Gage County, Nebraska

Ancestree Articles

Nebraska Ancestree Fall 1987 - Vol.10 No.2, pg. 59 - 64
Transcribed by Kathie Harrison - December 4, 2000
By permission of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society

Memorial Observation of 100th Anniversary Year by Daniel Herbert Miller, M. D.
Submitted by Dr. Daniel Herbert Miller, M. D. - Tulsa, OK (5-20-1987)
If those who are "At Rest" here could be aware of the Memorial Service they would be pleased by your presence and would be very happy to know that you cared enough about them to come.
Ever since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden man has been a wanderer over the face of the earth. And everywhere that men wandered, death was sure to follow. And so it is with the Pioneers who settled in the area around this piece of ground that was destined to become "The Immanuel Cemetery." It is located in the S.W. 1/4 of Section 1, Township 6 N, Range 5 E, which is 3 miles north and about 2 1/4 miles east of the Salem Methodist Church corner in Clatonia or about 5 3/4 miles west of Cortland which is in Gage County, Nebraska.
The first burial in Immanuel Cemetery, according to reports, was in 1880 - just 100 years ago. Unfortunately, the name of the person is not known. There is a tombstone in the northeast part of this Cemetery that shows " Friedrich Fricke, Jan.4, 1824 - Dec.9, 1881." His wife Dorothea, is buried beside him. The late Ed Pfeiffer once told me that the Fricke's were his grandparents. There were two burials here in 1882 and in 1884 and from time to time throughout the century, the last one being that of Miss Emma Carsten in February of 1980. There have been 108 known burials here, including the one in 1880, which was not included in the attached list:" Burials in Immanuel Cemetery."
Not only did death follow man as he wandered (emigrated) to "The West", but so also did the "Circuit Rider", the Traveling Preacher on horseback. He preached to the Pioneers who had settled along the Clatonia Creek in Clatonia Township. The first religious meetings were held in their homes, some of which were dugouts and log cabins, one of which still stands on the old F. W. Kassing Homestead which is now owned by Ronnie Miller, my great-nephew.
These early settlers built the third church building in what is now Gage County. It was dedicated on October 8, 1871. It was the forerunner of "The Salem German Methodist Episcopal Church" in Clatonia. This building became too small and was disposed of and a larger one built in 1879.
At that time the members who lived northeast of the Salem Church decided to build their own church building immediately west of the Immanuel Cemetery. It became "The Immanuel German Methodist Episcopal Church" and the building was enlarged twice. The Minister preached in the Salem Church in Clatonia on Sunday mornings and in the Immanuel Church on Sunday afternoons. He traveled by horse and buggy over dirt roads - nineteenth century style.
In 1919 three rural Churches, Immanuel, Kramer and Zion, were disbanded and united to form "The Hallem Methodist Church." The Immanuel Church building has long since disappeared - "Gone With the Wind".
The Records of the Register of Deeds of the Courthouse in Beatrice show that: 1. Frederick J. Scmid obtained this S.W. quarter section of land from the Chicago, Burlington and Qunicy Railroad on April 29, 1886. 2.That he sold this Cemetery ground to "The Clatonia Cemetery Association" for $40.00 on November 17, 1892. (Recorded in Book 53, page 164). 3. And that he sold the land immediately west of this Cemetery to the "Emmanuel German Methodist Episcopal Church" on August 24, 1908 for $1.00 and other considerations. The Trustees were: Arnold Albers, Frank N. Hofstaedt, Charles A. Miller, my father, Anton Oltmans and Henry Pfeiffer. (Recorded in Book 91, page 263).
I wish to thank everyone who helped me gather information about Immanuel Cemetery and Church, especially Clarence Albert, Reed Carsten, Edmund Krauter and Oren Miller. Clarence and Edmund checked the Records at the Courthouse and furnished some of the above information.
Edmund mentioned that the land for this Cemetery was reported to have been given by three Schramm brothers, Charles, Frederick and William. Unfortunately no record of this has been found. They probably gave $40.00 to the Clatonia Cemetery Association, with which this ground was purchased. Reverand William Schramm and family owned the land and lived on it, in Section 13, just one mile south and across the road from this Cemetery. He was one of the founders of German Methodism in Clatonia Township. He and his wife Margarethe are buried in the northeast part of this Cemetery as are also my paternal grandparents, my parents and my two baby sisters.
