Gage County, Nebraska


Business Directory for 1890-1891

Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co., in the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

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BEATRICE. This beautiful city is the county seat of Gage County, and is built upon both sides of the Blue River, in the midst of a rich agricultural and fruit growing region. Its resources are numerous and abundant; waterpower is sufficient for every need. Extensive quarries of building and lime stone in the vicinity, unlimited quantities of clay for the manufacture of earthenware and building and paving brick, live stock in great numbers, etc. The city is traversed by four lines of railway – the U.P. Ry., B&M. R.R., C.R.I.&P., and the K.C.W.& N.W.R.R., - three of which are great trans-continental lines. The recent census returns report the population to be 14,312. The enterprising businessmen of the city have shown their appreciation of the resources at their command by the development of many important industries and the rapidity of their public improvements. A new courthouse is being erected in the heart of the city of Wyoming stone. The style of architecture is modern and picturesque, and the cost will be $100,000. The Holly system of water supply is in use with eleven miles of water mains. Nine miles of sanitary sewerage have been completed, and 40 blocks (2 ˝ miles) of streets have been paved. The city is lighted with gas and electricity; five lines of gas mains are in use and 20 miles of electric light wire with 50 are and 80 incandescent lights are in operation. The street railways have ten miles of track. Exclusive of other kinds of merchandise, during 1889 there was shipped from Beatrice 1,456 carloads of grain and 416 carloads of live stock. The manufactures of the city are of great and increasing importance. The Blue Valley Brass and Iron Works, Folden Bros. Proprietors. Do an extensive business in engines, boilers, castings, and machine work. The Beatrice Iron Works, Horace Landon proprietor, do a large general foundry and machine business, making a specialty of heavy work. The Dempster Mill CO., manufacturers of windmills, pumps, etc., have a very large establishment and maintain the high reputation they have acquired throughout the country, T. J. Howe has an important barbwire manufactory and machine shop [. The Beatrice paving and Building Brick Co. do an immense business, employing a large force of workmen. Many other companies and firms have large capital invested and employ many hands in various industries such as flour mills, canning factory, paper mill, starch factory, etc. The banking concerns of Beatrice are very substantcial. The six banks of the city have an aggregate capital and surplus of $532,400. Fifteen hotels find profitable and encouraging support. The Paddock house is a very fine establishment; connected with it is a handsome opera house and a large auditorium, the Pacific house, of which G.F Beckley is accommodating proprietor, is convenient to the railway stations. The educational and religious interests of the city are well cared for. There are eighteen church edifices, some of them among the handsomest structures on the state, Adjacent tot he city are the Inter-State Chautauqua grounds which occupy an area of 90 acres, and are conceded to be the handsomest and most convenient in the country, exclusive of the parent Chautauwua grounds of Lake Chautauqua, New York, there are two daily and five weekly newspapers published in the city. The Daily Express, the Daily Democrat, Weekly Republican, Weekly Woman’s Tribune, Weekly Express, Weekly Democrat and Weekly Free Press.

City Officers
Mayor, J.L. Tait
Clerk, J.Y. Philips
Water Com., E.D. Wheelock
Police Judge, J. A. Callison
Marshall, A.J. Glick
Chief Engineer, Wm. Lapworth
Atty., G.A. Murphy
Treasurer, A.W. Bradt


Abbas & Hoge, mfrs. hexagon block side walks, La Salle near Court.
Adams C.C. Mrs., Dressmaker. 516 Ella.
Adamson J, Blacksmith, 124 W. Court.
Aker M, groceries, 619 Court.
Albright R.S., phys, 316 Court.
Alden J.H., jewelry, 115 N 5th
Alsbach & Grabe, physicians, 116 N 5th
Althen D., meat market, 214 N 5th
American Bank of Beatrice, capital $100,000, C. E. White pres., J. 
