Gage County, Nebraska

Ancestree Articles

Vol V, no. 2, page 53 - Fall 1982
Submitted by Mrs. Ernest B. Smethers, Beatrice, NE
From 28 May 1907 Beatrice Daily Express, Gage County.


Below is a list of the veterans of the Civil and Spanish-American wars who are buried in the Beatrice, Evergreen Home and Catholic Cemeteries:
Three veterans were laid to rest in Evergreen Home cemetery the past year. Following is the list:

Beatrice Cemetery

Silas B. HARRINGTON William I. HAGEY    D.E. MARSH        William J. MAXWELL 
Silas W. PARKER     S. CAMERON          Ami FILLEY        Alfred MILLER 
J.G. SMITH          B. D. SWEET         B.F. HOTCHKISS    L.T. HOWD 
Carl EMERY          Joseph YORE         John ONESS        D. SISCO 
R. WIERS            J.B. MOORE          H. WHITE          Thomas HARRISON 
Uriah FARR          V. B. ARNOLD        D. E. TH014PSON   W. PENNEY 
John BUSEY          J. A. EVANS         N. B. MILLER      J. VAN WINKLY 
N. HERRON           Pat DALEY           H.W. SHEPARD      I. CHANDLER 
J. I. BARTON        P. B. LEE           S. CARROL         J. C. BAIRD 
Levi JOENS          J. HAUSER           Charles SPENCER   A. HACKETT 
George CROFTS       G.B. PHELPS         Millard FILLMORE  Eli MILLER 
H. HERBERT          D.W. ANDREWS        W. E. TEMPLE      J. G. SMILEY 
George METZGER      W. BALL             J. H. HOLIDAY     W. H. SCOBY 
J.W. BALL           J. W. MORRELL       J. E. BUSH        W.W. HEANEY 

Evergreen Home

D.W. BUSBY          N. D. HUBBARD       F. H. HOLT        W.J. SISSON 
S. BALL             S. D. ROBERTS       I.N. McCONNELL    L. P. GILLETT 
J.M. RAMSEY         C. VINING           J.B. PYLE         George PALMER 
Will RYAN           George BARTLEY      James MATTHEWS    George SMARR 
B. M. SQUIRES       R. BODLEY           J. PILCHARD       T.S. CRAIG 
C. B. SPERRY        J. A. SMITH         W. FARLAND        J.R. HOLLIDAY 
1. H. BRUBAKER      J. L. SAUSMAN       W. B. CONLEE      S. SAMPLE 
I. N. HICKMAN       R. A. SWIFT         J. E. COBBEY sr.  I. SMITH 
John MILLER         Samuel SCOTT        Archibald STEECE  Peter HARTMAN 
Joseph STARER       Thomas YULE         Francis McGIRR    William KITCHEN 
A. H. BABCOCK       J. N. FULLER  Major J. W. WILLIAMS    William CLARK 

The list in the Evergreen Home cemetery has been increased three during the last year as follows Joseph LESCHER, Robert REED, James SAUNDERS

Spanish-American war soldiers buried in Evergreen Home are: Sergeants George GEDDES, William J. EVANS, Privates Frank KNOUSE, Bruce MACY, George ANDREWS, Marsden POWELL and Confederate veteran James BROWN.

Catholic cemetery:
D. McHUGH, Patrick HOWE. Additional names: Patrick GALLAGHER, J.F. KING

Vol V, no. 2, page 53 - Fall 1982
Submitted by Mrs. Ernest B. Smethers, Beatrice, NE

