Falls City, Neb Aug 15, 1897; s of James M Gilmore-Effie Yoder; ed Falls City HS, 1916; Neb Wes, BA 1922; grad work U of N; grad YMCA summer schs at Estes Park Colo; m Gladys M Burgar May 28, 1922 Waldo, Kas; s James L; 1916 sch tchr several mos, resigned to take position with First Natl Bank of Falls City until fall of 1918; 1921-22 desk secy YMCA, Lincoln; 1922-25 dormitory secy, 1925-30 membership secy; 1930- gen secy of Fremont YMCA; dir of Estes Park Colo summer sch; Assn of Secys of the YMCA; Fremont Ministerial Assn; Kiwanis, secy 9 years; C of C; Meth Ch, Dem; hobbies, travel, reading & BSA work; off, 5th & Park; res, 431 West 19th, Fremont.

   GRANT, WILLIAM A: Auto Dealer; b Carroll, Ia Sept 16, 1880; s of Frank E Grant-Mary E Jeffries; ed Plymouth Co Ia; m Nellie Pearl Smith Feb 8, 1903 Akron Ia (dec 1934); s Hiram E, Roscoe V, Elmo G, Willis A, Maurice E, Melvin L, Wayne C, Kenneth D; d Venetta O (Mrs Richard Garnet); m Edythe Olson Oct 28, 1936 Omaha; with father on Ia farm until 1901; 1902-03 farmed in Ia; 1903-06 farmed near Coleridge; 1906-09 oprd restaurant at Coleridge; 1909-13 P M, Coleridge; 1913-16 in real est & ins bus; 1916-20 auto dlr; 1920-31 auto dlr, Hartington; 1931- owner & mgr Grant Chevrolet Co, Fremont; past mbr bd of edn; past secy C of C, Hartington; Lions, Hartington; Kiwanis, dir; Izaak Walton; AF&AM 15; OES; Congl Ch; off 252 E 5th; res 1669 Colson, Fremont.

   HAMMOND, FRANK: President Building & Loan Association; b Legrand, Ia July 9, 1858; s of George Hammond-Jane Leech; ed Friends Acad, Legrand Ia; m Nettie Hammer Oct 14, 1879 Hardin Co Ia; s Lucius (dec), Ray W, Earl R, R Everette; d Roberta (Mrs A G Christensen); 1878 with Dispatch of Gilman Ia; 1879 with ptr F W Browne pur Fremont Tribune; 1880-1938 bus mgr Fremont Tribune, brother Ross L editor; believed to be only person in Neb connected with one newspaper for so long a period; 1886 an org of Equitable B & L Assn, 1899 elec dir, 1909 became pres; 1894 with brother Ross L & Dan V Stephens formed Hammond-Stephens Co, was an ofcr until co sold to Stephens in 1919; 1906 an org & pres since establishment of Sure-Hatch Incubator Co, later renamed Crystal Refrigerator Co; past dir & pres Union Natl Bank; past secy Fremont Normal; past VP, past chmn exec com, past mbr bldg com of Midland Coll; past pres YMCA, also bldg com mbr; past pres & past dir C of C; Rotary; Ben Hur; Royal Highlanders; past mbr bldg com & chmn bd of trustees Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, reading; off & res 851 N Clarkson, Fremont.

   HANSEN, JOHN G: Superintendent of Schools; b Louisville, Neb Jan 20, 1901: s of Hans P Hansen- Martina Sailing; ed Neligh HS; WSTC, summer sessions, BA 1928; U of N summer sessions, MA 1935; Phi Delta Kappa; m Marie Fleming July 26, 1928 Osceola; 1923-25 supt Dixon schs; 1925-29 prin South Sioux City HS; 1929-32 supt Osceola schs; 1932-38 supt Superior schs; 1938- supt Fremont schs; Dodge Co Schoolmens Assn; Neb Schoolmasters Club; VP dist I NSTA; C of C; past pres Kiwanis, program chmn; chmn bd of reviews BSA; Fremont Golf Club; Izaak Walton; AF&AM; hobbies, golf, athletics, football; Prot; off Fremont HS; res 1013 N Nye, Fremont.

   HANSON, ALFRED L: Public Accountant; b Fremont, Neb July 5, 1892; s of James F Hanson-Lelia S Wightman; ed Fremont HS; Fremont Normal; m Neta Fern Clark June 3, 1914 York; s Eugene S, Robert E; d Mary Ellen; 1908 with Alfalfa Products Co of Fremont; 1909 with Nye-Schneider-Fowler Co livestock commission house, Omaha; 1910 with Alfalfa Products Co, Fremont; 1911-18 in grain dept, later lbr & coal dept Nye-Schneider-Fowler Co, Fremont; 1918 in abstract & title div J F Hanson & Co; 1928- sect Hanson Audit Co; dir & secy Farmland Fremont & RR Drainage Dist; C of C; past mbr & secy Rotary; dir YMCA; Meth Hosp, trustee; Meth Ch, trustee; Rep; hobby, photography; off Stephens Natl Bank Bldg; res 428 W 16th, Fremont.

