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Bernard Rothenberger

GAGE County is one of the venerable counties in Nebraska, dating from the early territorial days. In point of population, resources and position it is an important one.
   If you will consult the map of Nebraska you will find this county to be a rectangular area on the Kansas-Nebraska line in the southeast corner of the state, and the third county west of the Missouri river. It is twenty-four miles wide and extends northward thirty-six miles. Its population is stable at 30,000. Almost half of this is urban while the balance is evenly distributed in the rural sections. It contains sixteen cities and villages of which the city of Beatrice, the county seat, is the largest and most important. A third of the county's population is concentrated in Beatrice.
   The county's principal resource is its fertile soil which produces abundantly. However, it has also developed into an important industrial center and is the hub of an extensive retail trade area. These three factors provide unusual stability and a measure of continuing prosperity seldom found in this middle western region.
   From northwest to southeast the Big Blue river winds through farms and towns, and with its tributaries forms the county's entire watershed. The stream is dammed at numerous points for power and milling. The landscape with its gently rolling farms broken here and there by wooded towns and streams forms a pretty picture.
   In atmosphere and attitudes Gage belongs to that group of counties in southeastern Nebraska which originally drew their life and culture from the Missouri river and have never cast off the quiet spell, for while Gage is the third county west from the river, it is a part of the fertile Missouri valley. Moreover, it was in many ways the child of the river counties, for they provided it with financing, encouragement and a considerable population during its formative days. Much of this influence was exerted on Beatrice, which was established before the county was organized and the development of Beatrice played an important role in the subsequent growth of the county.
   Until 1854 southeastern Nebraska was but a part of a vast unbroken expanse of prairie, inhabited by many buffalo and fairly peaceable Indians, mostly Otoes and Pawnees. But in that year Congress established Nebraska territory, an area embracing most of that which then remained of the Louisiana purchase. There were even then settlements along the Missouri river as the result of boat traffic and an early movement of settlers into the new west. These settlements together with the Oregon Trail which entered Nebraska through Gage county formed the gateways to the new territory. Interconnecting trails which were soon established gave eastern Nebraska an early, though primitive, highway network that speeded settlement.
   The eastern river settlements expanded into organized counties and the first territorial governor roughly disposed of the new land to the west by designating all of it south of the South Platte river and as far west as the summit of the Rockies as "Jones County." But shortly afterward Jones County began to be divided into smaller units awaiting settlement.
   A year after Nebraska became a territory such an area 24 miles square was designated by the legislature for organization. It was named in honor of Rev. Gage, first legislative chaplain. This area still exists as a part of the present Gage County.
   Very little occurred in the way of settlement until 1857. In the spring of that year a party of settlers moved upstream from St. Joseph, Missouri, on the river boat Hannibal. A few miles up the river the boat lodged on a sand bar. During the several days delay the passengers, finding themselves congenial and of similar purpose, formed the Nebraska Association and cast their lot together with a view to founding a town somewhere in the new territory. Judge Kinney was named by the group as president and John T. McConahie, secretary. It was arranged for an exploring party to leave the boat at Nebraska City to search for a suitable townsite while remaining members of the association were to proceed to Omaha, there to await results of the exploration.
   The party, consisting of Jefferson B. Weston, Bennett Pike, M. V. Ross, F. A. Wilmans, Judge Kinney and Bayard T. Wise, left Nebraska City when the boat docked a few days later, and dividing into two groups, proceeded in various directions to seek the new home. The unit consisting of Weston, Pike and Ross moved westward and subsequently found a fine site on the Blue river. Later at Omaha this was the site favored by the association and was named Beatrice in honor of Miss Julia Beatrice, the daughter of Judge Kinney. By July some two score settlers had settled in the new village.
   The settlement was in some respects unusual. It had a common treasury supplied by assessments upon association members and out of which came funds for the purchase of a saw mill, the construction of a headquarters cabin and the provi-


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sion of other things essential to the establishment and continuance of a pioneer community. The association acquired title to the townsite and all members were entitled to share in the wealth that was expected to follow.
   Development came slowly and in the early years them was far more hardship than prosperity. It was an unusual settlement in that all the first settlers had had the advantage of education and were more fitted for cultural pursuits than for rough handed pioneering. Early evidence of this came when the exploring party reached the place which later became the townsite. Jefferson B. Weston, a member of the party and a young man of great classical attainments noted that it possessed seven hills as did Rome and "upon these hills a new Rome shall be built." His fellow explorers were quick to catch the spirit of his utterance.
   To a seasoned pioneer whose practiced eye would have taken in matters of more immediate importance, Weston's remark would have seemed irrelevant and its maker a man of whom little could be expected when the fire went out and the roof began to leak. But Weston and his associates happened to be looking a little further than the seven hills, and in the end it turned out that they were seeing some things that would not have been visible to the hard handed, untutored pioneer.
   The intellectual power of the Beatrice community happened to be associated with strong character and resolute will and something came of it beyond a reasonably quick adjustment to pioneer life. Not all the original settlers remained at Beatrice. It was obvious that the overabundance of teachers, doctors and lawyers could not be supported as such and numbers of them removed to other localities each to contribute his influential share in the moulding of the new territory.
   But enough remained to make quite a success in Beatrice and to perfect the founding of the town on an unshakeable basis. They are all long since gone but Beatrice atmosphere has not changed much from that which they made it.
   One of their first moves was to organize the county with Beatrice as the county seat. This was not easy inasmuch as a settlement by name of Blue Springs had sprung up some twelve miles to the south and was seeking the same distinction. It was a vigorous dispute with both communities calling and winning elections for the county seat and once the territorial legislature went to the trouble of surveying a townsite between Beatrice and Blue Springs and declaring that it would be the county seat. But someone pulled up most of the stakes and no one would settle there.
   The dispute ended in 1859 when the territorial legislature found Beatrice to have the stronger case and gave to it the official county seat designation.
   In 1854 the county attained its present size through the acquisition of half of Clay County.
   Clay had been established, as were Gage, Lancaster and others, by the first territorial legislature, but its residents were politically listless and no strong leadership developed to bring it abreast of its thriving neighbors. It ended in the division of Clay between Lancaster and Gage with the territorial legislature's blessing upon the partition and the refusal of the residents of Clay to make any complaint. A few dollars sufficed to reimburse the Clay County treasurer, John W. Prey, and clerk, H. W. Parker, for their personal losses in conducting the affairs of their county and the act was done.
   Ten years after the settlement of Gage County and three years after the partition of Clay County, Nebraska became a state.
   In those early years Gage County progressed politically but not greatly in population. Beatrice and Blue Springs grew from rough pioneer settlements into trading posts, but rural settlement was slow and it was almost a quarter of a century before other towns and villages began to appear. A reservation for the Indians gave them fertile land in the extreme southeastern portion of the county where they remained in comfortable surroundings and at peace with their white neighbors until later years brought a new treaty and the purchase of their tribal lands by the government. Then they moved to Indian territory where the Oklahoma country sustains them to this day.
   On Jan. 1, 1863 the national homestead act became effective and so began a new phase of development. The law was but a few minutes old when Daniel Freeman, a Union soldier on furlough, received at the Brownville land office the nation's first homestead grant. It was a tract of land a few miles west of Beatrice which the federal government in 1938 repurchased and is at present restoring as a part of the national park system.
   Like the building of the Union Pacific railroad, the homestead act was a powerful force in the growth and development of Nebraska. It was especially helpful to Gage County where land was excellent and opportunity was vastly broadened by its privileges.
   The close of the war between the states followed by migration of veterans from both north and south to the new west struck Gage County at a timely moment and the ensuing five years witnessed remarkable changes. Trails were heavy with homeseekers and the county changed rapidly from an unbroken prairie with few settlements into a populous community dotted with farms. Beatrice and Blue Springs became thriving towns. Settlement was followed by trade and trade by arts and culture. There began to be modest wealth and pioneering was reaching its final stages.
   In the 70's new impetus was brought to the rapid development of the county. The railroads began pushing through, strewing towns as they went and opening markets. They also ushered in the dangerous age--the period of boom and overde-