Henderson cashier, 119 N 5th 
Anderson A.L., horseshoer, 115 S 4th
Anderson & Co., groceries, 119 N 5th
Andrews D.W., pawnbroker, 215 Court
Antill C.C., lunch counter, 221 Court
Arkwright George, watches, clocks and jewelry, 107 N Market
Arnold Bros, carpenters, 702 Market
Asdell S.M., groceries, 220 N 5th
Ashenfelter J.W., meat market, 903 Court
Atkinson C.E., agl implts, 120 N 5thAydlott & Bryant, bakery and 
confectionery, Masonic Temple
Babcock A.H, atty, 410 Court
Baker Bros, furniture, 412 Court
Baker J.H., phys, 613 Court
Bales & Wertz, Billiards, Randall House, feed and sale stable, cor. 
1st and W Court.
Barclay Frank, plumbing and gas fitting, 101 N 5th
Barler, Huette & Co, Hardware, 400 Court.
Bartling C.F.A., genl mdse, 604 Court.
Bates Edward Dr., drugs, 202 N 5th
Beatrice Bakery, E.A. Johnson, prop.
Beatrice Business College & Normal Institute, J.R. Sherman prop, 119 
N 6th
Beatrice Canning Co, H.W. Parker pres, S.C. Smith treas, Arthur W.Dole 
sec and mgr., 6th nr C.K.& N.tracks
Beatrice Chautanqua Assembly, Bishop J.P.Newman pres, W.D.Nicholls 
treas, S.S.Green sec.
Beatrice Daily Express, A.C.Jordon editor, 107 N 5th
Beatrice Dray Line, W.W.McCune prop, 601 Court
Beatrice Electric Light Co, J.E.Smith pres, E.A.Watrous sec and treas, 
Wm.Pickrell supt, First National Bank Bldg.
Beatrice Flax & Seed Co, Taylor & Johns props, 423 Court
Beatrice Iron Works, Horace Langdon prop, 201 S 1st 
Beatrice National Bank, capital $50,000. J.B.Weston pres, D.W.Cook 
cashier, N.S.Harwood vice-pres, 500 Court
Beatrice Oat Meal Co, John Orr pres, Charles Hickman vice-pres and 
treas, W T Olmstead secy, 723 S 7th
Beatrice Paper Co, capital $ 50,000, G.M.Johnson pres, J.A. Waterhouse 
vice-pres, A.E.Hall secy and supt, W.A. Johnston treas, 611 Court
Beatrice Paving & Building Brick Co, capital $100,000, W.H.Duffett 
pres, D.Nice vice-pres, J.Henderson treas, H.J.Chambers genl supt, 521 
Beatrice Presse (German weekly), Paul Springer prop, 117-119 N 5th
Beatrice Real Estate & Trust Co, N.N.Drumback pres, S.K.Davis vice-pres, 
L.E.Spencer secy and treas, Paddock Hotel Bldg.
Beatrice Republican, Hill & Davis pubs, 303 Court
Beatrice Savings Bank, subscribed capital $100,000, J.E.Smith pres, 
S.C.Smith vice-pres, E.H.Ambler cashier, W.D.Cox treas, 501 Court.