   HANSON, JAMES R: President Audit Company; b Fremont, Neb Feb 7, 1888; s of James F Hanson-Lelia S Wightman; ed Fremont HS; Fremont Normal 1907; m J Emma Robinson Sept 30, 1924 Council Bluffs Ia; s James Robinson; d Marjory Wightman, Barbara Gertrude; 1907-18 steno, later secy to the mgr NyeSchneider-Fowler Co; 1919-20 acct Fremont Joint-Stock Land Bank; 1920 with J F Hanson & Co, farm loans, management of estates, abstracts & titles; 1921 with brothers, Donald E, Alfred L & Willard B, org Hanson Audit Co which handles comml & govt audits also gen fed tax prac; pres J F Hanson & Co, also Hanson Audit Co; pres bd of edn since 1934; past mbr pub lib bd; 1918-19 during World War served with 20th inf brigade, hdqrs 10th div Camp Funston, regimental sgt maj; Amer Leg; C of C; Neb St Hist Soc; BPOE; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, reading; father settled in Fremont as boy about 1866, grad Doane Coll; secy Fremont Comml Club which was instrumental in bringing some early factories to Fremont; 1890 org J F Hanson & Co; prior to death in 1930 was pres Neb St Hist Soc; int in development of Neb agr & drainage dists; 1915-29 oprd farm lands In W Neb & W Kas; off 510-13 Stephens Natl Bank Bldg; res 1345 Broad, Fremont.

   HARMS, BARBARA A: Store Manager; b Hooper, Neb Jan 24, 1892; d of August H Harms-Anna B Bodewig; ed Hooper HS: Mount St Marys, Omaha; 1910-36 with father co-mgr Harms Dept Store, 1936- since father's death active mgr; Amer Leg aux; Cath Ch, choir mbr; hobbies, reading, music; father came from Germany to Neb & settled on present site of Hooper, started bus in 1878; res Hooper.

   HARRIS, ELDRED M: Manager Power Company; b Arthur, Ia Nov 16, 1890; s of George Harris-Annabelle Calhoun; ed Moville Ia; m Alvena D Linder Sept 16, 1915 Cherokee Ia; s Robert M; d Marjorie A; 1904-11 farmer, Woodbury Co Ia; 1911-13 with C&NW RR, Paullina Ia; 1913-15 emp in Metcalf & Cannon Elevator, Paullina; 1915-19 engr in Holstein Service Co, Holstein Ia; 1919-20 mgr Burke Municipal Light Plant, Burke S D; 1920- mgr Elkhorn Valley Power Co, Scribner; Neb Electric Assn, past pres & exec mbr; C of C, Scribner; AF&AM 132, past master; hobbies, bowling, fishing; off & res Hooper.

   HARVEY, ANDREW: Physician; b Dodge Co. Neb Oct 26, 1884; s of Andrew Harvey-Margaret Ritchie; ed North Bend HS; Bellevue Coll, Bellevue, BA 1907; U of N, MD 1913; Phi Rho Sigma; m Mable I Thom Oct 22, 1913 North Bend; s Alexander T, Donald A; d Dorothy Jean; 1907-09 HS tchr, Fergus Falls Minn; 1910 tchr in Lincoln Dental Coll, Lincoln; 1913 interne Swedish Hosp, Omaha; 1914-15 prac med, Craig; 1915- prac med, Fremont; farm owner in Dodge Co; staff mbr of Good Samaritan Hosp; mbr sch bd; Dodge Co Med Soc; Elkhorn Valley Med Soc, past pres, past secy; Neb St & AMA; Rotary; AF&AM, Tangier Shrine; OES; Presby Ch, elder; Rep; off 204 IOOF Bldg; res 726 E 5th, Fremont.

   HASEBROOCK, WILLIAM H: Merchant & Operator Refrigerator Locker System; b Scribner, Neb July 30, 1903; s of Herman Hasebroock-Mathilda Drenguis; ed Scribner HS 1920; m Margaret MacDonald May 11, 1928 Fremont; s Robert William; 1920 with J F Drenguis Co of Scribner, also farmed with father until 1925; 1925- owner & opr retail meat bus; 1938 added refrigerator locker system; 1931- mbr city coun; 1938 mayor; past pres & secy vol fire dept; past dir C of C; com mbr League of Neb Municipalities; 1935- secy Scribner Agrl Soc; past master & past secy AF&AM; Neb St Hist Soc; Congl Ch; Indep; hobby, photography; off & res Scribner.

   HASEBROOCK, MRS WILLIAM H: Homemaker; b Council Bluffs, Ia. Jan 18, 1906; foster d of John MarDonald-Sarah Tremaine; ed Fremont HS; WSTC; Grinnell Coll, Glee Club. soprano soloist; Midland Coll; BA, mbr a capella choir & quartette, concert soloist in more than 100 pub appearances in Neb & Ia; m William H Hasebroock May 11, 1928 Fremont; s Robert William; 1923-24 rural sch tchr near Scribner; 1928-32 music supvr Scribner schs; 1928- homemaker; NFWC, 1934-39 music chmn of 3rd dist, 1938 VP 3rd dist, 1936-39 state music chmn, mbr Golden Jubilee music com of GFWC; Neb St Hist Soc; 1936 worthy ma-


in Nebraska
tron OES, secy 1937-39, 1939 grand page; RNA; Congl Ch, past. secy ladies aid soc, & choir dir; hobbles, music, civic work; res Scribner.

   HASLAM, GEORGE A: Physician & Surgeon; b Fremont, Neb Feb 10, 1899; s of George J Haslam-Mary E Dern; ed Fremont HS; U of N, BA 1921, BSc 1922; U of Penn, MD 1924; Delta Upsilon; Phi Rho Sigma; m Gertrude V Miller Sept 2, 1922 Kearney; s George J, John A; d Florence G; 1924-26 resident phys, Philadelphia Gen Hosp; 1926- med & surgical prac, Fremont; staff mbr Good Samaritan Hosp; dir Citizens Limited Life Ins Co of Lincoln; mbr city coun; past pres Dodge Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; dir C of C; Golf Club; AF&AM; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, wood-work; off IOOF Bldg; res 430 W 19th, Fremont.