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velopment. Industries were organized on every hand, towns boomed, eastern capital gushed freely. Enthusiasm ruled the day and towns swollen with "new additions" and breathless with visions of becoming vast cities were feverish with activity. Then in marched panic and collapse, one staggering blow after another, and drouth and crop failure followed. The 90's arrived and Gage County slowly and painfully crept out from under its wreckage. Its pioneer days were over.
   The sound industries lived and finance was no longer frenzied. The farms returned to stable values and everyone settled down to a mature way of living. And it is that way to this day. For although Gage County has experienced later panics and depressions it has met them with comfortable reserves and has endured them with calm fortitude.
   Beatrice has experienced continued growth, perhaps not to such an extent as its masters of the 80's wished but certainly far beyond the expectations of its founders. It has become the home of approximately 13,000 people and the trade and cultural capital for some 50,000 Kansans and Nebraskans within its sphere of influence.
   Blue Springs, equally as venerable, has not fared so well. It was established in 1858 to provide and capitalize upon a short cut on the Oregon Trail and although its settlers ploughed a marking furrow many miles across the prairie to lead the trail traffic over the new and shorter route, the traffic did not turn. Later the Burlington and Missouri railroad failed to enter Blue Springs, the new town of Wymore was established a mile to the south and became a division point and a flourishing city. Blue Springs, as stated here earlier, also lost its fight for the county seat. Why all these opportunities were denied Blue Springs is a mystery no one can fathom.
   After the trail venture collapsed and the original founders forsook the village, there came to Blue Springs an influx of New England families, religious people who completed the founding of the town. While most other early day settlements proceeded with raucous disregard for law and higher ethics, Blue Springs banned liquor at the outset, outlawed crime, glorified righteous living and maintained culture. In its more than eighty years of existence, it has never experienced a murder and for many, many years it did not know felony.
   Adams, another old Gage County town, has a background very similar to that of Blue Springs and even now after all the years a visitor still detects its quiet restraints.
   The other towns that now dot Gage County are children of railroads. Most of them were established in the 80's and most of them followed the same historical pattern. They are Clatonia, Barnston, Cortland, Filley, Virginia, Rockford, Holmesville, Liberty, Ellis, Pickrell, Odell and Lanham.
   The name most readily remembered in Gage county is that of Albert "Pap" Towle. He was one of the band which organized the Nebraska Association and with that began a period of valuable service to his town and county which ended only at his death many years later. He was keeper of the townsite cabin, postmaster, justice, county official and at all times a leading spirit in the pioneer adventure--a generally respected and beloved man and an impressive figure in early day life. His descendants still reside in Beatrice, now in the fourth generation. Gage County has been kind to them and they have been faithful to Gage County.
   If one cares to consult Nebraska history, there is to be found impressive evidence of Gage County's valuable contribution to the state's welfare and prestige through its offerings of men, wealth and culture. From the day it sent one of Beatrice's founders, John F. McConahie, general in the northern army, to die heroically at Cold Harbor, until the present time the county has provided an unremitting supply of distinguished men to perform notable service to the state and nation.

   ACTON, PAUL: Chief of Police; b Red Oak, Ia Apr 27, 1885; s of Frank W Acton-Mary Harris; ed Wymore HS 1904; Omaha U Dental Coll, 1905-07; m Edith Gamble Nov 24, 1926 Fairbury; d Edith Gamble; 1910-16 stockman CB&QRR, Wymore; June 1916-Feb 1917 in U S army, joined Co F, 5th Neb inf & served on Mexican border; dep sheriff under father until Jan 5, 1919 then, became city policeman; 1923- chief of police; 1931-34 during wave of bank robberies in Neb, police dept took precautionary measures and no robberies occurred in city; Neb Sheriffs & Peace Ofcrs Assn; C of C; FOE; off 414 Market; res 404% Court, Beatrice.

   ADAMS, THOMAS EARL JR: President Manufacturing Company; b Beatrice, Neb July 20, 1905; s of Thomas Edward Adams-Okolono Miller; ed U of N, BSc 1926; Beta Theta Pi; m Katherine Lowrie Apr 24, 1935 Chicago; s Brandon L; on completing edn retd to Beatrice & became assoc with father in Beatrice Steel Tank Mfg Co, 1927 elec secy, 1935- pres & treas; Natl Independent Corrugated Culvert Assn, pres; an org & dir S E Neb Public Power Dist; C of C; Uni Club Lincoln; one of orgs YD Clubs of Neb; past mbr exec com YD Club of Amer, del to 2 natl convs; Meth Ch; hobbles, home, fishing; off 700 S 7th; res 402 Belvidere, Beatrice.

   ANDERSON, CHARLES AUGUSTUS: Dentist; b Roca, Neb June 11, 1894; s of Richard Anderson-Lottie Meyers; ed Roca; Exeter HS; Fremont Normal, BSc 1914; Creighton U, DDS 1918; Internatl Sch of Orthodontia, Kansas City 1932; Xi Psi Phi, Omicron Kappa Epsilon; m Merlyn Abbott Oct 15, 1919 Beatrice; 1919- dentist, Beatrice; past pres Gage Co Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; BPOE; during World War in U S N med res corps 1918, Creighton U; Past secy & past pres Gage Co ROA, past mbr exec com Natl ROA; major in field arty res; Meth Ch; hobbies, farming, raising Aberdeen Angus cattle & Belgian horses; off 217 Arcade Bldg; res 1505 S 3rd. Betrice (sic).

   ARTHUR, ROLLO E: Miller; b Ellis, Neb June 17, 1892; s of Richard S Arthur-Doris Dewey; ed Beatrice HS; m Faye H Stewart June 22, 1913 Beatrice; s Russell E, Chester A. Harold D, Rollo W, d Thelma Faye; 1907 emp by Black Bros; 1910-11 drove oil wagon; farmed 2 years; 1914-16 mgr Farmers Elevator of Hoag; farmed 4 years; retd to Black Bros, mgr of feed mill until May 1, 1937, at that time built Arthur Mills, opr since; off 606 S 6th; res 915 W Court, Beatrice.



Who's Who

   AUSTIN, EMORY ADAIR: Superintendent of Schools; b Ponca, Neb Oct 12, 1897; s of Isaac Dayton Austin-Myrtle Carter; ed Ponca HS; Hastings Coll, BSc 1924; U of N, MA 1931; Phi Delta Kappa; m Laura Agnew June 22, 1927 Fullerton: s Robert Emory; d Jean Marie; tchr rur schs until 1921; 1924 HS prin Wood River; 1928-31 supt Nelson schs; 1931-32 in sales work in Fullerton; 1932-34 supt Winside schs; 1934-37 supt Pickrell schs; 1937- supt Clatonia schs; NSTA; Beatrice Kiwanis, glee club; AF&AM; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, BSA work & radio; res Clatonia.

   BAKER, CHRIS: Publisher; b Beverwyk Province of North Holland, Netherlands Apr 7, 1877; s of Henry Baker-Sophia Kristiana Koster; ed Holland; m Johanna Kommers Nov 4, 1903 Firth; s Henry R, Abraham, Clarence Edward; at 12 learned printing trade in The Netherlands & later was foreman of establishment at The Hague, Holland at age of 19; 1900 came to Amer, store clk several years; 1908-17 owner & opr of gen store, Firth; 1918-21 in city mission work, Chicago; 1925-33 owner & publisher of Liberty Journal at Liberty; 1933- owner & publisher Cortland News & Clatonia Leader; 1898 in attendance at Peace Palace, The Hague, Holland during first peace conf; att same ch services as Queen Wilhelmina on several occasions; dir bands & choirs in Holland, prior to coming to Amer; dir bands & choirs in Firth, Sterling & other Neb towns; NPA; Reformed Ch; hobby, music, is talented pipe organist; res Cortland.

   BALKE, EARNEST JAMES: Veterinary Surgeon; b Nemaha Co, Neb Feb 25, 1888; s of Henry Balke-Meta Albers; ed Nemaha Co; St Joseph Veterinary Coll, DVM 1914; during sch vacations & after graduation prac at Adams; Neb St Veterinary Med Assn, mbr since 1914, Amer Veterinary Med Assn mbr since 1915; past master AF&AM; Scot Rite; Sesostris Shrine; past grand IOOF; past mbr town bd; res Adams.

   BANCROFT, ORTY PAUL: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Norton, Kas Sept 8, 1894; s of Dr Marion L Bancroft-Margaret S Parrott; ed Norton, Kas; Kas Wes, Salina 1915; m Ida Mae Hudson Mar 19, 1925 Dodge, Kas; 1916-18 with brother in auto bus in Gage City, Okla; during World War July 1918 ent U S army med corps, 320th ambulance corps 87th div Fort Riley, Kas, later Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, 0, disch 1919; 1919-29 in brokerage bus, Tulsa, Okla; 1929-34 real est & ins agt McCook; 1934-37 real est & ins agt, Beatrice; 1937- with J Ed C Fisher as Fisher-Bancroft Co, real est & ins: C of C; Kiwanis, men's chorus; AF&AM; Scot Rite 320; Indian Temple Shrine of Oklahoma City; Past Co comm Amer Leg, Redwillow Co, & past comm Bitting-Norman post, Beatrice, org & mbr of quartet; mbr of choir Meth Ch, SS tchr; hobby, music. Father was Civil War veteran & first dentist in Norton, Kas; off 103 S 5th; res 823 Ella, Beatrice.

