Gage County, Nebraska

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Talk-a-Bit Club

Submitted by Gilbert Linscott

This was a club of farm women that would meet once a month in the good weather months.
At the time these pictures were taken it was World War II days.These ladies, as others of their time, did much for the war effort.

Many thanks to Mary Witluski and her mother for identifying all but two of the ladies.
If you can identify either of the two remaining unidentified ladies, please let me know.

Please refer to the number when referencing a photo.

Anna Hemminger

Ann? Bence

Mrs. Harris


Esther Pefferman

Mary Kopp

Minnie Carey

Pearl Linscott

Esther Rains

Blanche Weigel

Pearl Finch

Mae Mowry

Verlene Hemminger

Ann Zimmerman

Margaret Feit

Lois Feit


Hazel Finch

Esther Wick

Blanche Kettering

Ruth Weigel

Doris Forke

Hazel Sandersfeld

Elizabeth Winkle

Katie Craig

Lucille Paulson

Mary Feit

Mary Barnard

Thelma Rains

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