   HAUSER, BYRON B: Physician & Surgeon; b Yadkinville, N C Dec 29, 1871; s of Theophilus C Hauser-Martha L Martin; ed Yadkinville, N C; Guilford Coll, N C; U of Maryland; Coll of Phys & Surg, Baltimore Md; Calhoun, Guilford Coll; m Rosie E Vestal May 21, 1896 Yadkinville, N C; s Byron T, Herbert S, George M; 1898-1900 prac med with Dr M A Royal at Yadkinville, N C; 1900- in med prac, specializes in ambulant proctology, Fremont & Hooper; past dir First Natl Bank, Hooper; Amer Proctologic Soc; Dodge Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Hooper Comml Club; IOOF; Meth Ch; Dem; off 115 IOOF Bldg, Fremont, also in Hooper; res Hooper.

   HAUSER, TERRELL: Pharmacist; b Boonville, N C Mar 1, 1897; s of Dr B B Hauser-Rosa E Vestal; ed Hooper HS; U of N; Columbia U, BA; Phi Kappa Psi, past pres; m Grace M Duffack Oct 3, 1925 Atlanta Ga; 1922-25 personnel mgr Western Electric Co, Chicago, Detroit, & Philadelphia; 1925-26 coach of debate team of McCook HS; 1926-32 secy & treas Cromer & Thornton Inc, Atlanta Ga; 1932- owner & opr drug store, Hooper; village trustee; during World War enl in AEF, O/S 13 Mos, Neb base hosp 49, field hosp 106; past comm Amer Leg; 40 & 8; Builders Assn of Credit Men of Atlanta Ga, past pres; Lions, past pres; Comml Club; Dodge Co Dem Central Com, treas; hobbies, tennis, golf; off & res, Hooper.

   HAVEKOST, JOHN: Farmer, State Treasurer; b Dodge Co, Neb July 30, 1872; s of Herman Havekost-Margaret Behrens; ed Dodge Co; m Gesine Suhr Mar 7, 1895 Dodge Co; s Alvin D, Harlan W, Bernard L, Gerald J, Woodrow H; d Bertha W (Mrs Herman Otteman), Olga G (Mrs Henry Wurdeman), Alma (Mrs Ed Moller); 1895-1909 farmer, Cedar Co; 1909- farmer of 360 A in Dodge Co; 1934- opr farm with son Woodrow H as ptr; Aug 25, 1939- Neb St treasurer by apptmt; dir Farmers Union Elevator, Hooper since 1916; First Natl Bank of Hooper, dir since 1915; Farmers Union, state dir 10 years; Farmers Union State Exchange, chmn bd of dirs 9 years; 1916- pres Farmers Mutual Home Ins Co, Dodge Co; 1927-35 mbr Neb legislature, mbr 5 regular & 3 special sessions; mbr dist sch bd; AF&AM; Dem; hobbies, welfare work, writing newspaper articles; off State Capitol, Lincoln; res Hooper.

   HAVEN, LLOYD R: Cleaner & Dyer; b Nickerson, Neb Sept 4, 1882; s of James Platte Haven-Elizabeth L Waterbury; ed Fremont HS; U of N; m Pearl Amber Ryan June 21, 1902 Wahoo; d Amber Laura (Mrs Lowell Edwards); 1902-04 with Morse, Garwood & Haven Cleaners; 1904-07 with Haven-Jens Co; 1907-20 with Haven & Gannon Cleaners; 1929- owner & opr Haven Cleaners; one of first cleaners in state; pres city coun; chmn finance com, bd of edn; purchasing agt for sch dist & city; C of C, chmn secret com checking advertising; AF&AM, Scot Rite 32o, KT; DeMolay, local advisor, past dist advisor; holder Cross of Honor conferred by grand lodge, Kansas City; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, antiques, collecting book matches, has 19,000 types from 40 foreign countries; res 125 W 11th, Fremont.

   HEINE, CLINTON DANIEL: Physician & Surgeon; b Hooper, Neb Dec 19, 1886; s of Fred F Heine-Lydia Babb; ed Hooper HS; Lincoln Acad; Creighton U, PhG 1906; U of N, BA 1913; Rush Med Coll, MD 1915; Phi Rho Sigma; m Elizabeth Falter Oct 19, 1919 Plattsmouth; s Clinton Daniel Jr; d Emily Edgarda; 1903-05 appr in drug store; 1907-08 pharm in Hartington; 1915-17 6 mos interne St Joseph's Hosp, year & a half at St Luke's Hosp, Chicago; 1919-25 prac med with brother Dr William Howard; 1925- prac med, Hooper; pres Hooper B & L Assn; during World War Feb 1918-July 1919 capt med corps with U S army stationed at Cleveland O, Augusta Ga, 1 year O/S & in Camp Dix N J; past comm Amer Leg 18; 40 & 8; Tri-Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Comml Club; AF&AM 72; Grace Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, farming; off & res Hooper.

