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Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 45
A-Submitted by Mrs. Cecil Holland, Filley NE


Among those who have been prominent in shaping the destiny of Barneston, HE, and in the management of its affairs are F. M. BARNES, W. P. WYATT, Matthew WEAVERLING, C. W. WARREN, George PACE, A. L. COOK, Patrick RAWLEY, James Ryan, William TAUER, Joseph GUITTARD, Jesse C. WYATT, Julius VOGEL, A. G. KEYES, G. D. BARRY, William MONFELT, A. D. SPENCER, Hugh SPENCER, J. A. SPENCER, Edward HUDDERT, S. S. RATCLIFF, Timothy RAWLEY, Dennis SULLIVAN, James MALISCKY, John WOLKEN, Lon TURNER, Harry ZOOK, John ANDERSON, Frederick BARNES, Jacob GUTBROT, and F. J. WOODS.

On Sunday, 7 Aug 1864, occurred what is know in NE history as the Indian raid on the Little Blue river, in which several Gage Co. people lost their lives and property. The first semblance of a military organization in Gage Co. was a company of its citizens hastily called together by the sheriff, Joseph CLYNE, for the purpose of investigating the depredations of these savages, ascertaining the true condition of affairs, burying the dead killed in the massacre, and repelling the invasion. As far as known the members of this company from Gage Co., were William H. STONER, John GILBERT, Oliver TOWNSEND, Albert C. HOWE (half-brother of Church HOWE), H. M. WICKHAM, William R. JONES, Daniel FREEMAN, Thomas PETHOUD, James PETHOD, Enoch GRAVES# Henry GRAVES, Louis GRAVES, Ira DIXON, Leander WILSON, Samuel JONES, Richard C. DAVIS, William ALEXANDER, Joseph CLYNE, Edward WELLS, and his brother, Mr. BAGLEY, and Theodore M. COULTER.

Among those who have contributed to the growth and prosperity of the village of Filley, NE, since its founding in 1883 are Elijah and Emma FILLEY (residing in Des Moines, Ia. in 1918), Charles S. and James F. BOGGS, P. T. LEWELLEN, John W. WRIGHT, Hans ANDERSON, Daniel F. KEES, W. A. WADDINGTON, T. C. HAGERMAN, P. M. ANDERSON, A. C. TILTON, Christ CHRISTIANSEN, H. M. MILLER, Charles PARKER, Dr. L. B. BOGGS, John V. CLARK, J. F. BURBANK, Earl NORCROSS, Dr. I. M. PICKETT and Erastus W. STARLIN.

Old settlers of Pickrelle HE. were: - List compiled in 1918 - David ROYER, who now resides at McPherson, Ks; Mr. HOUDGS, deceased, place of burial southeast of Pickrell; Mr. BERGETT, deceased, place of burial, Hutchinson, Ks; Roxie IRVIN, deceased; J. D. WHITE, who resides at Gage, Ok; D. NICEWONGER, G. BALDERSON and F. J. EMAL, who reside in Pickrell; S. KIM, John YOUNG, Mr. BASHAW, Mr. McKIN, Mr. LOCKWOOD, Thomas NOONAN. Thomas LAMELY, B. BATHRICK, Dr. D. W. TUCKER, Mr. WILBUR, Mr. CHANDLER, Henry LATIMER, and Mr. WATERS.


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 46
B-Submitted by Mrs. Cecil Holland, Filley NE

The first term of the Gage Co. district court after NE territory became the state of NE. was held by Judge MASON, at Beatrice, 7 Oct 1867. The Grand Jury consisted of Richard ROSSITER, Peter HAMMA, George STARK, Sam'l KILPATRICK, J.B. SHAW, N. KAIN, John MUMFORD, A. VAN BUSKIRK, H. D.. LILLEY, H. M. WICKHAM, J. M. RODGERS, John PARKER, H. HOLLINGWORTH, Alex: WELCH. Persons present for a petit jury the -me day: R. C. DAVIS, J. W. MUMFORD, L. P. CHANDLER, Jacob HELDEBRAND, Amos HAYDEN, John BARRETT, Henry SHULLENBARGER, F. H. DOBBS, David PALMER, H. S. BARNUM, Frederick SPRAGUE. Janes KINZIE, James PLUCKNETT, Alfred SNELL, V. S. WHITEMORE, Robert NICHOLAS, R.A. WILSOX, John HILLMAN, J.W. NICKOLS, John LYONS, William CURTISS, Egbert SHAW, J. BUSHANAN, William WILD.

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