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Contributed by Angela Vrtiska

Many thanks to the family of David & Judy Vrtiska who walked this cemetery.

You may email Angela with any questions about these burials.

The Freeman Cemetery is located in SE 1/4 of 22-4-5, Blakely Township, Gage County, Nebraska. This cemetery, located near the present-day Homestead National Monument, received its name from the First Homesteader Daniel Freeman. The Daniel Freeman School was also used as a church, and this became the church cemetery. John Scheve donated his land for these such purposes on September 7, 1871. There are only 4 known individuals buried in this cemetery. The cemetery was petitioned and approved for abandonedment on June 21, 1994 by the Gage County Board of Supervisors and is currently maintained by Boy Scout Troop #221 of Beatrice.

NameDeath Date
COLLETT, Sarah JMay 28, 1882
GEER, LucyJune 4, 1863
ODELL, H. & Family
WHITTEMORE, PrescottJanuary 19, 1871

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