   HENRY, J REX: Banker; b Fremont, Neb Feb 1, 1878; s of John C Henry-Clara I Porterfield; ed Fremont; Shattuck Mil Acad, Faribault Minn; U of Wis; Chi Phi; m Floyd Moulton Mar 28, 1906 Omaha; s Jerome Rex; 1903-09 with Richards & King Real Est Co, Fremont; 1909-14 with Fremont Indep Tele Co; 1914 owner & opr lands & investment bus; 1930- pres Fremont Foundry & Machine Co; 1918- mbr Fremont bd of pub works, chmn since 1920; VP Fremont Hotel bd; dir Fremont Stock Yards & Land Co; during World War asst field dir ARC at Camp Dodge, field dir at Fort Des Moines; Neb St & Amer Bankers Assns; C of C; Rotary, Omaha; past dir YMCA; BPOE 514; AF&AM 15, Tangier Shrine; Rotary, Omaha; Episc Ch, mbr vestry; hobbles, golf, fishing, stock & farms; off Fremont Natl Bank; res 650 E 5th, Fremont.

   HILL, E MURRAY: Merchant; b Nashville, Tenn Apr 3, 1876; s of W H Hill-Catherine J Ewing; ed Nashville Tenn; m Nora Dell Jones Apr 3, 1902 Omaha; s John Ewing, Robert Louis, Edward Elliott, Albert William; d Catherine Adele (Mrs Raymond Clement); 1897-99 inspector of concessions Omaha for Trans-Miss Exposition; 1900-04 in cigar bus with O K Dellecker, Omaha; 1904-09 indep cigar bus, Omaha; 1909-17 with Phelps Cigar Co, Fremont; 1917 owner & opr Phelps Cigar Co; 1923- secy Fremont bd of pub works; C of C; past mbr Kiwanis; UCT; TPA; AF&AM 15, Shrine; Royal Order of Jesters; BPOE 514; YMCA; past bd mbr Episc Ch; Dem; hobby, golf; off 77 W 6th; res King Apts, Fremont.

   HINTZ, FOREST L: Store Manager; b Superior, Neb Sept 14, 1895; s of John Henry Hintz-Viola Mae Clark; ed Superior HS; m Anne Marie Fike 1917 Hastings (dec July 31, 1929); m Ruth M Burke Dec 15, 1934 Fremont; s Forest Leland Jr; d Patricia Ann; step-d Donna Marie Burke; 1916-17 mechanic Equity Grain Bin Co, Hastings; 1917-20 clk J C Penney Co, Hastings, 1920-21 clk in Fremont store, 1922-23 clk in Grand Island store, 1923- again mgr Fremont store; past bd mbr C of C, com mbr; past pres Kiwanis; mbr bd of SA; mbr athletic com, Midland Coll; AF&AM 50, Scot Rite, KT, Tangier Shrine; pres YMCA bd; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, football & basketball; off 529-533 N Main; res 1452 N Park, Fremont.

   HOEGERMEYER, OTTO H: Farmer; b Dodge Co, Neb Nov 18, 1887; s of Henry F Hoegermeyer-Marie Schulte; ed Dodge Co; m Lydia K Wittmann Jan 19, 1916 Dodge Co; s Walter J, Hugo O; d Verna M; after finishing sch, farmed with father until death of latter in 1914; started with 80 A farm in 1873, now farms 400 A, owner since 1934; also pur 280 A farm in Washington Co, 1939; specializes in raising livestock & grain; clk of twp bd since 1934; Master Farmer 1938; Dodge Co Farm Bur; St John's Luth Ch, elder; Mrs Hoegermeyer daughter of German parents who settled in Neb, was nurse in Hooper & Fremont, now active in Farm Bur; 1873 parents came from Germany & settled in Dodge Co; res Hooper.

   HOLMBURG, LEONARDO: Laundry Owner; b Wahoo, Neb Dec 11, 1880; s of Benjamin Holmburg-Christine Johanson; ed Wahoo; Amer Correspondence Sch, comml law; m Emma L Monroe June 30, 1926 Fremont; 1897-98 emp by Evans Laundry Co, Lincoln; 1899-1902 with Evans Laundry in Omaha, later in Council Bluffs; 1902-05 emp by Emerson Laundry, Omaha; 1905-17 with Nonpareil Laundry, Omaha; 1917-25 salesman & dist mgr Troy Laundry Machinery Ltd, Chicago; 1925-30 mgr machinery div Carman Distributing Co, Denver & Omaha; 1930- owner & opr laundry, Fremont; Dodge Co commr since 1937; dir C of C, mbr exec com; past pres Rotary; Midland Athletic Coun; pres Fremont Baseball Assn; Neb Conf of Social Work: past finance chmn ARC; BPOE 514; past chancellor comm KP; YMCA; pres BSA coun, VP Covered Wagon area coun, mbr exec com region 8; Sinai Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, sports, golf, hunting & fishing; mother came from Sweden in 1880, still active at 84 years of age; res 628 W 17th, Fremont.

   HOLSTEN, RICHARD H: Mayor & Banker; b Dodge, Neb Aug 31, 1891; s of Herman Holsten-Ella Dierker; ed Dodge HS; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; m Lillian Karlen Dec 9, 1914 Beemer; 1908-10 with UP RR Omaha; 1911 in Cal; 1912-13 bkkpr Farmers State Bank at Dodge, 1914 asst cash, 1916- cash & dir; past dir


Who's Who
Regional Clearing House Assn; 1923- mayor of Dodge; Neb St & Amer Bankers Assns; past pres C of C, dir exec com; Rep, Webster twp committeeman; Emanuel Luth Ch; hobbies, flower raising, stamp collecting; off & res Dodge.