   BARNARD, JULIAN A: Retired; b Arlington, Ind Oct 14, 1858; s of Edghill B Barnard-Adaline Macy; ed Rushville Ind HS; m Laura E Holloway Apr 9, 1895 Afton Ia (dec July 12, 1920); s Murray, Wilbur D; d Helen A (Mrs John L Hinrichsen, dec Apr 6, 1936); m Nellie E Filley Nov 29, 1923 Lincoln; father died when Julian was 17; as oldest child he assumed responsibility of managing farm; 1879-80 sch tchr Rush Co Ind; with family came to Neb in 1881; 1881-83 sch tchr Gage Co rural schs; 1881- 1905 farmed near Filley; 1905, elec Gage Co treas, re-elec 1907; 1910-12 pres Union State Bank; 1914-18 treas Beatrice Steel Tank Mfg Co; 1918 again elec Gage Co treas, 1922 re-elec; 1928 elec city commr of Beatrice, later city treas; 1934- ret; past VP Neb Assn of Co Treas; AF&AM; BPOE; Centenary Meth Ch, vice chmn of bd; res 1502 Summit, Beatrice.

   BARNES, LEONARD COLBY: Executive; b Blue Springs, Neb Nov 19, 1890; s of Charles Ruben Barnes-Lydia Ann Melvin; ed Blue Springs HS; PSTC; Beatrice Bus Coll; m Emma Tustin Rice June 24, 1913 Blue Springs (dec June 25, 1925); d Thelma Marie, Annetta Elizabeth; m Irene Margaret Scroggs Aug 1, 1926 Beatrice (dec Sept 10, 1939); d Dorothy Irene; 1911-12 in off of supt CRT&PRR, Des Moines Ia; 1912-14 supt's off CB&QRR, Wymore; 1914-24 secy E G Drake & Co, Beatrice; 1924-36 off mgr, 1936- pres; during World War served on registrations com, aided Liberty Loan drives; 1935-38 mbr bd of edn; past secy & treas municipal band; C of C; past dir & secy of bd 1934-38 associate patron OES; past pres Kiwanis; past master AF&AM; Country Club; 15 years elder First Presby Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting, golf; off 111 S 6th; res 914 Grant, Beatrice.

   BECK, JOHN D: Pharmacist; b Edgar, Neb Oct 8, 1878; s of C A Beck-Vesta J Northrup; ed Edgar HS; Omaha Coll of Pharm, PhG 1905; m Clara M Malick July 12, 1910 Bloomington; 1905 became registered pharm; as boy and young man emp in groc stores while in sch; 1905-06 with Stewart Pharm of Hebron; 1906 pharm, Dr Moore's Drug Store, Falls City; 1907- with Griffith's Drug Store, Pawnee City; 1909 came to Beatrice & estab Beck's Pharm; Gage Co Retail Druggists Assn; Neb Pharm Assn; AF&AM; OES; First Presby Ch; hobby, travel; has made 8 long trips & has visited 41 states of the Union, also Alaska & Mexico; 1935 built Dutch Colonial home featured in May issue of Amer Home Magazine; off 500 Court; res 724 Jefferson, Beatrice.

   BECKMAN, FREDERICK WILLIAM: Dentist; b Odell, Neb Aug 1, 1902; s of Henry 0 Beckmann-Matilde Wagner; ed Odell HS; U of N, DDS 1928; Delta Sigma Delta; m Mabel McKee Jan 14, 1934 Washington Kas; 1928-29 in dental prac in Odell; 1929- dentist, Beatrice; Luth Ch; hobbies, fishing & hunting; off 217 Arcade Bldg; res Burwood Apt Hotel, Beatrice.

   BEER, LOWELL FRANKLIN: Pharmacist; b Alexandria, Neb Aug 1, 1907; s of Frank H Beer-Mabel Eudora Simmons; ed Western HS; U of N, 1923-29; Western Reserve U, Cleveland 1935-36; Phi Rho Sigma; m Genevieve Amelia Moritz Aug 7, 1930 Lincoln; d Susan Genevieve; 1930-35 mgr Brafield Pharm, Lincoln; 1936-39 pharm for Penner Pharm, Beatrice; Apr 1939 owner & opr Lowell Beer Apothecary Shop, Beatrice; Neb Pharm Assn; NARD; Episc Ch; Dem; hobbies, gardening, reading, tennis; off Arcade Bldg; res 814 Bell, Beatrice.

   BEISNER, LAWRENCE FRED: Manager Manufacturing Co; b Hebron, Neb May 5, 1889; s of Conrad C Beisner-Louise Rohde; ed near Hebron; m Etta M Bartlett Dec 30, 1912 Hebron; s Kenneth Eugene, Dean Lewis; d Beulah Marie, Leona Evelyn; 1908-09 emp in bldg & construction bus with Wolf Construction Co, Deshler; 1910 with brother in bldg & construction bus, Hebron; 1911 pur brothers int in bus, continued until 1920; 1921- with Store Kraft Mfg Co as supt & production mgr; 6 years mbr sch bd; First Chris Ch, mbr ofcl bd; hobbies, collecting fire arms, fishing & hunting; off 6th & Irving; res 1319 N 10th, Beatrice.

   BERNADT, FRANK M: Retired; b Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, Europe Nov 12, 1858; s of John Bernadt - ___; ed Pawnee Co; m Annie Melichar 1884 Pawnee City (dec 1935); s John, Walter, Raymond, Bill (dec in army); d Laura (Mrs Walter Hauver), Rosie (Mrs Joe Armstrong), Gertie (Mrs Jack Armstrong); came to Amer with parents 1859; settled on farm 6 mi from Pawnee City; aided father in farming, later farmed indep; later in gen merc bus at Virginia & Steinauer; 1901-09 in gen merc bus, Odell; 1909-27 farmed & fed cattle; 1927- ret; recalls that Otoe Indians made semiannual trips from reservation at Barneston to Peru to receive pay from govt, also recalls that wagon trains of supplies passed farm enroute from St Joseph, Mo to forts in west; during World War, two sons were in service; res Odell.

   BEST, FRANK: Owner Plumbing Shop; b London, England Oct 19, 1884; s of John W Best-Harriette Lanham; ed Lincoln; m Helen Matter Jan 22, 1908 Lincoln; s William; d Nana (Mrs Gordon Stiles), Hariette; came to Amer with parents 1886, family settled in Crete, moved to Lincoln 1889, father was coach & trainer U of N 1888-1923; 1895 mother acquired land in Furnas Co, as lad accompanied her to western Neb & remained until 1898; 1900-03 farmed near Denton; 1903 with brother Albert in plumbing bus in Lincoln; 1921 disposed of bus & moved to St Petersburg, Fla, in plumbing bus with brother; 1909-21 in chg of plumbing & heating for U of N; 1907-09 & 1926 with George H Wentz Plumbing Co, Lincoln; 1923 traveling representative for Cornell Supply CO, Lincoln; 1924 retd to St Petersburg, Fla, re-ent plumbing bus; 1929 in chg of Wentz Co, Beatrice; 1935- owner & opr Frank Best Plumbing & Heating Co; 1919 instr in plumbing at govt vocational guidance sch of U of N; during World War in chg of bldg cantonments at U of N; C of C; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Sesostris Shrine; vestryman & also chmn grounds & bldg com Christ Episc Ch; hobbies, outdoor sports, football; off 115 S 15th; res 1320 Summitt, Beatrice.


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   BESTE, ARNOLD LORENZ: Dentist; b Creighton, Neb Dec 4, 1893; s of John Francis Beste-Anna Richling: ed Vermilion SD HS; Creighton U, 1915-16; Northwestern U, DDS 1917; Delta Sigma Delta; m Marguerite Morgan June 17, 1919 Wagner SD; s Morgan, John; d Joan, Barbara, Dorothy, Dona; 1917-36 in dental prac Omaha; 1936- dentist, Beatrice; during World War ent US army, 69th inf, 10th div Camp Funston Kas June 1918, disch Jan 1919; Amer Leg; KC; St Joseph's Cath Ch; hobbies, fishing & gardening; off 112 1/2 N 6th; res 400 High, Beatrice.

