CALVARY CEMETERY - Selected tombstones

Copyright 2006  Tamara Bentz

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Photograph #   Birth Death Spouse Maiden/Military  
1457 Calvary Cemetery sign          
1450 Mabel Theresa V. Wagner 11 June 1893 20 Nov 1953 Archie Wagner Mabel Theresa V. Miller  
  Archie E. Wagner 21 May 1891 Feb 1971 Mabel T.V. Miller (buried there but not engraved on stone)  
1451 Antionette E. Gould 4 May 1898 20 Jan 1955 Daniel Benjamin Gould Antionette Elisabeth Miller  
1452 Mathilda Anna Brandt 22 Jul 1894 Aug 1940 Edward Brandt Mathilda Anna Miller  
1453 John Miller 24 Oct 1855 2 Dec 1933 Emma Christina Benz    
1454 Emma Miller 11 Dec 1876 29 Nov 1939 John Miller Emma Christina Benz  
1455 Ardelta V. McMillen 26 May 1914 1957 Frank McMillen Ardelta V. Wagner