From Beatrice Daily Express, 24 Oct. 1910

Gage County, Jury List
   Following is the list of jurymen drawn for the coming term of district court:
Ralph Coulter, Beatrice    J. E. LINDERMAN, Adepts    B.E. BALLARD, Beatrice 
Jacob RARER, Cortland      Alfred PARKER, Beatrice    H.S. CALLEM, Beatrice 
Gus ACTON, Liberty         Pete BRUNER, Barneston     F. W. MATTOON, Beatrice 
E.L. YOST, Wymore          J. A. BACHLE, Beatrice     Ed. KNIGHT, Wymore 
C. Peter JENSEN, Beatrice  John TRAUERNICHT, Wymore   C. C. SHERMAN, Hoag 
Geo. D. MORGAN, Filley     John JENSEN, Filley        James N. BLOOM, Liberty 
H. E. HAUSER, Beatrice     Geo. W. STEVENS, Beatrice  M. F. WOLFE, Beatrice 
John N. MARTIN, Virginia   Hugh CARMICHAEL, Beatrice  Wm. PENNER, Beatrice 
J. M. HIATT, Odell         Barry ENDLEMAN, Beatrice   W. R. GRANT, Beatrice 
M. J. MORAN, Barneston     J. Ed. C. FISHER, Beatrice Lawrence McCURRAY, Liberty 
W. R. SPARKS, Hoag         L. S. AUSTIN, Wymore       J. A. HOWARD, Beatrice 
J. H. SWILER, Blue Springs J.D. BURTON, Beatrice      F. Delebar, Firth 
W.W. MADISON, Blue Springs Ben GOES, Barneston        Henry HOMERSHAM, Odell 
Fred HENKE, Wilber         R. C. LEIGH, Beatrice      Grant FORD Beatrice 
F. L. POPE, Filley         Jacob GOEHRING, Barneston  James NEFFORD, Beatrice 
Wallace MOORE, Beatrice    W.L. PEARL, Wymore         Fred BARING, Liberty 

Vol V, no. 2, page 54 - Fall 1982
Gage County, NE 1910 Jury List continued:

Lewis RATHBURN, Odell      Alex ARMSTRONG, Odell      Tony VOORTMAN, Beatrice 
Wm. WOODBRIDGE, Virginia   Thomas SARGANT, Cortland   F.A. CLAUSSEN, Beatrice 
W. H. BENTLEY, Wymore      A. J. JOHNSON, Beatrice    Otho BOYD, Virginia 
A. L. MOSCHELL, Beatrice   Frank OVERBECK, Pickrell   J. D. NORMAN, Beatrice 

Vol V, no. 2, page 54 - Fall 1982
Submitted by Mrs. Ernest B. Smethers, Beatrice, NE

From: Beatrice Daily Express
Unclaimed letters in the Beatrice, NE Post Office

O. G. BRIGGS           Gilbert COBB       Henry DAVIS          F. R. HERRINGTON 
Fay C. JOYCE           Anton LARSON       G. A. MILLER         Samuel GRENBLAT 
J. H. REED             J. B. RIGSLEY      Ed. W. ROWLAND Jr.   Miss Julia DICYNTRA 
Mrs. Hattie DILLON     Mrs. Ralph JOHNSON Mrs. Edna SMITH      Miss Lizzy SWARTS 
Miss Lottie THERWOOD   Mrs. F. WIEBE      Miss Ida NICODEMUS    

UNCLAIMED LETTERS for 2 April 1910

E.A. FISHERMIER        J.T. HALL          A.A. MURDOCK         Jos. WALLING 
Roy D. WAY             Mrs. Etta ATHERTON Miss Ollie CONNELLY  Mrs. Stella KING 
Miss Lottie THERWOOD                      Mrs. Grace TURNO     Mrs. E.A. WEGNER 
Barton G. WILSON

UNCLAIMED LETTERS for 16 April 1910

George B. ALLEN        Guy B. BATEMAN     R. BEEVGRO           William DAVIS 
C.A. DOUGLASS          Wm. DUNFER         Earl GIDDME          B.B. IRELAN 
Abraham JANTZEN        Prof. Chas JONES   Will KEMP            John LINDSAY 
J. C. MARTINE          C.W. MILLS         Allen MAYLOR         0. R. PETERSON 
Ira ROBERTS            A. SANDFORD        Albert SWIHART       Sam THOMPSON 
Mrs. Emma ADAMS        Miss Etta ATHERSON Nellie BOUGHTING     Mrs. H. Aden ENYEART 
Miss Gladys FARRELL    Miss S. MAYER      Mrs. Anna SMITH      Mrs. Tenna SMITH 
Miss Lottie THERWOOD