It seems remarkable how an experience that one has as a youngster may influence one's thoughts and actions many, many years later. The Marsh Cemetery was located two miles east and about 1 1/2 miles north of the Salem Methodist Church in Clatonia - in the field west of the road and north of the Rock Island Railroad track. My sister and family, the Charles C. Haupts, lived about 1/2 mile north of that cemetery. When I was 11 to 14 years old I often walked up the track and through the fields to the Haupt place. I would pass the Marsh Cemetery. It was neglected and every fall the weeds would be two to three times higher than my head. It seemed so sad that nobody cared about those who were buried there and that it had been abandoned.
Ben Carsten had mowed the Immanuel Cemetery for many, many years for which he deserved much credit. He had retired from the farm and moved to town. It was distressing to think that maybe in fifty or a hundred years that the Immanuel Cemetery might be abandoned like the Marsh Cemetery had been.
In the fall of 1962 I talked to Ben in his home in Clatonia about organizing an "Immanuel Cemetery Association" so that a "Perpetual Care Trust Fund" could be created. He said that this Cemetery had been called "The Clatonia Cemetery". It was probably given that name because it was started in Clatonia Township and the town of Clatonia did not exist then for the Rock Island Railroad had not yet been built through Hallam and Clatonia. I had always heard it referred to as the "Immanuel Cemetery". He stated that the Cemetery about 1/4 mile south of the Salem Methodist Church in Clatonia was called "The Clatonia Cemetery of Clatonia."
Ben further said that there was a "Clatonia Cemetery Association" for this cemetery by the Immanuel Church, which was organized on May 3, 1884. F. J. Smith (Schmid) was elected Chairman and John Dahlem as Clerk. Ben thought that the Association had been incorporated. I inquired twice about this at the Office of the Register of Deeds in Beatrice but no record was found.
This Cemetery Association purchased a good, well-bound Record Book for the Secretary. The close relationship between this cemetery and the church is shown by the fact that "Immanuel Church" was written above the "Minutes of the First Meeting of the Clatonia Cemetery Association", which was recorded in the Secretary Book in May 1884. This Book was still in excellent condition in May of 1980. It is now being used by the "Immanuel Cemetery Association" and thus has become the Cemetery Association's Secretary Book.
Lots in the Immanuel Cemetery were sold for $5.00 and lot had a number for eight graves. A person had to buy a lot to become a member of the Cemetery Association. Forty-two Pioneer names are listed as members in the Secretary Book:
Arnold Albers Julius Haupt F. R. Rodemaker
Gerhard Albers Joseph Heller Tido Roelfs
J. Henry Alberts Fred G. Krauter Thomas Sargent
Philip Brust Clarence Martin August Schmidt
H. Bunte Charles A. Miller Fred Schmidt
J. E. Carlisle H. E. Miltenberger Otto Schmidt
John E. Carsten Juno Miltenberger Fred Schramm
Tebbe (W. G.) Carsten Walter Miltenberger William Schramm
Ese Cremer Herman Nannen Gotfried Schunemann
Juno Dahlem Anton Oltmans Emil Schwaninger
Henry Focken Sr D. A. Oltmans Sebastian Seng
Philip Fuesz Oltman Oltmans Dave W. Sherwood
Maria Gerdes Henry Pfeiffer William Wagner
Adolph Gunther David Pothast Phillip Wendt
These members died with the passing of time and an active "Clatonia Cemetery Association" ceased to exist. The Minutes of the last Meeting were recorded many years ago - May 4, 1925.
Ben passed away a few weeks after I had visited him so I talked to his brother, Fred Carsten, about organizing an "Immanuel Cemetery Association". He suggested that an attorney in Lincoln draw up the incorporation papers. After several letters and on my third trip to Lincoln to see him, I obtained "The Articles of Incorporation of the Immanuel Cemetery Association, Inc.". The attorney had filed them with the Secretary of State on Oct.27, 1966 and they were filed at the Courthouse in Beatrice the next day.
Reed Carsten and I were priveleged to attend the first meeting of the Board of Directors, which was held in the Hallam Bank on the evening of November 1, 1966. The Officers elected were: President - Harold Pfeiffer, Pickrell; Vice-President - Melvin Miller, my nephew, Clatonia; Secretary - Homer Schwaninger, Cortland; Treasurer - Bruce Carsten, Clatonia and the Fifth Member - Earl Schmidt, Cortland.
The Board of Directors created a "Perpetual Care Trust Fund", which has been a success. The name, "The Clatonia Cemetery Association" was changed to "The Immanuel Cemetery Association, Inc." on the Courthouse Records on January 18, 1967.
The present Board of Directors was elected on December 4, 1979:

President - Oren Miller, my great-nephew, Clatonia; Vice-President - Charles Schmidt, Cortland; Secretary - Emory Nannen, Hallam; Treasurer - Bruce Carsten, Clatonia and the Fifth Member - Earl Schmidt, Cortland.