   HOLUB, EMIL O: Publisher; b Schuyler, Neb Dec 9, 1888; s of Emil Holub-Julia Bartunek; ed Schuyler & Prague; m Frances Smith Nov 14, 1907 Omaha; d Emily (Mrs Emily Yeager), Bess (Mrs Carroll Rexin), Dorothy (Mrs Melvin Wolsleger), Gretchen; 1903-07 in printing trade, S D; 1907-17 printer in Omaha; 1917-18 Printer on Schuyler Sun; 1918-19 Published North Bend Eagle; 1919-23 printer & owner of int in Schuyler Sun; 1923- owner & publisher Scribner Rustler; mbr Benson city coun 1913-14: 1932 pres NE Neb Press Assn; NPA; C of C; pres Elkhorn Valley Baseball League; municipal band; hobbies, music, baseball; res Scribner.

   HORSTMAN, OTTO E: Manager Telephone Co; b Battle Creek, Ia, Mar 25, 1900; s of August Horstman-Freda Eggert; ed Ida Grove Ia; U of N; m Gladys I Clifton Aug 5, 1926 Des Moines; s Richard D; d Patricia A; 1921-22 steno in U S Bur of Pub Roads; 1924-29 office mgr & with Arthur Eaton owner of Amer Distributing Co, Omaha, handled films; 1929- with Northwestern Bell Tele Co; 1936- mgr Northwestern Bell Tele Co, Fremont; Rotary; C of C; Jr C of C; secy Fremont BSA coun; Fremont Golf Club; Izaak Walton; trustee Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, golf; res 425 E 9th, Fremont.

   HRABAK, CHARLES: Retired; b Czechoslovakia Dec 28, 1858; s of Joseph Hrabak-Elizabeth Krotil; ed Czechoslovakia; m Josephine Hrutka Nov 5, 1879 Wakeeney Kas; s Charles J (dec), Will R, Arthur (dec), Edward (dec), Howard; d Julia (Mrs Carl Bleyhl), Matilda (dec), Carrie (Mrs George Stockman), Mable (Mrs B E Krajicek); 1883-86 with J O Milligan Store, Scribner; 1886-95 with J O Milligan Gen Mdse Store, Dodge; 1895-1925 owner & mgr gen mdse store; 1925- ret; celebrated 60th wedding anniversary Nov 5, 1939; past mbr town bd; past mbr sch bd; past mbr C of C; Cath Ch; Rep; hobby, gardening; res Dodge.

   HUMLICEK, GEORGE: Furniture Dealer & Mortician; b Clarkson, Neb Apr 23, 1900; s of Frank Humlleek-Celia Rybacek; ed Clarkson HS; U of N; m Agnes Zabka Oct 22, 1923 Clarkson; foster s Gene Elden; 1919-21 with First Natl Bank, Leigh; 1921-23 with V J Chleboun Gen Mdse Store, Clarkson; 1923-24 with Fajmon-Vacin, Ford dlrs; 1924- with F J Miller pur Srb Furn Co, renamed Miller-Humlicek, active mgr since, Dodge; mbr village bd; during World War in U S army Sept 1, 1918-Dec 19, 1918; past comm Amer Leg; Neb & Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; past pres C of C, mbr exec bd; exec mbr BSA; deacon Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, tennis, sports; off & res Dodge.

   JOHNSON, CHARLES N: Laundry Owner; b, Fremont, Neb Mar 12, 1872; s of Martin Johnson-Bertha ___; ed Fremont Bus Coll; m Winifred Donahue Oct 1, 1901 Denver; s Ralph E; d Winifred (Mrs G W Barlow); 1886-88 with Henry Fuhrman's Whol Dry Goods Co; 1888-90 with Fremont Natl Bank; 1891-99 bkkpr Nye-Schneider-Fowler Lbr & Grain Co; 1899-1907 with brother John in laundry bus, Lead S D; 1907-26 ptr of brother John who estab Ideal Laundry in Fremont 1894, 1926- owner & mgr since death of brother; 1934 dry cleaning added & establishment renamed Ideal Laundry & Zoric Dry Cleaners; dir Equitable B & L Assn; Amer Inst of Laundering; past pres Kiwanis; past dir Izaak Walton; dir YMCA; past master AF&AM, past high priest RAM, past illustrious master R&SM, capt gen KT, sr warden Scot Rite; dad of Lewis M Keene Sr ch DeMolay; since 1897 mbr IOOF; Congl Ch; Rep;. hobbies, music, trout fishing; off 453 N Broad; res 1749 N Broad, Fremont.

   JOHNSON, RICHARD N: Attorney; b Fremont, Neb Oct 15, 1903; s of Nils Johnson-Margreata ___; ed Fremont HS; U of N; Leland Stanford U, BA LLB; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Delta Phi; mbr Neb legislature 53rd session; 1st lt U S Marine Corps Res; off Stephen's Natl Bank Bldg; res 710 East 3rd, Fremont.

   JOHNSTON, R A: Vice President & Manager of Loan & Insurance Co; b Crete, Neb Mar 28, 1900; s of W J Johnston-Mary I Vance; ed Crete HS; Doane Coll, BA; Alpha Omega; m Dorothy Noyes Aug 19, 1924 Waterloo; s Ralph C; d Phyllis D, Marjorie L; 1922 sch tchr, football coach Tecumseh; 1923-27 HS tchr, dir physical edn, Fremont; 1927 in new bus dept, Fremont State Bank; 1928- org & mgr Fremont State Co, 1937- VP & dir; dir Stephens Natl Bank; secy bd of edn; 1926-28 dir city playgrounds activities; Neb & Amer Bankers Assns; Amer Leg; Neb Assn of Personal Finance Cos; past dir Jr C of C; past pres, secy & dir Kiwanis; dir YMCA bd, chmn com on physical edn; chmn finance com BSA, treas several years; AF&AM; Rep; elder Presby Ch; hobby, stamp collecting; res 112 E 15th, Fremont.

