Gage County, Nebraska

Civil War Veterans

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Wesley Beaver Illinois C Company 117th Infantry Regiment.
Franklin Ferguson Indiana Company A, 7th Infantry Regiment
John Fox Co H, 5th Kansas Cavalry
Charles William Randall NH
Archibald Steece Co. A, 18th Ohio Infantry
James W. Cole Co. D, Unit 32, Illinois Infantry
Richard Dibble  Co. H, 1 WI Cav
William Sylvester Clark   Co I, 2nd MN Calvary
John Oness  Co. G & Co. I, 58th Illinois Infantry
Benjamin Dodge Swett  Co. E, 6th Wisconsin Infantry
Sylvester Hevelone Pvt, Co. A, 55th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
David McCartney Pvt, Co. F, 12th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
Collins Abel Burnham Capt, Co. C, 92nd New York Volunteers
Robert Kirkendoll 4th. Regiment, WI Cavalry (Owen's Company); 12th. Regiment, Illinois Cavalry
John Plasters Co. D, 84th Illinois Infantry

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