UNCLAIMED LETTERS for 23 April 1910

J. BOOTH               J. H. BROWNING     Supt. J.S. BUNYAN    G. H. CAMPBELL 
Edgar COBB             John DILLON        William DUNFEE       A. 0. EGGENBERGER 
Max GRABON             J. GREER           Bill HAUSER          Sherman HILL 
J. HOLMES              Dr. Geo. HOSLAM    Martin KLEMAN        Dr. E.W. MARTIN 
A. L. MOORE            Dr. H. N. MORROW   Frank MURPHY         Dr. A.P. OVERJAARD 
Dr. R.C. McDONALD      Henry MEIERS       Dr. J.J. METZINGER   Bert MORGAN 
Dr. E.N. LEAKE         Ben LIGGETT        J. E. REED           Edward SCOTT 
Preston SHELDON        Mr. & Mrs. RAHERST Dr. L. B. SMITH      George TOOKEY 
H.E. WIENSS            I. N. WOMACK       I. WRIGHT            Mrs. D. J. AMSTAD 
Miss Fannie L. BARCLAY Madam M.E. HARRIS  Mrs. Margaret MILLEN Carrie SCHULTZ 
Maud WOODRUFF          Ann WOODRUFF       Ann HERRINE       A.M. HOLLINGWORTH, P.M. 

Vol V, no. 2, page 54 - Fall 1982
Submitted by: Mrs. Deanna Holland, Filley, NE
Source: History of Gage County, Nebraska, by Hugh J. Dobbs, 1918


MUMFORD, Isms P., b MD, d 6 mi. west of Nebraska City, in 1873. Mar. Elizabeth MALLOCK, b 1830, Adams Co., OH. d Mar 1897 Nodaway Co., MO. Son, Rev. James, 6 more sons & 2 daus born tothis couple. Wife's father served in War of 1812; her grandfather served in Rev. War.

MATTINGLY, James B., b. 8 Apr 1818, Harden Co., Ky. d. 19 Oct 1907 in a little town in northern WA. Wife not named. Son: Joel Thomas was f of Polly.

JONES, Samuel, b 1826 Grayson Co., VA. d 8 Feb 1872, Gage Co., NE. Bur on hill 1/2 mi. South of the old stone dwelling on the NE 1/4 S 15, Midland Twp., Gage Co. Wife, Rebecca, d 1901, Gooding, ID, bur. there. 14 ch born to this union, 7 d before 1918. Sons: John T., Leroy C., Albert. Daus: Elizabeth (mar ----- DWYER), Sarah A. (mar Lorenzo L. DREW), Rebecca (mar ---- PETHOUD)

PADDOCK, Algernon Sidney, b 9 Nov 1830, Glens Falls, N.Y. d ca 1897. Wife, Anna L. (MACK) alive in 1918. mar. 22 Dec 1859. Son, Daniel and dau. Susan d at an early age. Daus: Harriet, mar O.J. COLMAN, Francis Amelia d before 1918. Son: Franklin Algernon. Ira A. PADDOCK, f of Algernon. Daniel MACK, f of Anna.

GALE, George, b 17 May 1828, Columbia Co., N.Y. d 9 Jan 1899, Gage Co. mar 26 Mar. 1850 to Margaret M. SHAW. Sons: Edward B. and Charles F. Daus: Mary A. & Margaret. Husband's pars.: Alonzo and Phoebe (PECK), both natives of Dutches Co., N.Y. Wife's father Stephen P. SHAW. Carrie, sister of George, mar Louis I. GRIGGS, they were pars. of George, Clifford, Albert, Kirk and Mollie.

Vol V, no. 2, page 55 - Fall 1982
Early Gage County Settlers, continued

PARKER, Hiram W., b 17 Dec 1827, Worcester, MA. d 1899, Beatrice, Ne. Mar. Oct. 1852 at Austinburg, OR, to Almira T. DOLE, b OH, d before 1918. Hiram & 2 ch (who d before 1918) bur. Old Evergreen Cem. in Beatrice. Sons: Franklin H. & Louis C.

DORSEY, Charles G., d. Kansas City, MO. mar Mary E. MAJORS in autumn 1871 at Peru, NE. Sons William C. and Harry, d before 1918 at Beatrice. Dau. Edith. Charles G. had brother, George. Wife's father S.P. MAJORS; her bro. Col. Thomas J. MAJORS.

ROPER, Fordyce. d Bakersfield, CA, before 1918.

Vol V, no. 2, page 55 - Fall 1982
Submitted by: Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha, NE
From: Liberty Gazette, Liberty, Gage Co., NE. Thursday 28 July 1887, A.C. SPENCER, Editor


Daniel CAMP, who lived 7 miles west of Beatrice, died at his home on 17th. He was over 70 yrs.

An infant was found buried in an isolated place by a Mr. ALLEN who saw a mound of earth, removed the earth, and found a coffin containing the remains of an infant about 1 week old, dressed in fine clothing but much decomposed. An inquest was held and the remains were buried in the Filley cemetery.

