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Contributed by Angela Vrtiska

Many thanks to the family of David & Judy Vrtiska who walked this cemetery.

You may email Angela with any questions about these burials.

The Chrisman (a.k.a. Wagon Trail) Cemetery is located in NW 1/4 of 17-4-7, Logan Township, Gage County, Nebraska. On March 20, 1885 Francis M. Chrisman deeded one-half acre of land to the Chrisman Grave-Yard for public burial purposes. There are only 2 known individuals buried in this cemetery, a grandmother and her grandson, besides the Graves family who have no markers. The family legend says that the family was traveling on the Wagon Train when the grandmother died. Later that year the grandson died and he was brought back to be buried next to the grandmother. Chrisman was approved as an abandoned cemetery in the county on July 19, 1995 and is currently maintained by Boy Scout Troop #221 of Beatrice.

NameDeath Date
CHRISMAN, James J.August 19, 1872
CHRISMAN, Jane R.May 13, 1872

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