Beatrice Sewer Pipe Co, John Ellis pres, S.C.Smith vice-pres, 
W.G.Washburn sec and treas, 521 Court
Beatrice Starch Co, E.J. Roderick pres, C. Cochrane vice-pres, 
A.C.Scheiblich sec and treas, cor 1st and Ella
Beatrice Stone Quarries, John Ellis prop, J.C.Cornell mgr, cor 1st and 
Beatrice Tent & Awning Co, S.J.Enquest pres, 216 N 5th
Beck H.M., harness mkr, 401 Court
Beckley G.F.prop, Pacific House, 2d and Court
Beckwith & Spencer, drugs, 117 N 6th
Begole & Van Arsdale, dry goods, 505-507 Court
Bennett C.N., musical instruments, 606 Court
Bent Anna M Miss, artist, 118 N 5th
Bibb R.S., Attorney at Law, 112 N 5th
Billerk J., mgr WU Tel Co, 423 Court
Bishop E.A. & I. M., millinery, 504 court
Black Bros, flour mill, cor 1st and Court
Bloom L.D., lunch counter, 415 Court
Blue Valley Brass and Iron Works, Folden Bros prop, 101-103 Court
Boddy W.E., groceries, 609 Court
Bourne W.S., county judge and atty, 523 Court
Boyd G., shoemaker, 216 N 5th
Bradley C.A., Phys, 523 Court
Bradt A.W., ice dealer and city treasurer, 322 Court
Bradt Byron, saloon and billiards, 303 Court
Brand Frank W, Phys, 611 Court
Brandon A.H., Painter, 320 Court
Braun Gabriel, saloon, 315 Court
Brayton W.S., veterinary surgeon, cor 5th and market
Brewster & Jones, hardware, 417 Court
Briggs C.E., boots and shoes, 403 Court
Brooks D. Mrs, millinery, 511 Court
Brown C.H., special agt the Railroad Building & Loan Association, 309 
S 2nd
Brown C.T. & Bros, grain, cor 3rd and Ella
Broyles F.H., phys, 401 W Court
Brubaker I.H., livery, 110 S 3rd
Bryan J.F., lunch, confectionery, 511
Buchanan Bros, real estate, cor 5th and Court
Burks J.R. & Co, carriage repository, 621 Court
Burnham, Trevett & Mattis, investment bankers, 501 Court
Burns W.S., dentist, 513 Court
Burton G.H., ins, Neb Natl Bank Bldg.
Butler E.J. prop, Butler Hotel, 222 Court
Butler Hotel, E.J. Butler prop, 222 Court
Cady J., sign painter, 410 Court
Case F.R., Photographer, 116 S 4th
Christopher & Wilson, restaurant and confectionery, 211 Court
City Hotel, B.E. Miller prop, 114 N 3rd
Claeys John, brick mfr., w end C.K.& N.Ry bridge
Clancy E.W., drugs, 316 Court
Clark & Chapin, Fence mfrs, cor 1st and Court
Claussen F.A., groceries, 323 W court
Claussen L.A., Phys, 405 Court
Claussen R.P., boots, shoes, 104 N 5th
Clemer L.L., Miss. Fancy goods, 208 N 5th
Cobbey J.E.jr. atty., notary, 108 N 5th
Cobbey, loans. 108 N 5th
Cogswell B.R., job printing, 410 Court
Colby L.W., atty., First Natl. Bank Bldg
Cole G.L., architect, 523 Court
Conlee J.H., second hand store, 313 Court
Craig S.H., justice of the peace, 107 N 5th
Crate Mary Miss, dressmaker, 309 Ella
Crellin W.E., watches, clocks, etc., 512 Court
Criley & Moies, props The Paddock Hotel
Crow & Allen, groceries, 322 W Court
Crowell Frank H., books and stationery, 506 court
Crump J.A., hardware, 308 Court
Cullen A.B., cigar mfr., 307 Court