Members of these Boards and many others have given of their time, energy and money to improve and beautify this Cemetery for which we are all very thankful. Lyle Schmidt donated the bricks for the gateway and Homer Schwaninger gave the new fence. The writer (D. H. M.) paid the attorney fee and gave the granite marker for the entrance to the Cemetery which bears the inscription:



When the first Pioneers arrived in this area there were no roads, no fences, no houses or barns, no wells, no hogs or cattle and no fields of grain. All they could see was the virgin prairie below and the blue skies above. All they had was what they brought with them, along with a great courage and determination, much self-reliance and a profound faith in God.

They changed this "Lone Prairie" into a rich agricultural region and left us a wonderful heritage. It is most fitting and proper that we pay tribute to these Pioneers with this Memorial Service on this, the 100th Anniversary Year of "The Immanuel Cemetery", the final resting place for these true Heroes and Heroines of the Prairie!

The above Memorial Service was held on Sunday, May 25, 1980 on the Cemetery. Rev. Don Latshaw gave the Devotional Service and the writer (D. H. M.) presented the History of the Cemetery using excerpts from the above. (Typed by D. H. M. on July 21, 1980. Permission is granted to reproduce any part or all of above Historical information. D. H. M.)
Compiled by Daniel Herbert Miller, M. D.
1. Gerhard Albers March 18, 1823 - Jan.1, 1908
Talte Tallehna Albers Aug.20, 1833 - March 4, 1908
Augusta D. Albers Aug.9, 1885 - Aug.16, 1954
Infant daughter Albers of A. C. & A.D. May 28, 1908
2. J. B. Alberts Dec.10, 1839 - Jan.15, 1923
Emma Cattin "born Albertz" July 14, 1844 - Nov.28, 1890
3. Thresa Amanda July 13, 1883 - April 6, 1885
4. Arend R. Arends Feb.17, 1862 - May 14, 1890
5. Christian Bretzke Dec.23, 1860 - May 13, 1904
Maria Bretzke 1870 - 1940
6 Henry Bunte April 27, 1848 - Nov.6, 1935
Minnie Bunte April 17, 1855 - Feb.26, 1915
William Bunte age 9 mo.21 days May 29, 1895
7. John E. Carsten Feb.24, 1843 - July 15, 1908
Maria Gertrude (Schmid) Carsten Feb.1, 1847 - March 10, 1931
Emma Carsten June 29, 1885 - Feb.17, 1980
8. John M. Carstens April 22, 1814 - Dec.5, 1895
9. Gretji Cremer (Mennigga) Jan.12, 1820 - June 2, 1889
10. Eddie Dehlem son of John & H. June 18, 1884 Lot 4
Charles Dehlem -
David Dehlem -
11. Folks Dearks Feb.12, 1871 - May 31, 1941
12. Friedrich Fricke Jan.4, 1824 - Dec.9, 1881
Dorothea Fricke Feb.9, 1825 - Aug.16, 1894
13. Philip Fuesz March 2, 1836 - May 14, 1906
14. Herman Gerdes Dec.3, 1821 - Oct.6, 1892
Marie Gerdes Jan.25, 1837 - Dec.23, 1913
Enno Gerdes June 13, 1857 - Feb.3, 1904
Philip Gerdes March 3, 1876 - March 29, 1961
John Gerdes infant no dates Lot 12 grave 2
15. Julius H. Haupt Jan.12, 1844 - Dec.30, 1915
Catharine Haupt April 17, 1844 - Nov.8, 1914
Tillie C. Haupt May 25, 1873 - Jan.16, 1895
16. Ruth Heller no dates Lot 7
Joseph Heller no dates
17. Amilda Hoffman 19 yrs. 4 mo. 1 day (recorded on F. A. Sherwood stone) Nov.1, 1902
18. Anna Helena Kiene daughter of Fred & Johanna Kiene April 1, 1906 - April 13, 1906
Kiene Dochter 11 days May 22, 1889 n.side stone
Kiene Dochter 1 day June 10, 1882 s. side stone
19. Olive Krauter 1889 - 1937
Irene Krauter 1914 - 1932
Arthur Krauter 1879 - 1962
Arthur Krauter Jr. infant son 1921
Floyd Krauter son of F. G. & E. Oct.18, 1909 - Dec.25, 1909
Clara Krauter daughter of H. C. & C. no dates