   BLACK, WILLIAM C: Banker; b Sycamore, Ill June 3, 1878; s of William C Black-Mary Conant; m Ivy Howey 1901, Beatrice; s William C Jr; d Frances (Mrs T E Larson), Beatrice (Mrs J E Ballard); 1896 came to Beatrice; 1896-1934 with Black Bros Flour Mills; 1914- with First Natl Bank of Beatrice, 1934- pres; retains int in mills; C of C; BPOE 619; Presby Ch; hobbies, hunting, travel; off First Natl Bank; res Burwood Hotel, Beatrice.

   BONEBRIGHT, IRA D: Machinist; b Unionville, Mo Jan 17, 1878; s of Joseph Bonebright-Barbara Stoneking; ed Cortland; m Ida Bunte Oct 30, 1902 Cortland; s John A, Norris E, Marvin A, Carl P; came with father to Cortland in spring of 1884; after leaving sch worked for father in livery & dray bus at Cortland until 1911; Feb 1911 with brother-in-law, John Bunte pur the Peoples Dept Store & estab Bonebright-Bunte Co; 1920 pur Bunte's int & renamed firm Ira Bonebright Co; pres Cortland Tele Co; past master AF&AM; worthy patron 8 years OES; MWA; Epworth Meth Ch; hobby, fishing; res Cortland.

   BOUGHTON, NEWELL W: Dentist; b New London, Wis Mar 14, 1907; s of Rev C A Boughton-Janie Allen; ed McCook HS; U of N, DDS 1930; Xi Psi Phi; m Elsie Wahl June 11, 1983 Lincoln; s Joe Allen; 1930-prac in Odell; SE Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; hobby, golf; res Odell.

   BOWES, JOSEPH LEROY: Superintendent of Schools; b Nora, Neb Jan 17, 1894; s of John D Bowes-Catherine Kleckner; ed Almena Kas HS; U of Kas 1912-13 & 1915-17; U of N, BA 1922, MA 1932; Phi Delta Kappa; m Alice Funk June 12, 1920 Nora; rural sch tchr in Kas at various time while in coll; during World War 1917 in Co C 314th supply train, 89th div at Camp Funston, went O/S June 1918, in battles of St Mihiel & Meuse-Argonne, army of occupation Coblenz, Germany until May 1919, disch June 12, 1919 rank of corp; 1919-20 HS tchr Republican City; 1920-21 supt of Dwight schs; 1921-24 supt Ruskin schs; 1924-27 supt Hardy schs; 1927- supt of Adams schs; NSTA; NEA; past comm Amer Leg post 221, past adjt; secy & master Plumbline lodge 214 AF&AM; worthy patron OES; ofcl bd mbr Meth Ch; Rep; res Adams.

   BRADLEY, CLARENCE A: Physician & Surgeon; b Cuba, N Y July 28, 1857; s of Solomon J Bradley-Elizabeth Anglin; ed Friendship NY Acad; U of Ia, MD 1880; Chicago Polyclinic Sch 1904; short courses in Chicago & N Y; studied med with uncle Dr C C Bradley at Manchester Ia fall of 1875; m Harriet Long June 28, 1882 Delaware Co, Ia; s Theo D William H L; d Helen (Mrs LeRoy Fryer), Bernice (Mrs Harry Maxwell), Mildred (Mrs Dean E Yale), Doris (Mrs Lee Newman); prac in Delaware, Manchester & Danburg, Ia, several years; came to Beatrice Nov 2, 1886; Gage Co insanity bd chmn many years; Beatrice Rapid Transit Co, surgeon; CRI&PRR consulting surgeon, oldest from standpoint of years on line west of Miss River; dean Gage Co physicians; Gage Co Med Soc, past pres; Neb St & AMA; fed pension bd; staff mbr of Luth Hosp; AF&AM; Meth Ch; hobby, farming; off Fox Theater Bldg; res 823 Market, Beatrice.

   BRANDT, HENRY FERDINAND: Farmer & Dairyman; b West Prisen, Germany June 20, 1882; s of Ferdinand Brandt-Elizabeth Swartz; ed Beatrice; m Emma Steller Sept 16, 1903 Beatrice; s Henry Ferdinand Jr, Richard Charles; d Ruby Elizabeth; came to Amer with parents, settled Beatrice Oct 16, 1883; 1898-1900 farmed; emp by Paddock Hotel in Beatrice; 1900-03 with UPRR in round house, later locomotive fireman; 1903 with Dempster Mill Mfg Co; 1903-04 in drayage bus at Beatrice; 1904- farmer & dairyman, one of first to introduce purebred Holstein cattle; past dir Neb Holstein Breeders Assn; helped org S E Public Power Dist; org first 4-H Club in Gage Co; brought first 4-H Club calves from Wis; mbr of first unicameral legislature 1937 also mbr last bicameral 1935, active in com work, agr, fees & tax, RR appropriations & revenue tax; past dir Farmers Natl drain Corp of Chicago; past dir Farmers West Central Grain Co, Omaha; secy sch bd since 1914; FOE; past chmn Lincoln twp bd, past assessor; past mbr Gage Co Dem Central Com; past pres Neb Dairymen's Assn; past secy Gage Co Farm Bur; 12 years pres Farmers Elevator Co; pres since orgn of Gage Co Fair & Agrl Assn; chmn Gage Co conciliation bd; elder past 18 years Amer Luth Ch; res RFD 6, Beatrice.

   BREWSTER, CHARLES LEE: Attorney; b Clatonia, Neb June 22, 1877; s of Ananias Brewster-Mary Elvira Tanner; ed Beatrice HS; U of Mich, LLB 1905; m Lillian French Aug 14, 1907 Toronto Canada; s Edward F, William L, Robert C; d Margaret E; 1900-04 clk dist court, Beatrice; adm to Neb bar 1903; 1906-39 prac in Beatrice as mbr of firm, Sackett & Brewster; 1939- mbr Sackett-Brewster & Sackett; Gage Co & Neb St Bar Assns; with U S army in Sp-Amer War 1898, served in Philippine Islands, Co C 1st Neb inf; during World War July 1917, capt Co C, 134th US inf, disch Dec 1918 major of inf Camp Funston; past post comm Amer Leg; VFW; USWV; C of C; BPOE 619; Prot; off 207 N 6th; res 821 N 11th, Beatrice.

   BROOKS, MRS DARLEENE L: Homemaker; b Apr 28, 1907 Barneston; d of W T Day-Sarah Harman; ed Barnston HS, 1926; U of N 1926-29 & summers of 1930-32; Alpha Delta PI; m Ralph G Brooks Dec 24, 1934 Wymore; 1929-34 tchr of phys ed, Jr HS in Hartington; org, sponsor & drillmaster Zephyr Cadet Corps, only HS mil cadet corps in Neb; OES; Womans Club, past pres; Gage Co Dem Central Com, vice chmn; res Wymore.

   BROOKS, RALPH GILMOUR: Superintendent of Schools; b Eustis, Neb July 6, 1898; s of Adam Hansford Brooks-Tina S Olson; ed Sargent HS, 1916; Neb Wes, BA 1925; U of N, Law Coll, 1925-26, MA 1932; Delta Omega Phi; Pi Kappa Delta, Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Kappa Delta; m Darleene L Day Dec 24, 1934 Barneston; 1916-20 rural sch tchr in Cherry & Custer Cos; 1923-24 debate coach at Superior HS; 1926-29 supt of schs Cedar Rapids, 1929-34 in Hartington; 1934- supt in Wymore; while in HS was individual champion debater of West Central dist 1915-16; while in coll debated 3 years at Neb Wes & 2 years at U of N; natl intercollegiate peace orator, 1923; associate editor Neb Monthly Report 1922-23; adm to Neb bar & U S dist courts in 1929; author of The Midnight Marauder & The House of Haunting Horrors, 4 act mystery plays; founder of move to sell Neb to Nebraskans; has spoken on Neb more than 100 times past 4 years before various civic & comml groups & clubs; 1927 author of Brooks Report System used in Ia, Neb & S D schs; Strategy in Verbal Battles 1924; A Proposed Codification of Neb Sch Laws, master thesis 1932; Backfiring Salary Reductions, 1932; Lets Abolish Spring Football, 1929; Lions Club, dep gov of dist 38A, 1933-34, dist gov 1934-35, del 1934 to Internatl conv Grand Rapids Mich, del 1935 Internatl conv at Mexico City; Hartington & Wymore Lions, Clubs, ch mbr & past pres; Neb Schoolmasters Club; NSTA; NEA; Comml Club; AF&AM, Ansley; ch mbr & past pres NS&D of Neb; Greater Neb Club; Amer Acad of Political & Social Science; Uni Club, Lincoln; off 100 S 11th; res Wymore.