   KAUFFMAN, W E: Manager Gas & Fuel Co; b Nelson, Neb Nov 30, 1904; s of William A Kauffman-Grace Littlejohn; ed Nelson HS; U of N, BSc; Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; m Fern Carlson Mar 11, 1935 Lincoln; d Janet Lu; 1928-31 geologist for Texas Oil Co, Wichita Falls Tex; 1931-35 engr in chg bldg distribution systems, Natural Gas Distributing Co, Lincoln; 1935-36 dist supt Neb Gas & Fuel Co, Lexington; 1936- mgr & VP Kansas-Nebraska Gas & Fuel Co; dir Kiwanis; C of C; YMCA; ARC; Amer & Midwest Gas Assns; Presby Ch; hobby, reading; off 516 N Main; res 146 W 16th, Fremont.

   KAVICH, JACOB: Furniture Dealer; b Bielsk, Russia Jan 20, 1875; s of Phillip Kavich-Esther Robinovitz; ed Russia; Fremont; m Elizabeth Pearlman Dec 31, 1901 Fremont; s Phillip, David; d Ruby (Mrs A B Kazlow, Omaha), Dorothy (Mrs Joe Rothkop, Omaha), Minnie (Mrs Frank Morgan), Ann; 1889-93 with father in junk bus; 1893-97 with brother Louis estab store in Minn; 1897 in second hand furn & junk bus, Fremont; 1898- owner & mgr furn bus; C of C; WOW; B'nai B'rith; SEA; FOE; YMCA: ARC; SA; hobbies, reading, music; res 422 W 11th, Fremont.

   KEENE, C A: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Fremont, Neb Mar 15, 1884; s of L M Keene-Jennie Marr; ed Fremont; Oberlin O, Coll; m Hazel Kirk Rice June 10, 1909 Fremont; 1904-25 with father as farmer & stock raiser; 1925- mgr father's est; dir Fremont Natl Bank since 1925; dir Fremont Foundry & Machine Co; VP Richards-Keene Co; VP Fremont Stockyards & Land Co: dir Fremont Hotel Co; past dir C of C; past dir, past treas, Rotary; YMCA past dir; AF&AM 15, Shrine, Scot Rite 32o, KT past comm; BP OE; Rep; res 550 E 4th, Fremont.

   KEISER, ALVIN F: Physician; b Elkhorn, Neb July 28, 1904; s of William Keiser-Anna Neuhaus; ed Douglas Co; Creighton U, BSc 1930, MD 1932: Phi Rho Sigma; m Luella Hansen Aug 8, 1931 Omaha; s Duane A, Gordon W; 1918-23 with First Natl Bank & in UP RR off, Omaha; 1932-33 interne St Josephs Hosp, Omaha; July 1933- phys & surg, North Bend; city phys since 1936; Dodge Co Med Soc, past VP; Neb St Med Assn; Presby Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res North Bend.

   KELLY, CORNELIUS L: Secretary & Manager Telephone Co; b North Bend, Neb June 14, 1870; s of Patrick Kelly-Mary Brennen; ed Dodge Co; Fremont Bus Coll 1893; m Mary Farrell Nov 14, 1895 North Bend; s Cornelius H; d Adah (Mrs John McCluhan), Agnes (Mrs Frank A Hance), Elizabeth (Mrs F J O'Donnell), Margaret (Mrs Art Zimmerman), Eileen, Katherine; 1894-1902 ptr in Wolfe & Kelly Hdw Co, North Bend; 1902 pur Wolfe int, continued under name C L Kelly, sold int 1916; 1907-19 dir & treas Farmers Tele Co of Dodge Co, 1919- gen mgr & secy; 1916-18 traveling representative for Hero Furnace Co; dir & past pres Neb Tele Assn; Pioneer Tele Assn; Tele Pioneers of Amr; Neb St Hist Soc; Dodge Co Old Settlers Assn, past pres; pres Hist Marker Assn of Dodge Co; chmn BSA com; chmn ARC: Lions; WOW; MWA; hobbies, swimming, hist work, BSA work; off & res North Bend.

   KENNEY, B V: Physician; b Pocatello, Idaho July 18, 1896; s of John J Kenney-Mary Moore; ed Pocatello Ida HS; Creighton U, BSc & MD; Phi Beta Pi; m Irene Chapman Aug 22, 1923 North Bend; s Bernard, Richard, Emmett, Patrick, John; d Jeannene; 1922 interne St Katherine's Hosp, St Joseph Mo; 1923 med prac, Beemer; 1924- prac, Dodge; mbr bd of edn; mbr bd of health; mbr Creighton SATC during World War; Amer Leg; C of C; Dodge Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; C of C; KP; COF; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Dodge.

   KERSBERGEN, JAY: Attorney; b The Netherlands Apr 3, 1906 s of Arie Kersbergen-Mary Van Santen; ed The Netherlands; U of Minn; U of Omaha, LLB 1933; Tau Delta Epsilon; 1932 adm to Neb bar, Neb supreme court & fed courts; 1933-35 prac law, Omaha; 1935-36 prac law, Scribner; Apr-Oct 1936 Scribner police judge; 1936- city atty, North Bend, also in priv law prac; chief vol fire dept; first It 341st field arty of U S army; Dodge Co & Neb


in Nebraska
St Bar Assns; secy Lions; AF&AM 119; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res North Bend.