Curley I.L., livery, 622 Court
Damson & Curry, employment office, 418 Court
Davis House, L.E. Wheeler prop, 123 N 3rd
Davis L.L., genl agt U.P. Ry, 105 N 5th
Davis S.K. & Co, grain, seed, cor 2nd and Court
Day H.G., drugs, 405 Court
Democrat (The) Printing Co, G.P. Marvin pres, C.V. Cole secy, 513 Court (tel 102)
Dempster Mill Mfg Co, C.B. Dempster pres, C.Wm. Miller vice-pres, 
A.R. Dempster sec and treas, 16-18-20and 22 Court
Deutsch Bros, clothing, 319 Court
Dobbs Hugh J., county atty, 108 N 5th
Dodds W.V.A., atty, 112 N 5th
Doran J, horseshoer, 208 S 6th
Dorsey & Hinkle, real estate, 418 Court
Duffett W.H, water, Gas and sewer contractor, 521 Court
Dwyer John, commercial agt B & M in NEB Natl Bank Bldg
Ebersol J.W., atty., ins, 560 Court
Eccles Samuel, bakery and confectionery, 118 N 6th
Ellis John, pres Neb Natl Bank, real estate and notary, 322 Court
Ellis John & Co, real, estate loans, Neb Natl Bank Bldg
Elmore H.S., Loans 113 N 6th
Everitt George B., atty, r 25-26, Neb Natl Bank Bldg
Ewing H.S., cashier, Neb Natl Bank and notary, 322 Court
Express Publishing Co, W.C. Strohm pres, A.C. Jordan secy, treas, and 
mgr, 109 N 5th
Fairchild Henry C., atty, 112 N 5th
Falconer N.B., Dry goods, 416 Court
Fall C.P., physician, 507 Court
Farnan G.O.W., phys. 523 Court
Fellwock H.A., meat market, 309 Court
Fernsner & Phelps, agl, implts, 601 Court
Field & Lynde, coal, wood, etc., 216 Ella
First national Bank, capitol $100,000, J.E. Smith pres, S.C. Smith 
cashier, 501 Court
Fiske Dan G., restaurant. 120 N 4th
Fiske I.L. groceries, 412 Court
Fletcher J.C. & Co, real estate, Randall House blk
Folden Bros, props Blue Valley Brass and Iron Works, 101-103 Court
Fremont Butter & Egg Co, W.W. Bosworth supt, butter and eggs, cor 5th & Ames
Freshman S.R., junk, 223 Court
Frolick G.H., meat market, 325 W Court
Frolick J., meat market, 321 Court
Fulton Bros. Physicians, 166 N 5th
Funk I.W., dentist, 560 Court
Gage County Abstract Co, J.S. Grable Pres, S.K. Davis vice-pres, 
J.P. Saunders sec, C.E.White treas, 411 Court
Gale W.H., musical instruments, 209 N 5th
Gardner Emma Miss, dressmaker, 611 Court
Gere R.W., hardware, 112-114 N 5th
Gerhardt H.D., saloon, 418 Court
German National Bank, capitol $ 100,000, A.W. Nickell pres, M.B. Thrift 
vice-pres, Wm. A. Wolfe cashier, 411 Court
Gibbs S.H., boots, shoes, 510 Court
Goodman Daniel, merchant tailor, 115 N 6th
Goodwin C.M, groceries, 901 Court
Goodwin Gideon, groceries, 119 N 6th
Gousset Steve, saloon and billiards, 321 Court
Gowell H.W., genl agt National Building, Loan & Protection Union 
Southern Neb, 411 Court
Grable J.S., abstracts and real estate 411 Court
Grand Central Hotel, D.M. Hamilton prop, cor 7th and Court
Grant C.A., mgr. Postal Tel Co, 103 N 5th
Grant R.W., architect and supt, 117 n 6th
Green Bros, real estate, 613 Court
Griggs & Rinaker, attys, First National Bank Building.