   BROWN, HARRY RICHARD: Physician & Surgeon; b Jefferson Co, Neb Jan 9, 1883; s of Joshua P Brown-Dom Belle Karschner; ed Jefferson & Saline Cos; Tobias HS; LBC 1901; St Louis U, BSc 1904, MD 1907; interne 6 mos St John's Hosp at St Louis; grad work Washington U, St Louis; grad work Detroit, 1918; m Alta Briggs June 1, 1910 Broken Bow (dec Oct 12, 1935); s Dr Harry Richard Jr; d Helen Loure; 1907-15 prac in Dakin; 1915- prac in Beatrice; 1931-38 pres of bd Beatrice pub schs, bd mbr 10 years; 1906 pres Gage Co Med Soc; past secy Neb St Med Assn; AMA; S W branch, Amer Urological Assn; C of C; AF&AM; BPOE; Christ Episc Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 109 S 6th; res 806 N 9th, Beatrice.

   BRYANT, ARTHUR RALPH: Physician & Surgeon; b Council Bluffs, Ia July 25, 1903; s of Ralph E Bryant-Lillian Compton; ed Hastings HS; Grinnell Ia Coll BA 1925; Rush Med Coll, U of Chicago, MD 1929; Phi Beta Pi; m Margaret Schmitz Dec 28, 1928 Hastings; s Arthur R Jr, William Schmitz; d Mary Barbara; 1929-31 interne St Luke's Hosp Chicago; 1931-33 grad work Cleveland Clinic; 1933- prac in Beatrice as eye, ear,



Who's Who

nose & throat specialist; Gage Co Med Soc, secy & past pres; Neb St & ANA; past pres Jr C of C; dir Sr C of C; dir Rotary; AF&AM; Christ Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, amateur radio; off Arcade Bldg; res 1415 S 3rd, Beatrice.

   BUCHANAN, REA: Physician; b Logansport, Ind Mar 24, 1879; s of James Buchanan-Mary Catherine Buchanan; ed Logansport Ind; Cotner U, MD 1911; Tau Alpha Epsilon; m Lura Auline Reed Aug 28, 1912 Lincoln; s James Rea, Everts Reed; 1910-12 interne St Elizabeth Hosp, Lincoln; 1912-29 specialist in X-ray with Dr E B Finney Lincoln; 1913-15 city phys & city bacteriologist of Lincoln; 1924-33 indep prac in Lincoln; 1933- boys phys, Neb St Institution for Feeble Minded at Beatrice; 1913-19 instr in radiography, Lincoln Dental Coll, now part of U of N; during World War mbr examing bd with Dr Finney, Dr F B Hollenbeck & Dr Mitchell of Lincoln; past mbr Lancaster Co Med Soc; Gage Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; AF&AM; York Rite; Chris Ch; hobby fishing; off & res Neb St Institution for Feeble Minded, Beatrice.

   BUCKLEY, FRED W: Physician; b Fulton Co Penn Jan 16, 1881; s of Jacob L Buckley-Emma G Benedict; ed Shelby Ia; U of Ia 1900-03; Northwestern U, MD 1907; NY Post Grad Sch; grad work Vienna Austria; 1907-08 interne Englewood Hosp, Chicago; Phi Rho Sigma; m Louise E Sabin May 23, 1917 Beatrice; s Fred W Jr, Lawrence R: d Barbara L; moved to Ia with parents 1882, reared on farm; 1899-1900 rural tchr in Shelby Ia; 1904-05 instr in Shelby HS; 1908-13 prac med in Broken Bow; 1913- prac in Beatrice; staff mbr Luth Hosp: local surg UP, CRI&P RRs; mbr sch bd; during World War in U S army, first lt med corps base hosp 49, U of N unit in France 1918-19; 15 years secy Gage Co Med Soc; past VP Neb St Med Assn; fellow AMA; Amer Assn of Rwy Surgs; C of C; past pres Kiwanis; past mbr bd & past pres YMCA; past vice-comm Amer Leg; BPOE 619; trustee Centenary Meth Ch; hobbies sports, fishing, hunting, boys work: off 513 1/2 Court; res 823 N 8th, Beatrice.

   BUCKMAN, ALBERT H: Executive Secretary; b Gage Co, Neb Sept 26, 1874; s of Sylvanus Buckman-Sarah M Hudson; ed Gage Co; m Mae E Morrison Sept 18, 1913 Beatrice; d Donna Maurine (Mrs Russell Winger), Emily Louis (Mrs Hayes Robertson), Mary Ellen (Mrs George W Bennett), Sarah Elizabeth; 1889 learned bookbinding trade at Beatrice; 1893-94 bindery foreman Kearney Hub; 1895-1906 foreman Le Febure Ledger Co, Cedar Rapids, Ia; estab Buckman Bindery, Waterloo Ia 1906; 1907 retd to Beatrice as mbr of the firm & later secy Milburn & Scott Co, Inc; now exec secy, firm is one of the larger printing & bookbinding establishments in state; also mfr & distributor of Berg-Wilke voting booths; dir & treas Beatrice B & L Assn; dir & past pres C of C; bd mbr & past chmn YMCA; vice-pres Rotary; bd chmn past 17 years First Chris Ch, chmn bldg com when ch was rebuilt after fire & again when SS annex was erected; Rep, ward committeeman & state conv del; hobbles, golf, hunting, fishing; off 320-22 Court; res 1201 Washington, Beatrice.

   BURFORD, JAMES ARTHUR: State Hospital Superintendent; b Washington, Ill Nov 21, 1868; s of Joseph E Burford-Sarah L Dimmitt; ed Eureka Ill HS; Cotner U, MD 1895; Northwestern U 1903; m Winifred Helen Green June 19, 1898 Republican City; s John Haydn; d Gloria Hypatia (Mrs Henry Widtfeldt); 1895-97 priv prac in Alma; 1897-1916 prac in Wilcox; 1916-18 prac, Lincoln; 1918 asst supt Neb St Institution for Feeble Minded, Beatrice; 1923-27 supt Neb St Tuberculosis Hosp, Kearney; 1927- supt Neb St Institution for Feeble Minded, Beatrice; dist dir Amer Assn for Mental Deficiency; past pres Buffalo Co Med Soc; Gage Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; C of C; past master Wilcox lodge AF&AM 226; Rotary; BPOE 619; Centenary Meth Ch; hobby, travel; off & res Neb St Institution for Feeble Minded, Beatrice.

   CADEK, FRANCIS W: Clergyman; b Chicago Aug 30, 1890; s of Francis Cadek-Anna Masek; ed St Rita's Coll 1917; St Cyril's Coll, Chicago 1917-18; Kenrick Seminary, St Louis 1918-22; lived in Chicago as a boy, worked for period after graduation from grammar sch, retd to sch & studied for the priesthood; ordained June 10, 1922 at St Louis; celebrated first Mass at St Mary's of Mt Carmel Ch, Chicago June 11, 1922; came to Neb July 1922 & substituted at St Michael's Ch, Fairbury; Sept 4, 1922-July 1925 asst pastor St Mary's Ch, David City; 1925-31 pastor in Deweese & in chg of a rural mission; Apr 1931- pastor of St Mary's Ch, Odell; KC; hobby, horticulture; res Odell.

   CALLAN, JOHN STITZEL: Hardware & Implement Dealer, Legislator; b Odell, Neb Apr 20, 1891; s of Thomas Richard Callan-Lillian E Stitzel; ed Odell HS 1906; U of N 1906-08; m Agnes Elizabeth Armstrong June 18, 1919 Lincoln; s Clair Armstrong, Dean Wellington; 1908-10, 1911-13 & 1922-23 emp by father in hdw store, Odell; 1910 special manufacturers agt; 1913-22 P M, Odell; 1923-36 ptr of brother Richard T in hdw, impl & garage bus; 1936- in indep hdw & impl bus Odell,, 1926- 37 in ptrship with Richard T Callan & Joe Kaeparek in Beatrice Impl Co; 1936- supvr 600 A farm near Odell; 1933-37 Neb senator 16th dist, 1939- unicameral sen from 21st dist, chmn of special com to draft bills for special session; during World War Dec 1917-May 1919 O/S MTD, tsfrd to off of chief QMC, 1st sgt; Amer Leg 27; VFW 1077; AF&AM 206; IOOF; Meth Ch; hobbles, fishing, hunting; res Odell.

