1884 Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska 

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Dodge County Produced by Karen Elliott.

Dodge County - SOCIETIES

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1884 Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska

      McPherson Post, No. 4, G. A. R., was organized in 1876 under the command of Samuel Bloomer. There are at  present fifty members, all of whom have at some time been regular soldiers. Its present officers are: H. O.  Paine, Commander; F. G. Parcell, Senior Vice Commander; N. M. Pilsbury, Junior Vice Commander; Dr. G. O.  Schettler, Surgeon; W. A. G. Cobb, Adjutant; G. W. E. Dorsey, Quartermaster; H. G. Wolcott, Officer of the Day; W. G. Froshle, Officer of the Guard; S. S. Pollock, Inner Guard.

      Mount Tabor Commandery, No. 9, G. A. R., was organized May 19, 1880, with H. Baxter Nicodemus, Eminent Commander, and William Fried, Recorder. Its charter members were H. Baxter Nicodemus, L. M. Keene, C. Driscoll, E. F. Gray, W. H. Munger, W. D. Thomas, M. H. Hinman, William Fried, L. D. Richards, A. Thompson, J. A. Green, E. Van Buren and L. B. Shepherd. There has been no change of officers since its organization. Its membership at present is forty, and its meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month.