Grimes J.W, saloon and billiards, 423 Court
Gudtner David, blacksmith and wagonmaker, 123 S 3rd
Guittard F., fruits confectionery, 305 Court
Habig & Spieler, cornice makers 204 Market
Hackett H.E. Mrs, confectionery. 305 Court
Hale A.J, atty, 401 Court
Hall T.M. blacksmith, 112 W Court
Hamaker & Skinner, props I X L Stable, cor 5th and Market
Hamilton D.N. prop, Grand Central Hotel, cor 7th and Court
Hane E.J. Mrs, confectionery, 305 Court
Hardy A., atty, 505 Court
Hare J.C., barber, 323 Court
Harkins J.F., painter, paper hanger, 212 N 9th
Hastings Charles E., ins, ne cor 7th and Ella
Hayes T., barber, 418 Court
Hazlett & Bates, attys, cor 5th and Court
Herman Bros, clothing, 512 Court
Hersey S.M., groceries 233 W Court
Hillbourn J., meat market, 615 Court
Hill & Davis, props Beatrice Republican, 303 Court
Hill E.M. & Sons, loans and collections 110 N 5th
Hill H.M., newspaper subscription agency, 110 N 5th
Hill W.D., ins, 110 N 5th
Hinkle S.W., notary, 418 Court
Hoffman S.S., phys, 420 Court
Holcomb O., merchant tailor, cor 5th and Court
Hollopeter C.M., phys and electrician, 124 N 5th
Horner & Co, musical Instruments. 611 Court
Horton A.F., confectionery, 229 W Court
Horton Pearl, barber Paddock Hotel
Howe T.J., machine shop, barb wire factory S 1st bet Market & Court
Hoyt Bros, Lumber and coal, 212 S 4th
Huebner S.T., mgr public telephone, 402 court
Hughes D.T., flour, feed, 617 Court
Humberger Alonzo, stenographer, 112 N 5th
Huntling John F., groceries, 615 Court
Hutchins D.B., gents furnishing goods, Paddock Blk
Ingersoll D.H., restaurant, 217 Court
IXL Stable, Hamaker & Skinner props, cor 5th &Market
Jackson & Riggs, Drugs, 420 Court
Johnson E. agt St Joseph Steam laundry (branch) 423 Court
Johnson G.H, prop New York Racket Store, paddock Blk
Johnson E.H., prop Beatrice Bakery
Johnston H.A, furniture, 219 Court
Johston W.A., dentist, 611 Court
Jordan A.C., mgr and Ed Beatrice Daily Express, 107 N 5th
Kaltenbeck Joseph, meat market, 321 W Court
Kee Wo, laundry, 510 Ella
Kees F.D., Hardware, 114-116 N 5th
Kellogg J.M, grain, 521 Court
Kelly W.A., prop city paint shop, 212 Court
Kennedy R. county surveyor, 505 Court
Kern M.H., boots and shoes, Paddock Blk
Kidston James, real estate, 322 Court
Kilpatrick Bros & Collins, rail road contractors, 422 Court
Klein Jacob, prop the Racket Store, 201-3-5-7-N 5th
Kleinhaus H., drugs 313 W court
Kleinhaus W.H., watch repair, 313 W Court
Knapp C.C., real estate, 113 N 5th
Kors & Hackman, hardware and groceries 403 W Court
Kretsinger E.O., Atty, 115 N 5th
Kuhn P.P, chop house, 409 Court
Lang Emil, groceries, 123 N 5th
Langdon Horace prop, Beatrice Iron Works, 201 S 1st
Lapworth W.J., chief engineer Beatrice Water Works.
Larson Annie Mrs, dressmaker, 511 Court
Latchem Frank, prop Randall Hotel, or 5th and Court
Laughlin M.F., atty, 504 Court
Liddicott Thomas, boots and shoes, 304 Court
Longtin E., saloon and Billiards, paddock Hotel
Longtin E.L., saloon 503 Court
Luberger John, barber, 413 Court
Lynde Fred, Lunch counter, 215 Ella
McCleery J.S. dentist, 411 Court
McConnell I.N., real estate, 410 Court
McGee J.L., & Co, coal, cor 2nd and Ella 608 Court
McLachlin W., flour and feed, 704 ˝ Court
MacMahon Alfred, plumbing, steam, and gas fitting, 113 N 4th
Mahlen & Snow, meat market, 517 Court
Mainzer Benj, wholesale liquors and cigars, 117 N 5th
Mallinson E.M. Mrs, millinery 122 N 4th
Manlove F.L., dry goods, 521 Court
Mann Otis, prop Riverside Hotel. 126 W Court
Manspeaker L.A., lunch counter, cor 2nd and Ella
Marine I.W., flour and feed 223 Court
Marvin G.P. editor, the Daily Democrat, 513 Court
Maurer G.W. & Co, carriages and farm machinery, 301 Court
Maxwell E.D., mgr Beatrice Gas Co. 112 N 5th
May Emma Miss, dressmaker, 509 N 5th
Mayer J.W., carriage mfr, 12 N 7th
Miles G.S., dentist, 112 N 5th
Miller A.Q., sewing machines, 616 Court
Miller B.E., prop City Hotel, 114 N 3rd
Miller U.S., watch repairer, 419 Court
Miller W.E. Mrs, millinery, 123 S 3rd
Moore G.W, florist, winter blooming plants, bulbs, etc., 216 N 6th

Muncey J.I., agt Wells Fargo & Co, First National Bank Bldg
Murphy Geo. A., city atty, 411 Court
Myers H., boots and shoes, 314 Court
Nebraska State Institute for Feeble Minded Youths, Dr. J.T. Armstrong mgr.