   CAMAN, WILLIAM HARRISON: Retired; b Elmwood, Ill Dec 12, 1867; s of Augustus William Caman-Charlotte Courtney; ed La Cygne Kas; m Nellie Michael Nov 7, 1889 Wellington Kas; s Clarence C; d Mrs Hazel Weaver; as youth spent several years as cornetist in various bands; 1888-94 musician & photographer Wellington Kas; 6 mos band leader at Guthrie, Okla; 1895 band dir Winfield Kas, ent tele bus fall of 1900; 1906 mgr of New Home Tele Co Beatrice, which in 1909 became branch of Lincoln Tele & Teleg Co, 1912-34 mgr of Beatrice dist; dir Beatrice municipal band more than 15 years; 1910 helped reorg Comml Club; C of C, dir many years; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Sesostris Shrine; leader many years & still mbr Lincoln Shrine Band; Rep; hobby, rock gardening; res 425 N 4th, Beatrice.

   CAUTHERS, JAMES: Auctioneer; b Waverly, 0 June 16, 1876; s of James Cauthers-Mary Lowery; ed Gage Co; Beatrice Bus Coll; m Ellen Aukes Mar 2, 1904 Cortland; d Clarice (Mrs Robert McNeely); 1887 parents settled on farm near Cortland; 1887-1904 with father on farm; 1904-21 farmed indep; 1903- auctioneer & dlr in horses & mules; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Sesostris Shrine. Mrs Cauthers' family came to Cortland 1884, her father prac med 35 years; mbr OES, Cortland Womans Study Club, Kensington of Congl Ch; res Cortland.

   CHAMBERLAIN, RALPH WILLIAM: Clergyman; b Hastings, Minn July 18, 1908; s of Edgar Horace Chamberlain-May Sorg; ed Hastings Minn HS: Macalester Coll, St Paul Minn, BA 1934; Presby Theological Seminary, Omaha BTh 1937; Pi Phi Epsilon; m Hazel Caroline Haglund Dec 26, 1935 St Paul Minn; s Dwight Ralph; 1927-30 farmed near Hastings, Minn; 1934-35 supply pastor, East Omaha Presby Ch; 1935-37 supply pastor, Bethel Presby Ch, Wymore; Apr 16, 1937 ordained & installed as pastor of Bethel Presby Ch, Wymore & also apptd to supply First Presby Ch of Barneston; with Mrs Chamberlain has designed & arranged a series of vacation Bible sch lessons illustrated & in pamphlet form, originally for use in his ch, since accepted in other chs; mbr presbytery of Neb City; hobbies, gardening, art; res Wymore.

   CHAMBERLIN, BERLIN GUY: Farmer & Stockman; b Blue Springs, Neb Jan 16, 1894; s of Elmer E Chamberlin-Anna Ida Tobyne; ed Blue Springs HS; Neb Wes 1911-12; U of N, BA 1916; Everett (now Crescent), Beta Theta Pi; m Lucille Lees Jan 3, 1919 San Diego Cal; d Patricia Ann; parents pioneered at Blue Springs in 1885, engaged in farming; 1911-13 mbr Neb Wes track team, capt in 2nd year, mbr football team, All-Neb halfback 2 years; 1912-15 U of N, capt freshman football team; 1914-15 mbr undefeated team, All-Mo Valley halfback, All-Western halfback, All-Amer end 1915, mbr of team which defeated Notre Dame, scored 2 touchdowns & threw pass for third touchdown; 1916-17 instr in science and athletics at Lexington HS; 1917-19 during World War enl in US army, commd 2nd lt field arty Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville Ky later at Fort Sill Okla sch of fire; instr 48th field arty of 16th div, Camp Kearney Cal; Feb-Sept 1919 athletic dir Camp Kearney while army mustered out 30,000 men; 1919-26 played professional football; 1919 mbr Jim Thorp's Canton 0 Bulldogs, undefeated, winning world championship; 1920 mbr Chicago Bears undefeated, winning world championship;


in Nebraska


1921 Chicago, undefeated, winning world championship; 1922-23 coach & player Canton Bulldogs, undefeated world champions; 1924 coach & player Cleveland 0 Bulldogs, lost game, 2nd lost in entire football career, won worlds championship, 1925-26 coach & player, Philadelphia Yellow Jackets, undefeated world champions; during football career both coll & professional participated in approximately 160 games, losing only 2 over period of 11 years, undefeated in 9 of the years; 1927-32 salesman for various organizations in Cleveland 0; 1932- farmer & stockman at Blue Springs; hobbies, football authority, pub speaker & radio broadcaster, discussing interests of young men, their athletic activities & bearing on future careers; res Blue Springs.

   CHAMBERLIN, ELMER ELLSWORTH: Farmer; b Sales N Y Feb 8, 1861; s of William Chamberlin- Nancy Carswell; ed Salem, N Y Acad; m Anna Ida Tobyne July 11, 1888 Blue Springs; s Warren Eldon, William, Berlin Guy, Truman; d Ramona (Mrs Arnold C Forbes), Frances (Mrs George H Merideth); as young man aided father in farming; 1878-83 rural sch tchr, Salem N Y; 1883 lived 6 mos in Aurora Ill & 6 mos in Jerseyville Ill, appr in merc bus; 1884 in merc bus at Salem N Y; 1885 came to Neb & settled on farm N E of Blue Springs, has farmed same land 53 years, holdings increased & at present owns & farms 840 A; has wheat land in Canada; during World War had 2 sons in service; Farmers Union; Farm Bur; past mbr sch bd; reared as Presby, since marriage has att Meth Ch; hobbies, land improvement also has traveled in U S & Canada, visiting all but 3 states. Mrs Chamberlain's parents, James N Tobyne-Caroline Zeitz Strockey came to Neb from Ill by covered wagon, homesteaded near Blue Springs & farmed; res Blue Springs.

   CHASE, ROY B: Farmer; b Wymore, Neb June 15, 1882; s of Philander Chase-Mary V Kackley; ed Wymore; LBC; m Mary Hoefling Oct 4, 1905 Wymore; s Harold, Paul; reared on farm; 1905 pur farm 5 mi S of Wymore, farmer until 1936 when moved to Wymore, son now opr of farm; 1934 mbr Gage Co AAA Corn Hog program, 1936 mbr Agrl Conservation Com; 10 years mbr twp bd; mbr sch bd during entire time children att sch; 6 years pct assessor; SS tchr Bethel Presby Ch, past supt SS; Rep; off Courthouse; res 615 N 8th, Wymore.

   CHITTENDEN, EDWARD JOSEPH: Bank Cashier; b Clatonia, Neb Nov 20, 1885; s of Warren E Chittenden-Emma Pitman; ed Clatonla, HS; Northwestern Bus Coll, Beatrice; m Clara Albert June 20, 1912 Clatonia; s Albert Emsley, Edward Everett; 1908 short time bkkpr & steno for Kilpatrick Bros of Beatrice; 1908 retd to Clatonia & farmed; 1909- cash Farmers Bank of Clatonia; owner & opr 410 A farm land near Clatonia, 3 farms, 360 A ranch land in Jefferson Co; feeds approximately 200 cattle annually; during World War aided in Liberty Loan drives & raising of funds; past mbr sch bd & 17 years mbr town bdd (sic); Neb & Amer Bankers Assns; FDIC; mbr ofcl bd Meth Ch; Gage Co Rep Central Com; hobby, fishing. Father settled near Clatonia 1878, was past commr of Gage Co & served 2 terms in state legislature; off Farmers Bank of Clatonia; res Clatonia.

   CISSNA, HARRY IRWIN: Funeral Director; b Champaign, Ill May 9, 1911; s of Harry Cissna-Mary Irwin; ed Abilene Kas HS; U of Kas, 1931; Williams Institute of Embalming, Kansas City Kas 1933; m Lois Laurine Welsh Sept 8, 1934 Manhattan, Kas; s Robert Welsh; d Barbara Lou; 1931-35 with Eicholtz Funeral Home, Abilene Kas; 1935- owner & opr Bergmeyer Funeral Home, Beatrice; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; AF&AM; dir Rotary; past dir Jr C of C; Sr C of C; Presby Ch; hobbies, tennis, has travelled from coast to coast & from Canada to Gulf of Mex; off 722 Court; res 600 N 5th, Beatrice.

