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Filley Cemetery
Filley, Gage County, NE

Burial Records Contributed by the Friends Of Wymore Library

Bell, Edna
Bowers, Agnes
Bowers, Ben H.
Bowers, David L.
Bowers, John B. ~ lot stone
Bowers, Josephine A.
Bowers, Marvin W.
Bowers, Matilda ~ lot stone
Bowers, Russell Todd
Bowers, Ruth E.
Canfield, infant dau
Clark, Jacob T.
Clark, Sara Jane
Click, T Jefferson
Crook, John T.
Crook, Martha E.
Crook, Robert T.
Palmer, Lela Olive
Palmer, Virgie May
Remley, Agnes
Remley, Jacob H.
Skaggs, Charles W
Sullivan, Jennie Holbrook
Swain, Adaline Barnard
White, Winifred Bell
Wood, Freddie B.

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