Dick McVANN was killed at Beatrice by a brick building falling.
The land office at Beatrice will close permanently on 15 September.
Fred C. IRVIN, age 25 years, died at Wymore last Friday.
Alonzo LICK of Omaha died on the 22nd.

Dr. RANDALL died in Lincoln on the 16th.
August WIDELL, a Swede, died in Omaha last week.
Walter H. MINTY died in Lincoln.
Mrs. S.M. NEVINS of Kearney died on a train near North Platte.

Lincoln U. DOWNING died at the forks of the Dismal (river) on the 8th of April last.
A daughter of a farmer named CURRUTHERS, living 12 miles from Fullerton, died of burns when a can of coal oil exploded.
John CAMPBELL, an old citizen of Omaha, died on the 20th.
David HOFFMAN died in Nebraska City. He was buried at Unadilla. Sister, Mrs. FITCH; bros.Timothy and Thomas and Paul of Creston, Iowa.

Lee SHELLANBERGER was lynched in Nebraska City. Burial on old homestead.
W.C.T.U. officers: Miss Jane FERRIER, Miss Nellie LINN.
W.F. BARRY Post #159 G.A.R. officers: E.T. SPENCE, D. KNOUSE.
Paralell Lodge #152 A.F. & A.M. officers: J.R. BUFFINGTON, J. M. CAMERON.

Liberty Lodge #107 A.O.U.W. officers: A.R. McDONALD, S.E. CLAPP.
A. C. SPENCER, Land sale, Liberty
W.F. ROBINSON, implements, Barneston
G.R. VOUKE, Auctioneer, Liberty

A.M. ISBELL, Liberty
Peter BOWHAY, windmills, Liberty
Thos. ORR, boots & shoes, Liberty
E. CLARK, city dray

A. R. McDONALD, swing machines
BARRETT & WHERRY, farm implements
Ralph MOUNT, May windmill agent

E.C. CARNES, gen'l merchandise
W. A. CAMP of Hastings called on friends
N. I. GAUD, money to loan
Bro. GISSELL of the Odell Optic is likely to be a candidate for register of deeds

George WASHBURN & lady of Wymore visited bro. C.F.
Will CUMMINGHAM has returned to Liberty
Mrs. J. H. GERR ret'd from Denver
Mr. FORSYTHE of Barneston was in town

Mrs. H. ELLISON went to Pawnee City
Mat WEAVERLING & E. LOWE of Barneston were in Liberty.
G. C. SUTHERLAND & lady went to Grinnell, Iowa
Ralph MOUNT will sell cattle

Mrs. N. C. MORRISON ret'd from Iowa
Lincoln HULL & wife & Miss Ida CHENEY from
J. DIMON & dau went to Blue Springs
Lewiston in Liberty

David KNOUSE moved to his farm 5 mi NE & will open small country store
Dr. LOWES of Barneston in charge of meeting aided by other ministers
A. SPROWLS is expecting his bro. from Mass. & hopefully he will supply Methodist pulpit.
W. H. STARR & family went to plaster G. H. BELL'S new home in the county.

Rev. A.C. SPENCER will be at Baptist Church next Sunday.
A. M. FERRIER'S cattle were killed by the train.
William PURVIS, formerly of Liberty stopped & ordered the GAZETTE for his father in Horton, Kansas

Morgen SOUDERS of Derby, Iowa, & formerly of this vicinity was in town .
Mrs. Katie STOCKTON of Beatrice is visiting her mother, Mrs. CISCO of this city.
D. A. LEMMON was able to be downtown.

Vol V, no. 2, page 56 - Fall 1982
Items from Liberty Gazette, continued:

GAR Campfire: Gov. John M. THAYER. Hon's I. APPLEGATE, J. H. BROADY, Judges 1st Dist. NE
     Also L.W. COLBY, A. H. BABCOCK, N.K. GRIGGS, G. M. HUMPHREY, J.E. HILL & others.

DR. A.M. PICKETT closed a successful course of lectures.
J. H. HAFFNER of Barneston, a classmate of Ed SHELDON's at Lincoln Business School was in town.
Mrs. W.T. GORE & her mother, Mrs. NELSON went to Pawnee City.

L.W. COOK & A.R. McDONALD took a trip to Mission Creek.
N.T. GADD took a trip to Endicott.
Ed. SHELDON is working in this office.
ELLISON Bros. sales
Francis BRERETON, township clerk.

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