   CLAASSEN, AARON JANSEN: Farmer & Stockman; b Beatrice, Neb Nov 17, 1887; s of Aaron E Claassen-Anna Jansen; ed Gage Co; U of N, Sch of Agr 1912; m Gertrude Wiebe Apr 27, 1917 Beatrice; d Ellen Louise; family early Neb Pioneers, father located near Beatrice in 1874 & farmed; as a boy assisted father & later farmed indep, added to land holdings; comml producer & raiser of hogs, running at times as much as 2,500 head per year, average approximately 1,500 per year; awarded Master Farmer medal 1930; pres Gage Co Soil Improvement Assn; Farm Bur; Farmers Union; regional dir Neb Fedn of Co Taxpayers Leagues; VP Gage Co Fed Farm Loan Assn; 10 years JP; mbr sch bd many years; Mennonite Ch, bd mbr; hobby, soil conservation; off & res RFD 2, Beatrice.

   CLAASSEN, JOHN JANSEN R: Farmer & Stockman; b Beatrice, Neb Oct 23, 1885; s of Aaron E Claassen-Anna Jansen; ed Gage Co & Congl Sch of Mennonite Ch, Beatrice; Beatrice Bus Coll 1903; Hillsboro Kas Prep Sch; U of N, Sch of Agr 1910; m Christine Penner Mar 14, 1914 Newton Kas; s Paul Gerhardt, Donald Aaron, John Carl, Waldo Frederic; d Anna Dorothy; as boy assisted father in farming; 1910 with brother Aaron in farming & stockraising; 1917- farming indep, lives on home place acquired by father in 1874, has increased holdings; comml producer & raiser of hogs, specializing in Hampshires running at times approximately 2,500 per year; exhibits car lots at Ak-Sar-Ben, Amer Royal, Internatl, Natl Western& Fort Worth Stock Shows; won grand championship 5 times at Natl Western; awarded Master Farmer medal 1929; treas 4 years Agril Conservation Com; Farm Bur; Farmers Union; Neb Livestock Breeders, & Feeders Assn; Neb Fed of Co Taxpayers Leagues; sch bd mbr 20 years; Riverside twp bd treas; mbr bd Second Mennonite Ch; hobby, travel; res RFD 6, Beatrice.

   CLARK, FRED T: Manager Lumber Co; b Alexandria, Neb July 22, 1880; s of Daniel W Clark-Vianna E Thomas; ed Pleasant Ridge, Fillmore Co; Ohiowa; Farnam; Lincoln; Neb Wes 1896-98; m Clara A Thomas Aug 10, 1905 Lincoln; s Fred Charles; d Doris Margery, Gladys Vianna (Mrs P W Lindstrom); 1898-99 with M Caldwell Lbr Co, University Place; 1901-12 with Searle & Chapin Lbr Co, Lincoln; 1912-31 mgr Gresham yard for Searle & Chapin Lbr Co; 1931-35 with Landy Clark Co of Lincoln, mgr of unit at Burchard; 1935- mgr Howell Lbr Co, Odell; past mbr town bd, sch bd, vol fire dept Gresham; past mbr vol fire dept University Place; during World War mbr HG; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Knot Hole Club; past master AF&AM, Gresham Morning Star, & Upright Lodge 137, Burchard; past grand IOOF 97; BSA committeeman troop 223; past SS supt 14 years Gresham Meth Ch; 4 years SS supt United Presby Ch; Burchard; 1935- SS supt Odell Meth Ch; hobby, sports; off Howell Lbr Co; res Odell.

   CLARKE, OSCAR LUNDY: Publisher; b Washington, Kas Aug 27, 1883; s of Samuel Clarke-Mary Ann Williamson; ed Washington Kas HS; m Zoe Marie Nims Apr 6, 1912 Beatrice; s Oscar Lundy Jr, Samuel; d Marianne; at age of 13 began newspaper career on Washington Kas Palladium, Oct 1903 became ptr in paper & remained until 1925; 1926- owner & Publisher Beatrice Weekly News; 1931-publisher of Daily Legal Record; 1906 del to Natl Edit Assn conv, Indianapolis; 1915-23 PM, Washington Kas; 1923-24 bank receiver, Washington Kas; while P M during World War sold more war savings stamps than any other P 0 of same size in US; C of C; Kiwanis; Washington Co Kas Dem Central Com, past chmn; Gage Co Dem Central Com, past chmn, Episc Ch; hobby, travel; father learned printing trade on Atchison, Kas Patriot 1870, estab Washington Kas Register 1879; off 323 S 6th; res 1022 N 8th, Beatrice.

   CLOSS, ROGER MORRIS: Postmaster; b Wymore, Neb June 21, 1898; s of William H Closs-Margaret M Jones; ed Wymore HS 1917; m Helen D Dulany June 14, 1922 Trenton; s Maurice S, R Bill, Roger Jr; d Jean D; 1917 yard clk CB&QRR, Wymore; during World War in U S army, joined band section of coast arty corps Apr 1918 at Newport News Va, disch Camp Eustis with rank of corp, most of time at Fort Stevens Ore; retd to RR & worked one year then tsfrd to McCook as timekeeper until 1923; retd to Wymore & farmed until 1936; 1936- PM; twp assessor 2 terms, twp com chmn; twp chmn of farm program for Wymore & Blue Springs; Amer Leg, past post comm; AF&AM, RAM; BPOE; Comml Club; Meth Ch; hobby, golf; off PO Bldg; res 713 West 1, Wymore.

   COMER, CLARA M: Retired, b Bennet, Neb; d of Thomas Comer-Julia Murphy; ed Odell HS 1898; PSTC summer 1918; rural sch tchr 4 years in Gage Co; 1909 tchr in primary grades Odell; taught in same grade, same room 25 consecutive years, ret 1934; dir State Bank of Odell, org by father; Odell Woman's Club; St Mary's Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, gardening, travel; res Odell.



Who's Who

   COOK, WILLIAM WILSON: Banker; b Beatrice, Neb June 16, 1906; s of D W Cook-Sibi Thacker; ed Beatrice HS; U of N, 1923; Wentworth Mil Acad, 1924-26; U of N, 1926-27; m Margaret Lawrence May 31, 1928 Beatrice; s William W Jr; d Martha Elizabeth, Mary Ellen; 1927-28 fieldman for North Platte Valley Dairy Development Assn, Scotts Bluff Co; 1928-33 farm mgr & loan inspector for Bankers Life Ins Co of Neb at Kansas City; Sept 1933-1938 teller, later asst cash Beatrice Natl Bank; 1939- dir; Jr C of C, pres 1935 dir 4 years, distinguished service award 1938; 1938-39 dir U S Jr C of C; Rotary, dir; YMCA, dir & treas 3 years; AF&AM; 1st vice-chmn Citizens Progress Com, working for new auditorium & reservoir; mbr sch bd; pres Country Club; 1936-38 trustee First Presby Ch; treas Gage Co Rep Central Com since 1936; hobbies, woodwork, fishing; off Beatrice Natl Bank; res 723 N 7th, Beatrice.

   COONLEY, DEAN E: Register of Deeds; b Hoag, Neb July 9, 1902; s of John W Coonley-Dora E Strough; ed Beatrice HS; Neb Wes 1921-22; Theta Phi Sigma; m Gertrude Crone Jan 18, 1923 Beatrice; s Robert Dean; 1920 & 1922-28 salesman & bkkpr Wiebe Clothing Co; Dec 1928-Nov 1933 in office Don Linn Co, Chevrolet dlr; Nov 1933- register of deeds; Jr C of C, past dir; Sr C of C; Gage Co ROA; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; joined NNG Sept 27, 1920 Co C 134th inf, commd capt Jan 1929; grad from inf sch Fort Benning, Ga 1928; 1936 coach NNG rifle team representing Neb at natl rifle matches, Camp Perry 0; Centenary Meth Ch, mbr ofcl bd; Rep; hobby, NNG work; off Courthouse; res 810 N 6th, Beatrice.