   KLAURENS, R L: Superintendent of Schools; b Murray, Neb Sept 11, 1901; s of Nicholas Klaurens-Bertha Gruber; ed Nehawka HS; PSTC; U of N, BA; Phi Delta Kappa; m Ermal Graff June 6, 1923 York; d Mary K, Margaret Ann, Kathleen E; 1924 tchr, Firth; 1925 prin Firth HS, 1926-29 supt; 1929- supt North Bend schs; third in state to use visual edn; pres Dodge Co Schoolmens Assn; past pres & past secy visual edn section of dist 2, NSTA; past mbr NEA; Platte Valley Basketball League, com mbr; past mbr C of C; YMCA; ARC; past mbr IOOF; United Presby Ch; hobbies, sports, sch work; mother's great uncle Franz X Gruber composed Silent Night, Holy Night; off & res North Bend.

   KOLLMEYER, CARL A: Hardware Merchant; b Quincy, Ill Apr 2, 1891; s of John Henry Kollmeyer-Catherine Moenning; ed parochial sch & acad, Ill; Gem City Bus Coll, Quincy Ill 1909; m Rosalia Z Stroot Oct 17, 1917 Quincy Ill; d Catherine Ann; 1910 bkkpr Quincy Ill Stove Co, 1911-20 salesman; 1920-21 western representative for Rudy Furnace Co, Dowagiac Mich; 1922-29 ptr in H Doering Hdw Co at Fremont, 1929- owner; dir Equitable B & L Assn; during World War enl June 1918 in 122nd inf 31st div, disch Dec 1918; past comm post 492 Amer Leg; 40 & 8; past pres Fremont Retail Mchts Assn; pres Neb Retail Hdw Assn; 1937 on program Natl Hdw Congress, Los Angeles; past dir C of C; Kiwanis; ARC; WMCA, dir; FOE; past grand knight, KC; Cath Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, bowling; res 746 E 5th, Fremont.

   KOYEN, MRS ANNA: Homemaker; b St Louis, Mo Sept 23, 1885; d of Swan Benson-Clara Malmquist; ed Fremont Normal; m Victor E Koyen Jan 1, 1906 Fremont; s Rodney V; d Bernice J (Mrs L J Williams); 1903-04 emp in off of W W Blackman; 1906- homemaker; past mbr NFWC; chmn social com Dodge Co Extn Club; past dir Dodge Co 4-H girls chorus, 1937 won first prize at Neb St Fair; PTA Mothers Singers Club, 1936-37 won first prize in World-Herald music festival; Womans Project Clubs of Neb; Rep, committeewoman for Elkhorn twp; Bapt Ch, chmn music dept; hobby, singing; res RFD 3, Fremont.

   KOYEN, VICTOR E: Farmer; b in log cabin, Washington Island, Wis Mar 31, 1881; s of Frederick A Koyen-Christiana Christensen; ed Fremont; Fremont Normal; m Anna Benson Jan 1, 1906 Fremont; s Rodney V; d Bernice J (Mrs L J Williams); 1883 came with parents to Dodge Co; 1905- farmer with father on land pur from RR Co near Fremont; dir & mbr bldg com sch dist 4; past treas twp bd; past JP & past clk; instrumental in obtaining good roads & road equipment; past pres Farmers Union; past trustee Bapt Ch, chmn bldg com; Rep; hobby, dairy cattle; res RFD 3, Fremont.

   KUHLMAN, A R: Banker; b Oakland, Neb June 2, 1906; s of J D G Kuhlman; ed Uehling HS; m Marjorie Soderling Sept 2, 1930 Uehling, Neb; d Marlene; 1925 with Logan Valley Bank, Uehling; 1934- cash & dir First Natl Bank, Scribner; in 1928 was youngest cash in any Neb bank; past secy Uehling C of C; Amer & Neb Bankers Assns; United Luth Ch; res Scribner.

   LAIRD, FRED C: County Judge; b Tabor, Ia May 22, 1880; s of F M Laird-Phebe Reeves; ed Tabor Ia; Tabor Ia, Coll; U of N, BA & LLB; Alpha Tau Omega; m Leo Loomis June 15, 1911 Fremont; 1906 admitted to bar & became assoc with law firm Tibbetts & Anderson, Lincoln; 1906 came to Fremont and pur prac of Grant Martin; 1913- with George L Loomis Law Firm, later renamed Loomis, Laird & Loomis Law Firm; 1928- Dodge Co judge; Dodge Co Bar Assn, past pres; C of C; Fremont Golf Club; past pres Kiwanis; YMCA; BPOE, past exalted ruler, past dirst dep grand exalted ruler, state treas; AF&AM, past master, Shrine, York Rite; OES, past patron; SAR; Dem; Congl Ch; hobbies, sports; off Courthouse; res 717 N Clarkson, Fremont.

   LAMME, WILLIAM H: County Attorney; b Butler Co, Neb July 22, 1905; s of Frank Lamme-Barbara Adams; ed Butler & Dodge Cos; Fremont HS; U of N, LLB 1930; Sigma Chi, pres 1927-28; Phi Delta Phi; m Emily Marsden Dec 29, 1934 Fremont; s Frederick David; 1930-32 with law firm of Robbins & Yost; 1932- priv law prac; 1932-34 J P; 1934- Dodge Co atty; VP vol fire dept; Dodge Co & Neb St Bar Assns; pres & past VP Neb Assn of Co Attys; C of C; BPOE; FOE; Dem; off Courthouse; res 248 W 11th, Fremont.