Nebraska National Bank, capital $100,000, John Ellis pres, Warren Cole 
vice-pres, HL Ewing cashier, 322 Court
Neidhardt Charles, marble and granite, 618 Court
New York Racket Store, G.H. Johnson Prop, Paddock Blk
Nicholls W.D, real estate, 505 Court
Noakes R., meat Market, 319 W Court
Oedewaldt J.K., shoemaker, 400 W Court
Ohlman Geo., merchant tailor, 111 S 4th
Olney W.H. & sons, pumps and windmills, 623 court
Omstead D.J., prop Omstead House, 24 W Court
Omstead House, D.J. Omstead prop, 24 W Court
Osborn C.A., barber, 107 N 5th
Otto Wm., City Omnibus line, 124 S 6th
Overman A.R. Mrs, dressmaker, 307 Court
Pacific House, G.F. Beckley prop, 2nd and Court
Paddock House (The), Criley & Moies props
Paddock James A, phys, 209 N 5th
Pagels John, groceries, 213 Court
Parker J.B harnessmaker, 312 Court
Pemberton & Bush, atty, 500 Court
Perkins T.B, nursery, 504 Court
Perry W.D., hatter, s Paddock Hotel entrance
Pethoud A.J. & Co, Lumber and planing mills, cor 4th and Bell
Piper G.T., gueensware, 118 N 5th
Pitcher F.H., bakery and confectionery, 231 Court
Pollock J., blacksmith, 400 Market
Powers L.F. & Co, drugs, 401 W Court
Prescott J.H., carpenter, 212 Court
Pyle J.B., real estate, 401 Court
Randall H.J. & Son, wall paper, etc., 611 Court
Randall House, Frank Latchem prop, Cor 5th and court
Reeder S., horse shoer, 502 Marker
Reedy O.K., carpenter, cor 7th and Court
Reimund A.W., merchant tailor, 314 Court
Rhue J.H., groceries, 311 W Court
Richardson Georgia Miss, dressmaker, 311 Ella
Richards & Prout, attys, 418 Court
Rigg Charles, postmaster, real estate and mgr. Paddock House, 523 Court
Riverside Hotel, Otis Mann prop, 26 W Court
Robbins W.H., groceries, 300 court
Robertson Gilbert J, veterinary surgeon, 301 Market
Robertson & McCallum, groceries, 115 N 6th
Roe G.L., Phys, 402 court
Rogers O.C., lumber, coal, 222 S 5th
Root Bros, Real estate, ins and loans, 211 Court
Ryan Bros, furniture and under takers 508 Court
Sabin R.W, atty, 500 Court
Salisbury E.C., groceries, 318 Court
Salle G.F., mgr. Pac & US Ex Cos, 423 Court
Salmon & Rainey, drugs, 402 Court
Saunders J.B, abstracts, 411 Court
Saunders & Sherman, real estate, 105 N 5th
Schell C.L., real estate, notary, 108 N 5th
Schultz Henry, merchant tailor, 413 Court
Scott Bros, furniture, 306 Court
Shane Bros. Marble and granite, 801 Court
Shank C.A., genl agt K.C.W. & N.W.Ry, cor 6th and Court
Shaw Jacob, blacksmith 407 Market
Shepard Addie M. Miss, librarian WCTU. 120 N 5th
Shrove F., ins, 500 Court
Shultz M.E, drugs, 106 N 5th
Sibley H.A., secy YMCA, 512 Court
Silvernail James. Tinsmith, 617 Court
Singer Mfr. Co, E.P. Sullivan mgr, 606 Court
