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Contributed by Angela Vrtiska

Many thanks to the family of David & Judy Vrtiska who walked this cemetery.

You may email Angela with any questions about these burials.

The Sunny Slope (a.k.a. Wallman) Cemetery is located in SE 1/4 of 13-4-7, Logan Township, Gage County, Nebraska. The cemetery was named after Sunny Slope School District #156 located nearby, however, the land was never officially deeded to the cemetery. The land has been in the Wallman name for nearly 100 years. There are only 3 known individuals buried in this small family cemetery, but there is thought to be close to one dozen. The cemetery was just re-discovered in Gage County in 1998 by an individual who notified me. There is still much unknown about this cemetery, and I would appreciate any information about the cemetery or the individuals buried within it. The landowner believes the whole Post family is buried there...but I need help with names. Sunny Slope was approved as an abandoned cemetery in Gage County on August 25, 1999 and Boy Scout Troop #221 currently maintains the cemetery.

NameDeath Date
NORTON, Elmar AApril 8, 1884
NORTON, SusanSeptember 15, 1870
POST, Clarence CJuly 8, 1884

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