Survivors McPherson Post No.4 G.A.R.
Fremont Nebr. January, 1923.
Chartered originally Nov. 2, 1876
Total enrollment in the Post: 301.
   Name                  State        Age

   1. Cyrus Garwood     Iowa         79 
   2. L. D. Richards    Vt.          75
   3. J. W. Goff        N.Y.         80
   4. R. H. McCann      Wis.         78
   5. W. P. Foote       N.Y.         81
   6. Joseph Snider     Wis.         80

  Name                  State        Age

   7. C. B. Veazie      Maine        83
   8. J. A. Welton      Ill.         75
   9. Frank Wickwire    Wis.         81
   10.Geo. Mitterling   Penn         83
   11.Wesley Johnson    N.Y.         82


List of Charter Members  McPherson Post No.4 G.A.R.
(Only L. D. Richards is Pictured Above)
Mustered March 2, 1876. 

   Samuel Bloomer,   John Steen,    M. L. Higgins,    B. E. Salmon, 
Lee Phillips,    W. A. G. Cobb,  N. M. Pilsbury,  J. W. Dougherty, 
D. R. Phelps,   H. P. Bellows,   J. A. Farnham,   L. D. Richards,   H. O. Paine 

Comrades Richards and Farnham are the only known surviving charter members.

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