Smith Bros Loan & trust Co, capital, $ 100,000, JE Smith pres, SCSmith 
vice-pres, EH Ambler secy, WD Cox treas, 501 Court
Smith C.E. & Son, dry goods 115 N 5th
Smith J.A., atty, 500 Court
Smith James F., merchant tailor, 206 N 5th
Smith R.J. & Co, lumber, 413 W Court
Snyder Samuel, prop Troy Laundry, Jefferson nr N 4th
Sperry A.P. & Co. bakery and confectionery, 204 N 5th
Sprague P.B., drugs, 323 Court
Springer Paul, printer and binder, 117-119 N 5th
Squeirs C.H. Mrs. Millinery, 513 Court
Stack J.D., merchant tailor, 115 S 5th
Steele J.F., clothing, 502 Court
Stout E.L.,Mrs, dressmaker, 413 Ella
Strayer G.B., genl mdse, 101 Sumner
Stryker W.H., dentist, 407 Court
Swan & Anderson, barbers, 229 W Court
Swartz & Co, groceries, 305 W Court
Tait J.L., real estate, mayor of Beatrice and proprietor of the 
Auditorium, 509 N 5th
Taylor B.F.. Photographer, 105 Court
Theile F.A., flour and feed, 324 W Court
Thistlewaite Fred, planing mill.101 Court
Thompson & Pittenger, groceries, 707 Court
Thornburg G., sta agt N W & C R I & P Ry
Thrush C., restaurant, 201 Court
Ticknor, Bozarth & Morse, livestock shippers, 310 Court
Ticknor & Morse, meat market, Paddock bldg. 310 Court
Townsend Oliver, clothing, shoes, 419 Court
Troxel Bros, agl implts, cor 2nd and Court
Troy Laundry, Samuel Snyder prop, Jefferson nr N 4th
Vaille E.D. Miss, art gallery, 410 Court
Vanbuskirk A.J., blacksmith, 406 Court
Vallentine Gus, tinner, 114 N 4th
Von Steen J.H., lumber, 201 S 5th
Wadsworth S.W., watches, clocks, etc, 407 Court
Walden D.A., phys, 202 N 5th
Walker L.E., sec Beatrice Building Assn and ins, 521 Court
Walter T.P., sporting goods, 508 Ella
Wanrick Joseph, barber, 317 Court
Warren & Ward, dry goods, 121 N 5th
Watkins & Caswell, groceries, 109-111 N 4th
Watrous E.A., real estate, loans and pres Beatrice Board of Trade, 
First National Bank Bldg
Watson Joseph & Co, importer of horses, cor 2nd and Market
Webb J.L., phys, 402 Court
Weeks S.R., barber, 410 Court
Wehn Louis, carriage maker, cor 3rd and Ella
Wells O.O., phys, 402 court
Wheeler L.E., prop Davis House, 123 N 3rd
Whitney A.G., atty, real estate, 303 Court
Wiebe J.G., Lumber, building material, cor 3rd and Scott
Wilber C.F., meat market, 210 N 5th
Wilkins J.A., real estate, 423 Court
Wilmschen John, boot and shoe maker, 311 Court
Wilson C.S., carpenter, 613 Market
Wolbach M.S., clothing, 404 Court
Wolfe Henry, saloon, 515 Court
Woodward Bros, farm loans, 102 N 5th
Woodworth H.S., rubber stamps, 210 N 5th
Yearnshaw F.D. Mrs, millinery, 314 Court
Yule Thomas & Son, abstracts and loans, First Natl Bank Bldg
Zimmerman David, wagon maker, 505 Market

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