   COPELAND, GEORGE SWALLOW: Machinist; b Wilkes-Barre, Penn Jan 31, 1874; s of David William Copeland-Adelia Swallow; ed Blue ,Springs; m Emma McCrimmon Feb 23, 1898 Beatrice; s Dr David K; came with parents 1875 to Shenandoah Ia; family later settled near Blue Springs, father engaged in farming; 1892 learned telegraphy with CB&QRR, opr & station agt at various points; 1894-97 station agt, Beatrice; 1898-1915 U P RR teleg opr & agt; June 1, 1915 retd to Beatrice, acquired half int in Schaekel Shoe Co, was ptr until 1929; 1929- owner and opr Copeland Boot Shop, Beatrice; during World War served as 4-min man; C of C; AF&AM; Kiwanis; Centenary Meth Ch, secy & treas bd of trustees 6 years & 22 years mbr ofcl bd; off Paddock Hotel Bldg; res 1315 Ella, Beatrice.

   CRANE, JAMES MARK: Publisher; b Albia, Ia, June 13, 1901; s of Thomas Joseph Crane-Mary Ellen McCarthy; ed Albia HS; Midland Linotype Sch, Charles City Ia, 1919; m Inez Marie Norton Oct 30, 1923 Albia Ia; s James Edward, Richard Dean; d Helen Ruth (dec 1936); 1916-19 emp in Miller Drug Co & later Hess Drug Co, Albia Ia; 1919 with Albia Republican, now Albia Union Republican; 1920 linotype opr Aitken Minn newspaper; 1920-22 linotype opr on several other Minn & Ia, newspapers; 1922-27 with Washington Kas Register as linotype opr, paper later Washington Co Register, 1927-34 foreman of paper; 1934-38 owner & publisher Clifton Kas News; 1938- half owner & editor Weekly Arbor State, Wymore, which holds Amer Press Assn half century certificate; NPA; Kas Press Assn, past bd mbr; Washington Co Kas Press Assn, past secy; Comml Club; Washington Kas Lions, past tail twister; Wymore Lions; St Mary's Parish Cath Ch; hobby, hunting; res Wymore.

   CRAWFORD, FRANK E: Attorney; b Wymore, Neb Aug 22, 1877; s of James Crawford-Carrie Jane Lott; ed Wymore HS; U of N, LLB 1903; m Jennie M Smith May 1, 1905 Wymore (dec Jan 30, 1912); d Kathleen Jeanette (Mrs Harlan Amos); m Maude L Clark Apr 30, 1914 Wymore; d Virginia Maude; 1903 adm to Neb bar; 1904- prac in Wymore; 1938- city treas; past city atty; 1923-36 P M; 1902 enl NNG battery A, 1904 commd 2nd lt; 1908 commd 1st lt, Co K 5th Neb inf; 1912 commd capt Co F, 5th Neb inf; 1916 served in Mexican border campaign; 1917-19 during World War in command Co E 11th inf, 5th div, US army, 18 mos O/S; 1923 commd capt res; 1931- major res; Gage Co, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; IOOF; WOW; Royal Highlanders; Ben Hur; SBA; Lions; Comml Club; supt SS First Bapt Ch; hobbies, church & SS work; father a Civil War veteran & mother first white girl born in Gage Co when Neb was still a territory; res Wymore.

   CRITTENDEN, LEON CLIFFORD: Saving & Loan Secretary; b Chelsea, Ia Sept 26, 1892; s of LeRoy P Crittenden-Mina B Kenner; ed Chelsea, Ia; Franklin HS; Northwestern Bus Coll, Beatrice; La Salle Extn U, Chicago; m Mary Forbes June 9, 1918 Beatrice; s Earl F; d Doris Leone, Joan Marie; 1910-11 rural sch tchr, Kenesaw; 1911-12 tchr rural sch, Norman; 1912-13 math instr Northwestern Bus Coll; 1913-14 with Franklin Creamery Co, Franklin; 1914 bkkpr State S & L Assn of Beatrice, 1916 in chg of accounting dept, 1922 asst secy, 1936- secy; mbr bd of edn; C of C; 1918-19 during World War in U S army; 12 years mbr YMCA; ch mbr Bitting Norman post Amer Leg, holds 20 year chevron; past master AF&AM 26; ch mbr Kiwanis, past secy & past pres; 22 years mbr bd Centenary Meth Ch, mbr finance & membership coms; hobbies, yard, garden, hunting; off 201 N 6th; res 415 Lincoln, Beatrice.

   CURRIER, LESLIE WARD: Lumber Dealer; b Denison, Ia Aug 18, 1898; s of Charles Currier-Edna Sowles; ed Manilla, Ia, HS 1917; m Fern Kaiser Nov 12, 1931 Beatrice; left an orphan when 2 years of age; Sept 1919-June 20, 1920 emp by Green Bay Lbr Co, Manning, Ia; 1920-36 yard foreman for J H Von Steen, Beatrice; 1936- org & opr L W Currier Lbr Co; during World War Apr 7, 1917 with 10th co coast arty at Fort Winfield Scott in San Francisco 4 mos, later with 13th field arty El Paso Tex; May 1918 with 4th div in France, in Germany with army of occupation, disch Camp Dodge Aug 1919 as sgt; IOOF; FOE; past adjt Amer Leg 1938; First Chris Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 501 Market; res 807 Market, Beatrice.

   DALBEY, DWIGHT STOUT: Agriculturist & Executive; b Taylorville, Ill Sept 22, 1878; s of William M Dalbey-Mary Hall; ed Taylorville, Ill HS 1897; U of Ill, BSc 1902, completed course in 3 years; m Hannah Virginia Lewis Dec 23, 1903 Jerseyville, Ill; 1898-99 farmed near Taylorville, Ill; during summer of 1900 selected by U of Ill to do experimental work on farms of Hiram Sibley estate; 1902-03 instr in agronomy U of Ill; 1903 went to St Francis Valley, Ark as mgr & co-owner of large plantation, sold interest 1906; 1903-07 resided Jerseyville, Ill; 1907 moved to Beatrice to take chg of large farming ints which he owned; now owner & opr large farms in Ill & Neb; author The Cowpea & Soybean in Ill, published by U of Ill, Urbana Apr 1903, still in use 1938; Beatrice Natl Bank, dir past 30 years; until recently dir of Kees Mfg Co; Neb St Hist Soc, past pres, dir & mbr exec com; dir Farm Mutual Ins Co; 1927 pres Gage Co Farmers Inst; 1910 elec to Gage Co bd of supvrs while visiting Europe, re-elec 3 times & served until 1915, introduced present system of steel & concrete bridges; 1915-21 mbr Neb St legislature, author of auto registration bill & good roads legislation (H. R. 261- 262); elec speaker 1919-21 of legislature on first ballot a caucus, speaker one regular & 2 special sessions; 1915-17 & 1918 secy of road & bridges com & mbr of com on ins, privileges also mbr com on committees; 2 years secy of finance under Gov Adam McMullen; 1924 chmn Gage Co Rep Central Com; mbr Neb Agrl Advisory Coun of 6 men; pres Beatrice lib bd; past pres YMCA; pres Cornhusker Highway Assn; dir Comml Club; during World War pres Gage Co ARC; Scot Rite 32o; elder Presby Ch; hobbies, tree planting & motion picture photography; res 700 N 7th, Beatrice.

   DALBEY, HANNAH VIRGINIA: Clubwoman; d of Ford Lewis-Elizabeth Davis; ed Monticello Coll, Godfrey, Ill 1901; m Dwight Stout Dalbey Dec 23, 1903 Jerseyville, Ill; father pur with agricultural scrip 50,000 A farm lands, patents signed by Pres Johnson & Grant; some of this land later sold but father laid out towns of Lewiston & Virginia, the latter named for Mrs Dalbey; many years pres Beatrice Matinee Musicale; pres Cosgrove Club; 2 terms regent mbr Elizabeth Montague ch DAR, del to natl congress many years; natl historian general & later elder general Colonial Dames; Sons & Daughters of the Pilgrims DAC; during World War in chg of local ARC women's activities; active in First Presby Ch; hobbies, has unusual shawl collection; res 700 N 8th, Beatrice.

   DAVISON, ALLEN REED: Coal & Petroleum Distributor; b Yankton, S D Aug 16, 1892; s of Marshall Davison-Rosetta Reed; ed Johnson HS; LBC 1908-09; m Sara Deighton Mar 26, 1915 Raton, N M; s William Reed; d Jane Helen, Allene Rosetta; 1910 bridge engineer's clk CB&Q RR Lincoln; 1911 bkkpr & cash for Richard & Cunningham Dept Store, Casper, Wyo; 1912 car distributor for CRI&P RR, Goodland, Kas; 1912 clk for Phelps Dodge Corp, Dawson, N M, later mgr of material & supplies dept; 1922- opr Davison Coal Co; 1930- distributor of Phillips