Dodge County Nebraska 1885 Census - U
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Dodge County Nebraska 1885 Census - U

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In accordance with an act of the Nebraska Legislature a census was authorized for the year 1885. The census was to use the schedules and forms of the tenth national census. The 1885 census of Nebraska is available as National Archives and Records Service microfilm publication no M352-0014 (Dodge Co)

** indicates difficult to read ?? indicates may be inaccurate
-- indicates nothing recorded ( ) indicates info added by compiler


First name and
other residents names
Age Place
of birth
frame #
Town or
Misc information
UEHILEK Frank 55 BO 268 PEB  
  Catherine 45 BO      
  Frank 21 BO      
  John 18 BO      
  Vincent 15 BO      
  Chas 12 BO      
  Anna 9 BO      
  Mary 7 BO      
UEHLING Andrew 59 SA 98 LOG  
  Eliza 53 SA      
  Conrad 32 WI      
  Oswald 27 WI      
  John 16 WI      
UEHLING John 40 PR 366 HOP  
  Ordelia 40 PR      
  Rosine 17 NE      
  Oswald 14 NE      
  Sisca 13 NE      
  Mollie 11 NE      
  August 7 NE      
  Melia 1 NE      
UEHLING Martin 37 PR 366 HOP  
  Cathrine 37 PR      
  William J 18 NE      
  Cathrine -- NE      
  Henrietta 14 NE      
  Mary 12 NE      
  Frieda 9 NE      
  Henry 7 NE      
  SCHUMACKER, Fred 19 PR     laborer
UEHLING Oswald 49 SX 370 HOP  
  Elizabeth 46 SX      
  John 17 NE      
  Conrad 15 NE      
  Barbary 13 NE      
  Charlotte 11 NE      
  Martha W 10 NE      
  Susan 7 NE      
  Rheece 4 NE      
  Joseph 2 NE      
  WIGAND, Daniel 52 SX     laborer
  BER, Ludwig 30 HS     laborer
  BRINKMAN, Joseph 28 OL     laborer
  SCHULLER, Charley 24 BD     laborer
UEHLING Theodore 49 SA 96 LOG  
  Cathrina 47 BV      
  Henry 23 NE      
  Edward 22 NE      
  Louis 20 NE      
  Martin 15 NE      
  Fredrick 11 NE      
  Lenora 9 NE      
  Franklin 7 NE      
  Louisa 4 NE      
UHLIK see Uehilek          
UMPHREY H L A (male) 39 NY 504 CFRE  
  A (female) 34 IL      
  A (female) 14 WI      
  O (female) 12 WI      
  S A (male) 8 IA      
USHA E (male) 53 NY 472 CFRE it is USHER
  B S (female) 51 NY      
  A E (female) 18 NE      

Copyright 2003, Claire Mares
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