   LAMPERT, HAROLD H: Hatchery Owner; b Cedar Bluffs, Neb Oct 6, 1897; s of Jacob Lampert-Margaret Behrens; ed Wahoo; Luther Coll; U of N: m Hazel Willey Sept 1, 1926 Fremont; d Beverly F; 1917-20 ptr of father on farm; 1920 with Edward Borreson & Charles Johnson estab Wahoo Hatchery & oprd until 1936; 1936- owner & opr Fremont Hatchery; lic poultry inspector; Neb Poultry Improvement Assn, past pres; Internatl Baby Chick Assn; Amer Poultry Assn, life mbr; Amer Leg; C of C; AF&AM; Presby Ch; hobbies, photography, golf, travel; off 237 W 6th; res 239 W 6th, Fremont.

   LANDHOLM, JESS: Auto Dealer; b Sweden Apr 27, 1894; s of Anton Landholm-Augusta Forsberg; ed Sweden; m Astrid Dermenstoff June 10, 1916 Omaha (dec 1929); s Larry; d Verona; 1910 came to Amer & settled in Omaha, began work as carp; 1911-12 farmed near Oakland; 1912-14 ranched in Mont; 1914-19 with Pierce-Arrow Co, Omaha; 1919-30 Oldsmobile dlr, Murdock; 1930- Oldsmobile dlr under name of Jess Landholm Sales, Fremont; 1937 recd award in recognition of outstanding achievement in sales; FOE; MWA; LOOM; Luth Ch; hobbies, autos & homes; off 320 E 4th; res 435 W 8th, Fremont.

   LARSON, P HARRY: Clerk of District Court; b Fremont, Neb Dec 6, 1882; s of John Larson-Louisa Larson; ed Fremont Normal; m Hedvig Holmburg June 23, 1906 Raymond; s Ernest H; 1902-05 with Fremont Brewery; 1905-12 with Nye, Schneider, Fowler Grain Co; 1912-22 with Fremont municipal plant; 1922-26 with O A Peterson Monument Works; 1926-30 with Fremont Co-op Store; 1930- clk of dist court; 1908-14 mbr city coun; 1923-27 mayor; mbr vol fire dept; Neb Assn of Clks of Dist Court; Kiwanis, past treas; BPOE; IOOF; KP, chancellor comm; hobbies, sports; off, courthouse; res 822 N Nye, Fremont.

   LESHER, DEAN STANLEY: Attorney & Publisher; b, Williamsport, Md Aug 4, 1902; s of D D T Lesher-Margaret E Prosser; ed Hagerstown Md HS 1920; U of Md, BA 1923; Harvard U, LLB 1926; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; to Kathryn C Crowder Nov 23, 1929 St Charles Mo; s Dean S II; d Carolyn Lee; 1926-38 prac law, Kansas City Mo, specialty corporate, probate & trial prac; adm to prac law in Mo, Kas & Neb, in US dist courts of Mo, before US treasury dept, bur of internal revenue & bd of tax appeals, in 8th US circuit court of appeals; 1938- owner & publisher Fremont Daily Tribune; 1937- mbr legislative com of Inland Daily Press Assn; chmn of com of NPA to org a daily div; dir since 1932 of Postal Life & Casualty Ins Co of Kansas City Mo, past VP & gen counsel; vice-chancellor The Chancery, Kansas City; mbr various coms Kansas City Bar Assn & Lawyers Assn of Kansas City; Harvard Club; Mo St & Amer Bar assns; Rotary; BPOE; AF&AM; hobbies, reading, bridge, tennis, swimming, travel; res 1346 North Main, Fremont.

   LIND, CLARENCE H: Clergyman; b Stromsburg, Neb June 13, 1888; s, of Henry R Lind-Esther A Nyquist; ed Polk Co; York Bus, Coll; Swedish-Meth Theology Seminary, Evanston Ill 1914; Garrett Biblical Inst; m Anna O Moberg May 16, 1917 Burlington Ia; s Merle C; d Corrine A; 1914-16 pastor Swedish Meth Ch, Keokuk Ia; 1916-17 pastor Meth Ch Burlington Ia; 1917-18 pastor Swedish-Meth Ch at Lincoln, did research work at U of N during this time; 1918-20 pastor, Concord; 1920 tsfrd from western Swedish conf to Neb conf; 1920-23 pastor, Pauline; 1923-28 pastor, Shickley; 1928-30 pastor, Fairmont; 1930-35 pastor, Trumbull; 1935- pastor, North Bend; YMCA in Keokuk & Burlington Ia; Fairmont Comml Club; active in annual ARC drives; handball champion of SE Iowa; hobby, drawing; res, North Bend.

   LOOSCHEN, GEORGE P: Postmaster; b Hooper, Neb Nov 2, 1897; s, of Henry H Looschen-Frederica Heine; ed Hooper; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; m Carrie Luther Aug 1, 1923 Omaha; s George Edward; d Jean Marie, Mary Ann, Carolyn Augusta; from time of leaving bus coil until 1918 with Comml Natl Bank, Fremont; 1919 with Farmers & Mchts Natl Bank, Fremont; 1920-32 with Dodge Co Bank which later became Hooper State Bank; 1932-33 exec VP Farmers State Bank at Sargent; 1933 resigned. to become P M; 1933- P M, Hooper; past city clk; mbr vol fire dept, past chief; duringWorld War enl May 1918 in field arty of the U S army, O/S with casual troops and retd to U S in Apr 1919, disch; Amer Leg, past comm & past co comm; 40 & 8, past chef de gare & past grand historian,ARC, past treas; mbr Dodge Co Sol-

diers relief com 1925-32; 1920-28 treas, Dodge Co Fair Assn, secy 1928-33; Comml Club; St Rose of Lima Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off PO; res Hooper.

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