George Krauter infant son of Roelf Lot 1 no dates
Arthur L. Krauter no dates Lot 20 grave 4
20. Volney Kruse on Wm. Schramm Lot no dates - Lot 2 grave 4
21. Martin baby no dates - Lot 2 grave 3
Martin baby no dates - Lot 2 grave 2
22. Friedrich Miller Sept.24, 1822 - April 23, 1895
Charlotte Miller Feb.3, 1822 - Feb.1, 1894
Charles A. Miller Dec.7, 1851 - Feb.28, 1936
Sophia A. Miller April 23, 1857 - Sept.11, 1926
Dorotha L. Miller Sept.2, 1889 - Feb.11, 1890
Orinda M. Miller March 13, 1897 - Sept.11, 1897
23. John P. Miltenberger 1833 - 1910
Eliza Jane Miltenberger 1843 - 1914
Lillie R. Miltenberger 1871 - 1886
Ernest Miltenberger 1881 - 1882
Gertrude Miltenberger March 13, 1907 - March 27, 1907
24. Behrend Nannen May 8, 1822 - July 2, 1911
Motne Nannen Dec.26, 1821 - Dec.15, 1907
Harm B. Nannen Sept.17, 1848 - Nov.8, 1917
Antje Nannen Oct.7, 1849 - Sept.30, 1935
25. Lloyd F. W. Oltman son of F. D. & M. S. Oltman Feb.21, 1903 - May 21, 1903
26. Conrad Pfeiffer May 15, 1808 - July 6, 1900
son of C. H. & D. A. Pfeiffer Jan.19, 1911
27. Myrtle Elsie Pothast daughter of David & Kate Pothast March 16, 1904 - Jan.23, 1911
28. Hilda C. Roelfs daughter of M. C. & E. Roelfs 4 months 24 days
29. Jacob Schaad 1846 - 1913
30. Annette H. Schmid daughter of F. J. & M. L. Schmid May 28, 1884 Lot 2 grave 6
Etta Schmid Dec.18, 1889 - Feb.6, 1893 Lot 2 grave 7
Rosette Schmid (wood marker, paint & name gone) no dates Lot 2 grave 8
____Schmidt Infant of Otto Schmidt no dates Lot 20 grave 8
31. Friederike Schmidt June 16, 1840 - Feb.5, 1913
Johanna C. Schmidt April 7, 1847 - June 24, 1908
John Carl Schmidt Sept.5, 1844 - April 21, 1898
Mary Augusta Schmidt 1880 - 1881
Martha Marie Schmidt 1886 - 1887
Anna Marie Schmidt 1888 - 1888
John August Schmidt parent 1853 - 1911
Ernestine A. Schmidt parent 1860 - 1950
32. Rev. William Schramm May 10, 1823 - Sept.27, 1903
Margarethe Schramm Feb.5, 1829 - March 28, 1915
Louis Schramm (in Fred Schramm - August Schimdt Lot) no dates Lot 16 grave 5
33. Gottfried Schunemann Aug.23, 1840 - May 25, 1908
Anna R. Schunemann Feb.16, 1842 - June 8, 1921
34. Emil Schwaninger 1864 - 1954
Margaretha Schwaninger 1864 - 1944
Hulda Schwaninger 1905 - 1905
Fred J. Schwaninger Feb.3, 1890 - March 13, 1965
Bena R. Schwaninger March 17, 1893 - June 11, 1978
Walden W. Schwaninger infant Aug.31, 1919 - Sept.10, 1919
35. Sebastian Seng Oct.17, 1841 - Dec.26, 1890
Katherine Seng Aug.30, 1840 - Nov.29, 1926
Infant son Seng no dates
36. David Sherwood 1859 - 1934
Mary Sherwood 1854 - 1928
Frederick Sherwood 11 mo. 27 days March 31, 1895
Amy Sherwood Oct.20, 1902
Della Sherwood Oct.15, 1905
Lydia M. Sherwood Oct.25, 1902
37. Wagner infant daughter of Wm. Wagner June 12, 1907 1 day
Wagner infant daughter of Wm. Wagner Feb.1, 1912 - Feb.5, 1912
38. Helena Wendt age 92 Dec.13, 1907
Phillip Wendt no dates
On Friday morning, May 23, 1980, Oren Miller and his son Michael (Mike), my great-nephew and great-great-nephew, Evelyn, my wife and I (D.H. Miller) checked every tombstone and marker in Immanuel Cemetery and recorded the names and dates. They are listed above along with some names not found on tombstones but obtained from the Cemetery Association's Secretary Book, which gives Lot and grave numbers and was started in May 1884. Immanuel Cemetery is located 3 miles north and about 2 1/4 miles east of Clatonia, Nebraska or about 5 3/4 miles west of Cortland, Nebraska. Permission is granted to reproduce any or all of the above. July 12, 1980.